He Doesn't Dance

BY : Dhampir
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Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or the characters. I make no profit from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or any of the characters.


Duo opened his eyes, looking at the small clock on his nightstand. Heero will be home soon, he thought, finally dragging himself from the bed. For the past 18 hours, he had barely moved from the bed except to pee. His body was drained and every time his eyes fell on something of Heero’s, the tears would come back full force.

He stumbled into the bathroom and turned the shower on. As he waited for the water to heat up, he looked into the mirror at his sunken in eyes that were red and puffy from crying. His skin was pallid and sickly looking and he knew he needed to pull himself together before his lover made it home. He wasn’t going to let Heero see just how much he’d broken. At least not yet.

He undid his hair, shaking out his chestnut locks that looked lackluster and dull, as if they too were grieving. He stripped his clothing off and, stepping into the shower, let the water roll down his body and wash away his tears. He needed to be strong, Heero hated weakness just as much as he hated it himself, but as he stood there, he could feel the tears coming back again.

A sob escaped his throat and he couldn’t stop his knees from buckling as he sat down on the shower floor. “Why?” He asked the air, taking in a gasping breath. “Why Heero?”

He sat there until he had no more tears to give; the water had long since turned cold and he finally turned it off. Shivering, he stepped out and wrapped a towel around himself and walked back into their bedroom. He quickly dressed and then sat to brush his long locks out. He didn’t feel like doing it, but knew if he didn’t; it would tangle too quickly and be a bitch to fix later.




He had just finished braiding it when he heard the quiet click of the lock and the door to their apartment opening. Duo took a deep breath and plastered a wide smile on his face. “Heero! You’re finally home!” He called, coming into the living room to see his stoic lover setting down his laptop on the desk before turning to hang his jacket up.

“Duo.” Heero said, giving a soft smile to the braided man. He crossed over and gathered the supple man into his arms, giving him a slow kiss. “I’ve missed you.”

Duo hugged him tightly, tighter than normal and buried his head into Heero’s chest. “Me too.” He said, his voice thick with emotion.

Heero frowned, “Koi?”

“I just missed you,” he answered, getting his emotions under control, “it’s been lonely here.”

  Heero pulled him back, studying Duo carefully. Duo was still smiling, though his eyes did look a little puffy, but he figured his lithe lover must just be tired. His eyes raked over the form fitting black clothes Duo wore and those pouty, kissable lips that he couldn’t resist kissing again, harder this time.

 Duo responded, wrapping his arms around Heero’s neck and deepening the kiss, banishing all thought to the back of his mind. Heero loved him; he had to have been wrong about it all. He felt Heero’s hands snake down his back and slide under his ass, squeezing it momentarily.

Gathering the chestnut man into his arms, Heero headed towards the bedroom with a wicked gleam in his eyes. “How about you show me how much you’ve missed me?”


Their lovemaking was quick and frantic; Duo clung to Heero like his life depended on it, which in Duo’s mind it did. He cried out in pleasure and anguish as Heero thrust deeper into him, his legs wrapped tightly around the tanned man’s waist.


Heero wrapped his hand around Duo’s braid, using it to anchor himself to something tangible as he bit and nipped at Duo’s neck.


“Oh God, Heero, yes!” Duo cried, his nails biting into Heero’s back as a hand encircled his engorged member and began pumping it with heated strokes. He became lost in the ecstasy as he felt Heero’s thrusts falter, they became quicker and rougher as Duo’s muscles clamped down around his cock.


Heero bit Duo’s neck as he came deep inside his lover, the man’s frantic thrusts suddenly stopping as he arched his back and came between their bodies.


Duo looked up and kissed Heero softly. “I love you.” He said with a smile.


Heero cupped the side of Duo’s face before brushing sweaty bangs out of those violet eyes, “I love you too.” After a few minutes, Heero pulled back, causing a small whimper to escape Duo’s lips and slid out of bed. He looked over at his lover looking thoroughly worn out and smirked at his handy work. “I’ll be right back,” he called as he headed for the bathroom.


By the time he returned, Duo was already asleep with a small smile on his lips. Climbing into bed, he pulled the smaller man to his side and finally fell asleep.




The next day went like normal for them. Heero had to work on his report to turn in for his last mission and Duo set to his normal cleaning routine. He was currently dressed in boxers and a loose shirt while he swept the kitchen and hallway.


Music played through his ear buds as he swayed his hips to the beat, singing along quietly and feeling much happier than he had yesterday. His lover definitely couldn’t be cheating on him, that redhead must’ve been a contact and they went to that seedy bar so they could be discreet.


But Heero had kissed him...No! Duo shook his head; he wasn’t going to go there. It’s a cover, he thought, looking over his shoulder at the man who was concentrating on the laptop in front of him. Heero loves him.


“Heero, want to grab lunch?” Duo asked, hips continuing to sway as he approached him.


“Hn.” He didn’t even look up or waver in his typing.


Duo rolled his eyes, “Hey, Heero! I need more of an answer than a grunt.”


Prussian met indigo just briefly, but Heero was soon staring at his screen again. “No, I need to get this done.”


Heero...” he almost whined, “you have five days to finish the report and I haven’t seen you in six! And I haven’t had anything to eat since lunch yesterday.”


Heero raised an eyebrow at that, “You haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday? That’s not like you.”


Actually haven’t eaten since lunch two days ago, Duo said silently in his head. “Yeah, just too excited about seeing you.” He said loudly, laughing.


Heero’s eyes narrowed as he assessed his lover slowly. He seemed fine, but Duo has never been known to skip a meal unless absolutely necessary. Even during the war, he made time to eat and hadn’t missed a meal since the war ended.


Duo gave him his famous Cheshire grin and did a little twirl, “Like what you see?” He asked, winking at the man.


Yup, Duo was fine. Heero smiled slightly, but gave a heavy sigh, “You know I do, but I can’t get lunch. You know I turn my reports in within 3 days, but I have to get this done immediately. I have to leave on another mission tomorrow night. It’ll be short though, I’ll be back Sunday morning.”


The broom fell out of Duo’s hands, shocking them both, “You have to leave again, already?”


“Duo?” Heero stood and crossed the floor to the ex-pilot, taking the lithe man into his arms. “Are you sure you’re feeling okay?”


“I just...you’ve been gone so much lately,” Duo mumbled into his chest, “I think you’ve been home 15 days in the last 4 months.”


Heero winced and a denial was on his lips, but realized Duo was right once he calculated it in his head. “Let’s go get lunch.” Heero said quietly, kissing the smaller man on the forehead. He gave him one last look over before leaving Duo to stand alone in the living room.


Heero kept watching his lover while Duo didn’t notice, something was definitely wrong, but he didn’t know what. Sure, it was a surprise to only be home for a day and a half, but it hadn’t been the first time that’s happened, hell not even the fifth time and he had never reacted like that before. And despite saying he was famished; he nibbled his food throughout lunch while vaguely listening to Heero telling him about his upcoming assignment. Even by dinner, Duo only ate half the leftovers and was oddly quiet. Even more, Duo kept chewing on the end of his braid absentmindedly, something he only did when he was troubled by something.




That night they made love again, though this time leisurely. Heero had slowly undressed him, kissing every inch of skin as he did so, before carefully unbraiding Duo’s hair so it could fan out behind him on the bed. He kept it up until Duo was quivering from head to toe with need before finally pushing inside and taking him completely. Duo’s cries made it difficult for Heero to control himself, but he was determined to make it last, knowing he wouldn’t see the lithe man for a few days.


Heero stared at the sleeping man; he looked so innocent and peaceful in his sleep. No one would ever think that he was responsible for the deaths of thousands or that his life was loss after loss of loved ones. He shouldered those burdens well and always with a smile, something Heero envied of him. With one last kiss, he finally turned away to sleep.


A few minutes later, Duo slowly opened his eyes. Feigning sleep was easy, something he had learned to do as a kid. People’s tongues were looser when they thought no one was awake to listen. He couldn’t sleep after their lovemaking tonight because it felt like this was the last time. Did Heero feel that way too?


Quietly, he slid out of the bed and padded silently to the living room. Heero’s laptop was still open to where he left it and Duo’s fingers itches to snoop, but he knew Heero would never put anything personal on a work computer. But it wasn’t personal, right? If it was work related, then the red head would be listed in there somewhere.


Shaking his head, Duo growled at himself and went to the kitchen. He just needed to clear his head and get a good night’s sleep, that’s all. He made some tea and took his time drinking it, but all he did was go round and round with the same thoughts. Finally giving up, he dumped the cold tea down the drain and returned to their room, pausing at the door to stare at his lover.


Thick chocolate locks lay messy and untamed against the white pillow. Long eyelashes that most girls would kill for that covered the most beautiful blue eyes he’d ever seen. Where Duo’s face was more soft curves, Heero’s was hard angles that left him with a chiseled jaw and angular nose. Strong shoulder and defined biceps showed his strength as did that toned body and six pack abs. The sheets pooled around Heero’s waist delicately and in the moonlight, he looked like chiseled stone with one hand tucked beneath his head and the other lying at his side.


Duo carefully slid into bed, but the dip caused Heero to roll over half asleep into him. “Hmm, koi,” he murmured, pulling Duo’s back to his chest. He laughed softly and snuggled closer feeling safe and content in the stronger man’s arms. “Ai shiteru, Jason.” Heero added, kissing the top of Duo’s head.


Duo felt his heart stop, ice encasing it as he processed the words. Jason? There was no way that he could misconstrue Duo for Jason. And there was only one fucking person fucking Jason could be. And Heero said he loved him. Oh God, I can’t breathe. A sob caught in his throat and he forcefully pushed away from Heero, falling to the ground in a mess of limbs and hair.


Heero was awake instantly, rolling from the bed and grabbing his gun off the nightstand. But as he did a sweep of the room for the enemy, all he found was Duo on the ground staring at him as if he were horrified by him. Lowering the gun, Heero stared quizzically at his lover, “Duo?”


“I think I’m gonna be sick.” Duo said before running to the bathroom and throwing up what meager food he had eaten.


Heero was behind him in an instant, gathering up his hair to get out of the way. “Koi? Are you okay?”


“Does it look like I’m okay?” Duo snapped before turning to dry heave into the toilet. Oh God, it’s true, it’s all true.


“Maybe it’s the food you ate?” Heero asked, reaching to lovingly rub Duo’s shoulders.


“Don’t touch me,” he practically snarled, shrugging Heero’s hand off.


“What can I do?” Heero asked quietly, bristling at Duo’s attitude. His dark haired lover yearned for touch and had never turned him away before, not even when he was sick.


The silence stretched for minutes until he finally whispered, “Just...get out.”


Heero’s eyes widened in shock, “What? What do you mean ‘get out’?”


Violet eyes glared at him between chestnut strands, “I mean...” Duo stopped, sighing deeply and then deflating. “I mean I don’t want you to touch me so you don’t get sick too.”


“I don’t care about getting sick, Duo,” the ex-pilot responded before reaching down and pulling Duo up. “Come on, I’ll help you get cleaned up.”


Duo pulled his hands away, “No, I’ve got it. Why don’t you take the couch?” Then he walked away and sat down at the edge of the bed to braid his hair, his hands trembling.


Heero stared at his lover, consternation on his face as he tried to understand what was going through Duo’s mind. He wanted to comfort him, he wanted to brush those long strands and braid it for him, but instead all he could do was watch as Duo finished braiding his hair and then slipped into the bed.


He then turned and cleaned the toilet bowl and mopped the floor to make sure any vomit was cleaned up. Heero waited until the long haired man was asleep before approaching him softly. He pushed aside chestnut bangs to feel his forehead, no fever, but his skin was clammy and his coloring was ashen. Yet even at the slight touch, Duo had flinched and turned away from him.


He hesitated at the edge of the bed, wondering if he should stay or do as Duo asked. He wanted to slip in next to the braided man and pull Duo to him, but instead he pulled the sheet up to tuck Duo in before eventually leaving the room to take up residence on the couch. As he pulled out the extra sheets and pillow from the linen closet, he paused at what he thought were muffled sobs, but that couldn’t be right, why would Duo be crying?


Deciding it was one of the neighbors; he padded out to the couch and promptly fell asleep.




               The next morning, Heero was up early and finishing his report, but he kept an eye on their bedroom door for Duo. Maybe he should cancel his next mission? Maybe he should cancel…everything?


               Duo lay on the bed that smelled of Heero and sex and stared at the ceiling. He was all out of tears, even as he lay there and silently weep, there were no more tears. Heero loved someone else. Heero was with someone else, but then why didn’t he just leave and go be with Jason?

               The door cracked open and Heero looked in, “Duo?” he called, his eyes adjusting to the dark room. At some point Duo had gotten up and closed all the curtains so that not a single beam of sunlight would filter through. “Are you feeling better?”

               “No.” Duo croaked, his throat constricting as he tried to get his emotions under control. “But I’ll be fine Heero, don’t worry about me.”

               Heero came in the room, “Of course I’m worried.”

               “Why?” Came the bitter reply and Heero paused in surprise. He watched as Duo slowly sat up, the man’s eyes red and bloodshot, those violet eyes lackluster and dead. His deliciously tantalizing braid slowly slipped down his shoulder to dangle in between his naked thighs. Had it been any other time, Heero would’ve found himself hard at the sight of his lover naked on their bed surrounded by crumpled sheets and smelling of sex, but beneath that smell was also one of vomit and sickness.

               “Why wouldn’t I be worried about my boyfriend?” Heero finally asked. “I’ll get your some water.”

               What the hell is wrong with that idiot? Heero thought as he brought in a glass of water, some aspirin—the only medicine Duo could tolerate—and a bowl of warm water and a cloth. He set the items down on the nightstand next to Duo and silently handed the braided man the aspirin and water. He watched Duo take them, not even questioning what it was, and then he dipped the cloth into the warm water and gently touched Duo’s face with it.

               Duo flinched slightly, but didn’t move away. His heart broke into smaller pieces with every tender touch Heero did. The stoic man sat and carefully cleaned sweat and grime from his face and neck, contemplating Duo’s every move. There was something seriously wrong with his braided lover, but Heero found himself afraid to ask. He began to move the cloth down to Duo’s chest, but a hand stopped him. “Please don’t,” he whispered, “I…I’m afraid I’ll vomit again.”

               Silently, Heero removed his hand and dropped the cloth into the bowl. He stood up and collected everything except the glass of water in case Duo was thirsty again. “I’m sure I have sick time, if you’re this sick, I can call and cancel my next mission.”

               The ex-Deathscythe pilot stared at Heero, wanting to scream YES at the top of his lungs, but that would only draw out the inevitable and he wasn’t sure he could go through all of this again. “No, it’s fine…” Duo gave him a small smile, “I’m sure it’s just food poisoning, no need to cancel things on my behalf. Plus, you leave tonight, so there’s no way they’ll find a replacement in time.”

               “Duo…” Heero started, “Are you—” He stopped again, sighing and then leaving the room. He placed the items in the sink and tried to decipher whether or not he should go back in there or just give Duo some space. Deciding on the latter, he went back to his computer to finish his report, but found it difficult as his eyes kept wandering to the ajar door of their darkened room.




               As if reading his thoughts, Duo suddenly appeared at the door wrapped in a blanket. Heero watched intensely as he dragged himself over to the couch and sat down in the farthest seat from him. “Mind if I watch some TV?” He asked, his voice rough and haggard. He steadfastly refused to look at Heero; afraid he’d start crying again if he met those striking eyes.


               Duo turned on the TV and curled up like a cat as he watched. Even though he was closer to Heero now, at least the television could give him something mindless to focus on. He was well aware of how closely Heero was watching him, even as he typed up his report, but he found an old movie and watched it without actually watching it.

               “Heero…?” He said timidly, not looking at the stoic man. “You’d never lie to me, right? I mean, I know ya can’t tell me about your work, but you’d never lie to me.”

               Heero was silent for a long time, the keyboard clicking as he typed without a single falter. “No, I’d never lie to you if I could help it.”

               A sardonic smile appeared on his lips. “Not if you can help it. Are you hiding anything from me, Heero? I’d rather know than be kept in the dark, ya’know.”

               This time the typing faltered, but only for a moment. Heero stared at the braided man, watching as his eyelids drooped and his head dropped to his chest while the old movie droned on in the background. Pushing back from the desk, he padded over to Duo and tucked the blanket around him, dipping down to place a soft kiss on his lips. “I know.”

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