He Doesn't Dance

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Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or the characters. I make no profit from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or any of the characters

He Doesn't Dance
Chapter Three


When Duo awoke later, it was already past 9pm and he found Heero gone. There was a note on the coffee table for him, letting him know Heero had to leave and didn't want to wake him. He had felt a kiss on his temple, but had thought it was just a dream, apparently though it hadn't been. Duo held the note, rereading it again and again. Aishiteru, Duo Heero had at the bottom.

But those words caused him more pain, not less. Crinkling the note to his chest, he couldn't help but compare his lover to the man he saw in that bar—the differences were so stark that it could've been Heero's twin in the bar, looking exactly like him and yet acting so different.

At some point, Duo fell asleep again and didn't wake until the late morning. He had showered, dressed and even forced himself to eat some toast, though it tasted like ash in his mouth and felt like lead in his stomach. He grabbed a note pad and poured all of his emotions—love, anguish, heartache, anger, tenderness—into his writing. He spent the next few hours piecing it together until he was spent, drained from the emotional roller coaster of the last few days.

Crossing into the living room, he looked once more at the crumpled note lying on the coffee table and read it again. Heero had written he'd see him Sunday morning and that he'd be on total radio silence from Friday until his mission ended. Biting his bottom lip, he thought back to the bartender who told him that Heero and the redhead, Jason, were there every Saturday night. Duo had never really thought about when Heero's missions were since he stayed home anyway and the days Heero was home didn't matter like most people who had a 9 to 5 job, but thinking over at least the last few months… Heero was never home on a Saturday. Almost all his missions extended through the weekend.

Duo suddenly tasted blood in his mouth and hissed as pain registered from his lip. He had bit it so hard he drew blood. He wiped it away with his sleeve and then, before he lost his nerve, picked up the phone and made a call.

"This is SA Chang." A clipped voice said over the phone, it had barely rang once before the ex-pilot had answered.

"Wu-man! How are you?" Duo said as happily as possible, even forcing a smile to make it more genuine.

"Maxwell," Wufei responded, his voice softening slightly with affection, "I'm doing well and yourself?"

"Same old, same old," just having my heart ripped out by your best friend, "I was calling because Hee-chan just left for some mission and I can't remember when he'll be back, I was hoping you would know."

"I thought you were a Gundam Pilot, aren't you supposed to have an eidetic memory?"

"He told me when I was half-asleep and we're retired now, I don't have to remember everything. Come on 'Fei, just help me out?"

The Chinese man sighed, but Duo could hear the clicking of the keyboard as he looked up the information for him. "He's due to return Friday evening."

"Friday?" He choked, "Are you sure about that?"

"I'm staring right at it, Duo. He left this morning and is to return Friday evening."

"T-this morning…?"

"Maxwell?" Wufei asked, a hint of worry filtering through, "Are you okay? You don't sound like yourself. Come to think of it, Heero did mention you had food poisoning, but that you were recovering."

Shaking his head to clear the daze, Duo mirthlessly laughed as tears began to trail down his face, I guess I still do have some tears left. "Yeah, I'm okay, I'm just a little under the weather still and getting my days mixed up. Thanks man, I appreciate you looking into this. Can you…Don't tell Heero, neh? I want to surprise him, okay?"

"Of course, not a word to him."

"Thanks man, I'll catch up with you later, promise."



That Saturday, Duo found himself slinking into the shadows of the little dive of a bar once again. A few more people were here than last time, probably because it was a weekend, but still not a large turnout. He didn't mind though, he only needed one person here for this performance and he spotted said person sitting in a corner booth with the same redhead as before.

They were talking quietly amongst themselves, cuddled against each other and oblivious to everything around them. Duo stood there for a moment, reading Heero's lips as his lover recanted a story with more passion than Duo had ever seen from him.

"It was an amazing mission. Nothing too difficult, but we had to canvas a hundred acres of woodland looking for this little girl. The tracking dogs were phenomenal animals and while it still took 2 days, we found her."

Duo had never heard that story, so it must have been the one he just went on. Watching his lover animatedly—at least for Heero—talk about the mission made his heart ache. When talking to him, it was like pulling teeth to just find out the basics of the mission, let alone what he thought about the tracking dogs. Add to it that saving a little girl was obviously an unplanned mission, which meant Heero had lied about that too and Duo felt the tears forming again. He quickly turned away and slunk to the corner near the small stage, wiping away stray tears as he hardened himself against his emotions.

"You're really here! I wasn't sure if you'd actually come back." The blonde bartender said, smiling brightly at Duo. "Can I get you a drink?"

"I'll take a beer, same as last time." He responded, setting his guitar case down gently. Some habits were hard to leave behind and never accepting a drink that could've been poisoned was still a reflex. "Do you mind if we get started? I'm not feeling too well suddenly."

"Of course!" Ryan said, opening and handing him his beer. "I made sure to keep the stage dark, so if you want to go on up there and get ready, you should find the microphone already set up."

Nodding, Duo took a swig of his drink before gently taking his guitar out. It had been too long since he'd taken the sleek black guitar out and it showed as he gently plucked the strings, the sour notes causing him to grimace. Slowly tuning it, he watched out of the corner of his eye as the blonde man approached the darkened stage.

"Uh…excuse me, but we have a special treat tonight. A live performance!" The bartender said nervously, a quivering smile on his lips as he shifted beneath the curious looks of the patrons. "A-actually, two, so umm…yeah."

Duo couldn't keep the small smile that flitted to his lips as the bartender shook his head in embarrassment and ran his hand through his hair. "Good job." He quipped to the blonde haired man.

"Of being a blubbering idiot, you mean? Thanks."

"So, who else is singing?"

Ryan shrugged, "I've never heard her, but when I told the boss that you'd be singing, he insisted we have someone else too and make it a night of singing. She'll be singing three songs I believe, but you're up first for however long you want—"

"I'm only singing one."

"Can't say I'm not disappointed," he sighed, his shoulders deflating briefly, "but I'm happy to just have the chance to hear you sing live. It's so rare."

Smiling briefly, Duo took his guitar and slipped onto the stage, his eyes trained on Heero as the man curiously looked at the shadowy stage. Settling onto the barstool set before the microphone, Duo set his guitar on one knee and gently strummed the beginning chords of his newest song.

He was in the middle of an empty dance floor
Wrapped up in a tall stranger's arms
They didn't see me slip in through the shadows
And sit down at the end of the bar
He was kissin' him all over
The way he ne'er kissed me
I knew it was him in a heartbeat
But I knew it couldn't be

He almost faltered as the red haired man bumped Heero's hip and made a gesture to dance. The Asian man assented and the two slowly made their way to the dance floor, Duo's throat closing with choked tears as he fought for control over his emotions. His fingers drew out the chords for a beat more so he could get enough control to continue singing.

Cause he doesn't dance
He doesn't like dark, smoky places
He doesn't own any fancy leather shoes
Or tight, sexy dress shirts
His hair would be messed
The way that I love
Never so styled and crazy
Believe me, I know my baby
And he doesn't dance

His voice was turning husky, straining slightly from trying to keep his emotions at bay as he sung this song, watching the two he was singing about dancing just a few feet away from him. He could see the concentration in Heero's brow, like something wasn't clicking in place and Duo could tell it was bothering him.

The bartender said can you believe it
Man, some guys just have all the luck
But in a cold old world so full of pain and heartache
It's good to see somebody so in love

Ryan looked up, shock upon his face as he became aware of how similar this song was to their conversation the week prior. His gaze flitted from the shadowed man to the two men dancing and comprehension suddenly dawned upon his face. Now he understood why Duo had kept staring at them, it wasn't because of envy; it was because that's how he had learned his lover was cheating on him.

When they walked out together
I just sat there all alone
I thought God, I hate that man
But I love the one at home

Cause he doesn't dance
He doesn't like dark, smoky places
He doesn't own any fancy leather shoes
Or tight, sexy dress shirts
His hair would be messed
The way that I love
Never so styled and crazy
Believe me, I know my baby
And he doesn't dance

Heero suddenly stopped dancing, tearing away from the red head and staring in shock at the stage. His blue eyes were wide in astonishment as he finally placed why the singer sounded so familiar, he had forgotten just how beautifully Duo could sing since it had been almost 5 years since he quit. Jason grabbed his shoulder in confusion, but Heero shook it off and took a step towards the stage.

It's like a bad movie
That's lasted too long
It's all about him
But it has to be wrong


"Heero? What's wrong?" Jason asked, grabbing his hand and trying to pull his lover back.

"Iie!" He said, roughly ripping his hand out of the red head's grasp. It wasn't possible, Heero told himself, Duo had promised to stop singing and he had—totally and completely, at least around him. Yet it was unmistakable, that was Duo up there singing, and if he was singing here it meant he knew about Jason. The song was about them.


Cause he doesn't dance
He doesn't like dark, smoky places
He doesn't own any fancy leather shoes
Or tight, sexy dress shirts
His hair would be messed
The way that I love
Never so styled and crazy
Believe me, I know my baby
And he doesn't dance

Believe me, he doesn't dance.


Loud clapping filled the room as the last chords ended, shaking Duo out of his reverie as he stared at the group of people who were standing and cheering for him. If it had been any other time, he would've smiled and thanked them, instead, his eyes went back to the Asian man now standing just a foot away. He held his breath as Heero came closer, his eyes peering into the darkness, "Duo?"

"Goodbye." He whispered and grabbing his guitar, he darted off the stage and out the back door. He was halfway down the back alleyway when he heard the back door slam open and footsteps thunder behind him.

"Duo!" Heero yelled, slowly gaining on the waif of a man. "Stop, just wait!" He saw that chestnut head vigorously shake, but already his steps were slowing. He couldn't run well with the guitar and they both knew Heero could easily catch up to him in this state.

"What do you want, Heero?" He asked, his back taunt as he listened to the other man's steps come to a stop behind him.

"Just…to talk."

Duo snorted, "You, talk?"

"I don't have an excuse, koi—"

"Don't call me that." He snarled, turning around to finally face him. He knew there were un-ushered tears in his eyes and he knew it was a sign of weakness to Heero, but he couldn't stop them. "You have no right to call me that."

Heero's shoulders sagged, "You don't understand."

"Don't understand? What exactly don't I understand, Yuy? You're cheating on me and, according to the bartender; it's been for at least a year! You've been lying to me for I don't know how long, but even last week when you knew something was wrong you lied to me. Wufei told me your mission was a Wednesday thru Friday gig, but you told me you wouldn't be back until Sunday morning and needed radio silence from Friday to Sunday!" Duo shook his head, his hands gripping the guitar neck tightly to keep himself from punching the man before him. "You've been using me."

"Iie! I haven't been using you." Heero said vehemently, "I swear I haven't. Yes, I've been lying to you and I've been cheating on you, but I've never used you Duo, I love you."

"Then why are you with him? And don't tell me it's some kind of mission, you told me you stopped taking long term missions and he knows you're an SA, I saw you telling him about your latest mission. And don't think I've missed the fact that you stopped taking the long term missions when you started seeing him. Jason, right?"

Blue eyes widened with shock, "How…?"

"You talk in your sleep sometimes and one night you called me Jason." Duo shrugged, looking away as he fiddled with the guitar strings.

Heero was silent for a long time, just staring at the lithe man before him, taking in his pallid face and crumpled dark clothing. His hair, his pride and joy, was slightly greasy, something Duo never allowed to happen before. Those violet eyes he loved so much were lackluster and guarded as he shot him furtive looks while awaiting his answer. "He doesn't know me."

Violet eyes narrowed, "What the hell does that mean?"

"He doesn't know me." Heero repeated, running a hand through his hair and ruining the styled locks. "He doesn't know about my past, about J and the experiments, he doesn't know what the scars mean, the psychosis that lurks beneath the surface if I let go of my control, he doesn't know me inside and out like you do Duo. I can…forget with him, I can just be who I would've been if it hadn't been for the wars with him."

"If that's you in there…then who are you with me?"

"Gundam Pilot 01." Heero immediately answered, his tone already becoming more clipped than it was earlier. Duo could see the slight hardening in his eyes that was normal for him, even after all this time, Heero was guarded with everything around him and everyone, except Jason that is.

Duo's shoulders slumped, "So the man I love doesn't exist then. He's just a façade."

Heero wasn't sure how to answer. It wasn't just a façade, but he felt like he was two different people in one body. Heero Yuy, Gundam Pilot, couldn't trust anyone even his own lover who knew him in ways no one else ever would; and Heero Yuy, Agent, who could relax and laugh and forget. Whenever he looked at Duo, everything about the war was right there because those eyes reflected back the type of wisdom only those who knew war had. "Iie…" he finally said, shrugging uncomfortably.

Duo felt the tears beginning to build, but he pressed his lips into a thin line and refused to let them fall. Straightening his back, he faced his lover and took a quivering breath. "I gave up my life to be with you. You told me to quit singing, that I was becoming too popular and too much of a target, so I did. You told me you could support us both and didn't want me to work, so I stayed home. For the past five fucking years I've lived my life for you and only you, but you're still living your life for yourself." He shook his head, his chest burning as his heart cracked. He turned and took one last glance at his now ex over his shoulder. "Well, I'm done living this way. Go back to Jason, Heero, because you're not coming back to me."

"Duo!" Heero called out, reaching for the lithe ex-pilot. His fingers barely touched Duo's shoulder before he found himself staring at the barrel of a black Glock. Duo's eyes were narrowed slits, glinting in the lamplight, but the anger and hurt that burned there stopped any pleas Heero might have said. His hands dropped to his sides and he silently watched as Duo tucked the gun back into the waistband of his pants and slipped away, disappearing into the shadows.

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Note: And that's it! I'm hoping I did my original justice as I had this written in two parts and then lost the first part. I had the second part (which was most of this chapter), but totally lost the first.

This whole thing came from the song She Doesn't Dance by Mark McGuinnwhich is about a husband who finds out his wife is cheating on him and how he loves the wife he knows and sees at home.

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