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New Adventure
Sleeping on the floor of a cell, a certain half Saiyan stirs..
'Watch out for his blast!'
'I can't die like this.. not like thissssssssssssss!'
"MAJIN BUUU!" Gohan screamed as he sat up from the floor suddenly, headbutting a bandaged Luffy.
"AHHHH!" Luffy yelled as he rubbed his head.
Blinking, Gohan looked around. "Where am I?"
'That hurt me... but i'm made of rubber..' Luffy thought as he stared at Gohan.
"Who are you... why are you naked and why do you have a tail?" Luffy asked.
"Son Gohan... and I'm naked because... I'M NAKED?!" Gohan screamed.
"So how did you get here?" Luffy asked as he looked Gohan up and down.
"I don't know... one minute I'm fighting against a really tough guy next minute he sends me flying away." Gohan said as he rubbed his face.
"Weird.. same thing happned to me.." Luffy replied.
"You were fighting a tough guy too?" Gohan asked as his stomach rumbled.
"Ahhh... so hungry... wait you said I had a..."
"It grew back?!"
"Are you a devil fruit user?" Luffy asked as Gohan loked around the room they were in for some food.
"Devil Fruit User?" Gohan replied.
Pulling at his face, Luffy showed Gohan how stretchy he was.
"My names Monkey D. Luffy, I'm the man who ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit, it made me a rubber man."
"Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit?"
"Shishishi! Your really not from around here are you?" Luffy laughed before groaning as his stomach also began to rumble.
"Ah i'm hungry as well but there's no food around..."
"Marguerite, Aphelandra the two men are waking up!" Shouted a voice.
"Oh so we're locked away?" Gohan replied as he moved around slowly, wincing as he did so.
'That blast sure did a number on me..'
"Men are strange.. coming in different   shapes and sizes.." Said a girl in tribal clothing before she was joined by other women wearing the same clothes carrying snakes.
"Oh no, women can see me!" Gohan exclaimed before hiding under the covers of Luffy's bed.
"That man hid himself from us... does he think we're the strange ones?" Asked a tall orange haired female.
"This is the saga of "The Strange Men." Said a smaller but rounder woman with brown hair.
"Man hiding under the sheet, you have been resting for seven days and seven nights since I found you in our forest." Exclaimed a blonde female.
"You found me?" Gohan said as he got up but wrapped the sheet around his body as a cover. "Thank you for looking after me!" He finished as he walked ove to the bars and bowed before them.
"He's been asleep for that long?" Luffy said as he walked around without a care that his privates were exposed.
"You came in two nights ago." The blonde said as she turned to Luffy.
"Shishishi! I guess i've got to... wait where's my hat?!" Luffy exclaimed as he looked around the cell in a panic.
"Hey give that back!" Luffy said as he spotted his hat resting on the stocky woman's head and used his stretching abilities to pull it towards him.
"So it can go a long way?" Gohan exclaimed as he observed the exchange.
"AHHH!" The girls screamed as they backed away.
"Wow men can stretch their bodies!?" A woman wielding a notebook exclaimed as she wrote down what she just witnessed.
"Not all men." Gohan said as he looked at the notebook wielding woman.
"So what can you do?" Said the tall woman as she got closer to the bars after her initial shock.
"Me? Well er.. I can do this!" Gohan said as he began to float off of the floor before having to go back down.
'Geeze I can't even fly properly with these wounds!'
"You can fly?!" Luffy exclaimed as he stared at Gohan in shock. "Join my crew!"
"What?" Gohan replied as Luffy grinned making Gohan smile in return. "Crew for what?"
"Crew for pirates! With your help i'm sure I can find all my friends again!"
"Don't you want to find some clothes first?" Gohan asked as he looked Luffy up and down before tearing off a large piece of the sheet that he was wearing to cover up Luffy's privates. "You are standing in front of women."
"Shishishi, thank you!" Luffy said as he took the piece of sheet from Gohan before wrapping himself in it.
"Erm before we give you your clothes what do those balls do and what are your names?" The blonde woman asked.
"Son, Gohan/Monkey D. Luffy." Gohan and Luffy said in sync before laughing.
"And my balls? They are for making children." Gohan replied making the girls stare in shock.
"Those things make babies?! Your lying this is the saga of "I don't belive two balls can make children!" The round woman said.
"You really don't know about men?" Gohan asked in surprise.
"Well this is a island for women only." The blonde woman said.
"WOMEN ONLY?!" Gohan exclaimed. " That explains why we're in here! You guys have never had a man on this island before have you?!"
"Yes." The notebook wielding woman said.
'This is going to be complicated.' Gohan thought as Luffy stared at girls in surprise.

Two hours later
"EHHHH!? WE CAN PUT THAT THING INSIDE US?!" The girls exclaimed as after two hors of explaining Gohan finally got them to sort of understand how reproduction worked. "Show us!"
"What?" Gohan and Luffy replied.
"Unless you show us we won't believe you!" Said the tall girl.
"Do we have to?" Gohan asked.
Turning their snakes into bows and aiming at the men, Gohan sighed.
'I'm not at full strength yet but I can't in all honesty show them physically how it works.' Gohan thought as he sensed a weird energy coming from their arrows.
"Sorry but I really can't." Gohan said as he grabbed the now dressed Luffy and flew upwards, breaking the celling as he went.
"My clothes!" Luffy exclaimed as he looked at his remodeled outfit that he arrived in.
"Wear what you have for now! We have to get away from these women!" Gohan exclaimed as he flew around the island dodging the Kuja arrows as they were being fired at them.
"But you don't understand it's missing a piece of paper that will help me find my friends again!" Luffy exclaimed.
"Who was the person who found you when you landed?" Gohan asked as he began to slow down.
"Marguerite!" Luffy replied as he pointed out the Kuja woman.
"Sorry about this!" Gohan shouted as he flew at Marguerite suddenly and picked her up.
"You'll get her back later unharmed I promise!" Gohan shouted as he flew off into the distance with a laughing Luffy and a screaming Marguerite.
'Sheesh these wounds are still making it hard for me to move around let alone fly!' Gohan thought as he landed into the island's forest with his cargo.
"Why did you take me away from my tribe!?" Marguerite exclaimed as he put her down.
"Because you guys want a physical demostration of humans coming together.. i've never done that before!" Gohan replied looking red.
"Also do you have the piece of paper that was in my shorts? It's very important to me!" Luffy asked.
"Well you didn't have to take me away!"
"Yeah we did otherwise we would have had to fight with you guys and I don't want to hurt the people who saved me!" Gohan and Luffy said in unison.
"Ohhh..." Marguerite replied as she gave Luffy the paper that was in between her clevage.
"That's it! Thank you!" Luffy exclaimed as Marguerite passed him the paper.
"That's going to help you find your friends?" Gohan asked as he stared at the piece of paper in Luffy's hand.
"Yep! It's a Vivre Card, it will help me find my friends again!" Luffy exclaimed as he showed the paper to Gohan.
"It's moving!" Gohan began in surprise. "Is this how you are going to find your friends Luffy?"
'We need to find a way off of this island.. my energy is not fully restored so I can't fly to my max for a long time... going to need to eat to restore my strength...' Gohan thought as he looked at Luffy and Marguerite.
"Well until the leader of this island comes back we're going to have to camp out here." Gohan exclaimed as he began walking in the direction that he could hear running water.
"Where are you going?" Marguerite asked.
"Your free to go back.. I only grabbed you because Luffy needed you and i'm sure that if I hang around with him I will find a way back to my home." Gohan said as he looked at the Amazon. "I am going to get some food."
"But if you plan to get food from the water the sea life will most likely eat you!" Marguerite replied.
"Heh, thanks for the concern but i'm tougher than I look." Gohan said as Luffy followed his 'hopefully' new crewmate.

Several hours later...
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Marguerite shouted as she watched Gohan eat the remains of the Sea Kings that he had beaten in one blow.
"Ahhh, now that's much better!" Gohan exclaimed as he rubbed his stomach in content "Now I can sort of function much better!"
"One blow?! And without Haki?!" Marguerite squealed.
"Shishishi! Your really strong!" Luffy laughed as he ate the third Sea King that Gohan had grabbed from the ocean.
"So are you." Gohan replied as he rubbed his stomach. Now with that out of the way.."
"WOWWWW!" Luffy exclaimed as Gohan used Piccolo's magic materialisation technique to give himself his mentor's fighting gi with all it's attachments.
'Good thing I got Piccolo to teach me how to do this.' Gohan thought as Marguerite reached out to touch the clothing.
"You have an ability that can make clothes?!"
"Yeah me and my mentor can do it." Gohan replied as he let Marguerite touch the fabric.
"Now I really want you in my crew!" Luffy exclaimed with stars comically appearing in his eyes.
"I am not joining a pirate crew that plunders and kills the weak." Gohan replied.
"My crew doesn't do any of those things... well maybe Nami likes to plunder.." Luffy replied as he sighed in content.
"Really? Well I guess not all pirates are the same as the ones in history books.." Gohan mused as he began to sit down.
"These guys don't give up!" Luffy exclaimed as he dodged arrows from the Kuja pirates who had tracked them down.
"Hey if we find their leader and explain why we are here maybe she can help us get off this island!" Gohan replied as he dodged the arrows as well. "I don't know this world and nothing is at all familiar to me here so the only means of getting around is to follow you!"
"Shishishi! Let's go get ourselves a ship!" Luffy said as he began to make his way back to the village.
"Are they crazy?! Even with that man's absurd strength he could never take on all of us!" Marguerite said as she chased after the two men.
"At any rate we have to capture them as soon as possible, Hebihime-sama is most likely back from her journey!" Kikyo exclaimed.
"No way!" Marguerite replied as Gohan and Luffy scaled the mountain that they had flew over earlier. "The man that could stretch said that he was after a ship!"
Landing on top of the castle walls, Gohan and Luffy took note of their surrondings.
"Well now what do we do?!" Luffy asked as Gohan rubbed his chin.
"We find the most important member in this village, if we can explain our reasons for being here perhaps she'll forgive us for creating a mess and hopefully get us off this island?" Gohan said.
"Well the important people tend to stay in tall buildings so... let's start with that one!" Luffy decided as he began to jump at the castle.
"Are you serious?!" Gohan exclaimed as he leapt after the Pirate Captain as they both landed on the roof of the castle.
Hearing the commotion, the recently returned Kuja and the residents looked up in alarm at the castle.
"No way... the castle roof has broken?!" A black haired warrior said before her eyes widened.
"That's the place where Hebihime-sama is taking a bath!"

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