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Chapter Two Pirate Emperess Hancock
"Geeze coudn't you have thought before you leapt?!" Gohan said as he and Luffy stood up inside the bath house.
"Thinking too much hurts my head," "It's easier to go with the moment." Luffy replied as he looked around.
"You and my dad would get along like a house on fi..." Gohan began before he caught sight of another person in the bath house.
"Hey why did you sto.." Luffy began before he too caught sight of the being that had caused Gohan to stop talking.
"Men?!" The dark haired nude female said as she turned her head.
"That... symbol on your back..." Luffy began as he pointed at the woman's back.
"You saw it?!" The woman replied as she went into the water to hide herself.
"I know I've seen it before but where." Luffy finished as the woman stared at him with hate.
Busting into the room, two tall women bearing the clothing of the Kuja Pirates stared at the scene unfolding before their eyes.
Backing up slowly, the dark haired woman with snake earrings exited the bath but kept her gaze firmly locked on the two men before her.
"What on earth happened here sister!?" The taller ginger haired female said as she put a robe on the nude woman.
"Those men... saw my back.." The woman said quietly.
"Then there is only one course of action left... they have to die." The other woman said as she pointed her weapon in Gohan and Luffy's direction.
"Wait why?!" Gohan exclaimed as he and Luffy backed away from the three women. "All we did was fall into your bath house and stare at your sister while she was bathing... okay so that deserves some sort of punishment but not death!" Gohan finished.
"That mark you saw on my back is something that we don't want revealed to anyone else even if we die!" The woman said as she held herself.
"But we just need to find the leader of these people..." Gohan began as he tried to diffuse the situation.
"Take what you've seen here to the grave!" The woman began as she put her hands together to make a heart shape and aimed at Gohan. "Mero Mero Mellow!"
'She's just like Luffy!' Gohan thought as he felt a strange power coming from the woman's hands.
"Dodge it Gohan it's the Noro Noro Beam! It will make you go really slow!" Luffy said as he hid behind Gohan.
"Are you deaf? She said Mero Mero!" Gohan exclaimed as he turned to his companion.
Staring at the two men as they bickered the Kuja Pirates were stunned by Gohan and Luffy's apparent immunity to the ability.
"Mero Mero Mellow!" The woman cried out again.
"Whatever that ability is it's obvious what it's supposed to do doesn't affect us." Gohan replied as he looked at the woman with curiosity and Luffy came out from behind his back.
"How can you not be affected by my beauty?!" The robed woman exclaimed as she stared in shock at Luffy and Gohan.
"There is no one who is able to not be affected by your beauty sister! They must be so afraid of death that they are ignoring your beauty!" The green haired Kuja warrior said.
"Oh so it's an attack that only works if you use it on someone who thinks your pretty?" Gohan replied.
"Why are you here?!" The dark hared woman commanded as Luffy relaxed.
"We are looking for a way off of this island, seeing as that mark on your back is that important to you and the fact that you have similar ki to Luffy i'm guessing that your the ruler of this island?" Gohan asked.
"Haki?" The green haired woman replied.
"Is everyone hard of hearing around here? How could you mix up ki and Haki, whatever that is!?" Gohan asked.
"We cannot let you leave.. as long as you know what is on our backs we cannot let you live." The ginger said.
"Hey... we didn't ask to be sent to this island we just woke up here!" Gohan replied as he put up his hands in surrender. "Just please give us a chance to fully explain!"
"Hmph! Men are not trustworthy how can you expect me, Boa Hancock to believe you?!" Hancock said as she bent her head back and pointed at the two men.
"Because... because we won't judge you." Gohan replied.
"Sister.." The green haired woman said as Hancock's face went pale.
"Bind them!" Hancock exclaimed.
Several hours later...
Watching alongside the other Kuja warriors as Gohan and Luffy were summoned before Hancock in the battle ring, Kikyo sighed.
"There is nothing we can do now... I just hope that Hebihime-sama does not ask us how they got here."
"We just tell the truth, we thought they were girls!" Aphelandra replied as she watched the procedings.
"That may be true but we should have killed them the moment we found out they were male." Kikyo said.
"They are going to die aren't they?" Marguerite asked.
"They might.." Kikyo said.
"Now then... men... how did you come to be here?" Hancock said as she and her two sisters looked down upon the two from their high seating.
"As I said before we got caught up in a big battle and next minute we were both here." Gohan said as he looked up at Hancock.
"Liar... do you really think I would be foolish enough to believe in a tale like that?" Hancock replied.
"Have you seen a human in this wold with a tail?" Gohan then asked deciding to change tactics, making Hancock's eyes go wide as he showed her his tail.
"So how can you say that you don't believe us when you've never met a human like me before?" Gohan replied.
"How dare you speak to Hebihime-sama like that you damn dirty male, show some respect!" Shouted the women in the crowd.
"It doen't matter, for setting foot on our home and for disturbing the peace you are sentenced to death!" Hancock replied.
"We only want to get off of this island to find our friends.. please just let us go!" Gohan pleaded as he bowed before Hancock.
"Wait Hebihime-sama!" Said a voice in the crowd.
Leaping into the middle of the arena from her seat, Marguerite stood in front of a bowing Gohan and Luffy.
"Marguerite!" Kikyo exclaimed.
"I took these men into our home.. I thought they were strange women but when I found out that they were men I was curious enough to not do my duties.. if anyone must pay for their insolence please let it be me!"
Joining Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea stared at Hancock.
"Marguerite is right, we three were the ones to blame for taking these men into our safe home, please do not punish them it was our fault!" Aphelandra said.
"The Saga of I am prepared to face judgement!" Sweet Pea added.
"You guys.." Gohan began as he got up.
"Shishishi! You guys tried to kill us before, so you guys are actually nice people?!" Luffy laughed.
"This isn't your problem!" Marguerite said as she looked at her fellow companions.
"We went along with you so we shall share the blame!" Aphelandra said as she looked at Marguerite.
Standing up, Hancock began to walk slowly down from her high seating towards the five in the middle of the ring.
Reaching the group she walked in front of the kneeling Marguerite and put a finger under her chin.
"Rise Marguerite, I love honest people like yourself."
"Hebihime-sama!" The crowd screamed as Hancock flicked her hair.
"Do you want me to forgive you for your actions?" Hancock asked as Marguerite and her companions blushed from the attention that she was giving them.
"Y..yes." Marguerite replied.
'Maybe everything will still work out.' Gohan thought as he looked at the scene before him.
"Mero Mero Mellow!"
Walking back towards her chair Hancock stopped as Gohan walked over to the now petrified women.
"What did you do to them?" Gohan asked
"I delivered justice." Hancock replied before continuing to wak onwards.
"They saved my life!" Luffy exclaimed as he looked over the statues in shock.
"And this is the price for such a deed." Hancock said as she sat back in her chair.
'Those three, they went and did something stupid!' Kikyo thought.
"Look even if you can't give us a means to get off of this island please turn them back!" Gohan asked.
"Why should I? We have rules, those three broke those rules and now they have to pay the consequences." Hancock replied.
"Are you really that cold inside?!" Gohan asked making Hancock's eyes narrow.
"How dare you speak to me in such a manner?!"
"All I can see before me is a petty woman who thinks nothing of her subjects and uses her beauty to get her way!" Gohan replied.
"That man is so disgraceful! Hebihime-sama is only following the rules of our people, though it is a sad that they had to suffer they should have done their duties!" The crowd yelled.
"See... no matter what I do, the people will forgive me and love me... because I am beautiful," Hancock said with a cold smile as she stared at Gohan. "You think so too right?"
"...Your nothing to me..." Gohan replied as his eyes flickered strangely.
"This is absurd. There is no human or creature in this world that can not be swayed by my beauty!" Hancock cried out.
"This man has done nothing but humiliate Hebihime-sama, he must die!" The crowd yelled.
"Bring forth Bacura!" Hancock cried out.
"Seems like I might have angered these people." Gohan said to Luffy as he turned his back on Hancock. "Can you move these guys somewhere safe? I don't know what this Bacura is but from the way she's talking it must be a strong opponent."
"No need! Bacura will eat you all!" Hancock said as the green haired Kuja warrior's tongue poked out showing that it was long and forked like a snakes.
'They are not normal humans... are they all like Luffy?' Gohan thought as he looked more intently at the two warriors standing beside Hancock.
Thud, thud..
"So if I beat this... Bacura you'll turn them back?" Gohan asked making the crowd go silent before they started to laugh.
"This male thinks he can beat Bacura?!"
"Wow, men are also fearless!" Nerine exclaimed as she wrote down the word 'fearless' in her notebook.
"So this panther... is my opponent?" Gohan said turning to the panther behind him as Luffy kept an eye on the frozen Kuja.
"Bacura appears to be quite hungry so I would not underestimate him if I were you, he has been this island's personal excecutioner for many years." Hancock said.
Smiling, Gohan shook his head.
"This won't even do as a warm up.. don't you have anything stronger?"
"Impudent male, taste my wrath!" Hancock growled. "Bacura... Destroy!"
"I warned you.. say goodbye to your pet..." Gohan replied as Bacura charged at Gohan encouraged by the screams of the crowd.
Ducking under a swipe from the panther, Gohan placed a palm on Bacura's chest before pushing.
"That man sent Bacura flying with one hit?!" Daisy said to Ran as Gohan's palm strike sent the panther into the forest where he and Luffy had rested.
"He did that with pure strength alone... no Haki was infused in that blow!" Ran replied as her eyes widened.
"Now then... if there is no one else to challenge me..." Gohan began as he locked gazes with a stunned Hancock.
"It would seem that this human is as strong as he looks.. Marigold, Sandersonia! Show that man what happens when you anger the Empress of Amazon Lilly!" Hancock said as she pointed down at Gohan.
"As you wish sister!" Sandersonia and Marigold said as one as they made their way down to the ring.
"You got lucky with Bacura... you won't stand a chance against my sisters!" Hancock called.
"Do you want to bet?" Gohan said with a smirk.
'Tch... this man!'
"Sandersonia, Marigold... destroy those men!"
"Just a moment..." Gohan said.
"If you plan to beg for your life it's a bit late for tha.." Marigold began.
"Nah... it's not that.."
Lifting up two of the statues with ease, Gohan moved them further away from the immediate area.
"If this affect is similar to the one on my homeworld all I have to do is beat you. But if they get broken before I can do so..." Gohan began as he came back for Sweet Pea. "Then they will die."
"Oh so you've seen an attack like this?" Luffy asked as Gohan got into a battle stance after returning.
"Does that man still plan to save Sweet Pea and the others?" Nerine said to Kikyo.
"Seems you have got some sort of attachment to those three traitors." Marigold stated.
"Wouldn't you?" Luffy replied as he stared the Kuja in the face as she and her sister began to morph.
'Their ki is rising...' Gohan thought as he looked at the sisters.
"Let it be seen what happens when men intrude on this island! Sisters show no mercy!" Hancock said to the encouragement of the crowd.
"Heh... this might be fun..." Luffy smirked as he began to crack his knuckles.
"Get them!" The crowd shouted.
"Let's see what you got!" Gohan yelled as he moved swiftly and struck at Marigold.
'Fast!' Marigold thought as she evaded the uncoming fist.
"Heh... so you can fight?!" Gohan grinned as he vanished and grabbed Marigold by the tail.
"That man is picking up Marigold-sama like she is a feather!" Nerine said with shock as Gohan began to swing Marigold around.
"Sandersonia-sama!" Marigold began.
"Damn you!" Sandersonia said as she used her weapon to strike at Gohan.
"Your fighting me!" Luffy exclaimed as he knocked the blade away.
"D... don't underestimate me male!" Marigold said as she began to wrap herself around Gohan's body.
"Tch!" Gohan exclaimed as Marigold's hold on him tightened.
"Gomu Gomu no... Pistol!" Luffy shouted as Sandersonia put out her hands.
'These men are fairly decent fighters..' Gloriossa the previous Empress thought as she watched Gohan and Luffy fight.
'Ah my wounds!' Gohan thought as Marigold's constricting opened up the wounds covering his body.
"Tch.. these men are no.."
"Hah!" Gohan yelled making Marigold's eyes go wide as she felt a force pushing her away from Gohan's body.
"I will not let you go!"
"Gohan!" Luffy shouted before he was hit by Sandersonia's tail.
"That hurts... but why? I'm rubber!" Luffy exclaimed as he dodged the next attack and immediatley retaliated.
"Too predictable!" Sandersonia replied as she dodged Luffy's attacks with ease.
'She's reading my moves!' Luffy thought.
"Hebi-slam!" Sanderonia exclaimed as she picked him up by the feet and slammed him into the floor of the ring.
"Luffy!" Gohan exclaimed as his blood began to to drip through his clothing.
"Don't worry about me!" Luffy replied as he jumped out of the hole.
"Is this all you have?!" Marigold asked as Gohan closed his eyes.
"Nope!" Gohan exclaimed as he forced Marigold to release him by using a ki barrier 
Panting, Gohan removed his cape and dropped it on the floor causing the floor to crack.
"Guess I can't hold back against you guys!"
"Modoku!" Marigold said as she began spitting a purple substance at Gohan.
"That doesn't look good!" Gohan exclaimed as he evaded the bursts of poison.
'His speed increased, how is he still moving with those wounds?!' Nerine thought as Gohan continued to evade the poison shots.
"This is taking too long, Marigold! Stop holding back and kill that man!"
"Don't interfere in my fight!" Gohan shouted at Hancock causing the Empress to stare in shock.
"Even now he insults Hebihime-sama?!" The crowd yelled in disbelief.
"So how about it Marigold.. are you done playing around?!" Gohan asked as the Kuja Pirate began to smirk.
"You don't seem to realize how damaging that poison is to the area do you?"
"You weren't aiming for me..." Gohan began as he remembered the path of Marigold's shots.
"There is always more than one way to win a fight!" Marigold said as Gohan's eyes widened.
"Marguerite, Aphelandra, Sweet Pea!" Gohan exclaimed as he began to run over to the area where he had placed the statues.
"Too slow!" Marigold and Sandersonia said as they both attacked Gohan with their tails.
"I won't let you hurt them!" Luffy exclaimed appearing and taking one of the blows as he and Gohan spat blood out of their mouths.
"These men... they are willing to die for Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea!" Kikyo said.
"Why must you attack the defenceless when you have an opponent standing in front of you?!" Gohan yelled as he ran at the sisters.
"Beacuse it causes you pain!" Marigold said as she began to fire poison shots at the statues.
"STOP IT!" Gohan and Luffy both yelled.
"Y... your kidding right?" Daisy began as the majority of the Kuja Pirates around her began to lose consciousness.
"Those two men... they have Haoshoku Haki?!" Ran said in shock as even she was finding it hard to stay conscious.
"But it can't be.. your telling me that those two men have the potential to be kings?" Daisy exclaimed as Gohan and Luffy looked at the Snake Sisters in surprise.
"Hey you guys listened after all!" Gohan said as he leapt over to the statues and checked them over. "Okay! No poison!"
"Marigold, Sandersonia.. focus your attacks on the men only!" Hancock said as she stood up. "They have proven worthy enough for you to fight them without dirty tactics!"
End Game
"Seems they are far more formidable than we first thought... we must beat them now before they learn how to use that power properly." Marigold said to Sandersonia.
"Hebigami-Tsuki: Yamata no Orochi!" Sandersonia said as her hair began to flow around her and the tips began to take on the features of snakes
"Hebigami-Tsuki: Salamander!" Marigold exclaimed as she set her body on fire.
"Oi, oi! Doesn't that hurt?!" Gohan asked in concern.
"Why do you continue to worry about something other than your own safety?!" Marigold said as she flew at Gohan.
"Heh... i'll tell you if you can beat me!" Gohan replied.
"Time to raise the heat!"
"Guess I can stop holding back as well!" Luffy replied as he used his legs as pumps.
"Gear Second!"
'These men... do they have Devil Fruits?!' Hancock thought as she watched Gohan and Luffy take up a stance together.
"You ready Luffy?" Gohan asked as he locked gazes with Marigold.
"Shishishi! Are you?" Luffy said as he locked gazes with Sandersonia.
"Gomu Gomu no..."
"I told you before you can't beat me!" Sandersonia said as she prepared to defend against Luffy's attack.
"Twin Jet Pistol!" Luffy exclaimed as Sandersonia was pushed back by the attack.
"Sandersonia-sama!" Marigold cried out.
"Don't forget me!" Gohan said as he vanished and palm striked Margold in the stomach.
'They've increased in speed and power!' Hancock thought.
"The Gorgon Sisters are being pushed back!?" The crowd exclaimed as Gohan and Luffy kept on the offensive.
"Tch..." "Modoku!" Marigold said as she spat poison at Gohan but this time it was also enveloped in flame and was giving off a foul odour.
"Heh same tactic agai..." Gohan replied before he began to choke.
"No more holding back.. this is my full strength!" Marigold said as she fired three more shots around Gohan.
"This smoke... it's affecting my senses!" Gohan exclaimed as he began to stagger.
"Gohan!" Luffy said in concern before he got bitten on the shoulder by Sandersonia's hair.
"You don't have the time to be distracted!"
"If that's how it's going to go..." Gohan began as he closed his eyes.
"Hah!" Gohan shouted as he used a Kiai to blast the smoke and poison away.
"Okay... I think i've got a feel for this fight now!" Gohan said with a smirk.
"Not yet!" Marigold replied as she suddenly shot her head forward and bit Gohan on the shoulder.
"There it is! Mari-sama's finishing move!" The crowd exclaimed as Gohan went to his knees. "The Burning Cobra Strike!"
"Jet Stamp!"
Dodging instintively as Sandersonia's body came towards him. Gohan watched as the two sisters collided.
"Ahhh it burns!" Sandersonia said as she was burned by Marigold's fire.
"Oh no!" Marigold exclaimed as she pushed at her sister with her flaming hands.
"N...not a great idea.." Gohan said as he coughed up some blood.
Laughing, Luffy went over to Gohan. "Are you going to be okay?"
"I don't know.."
"What.. I...i'm being pulled but why?" Marigold began before she noticed that her tail had been tied to her sisters.
"It burns, it burns!" Sandersonia said as she began to fall backwards.
"Watch out, your going to fall into the trench of spikes! Grab on to the railing!" Marigold cried out as Sandersonia flailed around.
"Looks like we beat them.." Gohan replied as he struggled to his feet.
"The Gorgon sisters were beaten? Not possible!"The crowd exclaimed as they watched Sandersonia sister clutch onto the railing for dear life.
'Sandersonia's cape... if her back is exposed!' Hancock thought noticing the skin of sisters back and the mark upon it as Gohan suddenly leapt onto her sisters upper back.
"That cowardly man is trying to kill Sandersonia-sama!" The crowd shouted as they watched Gohan howl.
"So you've come to finish me off?!" Sandersonia exclaimed as she tried to shake Gohan off.
"Stop moving!" Gohan grunted as he clung on tightly to her back.
"Mari! Get him he's exposed!" Sandersonia said as Marigold stared.
Coughing up more blood, Gohan smiled. "If... if I really wanted to kill you I would have done so from the start... but you guys said there was something worse than death didn't you?"
"Sandersonia's cape is burned away! If that man moves away the Gorgon's Eye will be exposed!" The crowd cried out as they saw where Gohan had landed.
"You... your covering my back?!"
"Heh... I told you guys before... your people saved us and even though you've tried to kill me and my friend I have no ill will towards you. This mark on your back scares you guys enough to prefer death, I... don't want either of you to die."

"The show is over! Before the Gorgon's Eye is exposed everyone leave now!" Hancock said as she stood up and pointed to the exit.
Screaming, everyone in the crowd except for Gloriosa, rushed for the exit.
Hearing the commotion, Gohan smiled.
"That's some tale you have those guys believing, never seen a room cleared out so fast!" Gohan laughed before coughing.
"Don't think this changes anything!"
"I know it won't.." Gohan said as the remaining warriors left. "And i'm not asking for it to."
"You have your pride and I have mine.." Gohan said as he made his way back along Sandersonia's body slowly.
"So... we've beaten your sisters, your up next right?" Luffy replied as he untied the two sisters as Gohan returned to the centre of the ring.
"That is not my intention..." Hancock said as she stared at Gohan.
"Then can you return these guys to normal?" Luffy asked as he pointed at the statues on the outer ring.
"What was that?" Hancock said in shock.
"They were only protecting us, they took us in, complete strangers and outsiders and risked their lives for us, there has to be a way to turn them back right?!" Gohan exclaimed.
"T..there is a way... however.. didn't you two say that you wanted to find a ship to get off of this island?" Hancock replied.
"Yes to find my friends!" Luffy replied.
"I can only grant one of your wishes..." Hancock began as her sisters looked at the man who who had saved them. Leave this island with a ship leaving these traitors to their fates... or stay here and have them returned to normal."
'Now we shall see if you truly care for these traitors!' Hancock thought as she stared smugly at the duo.
' would really go thyat far?' Gloriosa thought as Gohan and Luffy looked at one another before looking at Hancock with a smile.
"Really you can do it!? Then you will save them?" Gohan and Luffy said in sync making Hancock's eyes go wide.
'These two men with the spirit of kings are willying to bow for those that defended them...' Gloriosa thought as Gohan and Luffy put their heads to the floor in gratitude.
Outside the Battle Arena...
"To think that the Gorgon's Sister's Eye would be revealed..." Daisy said to Ran as they all waited paitently by the great doors for the outcome of the battle to be revealed.
"Those men were more impressive, who would have thought that they could take on the Gorgon sisters and win?!" Nerine said as she continued to write furiously in her notebook.
"Even so... I don't think that Hebihime-sama will just let them go.. they did desrespect her.." Kikyo said as the doors of the arena began to open and Marguerite came out followed by Aphelandra and Sweet Pea.
"Your back to normal!?" Ran said as she stared at the three in shock.
"What do you mean?" Marguerite asked as she cocked her heaad to the side in confusion.
"You don't remember anything?" Nerine said in surprise.
"No... all I remember is seeing Gohan lying in Marigold's arms and Luffy looking at him." Marguerite said as she tried to remember.
"Oh.. he must have been feeling the affects of the Burning Cobra Strike!" Daisy laughed.
"So what is going to happen to the men now?" Kikyo asked.
"Well last I saw.. they were being taken to Hebihime-sama's palace." Aphelandra replied.
Kuja Palace...
"To have survived for this long with those wounds and Marigold-sama's poison coursing through his veins," Enishida said to Gloriosa who was dumb struck from witnessing Sandersonia administer the antivenom via her breasts to Gohan. "He must have some amazing resilience."
'To thyink that she was willing to go that far...' Gloriosa said as she watched Gohan and Luffy sit beside Marigold and Sandersonia as they waited.
"So what's going to happen now? Are we going to get some kind of food for winning?!" Luffy asked as he began to drool.
'To think... that I let a man's lips touch my breast...' Sandersonia thought as she remembered how she had saved Gohan's life.
"We have to show our gratitude to the ones who have saved us." Sandersonia smiled as the three looked at Hancock's changing room.
"Come inside Gohan..." Hancock called.
"Wish me luck." Gohan said as he stood up and walked towards the changing room.
"Good luck..." Marigold replied.
"So what's... u.." Gohan began as he moved the curtains a bit to reveal a topless Hancock.
"Your naked... why are you naked?!"
"Still so naïve... but I like that about you.." Hancock began before she turned her back to Gohan.."
"The mark on my back... you said you had seen it before did you not? Please take another look to make sure." Hancock finished as Gohan came closer when she lifted her hair up to expose the marking on her back.
Looking closely, Gohan nodded. "I've definitely seen this mark on a piece of armour.. but from what your telling me is that it originates from this world."
"This world?" Hancock said as she turned back around.
"It might sound unbelievable but what I'm about to tell you is absolutely true." Gohan replied as he began to tell Hancock his tale.
Several hours later
"Your not just an outsider to this island... but to this world as well?!" Hancock exclaimed after hearing his tale.
"Yep... i was in a really tough battle with the fate of the world at stake but somehow i got here." Gohan said.
"Is that why you have a tail?" Hancock asked as she looked at Gohan's tail.
"Well this is the funny part, my father isn't from the place that i came from either, my mom is." Gohan laughed.
"So your not entirely human?" Marigold asked.
"Nope!" Gohan replied as he rubbed his head making Hancock's heart beat faster.
"So you think the World Nobles went to your world as well?" Sandersonia asked as she stared at Gohan in a new light.
"World Nobles? I don't know about them, the armour I saw it on was in a ruined history book." Gohan said as he remembered why Hancock's marking was so familiar.
"Does your world have the Celestial Dragons as well?" Marigold asked.
"That name doesn't ring a bell.. our world is governed by a talking anthropomorphic dog." Gohan replied making the sisters eyes widen.
"A talking dog?!" Luffy exclaimed.
"Yep... and he has reigned quite peacefully for a dog." Gohan replied.
"Are there... any people on your planet with a marking like ours?" Hancock asked.
"No... in fact your the first person i've ever seen with it... is there a reason why you don't want it shown that your a descendant?" Gohan replied
"We... we are not descended from the World Nobles... we were slaves of their decendants..." Marigold said quietly.
"...What?" Luffy asked.
"Seems you are somewhat familar with the term slave..." Hancock said turning to Luffy.
"He should do... the man sitting before you is non other than Monkey D Luffy, a Pirate who hyas become a great problem to the world government but most recently he became a much biggyer name due to the fact he struck a Celestial Dragon at Sabaody Archipelago!" Glorissa said making the Gorgon Sisters eyes go wide.
"S... so you struck a Celestial Dragon?!" Sandersonia exclaimed as she stared at Luffy in shock.
"Yep... he shot my friend!" Luffy said without hesitation.
"Many thyings about this situation i do not understand.. like how he evaded caypture or how he got here in a mere two days... but what I do know is that the world is changing due to his actions!" Glorissa finished.
"... Geeze.. this world has it pretty bad huh?" Gohan said.
"So after hearing that we were slaves.. does that change your view on us?" Hancock asked as she stared at Gohan.
"Why should it? You had no choice in the matter.. i'm just glad that your all alive." Gohan replied making Hancock and Marigold's eyes widen before a tear dropped out of their eyes.
"You are a breath of fresh air in a world full of poison.." Hancock said as she smiled at Gohan.
"You and your friend had a request did you not, if that is still your wish i would gladly take you there."
"Really?!" Gohan said in shock as Luffy danced around the room.
"A Ship, A Ship, We're Going To Get A Ship!"

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