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"Ah... this is just what I needed!" Gohan said as he and Luffy sat inside the Kuja bath house.
"Nothing like a good bath after a meal!" Luffy laughed splashing around as he agreed with the hybrid.
Due to the rules being strict about having men on the island and not wanting to aggrevate the islanders or the pirates anymore than they had, Gohan and Luffy had thought it best to dine with Hancock at her palace.
"But I wish we could have been at the feast!" Luffy exclaimed.
"Hey.. you ate just as much as me how can you still be hungry?!" Gohan said as he splashed the rubber pirate.
"Shishishi, it's because i'm rubber!" Luffy replied as he splashed Gohan back.
'Those men... intend to leave me tomorrow..' Hancock thought as she sat outside her bedroom looking at the stars while sipping some wine.
'I won't judge you..'
'I'm glad that your alive.'
'We're leaving tomorrow!'
Clutching her heart, Hancock dropped her wine glass as she fell to her knees, tears runnig down her face.
"Big Sister!" Mari and Sonia exclaimed as they heard the shatter.
"Ah that was a good bath!" Gohan said as he used he used Piccolo's ability to give himself and Luffy some bathrobes.
"That move of yours is really cool! Can it make any type of clothes?!" Luffy asked as he flailed his arms.
"Yes.." Gohan replied as he changed his bathrobe to a suit of Saiyan armour then back again.
"Hehe, your really impressed with stuff like this huh? Gohan smiled.
"Dosen't it do the same for you?" Luffy asked as Gohan left the bath house and began to walk in the direction of Glorissa's home.
"Not really... I saw this move when I was five years old and it isn't used for fighting so it has little value except for changes in weather."
"So you've been fighting since you were little?" Luffy asked.
"Yep.. because my father is and alien, and my mother is a human I have a high potential due to being their child."
Face going red as he tried to comprehend Gohan's words, Luffy gave up when steam started coming out of his ears in a comical way.
"So you going to join my crew?" Luffy asked changing the subject to one he was more comfortable with.
"We'll see." Gohan laughed as they reached the home of Glorissa, now known as Granny/Elder Nyon.
"Hello again!" Marguerite said as she greeted the duo as they knocked on Nyon's door.
"Nice to see that there are no side affects to being turned to stone except for memory loss!" Gohan exclaimed as Luffy hugged her.
"Let them in and send them down to me." Nyon called from outside her bedroom.
"H...hai!" Marguerite blushed as Luffy let go.
"Go on.." Marguerite said to Gohan and Luffy as they waited for the okay.
So how does it feel to save a life?" Nyon said as she sat around a small table with the two warriors.
"It's a habit of mine so it's always important." Gohan replied as Marguerite offered him and Luffy some mint tea which they graciously accepted.
"Was everything that you said to Hebihime-sama true?" Nyon asked happy with Gohan's response.
"About me not being from this planet and half alien?" Gohan said making Marguerite look at Gohan in surprise.
"Yes." Nyon asked.
"It's all true, my father's race... well what remains of it anyway, is from a line of planet pirates. Similar to how pirates in history have raided and plundered different lands, my fathers people did the same.
"What do you mean by 'what remains' of it?" Marguerite asked curiously.
"It was destroyed."
"How do you destroy a planet?!" Luffy exclaimed as his eyes went wide.
"With this," Gohan replied as he put his palm out and showed them a ball of energy. "But it has to be much bigger." Gohan added as Marguerite and Luffy got closer to him.
"What is that?" Marguerite asked as she stared in awe at the ball of energy on Gohan's palm.
"Lifeforce in a destructive form." Gohan replied as he made the ball of ki vanish.
"That ball is your lifeforce? And it can destroy planets?!" Luffy exclaimed as he sipped his tea.
"You really are some unique men..." Nyon said as she picked a newspaper up of the table.
"Oh you like reading newspapers do you granny?" Luffy asked as Marguerite gave him and Gohan each a large piece of meat.
"Sorry you couldn't come to the banquet but I saved you two each some food."
"This smells great, thanks!" Gohan said as he took his piece.
"The animals that deliver newspaper don't deliver to the Calm Belt so the only way I have of getting news from the outside world is through Hebihime-sama who is a Shichibukai."
"What's a Shichibukai?" Gohan asked as he began to munch on his meat.
"One of seven Pirates who help keep the balance of power in this world by following the rule of the World Government.
"And Hammock is one of them?!" Luffy spluttered.
"Hebihime-sama became the emperess of this kingdom and leader of the Kuja Pirates, eleven years ago,." She was still so young, but after just one voyage, she got a bounty of 80 million was put on her head."
"J...just one voyage!?" Gohan and Luffy exclaimed.
That, along with the bad reputation the Kuja had already earned, made the World Government wary of Hebihime-sama right away. To keep her in check they offered her a position as a Shichibukai, however... due to her recent actions that title is in danger of being lost."
"Why?" Gohan asked.
"Two things really... one if it was found out that she had been hiding Luffy on this island they would immediately revoke her status and two.."
"EEEHHH! The seven Shichibukai and the Navy are going to fight the Whitebeard Pirates?!" Luffy exclaimed as Nyon told him the other reason.
"Such a hopeless man... there is a limit to how ignyorant you can be! Although this is just speculation at the moment, the battle will certainly happen sooner rather than later due to the World Government already making the first strike. Whitebeard is a man who values his comrades as his children and would never allow them to be killed without retribution. Even though the Navy know this they have announced the public excecution of Whitebeard's elite subordinate, Portgas D. Ace." Nyon said making Luffy's eyes go wide before he began to shake.
"Ace... Ace is going to be excecuted!?" Luffy exclaimed.
"Hey Luffy.. are you going to be okay?" Gohan said in concern as he heard Luffy's heart rate sharply increase
"I heard that a upcoming pirate called Blackbeard used his capture of Ace to become a Shichibukai." Nyon said unaware of the affect that her words were having on Luffy.
"Black...beard." Luffy replied.
"The World Government plans to use this to their advantage..."
"Granny.. GRANNY!" Luffy said as he grabbed Nyon by the shoulders. "Ace... Ace is my big brother!"
"WHAT!?" Gohan exclaimed, as the reason for Luffy's heart rate increase was made clear.
"Your brother is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates?!" Nyon replied in shock.
"Then that means... they are going to kill your brother!" Gohan said.
"Oi granny is that true?!" Luffy shouted.
"If the Whitebeard Pirates don't get to him in time... that is indeed what will happpen." Nyon said as her mind reeled with this new found information.
"When's he going to be excecuted?!" Luffy cried.
"In a week."
"That... that's too soon! How long does it take to get to the Sabody Archipelago from here?" Luffy asked as he began to pace.
"That would take you more than a week.."
"I...if it takes that long, it's all going to be over by the time that I meet up with my friends again!" Luffy exclaimed.
"Then how long would it take for us to get to the place that Luffy's brother is being held?" Gohan asked making Luffy and Nyon look at him.
"Impel Down is where he is being held it would take a week by pirate ship but four days by a navy ship." Nyon replied.
"Navy ships are that fast?!" Luffy exclaimed.
"There is a current that is being used only by the World Government. Enies Lobby, Impel Down and Navy HQ. This giant spiral current connects those three facilities. When they open the Gates of Justice, which lie outside each, the current runs inside allowing ships to enter each facility. In other words, if the gates aren't open, you would just keep drifting on the current." Nyon explained.
"That... is that Ace's Vivre Card?" Nyon asked as Luffy took a piece of paper out of the red band in his strawhat.
"Is that similar to the piece of paper you said was going to lead you back to your friends?" Gohan asked as Luffy seemed alarmed by the size of the paper.
"It was way bigger when I first got it..." Luffy muttered as he stared at the paper.
"It's also known as "Paper Of Life, it shows you the direction and vlets you know how much life force the person has." Nyon said as she looked at the paper which was steadily burning away for no apparent reason.
"Is there any means of getting into Impel Down undetected?" Gohan asked.
"Only one... by stowing away on a Navy Battleship." Nyon replied.
"Darn.. when is a battleship going to come?!" Luffy asked.
"Your in luck... there is a battleship not far from here... however it is not here for you but for Hebihime-sama."
"What, why?" Gohan asked.
"To pressure her into joining the war against Whitebeard. If she accepts she can sneak you onto the ship."
"Then I'll go and ask her if she can go with them!" Luffy exclaimed as he began to make his way back to Hancock's castle.
"Wait Luffy.. she seemed more at ease around me, if I ask her she may be more willing," Gohan said as he put a hand on Luffy's shoulder. "Stay here, if she says yes I will return with the news."
"Thank you Gohan!" Luffy replied.
"I'll go with Gohan.. two forces are better than one." Nyon said.
"So you plan to assist in the retrieval of Portgas D. Ace?" Nyon said to Gohan as the duo neared their destination.
"From what i've heard the Government in this world is corrupt... not all Pirates are the same and if this Ace is anything like Luffy, I can only assume that he is also not like other pirates." Gohan replied as the sound of running feet was heard.
"Elder Nyon-sama! Hebihime-sama... Hebihime-sama, has collapsed from some unknown disease!" A blonde haired woman said as she ran out of the castle doors and spotted Nyon and Gohan.

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