DB Heroes Wedgie Story

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Pan and Uub placed the Dragon Balls together on the ground. “Are you ready?” Uub asked.

           Pan nodded. “I’m tired of the wedgies. Let’s get this over with.” The couple was currently on Namek, with Moori standing next to them.

           “I’m not sure I even understand the request,” Moori admitted. “What even is a wedgie?”

           “The less you know, the better you’ll be off,” Pan suggested.

           Moori sighed as he summoned Porunga. “What are the wishes again?”

           “The first is for me to stop giving myself wedgies by saying ‘I love you.’” She yanked her light blue undergarments out of the back of her shorts and attached them to her forehead. ‘Oh, yeah,’ she thought to herself. ‘That feels good.’ Uub then walked over and removed her undergarments from her head, much to her relief and disappointment.

           “The next wish is for her to stop loving being given wedgies,” Uub added.

           “Earth customs are weirder than I thought,” Moori said aloud. He turned to Porunga and spoke his wishes in Namekian. The dragon formed an ok symbol with his fingers and his eyes flashed twice.

           Pan blinked, realizing the enjoyment of the wedgies had finally exited her system. “Uub, I love you,” she told her boyfriend. Much to her relief, nothing happened.

           “You still have one more wish,” Moori informed the couple.

           Pan shrugged. “Save it. We can use it later.”

           Moori nodded and spoke in his native tongue once more. The dragon nodded and disappeared into the sky, allowing the Dragon Balls to become stone. “I hope this is what you wanted,” Moori told the couple.

           Pan nodded. “I’m ready to get back to a normal life now.”

           Uub rested his arm around Pan’s shoulder. “You and me both.”



Cabba and Caulifla, both at base form, were practicing their skills, with the former aiming his Galick Cannon at Caulifla. The female Saiyan dodged the blast and rapid-fired numerous golden energy blasts at Cabba. Cabba blocked the blasts by crossing his arms in front of his body. At the same time, the blocked energy beams created a smoke cloud. This allowed Caulifla a small window of time to leap through the smoke cloud to aim a punch at Cabba’s head. He ducked and slammed his fist into her stomach, making her freeze. He kicked her back, increasing the distance between the two.

           “Damn it,” Caulifla cursed, falling to her knees.

           “What’s wrong?” Cabba asked, running over to approach her.

           Tears dripped down Caulifla’s cheeks as she pounded her fist into the ground, creating a crater. “I’m not strong enough,” she whispered. “That tournament showed me I’m too weak on my own. I couldn’t beat Frieza. I couldn’t beat Gohan as a fusion. And look at Kale. She’s been hiding all this power from me to spare my feelings!” She slammed her fist again as the tears continued to drip down her face.

           Cabba placed a hand on Caulifla’s face, drying her tears. During the tournament, he could remember Caulifla initially being excited that Kale had so much power stored inside her. He had noticed that over the several months since the tournament, Caulifla had become jealous of Kale’s power. She and Cabba had worked with Kale and managed to train her in a way that allowed the quiet saiyan to control her destructive transformation. Kale could now go from her base form to her Legendary Super Saiyan form with ease and complete control. In this time, Kale had gained more confidence in her abilities and had become less quiet.

           It was during this point that Kale had given up on her dependence for Caulifla’s approval and had moved on from the gang. While she occasionally visited Caulifla’s gang, she had left the group to pursue more strength. She had begun training with Champa and Vados, leaving Cabba and Caulifla in the dust. It didn’t help Caulifla’s confidence that neither she nor Cabba had ascended past the Super Saiyan transformation. She knew there was more to achieve, but she was also aware that Champa had no interest in training her or Cabba.

           “I’m just tired of being left behind,” Caulifla whimpered. “Until I met you, I was the strongest fighter around. And now... I’m the weakest.”

           “I’m sorry,” Cabba apologized. “But there’s always going to be someone stronger. The only thing we can do is keep training and hope for the best.”

           “Tell me,” Caulifla murmured. “Why do you train so much? Neither you nor me are strong enough to fight this universe’s strongest, much less any other universe.”

           Cabba sighed. “I know I can’t beat everyone. I train so that I’m strong enough to deal with the threats at hand. I do this to protect my family and those I care about,” he answered. “That includes you too.”

           Caulifla blushed, unsure of how to respond. “Thanks, Cabba,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around him.

           Cabba’s eyes widened in surprise. This had been the first time she had given a hug, He returned the gesture and hugged her as well. “You’re welcome, Caulifla.”



A day had passed since Cabba and Caulifla’s embrace. Cabba, no longer wearing his armor, visited the home of Caulifla’s gang. The gang had moved on from her, finding their own ways to defend themselves. The place was now empty except for Cabba. “Caulifla?” he called out. “Are you here?”

           “I’m right here,” a voice said behind him. He spun around to see her carrying a giant fish in her arms. “I just got lunch for us.” She attached the fish to the nearby fireplace and waited as it cooked. She smiled as she looked into his eyes. “Thanks for yesterday. You really helped me. Nobody else is here for me anymore. Kale’s gone. My gang’s gone. You’re all I’ve got left.”

           Cabba nodded. “I’m glad to have you around. You’re a great sparring partner and a good friend.”

           Caulifla chuckled. “You’re only saying that because you always beat me.” She let out a sigh. “Some prodigy I turned out to be.”

           Cabba shook his head. “I’d still be saying that even if you were stronger than me.”

           “Thanks, Cabba,” Caulifla replied. “Anyway, food’s ready.” She tossed the fish onto the dinner table. “Dig in.”

           While they were eating, thoughts began to swirl around his head. He had known Caulifla for several months now, and their bond had only grown stronger since the tournament. He knew that the two valued their friendship greatly, and he wanted to go beyond that. “Hey, Caulifla...”

           “Yeah?” Caulifla asked.

           “You want to hang out sometime?” Cabba asked nervously. “You know, sometime outside of training.”

           Caulifla smiled. “It sounds like you’re asking me out,” she said smugly.

           Cabba slowly gave a nod. “I really like you. And I want to see where this can go. Do you feel the same way?”

           Caulifla’s smile widened into a grin. “You could say that. So, where do you want to go on our ‘date?’”

           “I hadn’t thought about it yet,” Cabba admitted. “I was going to let you pick.”

           “How thoughtful,” Caulifla replied, lying back in her chair. “I don’t think I’ve gone on a date in my life. What about you?”

           “Just once,” Cabba admitted. “When I was a kid, I asked out a girl and she said yes. She left halfway through the date because she got bored of me.”

           “That won’t happen with me,” Caulifla assured him. “I’ve stuck around you for this long. I ain’t leaving anytime soon.” She stood up and cleaned her plate in the sink. “Trust me, you’re too cute to leave behind.”

           Cabba smiled and walked over to her. ‘Better now than never,’ he told himself. He pressed his lips against her cheek, pleasantly surprising her. A small grin appeared on her face before she wrapped her arms around Cabba’s shoulders and let their lips touch. Cabba’s eyes widened in surprise. He had not expected Caulifla to react so quickly, but he was happy with the results. When their lips parted, Caulifla’s smile remained. “You’re a pretty good kisser,” she observed.

           Cabba’s face became redder than it had been previously. “I taught myself,” he spoke, attempting to sound impressive.

           Caulifla burst into laughter. “Cabba, you don’t have to pretend to be cool. You already are.”

           “Right,” Cabba said nervously. “So... have you figured out a place for our date?”

           “We can just stay here,” Caulifla suggested. “I like kissing you.”

           Cabba smiled as he pulled himself closer to her. “That can be arranged,” he said as he connected his lips with hers.



A few months had passed since Cabba had asked Caulifla out. Cabba had moved into Caulifla’s home and the two continued their daily sparring sessions. Once in a while, Cabba would visit his family and Caulifla would tag along. His family had been very welcoming of her, much to her relief.

           In present day, she and Cabba were throwing fists at each other. She wore her normal clothes while Cabba wore a battlesuit identical to Vegeta’s, albeit black. The only exception was that Cabba’s battlesuit separated the shirt and pants. Caulifla had finally caught up to Cabba and became his equal. Her next goal was to obtain a stronger form of Super Saiyan. She had previously discovered a muscular form that increased her strength, but slowed her down considerably. It also didn’t help matters that Cabba began blushing whenever she saw this muscular form. He had obtained the form himself, but the couple had determined that the trade-off wasn’t worth it.

           “I’m getting close to a new level,” Caulifla told her boyfriend. “I can feel it.”

           Cabba nodded and paused when he saw a material sticking out of Caulifla’s pants. Caulifla’s fist smacked into his face, surprising her that he had done nothing to stop it. “You okay, Cabba?” she asked quickly.

           “Yeah,” he murmured. “I just got distracted.”

           “By what?” Caulifla asked. Cabba pointed at her waist, making her realize what he was staring. “Whoops. These pants are really too big for me sometimes.” She struggled to pull her pants up, exposing more of the fabric underneath. “I did not mean to do that,” she admitted before lifting her head up. “Well, I hope you like what you see.”

           Cabba grinned. “I certainly don’t mind.”

           “I look like a total nerd, don’t I?” Caulifla said with a laugh. “At this rate, I’m asking for a wedgie.” She resumed her fighting position. “Tell you what, if you can give me a wedgie, I’ll pay for our next date.”

           “And what if I don’t?” Cabba asked.

           “Then you pay,” Caulifla replied. “What do you say?”

           “Bring it,” Cabba dared her. In an instant, the couple charged at each other. The two clashed fists with Cabba looking for an opening. He repeated Caulifla’s earlier trick of the smoke screen via energy beams. She blocked the blasts, allowing Cabba to sneak behind her. He gripped her pink undergarments and lifted her into the air.

           “Oooh,” Caulifla whimpered. “Not bad,” she whispered, impressed by Cabba’s strength. The wedgie hurt immensely, but that didn’t stop her admiration for how strong he was. “You can let me down now.”

           Cabba released his grip on her underwear, letting her drop to the ground. “You let me do that on purpose, didn’t you?” he asked.

           “Maybe,” Caulifla said smugly. She quickly grabbed the waistband sticking out of the front of Cabba’s suit and gave him a painful melvin wedgie. Cabba let out a scream, making her laugh. “Look at us, we’re both nerds,” she stated, observing his golden underwear with blue lightning prints.

           “Very funny,” Cabba replied, removing her grip. Almost immediately, he stuffed his underwear back into his pants. “So, where do you want to go for our date?”

           Before Caulifla could answer, a portal suddenly appeared in the air. “What is that?” she wondered aloud as she tucked her undergarments back into her pants.

           A green-haired woman fell through the portal, crashing into the ground. “Ow,” she muttered, picking herself up. She wore a blue-and-white striped t-shirt and jeans. An older woman fell through the portal behind her, surprising the younger woman. This woman wore a red t-shirt and jeans, contrasting the younger woman’s appearance. “Mom, are you okay?” she asked with concern.

           “I’m fine,” the older woman, accepting the daughter’s help getting up.

           “Hey!” Caulifla shouted at them, catching his attention. “Where did you two come from?”

           “Who are you?” the younger woman asked.

           “The name’s Caulifla,” the female Saiyan stated before pointing to her boyfriend. “And this is Cabba.”

           “I’m Bulla,” the younger woman answered.

           “I’m her mom,” the mother added. “Bulma.”

           “Those two seem like complete nerds,” Caulifla whispered to Cabba. “Even more than we do.”

           Cabba shrugged. “Let’s get to know them first,” he suggested. He turned to the family and approached them. “How did you two get here?”

           “No idea,” Bulla replied. “I just want to find a way home.”

           “Do you have a place for us to stay in the meantime?” Bulma asked. She did not have any capsules on her at the moment, making her pretty desperate.

           “Sure,” Caulifla replied, prompting a sigh of relief from the family. “On one condition.” She pointed toward Bulla. “I want to see what you’re made of.” In an instant, she was behind Bulla.

           “What do you want from me?” Bulla asked worriedly.

           “You and your mom look like total nerds,” Caulifla observed. “In exchange for a place to sleep, you will get a wedgie from me.”

           “Oh, hell no!” Bulla shouted. “I hate wedgies! You are not giving me one!”

           “I’m the only person in town with an extra bed, and you don’t look like you can fly.”

           “Bulla, just let her do it,” Bulma suggested.

           “Why?!” Bulla yelled. “I can’t just let every bully wedgie me. I don’t care if my panties don’t rip. I’m tired of seeing them be pulled over my head.”

           “We need a place to stay,” Bulma pointed out. “It’s just one wedgie. Can you please handle that?”

           Bulla groaned. “Fine,” she muttered. “Eek!” Caulifla lifted her off the ground easily, exposing her light purple strawberry-printed undergarments.

           “Nice panties,” Caulifla said mockingly. “Let’s see them go over your head.”

           “Please don’t,” Bulla whimpered.

           “Too late,” Caulifla replied, snapping the waistband over her eyes. She shot an energy ring over her head, trapping Bulla in the atomic wedgie. She turned to Bulma, whose face showed that she had already accepted defeat. “Ready, nerd?”

           Bulma shrugged. “I’ve gotten used to it,” she admitted. “If you want, I can give it to myself.”

           Caulifla raised an eyebrow. “A self atomic wedgie? What, do you get turned on by this stuff?”

           “A little bit,” Bulma admitted.

           “What?!” Bulla screamed. “Mom, you like getting wedgies?!”

           “Why do you think your Dad always gives them to me?” Bulma asked, horrifying Bulla even further.

           “I thought he was doing that to make me laugh,” Bull admitted. “You were supposed to be the nerd of the family.”

           “Well, I’m his nerd,” Bulma replied, making Bulla want to throw up. even more.

           “That’s weird,” Caulifla replied. “Tell you what. You can give yourself a melvin atomic wedgie and I’ll give you a normal atomic wedgie.”

           “Sounds good to me,” Bulma replied. She pulled out her waistband, exposing her blue strawberry-printed underwear. She yanked upward while Caulifla watched in fascination. Bulma’s dopey grin was enough to make Caulifla laugh. “I always make sure my family gets the stretchiest underwear,” she explained. “If my panties ripped, it wouldn’t be any fun.”

           “Gross!” Bulla screamed. “Did you get our family stretchy underwear just to screw with us?”

           Bulma shook her head. “I did it so that you wouldn’t have to buy new underwear every time you got a wedgie.” She then snapped her waistband over her head, securing the melvin atomic wedgie.

           “My turn,” Caulifla stated, gripping Bulma’s undergarments.

           ‘I’ve gotten wedgies from Saiyans before...’ Bulma thought to herself, remembering all the times Vegeta had given her wedgies...



Several years ago, Bulma was cooking dinner outside her house when her sister, Tights, came by to visit. “Hey, sis,” Tights greeted her sister serenely.

           “What’s up?” Bulma asked.

           “I felt like coming by,” Tights explained before pulling out a remote. A drone appeared behind Bulma and gripped the back of her waistband with its robotic claws. The drone flew Bulma around in the air as her screams echoed throughout the land.

           “Tights!” Bulma shrieked. “Put me down!” Her pink undergarments granted her wish, ripping as she made her plea. She fell to the ground. “Not funny,” she muttered. “We’re both adults now. Why do you keep giving me wedgies?”

           “I find it funny,” Tights replied. “I liked to see what new ways I can give you wedgies.”

           Bulma groaned as she picked herself up. “Is there any other reason you’re here other than to give me a wedgie?”

           “Nah,” Tights admitted. “See you around,” she said with a wave, taking her robot with her.

           “I hate you,” Bulma grunted.

           “I know you mean love,” Tights replied, irritating Bulma further. Her older sister had given her so many wedgies over the years she was starting to get used to the pain. Bulma walked back into her house and changed into new undergarments. She noticed Vegeta laying on the couch, watching TV.

           “What happened to you?” he asked her.

           “Oh, nothing,” Bulma said sarcastically. “Tights keeps giving me a wedgie like she always does. At this point, I’m just used to it.” She pulled out a senzu bean and consumed it, healing her wounds.

           “You look like someone who’d get a wedgie,” Vegeta observed.

           “Wow, thanks for saying I look like a nerd,” Bulma snarked.

           “I didn’t say that,” Vegeta replied, standing up. “I just said you look like you’d get a wedgie.”

           Bulma groaned. “I’m just tired of my underwear ripping all the time. This is my last pair at the moment.”

           “You’re a scientist,” Vegeta pointed out. “Can’t you just make stretchier underwear? The Saiyan’s armor is designed with an elasticity to keep it from breaking when we become Great Apes.”

           “Good point,” Bulma admitted. “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

           Vegeta shrugged. “I don’t know, but I really want to give you a wedgie now.”

           “What? Why?” Bulma asked incredulously.

           “To help you test the elasticity of your underwear,” Vegeta explained. “You can’t make stretchy underwear without it being tested by the strongest in the universe.”

           “Sure, why not?” Bulma said, conceding the point. She turned around, exposing her white undergarments. This pair also had a strawberry theme to it, much like many of her other pairs.

           “What is with you and strawberries?” Vegeta asked, flummoxed with her obsession for the fruit.

           Bulma shrugged. “They’re my favorite food,” she explained. Vegeta, having transformed into a Super Saiyan 4, wrenched her undergarments over her face with relative ease. He finished the atomic wedgie by hooking it onto her teeth.

           “Now you can taste the strawberries,” Vegeta joked.

           Bulma let out a sigh. A delightful sensation went through her body, much to her surprise. ‘Am I enjoying this?’ she wondered. ‘Oh, Kami. I am,’ she realized. Then, it all made sense to her. She had gotten so many wedgies over the years she had become numb to the pain. And now, something inside of her craved for more wedgies. Her undergarments eventually ripped, much to her disappointment. She pulled off her torn undergarments and let them drop to the floor.

           “Can you give me another wedgie sometime?” Bulma asked, surprising Vegeta. “I don’t know why, but you make them feel so good!”

           Vegeta chuckled. “You’re one of a kind,” he said smugly.

           Bulma smiled. “You could say that.”



After this, Bulma invested Capsule Corp.’s resources in making more elastic undergarments. She had Vegeta test the stretchiness of her underwear, becoming a Super Saiyan 4 each time to give her a wedgie. Eventually, she found the answer to stop her underwear from ripping. She had found the right fabric and applied it to all future undergarments she made. She had used the fabric from a sample of Gogeta’s pants, observing the durability of the clothing.

           From time to time, Vegeta would give Bulma a wedgie in her office at home. After giving an interview to a potential employee, Vegeta walked into the office. “How’s it going?” Bulma asked him.

           “Just here to see you,” Vegeta replied. Both of them wore a business suit, with Vegeta’s being blue and Bulma’s being red.

           “I know I’m the boss, but can you give me a raise?” Bulma asked.

           Vegeta smirked. “Anytime,” he asked, moving behind her. She stood up from her chair and became excited as Vegeta lifted her off her feet. “Strawberries again?” he asked, observing her golden undergarments. “Don’t you get tired of this pattern?’

           “Do you get tired of giving me wedgies?” Bulma asked.

           “No,” Vegeta admitted. “How close are you being done with this project?”

           “Almost done with the project,” Bulma replied. “I have one more design I want to go over, but we’re pretty close to being done.”

           Vegeta nodded as he bounced Bulma up and down, much to her delight. “You’re a strange one,” he observed.

           Bulma shrugged. “When you get wedgies all the time, you get used to it.” Vegeta placed her down on the ground and snapped her waistband onto her waistband. At this point in time, she waited to use a senzu bean since using it too early took away the enjoyment she received from the wedgie. She only consumed the senzu bean when the wedgie was completely done and the pain was no longer satisfactory.

           The door in front of them opened, revealing Bulla. Her eyes widened in surprise. “What the?”

           “Bulla, I can explain!” Bulma said nervously.

           Bulla burst into laughter, staring at her mother’s discomfort. “You are such a nerd!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe Dad actually gave you a wedgie!” She walked over to high five her father, who gave her a quick one in return.

           “Alright, you got me,” Bulma stated. “Now what do you need?”

           “I wanted to see what was for dinner,” Bulla replied. “I didn’t expect to see you like this, though.”

           “Well, when you’re a nerd like me, you tend to get wedgies,” Bulma explained. “If you’re not careful, you’ll get a wedgie, too.”

           Bulla scoffed. “I’m not a nerd like you, Mom. I don’t get wedgies,” she told her mother. She turned to her father. “Keep up the good work, Dad.” She waved them goodbye and shut the door behind her.

           Bulma let out a sigh of relief. “Next time... lock the door,” she instructed her husband.

           “At least we don’t have to hide it from her,” Vegeta pointed out.

           “True, but I don’t want anyone else finding out about this. I may like this stuff, but it’s still pretty weird.”

           “Fair enough,” Vegeta admitted. The same night, Bulma was cooking dinner while wearing her atomic wedgie. Bulla had walked into the kitchen and noticed her mother’s condition, prompting her to laugh again.

           “Mom, how much of a nerd are you?” she asked between her chuckles.

           Bulma shrugged. “I’ve gotten wedgies my whole life. I’ve gotten used to it.”

           “I’m glad I’m not you,” Bulla replied. “I never got into the nerd life.”

           “You don’t have to be a nerd to get a wedgie,” Bulma pointed out. “And if you’re not careful, you’ll get one too someday.”

           “Time will tell,” Bulla responded confidently.



A couple of weeks had passed since Bulma had started her final design. She put on the final touches and was waiting for the right moment to test her design. One day, Vegeta was training intensely with Goku in Bulma’s backyard while the former’s wife was preparing them lunch. She had been wearing a red t-shirt and jeans while she gave herself numerous hanging wedgies to test the underwear’s elasticity. She noticed Goku’s Power Pole was resting against the picnic table. She observed it, wanting to see it activated. She hooked it onto the front part of her waistband and whispered, “Power Pole extend.” The tool grew in length, lifting her into the sky. A grin appeared on her face as she burst into giggles.

           Goku and Vegeta stopped their fight and flew up to help Bulma. “What happened?” Goku asked, scratching his head.

           “I’m doing an experiment,” Bulma explained, too entranced to care that Goku was seeing her like this.

           Vegeta unhooked her and flew her down to the ground. “Nice underwear,” he commented, noticing her blue strawberry-printed undergarments.

           “You didn’t have to undo the wedgie,” Bulma whispered, disappointed by her husband

           “That wedgie looked like it was nothing for you,” Goku said, not having heard Bulma’s comments. “Are you doing it for training?”

           “You could say that,” Bulma replied. “I just need somebody to give me a wedgie. It tests my strength.”

           “I can do it,” Goku suggested.

           “Absolutely not!” Vegeta yelled. “You are not giving my wife a wedgie!”

           “Yeah, besides I think Vegeta gives stronger wedgies than you do, Goku,” Bulma replied.

           “You’re just scared I might be stronger,” Goku said mockingly.

           “That’s it!” Vegeta screamed. “Let’s do this! Bulma, get ready!”

           Before Bulma could respond, Goku and Vegeta began giving her a wedgie. The Saiyans had powered up to Super Saiyan 4 to put their full strength into the wedgie. Goku pulled from the back and while Vegeta yanked from the front.

           “I told you, Kakarot,” Vegeta began, wrenching Bulma’s underwear over her head to give her a melvin atomic wedgie. “My wedgies are stronger.”

           “Oh, yeah,” Bulma murmured through her underwear mask. The pain was only beginning as Goku hooked Bulma’s waistband underneath her chin. While she loved getting wedgies from Vegeta, she had to admit Goku’s wedgies were fairly enjoyable, as well.

           “I’d say my wedgie was stronger,” Goku argued, powering down to base form.

           Vegeta did the same. “No, it wasn’t!” he shouted. “Bulma, whose was stronger?!”

           If Bulma was being honest, the wedgies were equal, but Vegeta’s wedgies had more passion built into them. Vegeta pulled off her double atomic wedgie, allowing her to speak. “Yours was stronger,” she spoke, still dazed in wonder from the wedgie. Vegeta displayed his typical grin, making her even happier than she already was.

           “I win,” Vegeta said confidently.

           “Oh,” Goku complained.

           “Thanks for the help,” Bulma murmured. “Now that I know this underwear can handle atomic wedgies from two Super Saiyan 4s, I think I’m almost done with the design.”

           “What’s stopping you from being done?” Vegeta asked.

           “One last test,” Bulma replied, stuffing her undergarments back into her jeans. Thanks to the nanotechnology she installed, she returned the underwear to its original elasticity with a mere thought. At the moment, she was the only one to know about this feature. Everyone else who got wedgies in the underwear Capsule Corp. sold would be left with their underwear drooping. Of course, she would leave an instruction manual in the package, but she doubted anyone would read it.

           “What’s the test?” Goku asked.

           “I want to get a wedgie from a Super Saiyan 4 fusion,” Bulma answered. “If my panties can endure that, then I will be set to finish the project.”

           “Are you absolutely sure?” Vegeta asked his wife.

           Bulma nodded. “Without a doubt.”

           Vegeta sighed as he got the position for the fusion position. Goku followed suit as the duo performed the dance. A bright light enveloped the two, forcing Bulma to cover her eyes. When the light dissipated, Gogeta appeared before her. “Ready?” the fusion asked Bulma, who grinned in response. “Now what type of wedgie do you want?”

           “Any kind,” Bulma replied. “Just be creative.”

           Gogeta nodded as he began forming an energy ball. He aimed it toward the sky and spoke, “Big... Bang... Kame... hame...” He gripped Bulma’s undergarments and hooked onto the energy ball. “...ha!” He exclaimed, letting the energy ball explode. Bulma flew into the air, to both her and Gogeta’s satisfaction. Although her underwear continued to stretch, there was no sign of ripping.

           Gogeta flew up and grabbed her waistband from the air. He spun her around, encasing her as if her underwear was gift wrap. Every part of her body was covered by her underwear except for her eyes, feet, and head. “I call this the ‘mummy wedgie,’” Gogeta bragged.

           “Don’t stop there,” Bulma replied. “Keep going.”

           “If you insist,” Gogeta replied. He wrapped the underwear around her a few more times, covering up to her eyes. He finished it off by hooking the waistband onto Bulma’s teeth. “Can you taste the strawberries?” he joked.

           Bulma nodded, taking in the horrible stench of her undergarments. This is a dream come true, she told herself. ‘A mummy atomic wedgie from the strongest man in the universe? This is amazing!’

           Gogeta hooked Bulma backed onto the Power Pole and instructed it to extend. He could hear her shrieks of delight, making him laugh. “Now that I think about it, you look more like a scarecrow than a mummy.” He walked away contently. “Have fun,” he said with a wave.

           Bulma hung there for several hours until Bulla found her. “Mom!” Bulla shouted, suppressing her laughter. She flew up to her mother and unhooked her from the pole. She unwrapped her mother undergarments, leaving a large pile behind Bulma.

           ‘Oh,’ Bulma wanted to say. “Thanks,” she lied.

           “What happened to you?” Bulla asked, nearly giggling.

           “Gogeta happened,” Bulma answered, swallowing a senzu bean. The pain ceased as her body healed herself.

           “Why do you keep letting yourself get wedgied?” Bulla asked. “I know you’re a nerd, but this is getting silly.”

           Bulma shrugged. “No idea...”



In present day, Bulla shuddered at the revelation of her mother’s wedgies. She couldn’t believe that her mother got turned on wedgies. ‘Is this what happens when you get so many wedgies?’ she wondered. ‘How do you get turned on by wedgies of all things?!’ She remembered that she and others had wished for Pan to give herself a wedgie upon saying “I love you” and for Pan to enjoy receiving wedgies. It then occurred to Bulla that Valese got turned on by wedgies, as well. ‘Mom and Valese would probably get along.’

           In the meantime, Caulifla attached Bulma’s strawberry-themed panties to her forehead. “How’s it feel?” the Saiyan asked.

           Bulma shrugged. “It doesn’t feel as good as when my husband gives them,” she complained through her underwear prison. She was disappointed Caulifla had not powered up to Super Saiyan or a higher level than that. “Let me guess, you want me to stay like this for the rest of the day.”

           Caulifla grinned. “That works for me.” She shot out another energy ring, trapping her in an atomic wedgie. “By the way, I really like your panties. They look cute.”

           “Thanks,” Bulma murmured, upset Caulifla had nowhere near the strength her husband did when it came to wedgies.

           “Mom!” Bulla whined. “I don’t want to stay like this all day! Not everyone likes wedgies like you do!”

           “Sorry,” Bulma replied. “It’s just one night and then we figure out how to get out of here.”

           “I’ll make sure you’re welcome at my home,” Caulifla said confidently.

           “That doesn’t fill me with confidence,” Bulla murmured.

           “She’s being sincere,” Cabba insisted. “She just likes giving wedgies to newbies. She’s really nice when you get to know her.”

           “I hope you’re right,” Bulla said worriedly.



The next day, Pan was following Chronoa in the Time Nest. “What happened again?” Pan asked.

           “There was another distortion in the timeline,” Chronoa explained. “It opened a portal that led to another universe entirely. And Bulla and Bulma fell through it. Your job is to get them back.”

           “That’s it?” Pan asked. “Where did they end up?”

           “They call it Universe 6, but it comes from another timeline,” Chronoa explained. “Their universe has people that do not exist in your universe.”

           “That’s weird,” Pan admitted. Chronoa handed her the time scroll, waiting for her to leave. “By the way, I’m sorry for giving you a wedgie.”

           “Pan, that was months ago,” Chronoa replied. “You can stop apologizing. If anything, I’m sorry we went too far with giving you wedgies.”

           Pan nodded and disappeared via the time scroll. She appeared in front of Caulifla’s house. “This must be the place,” she told herself. She knocked on the front door and Bulla opened it.

           “Oh, thank Kami you’re here,” Bulla said, wrapping her arms around Pan. “She gave me and Mom an atomic wedgie and made us wear it all day.”

           “Who?” Pan asked.

           “Caulifla,” Bulla answered. “She’s a Saiyan of this universe and she loves to give wedgies.” Pan began laughing until Bulla yelled at her. “Will you focus?! I need your help.”

            “What, you want me to wedgie her for you?” Pan questioned.

           “No,” Bulla stated, shaking her head. “I want to do it, but I’m not strong enough on my own. We need to fuse.”

           “You mean the dance?” Pan asked.

           Bulla gave a nod. The only technique she knew was the Galick Gun, but she believed it would be enough. “I know I’m not a fighter, but I think a fusion between us would be stronger than her.”

           “I’d have to lower my power to match you,” Pan pointed out. “That will make the fusion weaker.”

           “I know. Let’s just get this over with,” Bulla replied. “I’ve seen Goten and Trucks do the dance enough time to know how it’s done.”

           Pan sighed. She and Bulla positioned themselves and did the dance. They connected their fingers and a bright light formed around them. When the light dissipated, a single woman appeared. Her hair was mostly black with blue-green highlights and she wore a black vest with yellow padding much like Gogeta. Unlike the other fusions, she wore a black bra underneath the vest. She wore white silky pants, black wristbands, black shoes with blue wraps above them, and a blue obi-belt.

           “Wow,” the fusion murmured, two voices speaking in unison. “This is incredible. Now... what to call myself?” She wondered aloud, rubbing her chin. “Pulla? Nah. Banulla? No, that’s stupid. I’ve got it! Bulpan. That works.” She rushed into the kitchen and ran up behind Caulifla, who was cooking lunch for herself. “It’s payback time!” Bulpan grabbed Caulifla by her waistband and proceeded to bounce her up and down.

           “Who are you?” Caulifla asked between her grunts of pain.

           “I’m the fusion of Bulla and Pan. Bulpan. And you’re dead.” Without any effort she pulled Caulifla’s underwear over her shoulders.

           “Keep up the good work,” Bulma shouted from the other side of the room.

           “Ohhhh,” Caulifla whimpered. Cabba was visiting his family, leaving her completely alone. “You’re pretty good.”

           “I’m just getting started,” Bulpan replied, removing Caulifla’s shoulder wedgie. She pulled her hands close together and began to form a blue-and-purple energy. “Galick... Kame... hame... ha!” She aimed the attack up Caulifla’s underwear, sending her flying into the air.

           “Eeeeeeeek!” Caulifla shrieked. Bulpan altered the direction of the Galick Kamehameha numerous times, moving Caulifla through the air in new, twisted ways. “Stop!” she begged. Bulpan ceased her attack, allowing Caulifla to crash into the ground. “I hate you,” she grunted.

           Bulpan laughed at the other Saiyan. “You get what you deserve,” the fusion said smugly. Another portal opened, revealing a familiar female Saiyan.

           “Kale?” Caulifla asked in surprise.

           “Caulifla?” Kale asked as the portal closed behind her. “How did I get here? I was just training with Vados...”

           “I have no idea,” Caulifla replied. “Could you do an old friend a favor and give her a wedgie?”

           Kale noticed Caulifla’s extremely stretched out undergarments. “She got you good,” Kale observed, crossing her arms. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.” Caulifla was both proud and disturbed by Kale’s newfound confidence. She was astonished by how much Kale had changed since the tournament.

           Kale quickly transformed into her Legendary Super Saiyan form, greatly increasing her muscle mass. Caulifla envied Kale’s transformation. The form was an improvement in every way of Caulifla’s bulkier Super Saiyan form and she desperately wanted to obtain Kale’s power.

           Kale raced behind Bulpan and grabbed her waistband. “Wedgie time, nerd,” she spoke tauntingly. With numerous pulls, she bounced Bulpan around like a paddleball.

           “Oh Kami!” Bulpan shrieked. Neither Pan nor Bulla had ever gotten a wedgie bounce before. Her light purple strawberry-and-teddy-bear-themed underwear was stretching past what should have been humanly possible.

           “I’m not done yet,” Kale stated maliciously. She lifted Bulpan up and down as if she was a dumbbell. “One... two... three...” she said with each pull.

           “Stop making this a game!” Bulpan shouted. Bulma, while hiding behind the couch, snickered. While she enjoyed getting wedgies, she found it hilarious to see others receive them.

           “Nah,” Kale replied. “This is too much fun.” She gripped the front part of Bulpan’s undergarments and effortlessly wrenched them over the fusion’s face. “Let’s see how many atomic wedgies I can give you.” She gripped the back of Bulpan’s underwear even tighter than before and yanked her underwear over her face easily. She didn’t stop there, however. She yanked Bulpan’s waistband down under her legs, then brought it up her back. She finished it by hooking the waistband back underneath the fusion’s chin. “There. Now I'm done.”

           ‘How is this possible?!’ Bulpan wanted to scream, but her underwear prison prevented her from speaking. She had not conceived the possibility of a triple atomic wedgie, nor could she imagine herself ever receiving it. ‘How is my underwear this stretchy?!’ It was possible that the fusion increased the elasticity of her undergarments, and this certainly provided evidence to that theory. However, it could also have been from Bulla using the stretchy underwear Bulma had made for the family.

           Kale shot an energy ring over the fusion’s hands and face, guaranteeing that Bulpan wouldn’t be able to remove the triple atomic wedgie. She then walked over and patted Caulifla on the back. “Thanks, Kale,” Caulifla said, extremely grateful Kale had returned. That gratitude turned to regret, however, when Kale grabbed Caulifla’s pink waistband. Without any effort, Kale attached Caulifla’s underwear to her forehead.

           “Sorry,” Kale apologized. “But I couldn’t help it.”

           “Eeep,” Caulifla squeaked. She slowly removed her undergarments and unsuccessfully attempted to stuff them back into her pants. “Very funny.”

           Kale returned to her base form. “I think so,” she said with a chuckle. Caulifla gripped her white heart-printed underwear and wrenched it up Kale’s back. “Ack!” Caulifla continued to pull until Kale’s underwear ripped apart.

           “Oh,” Caulifla murmured, disappointed by the lack of elasticity present in Kale’s undergarments. “I thought your panties would have been stretchier than that. Sorry.”

           “I’ll give you that for free,” Kale replied, giving Caulifla a small punch on the shoulder. A portal suddenly opened before them. “I’ll guess I’ll see you around.”

           “Wait,” Caulifla suggested. “I want to tell you something.”

           “What is it?”

           “Cabba and I are dating now,” Caulifla said excitedly.

           Kale smiled. “Congratulations,” she said, genuinely happy for her former mentor. “I hope you two have a good life together. I’ll try to visit more often if I can.”

           Caulifla grinned. “Thanks, Kale.” She watched as her friend exited through the portal. The portal immediately shut after Kale had left. Caulifla heard a loud flash in the air, making her turn her head. She burst into laughter upon seeing what she did: both Pan and Bulla stuck in a triple atomic wedgie. Both had their own energy rings to trap them, making Caulifla’s victory all the sweeter.

           ‘Why does defusing leave both of us in a wedgie?!’ Bulla wanted to scream. ‘Why haven’t my panties ripped yet?!’

           ‘I don’t understand. Why are we still stuck like this?!’ Pan wondered angrily.

           A new portal suddenly reopened, pulling Bulma out of hiding. “Oh, thank Kami,” she said with relief. She wasn’t sure if this portal would take them back home, but she was willing to give it a shot. She pulled Pan and Bulla behind her and jumped into the portal.

           “Well, that was fun,” Caulifla said to no one in particular. Later on, Cabba had returned from visiting his family.

           “Did the others get home?” he asked her at dinner.

           Caulifla nodded. She had replaced her underwear so Cabba wouldn’t question why her undergarments had been stretched to kingdom come. “I think I’m done with wedgies for now.”

           Cabba smiled as he planted a kiss on Caulifla’s cheek, leaving a smile on the female Saiyan’s face. “You and me both.”

                                                                      To Be Continued...

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