DB Heroes Wedgie Story

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Several years ago, Goku was resting in her purple pajamas. She and Suno had been sleeping in bed and Suno was attempting to wake her wife up. “Goku,” she whispered. “Wake up,” she whispered. She yanked on the back of Goku’s plain white undergarments.

           Goku’s eyes snapped upon feeling the wedgie. “What was that?” she asked.

           “It’s called a wedgie,” Suno explained. “It’s a prank.”

           Goku grinned. “Sounds fun!” she said, sitting upward. She and Suno got out of bed and stretched their arms.

           “Eep!” Suno shrieked, feeling her blue snowflake-printed underwear being yanked out of her blue pajamas.

           “Wow,” Goku observed. “These are stretchy panties.”

           Suno snickered between her grunts of pain. “Like what you see?” she joked.

           Goku’s dopey grin grew even wider. “I do. A lot,” she admitted, becoming excited. “Now let’s see how far these panties can stretch.” She wrenched the undergarments over Suno’s head and snapped them onto her nose. “How does it feel?”

           “Awful,” Suno said bluntly, pulling her undergarments off her head. “Turn around,” she demanded. “You’re getting an atomic wedgie just like I did.”

           “Is that what it’s called?” Goku asked, spinning around. “That’s a cool name!”

           “Yeah, and you’re getting one,” Suno promised, gripping her wife’s plain white underwear. She wrenched Goku’s underwear up her back, making the wedgied victim let out a sigh of enjoyment. “Wait, are you enjoying this?” Suno asked, surprised and aroused by her wife’s satisfaction.

           “Yeah,” Goku stated happily. “Please keep going. These wedgies are kind of like training and I love training!” Suno nodded and attached Goku’s waistband onto her nose. “Thank you,” Goku stated, reaching out to kiss Suno on the lips. Suno’s face began to blush, and did so even more as she returned the kiss.

           Over the next few weeks, Goku and Suno would wedgie each other as a way of one-upping the other. Eventually, Suno was starting to enjoy wedgies. “These wedgies are getting more and more fun each day,” she told Goku, who grinned in return.

           “I’m glad you think so,” Goku replied, pulling Suno’s undergarments up her back. This made Suno blush even more than she normally did.

           During this time, they visited Bulma while Vegeta was training outside with Gohan, Goten, and Trunks. “What?” Bulma asked, scratching her head. “You want me to make you two stretchy panties?”

           Goku nodded eagerly. “Ours keep ripping,” she replied.

           “How?” Bulma asked, prompting Goku and Suno to blush.

           “We keep giving each other wedgies,” Suno admitted.

           Bulma raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

           “It feels good,” Goku stated, somewhat embarrassed.

           Bulma burst into laughter. “The strongest women on the planet get turned on by wedgies!” she exclaimed.

           “So, can you help us?” Suno asked.

           Bulma wiped away a tear as her laughter ceased. “Sure. You’ve saved the planet enough times that I owe you.”

           “Thanks, Bulma!” Goku exclaimed. The couple would go on to wait a week before returning to Bulma. In the meantime, the couple starved themselves of wedgies since they were running low on pairs of underwear. 

           When they returned, Bulma handed Goku a machine. “It’s a machine I made that creates underwear on the fly,” she explained. “It can be as big and stretchy as you want. You’ve just got to think about what you want when you use the machine.”

           “Thank you, Bulma,” Suno told her. “This means a lot.”

           Bulma continued to chuckle. “I still find absurd how you two actually enjoy wedgies. How did it happen?”

           “I gave Goku a wedgie to wake her up and she liked it like she does training,” Suno explained, making Bulma laugh even more.

           “I think she likes it a bit more than training,” Bulma observed.

           “Yeah...” Goku admitted with a goofy grin.

           “Have fun, lovebirds,” Bulma stated, walking out of the lab.

           Goku’s grin widened. “We will.”



Suno spun herself around for Goku, who skyrocketed her blue snowflake- themed underwear above her head. “Cute panties,” Goku told her wife, who blew her a kiss in return.

           “I’m pretty sure they’re playing the game wrong,” Android 17 observed from the bench.

           “This is too weird for me,” Chi-Chi murmured.

           Goku snapped Suno’s waistband onto her forehead and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She then grabbed both the front and back parts of Suno’s waistband and wrapped it around her body like bandages. Suno kept grinning as she wrapped into a straightjacket made of underwear. Goku wrapped the underwear around every part of her body and finished it off by reattaching it onto her eyebrows. The only part not covered was her face, where Goku planted a kiss on her cheek. Suno giggled, much to Goku’s amusement.

           “That was... weird,” Android 17 murmured.

           “The Wedgie Tournament is officially over! The winner is Son Goku! She wins the ten million zeni!” Fu exclaimed. A bag of cash teleported in front of Goku, making her widen her smile.

           “As for the rest of you,” Fu shouted from the microphone. “You will return home to the exact point you came from.”

           “Wait!” Gine shouted. “Can I go with Pan and her friends?”

           “Yeah, me too!” the good 21 shouted.

           Fu shrugged. “Sure.” He snapped his fingers and everyone, except for Goku and Suno, teleported away. He teleported in front of them and smiled. “Good job, Goku. You earned this.”

          “Thanks,” Goku replied. A question then popped into her head. “Hey, how did you even do this all of this?”

           “Dragon Balls,” Fu answered, and Suno and Goku nodded in understanding.

           “Oh, neat,” Goku replied.

           “They allowed me to set up this whole tournament,” Fu continued.

           “Thanks for the fun,” Suno stated, making Fu smile.

           “That’s very kind of you,” Fu responded. “Have a good day.” He snapped his fingers, sending them back to their timeline. They found themselves back in their house with their wedgies still intact.

           “Oh, yeah,” Goku murmured, happy that her wedgie had remained in place. She and Suno looked to a nearby clock and noticed that almost no time had passed since they had they left.

           Suno giggled. “I guess we can keep giving each other wedgies,” she pointed out. “Goten’s still playing with Trunks, so we’ve got the rest of the day to have some fun.”

           Goku scratched her head. “How do we beyond a mummy wedgie?”

           Suno grinned. “Knowing you, you’ll find a way to go further beyond.”



The evil 21 returned to where she was before died: crushed underneath the Spirit Bomb. Her purple skin had returned, meaning Fu had reset the timeline. The only difference now was that her underwear was still hooked onto her teeth. “Not again...” she whimpered as her body became ashes when consumed by the Spirit Bomb.

           In another timeline, Oceanus Shenron was being crushed to death by Xeno Goku and Pan’s Kamehameha. Although her atomic wedgie blinded her, the pain was still very much present. “I hate today...” she muttered while her body disintegrated.



Launch returned to her house, where Tenshinhan had been cooking dinner. When she initially disappeared, she had been resting on the couch. She was thankful her children had out hanging out with friends because she did not them seeing her like this. She quickly yanked off her underwear before Ten could realize what had happened to her.

           “Are you okay?” he asked from the kitchen.

           Launch nodded nervously. “Yep. I just had a pain in my back, that’s all,” she insisted. “It’s fine now.”

           “Just let me know if it gets worse,” he replied, returning to his cooking.

           Launch let out a sigh of relief. She stuffed her undergarments into the trash can outside and later watched the garbage truck dump its contents into the waste container. She noticed her five-year-old daughter, Kani, standing next to her. “Hello, mom,” she greeted as she drew pictures for her manga.

           “When did you get here?” Launch asked, worried about what her daughter was doing there.

           “A few minutes ago,” Kani replied, not looking up from her drawing.

           “Are you using that seer power again?” As far as she knew, Kani and Uranai Baba were the only ones able to see into the past, present, and future.

           Kani nodded. “I saw another vision.” She held out her drawing her to her mother, revealing it to be Goku standing proudly over Launch, who had been encased in an atomic wedgie.

           Launch snatched the paper from Kani. “How much do you know about that?” she asked.

           “Not much,” Kani admitted. “I just saw you and Aunt Goku in some kind of tournament and she did that to you.”

           “Don’t mention this to your father, okay?” Launch asked.

           Kani nodded. “You got it, Mom. Your secret’s safe with me.”

           Launch smiled. “Thank you.”



Mai returned to her room inside Bulma’s house. The front part part of her waistband remained torn apart and her atomic wedgie was still in place. She waddled around her room, attempting to remove her atomic wedgie. She froze when she heard her door open. “Mai, what happened to you?” she asked, laughing at her current predicament. She walked over and helped her remove the atomic wedgie. “And I thought I was a nerd...”

           “It’s not what you think!” Mai insisted.

           “Hey, if you have a kink, that’s fine,” Bulma replied. “I don’t care.”

           “That’s not it,” Mai claimed. She stuffed her underwear back into her pants. “I got kidnapped for some kind of stupid wedgie tournament!”

           Bulma chuckled. “Mai, you don’t have to lie to me.”

           “I’m not!” Mai complained.

       Bulma continued to giggle. “Sure...”


Chi-Chi waddled around the house she and Goku lived in. Her atomic wedgie was still straining her neck and the pain prevented her from removing it. “Chi-Chi, are you alright?” Goku asked, walking into the house after a long day of training.

           “Don’t look!” Chi-Chi shouted, although the opposite effect took place.

           “What happened to you?” Goku asked, staring at his wife’s atomic wedgie.

           “Just get it off!” Chi-Chi screamed. Without any effort, Goku tore her underwear completely off. “I didn’t mean rip it...”

           “Sorry,” Goku apologized as he handed over her torn undergarments. “How did that happen to you?”

           “Uh, I did it to myself...” Chi-Chi lied.

           Goku’s head tilted in confusion. “Why? Is it some kind of training?”

           Chi-Chi nodded. “Yeah. It’s meant to be a test of endurance.”

           “Hmm... maybe I should try it sometime,” Goku thought out loud.

           “Don’t!” Chi-Chi shouted. “It’s a bad form of training and nobody should do it.”

           “Then why did you?” Goku asked.

           “I thought it would be fun,” Chi-Chi claimed. ‘It wasn’t. Now, can we get off of this?”

           Goku sighed. “Okay, then.”

           Chi-Chi let out a deep breath. “Thank you.”



Marron returned to her house, albeit stuck in her five atomic wedgies. She waddled around her room, hoping to find a way to remove her atomic wedgies. I wish I didn’t wear this pair, she wanted to say as she scratched at her face, accidentally knocking her hat off her head.

           The door to her room opened, terrifying her beyond belief. “Hey, Marron,” her mother’s voice could be heard. Android 18 was wearing a pink shirt and jeans while she kept her hair in a short bob. “Dinner’s almost read-what the hell?!” Before her very own eyes, she saw her daughter trapped inside a cocoon made of her own underwear. 18 ran over to her daughter and attempted to rip the underwear off, albeit to no avail. “What is this stuff made out of?” She remembered Marron telling that she had bought some underwear from Capsule Corp., but she had not expected the underwear to be this durable. She let out a sigh and started pulling off the underwear slowly.

            Marron’s undergarments unwound like a yo-yo before her face was finally freed.

           “Thank you,” she panted.

           “Who did this to you?” 18 asked, placing worried hands on Marron’s shoulders. “Are you okay?”

           Marron nodded. “I’m fine. It’s... hard to explain who did this to me. Have you ever heard of a man named Fu?”

           18 paused to think about the question. “I think Goku mentioned him one time at a picnic. He’s some kind of trickster, right?”

           “You could say that,” Marron stated. “He teleported me and a bunch of others to his arena for a ‘Wedgie Tournament.’”

           “Why?” 18 asked.

           “He thought it was funny,” Marron explained.

           “Is it going to happen again?” 18 questioned.

           “I hope not,” Marron replied. “Do you have a senzu bean on you? I can’t feel my... anything.”

           18 sighed as she pulled out a bean from her pocket and tossed it to her. “If it helps, I’ve gotten a few wedgies in my life.”

           Marron chuckled as she ate the senzu bean. “Who would give you a wedgie? You’re too strong for that.”

           18 smiled. “You can be strong and still get a wedgie. Just look at you.”

           Marron’s face turned red as she looked away. “So, who gave you a wedgie?” she asked her mother.

           “Just your dad,” 18 replied as the two sat down on Marron’s bed.

           Marron snickered. “I can’t imagine Dad doing that. He’s too nice,” she pointed out.

           “Well, I did give him a wedgie first,” 18 admitted. “He snuck up on me one day and yanked my panties over my head.”

           “How?” Marron questioned. “Isn’t he shorter than you?”

           “Yeah, but we can fly,” 18 pointed out.

           “Oh, yeah,” Marron remembered. “I just never heard of anybody giving a wedgie in the air. Has anybody else given you a wedgie?”

           18 shook her head. “I have given some wedgies, though.”

           “To who?”

           18 held out her hand and began counting. “Let’s see. Your dad, Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Videl.”

           “Why did you give them wedgies?” Marron asked.

           “They were just pranks here and there,” 18 replied. “None of them have been able to get me back yet.” She stood up and walked to the door. “Dinner should be done in a few minutes if you want any.” She turned to face the door, but let out a yelp. Her head reared its way back to see Marron lifting her pink duck-themed underwear into the air.

           “I guess I’m the second person to wedgie you,” Marron said with a smirk. Within an instant, she raised her arms to yank 18’s waistband over her head. She snapped the waistband onto her mother’s eyebrows, forcing 18 to crane her neck back and stare at the ceiling. She then shot out an energy ring around 18’s face, trapping her in the atomic wedgie.

           “Very funny,” 18 said sarcastically, not showing any pain on her face.

           “Doesn’t that hurt?” Marron asked.

           “Like hell,” 18 replied. “So, if you want to eat dinner, you’re going to take this off or you’re getting another atomic wedgie.

           “I think I’ll take the atomic wedgie,” Marron stated, angering her mother. “I want to see Dad’s reaction to this.”

           “You’re stubborn, you know that?” 18 pointed out.

           “I learned from the best,” Marron replied, gesturing to her.

           18 smiled. “That’s my girl.” She was somewhat envious of her cyborg daughter. Marron was less than half her age, and yet they were at the same level of power. She supposed that was an unofficial rule of the universe. Gohan was stronger than Goku growing up and the same applied to Trunks and Vegeta. It only made sense that would be the case for herself and Marron.

           Marron changed into her clothes, putting on an orange gi and pants. “Are you ready?” 18 asked.

           “I just want to see Dad’s reaction,” Marron replied. “He’s going to flip.”

           18 chuckled. “That’s one way to put it.” She wrapped her fingers around Marron’s waistband and reached for the sky. Marron bit her teeth, trying not to scream. 18 noticed something particularly funny about this pair. “Destructo Discs?” she asked, observing the yellow circles on Marron’s white undergarments.

           “I got them at Capsule Corp.,” Marron wheezed. “I thought they looked cute.”

           18 grinned as she pulled Marron’s head back. “They’re look even cuter over your face.” She released her grip on the waistband, letting it snap against Marron’s nose. The atomic wedgie forced Marron’s neck to point her face upward. “See? I told you,” 18 stated as she wrapped an energy ring around Marron’s face.

           Marron attempted to nod, but the movement in her neck was beyond limited. The duo walked out of the room and headed to the dinner table, where Krillin was sitting. His eyes widened in surprise. “What happened to you two?”

           “We got into a bit of a fight,” 18 lied.

           “Is everything okay now?” Krillin asked.

           “It will be,” Marron stated, unsuccessfully attempting to put some rice in her mouth.

           18 tried to drink from her cup of water, only for it to spill down her cheek. She noticed Krillin staring at her, blushing constantly. A shared thought crossed between her and Marron’s mind. This wasn’t worth it...



Pan and Bulla found themselves inside their apartment. Pan had been freed from her melvin hanging wedgie, but her atomic wedgie remained in place. Where am I? she wondered. She bumped into Bulla, who was still stuck in her double atomic wedgie. Who’s there? she wanted to ask.

           “Pan?” a concerned voice asked.

           “Uub?!” Pan shouted, horrified her boyfriend had yet again seen in an atomic wedgie. She had forgotten that Uub would still be there when she returned. Uub aided her by pulling her undergarments off her head and did the same for Bulla.

           “Thanks,” Pan and Bulla panted at the same time.

           “What happened to you?” Uub asked. “I thought we fixed this issue.”

           “I didn’t do it,” Pan stated. “Some trickster named Fu teleported us to his arena for a wedgie tournament.”

           “Why?” Uub questioned.

           “He thought it was funny,” Bulla stated.

           “Do you two need a senzu bean?” Uub asked, pulling out a bag.

           “Yes!” Pan and Bulla said simultaneously, graciously accepting the beans.

           “Why do you two get so many wedgies?” Uub asked.

           Pan shrugged. “If I knew, I’d tell you.”

           “I seem to get it from my mom,” Bulla commented, making the other two laugh. “It’s not funny.”



Android 17 returned to the park he was guarding before the tournament. He pulled off his atomic wedgie and stuffed his underwear back into his jeans. Thankfully, nobody saw him like this. I hope 18 is okay, he thought to himself.

           In the past, 18 found herself back where she was before the tournament: fighting Super Saiyan Vegeta. The two had been fighting on the highway connected to the mountains and 18 had knocked Vegeta out of view. “Oh, no,” 18 whispered. Although she knew nobody could see her at the moment, she also knew that Android 17 and Android 16 were right around the corner of the mountain.

           Vegeta flew back up to her and froze upon seeing what he did. He let out a twisted laugh as 18’s face became red. “I guess you weren’t so strong after all,” Vegeta taunted. He rushed into her with a kick to the stomach, sending her into the ground and the view of 17 and 16.

           “Wow, 18,” 17 observed, noticing 18’s atomic wedgie. “I knew Vegeta was tough, but I didn’t think he’d embarrass you like that.”

           16 scratched his head, confused by the current circumstances. “What happened to her?”

           18 wrenched her underwear off her head and with a single punch, sent Vegeta flying into the mountain. She noticed the other heroes flying down to the fight. She quickly stuffed her undergarments back into her skirt, hoping they had not seen her unfortunate predicament. She noticed that the short, bald one was staring at her. His face was as red as hers was. Crap, 18 wanted to say. He saw me. Why did it have to be the cute one that saw me? This day keeps getting worse and worse...



Gohan and Videl returned to their graduation party. They had been alone in Videl’s room when they were transported to the tournament. “I need to get home fast,” Gohan stated as he removed his underwear from his head.

           “Sorry, I got carried away,” Videl murmured as she yanked her waistband off her head.

           “I’ll see you later,” Gohan stated before he opened the nearby window. He flew out, leaving Videl by herself.

           The door to her room kicked itself open. “Videl, are you okay?” Hercule asked, concerned.

           “Yeah, I’m fine,” Videl said nervously, hiding her sagging undergarments behind her pants.

           Hercule let out a sigh of relief. “I was just making sure you’re not hurt,” he stated. “You should come out soon. We’re going to cut the cake soon.”

           Videl nodded. “I will. Just give me a few minutes.”

           “Hey, where’s your boyfriend?” Hercule asked, looking around.

           “He went to get something he left at home,” Videl replied. “He’ll be back in a little bit.”

           Hercule chuckled. “We’ll wait until he gets back. Just for you, my sweet angel.” He shut the door behind him as he left the room.

           Videl sighed in relief. “That was a close one...” she murmured, turning around to find her belongings.

           The door opened again, revealing a blonde-haired woman wearing a green tube top and jeans. “Hey, Videl,” Erasa greeted, but paused when she saw the underwear drooping from Videl’s pants. “Wow. That’s a serious wedgie. Who gave that to you?”

           Videl’s eyes widened in terror. “I can explain...”

           Erasa began laughing. “Your panties are so stretched out. And they’re teddy bears? I’ve got to tell people about this...”

           Videl rushed up to her friend and grabbed her by the shoulders. “You cannot tell anyone about this!” she insisted.

           “Why not?” Erasa asked innocently.

           “I’ll give you a wedgie,” Videl threatened.

           Erasa chuckled. “No, you won’t,” she replied, believing Videl was bluffing. “Eek!” she shrieked as she felt Videl raising her waistband into the air. “Okay, okay! I get the idea!” Videl snickered, enjoying watching Erasa squirm. She didn’t particularly like Erasa since she constantly flirted with Gohan, even after he started dating Videl. She grabbed Erasa’s head and pulled it back. “Ack! What are you doing?”

           Videl’s anger grew as she saw the Great Saiyaman prints on her black undergarments. She pulled the waistband over Erasa’s over head and then hooked it onto her nose. Videl grinned as she watched Erasa struggle to walk around. “Now, are you going to tell people about this?” Videl whispered into Erasa’s ear.

           “No,” Erasa whimpered.

           “Good,” Videl replied. She then tugged from the front, pulling Erasa’s waistband all the way up to her chin.

           “Oooh,” Erasa groaned. Videl released her grasp on the waistband, letting it snap back against Erasa’s stomach. “Why?”

           “You can go now,” Videl stated as she pulled Erasa’s undergarments off her head.

           “Thank you,” Erasa whispered as stuffed her underwear back into her jeans. “I won’t tell anyone about this...”

           Videl smiled. “Good. And one more thing. Stop flirting with my boyfriend all the time.”

           Erasa nodded. “I just did it for fun,” she whined.

           Videl sighed. “Get out before I rip your panties.” Erasa’s eyes widened in horror as she ran out of the room. Videl then began to stuff her undergarments back into her pants. She didn’t want a repeat of this.

           At that moment, Gohan flew back into the room via the window. “I’m back,” he announced. “Did I miss anything?”

           “Nope,” Videl stated with a devilish smirk.



Cheelai returned to the cave where Broly and Lemo were sleeping. “Oh no,” she murmured aloud, attempting to remove her atomic wedgie. In the process of doing so, she woke up Broly and Lemo.

           “Cheelai?” Lemo asked. “What did you do to yourself?”

           Broly scratched his head, not sure what was happening.

           Cheelai began to sweat profusely as she ripped her undergarments off her face. “It wasn’t me,” she insisted, letting her underwear sag against her shorts. “I was walking outside and some creature gave me an atomic wedgie,” she claimed.

           “They hurt you?” Broly asked, becoming angry.

           “Yeah, but I kicked their butts!” Cheelai exclaimed, hoping to calm Broly’s rage.

           “With your underwear over your head?” Lemo questioned.

           Cheelai nodded nervously. “Yep.”

           “Are you okay?” Broly asked, walking over to her.

           “I am now,” Cheelai assured him. Broly smiled and wrapped his arms her, accidentally crushing her back. “Broly, you’re hurting me...”

           “Sorry,” Broly apologized, ceasing his hug.

           “Are you going to fix that?” Lemo asked, pointing to her backside. Cheelai began blushing as she stuffed her undergarments back into her shorts. “That’s not going to happen again, is it?”

           “I hope not,” Cheelai said with a sigh.



Bulma returned to her office meeting. She was still wearing her typical red t-shirt and jeans, but there was something unusual about her that set off the board members.

           “Mrs. Briefs!” an employee shouted with concern. “What happened to you?”

           Bulma froze, realizing where she was. “I have no idea,” she said nervously, quickly removing her atomic wedgie. “It seems like a ghost came by.” The board members looked to each other before continuing the meeting, much to her relief.

           At the same time, Valese returned to her room while her parents were eating dinner. Due to being blinded by her atomic wedgie, she bumped into her bookshelf. “Are you okay?” her father asked, standing up from the dinner table.

           Valese shouted, “Yes!” She attempted to walk over to the door to lock it. Before she could, however, her father opened the door.

           “Valese, what happened to you?”

           “I can explain...” Valese whimpered as she removed her atomic wedgie. “I... like wedgies.”

           Valese’s father raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

           “I... love getting wedgies,” Valese continued. “They’re fun and they make me feel good.”

           “It wasn’t your boyfriend who introduced you to this, was he?” her father questioned, his tone becoming judgemental.

           Valese shook her head. “No. I found out... on the computer.”

           Valese’s father sighed. “I don’t want to talk about this. Just don’t let me catch you like this again.”

           Valese nodded. “You got it, Dad.” He father shut the door behind him and she immediately locked it. “It’s just you and me,” she said, wrapping her fingers around the back of her waistband.



Chronoa returned to the couch, in Trunks’s lap, terrifying both of them. “Chronoa?!” Trunks yelped.

           “Trunks?!” Chronoa shouted, equally as disturbed. Trunks yanked her underwear off her face, allowing her to properly speak. “Thank you,” she stated.

           “What happened to you?” Trunks asked, blushing as much as she was.

           “Fu brought me and a lot of other people to his arena for a ‘wedgie tournament,’” Chronoa explained.

           “Why?” Trunks questioned.

           “He thought it’d be funny,” Chronoa assumed. She caught Trunks’s eyes focused on her undergarments sticking out her shorts. “Trunks, you can stop staring.”

           “Sorry,” Trunks apologized. “It’s a cute pair. That’s all,” he insisted.

           Chronoa sighed as she tucked her underwear back into her shorts. “Thanks...” she murmured.

           “Help,” two voices said simultaneously. The couple turned to face Gine and the good 21 before them. Both of them were stuck in atomic wedgies and were bumping into each other. Chronoa walked over and removed the atomic wedgies from their heads.

           “Thank you for your help,” the good 21 told Chronoa, who smiled in return.

           “You’re welcome.”

           “That hurt,” Gine whispered as she tried to place her underwear back into her pants. “I hate wedgies.”

           “What are we going to do with you two?” Chronoa wondered aloud, staring at Gine and 21.

           “What are you talking about? I can’t go back home. My planet was blown up by Freeza,” Gine pointed out.

           “And the moment I go back to is me dying,” 21 pointed out while she tucked her undergarments back into her jeans. She had no idea why she and the evil 21 returned to their normal outfits in Fu’s dimension, nor did she know the ramifications of being pulling out of the timeline.

           “True,” Chronoa said before letting out a sigh. “I guess you two can stay at the Time Nest. I have some extra beds you can use.”

           Gine grinned. “Oh, thank you!” she exclaimed.

           “That’s very kind of you,” 21 said with a smile on her face. “A new life would be nice.”

           “Tomorrow, you have to help me find my son, Kakarot,” Gine demanded of Chronoa. “I want to know if he’s still alive.”

           Chronoa smiled. “You’re in luck. Goku is alive and well in this timeline.”

           “Goku?” Gine asked, scratching her head.

           “Oh!” Chronoa realized, having forgotten that Gine didn’t know her son’s new name. “When ‘Kakarot’ came to Earth, the people who found him gave him the name Goku. He grew up and became one of the strongest people in the universe.”

           Gine grinned. “That’s my son for you. Nobody has the Saiyan spirit quite like he does.”

           “You can say that again,” Chronoa agreed.

           Gine wrapped her arms around Chronoa, grateful for the Supreme Kai’s help. “Thank you,” she whispered. She quickly gripped Chronoa’s lavender undergarments and gave them a quick tug.

           “Eep!” Chronoa shouted, smacking Gine on the shoulder. “Don’t do that again,” she warned.

           Gine gave off an innocent smile. “Sorry. Couldn’t help it.”

           Chronoa sighed. “Just do me a favor, okay?”

           Gine nodded. “Anything.”

           “Turn around,” Chronoa demanded, confusing Gine.

           “What do you mean?”

           “Just turn around,” Chronoa ordered, prompting Gine to do so. Her hands latched onto Gine’s waistband. At first, she pulled them slowly up Gine’s back.

           “Wait... are you just giving me a wedgie?” Gine asked, incredulous Chronoa was doing this.

           The Supreme Kai nodded. “I’m just establishing some ground rules. Nobody gives me a wedgie and gets away with it. If you give me a wedgie, you’re getting one back.”

           “Noted,” 21 said with a concerned look on her face.

           Chronoa flew over Gine’s head and hooked her waistband onto her eyebrows. She then shot out an energy ring that wrapped itself around Gine’s face. Gine’s neck strained herself back, making her freeze in place. “Is this necessary?” Gine grunted.

           “If you want to live, you’re going to wear that for the rest of the night.”

           “Oh, come on,” Gine whined.

           “Doesn’t that seem a bit excessive?” Trunks suggested.

           Chronoa sighed. “Fine. You only have to wear that until dinner tonight.”

           21 snickered. “It’s not funny...” Gine muttered. At least I’ll get to see my son tomorrow...

The End

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