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Chronoa sat on the couch with Trunks resting next to her. They were currently relaxing in Bulma’s home. Chronoa was currently wearing a light blue crop top and jeans while Trunks was wearing a blue t-shirt and black pants. Chronoa giggled. “Do you seriously still live with your parents?” she asked her boyfriend.

           Trunks sighed. “I don’t exactly have anywhere else to live,” he pointed out. “Besides, I help out my mom with her business sometimes.”

           “Trunks, you’re thirty years old,” Chronoa pointed out. “Why don’t you come live with me?”

           Trunks began to blush. “Are you sure?” he asked.

           Chronoa nodded. “In the Time Nest. You’ll love it there. You’re already there a lot of the time, too.”

           Trunks smiled. “Okay. You got it,” he told her, making Chronoa’s grin become even wider. She brought herself closer to Trunks’s face and pressed her lips against his. She wrapped her arms around him as their kiss continued. When their kiss finished, Trunks stood up. “I guess I should go pack my stuff.”

           Trunks walked into his mother’s laboratory as Chronoa followed behind him. “You keep your stuff in your mom’s lab?” Chronoa asked.

           Trunks shrugged. “Just stuff like my sword and some of my clothes.” A strange aura passed through Trunks and Chronoa’s bodies. “Did you feel that?”

           “Yeah, it felt weird,” Chronoa replied as Trunks walked behind her. “Trunks, what are you doing?” Trunks gripped the waistband sticking out of her jeans and lifted his arms. Her feet parted with the ground as she began to squirm.

           “I don’t know!” Trunks said worriedly. “I’m not doing it on purpose!” A golden aura appeared Trunks as his hair grew to ridiculous proportions and his eyebrows dissipated. He had unwillingly become a Super Saiyan 3. He started to bounce Chronoa up and down, irritating her further. Her lavender sword-printed underwear was stretching beyond what she thought it was capable of. Trunks’s blushing more and more prominent as he saw more of Chronoa’s underwear. He snapped the waistband onto her eyebrows and shot out energy rings over her head and arms.

           “Trunks!” Chronoa whined.

           “I’m sorry!” Trunks apologized. “I don’t know why that happened.”

           The strange aura passed through Chronoa, making her run up to Trunks’s backside. She grabbed his waistband and flew it over his long hair. “Ohhh,” Trunks whimpered. Despite her hands being tied together, Chronoa had no trouble attaching Trunk’s white clock-printed underwear to his forehead.

           “Nice undies, Trunks,” Chronoa stated, observing the pattern. Granted, she wouldn’t say it out loud, but she wouldn’t mind seeing this pair again. She flew down and admired her work. A portal suddenly opened before them, and the first person to exit the portal was Bulma.

           “I hope I’m not interrupting you two love birds,” she joked, embarrassing the couple even more than the wedgies did. “I see I forgot to turn off my wedgie machine.”

           “Your what?!” Trunks and Chronoa shouted simultaneously.

           Bulma pointed to a nearby box resting on top of a lab table. The strange aura passed through her, making her grip her waistband once more. She let out a sigh as she raised her arms into the air. She snapped her blue strawberry-printed undergarments onto her forehead, therefore widening her grin. “Oh... yeah...”

           “Mother, do you enjoy getting wedgies?” Trunks asked, becoming disturbed by her mother’s satisfaction.

           “Yeah,” Bulma admitted. “I figured I might as well be honest about it now. “

           “So, do you get turned on by other people getting wedgies?” Trunks questioned.

           Bulma shook her head. “No. I do find it funny, though.”

           “Why does that machine give us wedgies?” Chronoa demanded. She didn’t care what stuff Trunk’s mother was into; she just didn’t want to be part of it.

           “The machine releases an aura into the air that makes people affected give themselves or others wedgies,” Bulma explained. “I made it for myself whenever Vegeta isn’t around to do the job. I guess I forgot to turn it off the last time I used it...” She pressed a button, turning off the aura. “There. It should be off now.”

           Trunks, powered down, yanked off his underwear, and broke the energy rings around Chronoa. He then pulled her underwear off her head, leaving her undergarments to droop from her jeans. “Are you okay?” he asked his girlfriend.

           “I think I need a senzu bean,” Chronoa replied weakly.

           Pan and Bulla, both in their triple atomic wedgies, walked through the portal. “Took them long enough,” Bulma murmured.

           Trunks and Chronoa’s eyes widened in surprise. “What happened to them?” the Supreme Kai of Time asked.

           “Some big Saiyan from another universe gave them a triple atomic wedgie,” Bulma answered.

           “I didn’t even know that was possible,” Chronoa said, shuddering.

           “Trunks, I need you to break the energy cuffs,” Bulma requested. Trunks nodded, walked over, and snapped the energy rings off their bodies.

           Pan sighed in relief as she undid her wedgie. Her white teddy-bear underwear drooped from her shorts, extending out several feet. She couldn’t imagine how much longer she would have been stuck like that if not for Trunks. “Thanks, Trunks,” she said happily.

           “You’re welcome,” Trunks replied with a nod.

           Bulla removed her wedgie almost immediately. “Thanks, bro,” she said, panting for breath. “Where’s a senzu bean when you need one?” Her undergarments sagged to the ground, leaving a lengthy trail of stretched-out fabric. She and Pan walked out of the Time Nest, intent on replacing their underwear.

           “Thanks for your help, son,” Bulma told Trunks, wrapping her arms around him. She waved him goodbye and exited the Time Nest.

           “That was too weird,” Trunks murmured, realizing that his mother had not bothered to remove her atomic wedgie.

           “The man who’s traveled through time and fought Majin Buu as a kid thinks this is the weirdest thing he’s ever seen? Really?” Chronoa asked sarcastically.

           “Fair enough,” Trunks admitted. “I guess I’ll see you later, then.”

           Chronoa nodded as she flew up to kiss him on the cheek. Although she wouldn’t show it, she hated how, even as an adult, she was still very short. It did not help matters that everyone in Time Patrol, including their youngest member, Pan, was taller than her.

           “I hate my height,” she grumbled. “I’m too short to kiss you without flying. Maybe I should get the Dragon Balls to make myself taller...”

           “You’re fine the way you are,” Trunks replied, bending down to kiss her. “I love you for who you are, not what your height is.”

           “Thanks, Trunks,” Chronoa replied, feeling reassured and pulling him in for another kiss. “That means a lot.” Their kiss continued for much longer than the previous ones, this one containing more passion than any of the other ones did. When their fervent kiss ceased, Chronoa continued to smile. “I love you too, Trunks.” She waved him goodbye. “See you tomorrow,” she told him before flying away.

           Trunks nodded. He continued to pack his belongings until it was time for dinner. When his family were eating together, he and Bulla noticed that Bulma was still wearing her atomic wedgie.

           “Mother...” Trunks began.

           “Yes, Trunks?” Bulma asked. “Do you need something?”

           “Could you not wear your underwear over your head at dinner?”

           “Please!” Bulla insisted. “I don’t want to see you get any more wedgies.”

           Vegeta simply shrugged. “I think she looks great like this,” he commented, tugging on the back of her underwear.

           Bulma smiled upon feeling the tug, grossing out her children even more. “Fine,” she told them. “But if you walk on your Dad and I’s fun time, you should prepare your eyes.”

           “Actually, I think I’m gonna live with Chronoa,” Trunks stated.

           “Ah, young love,” Bulma stated happily. “Have fun, son. A lady like her doesn’t come around every day, you know.”

           “No kidding,” Trunks agreed.

           “Guess it’ll be just be you around, Bulla,” Bulma observed.

           Bulla shook her head. “Pan and I moving into an apartment together. I do not want to hang out here anymore.”

           Bulma gave an understanding nod. “I know you’ll figure things out. I’m sorry that I made things weird for you.”

           Bulla smiled. “It’s fine. I just need some space for now.”

           Trunks nodded in agreement. “You and me both.”

           Bulma whispered into Vegeta’s ear, “I hope you’re ready to give me more ‘raises.’”

           Vegeta grinned. “You bet I am.”

                                                                      The End

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