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This was written during 5-6am writing periods, and it hasn't been beta-ed. So I'm sure it's a little rusty.


Chapter 1: Heated

Her blood was pulsing while sweat beads were rolling down the heated skin of her forehead. Her lips were dry and she was dying to run her moist tongue over them but she could not. Her perfect cherry lips were parted and her breathing was shallow. Another wave of heat hit her body and she felt her insides swirl around. While she tilted her head to the side, she had no choice but to glue her lips together to prevent a moan from escaping her.

Her tiny hands fumbled with her yellow sheets as she tried to control herself. She kicked the blankets off her body with her feet in an attempt to cool herself but it only made the situation worse.

Even the gentle breeze caressing her body, which was coming in through the open window, was enough to ignite a fire within her. Her vision was almost blurry and her mind was blocked from all thoughts. She could not think straight and she could not see clearly. It was as if the only thing guiding her were her instincts.

Strangely she found the strength to raise her upper body and immediately her gaze fell upon the night. It looked chilly and inviting. There was something out there calling out to her; she wanted it and she needed it. Without thinking, she got on four and she advanced towards the edge of her bed.

Once she reached the edge she slightly extended her neck and felt the wind's full blast. Her body was drenched in sweat and the coolness of the air caused her to shiver. Goosebumps appeared all over her skin and she threw her head back as she wished to be touched. It was his hands she wanted ravaging her body.

Whose hands?

She was not sure, but he was out there.

The art of fighting was never something that appealed her, but right now it was as if this hidden side of her was attempting to claw its way out. She wanted to follow it and see where it would lead her. Desire was burning within her and there was nothing she wished more than to have someone extinguish the flames.

No more thoughts crossed her confused mind as she set one foot on the cold floor of her bedroom. For a moment, she stopped. She listened to every sound and every movement that happened in her house. Could she leave? They were not there, they would not know. Only he would and he was pre-occupied with his own thing for now.

Hesitation left her body and she took a step forward and then another. Afterwards, she put her foot on the edge of the window and balanced herself with the sides. Once both her feet were on it, she gazed down. Did she know how to fly? No. But she wanted to throw herself in the emptiness; she needed to fall.

And she did.

When a lack of fear filled her, she made the jump. But her instincts did not fail her and before she was about to crash against the ground, she found herself levitating above the garden. Freedom.

Her mind was not aware of the direction in which she was heading but her body knew and it began to take her. She wanted to stop herself, to turn around, but she could not. The desire inside of her was too strong to put a halt to it. She had the impression that if she did not satisfy it she would die. Her will to live was kicking in and to be honest, she did not wish to not do this.

Her previous doubt was completely gone.

All she wanted was him and she was drawing closer.

She could taste him.

His scent even reached her nose and she found it intoxicating. So manly.

There was no reason behind her need for him, at least none that she could comprehend. She just had to have him. Nothing would stand in her way.

Her blue eyes had a twinkle in them as she landed right in front of his door. She stood there for a few seconds wondering if the best option was the door or his window. The latest would be most likely open, but she could probably easily find a key to the front door. Finally, she settled on the fact that the window seemed like the simplest option.

Her bare legs began moving and she marched in direction of her goal with her mind not following. Her heart hammered inside of her chest with each step she took. He would be hers and she would be his. There was nothing she wanted more than to have him bury himself deep within her and take her places she never experienced before.

Before she reached the window, she waited and closed her eyes. She had to make sure he was the only one in the house. She would not tolerate any disruption, though if they were any, she'd take care of them. A smirk appeared on her lips when she confirmed that he was alone. All hers.

The smirk grew when she arrived in front of his open window. He made it too easy, not that she was about to utter a complaint. She grabbed on to the edge and in one swift motion she pushed herself inside. She landed silently, his sleep never disrupted.

Like a feline, she made her way in his direction. As soon as her eyes made contact with his form, it was as if something exploded inside of her. She could feel more sweat drops rolling down her neck and she knew he was the key. He'd make her feel better. Making sure she would not wake him, she bounced on his bed right onto the empty side.

Her body was aching for his touch and the sight of his hand resting by his side was nearly too much to bear. She craved him with every inch of her body and the view of his naked sturdy chest was not helping her current situation either. She could feel the puddle of warmth in her stomach grow in intensity. Lust never filled her mind so much.

She ceased to think once she placed both of her legs on each side of his body and then rested her ass on his groin. Even with everything she did, he was still out cold, which did not surprise her. The tiniest smirk appeared upon her lips as she slowly bent down while wanting to play. She wanted to taste him. Gently, she poked her tongue out before running it over the skin of his neck.

That seemed to wake him up.

He opened his onyx eyes when he felt a presence near him. While his vision was adjusting to the darkness his other senses were in full alert and thinking a threat was near. Right away though, he recognized the familiar ki near him but that did not ease his confusion. He could have pondered more on the subject if her scent did not hit his nose so powerfully.


Finally, his eyes widened as he could properly see. He gazed up at her and observed the sight in front of him. Her legs were completely bare and the clothing did not start until his eyes reached her lower regions. All she had on was a pair of lace white panties. A small panic took him over, but his eyes trailed further up nonetheless. Her top consisted of a small pink tube; she was barely decent.

Perhaps it was then that the situation dawned upon him. He turned his head to the side which was just enough to catch a glimpse of the time. 2:00am. What in the world was she doing at his house, in his bed, dressed like that? Still a little messed up from just waking up he struggled to sit up in his bed. Even though he changed his position she kept hers.

She was looking at him but her eyes were flickering in every direction except his face. He grabbed her shoulders to try and get her to focus on him.

"B-chan, what are you doing here? How did you get here?" Did she walk outside like this? No, she probably used a car.

A seductive smile appeared on her lips as she bent down and her warm breath tickled his ear. "Flying."

He frowned. "You don't know how to fly." He knew her his whole life, if she did he would know.

"Guess it was my little secret," she responded before capturing his earlobe between her lips and sucking on it.

He stiffened the instant he felt the contact. What was she trying to pull? This was Bura. Bura was Trunks' sister. Little sister. Since his hands were still on her shoulders, he pushed her away. As he did so, her facial expression drastically changed. He observed as her eyes narrowed. Then suddenly, he found himself being harshly pushed and trapped between her and the bed. When did she gain all this strength?

This was not the girl he knew. "B-chan, what's wrong? What happened?" he inquired clearly worried. This was not the Bura he was familiar with, this was someone else. Sure she was stubborn, and somewhat bossy, but this was different. Why was she trying to act all seductive?

Her face seemed to soften at his concern. Why did he have to be so stubborn? Couldn't he see just how much she needed him? Couldn't he smell her craving for his body? Why did he deny her what she so badly required? But it didn't matter; he was still a man and she might still be young but she saw it happen over and over again. They were all the same and all they needed was a little push.

Perhaps he needed to be seduced.

But wasn't her desire enough to drive him wild?

As he gazed at her while she began to get lost in her thoughts, he noticed something strange. Her skin was scorching hot. He trailed one of his fingers over her flesh only to have apuddle of sweat form on it. His frown deepened; something wasn't right. She was panting, hot, sweating and nearly naked in his bed. This couldn't be her; something had to be wrong.

He would have probably gone further in his thoughts if she did not grind her ass into his crotch. His frown disappeared and instead his eyes widened in surprise once more. For a moment, all he could do was lay there and watch as she forced her perky ass into him. Her head was tilted as far back as she could manage and her fingers roamed over his naked chest.

As the seconds passed, he regained his senses and the feeling of shock dissipated. He needed to get her off of him. He was not sure what was going on but it had to cease. He used more force than he wished to and changed their position. The push was so harsh that she fell on her back but since she clung on to him she dragged him down with her.

There she was, lying on her back with him between her legs.

The instant they were in that position, an intense heat wave went through her body and she felt the puddle of warmth in her stomach get out of control. And it almost happened. Immediately her scent betrayed her to him and he was shocked. Did she just nearly climax? His crotch was pressed hard against her and he could feel the wetness through his own clothes. He had to leave; he had to be far from her.

He was not even hard and that made her frustration grow. Did he not desire her the way she desired him? Her body guided her to him, so it made no sense. Shouldn't he feel the same heat within? Every time his skin touched her, it was as if she melted inside. The more contact he gave her, the more she craved it. She couldn't let him slip through her fingers.

But she felt he was ready to pull away, to release her. In an attempt to keep him with her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried his face in the crook of her neck.

"Take me, Goten," she whispered completely breathless.

"B, you don't know what you're saying," he said while attempting to bring her back to reality. His try was pathetic, but she was making it so hard – no pun intended.

In his current position, all he could smell was her. He was drowned in her scent, in her oh sweet divine scent. She smelled like cherry spiked with the sweetest juice. She was hot and sweating, but all his nose could breathe in was the heavenly scent. Her lust and her arousal filled his nostrils and without himself realizing, he stopped trying to pull away and instead he was inhaling heavily.

"Fuck me please," she begged.

He shook his head against her skin as if her voice pulled him away. It wasn't right. Why was she doing this? Bura was such a sweet girl, innocent. Granted he saw her flirt a few times but nothing a seventeen years old shouldn't do. For Kami's fucking sake, she was seventeen years old. Did she know what kind of trouble she was trying to bring him? No he wasn't touching her, he did not do anything wrong. But… what if someone showed up? What if Vegeta showed up, or even Trunks? How does a 28 years old explain what a 17 years old is doing in his bed, her core drenched and begging to be fucked?

This was bad.

She was like his little sister, sort of. He did not see her the way she wanted to be seen at the moment. Right now fucking was the last thing on his mind. Whatever spell she was under, he had to break her out of it before things went out of control. He wouldn't let her suck him in because she wasn't in her right state of mind. If anything happened, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

She felt his panic and she felt his heartbeat increase; she didn't like it. It was as if she was dying inside. If he didn't take her, she would die; this feeling would kill her. She was breathing fast and shallow trying to gain some composure though it was a hard struggle. Everything about him just sent her libido sky rocketing and when that happened she couldn't think properly. Every part of his body was too appealing.

And his lips.

They were pressed against her skin and on her neck. She wanted to feel them, she wanted to taste them. She loosened the hold she had around his neck and Goten took that opportunity to pull away from her slightly. Little did he know that was a mistake. As soon as his lips came in view, she crashed her own against his. The surprise caused his lips to part somewhat and she immediately slid her tongue inside. Then, she pressed her heated body against his, and wrapped her muscular, slender legs around his waist.

As if it wasn't enough, she began grinding her core against his length to try and send him over the edge. If only she could obtain a reaction from him.

Goten's world was becoming fuzzy as he tried to stay in control, but the battle was getting more difficult with every passing instant. His lips were not moving against hers, but he was not pushing her away either. Why couldn't he? Why wasn't he even thinking about it? But, she tasted so fucking good. The mix of that and her scent and he was dizzy, too dizzy. Suddenly he almost found the situation tempting.

He shouldn't do this.

She nibbled on his bottom lip.

Her scent grew stronger and the first word that came to his mind was appealing. Goten found himself wondering how her skin tasted as well. Or her lips, he could taste them better. If he just gave her what she wanted, he would be able to taste her scent.

He shouldn't be thinking this.

Her kiss became more forceful and she invaded his mouth even more. She desperately needed the contact. Her body was telling her mind it was a necessity. And her mind listened.

His hands moved to her hips with every intention to stop her movements and to finally push her away. Then, as if everything was out to stop him, the wind blew her hair on his face. Her soft blue locks touched his nose, and he breathed in ever so heavily. He shouldn't have, but then again, he did much worse already.

It was intoxicating; it was a drug.

This whole time, his brain kept track of her scent. At first, he pushed her away, but he was still in control back then. Then, he kept himself between her legs with his face buried against her skin. She was stronger than he thought, but not that strong. He could have easily shoved her away, but he did not. He realized what they were doing was wrong, that this wasn't right. He even admitted to himself that this was not turning him on. And yet he stayed. Now she was kissing him forcefully and he was considering kissing her back? Did he go insane?

But she smelled so good.

Her scent… was it really that divine this whole time?

It seemed it became better and better with each passing second.

He tried to stop breathing, he really did, but it was so hard. His mind might still be trying to fight it but his body wanted to answer her call. His body wanted to give her what she was so innocently begging for. It was as if her whole body was made to be enticing to him and him only. Maybe if he just kissed her, it would all go away.

No kissing her back would make things worse.

She ran her fingers through his hair and pushed her breasts against his chest. She needed contact and she refused to be denied like this. Her need was so intense that it was bringing tears to her eyes. The more he made her wait, the worse it became. The pain it was bringing her to have such an intense desire was unbearable and her mind told her he was the only one who could take all the pain away.

Why wasn't he?

As her desperation grew, so did her scent. It was made to be more delicious, more inviting. So desirable, that even buried saiyan instincts found it hard to ignore it. A side of him which was deep within wanted to claim her.

Just a little taste.

And just a tiny bit of his control suddenly slipped.

He allowed himself to taste her sweet lips by returning the kiss. As soon as she felt him kiss her back fireworks were launched inside of her and her body temperature rose again. But he didn't feel it. Instead, the grip on her hips tightened and the fact that she was still grinding against him was forgotten. Instead, he enjoyed the taste of her lips.

Goten began to devour her mouth with experience she did not have, but it didn't matter since she gave herself to him nonetheless. She knew this would help and that this had to be done. His fingers were nearly digging through her shirt and clothes, and it was as if her skin was melting under his touch.

Why were there so many barriers between them?

Goten did not realize but as he inserted his tongue within her moist cavern, his boxers became much tighter. His body was reacting to her call, to her scent, to her actions, but this time, his mind was also joining in. After a few minutes, kissing didn't become nearly enough. Gently, he slid a hand under her shirt and felt her bare skin. He groaned against her lips as he felt the softness of her creamy flesh. A voice in the back of his mind was screaming at him to stop but his hand kept moving up.

Meanwhile, she wasn't conscious that she was holding in a breath as they kept kissing. His fingertips touched her breast and he grabbed it forcefully with his whole hand. Goten lifted his other hand up and before he knew it he was pulling down on her shirt and freeing her two mounds.

The cool air caused her nipples to harden and he pulled away from her lips. When did she grow into such a woman? He never saw her or considered her as such in the past, but there was her body staring back at him. She looked far more developed than most seventeen years old. Though perhaps she was always like this but never did he dared to think of her this way. The idea of having her was always chased away or never appearing or lingering.

But now, it was hard to do the same.

Her whole body, her soul was calling out to him and the only thing he wanted to do was respond. Before Goten could stop himself, he grabbed one of her nipples between his teeth and nibbled on it which earned him a moan from the blue haired girl beneath him. She squirmed under his every touch and she demanded more each time. Oh and how he wanted to give.

He cupped her left breast with his hand, while the other snaked its way to her undergarment. He didn't remove her underwear though; he only slid his hand in. It felt forbidden and it was wrong. He shouldn't be doing this to her. But, when his fingers reached her clit and she buckled under him, he found it harder and harder to think. He ventured further until he touched the wet folds of her core.

She threw her head back and grabbed his hair forcefully at the feeling. At this point, she was beginning to pant and her body was begging to be taken. Why did he insist on teasing her like this? She licked her lips in anticipation while gently grinding her hips. His every touch was sending her into heaven and her body throbbed each time he laid a hand on her.

A smirk appeared on Goten's face as he gently inserted one digit inside her dripping womanhood. Once he felt how tight she was around his finger, he immediately made the deduction that she was a virgin. To be honest, it came as no surprise. She was still young and her father was insanely protective of her. So was her brother. But shouldn't he be the same way? Shouldn't he be protecting the girl he considered his little sister?

Oh but she was not little, nor was she his sister.

This was an attractive, appealing, desirable woman who was begging for his touch. How could he not grant her?

As Goten carefully began to fuck her with his finger he felt as if two sides inside of him were battling. One much darker than the other, one who wanted the princess. He wasn't doing anything wrong. She was the one who came to him, the one who begged him. But she didn't seem like her usual self, what if she didn't want it? Bura was a girl who went for what she desired. This was her.

It appeared as if she felt his lack of focus on her, so she began to squirm, as if she was throwing a tamper tantrum.

Deciding to give her the attention she wanted, he added another finger and he felt her clench around his digits. If she thought that was a little too much, she had something else coming her way.

Goten made the conscious choice to get rid of useless items. That started with her top. Using his free hand, he ripped it away from her body and completely exposed her skin. There was a gentle light coming from the moon that penetrated the room, which caused her skin to almost glow. She looked good enough to eat. She was staring at him with her gentle blue eyes and panting and horny as fuck.

His B-chan.

The one he teased, the one he protected, the one he comforted.

Then shouldn't it be his role to please her as well?

The two sides were battling, but he knew he was losing it. By now, his length was fully erected and his boxers were feeling way too tight. He wanted her. He wanted to fuck her like she begged for. Rapidly, he took his fingers out of her core and he felt her buckle her hips, missing the contact. She wouldn't be empty for too long.

As she lay on her back, he pulled away from her slightly and took off his boxers before tossing them on the ground. Now all that stood between him and her was her white virgin panties. He took hold of them and ripped them away, much like he had done with her top. Her whole beauty was exposed to him and only him. Goten closed his eyes, taking in her scent once more and letting it fill his whole body.

He grabbed her knees with his hands and parted her legs. Bura was no longer looking at him and he could see her gazing at the ceiling. He'd bring her focus back soon enough. Goten positioned himself at her entrance, feeling her wetness drowning his tip. He almost had to stop himself from moaning. All he put in was the tip, not enough to hurt her. Not yet.

For a second, hesitation took hold of his body. His mind was yelling at him, well part of his mind was, while the other insisted he do this. There was nothing wrong with his actions. She was willing and so fucking attractive. Why shouldn't he get a taste of her? Quickly enough, as lust filled him more and more, the uncertainty disappeared.

Goten bent down and wrapped his arms around her body with his hands holding on to her shoulders. This would hurt her terribly, even if she was half saiyan-jin. He felt her bury her face in the crook of his neck and for a second, he thought she was scared. But Goten did not smell fear on her, instead he could sense her excitement. At that exact moment she was inhaling his scent and making sure she'd never forget it.

Once he was sure their bodies were close enough, he penetrated her with his full length in one motion and broke through her barrier. He could feel against his skin her silent scream, but she didn't utter a sound. He stopped for a moment to give her a chance to adjust to his size. Of course not moving was proving to be more difficult than expected.

Her insides were so tight; she was dripping wet and with each passing second his control was slipping away.

When was the last time he had fucked? Months ago.

This was greatly needed and she offered herself to him too willingly. He could not resist but he also wanted this to last. Knowing he could not remain still any longer, he began to move inside of her as slow as he could.

At first, there were still no sounds or reactions from her but after a few seconds, he felt her wrap her legs as tight as she could around his waist. Her back began to arch and she was slowly pulling away from his neck. Goten gazed down to look at her. Her blues orbs were fixed on his face and she began breathing very shallowly. Her usually clear light blue eyes were clouded with desire.

He released her shoulders and instead grabbed on to her hips before laying her on her back and lifting himself up and away from her. Goten held her down with his hands while he increased his pace. He rammed his length inside of her faster and faster and he observed as she went into a world of pleasure. A world only he was able to give her.

She began tossing her head from one side to another like an unbearable feeling was taking hold of her. She bit hard on her bottom lip, so hard that she drew blood. The scent of her blood mixed with her current scent was almost enough to drive Goten wild with need. Without realizing, his grip on her hips became harsher and he knew it would leave a mark.

He began shoving himself deep within her, perhaps too deep. The rougher he was with her the wetter she became and the wilder it drove him. He could see her closing her eyes forcefully and Goten knew too well what was happening. Her climax was drawing near. However, he had a feeling she didn't know how to deal with it. Could this be the first time she would have an orgasm?

Just in case, Goten bent down again and he whispered in her ear. "It's okay, Princess, don't hold it, just relax."

She somewhat nodded before trying to take a grip on his chest to slow down his actions. But he wouldn't let that happen. Instead, he grabbed her ankles and lifted them and rested them on his shoulders. This change of position allowed him to go in deeper and deeper inside of her. His length pulsed within her and he felt her juices drip down.

Louder moans escaped her perfect lips and he knew she was close. He stabbed her core even rougher; he wanted her to reach her climax. And after a few more seconds, she did. Her voice screamed his name loudly and she nearly shook under him before drowning his length in her juices as she orgasm. After wards, her whole body was trembling from the shock but he did not stop what he was doing. Goten had to admit his own limit was drawing near, but he could not end this, not yet, not now. There was another thing he wanted to try.

While she still seemed dazed by her experience, he slowly flipped her around on her stomach, while never pulling himself out of her. She exhaled deeply as she lay on her stomach before feeling his hands on her ass. Goten grabbed it firmly with the urge to slap it erupting within him. His lust too great, he couldn't stop himself, so he resumed his strokes.

She was still sensitive from her recent orgasm and everything felt amplified. The way he slid in and out of her and the feeling of his tip pushing too far. He could feel her contract around him and he tilted his head back slightly. No one ever felt this good, but it was perhaps due to the fact that he never was able to let himself go before. Bura was no human and he didn't have to be careful. She could handle it all.

He could hear her pant under him and he could feel her fidget under his touch. It was already too much to bear and the more he rammed into her, the harder she clenched around him. He dug his finger in her skin, once again probably marking her porcelain flesh. It didn't matter though; nobody would see it because nobody would have her like this except him. She was his possession, his drug.

A loud moan escaped her pouting lips and he knew it was time.

"Come for me, Princess," he ordered.

And she obeyed. Closing her eyes tightly shut, she threw her head back and screamed his name loudly as she engulfed his throbbing length with her sweet nectar. The scent, the sight, it was all too much for him and before he could stop it he pour himself inside her while groaning deeply.

Quickly both of them collapse; her on top of the bed, and him on top of her. Goten could feel himself still pulsing within her and he smirked. He could have removed himself, but not yet. He wanted to enjoy the feeling a little while longer and she did not seem to mind. He pushed himself up with his arms before staring down at her beautiful back.

Gently, he pushed her aqua hair out of the way and revealed her neck. At the sight, he felt himself swell inside her. It looked so inviting, begging for him. Without thinking, he bent down and lapped at her neck, tasting her. The action sent a shiver of pleasure through his body. Why was this spot so desirable? Why did he badly want to sink his teeth in, break her flesh and taste her blood?

Suddenly, his heart pace increased and all his onyx eyes could focus on was that spot on her neck. It invaded his mind and called out to him. Without realizing what he was doing, he bent down and pressed his nose against it. This action caused the panting girl under him to react. She tilted her head to the side which gave him better access.

She was too tempting for his sanity.

Although her scent toned down, he was too far in to notice. It was the only thing he could smell.

As she felt his lips so close to her neck, it suddenly became too obvious. Her need grew and expanded. There was something else she desired from him. Yes, she wanted to shed drops of blood for him. She wanted to feel the pain of his teeth sinking in her skin. She couldn't stop herself; she had to moan. She would demand from him that he satisfy that wish.

"Bite," she finally said with her voice barely audible.

At the sound of her voice, his eyes snapped into her direction. Bite? So she wanted this to? Though he hardly thought she would have complained. A smirk appeared on his face as he approached his lips from the exact spot he wanted. Slowly, he opened his mouth and his tongue dared out to taste her skin. She shivered in pleasure under him and he groaned.

Then, Goten took the skin between his teeth, but he did not bite. Instead he nibbled, like he was teasing both of them. But the feeling was more overpowering and intense then he expected. After a few instants of nibbling, he found himself hard and hard within her; it was like he was ready to climax. But he didn't seem to be the only one affected in that way.

Under him, she was buckling her hips and she began moaning. Her body was heated and he knew was she needed. But he wanted to bite her. His mind too confused to decided on one thing, he kept holding on to her flesh, while he began hammering inside her. Their bodies were so close that they were almost forming one. With every stroke she pushed her ass into him and more of his control slipped away.

Just one more time.

He picked up the speed while nearly biting into her skin and he groaned. It was as if he never wanted to stop, never wanted to be outside of her core. But as the temptation grew, it was harder and harder to control his body. When she quickly orgasm, her whole body shaking, it was too difficult, so for a second time, he emptied himself within her.

Somewhat exhausted, he almost put all of his weight on top of her.

It took him a few seconds to be back into reality, and once he was, he became aware that he had not bit her. Wanting to change the situation, he took it upon himself to do it. But, he couldn't. Something deep inside of him was stopping his movement; his jaw was locked. There was nothing more that he wished for than this, yet he was his own barrier.

Her heart was racing inside her chest as if she was on the verge of losing it. He was so close to giving her what she desperately needed yet he wasn't. But her body was tired, she couldn't find it in her to order him to do it. Her eyes were already closed, but she fought the urge to sleep. She wanted to remain awake, she wanted this.

But she wasn't the only one who required sleep. Goten's own rest was interrupted by her appearance and slowly but surely he was feeling a soporific effect. But he refused to give in, not until he could have his prize. Why couldn't he bite her? His frustration reached its peak before he released her skin, clearly annoyed.

He rested his head on her back, his length no longer hard but still within her. Slowly, he pulled himself out, earning a whimper from the exhausted girl beneath him. Goten wrapped his arms around her before falling to his side, cuddling her. Their bodies were tightly pressed together, before he buried his face in the back of her neck, inhaling her scent.

She had to be his.


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