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Chapter 9: Jealousy

Why did his plans always go wrong?

His plan was supposed to make things easier, it was supposed to fix the mess he was in. Instead, it only complicated things further. Sure, he might have convinced his mother not to murder him but the charade was pricey. Bura and him used to be on decent terms but after that kiss - it was all over. She did not try to contact him and he did not try to reach her. How could he? It became out of control too rapidly and they were clearly both shaken by it. She was B, his little B. He should not get turned on like this by kissing her… he should have never proposed that stupid plan.

Also, that was not the worst of it.

In the midst of all the pain, the loneliness that drove him insane, brought along by her missing presence… there was another side effect to his plan. His best friend chose to ignore him. Although things remained shaken, Trunks and him were able to find common grounds and get along. Since the dinner, Trunks did not return any of his call. Each time Goten phoned him, he was sent straight to voicemail and his best friend never bothered to return any of them. He thought things were well between them but apparently he was fooled by yet another illusion. He was losing everything one by one and now…

He did not know how to get back on his feet.

He was grasping at straws, trying to grip at the remnants of his life. His sanity, his best friend, his happiness… it all vanished. Plus Bura was right, eventually, his mother would see through the charade. How long could they keep up the walls of delusion? Not long, especially since Bura and him were not talking. It hardly mattered how hard he tried, it was without hope; she would not let him make it right by her. Still, he could not blame her. She was far too young to begin a life of unhappiness… even if he felt they were doomed to unhappiness no matter what decision they chose.

No path led to happiness.

A long sigh passed his lips as he leaned back into his bed. He did not want to get out of here, he did not want to see the world. His life was nothing more than an empty shell. Mere months ago he was happy, he was going back to Paris and he… had goals and hope. Now he had nothing except unwanted responsibilities looming over his head.

The worst part?

He could not get that fucking kiss out of his head. It was unlike the other times. He was fully present, fully in control. He did not even have an excuse for his horrible behavior.

He was simply a monster.

Miles away from him, Bura was in a quite different situation. Despite her intense desire to mope, she pulled herself together. She shoved the urges away, focusing on herself. She sat in her black chair, her tush sitting on the soft, silky pink cushion, and she stared at her reflection. Her fingers rummaged through her blue strands, trying to give her hair a bit of volume. Once she was satisfied, she ran her fingers through her bangs, straightening them before running her thumbs over her aqua eyebrows. She inspected her eyeliner along with her eyeshadow; perfect. All that was left was to paint her lips.

She wrapped her fingers around her silver lipstick and popped the cap opened, revealing a bright red color, one that would contrast greatly with her hair. "Perfect," she whispered before generously applying the crimson upon her pink petal lips. Once she was satisfied she smooched her lips together, spreading it evenly.

There would be no mopping around for her - she did enough of that. The atmosphere in her house was suffocating. Her brother constantly threw glances her way, sometimes confused, while her mother kept trying to have a talk with her. The little stunt Goten and her pulled during dinner brought forward many questions. She told him not to worry about it, she even told her mother it was all about creating a lie for Chichi, but nobody appeared to be convinced. It was that damn fucking kiss.

The first night after the incident, she did not catch a wink of sleep. Instead, she was tormented by the memory. This time, Goten had absolutely no excuse; he was not under the influence of his instincts, he was not intoxicated. Yet, despite being perfectly normal, he shoved his tongue down her throat. Worst of all? She enjoyed it. Of course she did. She was the stupid one who put her heart into the whole matter. In spite of her many attempts to clear her feelings from her heart, she failed. She decided that the only way to forget him, the only way to prevent herself from wallowing in self pity and depression was to focus her mind on something else.

The only way to do that? Clubbing.

Loud music, drunk people. What else could be better?

She remembered her father's words, she knew what he said about the whole…mating thing and how they would be lonely without each other but she intended on proving him wrong. She would go out, she would have a drink and she would let someone touch her. She needed to get the feeling of his hands off of her body, away from her mind. Maybe then, she could free her heart and approach the whole matter with a cold hearted mind, which was what he was doing. There would be less chance she would get hurt and then maybe she could deal with this whole I need him feeling.


She inhaled deeply before rising to her feet. She fixed her strapless little black dress, lifting it slightly as to not reveal too much cleavage. She was not trying to look like a whore either. Satisfied with her overall appearance, she turned away from her reflection and headed for the door. Unfortunately for her, as soon as she stepped out, she nearly collided with her brother. At first his eyes before grazed over her but once he realized how she was dressed up he froze. He judged her with his eyes, blue eyes cold as they met hers. But he stayed silent.

She offered him a shrug before brushing past him as she headed to the front door. Every time she took a step, she could feel his eyes on her. Whatever, if he wanted to be a baby about it and not speak, it was his problem. She was tired of the bullshit. She wanted to forget all about it.


Money was good.

Usually, Bura did not notice. After all, she had money her entire life, meaning she was a bit oblivious to poorer conditions. Of course, she could spot the differences but tonight, she knew her money was power. She got into the club easily, despite her young age - it was surprising what bouncers were willing to ignore for 40,000 yen. And now, the drinks were pouring. She was half-saiyan meaning she required a lot of alcohol to get drunk. Even after hours of drinking and non-stop drinks, she only felt like she was half-drunk. It did feel liberating, allowing her to dance the night away.

Sweaty bodies were brushing together, skin to skin contact sending electricity through her body. In spite of her reputation, this was not her usual lifestyle. Although, the paparazzi did give her some ideas with all the fake rumours they wrote about her. What was the worst that could happen anyway? They already thought she was a whore partying it up every night. One night could not do much damages - she would deny it, like she did every single time.

Her night was going well so far too. She danced with a few men and the drinks were delicious. Unfortunately for her, it could not continue that way. It was a harsh truth she was forced to face when she turned around, a new drink in her hands. There, standing near a wooden pillar was her favorite person in the whole world; Paris. What the fuck was she doing here? At first, in a moment of panic, her eyes gazed the horizon, trying to see if perhaps Goten was with her. After all, she was the love of his life, the one girl he could not forget no matter how much she screwed him over.

Bura remembered fuming over the girl, never understanding what Goten saw in her. She was dumb, spoiled and often demanded expensive gift from Goten. She played with him, she tossed him away, only taking him back when it suited her. Why would he put up with that? He deserved so much more than her. Even her brother agreed with her but - like everyone else, they did not say anything. Goten was happy - at least when they were together… because when she would break up with him, he would be a mess and Trunks would spend a week hitting up all the clubs with him.

He might still return to her. One day, the guilt would ease away and he would want a normal life, one that did not include her - a useless little girl. Paris would probably be the first person he went running to… and she would hate it.

Unfortunately for Bura, she was so busy glaring at Paris, lost in her thoughts, she never noticed as the brunette turned her head in her direction. It only took Paris a second before she spotted Bura; the blue hair was almost a dead give away. By the time Bura was back to reality, Paris had already begun closing the distance between them, and she knew it was too late to turn around. She did not want Paris to think she was running away. She was Bura Briefs, she did not coward away; she faced things head on.

"Aren't ya a little young to be here?"

"How is this any of your business?" Bura asked, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Are mommy and daddy here with you?" The dislike was mutual; Paris never appreciated the young girl. At first, she had no problem with her; who would not want to be a acquaintance of Bura Briefs? However, it quickly became obvious that the teenager was nothing but an angry bitch and Paris dropped the project. Once she began giving her attitude, Paris did the same. Ever since then, they never had a good relationship - to the point where Goten rarely invited her over to Capsule Corp.

Bura's nose crunched and her eyelids dangerously lowered. "They don't need to be here. I'm not on an allowance. I have my own credit cards."

Goten slipped one day, sharing with everyone that Paris' parents took away her credit cards because she was spending too much money. Although they were generous with their allowances, she was still on a budget and Bura found that hilarious. So much for Paris thinking she was better than everyone.

Paris put her hands on her hips, leaning forward. "Listen you little brat, I could have you escorted out. I'm pretty sure you don't have a valid ID."

"I don't need one. And trust me, if they're gonna throw anyone out of here, it's gonna be you."

"You're lucky I don't wanna bother Goten, or I'd let him know his annoying little sister needs to be picked up."

Sister. She hated that fucking word; she was not his sister, they were not related. Everyone was labelling them which was creating the stigma in the first place. She was certain that Goten would not feel as bad if he did not see her as family. How many men laid eyes on her tonight? None of them cared that she looked a little young. Why did he?

"That would be hard to do since he broke up with you." She knew Goten, he was too good to keep seeing Paris while they were attached.

"He did not break up with me," she snarled. She quickly glanced at her friends to make sure they understood that nobody dumped her. Yes, Goten might have chocked on her a few times and cancelled their plans but it was a routine he often did. It did not mean anything. Once she would call him again, he would come running, ready to kiss her feet. He could never resist a night with her.

"Really? Funny, I was so sure he broke up with you. You know, that time you desperately threw yourself at him? Remember…the door of his apartment was broken?"

This time, Paris' eyes widened and Bura smirked in satisfaction. It was a bad slip up, she should not have shared so much information and yet victory was pulsing through her blood and she did not want to quit, not when she was so close to shutting the bitch up.

"How do you know that?"

Bura offered a shrug.

"Awe, are you the one who broke it? Did you finally confess your love to him and raged when he turned you down?" Paris laughed. "Do you think I didn't notice? You had puppy eyes every time he came into the room."

"I know because we broke it."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Why do you think he disappeared when you went in?"

"You and Goten?" She said, as though it was the most impossible thing in the world. Goten did not like little girls, he went for women, beautiful women like her. She was lying.

"Yeah, me and Goten. Why do you think he kicked you out afterwards?"

This time, Paris was completely speechless. She wanted to call her out on her crap, tell her she was a little lying bitch but she could not. She tried to put the pieces together, hoping to find a hole in her story but everything matched up. Plus, how would she know all those details? Perhaps Goten told - no, he might have said something about the door but it would not explain why she knew he went straight to his bedroom… did… would Goten really sleep with her?

"This isn't over," Paris said as she brushed up against Bura, trying to knock her down but Bura did not even bulge. Instead, she stood there with a proud smirk on her face.

She lifted her glass, drinking her vodka like a shooter. It burned down her throat, sending jolts of warmth through her limbs. The bitch was done and perhaps she would understand that it was best to stay away from Goten. He might not be hers but he sure as well was not going to be Paris. He would take someone one day and she would deal with it but it could not be that whore. She turned back to the bar and dropped her empty glass on the counter. She lifted her finger, ready to order a new one.

The night was only beginning.


Riiiing. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

Goten blinked, his head pounding. He flashed his eyes opened, searching for the time. 4:02. Who the fuck was calling him so goddamn late? He was tempted to ignore the call but a part of him hoped it would be Trunks calling. He stretched his arm out, freeing his hand from his white sheets, and he wrapped his fingers around his buzzing, ringing cellphone. He lifted it up, glancing at the bright, flashing screen. Paris. Paris? Why would she be calling him? He wanted to shove his cellphone away, knowing she was the last person he wanted to deal with but - but

He swiped his phone open and pressed the green icon. "Hello?" he answered, his voice groggy.


He could easily tell that she was way past drunk although that did not make understanding her any easier. "Paris? What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about your little whore."

His heart skipped a beat but he convinced himself she was not talking about Bura. "We're not together anymore Paris."

"And that means you can fuck that - KID?"

Okay, she was talking about Bura. Fuck. What? How did she even know about her? There was no way… Bura would not tell, her family would not tell. He was fairly certain that his would not either. His mother would not say a word about this until they were married or something. She would make sure that it would not seem shameful.

"Paris - I don't know what you're talking about."

"So your little girlfriend is lying? She sure was running her mouth off at the club."

"She's not my girlfrie- at the club?"

"Awe, you don't know? Yeah she's rubbing her ass on some guys at the Zone."

"Look, she's not my girlfriend and it's not my problem." He hung up the phone, his breath caught in his throat. He gripped his fingers around it, a moment away from crushing it under his sheer force. BURA told her about this? Why the fuck would she do this?

He was breathing heavily through his nose, rage spreading through his blood. He could not let her blabber about this. He could not let people know about what happened between them. "Fuck!" he cursed out loud.

Goten stepped out of his bed, the sheet falling from his waist. He jumped on the floor, the coldness of the ground spreading to his feet. He darted around in the darkness, attempting to locate his clothes; he could not show up to the club in his underwear. He grabbed the cleanest pair of jean he could find and quickly slipped it on before rummaging through his closet in the hope of locating a dress shirt. He yanked a blue one from the hanger and put it on, never buttoning it. Instead, he rushed through his apartment and began flying through the sky. Usually he would use a car but the situation was pressing.

What was Bura thinking?

He arrived to the club in a flash; he was certain he never quite flew so fast in his life before. He landed quietly, near a few trees, in the hope that no one would notice him. Then, he buttoned his shirt up as he walked to the entrance. He was able to go in quite easily since there was no line. He ran his fingers through his tangled hair as he moved through the small crowds. For the most part, everyone was gone and those that remained were drunk, reeking of alcohol. His eyes searched the club until quickly, he spotted blue hair.

What he found was not what he expected.

Bura was sitting on one of the brown leather couch, leaning over some guy. Her tiny, delicate hand was on his thigh, while she was whispering something in his ear. She was giggling while they tall, black haired guy was smirking like an idiot - probably thinking he found an easy one. Goten's eyes narrowed and he closed the distance between them. It was not like he was jealous or anything. He simply needed Bura to - to not tell other people what happened plus…she was clearly intoxicated and the other guy was taking advantages of it. He would not forgive himself if he let that happen.

It had absolutely nothing to do with jealous.

He hurried to wrap his fingers around Bura's wrist, taking her by surprise. How drunk was she that she never even noticed his presence?

She turned her head in his direction, clearly ready to rip his head off…until she recognized him. Then, her eyes became cold. "What are you doing here?"

"You're coming with me."

"I'm not going anywhere," she said, trying to tug herself free. Where in the fuck did he come from? And what did it matter what she was doing and who she was doing it with? He did not like her, he was stuck with her. "Run along home, like the good little boy you are," she slurred.

"You heard the lady," the guy said as he rose to his feet, clearly trying to intimidate Goten. As if that was going to work.

"This is none of your business, stay out of it," Goten warned. He was angry, angrier than usual and he was in no mood to deal with that asshole. Why did she have to make this so awfully difficult? Could she not listen for once in her life? He tugged on her arm again, this time a little stronger. Since she was a bit weaker than him and drunk, she stumbled forward, close to his body. "Let's go."

"I don't wanna go with you."

"I don't care."

"Man, let her go."

This time, Goten felt something snap inside of him. He kept his hold on Bura's wrist steady but he approached the other man. They were almost the same height but he knew for a fact they did not have the same strength. He tilted his head backwards, lifting his chin up. "Back off. This is none of your business."

"The lady wants you to leave her alone, so it's my business."

"I know her, I'm taking her home," he said, feeling his rage flash through his eyes. He was not going to hurt her; he was simply trying to take her away from a bad situation. Why was everything standing in his way? Why did it have to be so goddamn fucking difficult? His head was spinning and his chest rose high with each breathe he took. He was not used to being this angry, he normally never felt this way, not even during a fight. It was like his whole body was in overdrive and all he wanted to do was smash the guy's head through the wall. It was taking a lot of self control not to do so.

"She doesn't wanna go."

His toes twitched and he snapped. Before anyone could see anything, he wrapped his entire hand around the man's throat, clutching his fingers around. He squeezed, and squeezed, until the guy started wheezing, clearly fighting for air. None of that made Goten release him, he simply stopped squeezing around his air pipes.

"I said fuck off," he repeated, his voice low and dangerous. The guy tried to push him away, banging against Goten's chest but it did absolutely nothing; he could not even feel it. Instead, fury took hold of his hold body, his brain, and it was the only thing controlling him and everything he did. He waited a few more seconds, until the man abandoned and quit hitting his chest. Once he was sure he gave up, he used his grip on him to toss him away. He landed on a nearby table, breaking it with his weight.

Goten turned his attention back to Bura who was had stopped trying to fight him. He was holding her so tightly that it left marks on her skin; it was clear that she was not escaping him this way.

"You're coming with me?"

"Why?" she asked, condescending. "I don't have to go anywhere with you."

"Because you opened your mouth."

"Awe, are you sad because you think she won't let you fuck her again? Trust me, she's gonna forget about us and reel you back in when she needs ya," she said, slumping over to the right. "She'll always call ya back."

"It's not about that, B.," he replied, exasperated. "People can't know about this."

"Yeah, yeah I'm shameful."

"You're underage," he said, whispering the last part so that people around him did not hear.

This time, she had no witty comeback and he was grateful.

"Now, please come with me," he asked in a much nicer voice.

"I'm gonna go home," she said, though this time she followed him as he walked out of the club.

Once they were outside, he felt like he could breathe much easier. He finally let go of her wrist, knowing it would not be as bad if she ran away now. He simply did not want her to go home with a strange man. Was that so wrong of him? Although, he had to admit, now that his head was clear, he realized that his reaction was less than appropriate. He was not one to usually use violence meaninglessly like this. Already, the guilt was settling in and he wondered why he let his wrath get him that far. Fortunately, his feeling of guilt were not over; his eyes roamed over her arm and he saw the marks he left behind.

Quickly, he frowned. "Are you okay?"

She rolled her eyes. "Now you care."

'I was just trying to help you."

"I didn't need help."

"That guy was going to take advantage of you."

"And you didn't?"

The words surprised them both.

"I wanna go home."

"B, no. We- we have to talk."

Was that how she felt? Every time they spoke, she expressed how unhappy she was with the situation but she never used words like that. He never tried to take advantage of her. If he could have controlled himself during those nights, he would have never touched her. He knew all of this was wrong, he knew it affected her more than she let on but she always refused to talk to him! How was he supposed to know? Her words took him to a new low. He was a piece of shit. Despite whatever his instincts screamed at him, he should have resisted, her should have protected her from himself. He was an asshole.

"No, we don't," she said, feeling the tears sting at her eyes. She did not mean to say that. He was making her feel bad; he looked so fucking sad with his little lost puppy eyes. Fuck. "You just- that shit with your mom."

"I know, it wasn't fair of me."

"No it wasn't," she said, running her fingers through her sweaty hair. Since when did she sweat so much while dancing? And why did her head feel like that? It was like everything was spinning around her.

"B - I never meant to take advantage of you. I - and I just - I was trying to help and… I know it's not your fault but if people find out I could be in a lot of trouble."

She glanced away. "I know." She was not even that young. She was almost legal, what was the big deal? Plus, they were not fully human, they did not think the same way and they certainly did not develop at the same pace. Human rules should not apply to them. She might be furious with him but she did not want something bad to happen to him. She closed the distance between them, pressing her flat palms against his chest. "I won't say - that…again."

"I know."

Now that his rage died down, he looked sad, always avoiding her gaze. She wanted to touch him, comfort him and take the pain away but she was not allowed. Although her warm, pulsing body was trying to convince her that she should. She licked her lips, tasting the remnants of her sweet drink, and tilted her head to the left.

"Why d'ya do it?"

"I told you. I didn't trust the guy."

She shook her head. "Not that." She danced with many guys but none of them lite up a spark in her chest. It was flat, it was just skin against skin with no sparkle. "Why d'ya kiss me like that?"

"I didn't mean to."

"There was no moon."

What was her point? What was she trying to say? Nothing about them was right and though he was more than willing to be honorable about it did not mean it was easy to do. He should not be kissing her, he should not be touching her and it was not just because of her age. It was their situation, it was who she was. Bura was always forbidden, she was family, she was supposed to be like a little sister. He was not meant to lay a hand on her. Plus, it was not like they had affinities or that they would make it as a couple. They were different people who wanted different things. She still had her whole life ahead of her. Or used to at least…

"B, what do you want me to say?"

"Nothing," she replied in a quiet breathe.

There was nothing to say because he would never say what she wanted to hear. Except, she was tired of feeling like shit, she was tired of being the only one who actually felt something. She wished he had been jealous, she wished he actually wanted her but it did not and he never would and it was pissing her off. She wanted him punish for it, she wanted to hate him for not returning her feelings…but then she realized how selfish that was. He was not forced to love her. She did not choose to love him, it just happened. The same could not be said for him. It was shitty, it was the worst feeling in the world but there was not a thing she could do about it.

They slept together - twice, they mated and yet none of it was enough.

If there was no feelings now, there never would be.

And yet, as he stood in front of her, lips moist, hair out of place, the alcohol in her body was telling her to do one thing and one thing only. She moved her hands up, gliding across his sturdy chest and she gripped her fingers around the hem of his shirt. He froze, clearly unsure of what she was doing. It did not stop her. She tugged gently, bending him down and forward as to close the distance between their faces. She stopped for a beat when his lips were near hers. She thought he was going to stop her and he certainly looked the part, especially when panic formed in his eyes…but… he did not pull away.

She used her liquid courage to push her lips against his, her body desperate to feel that fire again. And she did. The moment their lips were connected, the sparkles went off in her stomach and it was like at her house all over again. She did not even realize it when his arms gripped her arms or when her own tongue swiped over his lips. He tasted musky, with a hint of pinewood and it sent shivers down her spine. His hands left a trail of fire behind and she bathed in the feeling. She approached her body from his, her breasts squishing against his chest.

Mere moments later, he was pulling away from her.

He did not yank away, he did not remove himself forcefully. Instead, he was panting while he rested his head against the side of hers. "You have to go home," he whispered.

Her heart shattered all over again. He felt it, she knew he felt it - but he did not want it.

She tore herself from him without looking into his eyes and she began walking away. She felt a weak attempt at stopping her but he did not try any harder than that. He let her go.

His eyes stared ahead, shame filling him. He should not have liked it, he should not want more than what he had. He should have torn himself away the moment she touched his lips but he stayed. He was fucked up, there was something wrong with him. He was ill.

Meanwhile, from not too far, Paris stood, her lips parted and an expression of shock taking hold of her eyes. The little whore was not lying; they were together. They were fucking. Was he serious? He dumped her for that little bitch?

That would not be the end of the story.

She would make sure they would both pay for humiliating her.


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