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Chapter 8: Dinner Plan

"You're not getting ready for dinner?"

Bura flashed a glare in direction of her brother before crossing her arms in front of her chest. The milky white top of her breasts popped from the confines of her blue t-shirt while she huffed. A stray strand of blue hair moved from her face as the air escaped her pouty lips. She turned her head to the left, looking away from Trunks. "You mean the dinner where everyone is gonna decide everything for me?" She rolled her eyes, her eyelashes fluttering. "No thanks."

Itchy fingers ran through purple locks while Trunks shared his sister's annoyance by sighing. "Nobody is deciding anything."

"Oh I'm sorry, the dinner to announce the happy bond between me and Goten." She forced a smile, her lips crisp and her white teeth showing. "Is that better?"

Trunks tried not to cringe, he really did, but he could not help himself. He might still be friends with Goten but it did not mean this situation was normal or that he was completely over it. He would remain weirded out for a while. He did his best to act as normal as possible and try to be fine with everything that was going on. Though, he sort of had to admit his sister was not completely wrong about what was happening. Regardless of his own personal opinion, he was here by his mother's request and his job was to convince Bura that all of this was a great idea. He seriously doubted that he would be able to make his little sister do anything she did not want to do but… it was worth a shot.

"Mom and dad already know…it's only normal for Chichi and Goku to be informed as well."


Bura never found herself on Chichi's bad side but it did not mean she did not hear all of the stories about her and that wretched frying pan she loved to use. Granted, that would not hurt her much but she still had no desire to take a chance. Plus, when did her life become everyone's business? The decision to tell everyone should have come from Goten and her. Sure they said they would hang out and they had no yet but… still, that did not mean others could make decisions for them. In the beginning her mother was supportive, she listened to her all night, provided her with comfort but… now she was backstabbing her. Telling her it was not right for Goku and Chichi to be left in the dark.

To be honest, she did not think it really made a difference if Goku knew or not. His reaction would be… fine. It was Chichi she was worried about. Marriage, grandchildren, old fashion values…those were important things to her and the bond between Goten and her broke every single one of those values she held dear. It would not be pretty. Especially since Bura had no intention of ending up with Goten. This was just a mess they had to fix and then they would both move on with their lives. She did not care much for him doing the honourable thing or getting stuck with her. She would say it time and again; she was a prize, not a punishment.

"Because - Goten and -"

"He's an adult. He doesn't need his parents' permission to mate." Dende, that word left a bittersweet taste in her mouth. She popped her lips, in the hopes that her brother would finally understand her point of view.

"Still, they should know. It's a big deal, B." Although, some days he wished had had been left in the dark.

"But why? We're not in love, it's not a marriage, it's not - we're not planning a future together. Nobody needs to know about this."

"How do you know you're not planning a future together?" He did not want to know. He did not.

"Because we don't love each other."

"You did mate."

"It was a mistake, okay? We weren't in control!" She was the one foolish enough to let her feelings control her, escape her. He was simply a slave to his saiyan's instincts. That mistake hurt. Having it thrown back in her face all the time hurt even more. Would it really have been the same if she had no feelings for him? His instincts did make him act but - they never brought him to her. She was always the one who went to him. And that was her heart's fault. Stupid, foolish heart.

Well no more.

"I know." It was hard to miss the hurt flashing in his sister's blue eyes. He could keep on pushing the issue, and he did want to, but he chose to restrain himself. They were siblings, they fought on many things and arguing and low blows were what they did. Except in this situation; the pain was real. He struggled when he interacted with his sister and sometimes he wanted to punch his own best friend in the face. It was a messed up situation and everyone was doing the best they could. "But you can't undo this Bura."

She dropped her arm to her side, causing it to sink into the depths of her pink comforter, disappearing from sight. "Don't you think I know that?"

"And Chichi and Goku are still going to find out."

"Moom shouldn't have been the one who decided."

"It affects everyone."


He felt his fingers clench at his sides. "Goten isn't just your toy." He knew it was the wrong word to use, a fact that was confirmed by Bura's bulging eyes, but he ignored her. "He's my best friend. Do you think everything is just fine between us?"

"He's not my toy! And you can still be his friend!"

"He fucked my little sister, it's not that simple." Yes, he still say him. Yes they hung out once or twice - however none of that meant that everything was back to normal. Sometimes, the wrong thing was said, something, there was an awkward silence. It never used to be that way between them. It was too late to go back, all they could do was try to move past this. Obviously it was going to take some time.

"It's not -"

"But it is! You know very well that if it had been anyone else, I would have killed him."

"It's n-"

"You're my little sister. He's old! I'm old!" He did not know how else to put it. He ran his tongue over his lips and tried to clear his throat. It was dry and his mouth felt like cotton. As he ran his fingers through his hair one more time, he could feel the dampness accumulating on his scalp, rendering his hair heavy with sweat. He was not ready to have this conversation, not yet. Especially since the situation could not be altered. "Just, nevermind, okay?"

He let another sigh out and dipped his head backward. "Come downstairs."

Those were the last words he spoke before he exited Bura's bedroom. His footsteps were slow but loud, his shoes thundering against the floor with his step he took. He never glanced back, keeping his icy blue eyes looking straight ahead. He did not want to see Bura's face. He was more than aware of how difficult this was for her. But she had to understand it was hard for everyone.

Bura watched him go, her fingers itching with the rage that was slowly burning inside of her. He was not fair. This was not fair. It was not as though she tried to ruin his friendship with Goten. She had been in love with the guy since forever and she never did anything about it. She did not even want anyone to know about what happened. Plus it was just - it was just a friendship. She had her life ruined. It was much worse. Her fingers clenched around her pillow, sinking into the soft silky fabric, and she let out a scream of rage before throwing the pillow violently against the wall.

It fell back on the floor in complete silence.

It was pointless, all of this was pointless. And she would have to go to this stupid dinner. She had a feeling Trunks was just the first of many… Perhaps it would be much better to simply get rid of this awful task instead of dealing with everyone. Maybe she could get away with nodding and fake smiling? It worked so far. At least Goten would be as miserable as her. Hopefully Chichi's rage would distract everyone and she would be able to run away and find a hiding place.

If only she could disappear. That would solve all of her problems.


A soft knock echoed on the door, startling Bura. Her pale shoulders rose in surprise and she immediately snapped her head to the left, sending blue locks floating around her head. She expected to see her mother - since her brother was now avoiding her - but she found someone unexpected; Goten. He was leaning against the doorway, staring at the floor so he would not have to look at her. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, pushing the black fabric to the limit as he kept shoving them deeper and deeper. He made circles with his foot as though he was afraid to speak.

Well…none of their conversations went very well.


Her tone was a bit snappy but he could not blame her. He was on edge; he was sweating - enough to create disgusting sweat circles beneath his armpits, his hair kept standing in all directions and his neck was red from all the scratching he was doing. His mother was going to kill him. Actually only killing him would be merciful. She would probably do something much worse than that. It was in fact the reason why he came to see Bura. He was hoping she would help him. Unfortunately, she did not appear to be in a great mood and her answer was most likely going to be very negative.

"Can I come in?"


She ignored him and re-focused her attention on her golden framed mirror. She grabbed a handful of her hair, trying to put it in a ponytail. It did not matter what her hair looked like and yet she focused on that small insignificant detail. It was the only thing she could control. Everything else about tonight was out of her hands.

"B… I need to ask you something."

Her tongue darted out of her lips and she froze in her actions. Her glance shifted upwards and she looked at him through his reflection in the mirror. She let her hair drop back down to her shoulders and then let her arms rest. "What is it?" She almost refused his request before he even asked but… there was something about his eyes. Plus, he was making efforts which meant she should be doing the same. It was hard though.

"It's about my mom." He took a step forward. "I- this is bad for me. She's gonna kill me." He ran his fingers through his hair, tousling it and sending his bangs straight up. He tugged at his hair before letting go. "I need you to lie."

This time, she had no choice; Bura turned around. "You need me to do what?"

"I need you to lie."

"I can't lie. Do you think this is my idea? Do you think I want to tell your mother? They set up this whole dinner so we could tell your parents. They won't let us chicken out."

Goten shook his head. "That's not what I meant."

"Then what the hell are you talking about?"

"I need you to pretend that…" One deep breathe. "I need you to pretend that we have feelings for each other."

The request stunned her beyond belief and she found herself unable to speak. Her guts twisted, a million scenarios filled her mind and she was speechless despite how many times she tried to open her mouth. She slowly backed away, her wide eyes still on him. She felt her heart skip a few beats as her knees finally hit the mattress. She let herself drop down and then, she replayed his words in her mind. He was not asking her what she thought he was asking. He would not do that to her. This was hell; this whole situation was her own personal hell. He could not ask her to make it worse.

"Are you insane?"

It was the reaction he expected. No actually, he expected a lot of yelling - and throwing. Yes, he expected her to throw things at him. This was going smoother than he thought. It was a good thing right? Unless she was containing all of her rage. That would be extremely bad. They managed to make small progress lately. They talked, they sat near each other… It helped both of them. At least they were no longer hiding in the dark, completely depress. He did not exactly want to go back to that. He could not afford to get her mad at him again. But… he also could not tell his mother the truth.

His body dropped, while his stomach rolled and he felt his heartbeat slow to a sluggish pace. He controlled the tremble of his bottom lip and inhaled deeply, forcing his chest to rise. "I can't do this to her." There was an ache in the back of his throat which made it difficult for him to speak. "I'm not my brother," he finally admitted, crumpling under her scrutiny. His shoulders were hunched as he knew she would need more than that. He had to share with her, tell her things he rather keep locked inside of himself. "He's smart, he's got a wife, a kid and - man he's got it all figured out. He always did. He could balance being a strong warrior and a genius. I can't. Even if I could… I'm not smart."

She leaned forward, ready to speak, but he did not let her interrupt. "And I know she loves me but I can't do it again, B. I can't disappoint her one more time. Finding a nice girl, doing it the right way… it's all I got to make her proud… and I couldn't even do that right." His breath hitched and his chin trembled as his chest rose one more time, filling his lungs with air. "I don't need her to see me as more of a screw up than I already am."

He closed his eyes. "I know it's not fair of me. I know I shouldn't ask this. But - I need you B."

This time, he went fully silent, waiting for her to reply. He was nervous, he was uncomfortable; he wanted to crawl out of his own skin. He did not want many people to see that side of him. He did not like it. He did not even want to think about the fact that it existed.

Bura did not know what to say. On some level she could relate. She might be as smart as her brother but it did not make things any easier. He already did everything, he already impressed everyone with his genius and fast pace rise to the top. All she could do was the same as him. She could not do any better - there was nobody left to impress. Plus, he was a much better fighter than she was. Her father did not even want to train her. All she could ever be was the same as her brother, stuck in his shadow forever, no matter how hard she tried. Although, as opposed to Goten, it was not her mother she was afraid of disappointing; it was her father.

…And it was too late to worry about that. She already did.

What could she answer? Especially after he said he needed her. "Fine."

To say that Goten was stunned was the kindest way to put it. His eyes bulged out and he slouched. "Fine?"

"Yes, fine, are you deaf?"

"No, I didn't - thank you."

She nodded before turning her head to the left. It prevented him from seeing the small blush forming on her cheeks. She did not even know why she was embarrassed. She rose back up and smoothened her dress, removing all of the wrinkles. "Is there anything else you need?"

He shook his head; that was more than enough.

"So you just - I have to what tell her we're in love?" She did not want to say pretend I have feelings for you. It hit a bit too close to home. She rather pretend she did not have feelings for him. Denial was much easier.

"Yeah - I mean yeah. And you know, hm." Wow, this was uncomfortable. "Pretend we're in love."

She blinked once. "Pretend how?"

"Just - things people do."

She arched an eyebrow and he knew she was not convinced.

"Nothing big, I was thinking you know, holding hands."

Holding hands she could do. Then again, she should be able to tolerate everything and anything. They did much worse than that and she could still be in his presence. Holding hands was easy right?


As if on cue, the doorbell rang and they both looked in direction of the door. They did not even need to go downstairs to know who it was. The atmosphere suddenly thickened and Goten found it hard to breathe. Could he lie in front of his mother? Could he convince her that this situation was not as bad as she thought? He really hoped they could be convincing. Although as he looked at them, barely able to stand next to each other… he was not certain they could pull it off. His mother would see right through them and then - he was in for a hell of a road.

He was doomed.

"Let's do this," he said, extending his hand out, hoping she would intertwine her fingers with his.

And she did.




"She's just a kid!"


"I mean what were you thinking! I raised you better than this! Going around mating young girls! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GOTEN SON?"

The situation was out of control. He expected a mess but this was much worse than he ever expected. He could not even speak, he could not even explain himself. As soon as Bulma gently broke down the news, it became chaos. His mother yelled insult after insult, lecturing him over and over again. There was no hope for him to ever explain himself. Bura and him did not even have time to put on their little charade. They came down holding hands but the only person that truly noticed was Trunks. He glared at their joined hands and Bura and him never let go of each other almost immediately.

He did not think about the fact that others might blow his cover. He was simply hoping they would go along with it.

"Mom, it's not like that."

"I mean you're not an animal! I raised you to be a well behaved gentleman!"

"We love each other."

That stopped everyone from talking and all the attention went to Bura. She did not expect her intervention to work so well. Although what else was she supposed to do? The way her mother described the situation was - well too close to the truth. She painted them as animals victims of their instincts. Sex. That's all. It was what it was but Chichi did not need to know that. Afraid that Goten might die of a heart attack, she intervened. Except that now she needed to come up with something else - quick.

"You what?"

"We - we love each other," she repeated before linking her arm with Goten's. He really owed her for this. Nobody broke the news gently to her family, she had to deal with the whole aftermath on her own. Still, she could not get his sad looking face out of her mind. "We wanted to wait until I was older but - well, the full moon got the best of us."

"You two - you two were seeing each other?"

"It wasn't like that," Goten chimed in, finally helping Bura out. About time; it was his mess. "We were going to wait until it was right. But we had feelings for each other."

Chichi was not the only one who appeared to be quite stunned by the news; Bulma was as well and Trunks was confused. This was not the story either of them heard. Vegeta on the other hand simply kept eating his food, never looking at the guests. The harpy already annoyed him enough with her screaming that he was simply glad his daughter managed to shut her up. Although he knew exactly what Bura was doing. Yet, he decided it was none of his concern. Beside him, Goku was chewing on a piece of chicken, a smile on his face.

He took the news better than Chichi - he even qualified it as awesome. Even if that earned him a slap from Chichi.

"So you two love each other?" Chichi said as she leaned back into her chair. "But it doesn't make any of this right."

"I'm gonna marry her - when - when the time is right."

This time it was Bura's turn to look shock as hell. Alright, they talked about pretending and that she could handle - but this marriage talk was going a little bit too far. Plus, Chichi would clearly see through this charade; they were never going to get married. What was he getting them into? What if she decided to plan the whole thing? This was bad, very bad. She squeezed his upper arm, slightly digging her fingers into his skin, hoping he would get her subtle message. If he kept going in that direction, he could kiss his little pretend goodbye.

Chichi frowned at her son's declaration before turning her head to look at Bulma. "And you're okay with this?"

"No - Yes… I mean. It's done Chichi. They couldn't help it. But they - - erm, love each other. We all do crazy things in love. They promised to keep it chaste. All we can do at this point is make the best out of a bad situation." One thing was for sure; Bulma was going to have a long talk with her daughter. She did not enjoy lying like this.

Chichi sighed. "I suppose you're right. I'm still not happy about it though," she said as she crossed her arms, her eyebrows still furrowed.

Bura felt Goten relax beside her. For his sake, she hoped he did not think he was out of trouble; she wanted a little explanation for his little marriage stunt. Although she had a feeling she would not get it just yet. She remained beside him, holding on to his arm with a smile plastered on her face. The dinner kept going, the tension still high. Sometimes Chichi would throw glances their way and Bura would do her best to look in love. Really, it was not that hard - which was fairly pathetic. Regardless, she was getting used to her new reality; she would have to live with it for a long time. She might as well accept her fate now.

Once the food was served, Bulma suggested that everyone moved to the living room. The tension remained present but things were going better. Bura jumped on the opportunity. She held Goten back while everyone headed away from the kitchen. Once she made sure Chichi was away from hearing range, she grabbed Goten by the wrist and spun him around. It came so unexpected that he nearly tripped forward - and he would have if it was not for the steel hold she had on him.


Yeah… he knew that was going to come back to bite him in the ass. "It came out… I didn't mean to - she was just freaking out and —"

"Yeah and how much do you think she's gonna freak out when she finds out we're never gonna get married?" she said while letting go of him. "I didn't agree to that. I agree to pretend for a night - not forever."

He already told her he wanted to do right by her and they already figured out that they were miserable when they were too far apart. Frankly all of this made him think that there was not many ways this whole mess could end. They would never be able to go on with their own lives, never seeing each other. They were already screwed. They would be in this forever. And as his mother said, she raised him better than that. He would find a proper solution to it all but he would make sure it would be honourable.

"We're stuck in this mess forever, B."

"No we're not. I'm gonna fix it." She simply did not know how yet. "It'll get better, it's just too recent."

"How did you feel?"


"How did you feel tonight?"

"Fine.. Why?"

"No ache? No pain?"

Her lips parted but then, she closed them up again. No, her heart did not feel crush, no she did not feel as though someone was sucking her soul out of her. She felt a sort of inner peace she had not experienced in a while. And it was all because - because they were near each other, touching one and another. Except she did not want to say any of it out loud because that would mean he was right and - goddamn it, he had asked enough of her for one night.

"What's your point?"

"This is the answer."

"Marriage is not the answer."

"Something has got to be."

"Look, we talked about this already, Goten. I don't need you to do right by me and we are never - we won't be together that way again. So we just need to find a way to deal with this mess and everything will be alright."

"You guys coming?"

It was Trunks.

Bura had a feeling she would be having another chat with her brother. He glanced at her the whole night and she knew he would lecture her yet again. Why was it so hard for people to understand that this was a mess and no one had control over it. Heck, the only person who had some knowledge of mating was her father - and it was not like he was in a sharing mood. He even waited until it was too late. Still, Bura was going to need his help if she wanted to figure a way out of this mating thing. She did not care how permanent he said it was; she would break it. She was smart, she could do it.

"Yeah," she said as she walked past Goten, brushing up against him. He felt the heat of her body as their clothed skin made contact and he stiffened for a moment. He watched her leave, unable to move, his skin on fire and a weight pilling up in the pit of his stomach.

Why did he feel so screwed?


Hours of awkwardness went by before Chichi decided that it was time for her to go home. Unfortunately for her, Goku had something else in mind; sparring. As soon as everyone went in the living room, Vegeta and Goku went in the backyard. Their little fight could be heard from all the way inside the house. Chichi had hoped they would stop before sundown but she did not get her wish. Instead, it was late into the evening and the two stubborn saiyans were still fighting each other. The whole point of Goku getting his driver's license was so that they could drive around.

She did not want to be stuck waiting for him.

"Goten, can you take me home?"

"Hm, yeah sure, of course."

He did feel slightly nervous about being alone with his mother - in her home, with her frying pan - but he felt it was worse if he refused her the lift. Plus, he was not certain he wanted to stay at Capsule Corp. with Bura. The closeness had become a little too much. His mother saved them a spot together on the couch. He was not sure if she bought their charade or if she was putting them to the test. Regardless, they ended up sitting next to each other, his arm around her shoulder and her head near his chest. She probably listened to his fast pace heartbeat the whole time.

A little space between them would be good.

He no longer felt despair like before. No, instead it was quite worse. His body felt on fire and he was not quite sure it was a good thing.

In fact, he was convinced that it was a very, very, very bad thing.

"Thank you," Chichi said as she rose from the couch. She glanced in direction of Bulma and offered her a smile. "Thank you for having us."

"No problem," Bulma said as she closed the distance to hug her old friend. She could tell Chichi still was not thrilled with everything she learned. It was hard to blame her; even Bulma remained shaken by it.

"Bura," Chichi said as she offered the young girl a nod. Bura stood up but she did not know if she was supposed to hug Chichi or — or. Chichi fixed the dilemma for her when she extended her hand. "You're a nice girl," Chichi finally settled on as she squeezed Bura's hands with both of hers.

It was not like she hated Bura. She was smart, she had money, she went to school… Chichi never even saw her with a boyfriend. No, Bura was good girl. But she was young and - oh it was all so messy. They - they shared something they should not have shared already. Still, her son could have done worst. A Briefs. It was - it was good. She would simply need a lot of time to completely be fine with it. A wedding would help.

"Go ahead," Chichi said as she let go of Bura.


"Yes, you," Chichi said, nearly rolling her eyes. "You can say goodbye, it's fine."

Oh - oh. She wanted him to say goodbye to Bura? Well. It made sense - considering how in love they were supposed to be. Problem was, it was not something he thought he should risk. Also, he already asked way too much of Bura and he could tell she remained very unpleased by the whole marriage thing. He could not explain why he blurred it out; it was an accident. He only meant to calm his mother. Plus, really, a wedding was much less permanent than what they already did…

His limbs were restless as he turned to face his girlfriend. Their eyes met and he saw the uncertainty dancing into her blue eyes. It was too late for her to pull away from this charade. Why did she say yes? She should have said no from the start. It was all his fault. There was a reason she had feelings for him. Goten was a good person, a good soul. He was kind, he loved, he helped and dende, he was funny. She knew how hard he tried to make his mother proud, she knew he wanted to be as good as his brother but simply could not. She felt bad to take that away from him. They were partially in this mess because of her. It was her stupid feelings that made the balance tip in the wrong direction.

And now she was stuck playing house.

She forced a smile on her lips and closed the distance between them. Stiff, Goten grabbed her shoulders with his hands, trying to hold on to her gently. His stomach churned as he leaned forward, almost waiting for her to back away. Could he get away with a kiss on the cheek? Probably not. He wanted to, he wanted to take the easy way out. However, by the time he thought about sliding over to her cheek it was too late; their lips met.

At first, it was chaste, their lips barely moving. Then, it changed. Her lips were moist, his were gliding against hers with ease. His hands were dropping, his focus changing. They glided down the length of her arms until he reached her wrists. She tilted her head to the left and he suddenly had better access. Another lip lock, another brush of her lips. And then, a tongue slipped and suddenly there was a growl erupting inside of him. It was all it took for them to throw themselves away from one and another.

Bura was breathing heavily, keeping a safe distant from Goten, while he did the same.

The closeness, it soothed the aches inside of him. Being close to her brought him back to their friendship, back when things were not this awkward and then - and then he was not sure what happened. Was it his tongue? Was it her tongue?

There should not have been any tongue.

"G'night," he rushed out as he headed straight for the door.

Meanwhile, Bura stood there, looking at the ground while her brother was glaring at her.

What happened?


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