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Chapter 18: Broken Down

"I can't see! TRUNK, I can't see!"

"Then maybe you shouldn't be so short," replied her brother with a zest of annoyance in his voice.

He had been forced to take her to the zoo as per his mother's orders. Bura had wanted to go for a long time now, but his parents did not have the time to take her. Actually, his mother did not want to - it was simply best for everyone's safety if his father did not take her. That left him. And despite the fact that he had argued tooth and nail, there he was, at the fucking zoo with his bratty little sister. It was not like he hated her but, at 17 years old, his favorite activity was not to take his 6 years old sister to the zoo. At the very least he had managed to convince Goten to tag along. It might the whole day a little less painful.

"Come on, Trunks," Goten argued.

He stared down at the little girl, her blue eyes shining with tears. Bura always got her way through two mechanisms; she either cried or she yelled. She usually started with the tears and the cute eyes - since that one was deadly on her father - and then, if it failed, she moved on to the deadlier trick she had already learned through her mother. Vegeta and Trunks usually moved a lot faster when the Briefs women were shouting. And the tiny little six years old was no exception.

"I'm not picking her up," stated Trunks as he crossed his arms in front of his chest like his father always did. He already had to be here, he had done his part. He did not need to go above and beyond. Couldn't he have jut gotten a little brother? It would have all been much simpler that way.

Goten sighed, feeling a little aggravated with his friend. He knew that Trunks did not actually hurt his little sister or anything but they were raised a little differently. The Briefs family were a little more goal oriented while his mother had prone the family life. They did not always all agree with it but it made no difference - they spent a lot of time together. He had also been stuck babysitting Pan more than once. He had also learned that the fits lasted less time if Bra got her way. Plus, all she wanted to do was see right?

He bent down to her level, looking straight into her little blue orbs. "Wanna go on my shoulders?"

Immediately the tears stopped and she dried up her eyes. A huge grin beamed on her face and she nodded vigourously. Goten could not help but chuckle at her reaction. He turned around, his back facing her and he let her up on his shoulders. She wrapped her chubby arms around his neck, clasping her fingers together and he slid his arms around her legs. Once she was steady, he lifted himself off the ground, taking her along with him.

Finally, the whole world was opened up to her and she clapped her hands together in joy. "T'ank you 'Ten."

He smirked. "You're welcome princess."

Goten hid his face in his hand as he sat the kitchen table, attempting to eat his breakfast. His head was killing him. There was a deep throbbing vibrating through his brain and it had kept him up all night. The only time he had managed to find some kind of rest was when he dreamed. Actually, he no longer qualified those as dreams; they were memories. He did not know why he was being flooded with them but he did know he had no control over them. All he could do was be a helpless victim while they invaded his mind and his sleep.

And boy did he need sleep.

His body had been pushed to the limit more than once while he trained with Vegeta and yet, he always pushed himself further and further. How could he not realize he had a breaking point?

Plus, his situation was Bura was more complicated than ever and that did also force him to push himself further. The fact that she could see inside of his head was really troublesome. It also showed him thoughts he did not know he had. It also showed him that she had feelings for him for a long time. They had avoided that conversation all together and instead, they had focus on the effects of the moon. Once again, he had buried himself deep inside of her and he had claimed what he kept saying was his. He meant to be more clear headed when he was around her but he could never control himself. He had a desire deep inside to claim her.

But they needed to talk.

Their first time- she had made it sound like such a mistake - and now he was finding out that after all this time, she had feelings for him.

There was another question though…

How had he been so oblivious to her feelings until now? Not only that… he used to call her princess. When she was a child. He was disgusting.

He groaned loudly as he pushed his plate out of the way. Then, he proceeded to banging his forehead on top of his wooden table. He was being torn apart from all side and he did not know how long he could keep going with this. There had to be a way to talk without him putting his hands on her. Maybe having her father there would help… Then again, Vegeta would probably not be the biggest fan of that idea.

And he was not a fan of giving answers either.

He was fucked.

And not in the good sense.


"Speak or quit staring."

Vegeta shoved another mouthful of egg in his mouth as he avoided staring at his daughter. She had been looking at him intensively for the past thirty minutes and it was starting to be annoying. He knew she wanted something - but he knew her better than this. She usually was not the type to wait and lurk. If she wanted something, she was known as someone who went and got what she wanted. Except when it came to that fool but that was something he was glad for - this disaster could have happened sooner and he would not have wanted that. Things were good the way they were now.

Bura popped her lips in annoyance. He knew what she wanted - she wanted what she had always wanted; answers. For the first time, nobody else was around them. Her brother was at work, so was her mother and Goten was in his own house instead of here, annoyingly training with her father.

It was talk time.

"Why are you training him?"

"Doesn't concern you."

"It does."

And he stopped replying. He had learned through numerous fight with her mother that - a never ending conversation was never good. And he would always end up losing.

"Daddy," she whined. If he would not cooperate, she would result to using dirty tricks. He had thought her to win, no matter the methods she had to use and it was exactly what she was going to do.

"I am training him."

She rolled her eyes, annoyed. "I know. I'm asking why."

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because, he's always here. And you hate him. You wouldn't train him for no reason." To this day, she was still surprised he had not killed him, bond be damned. Then again, her father really had a soft spot for her.

"He needs to learn."

"You never cared about Kakarot's annoying spawn and his fighting skills before."

"He wasn't mated to my daughter before."

Touché. "Still, there has to be a reason you're doing this daddy. And Goten is -"

How could she say this without bringing up a lot of very awkward moments her father probably did not want to hear about? That was difficult.

"He's what?" It was the first thing she said that attracted his attention. He knew he had noticed the changes and the need for blood, but he did not figure those were things she would pick up upon.

"He keeps fighting with his brother, and he's just…" Angrier was not the word she was looking for. "He's less docile." That worked right?

Kakarot's children had inherited his stupid, weak nature. But it was not the original saiyan way. Goten was indeed finally embracing the way he should have been acting from the start which was a refreshing change coming from that family of lunatic.

"He's more saiyan," he finally said.

More saiyan. She dared to bother those words for a second; had he been acting more like her father and her brother? Yes. In a sense. But then… "Why?"

Vegeta did not want to share with anyone what he was learning. But, his daughter was not anyone. And she was looking at him with those stupid eyes she had inherited from her mother. "He's becoming more saiyan."


He blinked. "You heard me."

"But what does that mean - and how?"

"The bond. He's acting more on instincts."

Saiyan instincts which were something that went completely against who he was as a person and what he was raised to be. It did explain all of his recent outbursts and the way he was more demanding with her. Although, she was not convinced it was a good thing. She did like it better when he was not fighting her, or not fighting them but… she did fall in love with Goten for a reason. She loved who he was, his gentle nature and how he cared about everyone else - sometimes even more than he cared about himself and his own safety and happiness. It was not as though she did not love her father or she despised her brother but they were a bit more harsh.

He was the opposite and that woke something inside of her. She would not forgo her own attitude for nothing but - but she liked having him being so different from her.

And now he was going to lose all that?

"Can it be stopped?"

Vegeta arched an eyebrow. "Stopped?" Why would she want to stop it? Finally someone else would be a real saiyan. It would be new and refreshing.

How could she have this conversation with her father without saying things he would not want her to say? Oh, it hardly mattered. What was done, was done. "Daddy, I like Goten the way he is."

"The more saiyan he is, the easier it'll be." He was going to pretend she had not just said that because he did not want to hear that. He knew it was done and they were bonded forever but - he would never have to be happy about it.

"I don't want easy if I get a cheap win."

And that he could understand. He disliked victories that were given to him by technicalities. He did not want doubts when he won - he wanted everyone to be convinced that he was the real winner. She got that from him.

"I don't know," he finally answered quietly. Although they all looked up to him when it came to saiyan knowledge, he did not know it all. He had been young - and every saiyan he had ever known… was acting like a saiyan. He could not tell how far this would go and how much he would change. "It might be better if he stopped running from the bond."

The more he pushed against it, the more his own saiyan mind was trying to pull the two of them together.

"He has to stop fighting it?" She groaned.

He was going to end up like a real saiyan. Because that would be the only thing that would force Goten to let go of his stupid, useless morales. They were screwed now.


This was a bad idea - and he knew it was a bad idea but he was doing it regardless. His hands were fumbling at his sides while he stared at his mother's front door. He had to come in here. Once again, he had been plagued by a memory dream and he - he needed to see something. Unfortunately for him, a lot of his things from his younger years were still at his mother's house. She had wanted to keep them, and honestly, to him, it hardly mattered where they were because he did not want them. She could keep them. Except now. Because now he wanted them - now he needed them. He sighed before running his fingers through his dark locks.

The last time he was there, it had not ended well. At least his older brother was not there this time. It would make it easier to deal with his mother.

As he was about to take a step forward, the door flew open. "Goten!" His father beamed as he rushed towards him. "See, I told you Chichi. Goten is here."

Right. His father was there too. Although, he would hardly be the one to get involved in a conversation. Especially since he probably did not grasp the severity of the situation. "Hey dad."

"Did you want to spar?"

Oh boy he did. He really did. Especially since he had skipped his last three days of training with Vegeta. But he could not. Vegeta could handle the novelty of his new instincts but he did not want anyone else to know there was something wrong with him. His father was maybe not the smartest tool in the shed, but he was hard to beat when it came down to fighting. If they sparred, he would notice that something was wrong with him and he could not let that happen.

"Nah, actually, I just wanted to talk to mom."

"To me?" Chichi spoke as she came in view.

"Look, ma. I wanted to apologize." No he did not. His brother was a dick and Bura was his and - and everyone could go fuck themselves. There was a part of him that wanted to speak all of those words but the rational side of him actually knew better than to blow up at his mother. Instead, he felt the apologize route was much better if he wanted to gain access to what he was looking for.

"If you think an apology is going to cut it…" she said with her arms crossed in front of her.

"I know…"

"You need to apologize to your brother."

This was not something he could agree to, not even if he needed his mother's blessing to go inside. Gohan was wrong and Gohan would probably wake up in the midst of a similar situation one day. And Goten would not be there for him, he would not listen to him and he would not support him. Instead, he would be there to tell him I told you so.


"No, I don't care. You two are brothers and I'm about sick of the way you've been treating each other. This is not acceptable. I have tried to help you two make peace but you're both stubborn." She sighed. "Ever since the - the thing with Bura, I haven't been able to recognize you. You act so differently and you're always rude and angry!" She put her hand on her hip and used the other hand to waggle a finger at him. "This isn't how I raised you Goten. I raised you to be a proper gentleman."

He just wanted one fucking box. He came in for one box and now he was receiving the speech of a life time. Because her mother was not giving his brother any shit about being rude. No, she was too busy giving him shit about it. Because Gohan could not possible be the one who was acting like an asshole. No, of course he could not be. Gohan had it all and Gohan was perfect and everything was great about him. The problem here was clearly Goten because he was the constant screw up. This was why he had wanted to do the whole charade thing and this was why he preferred lying. Because he got not get it right and now that his mother knew his whole thing with Bura was just - nothing, she would never leave him alone.

Was it worth it?

Was it worth it to apologize, to pretend like it was all fine and dandy?

He was not sure he had it in him anymore.

Before, he would have done it. He would have lied for his mother's sake and he probably would have taken the whole blame but it was not something he could do anymore.

"I just need something," was his final response.


He walked past his mother, leading himself into the house. He wished it would be simple, but like everything else in his life, it was not. His mother turned around and began to follow him.

"Don't walk away while I'm talking to you."

What else could go wrong, what else could be bad? He could hardly see this situation degrading or improving. It was at a stale point. He kept on walking, and headed directly to where his old bedroom used to be.

"Hey, Goten, I think your mother is talking to you."

His father should not get involved in this. Goten could already feel his blood pumping. There was nothing good about Gohan. He had forgotten how to train, he had forgotten how to be a saiyan. He used to have so much strength and now it was all gone. He wasted his time studying, being a teacher… he could not do anything. Goten on the other hand? No, he did not have the fancy degrees hanging on his wall but he had done what his blood dictated him to do. He had trained, without stopping. And more than that; he had gotten the princess. Bura was his. Gohan had simply landed Videl.

No. He should not be speaking like this.

He had always liked Videl, he never had a problem with her in the past and now here he was, bashing a perfectly innocent woman. Why was he doing this? Why was he out of control?

He bit his lips hard, making them bled, as he finally reached his destination. He could hear his mother in the background but he decided that it was best if he ignored all the things she had to say. If he focused on what he wanted to do, all of this would be much easier to handle. He could not hear about Gohan, he could not hear about how he was the one at fault, and again, he had to apologize and repent. He wanted to be the one on top for once, the one who did it and succeeded. Could he not have a single victory in his mother's eyes?


Her screaming shook through his core. He could not stay here. He picked up the box, the one that had his name clumsily scribbled with a black marker, and he sped past his mother, leaving her to scream by himself. His father's eyes were on him, his mother's eyes were on him, but he ignored it all. At least, that was until a huge punch to the face caused him to fall from the sky and unto the ground. The box followed with him, it's content spreading everywhere on the ground around him. He did not even need to open his eyes to know who had punched him.

"You really don't wanna do that," Goten warned as he stared at his older brother.

"I think I do," said Gohan as he quietly landed on his feet. "I think you need it." His brother had been out of control. He had wanted to put him in his place but his mother had asked him not to. However, it was clear that her methods were not leading to anything and he could not watch Goten destroy his life and the lives of the people around him. If nobody else would bring him back to reality, he would.

"I think you need to back the fuck off," Goten said as he hoped to his feet. Nobody knew about his training, nobody knew about his new found strength.

He had heard about his brother. The stories. The golden child. But that was a long time ago and Gohan was not longer that person. Goten was also not the same person. He wanted more than he had wanted before. He wanted blood, he wanted pride and he wanted revenge. He had come in peacefully and nobody would leave him alone. Why was it that they all wanted to get involved in a situation that they did not understand? He would have to show them the hard way that they were all wrong about him.

"You need to step down," Gohan warned while his hands were fisted by his sides.

He had not meant to get involved. He lived far from here; but he had sense the shifting in the kis. Originally, he had not even recognized his brother's ki. He had sense that his mother was upset - he kept an eye on her from time to time since his father was quick to disappear. It had taken him a while to see that the unknown ki belonged to his brother. Already that set him off; why had it changed? But then he sensed the rage and his mother's panic and he knew he could not stay away any longer than that. He had zoomed as fast as he could, and that was when he landed the first hit. He knew his little brother was strong but he was stronger.

He did not want to get to this, especially not with his mother around… but he did not have a choice.

Goten had to listen. He had to at least realize the mess he was in.

"I'm giving you one last chance," said Goten, already feeling his power surging inside of him. "Walk away."

He loved his mother enough to control himself one more second but if his older brother did not walk away from this… he would have to kick his ass.

But Gohan did not listen. Instead, he took a step forward and that set off Goten into a rage.

He had been kind, he had given him a chance, and he did not take it. Goten launched himself at his brother, fist first.

Too late to go back.


Something was going on.

Both Vegeta and Trunks raised their heads at the shift in the kis. They knew too well who's kis those were and what that meant. And it was not good.


"We are not getting involved."

He would not want the son family to mingle in his business, and so he would not interfere in theirs. Is only problem was, there might be someone he could not stop from getting involved. Although Bura could always sense kis, she was not as in tune with them as they all were. She usually would not notice a fight like that, especially if she was preoccupied with something else. The problem was, she now had a link with Goten and Vegeta knew all too well how far that bond could go.

He was proven right when he heard the footsteps rushing down the stairs.


He sighed. This was about to get a lot more complicated.

"It's - Goten and Gohan."

She knew, she knew it would end this way. Although she had her ups and downs with Goten and Gohan and her were not all that close, she had no desire to see them kill each other. And to be honest, she did not know who would win. She would like to say Goten, but she had heard stories about Gohan. And she did not want Goten to get his ass kicked twice.

"I know."

She almost wanted to say are you're just sitting here, but she knew better. Her father only tolerate Goten because they were mated. There was nothing else to it. Although… her protect should be caring a little bit more than he was. "And you Trunks?"

"What do you want me to do about it?" He would not like it if someone got in the middle of a fight between him and his sister - verbal or physical. Not that they would ever get into a physical fight, but still. The point was, he knew nobody should get between siblings. Plus, it was how saiyan men sorted out their feelings. There was nothing wrong with it. It was not as though they would be killing each other. They were engaging in a little bit of a brotherly fight. They did not have many of these because of their age difference.

Bura growled loudly. It was nagging at her. She could feel his rage flowing through her and it was pissing her off. Not only that, but Goten was not going into this as though it was a fight. She felt like it was a little more serious. "Fine, if the two of you won't do anything, I will!"

And those were the last words she spoke before rushing to leave.

And her father almost stopped her.


Everything was blood and everywhere was rage.

Goten knew his fist was hurting, the bones probably broken, but that did not stop him from landing punch after punch. Somewhere along the way, he recalled turning into a super saiyan - and he knew his brother had done the same. But it had not turned the fight in any direction. His brother was fighting with honor, dignity and he was doing it in all fairness. Goten was applying his new sets of skills; anything to win. His eyes bled red and all he knew was that he needed to win. Blood was splattering his face, covering him and he could hear the people screaming. He knew more than one punch was landed his way. He could feel the pain in his jaw, the swelling of his eye… but somehow he was able to ignore it all. Everything on his body hurt from the hits coming from his brother but he could push through.

The need for blood made him push through.

His father had gotten involved. He remembered that. But he had standards, he felt stuck between his two sons. He had pulled them apart for a moment but it had all started again very quickly.

And now he could not recall who was hitting who, and who's blood it all was.

But he needed it.

Until he felt a surge, something familiar and something that was his. It was the only thing he could recognize.

Her hand was tiny as it gripped his shoulder, but she was the first thing he could actually truly feel. And her voice was the first thing he could actually hear clearly. "Goten," she had shouted. "Goten, stop."

He did not want to stop, he wanted his brother to stop. He was the one who came at him and attacked him over and over again. Why should het let him get away with all this? He was disrespecting him and he was disrespecting Bura - the princess. He had tried to walk away many times but his brother would not have it. He was paying the price.

But when she pulled him away, he almost followed with no resistance. He got up from his knees and landed punches into the air. He was semi-aware of his mother running to Gohan's side but it was all a blur.

"Goten, look at me."

Her voice was a sweet whisper, one that promised to free him. His eyes were bleeding red and he was out for more blood but he still let himself make eye contact with her. She was soft, she was calming and she smelled like an angel.

"Walk away, let's walk away. You and me okay?" Her entire body was trembling - she did not recognize the man in front of her. Goten would have never beaten his brother to a pulp, and yet there they were. For the first time, she felt a guilt swirling inside of her. It was not her fault he put that mark on her, but - but now he was different. Could she have done something else, could she have made this better? Chichi was crying while holding her son, Goku seemed flabbergasted, and Goten would hate himself in the morning. He was not this violent person.

She buried her face in his chest, listening to his erratic heartbeat. He had never been this out of control. He reminded her of the Goten during that night. The first night. Wait. Why did she remember that?

He lifted a hand, burying it in her hair, and pushing his nose down in the pool of blue. Breathe in, breathe out. She was right here.

And suddenly, everything that was around him was different. The colors were less muted, the sounds were clearer but there was still a buzzing in his ears. He was breathing so hard, it was blowing strands of her hair everywhere. His hands were fisted as though he was still ready to punch someone in the face. Bura wrapped her tiny arms around his waist, bringing their bodies even closer. "I'm right here." She did not know if it was the right thing to say, but she was saying it. Usually he had a problem with someone trying to take her away. If she reminded him of her presence, it might help. He kept proclaiming hers as his - it had to be the key to this right?

At least she hoped it would.

Moments ticked away and the whole world stilled.

Until, finally, his rage for blood dissipated. It was slow, it was like a fire was leaving his blood and suddenly the air in his lungs was not on fire. A cooling air, like a bucket of cold water, had been dropped on him. He finally calmed down and moved his hand to rest it on the small of her back. His hand was moist but it was not from the sweat - it was from the blood. His brother's blood. His face, his body; everything was covered in the red liquid. And then there was Bura, pressed up against him. He could now clearly hear his mother sobbing, while his brother looked pissed as fuck. He was conscious, but clearly not in the mood to re-start this fight.

He could not stay here. Everyone here was filled with judgement and the weight of the guilt was beginning to weight him down. He could not do this, he could not face it.

Goten felt Bura pulling away from him, and for an instant, he was scared she would have the same look in her eyes. But she did not. When he met her blue orbs, they were shining with concern and worry. She raised a hand to his cheek and gently cupped it. He was like a stray animal on alert and she could not scare him away. It seemed she was always the one who had to be careful and calculated and he was always the one running far from her. Not this time. She would not have it.

"It's okay," she whispered.

It was not. None of it was okay and he was covered in too much blood. She had to get him somewhere to clean him, somewhere that was away from all this and where he could calm down. It was now obvious to her that she had to share with him what her father had told her. The situation had unraveled enough as it was and this could not happen again. Her hand tremble as she caressed his face with her thumb.

"Let's go to your place."

Not her house. Her brother was there, her father was there… and he would never feel safe. The best place for him was far away from it all, in his own stuff.

She almost expected him to fight her over this, but he did not. Instead he leaned into her while he nodded his head. She had come over in a car, but she did not think it was possible for her to bring him all the way to the car and take the long way around to his house. His way was faster.


He nodded again.

He let his arms wrap around her legs and he lifted her from the ground. He made sure his face was buried in her chest; he refused to look at his mother and he refused to see the mess he had done on his brother.

Her scent was all he could smell as he sped away in the sky.

He was broken.


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