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Chapter 16: New Saiyan

The sound of his blood rushing through his veins deafened him while the pounding in his head forced him to cringe. His head hurt, his blood boiled and his hands were desperate to grip around…something. The hidden half moon failed to shed any light in his bedroom but his saiyans eyes made up for it. His blue sheets were gathered around his waist while sweat dripped down the muscles of his chest, following every line, every bulge. He swallowed hard, his adam's apple bobbing as he did so. His chest heaved with each heavy breath while he endured the crushing feeling of his lungs when he exhaled. Why was everything so goddamn painful?

He ran his sweaty fingers through his sticky hair, flattening them upon his head.

It was not her.

Goten was not plagued by the need to feel Bura's soft naked skin against his. This was something different, this was something new. He recognized that rage when he had fought with his brother the previous day. He wanted to punch someone's face. This was not about fucking her senseless or about tasting every inch of her body. No. His entire body was throbbing, craving for blood. He wanted to run through the town, senseless, and beat everyone who dared to come up too close to him. His fists were trembling by his sides, demanding more than he could offer. He was never a violent person; it was not the way his father taught him. He was only supposed to engage in combat when it was absolutely necessary.

And yet there it was. He needed to feel someone else's blood trickling down his fists, he wanted to feel the bones of a skull give in as he punched it. He needed to calm this beast inside of him and it scared him. The last time he needed something this badly, it was Bura. Unfortunately for all parties involved, he never even stood a chance at resisting her. What if he was doomed to repeat the same fate? What if he unleashed his inner rage - one he did not even know he had - and wrecked havoc amongst the town? What if he became someone he did not even recognize? Fear spread through his body, leaving behind a tingle and a shiver. He could not let this go on.

But how was he supposed to stop it?

Bura could not help.

His father could not help.

His brother? It was probably best if he kept on avoiding him, especially with what took place last time they saw each other. He had yet to make up for that - and part of him did not even want to apologize for his behaviour. His brother stood in his way. He should not dictate how Goten lived his life. Bura was his and he could take her. If he had minded his own business, there would not have been a fight in the first place.

This lack of resources only left him with one person who might know what in the world was happening to him.

The one person who had all the answers from the start; Vegeta.

He gulped.


The night was cold, the sky dark and engulfing any light that managed to sip through the dark puffy clouds. None if mattered to Goten. His body was coated in layers of sweat as he zipped through the skyline, leaving a trail of light behind him. His only goal, his only focus, was Vegeta. For once, he managed to push Bura far away from his mind, freeing his brain to relish in other thoughts. It relieved him, it took away some of the guilt. However, it did nothing to ease his desire for blood and death. Time blurred by and before he could even realize what was happening around him, he found himself landing on the top of Capsule Corp, a loud thud announcing his arrival.

Of course, his presence had already been noticed long before he even arrived.

Goten did not need to turn around to know that Vegeta stood behind him - probably with his arms crossed in front of his chest in his trademark stance.

"I know why you are here. Go home."

He could not beat the boy the a pulp - it did not mean it was not tempting. Especially since he was provoking him by showing up to his house uninvited. He had felt the boy's power soar through which had initially lead him to believe he was in a fight. How wrong had he been. The boy was here for something entirely different than a fight. Although, it was not a full moon, which meant that Goten's desires should not be this out of control. They were mated, they were copulating; their desires should not keep on heightening. Why was he here?

There it was. The nagging rage. The same one he had felt when his brother had told him he had no business being with Bura. Except, this time it was different. Now that the words were coming from Vegeta, he felt he had more control. As though even his instincts knew not to irk the older saiyan. Perhaps it were his survival instincts kicking in.

"I'm not here for her," he let slip through gritted teeth.

Vegeta arched an eyebrow at the words. Not here for her. He watched carefully as Goten slowly turned around, his entire body shaking from the immense stress put upon it. His fists were gathered by his ribs, his nose was crunched up while filaments of sweat dripped from his wet bangs all the way to the tip of his nose. His mouth was twisted into a weird curve - one his lips were unfamiliar with. He was like his father, a dumb goof. And yet, it was not a copy of that idiot that stood in front of Vegeta. Instead, for a brief instant, it felt like he was staring at a Saiyan warrior, preparing himself for battle. Yes, this was not Goten, the wimpy child of Kakarot. This was a full blood saiyan ready for blood.

This was why he was here.

Blood rushed through Vegeta's veins as a dark pleasure rose in his chest. This could be a disaster or this could be great.


"Couple days ago." Or was it more? When was it that he buried himself inside of his princess after chasing his brother away? No, those were bad thoughts. This was not how he was supposed to refer to this event - but - but… Vegeta's presence was making him angrier - or was it more hungry for blood? There was something about the older saiyan's aura that was reaching out to him. It made him dizzy, it made him… more powerful? He did not even know how to describe this rush of power.


"How what?"

"How did it start?"

"I fought with my brother." Why? Why was he having this casual conversation with Vegeta on top of the roof? Why wasn't Vegeta fighting him for being so near his precious daughter? And most of all, why was he interested? Goten did come for answers but - but he did not expect to find any. Instead, he expected a fist to the face.

"Why?" Siblings fighting would not bring about this rush of power. He had never seen the boy so out of control. He was certain that if he let him go free, someone would turn up dead tonight - not that he minded. Although, he might hear about it from the woman. It was best to keep him here - away from others.

"He was annoying." His voice was lower, more dangerous than before. Gone was the goofy boy he always was. Then again, the goofy boy died the day he sunk his teeth in Bura's neck.

"Why?" He hated it when someone wasted his time.

"He wanted to take her away. He was talking trash about her."

There was no need to precise. They both knew who the her was.


He had to protect Bura - although she hardly required it. Nonetheless, he protected his claim and his mate against his own brother. The boy did not have the spine to do it on his own - he was not saiyan enough. And yet he did. He was not the same as before. Something about him changed - and it all began when Goten put his mark on his daughter. The only context Vegeta knew the mark was on his home planet and there, everybody already acted like a hero. They did not need anyone to change. But it could be possible that acting on Saiyan's instincts forced Goten to become more like one. Vegeta did not want to get too ahead but he did find the idea rather pleasing.

"Come with me."


"I will not repeat myself boy."

Although he had already learned as a general rule not to agree with Vegeta, he found that he did not want to argue either. He let his fingers unfold, finally releasing the tension in his digits, leaving a white trail on the skin from the pressure being finally relieved. Then, he proceeded to follow Vegeta, as though it was the most natural thing in the world.



Something was annoying.

Bura rolled on her stomach, determined to bury her face in her pillow. For the last hour or so something was flickering in her mind, slowly bothering her. She could not figure out what it was, but it was disturbing her much needed rest. Energy was a bit difficult to come by lately, and she had found herself craving long nights of sleep and short power naps throughout the day. Now, however, she could no longer obtain the peacefulness she sought. A muffled groan escaped her before she flipped around on her back, digging her fists in her mattress. Whoever was the source of the disturbance would pay dearly. It was five in the morning for crying out loud.

Once she finally managed to pull herself out of bed, her senses were more accurate and she could tell what was the source of bother; a person. A person who should not be in the house. She always had the basic saiyan instincts but she never developed or used her powers much. It was not because she did not find her strength and abilities interesting but it was mostly because she did not see the point. Plus her father never showed a great interest in training her to be a ruthless warrior and it was just fine that way. It gave her the chance to expand her brain and become a great genius. She could leave the fighting to the children.

However, some senses were becoming better than others. Her ki sensing was one of them.

The closer she got to the door, the more she could decipher the energy; it was Goten.

As that realization dawned upon her, she was forced to come to a halt. What was Goten doing in her house, without her present? Not only that but somebody was with him… her dad?

A shiver of fear ran down her spine; this could not end well. She gulped before quietly heading down the hall. How did she miss a fight between those two? It should have been loud and memorable. Unfortunately for Bura, she was not the only one who was alerted by the strange presence in the house. A few meters from the gravity room was her brother. He stood there, staring at the door with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He rarely resembled Vegeta but in that pose with a scold on his face? She could see it. She knew not everything was back to normal concerning her relationship with her brother and between Goten and Trunks but - she had hoped it was better.


"Why is he here?"

There was no rage in his voice, no wrath lingering. It was a mix of confusion and annoyance.

He had no invited him. Clearly his sister had no invited him. And for the love of Dende, it sure was not Vegeta who had invited the young saiyan into the house. What happened?

"I don't know. Did dad call him?"

"I wish."

It was half-teasing, half a residual anger but Bura chose not to mention it or single it out. She was not in the mood to fight with her brother at the moment.

"Did you go in?"


She rolled her eyes; what good did it do to simply stare at a door? If he wanted answers, he should have gone in. It was not that difficult. Faced with her brother's lack of drive, Bura smacked her hand against the sensor, forcing the door open. Her action did not stop the gravity inside the chamber which nearly forced her to collapse. She could not see the number on the control panel, but she could tell there was no chance in hell she could train in that. Unaffected by her struggles, her brother simply walked in, almost unaffected. He did winced and crisp his face as he stepped inside but it did not stop his movements. His father had him training at a higher gravity quite often. Although, it was amusing to see his little sister struggle.

It required Trunks' loud footsteps echoing against the flooring for the two dark haired saiyans to stop their sparring. Vegeta was the first to turn around. His face was covered in cuts and heavy sweat was dragging his shirt down his chest, revealing glistening skin. It had been a while since Bura had seen her father actually get a workout out of sparring. Goku was the only one who could bring it out of him. But now, he was out of breath… And with Goten nonetheless? If she thought their situation was weird, this hit a new level. And since when was her father buddy with Goten? He constantly threatened to end his life… And - no this had to be a messed up dream.

"What do you want boy?"

"What are you doing?"

"It does not concern you."

Trunks' eyes traveled from his father to his best friend. They both look in bit of a rough shape but nothing was due to a combat to the death. "Since when don't you wanna kill Goten?"

"I said, it does not concern you."

Vegeta had yet to fully test his theory and he had no intention of sharing his findings with anyone. If he could finally have a full blooded saiyan to himself, he would not let anyone get in the way. This was a new situation, one he did not know much about and one he could not control. If anyone meddled, it could comprise the entire situation. Also, he knew the friendship his son had with the boy. If Trunks found out about the changes happening to Goten, he might try to stop them.

Trunks quirked an eyebrow. His father was not the most sharing person on the planet, but this felt somehow suspicious. Perhaps it was because it concerned Goten.

He was not one to argue with his father since he had learned at an earlier age that it always led to no good. However, in this particular case, he found it difficult to back down. If there was one stubborn person he knew, it was his father. He did not change his mind easily and Trunks could not comprehend how well he could change his opinion about Goten. Less than a day ago he was ready to rip him to shreds. Things did not add up and he wanted to know what happened between the two of them.

Instead of verbally challenging his father, he simply made eye contact with him and refused to look away. Since Vegeta was proud, he held the gaze.

Bura however, did not fight or challenge like the two of them.

It had taken her a while to scamper back up to her feet, but she had managed it. Sweat was dripping the side of her face and she could feel her wet bangs sticking to her forehead. None of it mattered. She was a woman on a mission and she wanted an answer.

"What is he doing here?"

It was not as though they were in a fight. Although, most of their encounters ended that way. Still, this question, this attitude was not directed towards Goten. It was all about her and her father. He was the one who taught her to go after what she wanted, he was the one who taught her that she could have anything she wanted and that nobody could refuse her. Now, he had to be on the other end of the lesson.

"This does not concern you either."

"Like hell it doesn't concern me."

This was the boy she had to defend from her father, the one she tried to protect more than once. And now they were buddies? No. Yes, it was a much better arrangement but it did not mean she trusted it.

Vegeta did not ally himself with Goku or his kin. He did, for her mother's sake. But, it was not an actual truce.

"Stay out of this. The both of you."

There was an agitation in the air - but it was not coming from the confrontation; it was coming from Goten. He was on edge, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He stared ahead, his eyes moving from Trunks to Bura. Trunks did not irritate him as much as his brother. He was not here to take Bura away. Although, he was intruding. Bura on the other hand - she was wild. Rage was seeping through her eyes, her hair out of place from her struggle with the gravity. A gravity he could not even feel.

Vegeta had beaten him to a pulp and yet, he was fine. He wanted more. He wanted to be ordered to fight some more.

Although, at this moment, he would not mind her hands all over him.

"You're here to fight."

Vegeta's words snapped him back into reality and he re-focused his attention on the matter at hand. Vegeta had not shared much information with him. As a matter of fact, he had not said anything. He had simply led him into the gravity room and had started landing punches. Somehow, that was enough for him. Somehow, he did not need more than that. It was not a fight about Bura, it was not a fight to show dominance. He was trying to learn something. But he did not know what the older saiyan was seeking.

"Why is he here to fight?"

"You both need to leave. Now."

"I'm not leaving."

"Do not make me throw you out of here, Bura."

Her father did not always use her name but when he did, it did not mean good things for her. It was a challenge and she was never one to back down from a challenge. Conflict arose within her and then, she ended up staying where she was.

His charcoal eyes narrowed and then, he loudly walked over to the control board. He increased the level of the gravity to a point he knew she could not withstand. He never looked at her but he knew he succeeded when he suddenly heard her smack against the floor. It would not hurt her - although it might slightly damage her ego. Even though she was currently laying flat on the ground, he kept on increasing it. His own body felt heavier under the pressure, but he did not stop.

He did however hear footsteps behind him. Goten's.

The saiyan walked over to Bura and once he was in front of her, he crunched to the ground. Despite her pleas to try and push him away, he picked her up from the floor, and carried her out. Once they were closer to the door, she began to kick in his arms to try to free herself. Eventually, he let her down. Her body slipped from his, her tiny fists hitting his chest. He let her express her rag as much as she needed, until she calmed down. She pulled away from him by pushing herself away from his chest. The push was harder than he expected and he slightly backed away into the wall.

"Why are you here?"

Her father might have tricks against her, but it had been proven that Goten could not easily resist her.

"I have to be here."


"I need something."

"You need something?" Now she was irritated. None of those words were answers.

He put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed gently. He could not explain it to her because he himself did not know what he was seeking. "Bura, I have to do this. I don't know why, but your father does. I need this."

He was not talking to her like a little girl. He was not talking to her like the girl he got stuck with - or like it was wrong or as if she did not understand. No, he talked to her as though she understood. He was expecting her to understand what he needed. Part of her did not like losing a fight, part of her wanting to fight this regardless but - but she needed this to be more. She did not want her to be the person he went to when he could no longer control himself. She did not want to be the thing he was stuck with forever. She needed this to be something real. She swallowed her pride - which was a very difficult thing to do for her and she nodded.


His shoulders slouched as relief washed over him. "Thank you," he whispered.

Then, he leaned in. His lips gently pressed to her forehead and then, in a blink, he was gone.


His presence in her house was like a constant nagging feeling.

It was not as though he only ever came over for her. He used to come over for Trunks - all the time. Sometimes, he would not even talk to her. So why was it that it bothered her so much that he was here and she was not the centre of attention? Or was that truly the problem? She could not talk to her father about this whole situation. Well, she could but it was a very sensitive subject - one that neither of them were much at ease discussing - at least not in detail. Now however, Goten was apparently having some bonding time with her father.

Although, she was not jealous of the bonding time. Unlike her brother, her father dedicated her a lot of time outside of training. No the one who was fuming with jealousy at the moment, was her brother. It was much harder for him. He grew up while their father was still adjusting to being a functional wannabe human. He was much harder on Trunks than he ever was on her. Sometimes, she saw glimmers of it. Today, in the gravity room, she saw it in his eyes. Vegeta had not been fighting with Goten to fight. It was not about training him. It was about learning something, about doing something. Her brother did not take it well.

A sigh escaped her lips as she flipped onto her stomach.

Her solution had been to lay around in her bed but it was not helping. Instead, she was insanely bored. And that nagging ki. She grabbed her pillow, shoved it in her face and loudly screamed in it until all the rage left her body. Stupid Goten. Stupid eyes, stupid begging. Why did always get her with the begging? She was the cunning one who was supposed to use everything to get her way.

Now her only hope left was that he would come and explain it all to her once his training was done.

Which she assumed it would be soon. Her mother was about to get home. If there was one person her father had no tricks against, it was her mother. And her mother was quite immune to her father's stubbornness.

And Bura was right.

A few hours went by, but she finally felt that familiar ki heading in her direction. He was uncertain and gone was the confidence he had earlier. Instead, she could easily tell he was considering actually leaving and not coming to her. She let her own ki flare, hoping he would understanding it was directed to him. She assumed he did once he steadily headed in her direction without any waving in his ki signature.

There was a soft knock on the door and she scoffed. Her eyes were rolled as she hopped to her feet and headed to the door. She opened it but she did not grace him with a glance. If he wanted her good mood, he would have to work for it. After all, he was part of the reason she was this irritated. She walked back to her bed and plopped back down on it. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, forcing her breasts up and creating a cleavage outside of her shirt. Then, she narrowed her eyes and waited for him to talk.

He looked bad.

He had bruises everywhere, he had a black eye and the side of his neck was covered in blood. What in the heck had happened to him? She would not let her curiosity get the best of her but it was hard not to wonder.

And why in the world would he let her father do that to him?

"I can leave."

He was so fucking infuriating.

"If that's what you want."

"Is it what you want?"

It was strange. He never learned to properly talk to her ever since the shift in their relationship. Also, Bura was known for her moodiness; he never knew which side of her he was going to get. Although, he could admit that the current situation he found himself in was his fault. He simply did not know how to explain it to her. It was something new, just like what they had. Sparring with Vegeta was something he needed. Though, it was much more than sparring. It was the order he barked at him, the way of training he showed him. The lessons he had were from his father and they were much different. They always used to suit him but - now? It felt like he needed more.

He needed someone to show him the way to hell and back.

"I don't want anything from you."

He chuckled. That fire, that attitude. It was a trigger.

Silence settled between them but she seemed more bothered by it than he was. It almost appeared as though he found it amusing. How could he think this was amusing?

"What happened to your face?"

"Your dad."


He finally took a step forward, closing the distance between them.

"Because there is something wrong with me."

"There are many things wrong with you," she said as she glanced away from his face.

There were. There was no denying it. Even now, despite everything that happened, he was torn. He wanted her comfort, he wanted the solace that she brought him but at the same time, that guilt, the one that refused to leave, hung there, in the pit of his stomach. He wanted her and he did not want to want her. But, he had long ago given up on the thought of running away from her. It never worked and it only hurt him. Giving him was better, less painful.

He plopped down beside her, staring at the back of her neck.

"I want blood."

She quirked an eyebrow but refused to turn her head; she did not want him to know he had her interest.

"I wanted to kill someone, I wanted to fight someone until they were a bloody pulp."

Goten was kind, Goten was full of mercy. He was not someone who looked for a fight. He was someone who would avoid a fight. It was the way his father taught him.

"So I came here. And I think your dad knows what's up with me."

"What's wrong with you?" her voice was softer this time.

She had seen a different side of him lately but she did not think much of it. However, it now seemed like a much serious problem.

Bura's answer came in the form of a kiss. She felt cold lips touch her neck as he began peppering her neck with soft kisses. She leaned her head away from, offering more skin to caress and he took advantage of it. None of that was an answer and yet, her blood began racing and her mind swirled. Did she truly want an answer? Was there even an answer? Whatever was happening to them was intense. She pursued him with an intensity she did not even know she had. She went after him, throwing away her pride and any sense of respect. She had simply wanted her prey and did everything she could to get it.

After a few minutes, she let herself get lost into the gestures. She fully turned around and planted her lips upon his. He did not waste any time in laying her down on the bed, snuggling himself between her warm legs. His blood was still pumping from the sparring and he could not think of a single other way he would rather spend the energy he had left. He should not do this but he wanted to do this. And a saiyan should do as he pleased.

A saiyan should take what he wanted.

A saiyan should have it all because nobody can stop a saiyan.

His heartbeat echoed in his ears as his hands traveled to her waist, squeezing her and pressing her against his hard body.

He was a saiyan. And he would have it all.

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