Wishes and Commands

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Chapter 11

Trunks woke up gasping for air, his eyes opening wide at once. The daylight pouring from the sky dazzled him and he blinked forcefully. He was panting and his heart was pounding as if he'd just gone through an intense effort. He remained motionless and waited quietly for his breathing to come back to normal, but the damp heat of the air and the heady smell of moist soil were suffocating.

Watching slowly around, he figured out that he was somewhere in the jungle lying on a ground strewn with leaves and weeds. The sunlight was breaking through the purple foliage of the huge trees surrounding him.

A warm body was curled up next to him and pressing against his side. As he glanced aside, his eyes met Teeb's concerned stare and memories overwhelmed him along with a strong feeling of discomfort. He couldn't help but check out that he was no longer naked. Much to his relief, he found himself dressed up with the very same outfit as Teeb.

"I'm glad to see you awake again, Your Highness. I thought I had lost you," Teeb murmured.

His voice was slick and reminded Trunks of the Saiyan's odd loving demeanor back in the medical bay. The hybrid tensed and pushed his companion away in unease, but that simple gesture triggered an unexpected pain in his entire arm and up to his shoulder, causing him to groan out of surprise.

"Are you aching, Your Highness?" Teeb asked by sitting up, releasing the Prince from his weight.

"Fuck. That's sugar-coating things," Trunks hissed while staring at his hurting hand in bewilderment. As he tried to sit in turn, another wave of pain washed over his back and neck. He did his best to ignore it, but the effort took his breath away. All his muscles were throbbing in agony.

He eventually sat up and paused to soothe the suffering. Teeb was watching him in hesitation, uncertain of what he could do to help. "Must be that drug Chard gave to you. You're still affected, it seems," he stated.

Trunks rubbed a trembling hand on his face. He felt the cut on his cheek and grimaced at the twinge of the wound when he brushed it. The memories of Chard's assault went more accurate in his foggy mind and he broke a cold sweat. He'd been lucky that Teeb had eventually stepped in, even though the Second had happened to be as freaky as Chard. Yet, the Prince still felt incredibly weak and that was no good. He couldn't figure out how all this could happen to him, a Saiyan Prince. "Where is Gohan?" he asked.

"I couldn't find him, Your Highness,"Teeb said flatly.

Trunks frowned in disbelief at the reply.

"I looked for him throughout the camp, but the place is actually deserted. I mean, the few soldiers I found there tried to attack me. They were – huh, like possessed. Like the ones who attacked Officer Pepper. It's like they’ve all gone wild and I thought it safer to take you in the jungle rather than staying in the camp," the Saiyan carried on.

Trunks pouted at the tale. He was debating whether he should still trust Teeb, given his odd behavior after he'd killed Chard. He was aware that for some reason, his devoted Second in Command wasn't his true self anymore. "We have nearly 50 soldiers in that camp. Are you telling me they're all gone? Where and why? How long was I out?" Trunks pressed.

Teeb stood up and dusted his clothes absently. Chard's blood had turned into black stain on the light fabric of his medical bay's uniform while his bandaged shoulder was bulging underneath his long-sleeved top and it made him look like some mad man escaped from an asylum. "I’d say a few hours. Now our men ran away in the forest, but I can't tell why."

Trunks pondered about Teeb's explanation. He could as well be lying, but for now, the hybrid was aware that he was completely reliant on him. He was still affected by Chard's drug and he needed to recover his strength. Furthermore, he had no will to see Teeb back to his creepy self, so he decided to buy his story in wait for a better option. "We'll see that problem later. I need a pee, help me up."

The Saiyan grabbed Trunks' hand and the hybrid hoisted himself to his feet. He muffled a groan as an instant pain crept up his legs and along his back and arms. He could hardly stand and Teeb caught him just in time to avoid him stumbling down. Trunks was taken aback by his own weakness. "This can't be, this is a nightmare," he grumbled for himself.

"You need a doctor," Teeb stated in deep concern.

Trunks repressed a bitter chuckle. "Just watch out if you see one wandering somewhere in that fucking jungle."

After the events of the night before, he hated the touch of Teeb on his waist, but he had to suck it up because he couldn't walk properly without his help.

"Leave me alone, I'm all right," the Prince spat nervously after a few steps in the bushes.

The Second let go of him and stepped back with a skeptical frown.

"Get off, I can still take care of that on my own," Trunks growled although standing alone was demanding painful efforts. He was wobbly and he had to lean a hand on the trunk of a tree next to him to keep his balance.

"Just call if you need anything," Teeb replied after a second thought.

"I told you I'm all right," Trunks insisted dryly.

The Saiyan finally walked away with the Prince watching him until he was out of sight. Trunks felt almost relieved to have him gone. He wondered again where Gohan was.

He considered his medical bay's pyjamas with some dejection. The look was nothing near an impressive royal uniform. He couldn't keep hanging around so defenseless in the open.He definitely needed to go back to the camp and figure out what was going on. If he didn't quickly regain control of the situation, he might die out of shame back on Vegitasei – or, all things considered, just die here on Kenam.

When he was done and adjusting his pants, he heard a soft rustling in the foliage nearby. Looking up, his eyes met a Saiyan soldier standing a few steps from him. The man was staring at him with a scowl, and Trunks froze, aware that he would stand no chance in a fight in his current state.

The soldier casually walked closer to his Prince until their faces were almost touching. Trunks could feel the man's breathe brush his skin while the Saiyan's black orbs were locked on his. The soldier was the same size as him, his skin smeared with dirt and sweat.

Trunks stood numb, afraid that any move or attempt at calling Teeb would trigger a violent feedback from the other man. Ignoring his fright and strengthening his grip on the tree trunk supporting him, the young hybrid kept staring undauntedly at the Saiyan.

The soldier tilted his head and took a deep breath as if inhaling Trunks' scent. A satisfied smirk twitched his lips. “Is His Highness lost?” he growled in a low, threatening tone.

Trunks gritted his teeth at the urge to punch the guy. He knew he wouldn't be able to touch him though, so he just swallowed hard. “Back away. Show some respect to your Prince, scumbag."

The man's confidence seemed to falter at the commanding tone, but he still wouldn't move. He looked at the Prince up and down and chuckled. "My Prince?" he repeated. He suddenly slammed his palm on Trunks' shoulder and shoved him down to his knees. The young hybrid had no strength to resist the move and he huffed as his knees hit the ground.

The Saiyan had forcefully gripped the collar of his shirt and he yanked him roughly closer to him. "Who's the Prince now?" he grunted while forcing Trunks to look up at him.

Much to the Prince's despair, his body was back to an uncontrollable shaking and a dull aching was spreading throughout his limbs. "My father will get your head," he panted.

Howevere, the threat only resulted in the Saiyan's wild laugh. "My head? Then it will be head for head, I guess," he chuckled while grabbing the Prince's throat.

Trunks gasped in pain, unable to withstand the vice on his windpipe and now unable to form any sound to call Teeb for help. It took him a moment to realize that the Saiyan was actually gathering energy in his palm in order to just ki-blast his head. Panic washed over Trunks, but his body was still shaking and unresponsive to his brain's commands. His own ki was flickering and weak. His sight blurried as he felt on the verge of losing conscience, but suddenly the grip on his throat loosened and he slumped down on the ground.

He heard a female's voice shouting in the distance. His mind told him it was Pepper. Her yelling in pain stopped his thoughts from drifting away and he somehow reconnected back to reality at the sound. Teeb had stepped into the fight with the soldier while Pepper was standing apart with a bleeding hand.

Trunks closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His body had stopped shaking and the dull aching was fading. He had no doubt Teeb would deal with the low-class soldier.

"Your Highness?" a soft voice whispered near his ear. He flicked his eyes open. The soldier was now howling in pain. Pepper was crouched down next to her Prince, her dark eyes worriedly locked on him.

"I'm fine," he murmured.

She offered him her valid hand as a support to sit up. He seized it and tried to struggle to his feet by clinging to the tree trunks with his other hand. He did his best to hide his agony at the effort and as he was eventually up, he leaned his back to the tree and watched what was going on.

The soldier was curled up yelping on the ground, bleeding from too many wounds to count. Teeb's hazel eyes turned to his Prince for further order.

Trunks frowned at the sight. Teeb could have just knocked him out - The man was still part of the same army as them after all – but he had decided to do it otherwise. He'd been fiercer and crueler than necessary. Thinking about it, Trunks didn't find fault with that. He nodded and Teeb sent a final ki blast on the soldier, turning him into a burning, screaming form.

When the guy shut up at last, Trunks turned to Pepper. "What the fuck is going on with my troops?"

She shook her head. "I don't really know, Your Highness."

"I told you they've gone mad. You can't stay here, Your Highness. I have to take you to somewhere safe," Teeb declared.

Trunks agreed with that statement, but he wondered where he would be safe with the damn drug still running in his veins and obliterating his every strength.

"Do you know where Lord Gohan is?" he asked Pepper.

"Lord Chard said you went to join his men to help bring back the last natives to the ship. He said you commanded Lord Gohan to join you here, so he left during the night. He asked me to supervise the scientists' team, but the few I found in the camp were dead and the others are missing. I couldn't find Lord Chard either. I didn't know you were… here too," she explained.

Trunks mulled over her tale for a while. She had just saved his life, which meant she might not be part of the Saiyan Flame after all. She was also acting normal unlike all the other Saiyans around him, so in the end, she might be the most reliable person by his side. She was weak though. His eye shifted to her injured hand. She had curled it in a ball and blood was dripping from her palm and fingers. The wound looked downright nasty, making the hand likely useless for a while. "Let's go back to the camp," he said.

"Your Highness, this is a reckless move," Teeb objected at once.

"I said we go back to the camp. We need to see if we can find a way to connect to the main ship and Officer Pepper's hand needs to be tended," the Prince repeated.

He had spoken in a commanding tone, but he actually dreaded having Teeb withstanding his orders. The Saiyan was mostly acting according to his will to protect his Prince and if he decided to disregard Trunks' choice, there would no way to force him back to obedience. The Second had basically become the strongest of their team and he wasn't thinking fully straight. Yet, he eventually contented himself with a scowl at his Prince's decision.

The camp wasn't far from their location. Even though Trunks' walk was slow and difficult, they hardly needed half an hour to stand at the entrance of the first barracks. The place looked abandoned. Everything was oddly silent and Trunks noticed for the first time that he hadn't heard a single bird chirping since he'd waken up.

The medical bay was the closest spot. Teeb went off as scout and, meeting no danger, beckoned to Trunks and Pepper to come in. An awful smell of rotten flesh hit them as soon as they stepped in. A swarm of varicolored flies flew away, revealing the corpse of what once was the female doctor. There was no blood around her but her eyes were wide open and staring at them in a gloomy way.

Trunks looked away. The heat had made the stench sickening and he didn't trust his guts much more than his muscles at that moment.

Teeb was already rummaging the examination room and they joined him in no time, willing to run away from the tainted air in the main room.

"Teeb, go see if you can find us some decent clothes by the time I take care of Pepper," Trunks commanded as he studied the products the Saiyan had picked up in the closet.

The Saiyan had a second thought at that. Trunks knew he wasn't willing to leave him alone. His clingy behavior was getting on the Prince's nerves, even though it was still better than an aggressive one.

"We'll take no risk, Teeb. If anyone shows up, I'll call you. You have my word," Pepper said softly. For some reasons, her gentle attitude seemed to have some effect on the Second and he nodded before leaving the place.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Trunks murmured while filling a bucket with sterilized water.

"I think it's because of the Planet, Your Highness," Pepper whispered.

He looked up at her in bewilderment. "The Planet?"

"I think it's… something in the air. Something coming from the soil or from the vegetation and spreading in the air, like some sort of pollen," she stammered in hesitation.

He took carefully her bloody hand and plunged it in the bucket to wash up the wound. He stared thoughtfully at the water turning pinkish while the blood blended in with the clear liquid. "So, you still don't think all this is part of a scheming of the Saiyan Flame. I pictured they could have somehow drugged the troops," Trunks resumed after a while.

"Drugged by the Saiyan Flame? That's a weird idea. If I were the Saiyan Flame and if I were able to do such a thing, I would go straight to the point and poison you in the first place. Don't you think?" she mumbled with a frown of pain.

He blinked at her smart point. He took her hand out of the water and wiped it with care, trying to stop the stubborn bleeding. "You got a serious hole through your hand," he concluded.

She looked down at the injury and sighed. "It won't stop bleeding easily."

"Should I stitch you? My hands are trembling, but –"

"An ointment will do for now. We don't have time," she cut off by grabbing a pot on the examination table and handing it to him.

He nodded and carried on his business while she was doing her best to silence her pain.

"What happened to you by the way?" she asked after a while.

"Chard – That bastard gave me a shot of a fucking green thing. He said it came from a plant here on Kenam and it was a muscular anesthetic. I hope the damn shit will stop affecting me soon. I feel like a harmless baby," Trunks grumbled.

Pepper repressed a yelp as he poured disinfectant on her hand. With an unwilling backlash, she was able to withdraw her hand from Trunks' grip. He cursed at his own weakness and grabbed it back. Her eyes were watering in agony and he couldn't help but think about that baby in her belly, wondering again why she had be so reckless as to hide her pregnancy all that time.

She gasped when he pressed a compress on the bloody hole, but she kept still nonetheless. The pain seemed to fade when he started applying the ointment. "I studied the nature here and it's different from anything I saw before. The plants and the animals have unexpected properties. Most of them can impact the other living being when it comes to their own protection, and it's like something allows them to communicate in order to protect their common environment," she resumed.

He frowned. "Could it be the natives?"

She nodded. "They could be somehow the commanders coordinating the nature's doing. Now… I also think that whatever is in the air has spread even quicker with the rain and the heat. It's turning the men into their primal selves. Fighting for domination and territories."

He sighed and rested her palm in order to wash his own hands and start the bandaging. "But… Well that's only theory. How do you explain that Gohan and me aren't affected. And what about you?" he replied.

She pouted. "I pondered about that a lot and I think we are also affected, but on a lesser scale. In your case, well, with all due respect, Your Highness, it might be because you're not full-blooded Saiyan. In my case, because I'm pregnant."

He frowned at her explanation. He disliked her theory, but he had to admit that he hadn't listened to her so far and it might have been a mistake.

"My instinct told me to stay by your side from the beginning. I was feeling endangered away from you as if I knew deep down that you were my only hope for safety, I guess," she carried on.

Her voice snatched him out of his musing. "Your primal self sharpens your survival instinct because you're pregnant, is that what you mean?"

She nodded.

Teeb showed up at the door. He was wearing a fresh uniform with armor."I found some clothes for us, Your Highness, but we have to hurry, there are some unfriendly creeps around."

Trunks snatched the clothes his Second was handing to him. "Take care of her bandage by the time I dress up."

Putting on the clothes was a painful effort. He had stood during the whole time tending to Pepper's wound and he felt exhausted and sweaty. His hands were trembling, his breathing was hectic again and the smell of rotten flesh had grown heady despiste the cleansing products in the room. At some point, he had no choice but accept Teeb's help again to slip in his boots and buckle his belt. The Saiyan also clasped the armor for him. The young hybrid was fuming out of frustration. He'd never felt such helplessness. He was the damn Prince of all Saiyans, but he needed someone to put on his shoes for him. Yet, all he could do was waiting for the fucking poison running in his blood to be drained away.

"Let's go to the transmission's barrack, now," he ordered when everyone was done.

They sneaked outside the medical bay and through the barracks of the camp as silently as possible. Teeb was walking ahead and scanning the area for them. When they came to the transmission desk, they found an awful mess. Papers and scattered devices were swarming the floor. A hint of depair teased Trunks' guts at the sight. "We have to seek the place. We might find an untouched scouter or something," he said.

A loud explosion outside interrupted him. The walls of the desk shook and they felt the ground vibrating under their feet. "The fuck," Teeb grumbled. Some tiles dropped from the ceiling as a second explosion echoed.

The Second lost no time and rushed outside in order to check what was going on.

"Look for something," Trunks urged Pepper while rummaging frantically in the closets still standing.

The female kneeled on the ground and sought through the items littering the ground.

Teeb burst back into the room. "We have to leave. These morons are fighting with ki blasts. There are at least three of them. They're gonna wreck the whole camp," he yelled.

Pepper struggled to her feet and dashed to the door as ordered, but Trunks remained on all fours, still looking feverishly through the mess on the ground. Teeb grabbed his collar from behind and yanked him back to the door. "Wait!" the Prince roared.

Trunks pointed at a small hook on the wall. A scouter was hanging there, apparently untouched. "No time," Teeb replied as a windowpane blew up just next to them. The whole building was rumbling in a threatening manner.

"Everything is stumbling down," Pepper added in the distance.

"Get it!" Trunks commanded at the top of his lungs. He was so infuriated and frustrated that he felt a small peak of ki surging from the depths of his mind.

Teeb let go of him and snatched the scouter, before rocketing away, catching the Prince on his way.

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