Wishes and Commands

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Chapter 4

The flow of lukewarm water dripping down his sore muscles was at last able to have him relax. The Prince still couldn't believe he'd been able to stand up the uptight Councilors of Vegitasei and to coax his father. If anything, that small victory somehow made up for the disasters his ego had gone through since he was on Kenam. He would be a fool to think he was done gaining the princely aura he longed for though. He had now to stick to his own decision and complete the damn mission safe and sound.


He closed his eyes with a silent sigh as to enjoy the quietness of his shower, but after an instant a faint noise next to him forced him to open them again. He was startled by the sight of Gohan leaning against the doorframe of the showering area. The older hybrid had his arms crossed over his chest while gazing coldly at Trunks and even though he no longer had his armor on, his dark official uniform still made his look somewhat impressive and intimidating.


"Man, Gohan, you scared me," the younger man hissed.


Gohan huffed. "Scared you? I could have killed you. You didn't even sense me. What if I had been some psycho part of the Saiyan Flame?"


Trunks raised an eyebrow in realization. "Ho, so that was the point," he stated quietly. "Gohan, you suppressed your ki to catch me off guard. These guys are unable to do it, let alone killing me in a fair fight."


As a reply Gohan unexpectedly jumped on the Prince and grabbed his throat brutally, slamming him violently back against the wall. Trunks hadn't seen it coming and he gasped at the tight grip around his windpipe.


"There is a thousand manners to kill you, what do you think? You think you're immortal? They could replace the water of your shower with acid, they could have your whole fucking bathroom blow up to pieces, they could neutralize you with a ki suppressor and kill you like a dog. Care to hear more?"Gohan mumbled.


Trunks gaped for air. He was unable to utter a single word, gripping forcefully Gohan's forearms and watching his friend in shock. The older hybrid was glaring back at him, uncaring for the water dripping down his hair and soaking his clothes and for an instant, there was no other sound that the water drumming on the tiled ground and Trunks' panting.


As the young Prince kept struggling the ruthless clutch on his throat Gohan's features smoothened. "Stop this madness," he said, "Call Vegitasei and tell them you're on your way home."


His voice had turned more begging and less threatening while his fingers relaxed a little around Trunks' throat. The young Prince had a pang as he glimpsed a mix of fear and sadness in his friend's eyes and the sight had something pop up in his mind. "Is it all because of Goten?" Trunks murmured.


Gohan frowned in puzzlement at the unexpected question and his grip went looser on his Prince.


Trunks' trembling hand reached out the older hybrid's cheek. "Goten isn't dead," he added in a soft voice.


Before he knew it Gohan kissed him roughly, pinning him harder against the wall. Trunks had no second thought and returned the kiss, his tongue fighting eagerly with Gohan's.


The older hybrid seemed willing to devour him whole, running his wet lips over his cheeks and nudging his nose in the crook of his neck. He eventually lifted the younger man off the ground and Trunks submitted to his hunger with a slight whimper.


He wrapped his legs around Gohan's hips and caught his shoulders as to maintain some balance. He felt the touch of the taller hybrid's palm on his crotch and closed his eyes in wait for the pleasure.


Gohan stroked him harshly and the prince's cock responded his attention at once. Trunks was nearly suffocating as Gohan's body was pressing him hard against the wall, but he couldn't care less. He wanted him badly and he hadn't realized it until now.


Gohan's hand pulled away from his crotch and fumbled frantically with his pants. It didn't take long before Trunks could feel his friend's shaft against the back of his thigh.


Then, a finger slipped deep inside him causing the Prince's to yelp unwillingly. He bit his lips immediately in order to muffle any further expression of his pleasure.


Gohan was running his lips and tongue along his neck and collarbones, sucking and licking every inch of his skin. "Why not let go?" he grunted softly.


"You posted two soldiers at my door. I can feel them," Trunks panted.


"So what?" Gohan whispered. "You think no one heard us last time? You still don't get it, do you?"


As a reply, Trunks gave him a puzzled peer.


Gohan smirked and nibbled his lips. "A true Saiyan is always hungry. Hungry for food, hungry for fight, hungry for sex. The strongest, the hungriest. That's how it goes. Let them know how strong you are." With that, he withdrew his finger and entered the Prince in a steady unexpected thrust.


Trunks had a shout at the sudden move. Despite the pain, an intense delight seized him while Gohan's lips kept devouring him. The older hybrid panted and grunted in a wild disturbing manner, but it only helped the Prince to get even more excited. He could feel the cock moving up and down inside him while a palm went busy working on his own groin.


The aching was drifting away somewhere in the back of his mind, giving way to a growing bliss, and as the trance was numbing his brain, he became hardly able to keep holding Gohan's shoulder properly as to avoid slipping aside. Fortunately, the younger man dealt with that matter for him, pinning him ruthlessly back against the wall while thrusting in and out.


He was much less gentle than he'd been the first time and Trunks knew in anticipation he would have a dear price to pay the next day, but he enjoyed Gohan's hard way nevertheless.


Trunks' growls went louder with his climax closer. Gohan's palm squeezed his groin even tighter as if trying to prevent his cock from swelling further, causing the young Prince's pleasure to grow even more.


Trunks was taken aback by his own violent release and whimpered in shock. His lungs were about to blow up and he gaped for air for a moment. Gohan slowed down his pace to allow him to catch his breath.


Still moving lazily, the older hybrid peered at his fingers dripping with semen before looking up at his lover with a smirk. Trunks felt drained and gazed back at him with hazy eyes. Gohan ran his fingers across the younger man's cheeks, leaving a trail of seeds along the skin down to his lips before forcing two fingers into his mouth.


Trunks didn't withstand the move and sucked meekly what he was given. He could feel Gohan's getting harder inside him and the thrust went back to a faster pace. Noting the way his acting excited Gohan's lust, he grabbed his hand and started licking each finger one by one, sliding them in and out his mouth with a moan of satisfaction.


Gohan squinted at him, a smirk still stretching his lips. He obviously liked it. As the thrusts quickened, the older hybrid resumed his loud grunts until he snatched his hand out of Trunks's grip and caught a handful of lavender locks. He crushed his lips on Trunks', knocking his head against the wall while coming inside him in a harsh hiss.


The Prince wrapped his arms around his neck and pressed him closer into the crook of his neck. He could feel Gohan's body tense up against him and waited for him to gather his wits.


"Fuck," Gohan eventually breathed when his heart came back to a normal pace.


Trunks had a chuckle at the comment. Gohan let him down carefully and took one step back to allow him some space to breathe more easily. Trunks leaned his back against the wall in weariness. Hell, he was sore. It had been worth it nevertheless. He looked up at his friend pulling his soaked mane to the back of his head in an attempt to drain the water out of it.


"Do you think I sounded strong enough?" Trunks asked with a cocky smirk.


Gohan had half smile and caressed his cheek. He ran his hand further down the neck of the Prince and to his chest. "You sure did. You're likely stronger than I was willing to admit."


The sentence went straight to Trunks' heart and his smirk dropped. He knew it was Gohan's way to tell him he would respect his decision and it meant a lot to him. He stepped closer to the soaked Commander and kissed his lips. "We have a lot to handle. We need to sleep," he murmured.


Yet, despite the exhaustion, sleep was reluctant to come. Trunks couldn't tame his nervousness. He knew he had no choice but make it through the mission, now. If he failed, it would be the end of him. There was no turning back, but that didn't mean he was completely sure he'd made the best choice.


Lying naked in the bed while waiting for Gohan to be done in the shower, he was desperately trying to numb his concern.


When Gohan joined him in the bed Trunks watched him carefully. Seeing him calm and confident always helped him soothe his restlessness. Gohan was definitely attractive and a mighty comforting aura was shining through his whole body.


"Do you have a lover at home?" Trunks asked.


Gohan gave him a confused gaze. "A lover?"


Trunks shrugged. "Yeah, I mean someone special. Someone you like to hang around with, not just for sex."


Gohan shook his head. "No, I believe I never had someone like that. It's not like I have a peaceful life anyway. Always on the road, covered in dust and blood … No to mention the usual Saiyan crap. I guess it doesn't help."


Trunks stuck his palm under his head and stared at his friend seating next to him. "You could have someone even so. You're hot, mighty, smart… Why not?"


Gohan smiled, amusement sparking in his orbs. "Do you have such "someone"?"


Trunks eyes turned thoughtful at the question. "I am to wed a girl. She's the daughter of some important Earthling leader. Well, it's not official for now, but the Royal Council is about to seal the deal."


Gohan smile faded and his gaze turned concerned. "And what do you think of it? You sound like you don't like it."


Trunks nodded. "I hate it and I guess that girl on Earth does too, but it's for our people's sake. Earth and Vegitasei need to forge closer ties. If anything, the Saiyan Flame won't let us forget that fact. Furthermore, the scientists figured out that Earthling blood improves Saiyan genes. They say we'll have strong children."


Gohan reached out for the Prince's forehead and pushed his locks gently aside. "Maybe, you could let them know you don't agree with that wedding. Your father picked up the wife he wanted despite Vegitasei's disapproval," he suggested softly.


Trunks sighed. "My father… I'm not him, you know. They would only look down on me like I'm just a whimsical Earthling, spoiled and emotional, doing nothing good for his Realm. When my father chose to marry an Earthling, he'd won many battles already and he was respected. Beside, my Mum helped us defeat the Ice-Jinns. I did little to prove my value so far and I know this wedding would be a true benefit for Vegitasei's strength. That's a Prince's fate, I guess."


Gohan had a faint frown at the speech.


Trunks tilted his head and gave him a sad smile. "My father is my father. I wish I could be like him, but I think no one can."


Gohan deemed it wiser not to insist and he leaned down over his face to kiss him softly.


Just when his tongue slipped inside Trunks' mouth, a shy knock at the door echoed. Gohan sat up and Trunks cursed under his breath. "Shit, what's going on, now," he growled.


"Let me go see what it is," Gohan replied while standing up.


He slipped in pants and walked to the door with Trunks' pissed eyes locked on him. The Prince rolled over on his stomach as to have a better view on the door, but Gohan's frame was shielding the visitor. He heard his friend talking with someone but the words were only forming a confused mumblings on the other end of the room.


Trunks sighed in annoyance as he saw Gohan letting the visitor coming in and walking back to the bed.


"We have an unexpected guest," Gohan claimed as he cleared Trunks' view on the newcomer.


The young Prince widened his eyes as a female Saiyan was standing behind Gohan. He recognized her as one of the scientists he'd scared earlier.


She lowered her head as soon as she took note of Trunks' nudity. "Your Highness, I'm so sorry to bother. I have something very important to tell you."


"In the middle of my sleep?" Trunks hissed in a sour voice.


She cringed at his harsh tone. "I… I… Given the circumstance, it's something I can only share with you. The quicker, the better."


Her eyes were still glued to the ground. She had all reasons to be impressed as she was standing in front of the man who'd been willing to kill her a couple of hours before, the very same man being also her Prince lying naked in his lover's bed. Despite her petite frame and her obvious fear, Trunks had to admit that she had some nerves.


He glanced at Gohan for advice. The Commander was standing next to her, his arms crossed on his chest with a teasing smile on his lips. "All right. Take a seat," the Prince grumbled while sitting up.


The poor Saiyan hardly dared watching her way to the closest chair as the young man didn't bother to hide himself while getting dressed.


He put on breeches and walked to her while donning his robe. "So? What's your name in the first place?" he asked.


"Pepper, I'm one of the scientists…" she stammered


"I know who you are," Trunks cut off.


She was startled by his fuel mood. She was sitting head down, wriggling her hands like she'd done in the Commander's room when Trunks had hinted he was considering killing her whole team.


"What's so important that you felt the need to disturb His Highness the way you did?" Gohan asked in a soft voice.


She looked up at him and found some relief in his warmer tone. "I have something to show you. I thought it would be best to report it directly to you instead of going to my boss like I'm supposed to because… well, the situation is…"


"You did well," Gohan comforted her. "Will you show us?"


She nodded and stood up. "We have to go out. You might want to… wear something else?"

Trunks rolled his eyes in impatience. "No need, let's go and be done."


Gohan grabbed a jacket nevertheless and buttoned himself on their way through the ship. Although it wasn't night, the place was quiet as all soldiers were resting from their night trips. The little group would only meet sailors and scientists busy with their tasks. None of them dared reacting at Trunk's light outfit. They would just give him the official salute and he would just ignore them, striding behind the damn scientist.


They walked wordlessly in the wake of the small Saiyan, through countless doors, down endless corridors and down steep stairs until they reached a part of the ship Trunks recognized as the medical bay. An unpleasant odor of disinfecting product floated in the air and the walls and ground were all white. The place was completely deserted and silent.


They made their way past closed doors until the corridor ended in a bigger iron door pierced with a square window. Pepper unlocked it with her badge and entered the room. As soon as they stepped in, Trunks and Gohan were hit by an unusual cold.


"This is the mortuary," Pepper claimed while locking the door behind their backs.


The two hybrids were facing a row of forms resting on carts and covered with sheets. They contemplated the bleak sight silently.


"These are our losses during the scouring of the planet, that is the last ten days," Pepper's voice carried on as she walked to the first cart. She didn't sound afraid or shy anymore.


"Two were killed in a fight in squad one leaded by His Highness, three died after eating a very toxic fruit in squad two leaded by our Lord Commander, one was killed by Lord Pyrnut as retaliation for insult and attempt of desertion. Lord Chard also had two dead to report. One died in a very curious accident, very probably due to a stroke and another one had been found dead after being missing. His companions said he'd gotten drunk and got lost," she kept explaining, pointing at each form.


She turned to them and looked them straight in the eyes. "I have eight bodies. All the deaths look natural and there's apparently no connection between them. We often endure this kind of loss during missions, but… Well, the rate is quite unusual. It's 2% out of 400 warriors and there have been no battle. Given the video we found, I thought you'd like to be informed."


Gohan stepped to one of the carts and lifted the sheet to glimpse at the form lying underneath.He winced and let the fabric fall back in place. "You did well officer Pepper," he concluded.


Trunks crossed his arms and let his eyes wander over the carts. "Are you sure, no link can be done between them? Have you done the post-mortem examination, yet?"


She shook her head. "They're still to be done. We're not used to such examination in normal times and I didn't want anyone to touch these bodies without you knowing the situation."


"Then, do the examinations yourself and report directly to His Highness," Gohan ordered.


"And remember to shut up," Trunks added bitterly.

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