Wishes and Commands

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Chapter 6

With all the soldiers dragged out of bed by Trunks' crazy sparring session, life was back aboard the ship. The corridors were busy and a constant rumbling was echoing all over the place. Gohan headed to the Commander's Room with a weary tread. He'd picked up a pair of shoes and an official jacket at the supplies office and he was absently buttoning himself as he reached his destination.


The quietness of the room soothed his wary nerves at once. He had a heavy heart as he'd just been reminded of Goten's likely death in a very painful manner. Trunks accusing tone had affected him more than he was willing to admit. The Prince's grief and anger had actually just mirrored his own repressed feeling. He couldn't afford to follow Trunks into his madness though. Someone had to deal with the current situation.


Chard was sitting at the table, his chin resting on his palm in a bored stance. He didn't bother saluting his Commander since Gohan and him were used to acting casual when they were alone.


The hybrid walked past him wordlessly and slumped into the Commander's chair with a deep sigh. He rubbed his eyelids. He hadn't slept much since the day before and things had turned stressful of late.


"I had someone bring you coffee," Chard's voice stated.


Gohan looked up and found out that a can of coffee was actually on the table. Coffee was a rare Earthling thing on a Saiyan ship and it was reserved only for him. "Thanks," he murmured while pouring a cup.


"So? How is Our Highness doing? What was that about by the way?" the Second asked while watching his master take his first sips.


"He's fine. He'll be all right. He just… had bad news."


Chard raised an eyebrow. "Bad news, huh? It seems he was hell bent on sharing them with Pyrnut. The guy is a bloody broken mess."


Gohan had a scowl at the news. "What do the doctors say about him?"


"They've put him in a regeneration tank for now," Chard shrugged. "Were these bad news the reasons why we had to hurry back to the base?"


Gohan ran absently his finger on the edge of his cup. He couldn't tell Chard the truth about the video the scientists had discovered. "Sort of. There are important ongoing matters on Vegitasei. That's why we had to turn back to the ship," he answered elusively.


"All of us? Four-hundred men?" Chard asked in disbelief.


"Whatever. His Highness has decided that we would finish our mission before going back home," Gohan claimed.


Chard couldn't help a smirk. "He'd like to enjoy his Commander's bed a little longer. I can't blame him."


Gohan glared at him. "Don't be a prick," he snapped.


The Saiyan sat back into his chair and crossed his arms with a shrug. "Why? No one missed the fact that he was having much fun in your company. I believed it would make him somewhat less tight-up but it seemed you failed easing his ass… Or, were you down?"


Gohan sighed. He knew Chard was bold on purpose. It was his way to blame his Commander for leaving him behind. Chard had a lot of qualities, but he was surprisingly possessive, a very inappropriate attitude for a Second in Command. "You know, Chard, you could be anything. You might even become a Commander on your own one day, but you definitely have to learn to shut the fuck up once in a while."


The Saiyan laughed at that. He leaned forward to Gohan. "Really? I'm flattered, my Lord Commander. So, tell me what can I do for you?" he replied in a slick voice.


Gohan felt Chard's hand sliding along his thigh and up to his groin under the table. He slapped it away. "First of all, keep your hands to yourself," he grunted in annoyance.


The Second in Command scowled and sat back into his chair. "I forgot, you are likely already sated by now," he mumbled bitterly.


Gohan ignored his sarcasm. He took a sip of his coffee while mulling over the situation. They had to be done with this damn Planet. The quicker, the better. Yet, they also should watch out for the Saiyan Flame. Gohan wasn't sure if they had more members among their troops but he couldn't afford to take the slightest risk with the Prince's life. "You lost two men of your squad. Care to tell me what it was about?"


Chard frowned in surprise. In normal times, the loss wouldn't be great enough to deserve a real report.


Noting his reaction, Gohan felt like justifying his questioning. "His Highness insisted that each death has to be explained to the families."


"Gosh. Earthling," Chard sighed scornfully. "Well, one was really weird. The guy just… I don't know, he dropped down like a stone just in the middle of a flight and he crushed himself on the ground. A freaky sight if you ask me. The doctor said he had a stroke. Something burnt out in his brain, they said."


Gohan listened to him carefully. The story matched Pepper's theory. "What about the second one?"


Chard grimaced and rubbed his head in search for words. "Huh, he stole alcohol with two fellows of his and they drank it all like morons. The men were downright bored on that mission, you know."


Gohan frowned as Chard was plain and simple confessing his own responsibility. As leader of the squad, he had to prevent this kind of things from happening. The hybrid decided not to point it out and kept listening.


"His fellows felt asleep and the idiot went wandering in the forest. After that he was nowhere to be found. We've sought for him for two days and we eventually found his corpse half eaten by wild beasts," Chard explained further in unease.


Gohan gave him a stern glare. "I see. Where are the 'fellows' you mentioned?"


"Under arrest," Chard replied at once.


Gohan nodded in approval. If said fellows were part of the Saiyan Flame, they were at least locked up for now. "Make sure, they stay that way. And stop screwing up. Hold your men for God's sake."


Chard pouted at the lecture, but he just looked down wordlessly.


"Now, the Prince wants us to be done with this boring planet," Gohan carried on. "So, you're going to take one hundred men and fetch us these fucking natives. We couldn't take ahold of a single one in ten days with four units, so you'll use scouters. No matter the energy it might require, the scientist will have to find a solution, but I want the damn weaklings to be wiped out. You'll keep a handful of them alive and get rid of the rest."


Chard stared at his Commander thoughtfully. "Are you trying to send me away?"


The question irritated Gohan to no end. "Chard, you're my Second. We're no friend, no relatives, no lovers. You're just serving me. I picked you up over anyone else because, with Pyrnut floating somewhere in a regeneration tank, you're the most capable man I have left. Beside I have to admit that I like it better to have your big mouth far away from the Prince. He's not as patient as I am and I don't want him to ruin you."


Chard huffed at that, but he didn't reply anything, much to Gohan's relief. The last part of his speech was especially true though. Chard and Trunks didn't get along very well and Trunks was in touchy mood due to Goten's situation. Gohan didn't feel like having more drama around.


A slight knock echoed and the door opened on Fennel. He saluted his Commander and stepped closer to the table.


"Take a seat," Gohan ordered.


The old Saiyan did as he was told. Gohan could feel he was still tense after Trunks' threat and the Prince beating Pyrnut to a pulp had certainly not helped him ease off. Fennel gave Chard a wary peek. "What can I do for you, Lord Commander?"


"I need your team to get ready exploring the Planet as to make the usual plotting. We didn't catch all the natives by now, but His Highness has matters to handle on Vegitasei and he needs to be done with this mission as soon as possible. We have reasons to think that the natives won't try to get in our way and Lord Chard will go chase them anyway. By the way, I also need you to find a solution to provide him enough energy to use all the scouters we have," Gohan explained.


The old Saiyan nodded meekly. "It will mean having less power at disposal for the ship and the other units, Lord Commander."


Gohan sipped his coffee with a shrug. "So be it, then. When do you think the units could be ready to go?"


"Hopefully by tomorrow morning," Fennel sighed.


"Great, if there is anything else, you can leave then."


The old Saiyan struggled to his feet and bowed to his Commander before stepping out of the room. Yet, just as he was exiting the place Gohan called him back. "Officer Fennel, how are the two wounded men doing?"


Fennel gave him a weary gaze over his shoulder." Lord Pyrnut is in a regeneration tank, we'll be able to have a proper view about his state in two days or so. The other soldier is having surgery. His internal bleeding was too worrying to wait for the regeneration tank to heal him. I'm not sure he'll make it though."


Gohan repressed a concerned frown. "Thank you. Let me know how it goes."


Fennel nodded and left the room.


"Is our Prince supposed to kill us for no reason whenever he's in a bad mood?" Chard commented bitterly.


Gohan cringed at the question. "You've never met King Vegeta, have you?" he retorted. However, he knew deep down his mind that Vegeta had never killed one of his men for nothing. He would only harm another Saiyan as retaliation for something – even though Vegeta had a personal view on what might call for retaliation - while Trunks had just let his anger blow up at his soldiers' face. This acting was somewhat disturbing for the older hybrid, but it wasn't a feeling he was ready to share with his Second. "Go gather your men," Gohan sighed as he was willing to be left alone.


Chard obliged reluctantly. He was pissed, Gohan knew. The situation was growing tense for all the people stuck on that damn planet. Gohan himself craved to head back to Vegitasei. He wanted to see his mother and comfort her for the loss of her youngest son. She might be shattered.


He chased that thought away and walked to the pad. Sitting back at the table, he handled the device to connect with Vegitasei. The stern face of a Saiyan guard appeared on the screen and Gohan asked for a talk with the King. He was kept on hold for a while.


He was hesitant about what he should tell the King about his son. He was requested to report, but he decided not to say too much. Vegeta's sweaty face showed up on the screen. He'd been obviously interrupted in a sparring session and the fact that he didn't turn down the ill-timed call spoke volume about his concern for Trunks. "Gohan?" he panted. "Where's Trunks?"


Gohan pressed his lips in unease. "Huh, Trunks doesn't know I'm calling right now."


Vegeta raised an eyebrow. "How's that?"


"He knows about Goten," Gohan stated.


The King frowned in annoyance. "Damn, this wasn't supposed to happen. Did you tell him? How does he take the news?"


"I didn't tell him anything. I don't know how he heard about it… He's… very angry. He… He came down on two soldiers pretty seriously."


Vegeta closed his eyes and ran a weary hand in his mane. "God," he sighed. He kept quiet and thoughtful for a while. "Are things under control?" he ended up asking.


"They are," Gohan replied. He took care not to mention the handcuffs though.


"Does he want to talk to me? In private, I mean. Or maybe to his mother?" Vegeta resumed.


"Not for now. Maybe later."


The King stared at the young Commander. "If you feel like a private talk with me might help, just let me know."


Gohan nodded. Vegeta's face was quite different from his usual uncaring features. He'd never seen the King like this. He looked almost sorry and as surprising as it was, he seemed affected by Goten's loss as well.




Vegeta's voice snatched the young hybrid out of his musing. "Huh?"


"Thank you."


Gohan blinked in bewilderment at the word. "You're welcome," he stammered stupidly before Vegeta cut off the connection.


He stared blankly at the black screen for a while. Gohan was aching. He would never express his pain because he needed to cope with a more basic reality, but he was hurt all the same. He felt trapped on that damn Planet with a unit of restless soldiers and a cocky Prince forcing him to keep his composure anytime while he only urged to cry and mourn his little brother.


He rubbed tears out of his eyes. He needed sleep most of all. He stood up and left the room as to head to his cabin.


The place was quiet. Teeb was reading in a chair while Trunks' still figure was lying in the bed.


The Second stood up at Gohan's entrance.


The Commander glanced at the bed. "How is he?"


Teeb peeked at the Prince as well. "He tried to break the chain of the handcuffs. He also threatened to kill me if I didn't release him, but now he's been silent for a while. I think he's asleep," the Saiyan whispered.


"Did he say something?" Gohan asked in concern.


"He talked about Lord Goten, but he didn't say much," the Saiyan replied with unease, avoiding eye contact with his Commander.


Gohan nodded and clapped the Second on the back. "Thank you, Teeb. You can go. You know you have to keep it all to yourself, don't you?"


"Of course, you can count on me Lord Gohan," Teeb confirmed with a bow.


When he was gone, Gohan stepped closer to the bed. Trunks' cloak and armor were gone but he was still wearing his princely uniform. He was lying on his back, his handcuffed wrists resting above his head.


Gohan crawled cautiously on the bed in an attempt to have a better look on his face. The Prince's eyes were closed. Gohan sighed in relief at the sight, but the eyelids cracked open at once. "He's not dead" Trunks claimed.


Gohan kneeled next to him in defeat. Goten wasn't a topic the Prince would forget anytime soon. Better was to have a fair talk about him once and for all. "Maybe not, but then, where is he? We've looked for him for months. I did, my Dad did, my grandfather did as well. You did too. We went all our separate ways and we almost scoured an entire galaxy for months, yet we weren't even able to spot his ki anywhere," the older hybrid pointed out in a soft voice.


Trunks frowned. "So you're just like them? You think he's dead?" he mumbled in an accusing tone.


Gohan shook his head in weariness. "I don't know, Trunks. I'm lost. All I know is that hopes and disappointment are killing me and sometimes I'm wondering what if his body had been turned into dust? Shall we search him until the end of our lives? Listen, we know for sure that his craft crashed down and now, we also have reasons to question ourselves about the Saiyan Flame as a part of the explanation."


Trunks' eyes had shifted away from him the moment Gohan had started to list all the reasons he had to believe in Goten's death. As the older hybrid kept talking the Prince was staring blankly at nothing in particular. He was no longer listening. He just didn't want to listen. It was all too painful to him.


Gohan sighed and shifted closer to him in indecision. "You loved him, didn't you? He was 'your special someone'," he murmured.


Trunks' eyes locked back on him at once. Gohan's statement was mere intuition and it was actually a very bold suggestion no one would dare to spell aloud in normal times. A Saiyan Prince could have sex with whomever he liked, but he wasn't supposed to have any steady relationship. Even regular lovers were banned at some point. Any bond that wouldn't aim at fighting or conceiving was a Saiyan taboo, and even though many Saiyans would forge such relationships, it couldn't be tolerated in a Royal Family. Gohan wasn't afraid to ask though. They were alone in the room, both Earthling, and Trunks hadn't feared to ask him about his own possible lover before.


Trunks swallowed the lump in his throat. "I never really figured out before the Council decided to send him away on his own. We'd never been separated before, but the Council said it was a waste to keep a warrior like him stuck in my shadow. They said he was much better at commanding than at obeying. I know they were right, but they missed a point because in fact, Goten never needed to obey me and he never stood in my shadow either."


Gohan felt a pang at Trunks' depiction of his brother. Goten's personality had indeed always been a mystery to Saiyans. "Did you tell him about your feelings for him?" he asked.


Trunks nodded. "Shortly before he left. We didn't even have time to become real lover, but that wasn't the point anyway. Even if he hadn't liked me the way I like him, I just needed him by my side. I felt strong with him. It was like no harm could come to me.   


Gohan stared at him with sorry eyes. He knew that being the Prince he was, Trunks would never have the opportunity to spell out his feelings that way to anyone else than him. Just like Gohan wasn't supposed to express his grief for Goten's loss in public, Trunks was bound to silence and harshness. And yet, he was looking so vulnerable at that very moment.


"Now, he's gone and I'm about to wed that Earthling girl anyway. I miss him though. I always thought I would have him by my side for the rest of my life. He would have been my Councilor during my entire reign. That way, we would at least have stayed together," the younger male resumed.


His voice was oddly calm, but Gohan could feel the agony underlying each word. He leaned over the younger hybrid and kissed softly his lips. Trunks returned the kiss but he turned his head away after a while.


Gohan didn't let his move baffle him and he nuzzled his nose in the crook of his neck. As a matter of fact, Trunks' scent and soft skin always turned him on. He had to admit a lot of things in the young Prince excited him. He affected his senses in a way he'd never known before.


Trunks had been right to point out the fact that Gohan was attractive. He was. He hardly ever had anyone turning him down and he enjoyed many partners. The Prince was something special though. He makes Gohan hungrier than he usually was.


He unbuttoned slowly the princely jacket, starting with the top buttons. Trunks didn't move, his eyes lost in haziness. He was calmer as if his speech had drained him of the vibrating resentment that had filled him before.


Pulling the jacket's tail apart, Gohan had access to the blue skin-tight top underneath. Trunks' muscular body bulged under the glistening fabric and Gohan couldn't help but run his finger along his abs. He felt mesmerized by the sight.


Grabbing the hem of the garment, he pulled it up in order to reach the bare skin of the younger man. Trunks arched at the move but he was otherwise unresponsive to his attention. Gohan didn't mind. He kept roaming the so perfect curves of the younger man like a sculptor polishing his masterpiece.


He felt an unusual eager seizing him. It was violent. It was a true desire for possession that he realized had been awaken by the sight of the defeated cocky Prince. Yet, Gohan also urged for solace and oblivion. He needed to be reminded that he wasn't alone. He wasn't the only one of his kind and Trunks had to know it too.


He crawled over the younger hybrid and kissed him again, thrusting a forceful greedy tongue into his mouth. Trunks responded its urge for a while but he ended up snatching out from the rough grip of Gohan's lips. "Take off the damn handcuffs already," he panted.


Gohan contemplated his face with stern eyes. He sank his fingers in the purple locks, combing them backwards in a harsh manner. Trunks' features looked juvenile in the weak light. Gohan shook his head slowly. "Not yet. You're allowed to be weak right now. Enjoy it and rely on me," he murmured.


Trunks frowned in disbelief as Gohan nuzzled back into the crook of his neck, licking and nibbling the tender skin in that spot. "Gohan," he hissed in a pleading voice. "Take them off."


His begging tone sounded utterly exciting to Gohan though. He wrapped his palm around the young Prince's throat. His grip was loose and yet, somehow disturbing. "Trust me," the older hybrid breathed out.


Trunks didn't answer but his body tensed. He was wary. Gohan sat up and straddled him. Trunks stared back at him, his blue orbs full of questions.


Gohan gave him a soft smile, enjoying the sight of his surrendering. A pressing urge was still nagging the older hybrid. He grabbed the waistband of the Prince's pants all of a sudden and ripped them open. Trunks blurted a yelp as his body jerked in the process. Gohan ignored him and kept snatching the pants away, getting rid of the boots along the way.


Trunks groaned both in disapproval and in fright with each harsh move.


When he was done, Gohan stood up and started to undress himself. He fought his hurry and took care to do it slowly, his eyes locked on Trunks' shivering body on the bed.


The Prince wouldn't look away from him either. He was still wearing his boxers with his unbuttoned jacket opening on his half naked chest while his hands were clasped above his head by the chain of the handcuffs. He looked conflicted, unease competing with lust in his shiny orbs. He had all reasons to be hesitant. If he hadn't been ki-suppressed, Gohan would be fucking the hell out of him by now. His desire was actually hardly bearable, but the older hybrid knew he had to repress his usual wilderness due to the Prince's current weakness. It felt both utterly frustrating and utterly exhilarating.


When Gohan crawled back on the bed, Trunks couldn't help a backlash. "Don't forget –" he murmured hastily. Gohan silenced him with a rough kiss. "Is His Highness afraid?" he groaned as he broke the kiss.  


He left no time for a reply as his hand grabbed the hardness bulging in Trunks' boxers. Trunks suppressed a moan and closed his eyes. Gohan kept rubbing the responding shaft through the fabric. He had a hard time struggling with his own urge as the younger man's pleasure vibrated through each panting and contained whimpers. Gohan knew he wouldn't last long.


He ripped off the boxers and released the needy cock. Then, leaning over Trunks' face, he contemplated his features, his eyes half-closed and his mouth ajar. "Spread your legs," he whispered.


Trunks did as he was told wordlessly. Gohan slid two fingers between the Prince's lips. He didn't need to say anything. Trunks sucked them wholeheartedly, coating them with a fair amount of saliva and when Gohan withdrew them, they were dripping wet. The older hybrid couldn't help a smirk at the sight.


He reached out for Trunk's butt and thrusted the fingers right inside him. The younger man had a gasp and his body bolted in attempt to get away from the intruders but Gohan maintained him still effortlessly with his free hand holding his hip.


He kept his grip until Trunks relaxed and get used to the attention. The younger man blurted slight whimpers once in a while as the fingers were moving in and out. Gohan figured out he was still tense though. Being ki-suppressed, he might dread what was coming next and Gohan didn't want to hurt him.


The older hybrid pulled his fingers out and crawled over to the bedside table. He caught a bottle of lube and popped it open. Trunks had half closed eyes following his every move.


Gohan took his place back kneeling between his lover's thighs. Leaning forward he grabbed Trunks' cock and his in one grip before pouring the thick liquid on both of them. Trunks repressed a jump at the cool contact, but Gohan could feel his breathe quickening as he started to coat thoroughly their shafts with the lube, rubbing them against each other in the process.


After a short moment, the younger man couldn't help frantic gasps at the touch. He'd grown very hard at the attention and Gohan had to admit he wasn't doing better. He ran his dripping fingers down to the younger man's entrance and slipped them inside again.


Trunks arched in a yelp, but this time it sounded more like a desperate call for more. "Don't come," Gohan mumbled.


The young Prince gave him a hazy glance. "Take me, then."


Gohan couldn't prevent a smirk. It seemed that despite his dread, Trunks had eventually made up his mind. He wanted to be fucked ki-suppressed. His offer was bold, but Gohan was hell bent on giving him what he bargained for.


Losing no time, he grabbed his hips and positioned himself. He went in in a long pushy thrust. The lube made the entrance easier than he'd expected but a loud shout let him know Trunks didn't share his point of view.


Gohan didn't pay it any mind though. He'd waited much too long already and he wasn't far from losing control. As long as Trunks wouldn't ask him to stop, there was no way he could still hold back his need. For some reasons, the young Prince felt even tighter than usual. His body was surprisingly compliant to Gohan's every move and an outstanding bliss washed over the older hybrid at once. He moaned loudly in relief and pleasure as he was fully in.


Watching down at Trunks, he made out his disbelieving face as the younger man was panting in pain and surprise. He was looking so different from his usual self. So fragile and docile. Gohan left him a moment to adjust before starting his moves.


At first, Trunks blurted out gaps and small whining. His teeth were clenched while his hands above his head were grabbing and pulling his lavender locks. Even so, he never asked Gohan to stop and Gohan didn't. He kept moving, picking up the pace he enjoyed the most.


However, after a while the Prince's whimpers turned hoarser and pleased moans echoed as well. His fingers had gone loose in his hair. His mouth was ajar in search for more air and his eyes were foggy with the trance.


Gohan didn't hesitate to get a notch faster, getting a louder lover in the process. Trunks brought his handcuffed hands over his head and down to his cock, stroking it eagerly and causing the rattling of the chain. He panted hopelessly. "Gohan, I…"  


Gohan grabbed Trunks' shaft and helped him further until he reached his peak. Gohan enjoyed the hot white liquid pouring down his fingers and spraying across Trunks' abs, splashing the chain of the handcuffs as the Prince arched and screamed out his bliss. The younger man's whole body seemed to tense and tighten at the release and Gohan came as well, his breath being taken away in a roar of pleasure.


For a moment, everything went hazy around him. He was hardly aware of his lungs calling for air. Then, Gohan's vision focused back on reality. He was towering a dazed Trunks with his forearms crossing over his eyes and forehead. Tiny droplets of white semen were staining the dark fine fabric of the princely jacket while the odor of sex and sweat was floating in the air.


Gohan pulled away from Trunks and knelt down next to him. The young Prince gave him a peek through his forearms and smirked. "You killed me," he said.


"You liked it though," Gohan replied with a smile.


He handled the handcuffs and unclasped them. Trunks had a gasp as he was filled with a rush of energy. "Fuck, I hate it," he exclaimed while rubbing his sore wrists.


"Never been ki-suppressed before?" Gohan asked.


The Prince raised a disbelieving eyebrow. "Of course not. Even less in bed. Who would do that to the Prince, either way?"


Gohan leaned closer to his face. "A fucking bastard of an hybrid Commander. Don't you ever come down on our soldiers again. They're your subjects and they're not to blame for whatever personal problems you get through."


Trunks scowled. "Was it the reason for this fuck?"


"No. The fuck was for comfort. The handcuffs were for retribution. And the whole thing was to let you know that with Goten gone, I'm the only one you can still fully trust because we're the only hybrids left in the Saiyan army."

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