Wishes and Commands

BY : Timaelan
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The air had grown damper with the rain of the late afternoon and despite the dense canopy of the jungle protecting Trunks and his companions, wetness had threaded its way through the faintest particle of their clothes. The hot moisture was also plaguing their lungs, making it hard to breathe normally.

By the time they decided to stop for the night, they were soaked to the bones and exhausted. Not that they'd gone very far anyway. Trunks was still unable to fly and they had been bound to a slow, painful walk through the thick forest. Thus, after hours of efforts, they were barely ten kilometers away from the camp, not even certain if they'd headed the right direction as their landmarks had been blurred by the slight mist rising from the moist soil.

Trunks slumped on the ground both in relief and despair. His muscles were so sore and stiff that it felt like his whole body was seized by a huge, aching cramp. He'd thought that the effects of Chard's drug would fade within a few hours, but it had been almost an entire day now and his condition hadn't improved yet. As things stood, he might eventually need a proper stay in a regeneration tank. Meanwhile he was as vulnerable and weak as a child and it was one more concern in a sea of shits.

He took the scouter out of his pocket and scrutinized it. He'd almost died to steal it back at the camp, but the damn thing had been denying any connection with the ship so far. Oddly enough, it seemed to work perfectly fine though. The young male pressed the button to turn it on and clasped it on his ear to try once again to call the ship. The line remained silent like it had at each previous attempt. Trunks snatched it off and studied each button with care. He hadn't even a single screwdriver to fix it up.

“Maybe, nothing’s wrong with it,” a gentle voice claimed next to him.

He looked up and met Pepper’s black gaze. Her hair was a wild mess. She'd tied it in a ponytail but curly locks had struggled their way back to her forehead and some of them were sticking to her sweaty face. Her lips were dry and cracked and her eyes bloodshot. The walk had been an ordeal for her as well.

She handed him a stick with a piece of roasted meat skewered on it. “Maybe, there's no one willing to answer your call on the ship,” she resumed in a murmur.

Trunks took the stick and bit in the meat with a shrug. If Pepper's theory was right, every Saiyan on Kenam had turned wild including the ship's crew. If that was the case, things were even worst than they seemed, but there was no real proof of that so far, and Trunks knew he should focus on the few positive prospects he still had. For example, the fact that Gohan would eventually show up at some point.

Pepper sat down crossed legs beside him with her own piece of meat. “We have to find Lord Gohan,” she sighed as if she'd just read her Prince’s thoughts.

“We will. Teeb will keep us safe in the meantime,” Trunks answered while trying hard to hide his concern.

“Not for long though,” she mumbled under her breath with a shiver.

They both stared up at the Saiyan Officer busy with the fire a few meters from them. Trunks had to admit that he looked awful. He was covered with the blood of the beast he'd hunted for their dinner. It was mixed with the blood of some Saiyan soldiers they'd found in their way. Teeb had butchered them plain and simple in a disturbing manner. He was growing restless and somewhat unpredictable. Wild.

Trunks was doing his best to ignore that worrying change in his Second's attitude, but he was aware that his behavior was escalating into something dangerous. Pepper was right. Teeb wouldn't be long to leave the role of an overprotective ally to become an obsessed hunter. He was still a Saiyan with a strong need for domination after all and the dedication he had for his Prince might turn into a territory instinct chasing blindly any other Saiyan around Trunks.

Some of the soldiers they had met had been threatening, but others had been scared off by the sight of the Second and yet Teeb had killed them all the same, claiming they were to lash at the Prince sooner or later. Trunks hadn't minded then, but now he realized that the Saiyan's taste for blood was growing out of control.

Trunks watched Pepper nibbling at the meat. Her hands were trembling and her skin was glistening with sweat while the bandage wrapping her injured palm was a filthy brown. The young hybrid had noted that she'd kept bleeding after they'd left the camp, but they had no time to deal with that back then. Soldiers were fighting with ki blasts nearby and the priority had been to steal away as fast as possible. “We should take care of your wound,” he claimed.

She turned shiny eyes to him and nodded. He couldn't help but press his fingers against her forehead. She felt way too hot.

“I think I got fever,” she grunted even before he could say anything.

He pouted in concern. “Why didn't you tell us? Why do you always hide your troubles that way?”

She had a weak smile. “I’m not trying to hide anything but what I need is a proper medical bay and I don't think that a stop in the middle of the jungle would have helped on that matter.”

“Tough girl, huh?” Trunks huffed while grabbing his bag. He rummaged through it to dig up the medical kit he'd taken in the camp. It wasn't much really. Alcohol, compresses and clean bandage. He had no antibiotics to fight an infection. Yet, Pepper's fever was the sign of a nasty turn of events. And she was pregnant.

He closed his eyes and repressed a sigh of frustration. Why did everything have to go so wrong?

He regained his composure and seized Pepper's injured hand to take off the bandage. The sight of the wound wasn't very promising. The caked blood had darkened. The skin was swollen and it reeked of rotten flesh.

He cleaned the wound as carefully as possible, but the dim light didn't allow him to see properly. Even so, he didn't miss the worrying color of the blood. He could sense Pepper's pain too, even though she wouldn't utter a sound. As he was about to bandage her hand again, Teeb snatched the dressing away from him and forced his sitting between Trunks and the female. “I can do that, Your Highness. You're not supposed to tend an officer's wound,” the Saiyan grunted in annoyance.

Trunks frowned at this acting, but his eyes met Pepper's wary look behind Teeb. He remembered her talk about the threat the Second might become and he understood that Teeb was indeed irritated at the closeness between his Prince and Pepper. Trunks decided best to let him have his way.

“Daylight’s dying. We should be aware of ennemies lurking around,” Teeb resumed while working on the bandage.

The jungle was full of danger of all kind, but the most dreadful had turned to be the Saiyan soldiers. It seemed they'd definitely all turned wild and crazy. The trio had only met lonely, lost third classes so far and Teeb being the elite warrior he was had easily dealt with them, but they were all aware that things could go awfully wrong if they were to bump into a bunch of second-classes.

“They'll try to come for you, but I won't let them, trust me,” Teeb added as he was struggling with the bandage for the final tie.

“Come for me?” Trunks asked hesitantly.

Teeb glanced at him in surprise. “Didn't you notice? It's you they want to take down. They hardly mind for Pepper and if I didn't step in, they wouldn't give a shit about me either.”

Trunks froze at the statement. He hadn't noticed that point and he wondered if Teeb’s obsessive mind wasn't just getting paranoid about his Prince's protection.

“The best way to become a leader is to take down the current leader,” Pepper murmured.

Trunks stared at her in disbelief. “But I'm just a cripple for now. I'm barely able to run! I'm no challenge and I'm no threat to their sick need for domination,” he objected.

She shrugged in weariness. “They act by instinct. They've stopped reading ki if they were ever able to do it.”

Teeb nodded in agreement. Trunks was filled with dread. Being the prey of a horde of wild Saiyans was the last thing he needed right now. He was weak. He had to take care of a wounded pregnant officer in an unfriendly jungle and his only support was his Second slowly sinking into madness while Gohan was nowhere in sight. How long would he make it?

“We'll take watch,” he decided.

“We?” Teeb repeated skeptically.

In normal times, Trunks would have slapped him for such disrespectful attitude. “I can still give alert in case of danger,” he retorted bitterly instead, “You can't stay awake the whole night anyway. Beside- I'm sure I'll feel much better after a few hours of rest.”

Teeb shrugged at that. He was done with the bandage and packing the medical equipment back into Trunks' bag. “You're right after all. Pepper will start the watch,” he claimed.

Pepper had a brief sigh, but she stood up and went to sit next to the fire wordlessly. Trunks watched her while finishing his meat. He was wondering how many days they'd need to reach the ship if he didn't regain his normal condition. He drank some water to wash down the last bit of meat and went to take off his armor.

Teeb's hand covered his as he unfastened the first clasp. “It’s not safe. You should keep it,” the Saiyan murmured.

Trunks was caught off guard by the sudden closeness of his Second. He frowned, but when he met the hazel eyes he found a disturbing flame flaring in them. Lust. No ordinary lust though. More like a strong urge. He remembered the night before in the medical bay and flinched. “It's- the armor feels uncomfortable to rest,” he stammered.

Teeb smirked and fastened the clasp back in place. “I'll make your rest comfortable,” he whispered in a slick voice.

Trunks couldn't help but glance at Pepper. She was busy with the fire and sitting too far away to see his face in the thick shadows though. He was on his own to deal with whatever Teeb's intentions were.

The Saiyan's fingers ran from the clasp on his shoulder up to his cheek and they forced the Prince's face to turn to him. Trunks found himself almost lips to lips with his Second. “Don't bother about her,” the Saiyan hummed.

Before Trunks knew it, their lips connected and Teeb's tongue was in his mouth. His brain was screaming that he should shrink away from the touch, but oddly enough, he felt numb at the soft sensation. He let the Saiyan push him back down on the ground, but eventually snatched away from the kiss. “Teeb, I- it's not right,” he mumbled in confusion. He was far from sounding like his usual commanding self though.

“Why?” Teeb asked carelessly while kissing his neck.

“Why? Huh, because-" he broke off in a gasp as the Saiyan gently grabbed his groin.

“Don't you like it? I know you need it. I know you so well. So much better than you think,” Teeb purred while rolling on top of him and placing a leg between Trunks' thighs.

The weigh of the body revived the pain in Trunks' muscles and he huffed at the move. Teeb silenced him with another kiss and started rubbing his Prince's cock over the fabric of his pants.

Against all odds, the pleasant treatment numbed the aching and Trunks found himself responding to Teeb's tongue. Taking it as an agreement, the Saiyan seized his Prince's hand and brought it to his own pants. Trunks was baffled at his hardness, but somehow, he was also getting excited at the touch. Teeb guided his hand further through the waistband and inside his boxers. He had a grunt when Trunks obliged and stroke him thoroughly. The Saiyan couldn't help but move his hips in rhythm. He was quickly short of breath and panting just above Trunks' lips, his eyes closed in bliss.

Trunks grabbed his chin with his free hand and contemplated his features expressing his increasing pleasure. The young Prince was actually amazed to provide him such ecstasy by such a simple attention and he wondered if it was the effect of the Planet Pepper had mentioned before or if Teeb had been wanting him for a long time. Anyway, the sight was highly arousing, especially with the Second's hips rubbing his groin with each move. Teeb's moan were getting louder and Trunks pressed his hand against his lips to muffle his delight.

The Saiyan blurted a yelp and jerked as he came in Trunks' palm. He came a lot and Trunks' fingers were dripping when he withdrew his hand from the pants. The Prince watched the semen thoughtfully, unsure of what to do with it, yet the sight and the scent somehow reminded him that he definitely needed to care for his own business at that point and he brought his free hand to his cock. When Teeb realized his Prince was touching himself, he pushed his hand away. “That's mine to do,” he whispered.

Bending over, he released the throbbing crotch from the pants and took it in his mouth. Trunks arched unwillingly with a gasp. He closed his eyes and let Teeb lift his pelvis to pull the boxers down. The sensation felt incredibly good after all the pain Trunks had endured. His mind drifted and he imagined Gohan sucking him. Teeb's mouth was eager and restless, swallowing him all. Then, Trunks felt fingers entering him gently. He stiffened at the intrusion, but grew slowly accustomed to it. The Saiyan was pushing further all by keeping a fair pace at taking care of his cock.

Trunks realized he was whimpering and tried to silence himself. Yet, the bliss was getting overwhelming and all of a sudden everything went blank and he came hard in a groan.

The trance was long to fade and it left his body numb. He sensed Teeb pulling his pants back in place and crawling on top of him to nestle his nose in the crook of his neck. Trunks could hear his heart coming back to a normal pace. He was soon considering the guilt to indulge into Teeb's desire while their situation was so bad, but his mind was far too exhausted to dwell on these stern thoughts and he ended up dozing peacefully.

His restless sleep was interrupted by a sudden flash piercing through his mind, connecting him instantly back to reality. His eyes opened wide and he found himself still lying on his back on the moist ground while Teeb had rolled over and curled up on his own side. Trunks' heart was hammering in his chest and his mouth was dry but he knew he hadn't been dreaming. He could still felt it flaring in the distance. Gohan's ki was bright and unmistakable.

The young Prince sat up in a hurry. "Pepper! Teeb!" he called.

The female was still on the watch near the fire and she stood up at once to join him, but Teeb wasn't that quick. He hardly groan in disapproval and Trunks shook him forcefully to wake him up.

"Gohan. I felt him. He's somewhere nearby. I'd say he was flying to the ship," Trunks claimed excitedly.

"So, he's back," Pepper murmured in hope.

Teeb cracked an eye open. "Lord Gohan? Are you sure Your Highness?" he grunted in disbelief.

"Of course, I'm sure. Just wake up, you moron. Go and get him. Tell him where we are. He might be looking for me," Trunks hissed.

Teeb sat up with a frown. "Get him? I can't leave you alone here. What if you're attacked? Send her," he growled with a move of the chin in Pepper's direction.

Trunks was annoyed at the lack of reaction of his Second. "She can't go. She's wounded and too weak. Just like me, can't you see?"

Teeb narrowed his eyes and watched Pepper in suspicion for a silent while. "I see. She reeks of death, but that means I can't trust her to protect you."

His Second's reluctance was getting on the Prince's nerves. Their luck was just there, close at hand. Gohan was back. He felt like slapping Teeb. Pepper's hand softly rested on his to calm him down. "We'll hide. We're gonna find a hideout and you're gonna be quick to get Lord Gohan. That will do," the female offered.

Teeb exhaled through his nostrils in a repressed sigh of annoyance. As he looked down, his eyes met Pepper's palm covering Trunk's hand. She withdrew it hurriedly, but it was too late, the Saiyan was already reaching out for her. Fortunately, Trunks was sitting just between the two and he had time to interpose so that instead of grabbing Pepper, Teeb found himself face to face with his Prince.

Trunks pressed his palm on his Second's chest and smirked at him smugly. "You swore to protect me, Teeb, didn't you?" he whispered in a husky voice.

Their lips almost touched and the Saiyan officer was stirred by the slick voice.

“You know the best way to do it is to get Lord Gohan as quick as you can? You know, how grateful I can be when it comes about loyalty?” Trunks carried on, his breathing purposely brushing his officer’s skin.

Teeb faintly shrunk away. His eyes were gleaming with a mix of emotion, but anger was no longer part of them. No doubt, he was imagining a whole lot of things Trunks was trying not to think about. Yet, the Second gave Pepper a hesitant peek. To complete his plea, the young Prince grabbed the Saiyan’s head and kissed him eagerly, allowing a sensual dance of their tongues.

As he broke the kiss, he whispered in Teeb’s ears. “You know what I mean. Just go now.”

Teeb pulled away brusquely and gave him a last lustful look before flying off to the sky. Trunks watched him go away with a sigh. Part of him was disgusted by that little game, but a part of him – he was ashamed to admit it – found it somehow exciting.

He turned to Pepper. She knew better than gaze boldly back, well aware that she’d witnessed something she should never talk about.

“Now, we have something serious to deal with,” Trunks claimed.

Raising her head, she gave him a questioning frown.

He struggled to his feet and grabbed his bag. “A group of soldiers is coming our way. Strong and restless enough to have us hurry to hide.”

She didn’t ask more and stood up as well to follow him suit through the bushes. They figured out a river was flowing nearby and they started walking along it, but the landscape left scarce opportunities to hide. Beside they were slow. Trunks’ reluctant muscles wouldn’t leave him in peace and each step was an agony. As they heard some noise in the distance, they eventually decided to hide apart. Trunks slid into a hollow trunk, while Pepper crouched down in a bush a few steps away from him.

Trunks could smell the rotten woods around him while standing motionless in that damn hideout. A slight shame was tugging at his soul as he was waiting with bated breath, praying that no one would find him, but his will to survive was stronger anyway. Thinking about it, he’d done worst so far. If anything, his slutty demeanor with Teeb was something he wished never happened.

The soldiers stopped just outside the trunk. He could make out their figures through the gaps of the bark. Trunks closed his eyes to soothe his crazy heartbeat. Still, he smelt them. He also heard their growl. They hardly uttered words to communicate at some point and he felt sick at the thought that they were turning into beasts. Were Saiyan actually beasts?

The question brushed his mind, but before he could muse about an answer, he was startled by a loud scream and a rustle in the foliage. Pepper’s voice sent a hiver up his spine. Watching closer, he realized one of the soldiers had caught her and the rest was circling her in a very threatening way.

The sight triggered an unexpected wave of energy washing over his body. His ki was somehow back. He kicked the bark away and jumped into the mass.

He was able to crush a face or two in the process and to throw some punches, but he realized soon enough that he was still too weak to face them all. There were maybe six of them and he hadn’t even been strong enough to knock out a single one. Things quickly got out of hand.

While he heard Pepper’s shout, he was pushed down, face first in the mud. He tried his best to keep breathing, curled up on the ground, as kicks were ruining his back and ribs. A strong hand eventually gripped his head and pulled him up on his feet. Trunks glared at the filthy Saiyan face in front of him and, just when the soldier tried to give him a final blow, he had a last rush of ki and punched him back, sending the both of them down the flow.

Trunks’ attempt at swimming informed him that he had no energy whatsoever at disposal. He tried hard to get back to the surface but his limbs were numb and unresponsive, while his damn armor was dragging him down. As his lungs were urging for air, his head started to spin and the panic gave way to a hazy weariness. He’d never imagined that he could end up his life drowned in a stupid river. What a death for the mighty Prince of all Saiyans.

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