Wishes and Commands

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Chapter 3

Trunks had settled himself apart from his troops, his backpack wedged under his butt and his back leaning against the large trunk of a tree. The wide branches and strange purple foliage hardly allowed him to be kissed by the glow of the campfire burning a few feet away. 

He could hear the busy soldiers in the distance. Some were barking orders while others were singing or laughing roughly, but no one would dare come bother him at this very moment. He had been in a sour mood since the day before when some of his men had gone in a fight where two of them had earned serious injuries demanding immediate return to the base. He had no doubt that some would see this incident as another proof of his inability to keep an upper hand on his own men and it might call for more distrust from the Saiyan officers.

Even though the soldiers were basically Gohan's, Trunks was in charge of them as they were scouring the planet. According to their plans, he had taken command of a squad of hundred men while Gohan, Chard and Pyrnut were dealing with as many men, each unit covering a different piece of land in search for the natives still left.

The young Prince and his men had been exploring the forest for about ten days now, and nothing had come out of it. That was partly the reason why the soldiers were getting restless. Plain and simple, they couldn't get ahold of a single native. They only stumbled across weird animals. Some dangerous, some dumb, but none of them challenging enough for a hundred bored Saiyans. The situation was getting on everyone's nerves.

The Prince couldn't help but wonder what he would report to his father next time he'd talk to him. Kenam had still some living inhabitants nevertheless and Trunks hoped that Gohan, or even Chard or Pyrnut would turn luckier than him, even though his last chat with Gohan hadn't been very promising on that matter.

Trunks' mind wandered back to the memories of the older hybrid's sweaty body. A part of him was still somewhat baffled about their lovemaking. Gohan didn't seem to mind though. He'd kept behaving as usual, silencing Trunks' guilt in the process. Now that they'd been apart for so many days, the young Prince realized he missed his friend. He had been used to have many lovers back on Vegitasei when he was a teenager, but he'd slowed down when he'd become an official warrior with serious missions to deal with. It had somehow been a way to stay apart from the people he had to command and thus, to ensure their respect. Yet, Gohan had let him know that he'd been wrong. Saiyans obviously didn't regard sex as a shameful thing.

A slight move in the twilight caught Trunks' attention. The figure of Teeb standing respectfully at distance surged in the dim light. "You called for me, your Highness," the Second stated in hesitation.

The Earthling beckoned to him to come closer. "Come here."

Teeb stepped closer until towering over his Prince sitting at the ground's level. Trunks looked up at him. The Saiyan was about his age, but for some reason he'd always sounded wiser and more experienced, as if ten years older. He was definitely a reserved quiet nature and during the two years he'd spent at Trunks' service, the young Prince had never paid him any true mind. He had no doubt that Teeb was fully dedicated to him though. He would probably give his life for him.

The young Hybrid squinted as to take a better look at the Saiyan despite the shadow. Oddly enough, he still looked like a teenager. His skin was smooth and he hardly ever needed to shave. His frame wasn't as muscular and impressive as most soldiers as if his body wasn't done shaping itself. The way he kept his black hair short and tidy didn't help him look strong and wild, but Trunks knew that this fragile look wasn't up to his stark personality. If anything, the sparkle of gold in his hazel eyes reflected his vivid spirits.

The Second was staring down at his Prince, unabashed by the inspection and in wait for his request. He wouldn't ask anything even though Trunks wouldn't bring himself to speak.

After a while, the Prince fidgeted and licked his lips nervously. "Kneel down," he murmured.

His voice had been hardly more than a breath, but Teeb did as he was told. His hazel eyes were fearlessly searching his master's blue orbs and Trunks felt somewhat uncomfortable at his intense gaze. He was about to ask something he'd never asked him before and even if Gohan had said it was something common, unease was creeping in his guts.

Trunks fumbled with the buttons of his own pants. The hazel eyes peered down at his gesture, then back to his prince's face. Trunks almost felt ashamed as he read the realization into his Second's eyes. Was he definitely losing his mind? He let go of his pants with a sigh and looked away. "For… Forget it," he mumbled in embarrassment.

He was caught off guard by Teeb's fingers taking over with the buttons. He gazed back at him and met the Hazel eyes. More gold than usual was shining down there and it was somehow mesmerizing. "You don't have to if you don't want to," Trunks murmured. He knew Teeb wanted though.   

The Second's sole answer was to keep on unbuttoning the pants. He wouldn't hurry, working each button with care and leaving his Prince some time to get used to the situation. The sight was enough to have the royal crotch grow hard. Trunks opened his legs a little bit more to give better access, his eyes still locked on the Saiyan.

Teeb rubbed his groin through the fabric of his boxers and Trunks had to repress a hiss as his body was highly responsive to the attention. Taking the reaction as acceptation, the young Second plunged his hand into his master's underwear and pulled his hardness to the open. He stroked him with care, causing a wave of delight to run up Trunks' spine. Seeing his Second working so dutifully on him, kneeling on all four between his thighs was tantalizing and utterly exciting.

Teeb licked the tips of his cock while rubbing further the rest of the shaft. Trunks cringed and bit his lips as to muffle a faint grunt. As he was getting harder and harder, Teeb took the tip in his mouth and sucked it softly.

The prince stopped watching him and tossed his head back against the trunk behind him with a sigh of satisfaction. He closed his eyes while the young soldier kept toying with his cock. Yet, after a while Trunks couldn't take it longer. He sank his finger in Teeb's hair and pushed his head down as to have him swallow him whole.

The Second had a slight whimper at the move, but his master didn't hear it as he was getting lost in the trance, his mind solely focused on the great pleasure seizing his nerves. He craved to have it harder and faster and he kept guiding the young Saiyan's mouth up and down with no mind for his comfort.

Teeb didn't resist the rough treatment and he did his best to please his Prince. He would moan weekly once in a while but it didn't even sound like complains.

Trunks needed to grit his teeth in order to keep control on his hiss and gasps. He couldn't help but arch and push his hips forward to go deeper into the Saiyan's mouth. Teeb was definitely doing great, causing an overwhelming delight.

As he wasn't far to cum, the young Hybrid pressed his free palm against his lips in the hope of silencing his pleasure to be. He couldn't prevent a weak grunt as he released himself in the Saiyan's mouth though.

Everything was silent for a while, except for the soldiers' voices in the distance and Trunks' hectic breathing. He still had his eyes close, savoring the lingering bliss.

He felt Teeb wiping his cock and packing it back into his pants. He opened his eyes and looked down at him. The shiny hazel eyes were staring at him. "I hope I was able to please Your Highness," the Saiyan whispered.

He was still kneeling between Trunks' open legs. The prince patted his hair in an attempt to comb it back in order. "You did," he panted.

Teeb had a small smile. Teeb hardly ever smiled. Actually Trunks couldn't remember having seen him with a grin upon his face. The sight was strange. "Why did you never ask for it, if I may ask?" the Second resumed while buttoning the pants.

Trunks blushed at the question and he was grateful for the twilight hiding the pink shade of his cheeks. If he had to be honest, he hated the idea that officers might use their Second in such a manner. Although he had to admit he enjoyed it, it was something disturbing for his Earthling mind. He couldn't explain it to Teeb though, because Teeb was nothing near earthling. Trunks didn't know what to answer and he just shook his head.

The Saiyan didn't insist. "Sorry for prying, Your Highness. I'm at your service, no matter what."

Trunks couldn't help but feel awkward at the offer. Yet, this was a Saiyan world and he was supposed to be Prince of all Saiyans. "I'll remember it," he murmured.

"You Highness," a voice echoed all of a sudden.

The Prince was startled at the realization that a soldier was standing a few feet away and he wondered at once what that newcomer had witnessed. The young hybrid pushed his Second in Command away and struggled to his feet in a hurry.

"You have a very important call from the base," the soldier claimed in an unaffected tone. His face was emotionless although he had very likely understood what had just happened – if he hadn't just seen it.

"I'm coming," Trunks replied while heading back to the camp. He made his way through the small crowd of noisy soldiers. They parted on his way and he tried not to look at them, wondering how many suspected what he just asked to Teeb. Everyone behaved as usual though. It's something natural to them either way, Trunks reminded himself and he chased the guilt away from his mind.

Three soldiers were waiting for him with a scouter in their hands. The connection was bad on Kenam. The planet was too wild with too few power sources. Thus, the communication with the base and the other squads was limited to a single scouter and they would only turn it on once a day.

Trunks stuck the device behind his ear and pressed the button on its side. "Prince Trunks speaking," he claimed.

The picture of an older Saiyan showed up on the tiny screen. Trunks knew his name was Fennel. He was the head of Gohan's scientist team.

The Saiyan saluted his Prince with a knock of his fist against his heart and a faint bow. "Your Highness, we have big news. Something has come out."

"Big news? What is it about?" Trunks asked in concern.

The Saiyan shook his head. "Forgive me Your Highness, I can't say anything on a connection, but I suggest you order all the soldiers to head back to the base."

Trunks frowned. "This sounds serious. Are you sure there is no other solution? We're talking about 400 men, there."

"Trust me Your Highness. This is what needs to be done, but you might want to talk about it with Lord Gohan before you make your decision."

Trunks was piqued by the suggestion. "No. We'll be on our way tomorrow morning," he replied in a cold voice.

The Saiyan squinted. "I beg your pardon but best would be to be on your way now, Your Highness."

Trunks arched his eyebrows at the scientist's persistence. "Huh, okay. I'll command all the squad to head back home as soon as possible."

Fennel had a satisfied grin and bowed again. "Thank you for your trust, Your Highness."

Trunks turned off the scouter and tried to look as unaffected as possible as he ordered his men to pack off and head back to the base.

The trip back to their headquarters lasted the whole night and all the way long Trunks couldn't get rid of a dull concern. He was wondering what could be going on to worry an old Saiyan enough to have an entire army dive for cover.

They had sought Kenam for days and they hadn't found anything interesting. Furthermore, they hadn't sensed any strong beings. Something had maybe come out on Vegitasei and they were called back home.

The day was about to break when they landed at last at the foot of their craft. The air was crisp and a multitude of invisible birds were greeting the sun with a concerto of chirpings. Trunks couldn't help but give the settings a wary glance, expecting danger to creep around despite the quietness of the landscape. Except for his soldiers landing loudly all around, everything was peaceful though.

He rushed up the ramp to the entrance of the ship. Two soldiers were guarding the door and cleared his way wordlessly as he dashed inside. He stumbled across Fennel waiting for him. "I'm so glad to have you back, Your Highness," he said while giving his chest a slight knock.

"Are the other squads back as well?" the Prince asked in concern.

"Lord Chard arrived half an hour ago. Lord Gohan and Pyrnut are still on their way," the older Saiyan replied.

"What's that mess about? What is going on? Did something happen on Vegitasei?" Trunks carried on at once.  

The Saiyan squinted in surprise. "No, no, don't worry, Your Highness. Yet, we have a serious matter to handle."

Trunks was growing impatient at the scientist's riddles. "Let go and talk, then," he grumbled.

"Wouldn't it be best to wait for our Lord Commander?" the Saiyan asked hesitantly.

The Prince cringed at the suggestion. It was the second time Fennel hinted he needed Gohan as a chaperon. He craved to catch the scientist by the collar and drag him along to the Commander's room. He had no time to make a move though.

"There I am," a low voice stated behind Trunks' back.

The younger Hybrid glanced over his shoulder and found Gohan standing on the doorstep. His face was stern and concerned and the prince's wariness grew deeper at the sight.

The scientist gave a bow to his Commander. He was clearly relieved to have him there and Trunks felt pissed at his reaction as it was the sign that the Saiyan wouldn't fully trust his young Prince. "Follow me, please," the old man muttered under his breath.

He trotted along the endless corridors with Gohan and Trunks in his wake. The prince was tense. He had the nagging feeling he was making his way to a scaffold. He glimpsed at Gohan as to gauge his state of mind, but the older Hybrid looked calm as he usually did. He had no fear about what they were going to hear for he had no doubt he would deal with it whatever it was. Meeting Trunks' eyes, he gave him a faint nod of support and for some reason that was enough to soothe the younger man's nervousness.

They entered a small cabin crowded with computers and screens. A younger scientist was sitting in front of one of them. He stood up at their entrance and bowed to Trunks and Gohan. When they were all inside, Fennel locked the door and turned to his leaders.

"We partially fixed up the security system we picked up in His Highness' burnt craft," he claimed in unease.

Gohan and Trunks waited for more but the scientist just gave a nod to his younger teammate. In return, the young Saiyan switched on the screen he had been facing when they came in.

"We saved a small part of what the camera had been able to record," Fennel added.

The video was crappy. They could see a dim deserted corridor. After a moment, a Saiyan soldier showed up, walking past the camera. He paused before being out of sight though. Against all odds, he ripped off a case inserted in the wall and a bunch of wires dangled down from it. The soldier handled them but his body was shielding the view so that no one could see what he was doing. Then, he pulled out a device of his pocket and connected it to the rest before placing the case back in place. The picture froze as he was about to walk away. The whole matter hardly lasted one minute.

Everything was still in the small cabin except for the weak humming of the computers all around. Trunks and Gohan didn't make a move, mulling over what they had just seen.

"Who saw that?" Trunks' stern voice asked after a while.

"The group of scientists who had been working on the security system. This is five people including me, Your Highness," the old Saiyan explained.

"I want all of you in the Commander's room. Wait for us and speak to no one, understood?" the Prince grunted.

The Old Saiyan bowed wordlessly. He was even more worried than when he had talked to Trunks the night before and he had good reasons to be as the Prince's order sounded like a threat. Gohan gave Trunks a questioning glance but the younger Hybrid ignored it.

When the scientists were gone, Trunks locked the door again and turned to Gohan.

"You're in danger," Gohan claimed at once.

"We all are," Trunks retorted.

"This is the Saiyan Flame. These guys are crazy. They don't even care for their own life. It would be safer for you to return to Vegitasei," Gohan added while pointing at the screen.

Trunks gazed at the frozen picture on the screen. He had no clue about the soldier's name, but he'd been part of his unit and it seemed he had also been part of the Saiyan Flame. The Saiyan Flame was a secret group of fierce enemies of the Royal family. All its members claimed to purge Saiyan Royalty of any foreign blood, or in other terms, to get rid of Earthlings offspring. It meant Trunks had lost all of his men on sabotage while he had likely been the true aim.

The young Prince crossed his arms, his eyes still locked on the picture. He felt oddly calm. "I won't run away."

Gohan frowned. "Run away? Running away suppose a real opponent. The Saiyan Flame is a bunch of cowards, you can't fight them. Not on this rotten planet away from your people and from the Court," he objected.

Trunks' gaze shifted from the screen to his friend. Gohan was growing frantic and it was unusual. "I'll fight them, no matter what it takes. Even if they end up killing me, I'll give them a fair challenge. I'll teach them Earthling blood costs twice as much as Saiyan blood."

Gohan gritted his teeth and grabbed his younger friend's shoulders. "This is no game, Trunks. I have five hundred soldiers down here and I'm not sure anymore which one I can still trust. I'm giving order to head back to Vegitasei at once."

Trunks snatched himself out of his grip. "No, you won't. I'm the highest rank here. I make the decision. We stay and we keep going on that fucking mission."  

Gohan's features hardened. "Highest rank, huh? Let's ask Vegeta about that," he growled.

That was a low blow and Trunks' anger flared up. "You know what? The soldiers are right to consider me as a half Prince. Spoiled and pampered by Vegitasei lenient Royal Council. My whole life has always been sugar-coated. All the people around me had me believe I was the best, the strongest and the smartest of all, while real soldier were facing true danger and death on a daily basis. I never stood a chance to prove what I really was, so I won't just runaway back to my dad when I meet danger for the first time. I'm a Prince and it's time I make my own decision."

Gohan bit his lips at that. He repressed an annoyed sigh. "Okay, let's report to your father and see what happens. A Prince is still not a King."

Trunks glared daggers at him. "We have to take care of the scientists first," he spat.

Gohan frowned in concern. "The scientists? What do you mean?"

Trunks didn't bother giving him an answer. He unlocked the door and exited the cabin, heading straight to the meeting room.

Gohan rushed behind him. He didn't dare being too familiar by calling him back in the open, so he just caught up with him and kept walking by his side with an annoyed frown on his face.

Four Saiyans were sitting quietly around the table while Fennel was pacing the room in nervousness. As Trunks opened the door, they all got startled and eyed at him at once. They didn't even salute him but he took no offense. He stepped into the room with Gohan on his heels and closed the door.

He could sense Gohan's wariness but he paid no mind to it. The prince's gaze wandered from one Saiyan to the other. None of them was bold enough to meet the Royal blue orbs. There were four males and a female, all of them rather young except for their boss. Trunks didn't know them since they were basically under Gohan's authority.

The Prince took a few steps forward and sat in the Commander's seat, clasping his hands quietly. "So. You've all seen that video, right?"

Silence answered him.

"Right?" he repeated louder in a demanding voice, causing the Saiyans to cringe.

A general mumble uttered a confused "Yes, Your Highness."

"Good. Now, I'm gonna ask a question and I want you to think really well before giving me your answer."

Fennel was growing frantic and he was obviously fighting his urge to interrupt his Prince. Trunks ignored him though. "Did any of you talk about the video to anyone outside this room?" he uttered slowly.

Once again, silence answered him. Each Saiyan was trying to contain his fear in a way or another. The female was head bowed, her fingers fidgeting under the table. Another one had gritted teeth, staring at nothing in particular. Fennel kept shifting from one foot to another. All of them had bated breath.

"Did you?" Trunks asked suddenly, pointing at one of the scientist sitting around the table.

"No, Your Highness," he replied with trembling voice.

The prince aimed his finger at another one. "Then you?"

"No, Your Highness," the Saiyan whispered.

Trunks had a deep sigh. "Okay, so except for the people in that room, nobody knows why my crafts blew up. Do we all agree on that point?"

They all nodded sheepishly.

"It has to stay that way. Lord Gohan, can we afford to kill them all?"

Gohan couldn't help but cringe at the unexpected question. He was still standing near the door, speechless at what he'd just heard. He walked closer to the table, facing the panic on the scientists' faces. He had a hard time to hide his unease and he took some time before answering the question. "Your Highness, this is my best team. It would be a hard loss for our unit," he stated calmly.

Trunks looked up at him with a pout. "Couldn't they be replaced?"

Unnoticed by the other Saiyans, Gohan glared down at him. He was uncertain whether Trunks really planned to kill their own men. Did he lose his mind at the realization that one of his own soldiers had killed his entire unit? Yet, Trunks kept staring back at him with questioning eyes.

"They have rare knowledges. I don't think the other scientists would make up for their deaths," the older Hybrid replied.

Trunks turned to the five Saiyans facing him and sighed. "They're your men, so I guess you know better. Too bad."

"We won't say anything, Your Highness" Fennel claimed forcefully.

Trunks smirked at him. "I hope so. If you do though… there will be more people to kill. It's not like we lack scientists and troops on Vegitasei."

The old Saiyan nodded frantically. "Trust us, Your Highness. You're the only one we serve."

The Prince tossed back in his chair. "Then go. Just remember I'll keep an eye on you. Don't tempt me."

They poured out the room in the blink of an eye, leaving the place silent and empty.

"What the hell was that?" Gohan hissed when he was alone with the Prince.

Trunks avoided looking up at him. "I had to scare them to ensure their silence. We can't afford to have the whole unit know about the Saiyan Flame's success. Beside, we're not sure whether some other berserk isn't hiding among our soldiers. If it's the case, best is to let him believe we're oblivious of his presence."

"That was nasty. All these scientists are dedicated, worthy people and they would have obeyed you, either way," Gohan mumbled.

Trunks glared at him. "How do you know that? My soldier was dedicated and loyal as well until he set up the bombs in my crafts."

Gohan could only nod at that. He rubbed his eyelids in weariness and sighed. They had both travelled all night and they were growing tense in exhaustion. "We must report to Vegitasei," Gohan claimed.

He went to get the transmission pad and handed it to Trunks.

The Prince didn't move at first, just glaring at his friend in disapproval. Yet, Gohan wouldn't let the harsh face cow him and he held the pad at Trunks' eye level.

The younger hybrid ended up snatching it out of his grip with a grunt. He made the call and waited for the connection with Gohan standing next to him in sight of whoever would answer.

An unfamiliar Saiyan showed up on the screen.  He had a disbelieving frown as he recognized Trunks. "Your Highness? This isn't the scheduled time for report," he stammered in puzzlement while giving him a hasty salute.

"I need to talk to my father. It's important."

The Saiyan scratched his head in bewilderment. "Your father? Huh, Your Highness, it's night here. The King's asleep. I could maybe find someone…"

"Wake him up. Now," Trunks growled in a threatening voice.

The Saiyan looked baffled by the demanding tone, but he was wise enough to merely nod in reply and the screen went blank.

Trunks kept absent eyes on the pad, trying to tame his boiling nerves in wait for his father to be connected. He felt Gohan's hand on the nape of his neck. He looked up at him over his shoulder and met his worried eyes. "You don't have to do that, Trunks," the older Hybrid murmured. "They'll offer you to come back to Vegitasei. Just accept it. No one will call you a coward for following Vegitasei's orders." 

Trunks scowled. "There's no need for me to go back to Vegitasei. I can handle the situation."

Gohan frowned in annoyance at the reply. "Prick," he hissed.

"Trunks? What's up," a familiar grumpy voice asked. Vegeta had shown up on the screen, his eyes still foggy with sleep but his eyebrows knitted in worry.

"We… figured out what happened to my unit, Your Majesty. Our scientists were able to save a video of the security system and it shows one of my soldiers sabotaging the crafts," he stated.

His father's frown went deeper. "Goddamn Saiyan Flame?" he whispered in disbelief.

"That mess looks very much like them," Trunks confirmed.

The King gritted his teeth as to contain a bubbling anger. "The bastards obviously tried to kill you. They've never done such a crazy thing before. Fuck them all," Vegeta growled.

"The mission isn't over, yet," Trunks claimed. "We didn't catch all the natives. We still have to search that damn planet. It's huge."

Vegeta stared at his son with an unreadable face. "This mission can wait. It might be wiser for you to come back home. We don't know if they have more men amongst your troops."

"If it's the case, I'll take care of them. Your Majesty shouldn't worry for me. I wouldn't like those renegades to think that they could scare the Prince off," Trunks replied. 

His father blinked. He kept quiet for a while but Trunks didn't miss the glance he gave to Gohan. An officer poked his head unexpectedly next to Vegeta and he whispered something in his ear.

Trunks seethed at the sight. His father's fucking councilors were never far behind. Vegeta had a nod. "The Council still deems it safer for you to come home," he said.

Trunks gritted his teeth. "What does the King deem best? Having a true heir able to deal with our family's enemies, or having a pet with a crown?" he spat.

A sparkle of mirth ignited in Vegeta's eyes but he repressed any smile. The Councilor's head came in sight again. He glared at the Prince and whispered again in his King's ear. Although Trunks and Gohan couldn't hear his words, they could feel his voice vibrating in annoyance this time.  

Vegeta pushed him back though. "Do what you will, son. I still want daily reports. I also want you to send us the video," he growled. 

Relief and pride washed over Trunks and he bowed his head as a sign of obedience. The screen turned black, leaving a jubilating Prince and a very pissed Commander on their own.

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