Wishes and Commands

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Chapter 2

Everything was still. Everyone had frozen the moment Trunks had showed up and in the blink of an eye all the soldiers had stood to attention with their heads down. All but Chard.

Gohan's Second was sitting on the ground, one of his eyebrows and his lips dripping with blood. He looked up at Trunks and gave him a smirk while wiping his mouth carelessly. "Your Highness," he merely grunted as he struggled to his feet, but even when he was up, he didn't bother lowering his head or behaving as fitted in front of a Prince. 

Trunks' gaze paused on him for a while before drifting away to the other people in the room. Teeb was facing Chard. Even with his head down, Trunks could make out a great bruise forming on one of his cheekbones. Behind the two Seconds in Command, two low-class soldiers were standing apart. They looked like they were trying to melt down into the wall as they were obviously willing to go unnoticed by their Prince. 

"What's going on?" Trunks snapped. 

"Nothing serious, Your Highness. We were just, you know, chatting. Saiyan to Saiyan," Chard answered. 

Saiyan to Saiyan. Trunks couldn't ignore the hint and he felt a sharp annoyance teasing his nerves. He did his best to hide it and turned to his Second in Command. "Teeb?"

As Teeb lifted his head Trunks figured out the bruise was much larger than he'd believed at first. The cheekbone was swollen and a vivid purple. "We, huh, we were debating the best way to team up the soldiers for our mission, Your Highness" the Second answered hesitantly.

Trunks raised an eyebrow at the sugar coated reply since both officers had been more likely fighting with fists and feet. 

"I'm the Second in Command there and it seems that your officer is oblivious of that point," Chard grunted. 

"I'm not any ordinary officer. I'm his Highness' Second. I'm serving Royalty," Teeb hissed.   

"Stop it," Trunks cut out in an irritated voice. "What is it here? Kindergarten? I'm quite disappointed by Lord Gohan's commandment if truth to be told." 

Just as expected, the statement about Gohan had Chard flaring up at once. "Lord Gohan's commandment never ended in losing a hundred men," the officer spat bitterly.

These words were just the sparkles Trunks' nerves needed to spiral out of control. Before Chard saw it coming, the Prince grabbed the nape of his neck and sent him flying head first in the wall. Chard's body slumped on the ground but Trunks caught his mane and hoisted him up to his feet before slamming his head back into the wall. 

He hardly heard Teeb's voice calling him in panic. His Second knew better than trying to hold him back though. 

Trunks yanked Chard's mane backward as to raise his bloody face to him. "It seems you are the oblivious one when it comes about your place. Since you didn't listen to Teeb, let me remind you the point, little prick. I am your Prince and Teeb serves me. As such, everything he requested might be considered as requested by myself. Get it?"

As a reply, Chard could only spit out some blood and a tooth. Trunks pulled his hair even harder. "Get it? Or is my way of teaching not Saiyan enough for you?" he insisted. 

"Get it," Chard grumbled with more blood dripping down his lips and chin. 

One of his eyes was closed but the other was shining with a dull frustration and Trunks felt like crashing his moronic face into the wall one more time. Yet, he had no time to think further about it as a stern voice echoed behind him. "Your Highness? What's going on?" 

Trunks let go of Chard's head, allowing the officer to kneel properly, and turned around to face Gohan. The older hybrid was staring at his Second in Command with some concern. 

"Some of your men are somewhat… wild, Lord Gohan. Nothing a quick lesson can correct though," Trunks stated. 

Gohan glared at him but the Prince ignored him and exited the room without further comment. 

Beating Chard had felt really good. At least for a while. Yet, as the rest of the day went by, the young Prince returned to his previous restlessness. Beating Chard had felt good but it hadn't solved his nagging wariness. On top of it the young Prince suspected his acting had pissed his only friend. Gohan was likely mad at him for knocking out his Second. Not to mention, losing his nerves like he'd done was no appropriate behavior for a Prince. 

Gohan had let him know that his officers and him would have a meeting to study the planet's topography but Trunks decided he had no reason to attend it. He knew that damn Planet already. He'd studied it for hours before starting his mission and he certainly didn't feel like getting bored to death while facing Gohan's moronic officers. 

He called for Teeb and had a sparring session with him instead. Teeb wasn't a very strong fighter but he made up for it with stamina and smartness. Trunks wondered whether Teeb had been given special orders as to be compromising with him or if he was just a lenient clever personality. He didn't dare ask his Second though. He left him at a late hour and joined the Commander's cabin as the place had become his official home. 

It was quiet and deserted when he stepped in. Someone had brought a cold meal for him. The young Prince took the tray and sat down at the desk. He found out he was hungrier than he'd cared to admit and he was quickly done devastating the dishes. 

As his stomach was full, weariness came creeping over him. He hadn't taken off his armor and the plates felt incredibly heavy all of a sudden. Leaving the tray behind, he stood up and undid the fasteners absently. After being rid of the armor, he peeled out his clothes and went straight to the shower. 

The hot water left him even more exhausted but no less nervous than before. He slipped in dark large breeches and donned a robe over it. It was already late. The day was over and the ship had grown silent and dark, but Gohan hadn't showed up. Trunks assumed that he'd ended up moving in another cabin. Or he might just be sulking. The thought made the young Prince sad. 

He found out a new bottle had replaced the one he'd emptied the first day. He grabbed it along with a glass and sat wearily on the bed. Leaning his back against the wall, he closed his eyes and kept silent for a while, the bottle still stuck between his fingers. He'd certainly screwed up today. The talk with his father had been icily formal and the fight with Gohan's stupid Second had done no good to regain his princely aura. He wished Goten could be by his side. He blocked any further thought about his friend as he knew they would only trigger an even bleaker mood. He poured a glass and drank it instead.

After two glasses, he heard the door slide open and he found Gohan entering the cabin. The light was dim and Trunks couldn't see his entire face. 

"You don't sleep, yet? You should." Gohan said in an unaffected voice while unfastening his armor.

"Don't act as if I still was a kid," Trunks mumbled. 

Gohan didn't answer. He stripped off his armor and clothes with the young Prince studying him. Gohan was a handsome man. His skin was tanned and muscular, everything scandalously well-proportioned.

"Are you mad at me?" Trunks asked after a while.

Gohan turned to him slowly. "Should I be?"

"I ruined your Second, I skipped your meeting. I thought you'd be angry."

Gohan sighed and shook his head. He grabbed a top tank in the closet and walked to the bed. He crawled up to Trunks on all four and kneeled in front of him, the garment still in his hand. 

Seeing his concerned black orbs, the young Prince readied himself for a lecture. He could spell it by heart already and it made him even wearier. However, instead of wording any reproach, Gohan ran the tip of his thumb along Trunks' cheek. The younger hybrid was startled at the touch but he kept still. 

"I'm not angry. You are," Gohan whispered.

Trunks had a hard time averting his gaze from him, but he brought himself to turn his head as to take a sip, causing Gohan to withdraw his hand. "I have all reasons to be. Someone killed my soldiers under my nose and your men won't bother considering me as their true Prince," he mumbled. 

Gohan grabbed the glass and pulled the drink away from Trunks. "This won't solve your problem," he stated. 

For some reason the younger hybrid didn't argue when his glass was taken away and rested on the bedside table. In normal times, Trunks would have stood up furiously to anyone trying to lecture him about drinking or anything else but there was something special in Gohan's voice. It sounded both soothing and wise and Trunks couldn't help but submitt his will. 

Gohan placed his palms on Trunks' knees and gave him a stern gaze. "Commandment leads to loneliness and I can tell you feel lonely. So lonely, you feel lost and it scares you so much that you turn restless. That's how mistakes happen. You're losing control, Trunks."

Trunks frowned in puzzlement at that. He didn't know what to say. He didn't even know if it was true or crap actually. Gohan's soft voice was just mesmerizing and he felt numb. 

The older hybrid stroked his cheek again. Trunks hadn't been given such a kind treatment for very long and he enjoyed the touch with a shiver.    

Gohan leaned slowly on him and kissed his lips softly. Although his move stunned the young Prince, he was still unable to react. Gohan captured the prince's lower lips between his and sucked them gently. 
Trunks remained motionless, doing nothing to interrupt or to encourage him. Gohan wrapped his hand around the nape of his neck and pulled the younger man closer while deepening the kiss. His tongue slipped inside his mouth. Trunks closed his eyes at the sensation and allowed his own tongue to respond to Gohan's invitation. 

All this felt incredibly weird. Thinking it was Gohan kissing him that way sounded utterly offbeat. He'd never considered the possibility. Yet, he had to admit the kiss felt good. As a matter of fact, he'd craved for such attention.  

Gohan's tongue grew greedier and the older hybrid leaned even closer to Trunks, his second hand grabbing his head as well. The young Prince was taken aback by the passion of it. He hadn't been kissed in that manner for a long time. 

When Gohan eventually pulled his lips away Trunks opened his eyes and watched him in bewilderment. Gohan smirked at him and Trunks believed he was about mocking him. "I'm not sure as why, but you need some relief," Gohan whispered instead.

"Relief?" Trunks murmured in puzzlement. 

Gohan pushed him backward, still holding his face between his hands. The young Prince tried to struggle, but he found himself lying on his back on the bed with the older hybrid crawling on him. Trunks wondered if things were getting too far and if he should stop the crap, but before he could find an answer, Gohan's lips were back on his and their tongues were mingling again. 

Trunks couldn't help but kiss him back and he even grabbed his shoulder as to pull him closer. 

When Gohan interrupted the kiss once again, Trunks was feeling dizzy. He was also getting hard. Gohan was still bare chest since he hadn't taken the time to slip in his tank top. He had only his boxers on, and his scent and heat were overwhelming.

"When was last time you let go, tell me?" Gohan carried on in a low voice.

Trunks blinked at the question, uncertain of its meaning. 

Gohan lowered his head until his lips brushed the young Prince's ears. "When was the last time you got laid?" he murmured. His hoarse breath tickled Trunks' skin and the young man had a shiver running up his spine. 

The question was blunt and yet somewhat exciting. "Huh… It's … been a while, actually," the young man stammered in embarrassment. 

Gohan sucked his ear lobe causing him to jerk at the unexpected move. Trunks didn’t withstand the treatment though. 

"How long? Was it on Vegitasei? I guess you're no longer a virgin, are you?" Gohan resumed in a soft concerned voice.   

"Erg, no. Yeah, it was back on Vegitasei," Trunks sighed. His voice died out and he closed his eyes thinking of that last time. It hadn't even been a true fuck. He'd come too quick and after that they'd been interrupted. Memories of that moment were still incredibly vivid and it made him harder. 

He felt Gohan caressing his forehead and pushing his locks aside. "You don't even get some pleasure from your Second?"

Trunks was shocked at the suggestion and he opened wide eyes. "Teeb? Hell, I never thought about it in the first place."

Gohan ran a finger under the hem of the robe and chuckled. "You're so young. A lot of Seconds-in-Command consider it as part of their duties. Aren't they supposed to support and relieve us?"

Trunks winced. "Not in that way. Do you mean it's something common?"

"Of course, it is. You won't be taught about it in your books though. Nor in Vegitasei Royal Council, but it doesn't matter for now. I want to help you the best I can," Gohan carried on with a smile as he was opening the robe and unveiling Trunks' naked chest. 

Trunks watched him do in disbelief. Gohan's gentle touch definitely turned him on. It felt nice and soft, sending shivers through his body. Even so the young Prince was hesitant to let this happen.

Gohan's hand ran down his abs and to his crotch. Trunks repressed a startle at the rubbing but he couldn't help a gasp. Gohan's crafty hand grabbed the shaft bulging underneath the garment and it was enough to coax the Prince that it was actually no big deal to let go for once.
Trunks' head rolled down on the mattress and he closed his eyes again, luxuriating in whatever was to come. Gohan kept caressing him slowly over his boxers and the younger man's breath went faster and louder. Only then, did Trunks grasp the real meaning of the relief Gohan had been speaking of. He'd silenced the needs of his body for too long and he'd forgotten how good it felt.

Gohan took off the Prince's underwear with an outdone care, leaving Trunks' cock calling for attention. The urge felt so big that Trunks tried to grab his bare groin but Gohan prevented him from doing so. The young Prince didn't struggle and rested his hands still on each side of his head. 

"You're so hot, it's a waste to keep all this for yourself," Gohan joked in a low voice. 

Trunks blushed at the boldness. He hadn't seen Gohan for a long time and he had never figured out before that he'd become a true Saiyan soldier rid of any virgin's shyness.  

When Gohan's firm hand wrapped his crotch, Trunks blurted an unwilling moan. As the older hybrid started his stroking, the Prince knew he wouldn't last long. He didn't want Gohan to think he was a hormonal youngling though so he did his best to hold on as long as possible. He jerked and spilled himself with a whimper a few move though. 

He pressed his palms over his eyes and tried to catch his breath for a minute. Despite the pleasure, he felt somewhat frustrated at his own rush.

"Jeez…I told you, you need this," Gohan's voice whispered in his ear. 
Trunks withdrew his hands and looked up at him. The older hybrid was lying on his side next to him. 

"It's hard for me to deny it now," the younger man admitted with an apologetic smile.

Gohan ran his hand over Trunks' chest and toyed gently with his nipple. "You have more in store,"

Trunks' smile died as he realized that Gohan was willing to push things even further. The young Prince also realized he didn't mind however. The older hybrid seemed to be quite experienced and his body was downright taunting. 

Gohan rolled closer to him and kissed him again. He had a thing with his tongue and it drove Trunks crazy. While kissing him, Gohan grabbed one of his partner's thighs and lifted it in a sudden gesture. Trunks opened his eyes in surprise and tried to figure out what was on but due to Gohan's weigh on his shoulders he was hardly able to raise his head. He felt the older hybrid soaking his fingers in the fresh semen spread across his abs. 

Trunks broke the kiss in an attempt to stop him but he wasn't quick enough and before he knew it, one of Gohan's moist fingers was inside him. Trunks gasped and closed his eyes in resignation. 

"Never been down before?" Gohan murmured.

Trunks nodded. "Once… Feels like ages ago."

"You'll like it," Gohan whispered.

Trunks was wary at first but when he felt Gohan mouth around his cock, he decided that it was best to leave it up to the older Hybrid. He knew how to do it, no doubt and Trunks wondered an instant how many guys had enjoyed his skills before. Certainly a lot. Gohan was popular and attractive and even Trunks wouldn't refuse him. 

The pleasure was intense enough to excite Trunks again in a short time. The Prince even liked the fingers inside him by then. He had instinctively spread his legs as to give Gohan better access. Trunks was lost in bliss and he'd given up his attempts to silence his moans. 

When he felt Gohan's crotch on the verge of entering him, he turned impatient. It was much larger than the fingers though and he arched as Gohan pushed in. He gritted his teeth, knowing that pain would soon give way to pleasure. His breathing was growing hectic and Gohan paused half-way in. "God, you're tight. You're sure you did it before?" the older hybrid panted. 

"Fuck, Gohan, just shut up and come in," Trunks spat out of frustration. 

Gohan obliged somewhat quicker and harsher than the Prince had expected but it felt oddly good and Trunks couldn't help a shout. Gohan leaned forward in an attempt to complete the entrance and Trunks made out the bliss on his face. He looked wonderful, so different from his usual serious attitude. His eyes were closed and he had a slight frown expressing both puzzlement and pleasure. He pulled back, then forth all by taking his time and adjusting to Trunks' tightness. 

The young Prince bit his lips in hope of overcoming the discomfort of the intrusion. He could feel a great delight growing underneath the pain and he wanted more. 

Gohan gave a deep grunt at the second thrust and something clicked in Trunks' brain. A warm sensation was slowly seizing his whole body, causing his spine to jerk and his crotch to get harder. He turned somehow frantic, grabbing his own cock in eager.

Gohan didn't mind, he kept moving, each time harder and faster, leaning on one of his hand, while the other had caught a handful of lavender locks. He leaned closer over Trunks and ran his tongue along his neck up to his ear. His move had Trunks hearing his wild growls even better and the Prince thought he was going to come any moment. 

Yet, just as he was about to reach his peak, Gohan seized his wrist and pried it away from his aching hardness. "Not so fast," he panted. 
He pulled out of a bewildered Trunks. "You deserve more," Gohan added with a smirk as he was kneeling between his partner's open legs. 

Trunks stared at him silently with bated breath. Gohan's simple words excited him to no end. 

"Roll over," Gohan ordered. 

The young Prince found himself obliging meekly. Gohan's mighty hands grabbed his hips and lifted his butt up to his height. Trunks blurted out a surprised gasp. He spread his legs again without giving it much thought. Yet, instead of Gohan's hard shaft, he was caught off guard by the touch of his soft tongue around his entrance. Trunks needed to repress a weak moan at the pleasure. Soon enough a finger joined the tongue and things somehow spiraled out of control. The young Prince just let go and his whimpers grew louder and louder while the fingers and tongue grew bolder. He didn't even realize the switch when they were replaced by a hard cock demanding access. The pain of that new introduction blended away in the total bliss. Each thrust would almost send his head right into the wall but he couldn't care less. He felt overwhelmed by all the sensation surrounding him. It was too much and he tried to grab his own cock again. 

Gohan stopped his gesture again. "Not now," he grunted. 

"You're killing me. I can't take it anymore," Trunks groaned in protestation. 

Gohan didn't reply, but grabbed his partner's shaft with one hand while the other caught Trunks' shoulder as to have deeper thrust. He wouldn't allow the younger man any release though, holding him tight in his fist. 

The Prince was almost whining then as the pleasure was becoming suffocating and exhilarating. It was as if his heart was about to blow anytime. Gohan hadn't cared to muffle any expression of his own pleasure from the very beginning but he was now getting louder as well. 

At last, he started rubbing his large palm up and down Trunks' cock. His gestures grew firmer much to the young Prince's relief. He could hardly think about anything else but his much needed release. He was dripping in sweat, his breathing was hectic, his throat and mouth were dry, but he wouldn't notice. He had a long groan as he spilled his semen all over the sheets. His climax lasted more than he'd thought possible. 

Gohan came at the same time in a husky yell, his fingers digging forcefully into Trunks' shoulder.

For a moment, everything was silent. Both men were trying to catch their breath but it seemed they couldn't make it. Gohan's hand ran down Trunks' spine and he parted cautiously from him.

Freed of him, the young Prince laid down carelessly on his belly in the soaked sheets and gave a deep sigh. He was still dazed. Actually he hadn't expected it to be so good. 

Gohan laid down next to him. "How do you feel?" he asked softly.

Trunks' chin was resting on his crossed forearms, his face turned to his friend. "Great," he replied with a small smile. 

Gohan chuckled. "True enough. I hadn't such a good thing in a while."

"I still can't believe you do that with your bastard of a Second," Trunks pointed out. 

Gohan gave him a teasing glance. "It's not like that. See, I don't really care if I please him although it seems I do, so it's nothing like what we just did."

Trunks shrugged and rubbed his eyelids. "Whatever. It still sounds weird," he growled. 

Gohan pulled the blanket over his Prince's naked body. "That's a Saiyan thing, but forget it. Take some rest. We have rough days ahead," he whispered. Then, he stood up and went to take a shower.

Trunks' tired eyes kept following his mesmerizing body walking around until exhaustion shut them down. 

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