Wishes and Commands

BY : Timaelan
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Filthy water suddenly filled Trunks’ mouth. His stomach immediately shrank and he puked violently.

Rolling aside, he doubled over at the brutal contraction of his abdomen while a putrid liquid poured through his lips. The taste was awful and the smell even more terrible. He wished it to stop. He needed to breathe, but he kept vomiting. He eventually propped himself on his hands, so that at least he wouldn’t spit all the crap on himself.

The spasms calmed down little by little and he took long inspirations in an attempt to satisfy his angry lungs, oblivious of the strong reek of ooze. Sitting up on the ground, he wiped his chin in a weary gesture and looked around him. His vision was blurry and the dim light didn’t help. He was on the riverside with two figures by his side, one crouching next to him and one standing behind the first one.

"Trunks, are you all right?" A voice asked.

"Think so," he murmured, still panting. Only then, did he realize that Gohan was the man squatting next to him. Trunks reached out for his friend’s shoulder. He needed to touch him to check that he was really there. “You found me at last,” the Prince whispered.

For a brief instant, he had the feeling that all that hell had come to end. Gohan was back and it could only mean a way out. The older male patted the back of his hand on his shoulder. “I did,” he confirmed softly. His voice still sounded concerned and sad though, and it rang a bell in Trunks' mind.


Looking up at the second figure standing behind Gohan, he saw Teeb. The Saiyan looked like he'd been through a hard time. His left cheekbone was dark and swollen and something seemed wrong with his neck. Actually, his Second could hardly stand properly and his battered armor and torn clothes were the sign of a harsh fight.

Trunks' eyes drifted away from him, in search of Pepper, but it seemed they were alone here.

Everything was still, except for the loud croaking of frogs nearby. Yet, he remembered the attack, the yelling of the soldiers, and her screams just before he sank into the river.

“Where is-“ he stammered.

Struggling to his feet, he took a few steps and scanned the settings. Forms were lying on the ground here and there, nothing more than shadows, and he knew they were dead bodies. Dead Saiyan soldiers. Some of them weren't even whole, but he didn't care, knowing too well what Gohan's anger could lead to. His eyes kept searching, jumping frantically from one corpse to another. They stopped as he spotted one of them modestly covered with a shattered piece of a cloak.

He stumbled his way up to it. The familiar bandaged hand was poking out of the fabric and the sight took his breath away. “This- this can't be,” he stuttered.

“They had killed her by the time we were here,” Gohan's sorry voice explained.

Trunks looked down at the figure outlined by the torn fabric. Despite the twilight, he recognized her clearly. She'd grown so weak. She hadn't stood a chance and he'd been unable to help her. Now she was dead, and so was the baby inside her.

He grabbed his hair on each side of his head and balled his fists as if trying to rip the locks away. This couldn't be true. His head was spinning again and his legs felt like jelly. Gohan had joined him and he slipped an arm around his shoulder, first for comfort, but soon for support too. He caught him as the Prince collapsed. Trunks' muscles had become as hard as concrete and pain overwhelmed him when Gohan sat him on the ground. “Trunks, what happens? Trunks, do you hear me?” the older male asked in a panic.

Trunks' body was trembling again. He stared up at his friend with shiny, angry eyes. “For fuck's sake, Gohan. She was pregnant,” he gasped. After that, he arched brusquely backward and he started to shake uncontrollably.

“The hell,” Gohan swore all by holding the Prince's head the best he could. Teeb hurried to them and frowned at the sight. “He'd had such a crisis before. It’s Chard's drug.”

“He needs a doctor,” Gohan snapped. With that, he charged the stiff body over his back and rocketed to the sky.

“Hold on,” he begged under his breath as they neared the ship. The crew was nowhere to be seen and he assumed that they were back to their business inside the ship. Teeb's aura was a flickering signal somewhere behind him.

Gohan nearly missed his landing when he reached the access ramp, blinded by the urge to get into the ship. The corridor was empty as he stormed inside. Losing no time, he ran to the medical bay, a damn far destination in his mind. He was pressing Trunks' body against him, wondering if his young friend's heart would make it as he could feel its crazy beat along with his muscles’ spasms.

He eventually kicked the door of the medical bay open, only to find himself facing a single doctor, busy with some paperwork. The man was a middle-aged Saiyan. He raised his head and glanced questioningly at Gohan. The hybrid felt his blood bubbling in his veins at the lack of reaction.

“Get a regeneration tank ready for His Highness,” he barked in anger.

The doctor arched an eyebrow and looked hesitantly at his work, seemingly debating if he should really leave it unfinished.

“Now!” Gohan roared.

The man jumped on his feet at last and ran to the tank. He struggled with the control panel for a minute but happened to be unable to unlock the mechanism.

Gohan sighed in irritation. He laid Trunks down on the examination table and commanded the opening by himself. The doctor had carefully stepped out of his reach as he was certainly aware of Gohan's exasperation. “Huh, my Lord, I fear-” he stammered.

Gohan glared at him so hard that the doctor deemed wiser to take one more step back. “We don't have any regeneration liquid left,” he murmured sheepishly.

Gohan's eyes widened. “What! How is that?”

“There has been a little incident while you were gone,” an emotionless voice claimed behind him.

Gohan turned around and saw Pyrnut standing in the doorframe, hands clasped behind his back. The Saiyan officer stepped inside the room and glanced aside at Trunks. “A fight. Soldiers blasted the medical store. I punished them.”

Gohan's eyes drifted to the Prince. The shaking had faded, but he was still gasping in pain.

“Find another way to help him,” he ordered the doctor.

The short Saiyan cringed at the command. “Sure, sure,” he mumbled by posting himself next to his patient. He studied Trunks silently for a while, then grabbed a box of pills on a shelf. He deciphered the label and eventually put the drug back in place with a sigh.

Gohan's patience was wearing thin. “So?” he growled.

“Don't stress me out, I'm confused,” the doctor whined.

Teeb showed up in the doorframe. He was breathless. He scanned the room for an instant, then, shoving Pyrnut aside, he entered the medical bay. “He doesn't remember,” he hissed bitterly with a leery stare at the scientist.

Gohan and Pyrnut frowned at the statement. Trunks’ Second went to the desk and grabbed the papers the doctor had been working on. He handed them to Gohan. “Can you read what he wrote?”

Gohan took the documents and squinted at the signs the doctor had drawn there. There were no longer letters, only some pale copies of the Saiyan letters, more like weird symbols.

The doctor tilted his head and scowled at Teeb with a grimace uncovering his canine teeth.

“It's the planet. We're all getting wild. That's what Pepper said. Should I kill him?” Teeb resumed with a disturbing smirk.

Gohan raised his arms to command quietness. “Why? No," he objected.

From the corner of his eyes, he could see that Pyrnut was shifting in a defensive stance, seemingly ready to fight whoever would like to attack him.

The officer’s growing hostility was obvious and Gohan realized that he was somehow surrounded by timebombs. What Teeb had just explained made sense all of a sudden. They were all going wild.

He gave a wary peek at Trunks. The younger male was struggling to sit up as his body kept trembling in a worrying manner.

“We're going back to Vegitasei. Pyrnut, command the sailors to get ready,” Gohan eventually claimed, his voice faking calmness.

Pynrut huffed in reply. His breathing was getting loud and a feral smirk was stretching his lips. His crazy eyes were locked on Trunks. “No need to leave, I know how to deal with His Highness’ situation,” he growled in a raucous voice.

He suddenly took a step toward his Prince and reached out for him.

The sight triggered Gohan’s immediate reaction. “Don’t touch him!” he heard himself roar and before he knew it, he brutally grabbed the officer’s arm.

Against all odds, Pyrnut’s free hand flew off to punch him in return. Gohan blocked the move with his forearm and shoved his opponent backward. The other man’s back smacked the metallic wall, his body leaving a deep mark in it as the Saiyan collapsed to the ground.

He was out for now but Gohan was still overwhelmed by a suffocating feeling of danger. It wasn’t only about Pyrnut. A bunch of Saiyan soldiers was still lurking in the ship and Gohan wasn’t sure about their state of mind.

“Teeb, help me take the Prince out of here,” he snapped by catching Trunks’ arm to hoist him on his feet.

The doctor hadn’t moved or tried anything to step in. He was standing cautiously apart in the corner of the room, nervously watching them and muttering under his breath. “That's not good, that's not good.”

Paying him no mind, Teeb rushed to Trunks’ side and did as he was told, slipping his arm under the Prince's armpits for support.

“The fuck, I won't be able to run,” Trunks murmured angrily.

“You won’t have to, we'll protect you,” Gohan replied as he copied the Second’s move on the opposite side of the Prince.

Trunks clutched their shoulders as strongly as he could, doing his best to regain control of his legs despite the lingering aching.

Gohan peered at Teeb to check if he was ready. “Maybe, they’ll let us go through and join the exit,” the Commander offered all by realizing that the Second wasn’t in his best condition either.

Teeb chuckled. “Don’t think so,” he answered sarcastically moving his chin toward Pyrnut.

The Saiyan officer was already back on his feet, oblivious of his broken arm dangling on his side. When Gohan met his eyes, he found nothing but sheer rage mixed with a disturbing thirst for blood.

The sight was dreadful and the hybrid unleashed an energy blast in his direction without giving it much thought. The shot brushed Pyrnut’s face and landed straight in the wall behind him, destroying it in a loud explosion.

Gohan gritted his teeth. At this rate, they would seriously damage the ship. He had to stop using ki for their defense, but he was handicapped by Trunks needing support.

“All things considered, we should try to run,” Gohan grunted, giving the signal that it was time to move.

Teeb got the hint and both men hurried to the corridor.

Gohan was surprised to note that Pyrnut wasn’t in a hurry to chase them, but he understood why when he found himself face to face with a handful of soldiers blocking their way out.

The rumble of the fight had brought them here and they were trying to figure out what was going on. Gohan still hoped that they would recognize their Prince and Commander and give them a hand to escape Pyrnut’s fury. Yet, the way they scowled when their eyes met Trunks wasn’t promising.

“Clear the way! I want Lord Pyrnut under arrest!” Gohan ordered forcefully, praying that at least some of them hadn’t quite lost their mind.

At first, the Saiyans stood shy and hesitant, cowed by their commander’s ki. However, after a short instant, one of them suddenly jumped on Trunks. Teeb kicked him away at the last minute, but his move had been enough to trigger a general attack.

To the trio’s luck, there weren’t a lot of opponents there and Gohan was able to repel them by unleashing a new wave of ki. He couldn’t release enough energy to kill them, but the soldiers were harshly flung away, opening a way for Gohan, Teeb, and Trunks through their group.

“Kill them!” Pyrnut roared behind their back.

Gohan and Teeb started to run at the words. Trunks was trying to keep up with their pace, but his feet hardly touched the ground most of the time.

His body had somehow stopped shaking and yet, he still felt incredibly weak. He felt utterly frustrated at the situation and to make things worse, a deadly fear was freezing his guts.

Other soldiers were showing up in their way, all with crazy eyes locked on him. Trunks felt scared by the hateful greed in their look. It was obvious they would tear him apart if they could lay a hand on him and they were pouring out from everywhere.

Gohan and Teeb did their best to keep them away without letting go of him and without using ki blasts. Yet, insanity was escalating as the crowd was growing more compact. The soldiers had become bolder, showing no fear, only driven by the incredible urge to kill their Prince.

Despite his escort’s effort, Trunks was tossed and pushed. Some of their opponents were able to hit him a few times and ultimately, he received a harsh punch in the head. His vision started to blur and although he tried to stay focused, his mind was slowly drifting away.

“Down!” Gohan screamed all of a sudden as they were trying to make their way among the horde.

Before he knew it, Trunks was smashed to the ground. The shock sent a wave of pain throughout his body and knocked all the air out of his lungs. He felt the woosh of a mighty ki blast rushing above them. The heat tickled his back and the blow carried on his course into the soldiers standing in front of them.

The floor shook violently as the blast blew up whatever it met and a deafening rumbling let them know that the structure of the ship had certainly been touched.

Gohan forced himself not to dwell on the implication of that statement. A more urgent matter was awaiting him as he sensed Pyrnut walking straight to them.

The older Hybrid raised his head to check on Trunks and Teeb. The Prince was still hardly conscious and his Second was a total mess but Teeb was at least still awake and able to stare back at him.

“Take care of him,” Gohan growled, jumping back to his feet.

The soldiers that had tried to prevent them from fleeing away were nothing but a pile of burnt corpses. They had been too focused on their prey to dodge Pyrnut’s blast. Gohan whirled around to face the Saiyan officer stomping to them from the other end of the corridor through a new group of soldiers.

Gohan took a few steps forward to stand as a shield for Trunks and Teeb and he raised his ki. He knew he had to be careful. The place was cramped and if he were to unleash too much energy, he would wound Trunks and Teeb. It was a true challenge to him. Deep down, the craving for a good fight to the death was eating him away. Back at the river, he'd shamelessly butchered the soldiers and he'd enjoyed it. Now, he was longing for more blood.  

He studied the opponents in front of him. The soldiers wouldn’t step into the fight as long as Pyrnut wouldn’t order them to. Even if they kept glaring hatefully at Trunks in the distance, they shifted sheepishly aside to clear their officer’s way to Gohan.

As Gohan looked up at Pyrnut, his vision played tricks on him again. The Saiyan’s face looked blurry as if wrapped in a cloud of mist. Gohan couldn’t even make out his eyes. He blinked without getting any better view of the other man’s features and he eventually shrugged the detail off his mind.

Pyrnut was now charging him with a wild yell. Gohan flew straight to him in order to keep a fair distance between them and Trunks and he swang a forceful punch to his shoulder.

Against all odds, the Saiyan span aside and he was successful in avoiding contact. Gohan felt the fighter’s fist sinking painfully into his back.

He huffed in surprise and found himself flung forward. He quickly restored his balance and turned back to his enemy at once. Only then, did he realize with utmost horror that they had switched place in the narrow corridor. Pyrnut was now close to Trunks and Teeb while Gohan was on the soldiers’ side.

He wanted to dart forward to the Saiyan officer, but before he knew it, all the other Saiyans swooped down on him in a feral howl, grabbing his limbs, clutching to his body, and trying to get him down. Gohan had the feeling that there were hundreds of them. As soon as he got rid of one, two others caught him and he had a hard time keeping his footing.

Panic overwhelmed him as he glimpsed at Pyrnut walking confidently to Trunks and Teeb.

The Second had stood up, planting himself in the middle of the corridor to guard the way to his Master. There was fiery hate in Teeb’s eyes but despite his threatening stance, Gohan knew he was in no condition to challenge Pyrnut’s strength. If anything, he reeked of exhaustion and pain.

A general shove from the soldiers suddenly brought Gohan to his knees. Their bodies were heavy and their grips forceful. It was like getting drowned in a lively sea and no matter how hard he tried, Gohan was unable to break free.

He could hardly make out what was happening but he could still see Pyrnut stepping to Teeb and the sight triggered a strong feeling of helplessness and anger.

Then, he felt it. Something snapped inside him, something close to a safety lock.

What had been a nagging tickling in his mind so far grew into a mighty heat.

The heat crept into his every muscle and turned soon into an indomitable force. Gohan knew exactly what it was and what would come out of it and he knew he couldn’t stop it as it was slowly possessing him. All he could do was fight to prevent his thoughts from withering completely.

The force kept growing, pushing, flaring to get out of him, until he unwillingly turned super, yelling at the top of his lungs as. “Pyrnut!”

The sudden rush of energy had sent the soldiers to fly away around him and he was now facing the scarred Saiyan. Gohan had still the hope that seeing him like that, Pyrnut would cow away and leave them be. If he did, Gohan might regain control of his ki.

The officer paused and turned around to him.

For some reason, his face still came down to an odd cloud, but his laughter was perfectly clear. “What are you gonna do? Blast me? You’d blow up the ship and you’d kill us all, you know that,” he pointed out mockingly.

It was true and Gohan was well aware of it, but it wouldn’t be enough to shut down his overflowing ki. Gohan’s energy was consuming him, urging him to unleash everything he had. He couldn't help it.

He swallowed hard. He had to go out. Quickly. His ki was cracking in electric arcs around him and it won’t be long before it rocketed out of him, setting everything ablaze in the ship.

He couldn’t leave Trunks behind with Pyrnut though.

Gohan dashed to the Saiyan, and pretty stupidly, Pyrnut flew off in his direction too. When they met, instead of attacking him, Gohan embraced him and without a second thought, he charged into the wall, annihilating it instantly as his energy was pouring out of him. Digging a hole in every wall in his way, he eventually made it to the open, still holding his foe in his arms.

Pyrnut was roaring in pain, devoured by Gohan’s ki. The hybrid ignored the sound, as well as the smell of burning flesh and the desperate attempts of his captor to get loose. His only obsession was to speed away as fast and as far as possible. It was the only coherent thought he could still focus on. The rest of his mind had gone blank.

He flew away blindly, unable to regain control of his body. He had stopped trying anyway. He knew the ki had been fueled by his fear, his anger, and even by his hate, and he had to let go.

He lost track of time and when he collected his wits, he found himself floating in the dark sky, still in his super form and hugging a charred corpse. He glanced at the blackened face, silently screaming at him. He felt nothing. No sorrow, no horror but no anger and no hate either. It was a good sign.

Gohan slowly opened his arms and the black form dropped to the distant ground. He watched his hands in disbelief. He couldn’t remember ever having such a violent fit before. Seeing Trunks in danger had certainly triggered it, but still… He’d lived many stressful situations and he’d never lost control the way he did with Pyrnut.

He looked away in the ship’s direction. The night was enlightened by the glow of flames and a cloud of thick smoke was rising from the spot where the aircraft was.

Gohan tried to locate Teeb’s ki somewhere but the Planet’s energy was blurring every living aura.

Losing no time, he rushed back to the ship. He hoped the Second had been smart enough to take Trunks out of it and most of all, he hoped that there hadn’t been other soldiers in their way.

A part of the ship was ablaze. Gohan noted with some surprise that he’d done a bigger hole in it than he’d thought. The metallic shell had melted down around the crater he’d dug and the fire had spread to the entire aisle.

Once in a while, figures were rushing out of the ship and running away to the forest, but none of them felt like Teeb. Or Trunks. They had been so close to him. Gohan was getting restless at the realization that he might have harmed them. He’d been so overwhelmed that he’d paid them little attention.

He floated down right through the steaming hole in the shell and landed in the middle of the corridor where he’d fought Pyrnut. The whole area had blackened and some flames were still licking the walls up and there. Everything was still though.

The warmth and the smell of burnt flesh were suffocating. Gohan’s eyes wandered over the many corpses stewing the ground. Much to his relief, he couldn’t find Teeb and Trunks and he walked up the corridor in the same direction they were running to, hoping he hadn’t just missed them among the numerous dead Saiyans.

With a bit of luck, Trunks had anticipated Gohan’s breakdown. The younger male knew him. He knew what he was capable of, even if he had never witnessed it. It was well-known among hybrids that his ki could get out of hand that way when he was cornered in a hopeless situation.

If Trunks had guessed it, he might have asked Teeb to run before it was too late.

As he was mulling over this possibility, Gohan was hit by a swift peak of ki. It didn’t last long, but it was unmistakable. Teeb was alive. The energy disappeared but Gohan followed the lead nevertheless. The Saiyan was certainly using his aura as a call for help, flashing it only once in a while for lack of strength.

As he was walking past the door of the transmission room, Gohan paused.

“Teeb?” he called.

As a reply, there was a bang on the other side of the door. Gohan frowned as he remembered that the door was reinforced, soundproofed, and… fireproof.

It had been distorted by the heat nevertheless and he had to shove it open with his shoulder.

“Lord Gohan.” A hiss welcomed him.

The room was an amazing mess. Wires had been ripped off and they were dangling from the ceiling. The screens were off and cracked. Teeb was leaning against the wall while Trunks was sitting on the ground at his feet. They were both in very bad condition, their skin dark from ashes, bruises, and blood. Their armors were nothing more than pitiful, shattered shells and it was a miracle that they were still holding in place.

Trunks looked crazed and exhausted. He hardly reacted at Gohan’s arrival.

But he was alive. Gohan had at least been able to keep him alive. So far. 

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