Wishes and Commands

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Chapter 7


The village was the biggest one Trunks had seen so far. The style was always the same though. Round houses scattered among the trees and a wide clearing in the middle.


The place had been abandoned for a while and weeds had grown up to knees height between the houses. The Prince made his way through them while paying no mind to Teeb cursing in the distance.


The young hybrid paused in front of the door of one of the house. Like all the others it was made out of a weird red wood, but it looked solid and well-constructed. Even the architecture was somewhat artistic.


He pushed the door open and was greeted by a gloomy cracking and a cloud of dust. He needed to bend down to glimpse inside the small building. The natives of Kenam were much smaller than Saiyans and it always felt like imps had been living here.


The daylight flooded a cozy hallway. Everything was still in place. Carpets, furniture, everything was untouched as if waiting for the return of the owner. A cloak was even hanging on a hook. Trunks' eyes wandered on the strange sight for a moment in search for a recent sign of life, but there was of course none.


He walked away from the house and joined the clearing where Gohan was standing, gazing up at the tall trees towering the place.


"Found anything?" Trunks asked in a bored voice.


Gohan shrugged. "Of course not. You know they're gone. Chard will get them thanks to the scouter anyway."


"He's been gone for a week already. Do you think he'll be done soon?" the young Prince grumbled.


Gohan stopped his contemplation of the high foliage and repressed a sigh. "I don't know. A few days I guess. He said the scouters showed that most people had gathered at the far end of the planet, very likely in the mountains. You know Kenam is huge. The scientists still have works to do here anyway, so what does it change?"


Trunks scowled but didn't answer.


"You were the one to decide to finish the mission before going back home and you are the highest-ranked," Gohan reminded slyly.


He was rewarded by a silent glare. Teeb showed up in the clearing and Gohan couldn't help but ask him "Found anything, Teeb? His Highness would care to know."


Teeb gave his master a hesitant look as he was bad at grasping irony and sarcasm. "Drop it," Trunks replied to his glance.


"The vegetation on this planet is stunning," Gohan stated as he was back to studying the high foliage forming a varicolored canopy above the village.


Truth was the nature was wild and overwhelming on Kenam. It seemed the natives had dismissed the idea of fighting it back and had learned to submit it. Instead of destroying the forest to clear up places to build their towns, they would rather look for a wood ready to welcome them. Thus their way of life looked quite primitive. The scientists had said they hardly grew anything by themselves, picking up what they needed in the wild. The fact that there were hardly any seasons on the planet helped too. There was only a hot season and a mild season.


Yet, Trunks couldn't care less for Kenam and its incredible nature. He was frustrated that they hadn't been able to grasp the weaklings so far. Now that the threat of the Saiyan flame had seemed away, the Prince was in a hurry to be done with his damn mission.  


The fact that there wasn't a lot to do while the scientists were completing their usual plotting worsened Trunks' restlessness. With Chard on mission with only hundred soldiers, he had deemed it wiser to send all the others fighters away along with the scientists. Saiyan warriors needed to be kept busy and an endless wait on the ship might have driven them crazy, so the Prince had decided to split the troops into teams mixing scientists and soldiers while the sailors had been assigned aboard.


Still, he was well-aware that his move wouldn't be enough to keep the soldiers' feral side at bay for very long, so he hoped that things wouldn't last for ages. He'd urged Fennel and his men to work quickly, but Gohan was right. There was a lot to do.


Trunks sighed as he wondered if Vegitasei had picked up this planet on purpose to keep him far away from any danger. It was very likely.


He was snatched out of his brooding by a shrill scream breaking the peaceful chirping of the bird all of a sudden. He met Gohan's wary eyes. More yells resounded along with a wild rustling in the distance.


The two hybrids lost no time flying off with Teeb in their wake. Most Saiyans were bad - if not unable - at tracking kis and the Second in Command liked it better following his master.


Trunks sensed four vibrating auras nearby, all of them Saiyan. He had to fly in and out the dense foliage and branches on his way and he lost sight of Gohan at some point.


As he surged out of the thick vegetation at last, Trunks found himself on the bank of a small river. A few feet away soldiers were wrestling on the ground at the water's edge. One of them was pinned on his back by a second one while two others seemed to be struggling to get ahold on the weakest one as well. Trunks couldn't see the soldier crushed underneath the mass but the three other ones had torn uniforms and bruises hinting that the fight had been going on for a while. They looked like beast competing over a piece of meat, growling and striking blindly each other.


Before Trunks could move, Gohan grasped one of the soldiers by the collar and flung him away from the pack. The Prince stepped in at once and kicked away a second one.


Against all odds, as Trunks was about to take care of the last one still pinning down the fourth Saiyan on the ground, the two soldiers they had chased away charged them back. Trunks was taken aback by their move. He hadn't expected them to attack their Prince. As one of them was about to pounce on him, Teeb pushed him away, stumbling down with him in the process.


Gohan caught the other one. The Saiyan struggled and Gohan had no choice but to fight him. He was holding back his strength for now and it made things somehow difficult to handle but Trunks deemed he would make it through anyway. Losing no time, the young hybrid turned back to the two last soldiers still scuffling in the dust.


Only then, he realized that the Saiyan stuck underneath his companion was Pepper. He gripped her attacker's shoulder from behind. "Stop it!" he ordered in an angry tone. When the soldier looked up at him, his face was surprisingly twitched in a bestial fury and he had no second thought at throwing a rough blow at his Prince.


Trunks grabbed his forearm and twisted him in a snap, breaking the bones plain and simple. Ignoring the soldier's yelp of pain, the hybrid flung him away from Pepper.


The small Saiyan had eyes wide with shock. Her clothes were torn apart, leaving her half naked, and her mouth was a bleeding mess. She propped herself on her elbow and watched Trunks in fear.


Teeb's yell averted the Prince's attention away from her though. He whirled around and found out his Second had been harshly bitten in the shoulder by his opponent. The other Saiyan had a piece of bleeding flesh in his mouth. 


The sickening sight caused Trunks to lose his composure and before he knew it, he sent a blast on him. It wasn't a big one but it was enough to have the soldier's body jerk violently in agony. He collapsed over Teeb, dragging the Second in his fall.


"Fuck!" Teeb screamed in disgust and disbelief while shoving the dead corpse away.


Trunks checked on Gohan. The other hybrid had killed his attacker as well. The third soldier was sitting further on the ground, grunting and nursing his broken arm. He didn't look like he would charge them back.


The Prince looked down at the scientist at his feet. She had a bruised cheek and her hair had gone loose and ruffled in the struggle. She had crossed her forearms on her bare breasts.


"Are you all right?" Trunks asked.


The question seemed to soothe her fear and she gave a wary nod.


Studying her further, the Prince didn't miss her waistband had been ripped off hinting an attempt at undressing her. Her top was fully gone except for the sleeves and he could see her stomach below her arms shielding her chest. He froze at the sight. His gaze went up from her belly to her eyes. "What's that?" he snapped.


She cringed at his harsh tone.


Gohan stepped closer to them and stood beside Trunks. He contemplated the small scientist in turn.


"I can't believe it. She's fucking pregnant. Aren't you Pepper? Did you know it, Gohan?" Trunks hissed.


Gohan rested his hand on the Prince's shoulder and squeezed it as if demanding calm. "Are you all right, Pepper?" the older Hybrid asked in a calm voice.


Her confused eyes turned to him in hesitation while she pressed her arms even more tightly on her breasts.


Gohan had a concerned sigh. He stepped back and dragged Trunks backward in the process. Then, he unclasped his armor and took it off. "Don't worry," he whispered, ignoring Trunks disbelieving frown at his move.


Dropping the armor to the ground, the older Hybrid stripped off his top as well and handed it to the female. "Are you pregnant Pepper?" he asked quietly.


"I am, Lord Commander," she confirmed in a murmur while taking the clothes.


Trunks couldn't help but keep his eyes on the slight roundness of her belly. How could it be that his troops were so reluctant to obey the rules?


"Why is it you didn't report it?" Gohan carried on, his tone still soft.


She lowered her eyes in shyness. "I… I didn't find out before we had to join His Highness on Kenam… I intended to report it, I swear, Lord Commander," she whined while pressing Gohan's garment on her breasts.


"No kidding," Trunks mumbled while walking away to check on Teeb.


"You're endangering your child there," Gohan lectured as he picked up his armor and put it back in place.


"You're endangering all of us," Trunks added in the distance as he was studying Teebs nasty wound. 


Big tears rolled down Pepper's cheeks. "We weren't… supposed to fight. I thought… it could wait until we were back," she stammered.


"You never know when we're supposed to fight. Even as a scientist, you must be ready to fight anytime, you know that. That was a foolish move," Gohan scowled.


Teeb's shoulder was a bloody mess. A piece of flesh was missing on the top of his arm just next to his armor's strap and blood was dripping down his arm. Trunks' efforts to stop it were vain and he grew restless and impatient as he could sense his Second's deep pain at each move. "What the fuck was wrong with these guys?" the Prince exclaimed with an angry glance at the last one still living.


The man was no longer moaning in pain. He was just slumped on the ground, holding his useless arm and staring blankly at nothing in particular.


"I guess they tried to get her, right Pepper?" Gohan stated.


The female was still numb sitting on the ground. She had slipped in Gohan's oversized top. She gave a weary nod at her Commander's theory.


Trunks looked at her. It wasn't as if she had an irresistible sex-appeal and they couldn't miss that she was pregnant when they tore her top apart. It hadn't even been enough to have them shrink away. Another disturbing thing had been the way they hadn't hesitated to attack their Prince and Commander. It was like they had turned into beasts all of a sudden.


Trunks' train of thought was interrupted by the constant flow of blood pouring out of his Second's wound. The Prince had used his gloves as plaster but they were now soaking red. "What happened doesn't matter for now. We have to go back to the camp. Now," the Prince urged eventually.


The camp was rather modern. Since they were able to encapsulate most of the necessary facilities including true houses, the troops enjoyed a pretty comfortable life in the wild. Some of them still liked it better to sleep in the open, but they had a dozen houses at disposal and save for the lack of energy, they didn't miss anything.


Most of the fighters were gone on exploration along with the scientists and there were only a handful of them in the camp when Gohan and Trunks returned with two wounded soldiers, a prisoner and two corpses.


Trunks took Teeb straight to the medical bay with Pepper following suit while Gohan took care of the prisoner.


The doctor was a middle-age one-eyed female Saiyan. She was wearing a black patch on her missing eye while a thin scar was running down her cheek like a constant tear. She was sitting at her desk and flipping through a stack of papers when they entered. She stood up as soon as she saw them and rushed to Teeb. "Huh, nice shot," she stated as she lifted the makeshift bandage covering the bleeding injury.


"When you're done with him, take a look at her too," Trunks growled, pointing his thumb at Pepper.


In reply, the doctor gave him a rushed salute and dragged Teeb to an examination stall. Trunks turned to Pepper. She'd wiped out most of the bleed around her mouth but her face was still smeared with crimson stains. Her skin was filthy and her cheek was swollen and purple. She'd been limping all the way long and the Prince suspected that she also had some broken ribs. Thinking that she was carrying a child, Trunks couldn't help but be mad at her for her thoughtlessness. "When you're done, I want Teeb and you to stay here and wait for us," he ordered.


"Yes, Your Highness," she mumbled, her eyes glued to the ground.


He huffed at her respectful manner. She was always looking meek and obedient while she tended to act the other way round and it was something he found utterly irking.


He exited the building and found Gohan heading his direction. "How are they?" he asked in concern.


Trunks sighed and ran a wary hand through his hair. "We have to wait for the doc to be done. What do you think happened with the soldiers?"


Gohan looked around, checking the other Saiyans wandering in the camp. He didn't want anyone to hear their talk. Trunks got the message and didn't insist. He sat down on a bench next to the entrance of the medical bay. He couldn't prevent a slight worry for Teeb's state.


"We'll clear out that incident," Gohan claimed as he took place beside him.


"This fucking mission is getting on my nerves. I wish we would be over with it," Trunks just growled in reply.


As they were talking, a soldier walked straight to them across the camp, a connection pad in his hand. As he reached them, he bowed his head and pressed his fist on his chest. "Your Highness. Lord Commander. Lord Chard is online," he announced.


The Prince cheered up at the thought that some God might have heard his prayer. He could hardly repress a smile as he reached out for the device. He turned it on and Chard's smug face appeared on the screen. The connection was bad and the picture was somewhat blurry.


Gohan's Second smirked at the Prince. "Your Highness, I call to give you my report," he claimed.


His voice sounded weird, like he was mocking him. Only then, Trunks figured out the Saiyan had a gash above an eyebrow. "Did you fight? What's this wound on your face?" Trunks asked.


Chard touched absently the sore on his forehead. "Huh… Nothing. A small accident. Don't worry about that," he replied in annoyance.    


From the corner of his eyes, Trunks didn't miss Gohan's slight frown.


"Whatever. I have good news for you," Chard resumed. His voice was somewhat hoarse again as if he was drunk or just woke up. "We caught the natives, or well most of them. Unfortunately we weren't able to get prisoners. They're all dead except for one. He seemed to be their leader though."


Trunks raised his eyebrows at the information. "How comes you weren't able to get prisoners? They're so weak."


Chard had a disturbing chuckle. "Yeah, Your Highness didn't miss that point. They're weak, but they're fragile too."


Unbeknown to Gohan's Second a trickle of blood started to run down slowly from one of his nostril. "Anyway, there's still a handful of them wandering around. We'll go pick them up carefully, so that you'll get the prisoners you wished for. Meanwhile, I'll bring you their boss."


Trunks was mesmerized by the lazy course of the thin crimson rivulet making his way to the officer's upper lip. "Huh, Lord Chard. Your nose's bleeding. Are you sure you're Ok?" he asked hesitantly. 


Chard brought the tips of his fingers to his nose and contemplated the blood coating them in disbelief. He wiped out his mouth in a harsh gesture with a grunt. "Nothing to worry about," he replied. "I can join you by tomorrow morning. The prisoner could happen to be interesting for the scientist, not to mention he's the weakling's leader so he could help us getting the rest of them."


Trunks had an absent nod. Chard's speech was clear and well-minded and yet his behavior looked odd, as if he wasn't his normal self.


Chard gave an overdone salute, head down and fist pressed on his chest. "We'll be there, soon," he claimed before cutting the connection.


Trunks watched absently the black screen of the pad. The news sounded actually pretty good, and yet, a strange concern was lurking in the pit of his stomach. He looked up at Gohan and as he met his eyes, he glimpsed the very same reserve.


"Huh. It seems some almighty being granted your wish," Gohan mumbled. His wary voice made the rejoicing statement sound like a dire prospect though.


Trunks shrugged off the uncomfortable feeling creeping up his guts and handed the tab back to the soldier. "Whatever. Let's go pay our own captive a visit," he offered.


As they made their way through the camp, Trunks couldn't miss something had changed in the quiet atmosphere. The few soldiers they met saluted them as usual, showing as much respect as fitted, but he couldn't prevent himself from sensing a form of resentment close to hostility in their behavior. He didn't dwell on that odd feeling though.


As they reached the house where the cells were sheltered, a guard stood at attention and cleared their way inside. They had four cells and they were all empty except for the one welcoming the soldier they had just brought back. They found him sitting still on the ground. He'd curled up on his broken arm with his head down.      


He didn't move when they stepped into the cell. Both hybrids sat on the benches of the cell on each side of him. "What's his name?" Trunks asked Gohan.


"Eccleria. Second class. He was the leader of the fighters of Pepper's team," Gohan sighed.


"Okay, then. Hey, Eccleria," Trunks called out to the prisoner while pressing a boot on the man's shoulder to get his attention.


The soldier just tried to rebuff blindly the intruding foot with his valid hand.


"Ho, I'm gonna enjoy this," Trunks grunted in annoyance. He leaned forward and reached out for the prisoner's mane. He shoved his head upward in order to see his face. His eyes were foggy and the man was drooling in a disgusting way. It was like any wit had left him.


"You hear me?" Trunks spat while tugging his hair again.


Something seemed to connect in the man's brain and his eyes turned more vivid. His orbs rolled around as if he was discovering the place he was currently in. His gaze stopped back on Trunks' face.


"What happened? Why did you attack the scientist?" the Prince snapped.


In reply, the solider frowned in puzzlement.


Trunks let go of him in a toss and sighed in irritation. "Don't play that game. You were about to rape her. She's pregnant. What the hell happened in that perverted mind of yours?" he growled in a threatening voice.


Against all odds, the prisoner jumped to his feet and pounced on the Prince. Oblivious of his broken arm he tried to grip his throat. Trunks was caught off guard by the unexpected move, but Gohan grabbed the guy's shoulder and flung him away.


The Saiyan bumped his head in the wall and crashed hard on the floor. Both hybrids were ready for another attack, but the wretched thing didn't even struggle back to his feet. He brought his valid hand to his temple and blurted out a gloomy grunt sounding like both growling and whining. A trickle of drool was still dangling from his lips and the sight was disturbing.  


Gohan and Trunks exchanged a glance.


"He won't say anything," Gohan claimed.


"I'm sick of that shit, either way. Let's go back to the medical bay," Trunks sighed.


None of them dared to say anything on their way back. They were both mulling over the strange events of the day and wondering whether they should try to connect them with the Saiyan Flame's craziness.


When they entered the medical bay, Teeb and Pepper were both sitting side by side on the bench of the waiting room. The doctor was noting some result on her pad. She stood at attention but Trunks waved at her to let her know it wasn't necessary to be so formal right now.


Teeb was bare chest and wearing an unbuttoned officer's jacket, a thick bandage bulging underneath the garment. Beside him, Pepper had fresh clothes on. She had slipped in a white tank top, leaving the small roundness of her belly plain to see.


As the doctor was about to speak, Trunks cut her off. "I'll talk with you later. Leave us alone and go see our prisoner," he ordered.


The Saiyan woman gaped for an instant, but she didn't reply and exited the building.


Trunks focused back on the two silent Saiyans sitting in front of him. Teeb was dramatically pale due to the loss of blood. His hazel eyes were bloodshot and foggy and he was clearly struggling to keep in touch with reality.


In comparison Pepper looked in an outstanding condition. She'd cleaned her face and Trunks noted for the first time that she had freckles standing out the tanned skin of her cheek. Her lower lip was split while one of her cheekbones was bruised and swollen. He'd never seen her with her wavy dark hair falling loosely on her shoulder and he figured out that she was actually a pretty woman.


Gohan snatched him out of his examination. "How's the baby?" he asked Pepper.


She licked her wounded lips in nervousness. "Alive, Lord Commander. The doctor can't say much more. We don't have enough energy and devices here."


She started fidgeting her fingers like she'd done back in the Commander's Room when Trunks had threatened her team. She believed that Gohan was still blaming her for her silence about the pregnancy while he was just concerned about her child. However, as a Saiyan soldier Pepper didn't stand a chance to grasp the subtlety.


"You'll go back to the ship and you'll stay there until the end of the mission. Up from now, I don't want you anywhere in the open," Gohan commanded.


Her lips twisted in disapproval. "Lord Commander, there's still a lot to do and…"


"Do you prefer to be under arrest?" Gohan interrupted her harshly.


She stilled at the offer but annoyance was still flaring in her eyes. She glanced at Teeb in unease as she felt awkward to be called to order in his presence. She ended up lowering her head in a defeated stance.


"What about you Teeb? How do you feel?" Trunks carried on.


"I'll make it Your Highness. I can stay by your side," the Second mumbled.


The Prince considered his wretched face and squinted in disbelief. He wasn't willing to let go of his precious Second in Command though. Trunks sighed and leaned his back against the wall in weariness.


"So, tell us what happened," Gohan asked Pepper.


"I don't really know. We were doing our usual plotting. According to the orders the fighters were supposed to guard me. I knew them from before and we used to get along pretty well. I never noticed anything weird about them," the female explained in a small voice. She was fidgeting her fingers even more frantically by now.


She paused as she was obviously struggling mighty emotions. "They just went wild," she murmured.


Gohan rubbed his forehead thoughtfully. "What caused it?"


She shrugged and looked up at him with shiny eyes. "All I know is that they went down on me. I turned into a piece of flesh among starving dogs."


Gohan's features softened. He stepped to her and squeezed her shoulder in comfort. "Go take some rest. I'll have someone bring you back to the ship tomorrow," he claimed in a gentle voice.


She nodded and stood up in order to leave the medical bay. One of her leg was stiff as she exited the room.


"As for you, you'll spend the night in the medical bay. I want the doctor to watch over that nasty wound of yours," Trunks told Teeb.

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