Wishes and Commands

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Chapter 5

Sitting cross-legged on the cozy sofa, Trunks was contemplating Gohan sleeping quietly in the bed at the far end of the room. The curves of his muscular frame were hardly outlined in the twilight and he was still and motionless except for the faint move of his chest at each breathe. Trunks was stunned at how peaceful he looked.


Unlike him, the Prince had hardly slept two hours and he had woken up in a start, sweating and thirsty. Despite his exhaustion, he knew he wouldn't get more rest than that. The scientist's speech was looping in his mind, playing on his every nerve and he was now wondering in what mess he had dragged his friend and his men.


He took another sip of his glass, ignoring the sour taste of the alcohol burning his throat. He felt awfully cornered. If they stayed on this fucking planet he might endanger more men uselessly, but turning back to Vegitasei might just ruin the little respect Saiyans still had for him.


He rested the glass on the coffee table and dressed up silently. He bothered putting on his complete uniform including his armor and cloak. When he was done, he glimpsed at his reflection in the mirror. He looked utterly princely and gave himself a respectful nod. He had a bitter chuckle. "Crap," he whispered for himself.


As he exited the cabin, he paused and turned to the guards Gohan had cared to post at the door. "Go tell Lord Pyrnut to join me in the Commander's room," he ordered.


In reply, the guards gave him the very same respectful nod he'd just had for his reflection.

He left them behind and headed for the Commander's room through the quiet ship.


Reaching his destination, he lost no time and went straight to the connection pad fixed in the wall but, as he was about to take it, he had a second thought. A dull concern was stinging his guts. He brought himself to grab the device nevertheless and took place in the Commander's chair. He rested the tab carefully on the table and made the call to Vegitasei.


He was somewhat relieved to have the Chamberlain's familiar face showing up on the screen. The Saiyan had known Trunks as a toddler and he'd been his tutor and confident when he was younger. Some would say he was the oldest living Saiyan on Vegitasei and his wrinkled features tended to prove the legend right.


The old Saiyan gave the Prince a happy grin. "Your Highness, I didn't expect you to call back so soon. I'm pleased to see you though. You triggered a pretty mess here," he claimed.


Trunks couldn't help a smile at the statement. "I guess the old pricks are mad," he replied.


The Chamberlain had a slight frown and cleared his throat in embarrassment. "Your Highness, don't talk of the Council that way. Should I remind you I'm part of it?"


"You know my words don't include you."


"Sure. Still. So, do you eventually intend to come back home? I can't help but worry for you," the old Saiyan resumed.


Trunks sighed. The Chamberlain was a clever man. He knew better than standing up openly against his Prince's will but he disapproved him all the same and he was certainly hoping to coax him the soft way. "I said I'll be back when I'm done. That's not the reason why I'm calling," Trunks cut off.


The Saiyan repressed an annoyed pout. "What is it I can do for you, then?"


Trunks started toying absently with the corner of the tab. "I… Do you have news of Goten?"


The Chamberlain's features changed at once. The sparkles of mischievousness usually gleaming in his eyes died out and he cleared his throat once again. "Huh, I told you I'll let you know if we have any news," he mumbled awkwardly while averting his eyes.


His behavior caused Trunks' wariness. "I know. I just wanted to hear about it. What's the plan? Which area are they searching now?" he insisted.


The Chamberlain shrugged. "Well, always the same zone… up and there."


Trunks could feel the old Saiyan's deep unease and it rang a bell in his head. In normal times, the Chamberlain cared to explain him every details about the search for Goten. He was aware of how important it was for Trunks to know about it, how the Prince liked to make suggestions. Trunks had gone mad when Vegitasei Council had commanded him to stop helping the units looking for his missing friend and he'd only accepted their decision because he'd been promised regular reports.


Yet, something was obviously wrong and a lump was slowly forming in the young man's throat. "Did they find him? Is he dead?" he breathed out.


The Chamberlain shook his head slowly. "They didn't find him… It's just…"


Trunks' heart skipped a beat. "What? Tell me," he urged.


The old Saiyan eventually brought himself to look his Prince in the eyes. "Your Highness, it's been six months since we last had news of Lord Goten and since we found out pieces of his craft in that pirates' hole…"


Trunks' eyes widened in realization and he went short of breath. "They stopped searching him," he half-stated, half-asked.


The Chamberlain gazed apologetically at him. "A funeral ceremony is to be planned. The Council wanted to wait for you to be back home before informing you."


The words were like a punch straight in Trunks' stomach. His breathing went hectic as a powerful mix of anger and pain suffocated him. His energy peaked without him noticing while his vision turned blurry. He felt disconnecting from reality as an incredible urge to yell and crush everything around him washed over him. He could hardly hear the Chamberlain's voice. It had turned to a distant mumbling while somewhere in the depths of his mind another voice was screaming at him to cool down. Cool down. Cool down, man. As crazy as it sounded, that voice felt like Goten's.


"You have to keep a cool head Your Highness. I know how hurt you are. We all know your grief, but that's a Saiyan warrior's fate."


Trunks blinked and looked down at the pad as he connected back to reality. The wrinkled face was still there. "That's a proud Saiyan warrior's fate," the Chamberlain repeated sternly.


"Saiyan?" Trunks murmured. "Goten was no Saiyan. He was Earthling. Just like me. How many times has he been mocked for that? Just like I have,"


"He was raised as a Saiyan warrior. It had always been what he was willing to be and that's what he had become. Just like you, Your Highness," the Chamberlain objected.


Trunks rubbed his eyelids as if he could rub away the fury bubbling in his blood. Even so, he was aware that beneath the fury, an even more terrible foe was hiding. Pain. A dreadful agony was already twisting his guts. The prospect of a world without Goten was more than he could take and he felt he was about to break down - or blow up he couldn't say. For some reasons, the picture of Gohan came across his mind. Gohan mad with worry and fucking him senselessly in the shower.


"Does Gohan know about it, yet?" he asked in a growl.


The Chamberlain didn't answer. He just looked down in unease, but Trunks was too restless to bear with his silence. "Does he?" he shouted in a commanding voice.


"He was told about it just before he had to join you on Kenam. He was asked to keep the news to himself until you were back on Vegitasei," the old Saiyan sighed in defeat.


Trunks felt like crushing the pad - Just hurling it across the room and watching it burst into pieces against the wall. Then, blowing up the wall and after that, melting down the whole ship into a crazy blast of energy.


He balled his fist in contained nervousness. He hated Saiyans at this very moment. He hated them deeply. All liars and brutes, only caring for how many planets they would rule with no mind for life whatsoever. They were nowhere like noble, brave warriors. They were nothing more than beasts. Eating, killing, fucking. They had never deserved someone like Goten in their ranks in the first place. For a split second, the Prince considered giving back his crown. The Saiyan Flame could have it, he no longer cared.


An unsuspected strength allowed him to keep his self-control, though. He had a heavy sigh and cut off the connection with no warning. Sliding the pad aside, he took another deep breath and buried his face into his palms. He was trembling with his heart beating up to his temples. He needed a fight, he knew. Otherwise, he might just crumble down.


He was caught off guard by the sound of the door of the room sliding open. He raised his head and found Pyrnut saluting him respectfully. "You called for me Your Highness," the officer claimed.


For an instant, Trunks said nothing. He stared at the Saiyan through his parted fingers. The officer was standing a few feet away with his head down. He was tall and tough. He had to be about Vegeta's age but he looked older due to the countless battles he'd gone through with much less strength than his King. "I need a fight," the Prince claimed at lastwhile resting his hands back on the table. "You'll be my sparring partner."


Pyrnut looked up at him in disbelief. He considered the youngling sitting before him and repressed a confident smirk. Trunks kept watching him with an unaffected face. If the warrior had been able to read ki properly he would never have felt like smirking. Fool.


"Your wishes are my Command," Pyrnut grumbled meekly.


"We all know that," Trunks retorted coldly, eyes still locked on the scarred officer. "Speaking of that, I heard you killed a soldier of yours. I want your report about this incident."


Pyrnut blinked at the sudden change of subject. "Of course, Your Highness. It's no big deal. Said soldier have been caught lurking around the food storage and I sentenced him to be under arrest for attempt of robbery… As a matter of fact, that man had always been a useless creep, no matter the missions he'd been entrusted with. Most of all he'd been a sly coward on battlefield, and yet he stood up my authority, insulting the Saiyan Royalty in the process. To top it all he tried to run away and I ended with no other choice than killing him as retaliation."


Trunks' fingers drummed on the table for an instant. He cared like shit for that tale right now, but he had intended to question Pyrnut and he had to act as normally as possible despite his emotion. All he could think about was Goten though. He was lost somewhere in space and Vegitasei had decided to leave him behind. Trunks needed a huge effort to force his mind away of these musing. Pyrnut had killed a man and the Prince had to know if he'd really done it as a duty or if he was part of the Saiyan Flame killing anyone standing on his way. "I assume you have witnesses for your story," Trunks ended up resuming.


"Witnesses?" the officer exclaimed in bewilderment.


Trunks glared at him. "Witnesses. You know… People who would have seen it all…"


Pyrnut frowned in confusion as he was mulling over the question. "The three soldiers who caught the bastard near the food storage, then the many men witnessing his speech about… huh… Saiyan Royalty… then the guardians who caught him in flight as he was running away… Would they be reliable enough as witnesses in Your Highness' eyes?"


Trunks was about to answer that no Saiyan would ever be reliable enough when it was about sparing a life, but he realized he didn't give a damn. His urge for a fierce fight was getting overwhelming. He needed punching, kicking, slapping. He craved to hurt and to get hurt in a physical way. If not for that, he felt he was about to burn out in an emotional way. His anger was the only thing that could numb the pain. He stopped drumming his fingers and stood up. "Let's fight now," he merely claimed.


Pyrnut had a hard time hiding his excitement at the prospect of kicking an Earthling ass. His behavior had Trunks' lust for blood grow even more. His resentment was so deep after his talk with the Chamberlain that Pyrnut appeared as the perfect scapegoat to take it all.


The hybrids' might was well-known amongst Saiyans, but since the half-Earthling offspring had scarce opportunities to display their real strength, a lot of soldiers tended to hold it as pure legend. The Saiyan Flame's assholes certainly had a part in the rumor saying the so-called power was a tale made up in order to tame the Saiyans' reluctance to be ruled by a mix-blooded Royalty.


Pyrnut was the type to buy such theory. He couldn't bear with half-weakling and he certainly considered Trunks as such. Moreover, the Saiyan had roamed countless battlefields while the Prince was barely out of his egg. The young hybrid wasn't even tall or bulky. In the officer's mind, the Prince hardly stood a chance to hurt him at all. Pyrnut's challenge might rather be to avoid damaging His Highness' handsome face too much.


The Saiyan couldn't help a cocky smirk as he took place in the sparring room. Trunks studied his frame for an instant. His sparring partner was the typical Saiyan soldier. Rough, arrogant, feral. Stupid. Did Goten really have to get lost for people like him?


The Prince unleashed his nagging fury in the blink of an eye. His ki flared up so suddenly that the Saiyan officer's eyes widened in disbelief. Trunks didn't leave him any time to adjust the unexpected situation. He pounced on him. Pyrnut was quick, but he was still too slow and the Prince's fist met his jaw in a terrible shock, hurling him away.


Pyrnut's body bounced against the wall and he crumbled down on the ground with a breathless grunt. Before he knew it, the young hybrid swooped down on him and hit him again. The officer was fast enough to shield his face with his forearm, but a gloomy snap informed him that his arm hadn't been solid enough to resist the blow.


The Saiyan yelped in pain, but Trunks ignored it. He grabbed his hair and lifted him up from the ground. Their eyes met a split second and the cold rage burning in the hybrid's orbs froze the Saiyan's guts. He tried to speak as to remind they were only supposed to spar, but his crushed jaw wouldn't allow him to word anything and he only uttered a bleak growl before a blow in his stomach emptied his lungs of any air.


The officer's body was ruthlessly flung away. He could no longer move at that point, trying to catch his breath while holding his broken arm. When Trunks' foot slammed his skull on the ground, he knew his life had come to an end. He hardly heard the door opening and the sounds of hurrying steps rushing inside the sparring room.


"Your Highness, what's going on?" a panic-striken voice exclaimed.


Trunks paused, Pyrnut's head still stuck under his boot. He wasn't even panting. "I think I might need more sparring partners," he claimed coldly.


With that, he gave Pyrnut a violent kick in the face causing him to slide away across the room. Trunks turned around to the soldiers gathered at the entrance of the sparring room. They were watching him in horror and his fury grew at the sight. They'd never showed him a more sincere respect than at that moment as he was about to kill their officer. "Come on, you weenies," he grunted with gritted teeth.


One of them was bold enough to step forward and before he knew it, Trunks' knee was sinking deep into his guts. "Pathetic try," the Prince spat, ignoring the disbelieving mumbling of the other soldiers.


Trunks looked up at them with a disturbing smirk. "Come on, let's have fun. Time for Saiyan fun," he breathed out as their companion fell down on his knees, doubling over and spitting blood.


The Prince sprinted toward them, causing them to scatter around the room in panic.


"Trunks!" a voice roared from the door.


The Prince gave up his chase and turned around. Gohan was standing bare feet and bare chest on the doorstep, seemingly just out of bed.


Trunks had no second thought. He jumped on him, fist first. "You, liar!" he shouted.


At the last minute, the older Hybrid lifted his forearm as to ward off his blow, but the shock caused him to back away nevertheless. "What?" Gohan stuttered in puzzlement.


Trunks wasn't in the mood for small talk though. He chained another punch, forcing his Commander to react quicker and quicker.


Gohan was stunned by the strength and the energy of each attack. He did his best to dodge the hits, but he felt he would no longer have other choice than counterattacking. "Trunks, goddamit, I don't want to fight with you," he hissed.


"You knew! You knew and you did nothing," Trunks yelled, still trying to beat him. As he uttered the words, the Prince turned super all of a sudden.


Gohan didn't need any further explanation. The secret about Goten had somehow leaked out. In a way, he felt relieved about it, but right now the situation was spiraling out of control. Trunks was turning insane.


Gohan had to turn super as well to stand a chance to keep up with the younger man. He was likely much stronger than the Prince but he wasn't as angry, that was for sure, and he knew it to be a downside in such a battle. Not to mention, Trunks might eventually use ki blasts and damage the ship.


Gohan glimpsed at Teeb and Pepper standing at the entrance with bewildered face. They were numb at the sight of the two fighters gleaming with energy.


"Pepper!" the older hybrid barked in order to connect them back to reality. The little scientist blinked and against all odds, she flew off to join him recklessly. The hybrids' energy prevented her from coming close to her Commander, but Gohan was able to reach out to her and caught her hand as she was pushed away by Trunks' strong ki.


When both palms met, a harsh kick crushed Gohan's shoulder and he was shoved against the small scientist. She yelped in fear and pain as she was casted to the ground. She crashed with a thud while Gohan was busy blocking Trunks' further attack. The younger man was definitely out of his mind. "Stop it! Trunks, stop," Gohan roared.


The Prince was deaf to his request though. All of a sudden, Gohan caught his wrist in flight. Trunks pried it out of his grip effortlessly, but a faint click caught his attention. Watching down at his hand, he found out a handcuff had been fastened around his wrist, its twin dangling loose along his arm.


Ki suppressor, his brain informed him, but he was already feeling drained of all his energy. His hair turned back to their usual color, the locks falling back in place on his forehead. The feeling was terrible. All his bubbling ki gave way to a hollow weakness while his heavy body fell down straight to the ground.


Gohan's muscular arm wrapped his waist just in time to avoid him getting crashed face first on the floor.


Trunks found himself kneeling, exhausted, void of any stamina except for his restless anger while a monstrous aching was still twisting his guts. He studied the handcuff in disbelief and glared at Gohan crouching beside him. "Why?" the Prince snapped. "Why are you here in the first place? You should be on Vegitasei, kicking their bastards' ass and forcing them to go back look for him!"


Gohan gave him a weary gaze and sighed. "Calm down, Trunks," he whispered.


In reply, Trunks gave him a harmless punch in the chest. "How could you?... He's not dead," he spat bitterly.


Tears were shining in his eyes and his voice was trembling, not only out of wrath, but also in pain. Gohan watched around. Everything was silent except for the moan of pain of the wretched soldier Trunks had attacked. Pyrnut was lying unconscious at the other end of the room.


A handful of stunned soldiers were around the hybrids and gazing at them. Chard had showed up and was standing next to Teeb at the door while behind them a crowd of soldiers was trying to poke their heads through the door frame. Pepper was sitting unharmed where she'd fallen, her wary eyes locked on the two hybrids in the middle of the room.


Gohan ran his hand along Trunks' shoulder and up to the nape of his neck. "Not now. They're all watching," he whispered softly so that only Trunks would hear him.


The young Prince just doubled over in a silent sob. With his head down, no one could see his face but Gohan knew he might be fighting his urge to cry. The older hybrid turned to the officers at the entrance.


"I want someone to take the wounded away to the medical bay. All the others have to go back to their business right now," he ordered. "Teeb, stay there. Chard, you'll wait for me in the Commander's room. Pepper, I want your boss to join me there as well. Everyone else, out of my sight." His voice was bossy and confident and it was enough to have instant obedience.


The soldiers poured out of the room, some of them carrying the body of their injured companion and after a moment, the place was silent and empty, except for Teeb standing a few feet away from Gohan and Trunks.


The Prince hadn't made a move, his eyes still glued to the ground. Gohan was worried by his lack of reaction after the impressive peak of energy he'd been through. "You need to gather your wits and to rest," he stated.


Trunks raised his head and glared at him. "He's not dead. What did they tell you? 'Please Lord Gohan, go get our witless little Prince stuck on a rotten harmless Planet? Your brother is missing, but hey, he might be dead by now and it's not like his life matters that much.' Is that what they say?"


Before he knew it, Gohan slapped him in the face with a roar. "Stop your crap, now. Do you think you're the only one in pain?"


With the handcuff suppressing his ki, Trunks's face was ruthlessly flung aside by the blow.


"Lord Gohan!" Teeb's voice boomed in disapproval. The Saiyan stepped straight to the Commander, certainly intending to stand up for his master, but Trunks raised his hand as to order him to keep still. Then, the Prince turned his head back to Gohan. His skin was flushed right where the older Hybrid's hand had made contact with the cheek.


Gohan pressed his lips at the sight. He hadn't planned his own gesture and he'd been oblivious of Trunks being ki-suppressed. The younger man had been annoying him though. Seeing him so restless and unpredictable was just stressful. Not to mention his words had been very hurtful.


Trunks gave him a cold glare. A dreadful wrath was flaring in his shiny eyes. "Fuck you! Take that fucking handcuff off of me and try it again, you coward!" he grunted.


Gohan sighed. He had no doubt His Highness was just expecting that. A good senseless fight. He grabbed the second handcuff in one hand and Trunks' free wrist in the other. The younger Hybrid struggled forcefully. "Don't! Don't you dare!" he yelled. With the ki suppressor numbing his might, he stood no chance against Gohan though. The second handcuff was clasped on his arm in no time.


Trunks froze and gaped in disbelief as he studied the golden bracelets linking his wrists with a short chain. He gazed up at Gohan with watering eyes and the sight felt like a shock wave straight to the older hybrid's heart.


He couldn't help but embrace his younger friend in a soft hug. Trunks tried to fight him. "I hate you," he gasped. However, his body was shaking in sobs and he eventually nestled his face in Gohan's collarbone. Gohan hold him tight, caressing his hair. "I'm sorry, Trunks. I'm so sorry," he murmured.


He had taken care to place himself between Teeb and Trunks in order to shield the Saiyan's view on the Prince. Even though the Second in Command might be devoted and trustworthy, there was no use for him to witness his master's weakness.


Gohan looked down at Trunks' face. Some tears had rolled down his cheeks and his eyes were still burning with vivid anger and pain. Gohan wiped out the tears with his thumb and stood up, hoisting the Prince up on his feet.


Trunks had turned wordless and obedient. It was like the second handcuff had defeated what was still left of his bubbling rage. Gohan adjust his cloak to hide the handcuffs. "Teeb," he called. "Walk him to his room. Nobody must have a single glimpse at his handcuffs though, hear me?"


Teeb stepped closer and gave a nod. "Shall I remove the handcuffs once in the room?"


Gohan glanced at Trunks and the young Prince gave him a quiet, deadly glare in return. "No. I'll come check him later. He has to rest."


"Fucking asshole," Trunks cursed under his breath as he walked away in Teeb's wake.  

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