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Chapter 1

You looked at the piece of paper in your hand to make sure that you understood exactly what was being presented to you. Even with double checking you had a hard time believing what was going on. The kid that you had been preparing lessons for these last few years had always gotten great marks. Recently however, there had been more than a few silly mistakes. The paper in front of you was more than that. There were red marks everywhere.

"What have you been teaching my son?" The woman demanded as she held the test out to you.

"I don't understand," you said, perplexed over the situation.

The woman crossed her arms over her chest. You envied that for the briefest of moments. Every time you tried it felt clumsy; the difference in chest size played a big roll in that no doubt.

"You're the teacher. How do you not understand what's happening?" She demanded, dark eyes fierce.

"He took the practice test last week and got a hundred percent," you tried to explain to her. "Ms. Son...I don't know what to tell you right now. It's almost like he failed the test on purpose. I might be able to convince the school to let him retake it..."

"You do that," she huffed in a very parental way.

You couldn't really be mad at her. She was just worried about her son's future. Yet at the same time if she didn't force him to take such advanced subjects maybe he would have never had this problem to begin with. Kids his age were usually still mastering regular algebra and Earth Sciences but he was taking subjects you didn't touch until college. It was amazing...yet the test in front of you showed none of that. It was like a normal 8th grader had taken the test.

"But if I don't see any improvement in the next two weeks, consider this your notice," Ms. Son relayed to you.

With a shaking feeling inside you nodded to let her know that you understood her decision. A piece of you broke inside though...you'd been teaching her eldest son for years by this point so you were rather attached to him. And her youngest had grown on you too.


"Like this," you instructed the young kid before you.

The little tyke stuck out his tongue a little as he concentrated on the simple math problem before him. For a four year old he was doing amazing. If he could only manage to focus for more than three second at a time he'd have gotten this mastered already. Though the fact that you'd switched your tactics to edibles might also have to do with his performance. The food helped him focus on one hand but the moment you looked away, your edible tactiles were stuffed in the four year kid's mouth. Still it was amazing that he was even doing math at all. Granted it was just counting but still...his mom pushed him pretty hard for a four year old. Nowhere near as hard as her eldest son though.

"Teacher, I need help," said eldest son requested from his place at the desk.

You looked over to him. He was angled in such a way that you could tell he had been trying to catch your attention nonverbally for a while. Only all of your attention had been on his little brother. You got up from your spot on the bed and walked over to him. You leaned in from the side behind him to see where he'd gotten stuck. But for the life of you, you couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. The work you'd given him was just review from three months ago. And three months ago he'd mastered the topic with more finesse than even you had.

"Uh, Gohan? Where did you get stuck?" You asked in confusion.

He didn't even seem frustrated when you'd looked down from the corner of your eye. In fact you could almost say that he seemed fascinated. Transfixed even. It took you a few seconds to realize that your shirt had slipped forward the last time that Goten has reached out for you to get your attention. Even from a side perspective with the way that you were learned over from beside and behind him, Gohan could see more of your chest than was respectable for a junior high school student. Or really any student for that matter.

With a sort of nervous air, you stood up and moved more to the side. Somehow after all this time it had slipped your mind that Gohan was a growing boy. Even though he'd been doing a lot of growing recently. It was just hard to let go of the idea that he was still your little student struggling after the loss of his father.

"All of it," Gohan finally said as he blushed, looking down at the ground nervously as he waited for your reaction. "Can you Uh—can you explain it again?"

"Yeah," you said with a soft smile as you held back the sadness.

At this rate there was no way he wouldn't get marks high enough to satisfy his mother's insanely high expectations. Which meant that this was likely to be your last two weeks with the both of them. But you didn't want to put any more pressure on him. So you kept that to yourself and did your best to teach both boys.


Internally you cursed. By the time the lesson had finished it had gotten very dark. You'd been worried about that the third time you had to go over a chapter with Gohan. By the fifth time you resigned yourself to getting home when it was too dark to do much else. But when he also seemed to struggle in his math work, well even your great acting skills weren't enough to hide how worried you were.

"What's wrong?" Gohan asked as he realized you were biting your lip.

"It's nothing, don't worry," you tried to relax your features but it was easier said than done.

You lived at the base of the mountain. Even with perfect conditions it would take you an hour to get home. You hadn't exactly drove to his house after all. Unless it was really nasty weather you usually road your bike or walked. Today had been a day that you walked; with how dark it was that didn't seem like a smart choice to walk back. There were a lot of creatures that came out to hunt at night that didn't in the day. And without seeing where you were going even running away would be hazardous.

"Just uh...keep practicing. I need to make a few calls."

Gohan nodded with a concerned look on his face. He watched you walk out of his room before turning to look back at the rhetoric he'd already memorized. Gohan pushes his pencil around as he hummed to himself. With Goten down to sleep he finally had all of your attention. Which meant that you could explain everything he already knew, but pretended he didn't, as many times as he wanted you to. Which made him quite happy.

You on the other hand were not quite so content. Everyone you checked in with couldn't give you a ride for one reason or another. You groaned as you tossed your head back, letting out a deep frustrated breath. Looks like you were going to have to hoof it back home and pray that you didn't become prey.

At that point you were completely unaware of how there were eyes from inside of the room which traced your silhouette. The interested gaze traced the moonlight with better perception in the dark than you would ever have. They were preditoral as they devoured the picture presented but you were in no danger of actually being harmed.

"Are you okay Teacher?" Gohan asked as he stood at his window, gripping the edge.

You straightened your posture as you sighed. "Yeah. Don't worry. I will be there in a moment."

You closed your phone and walked back into the house as to not worry the fourteen year old anymore.

Ten minutes later, after explaining the situation to a rather understanding Chichi, you heard something that surprised you.

Gohan came out from his room and looked between both you and his mother, "I can take her home."

"That's sweet Gohan but then you'd have to walk back. And I can't let that happen."

Gohan looked almost surprised or amused at your concern. You weren't sure which. Chichi was oddly quiet as she pursed her lips. And there goes the arm cross which you were jealous of. The only thing was that you had no idea why she was crossing her arms and looking at Gohan like he'd said something wrong.

"But I want to help," Gohan insisted. "It's my fault you're here so late. I don't want you to go home alone if your afraid. Besides I wouldn't be walking—"

"Gohan," Chichi butted in with narrowed eyes.

"Mom," Gohan returned. "I promise I'll come right back and get ready for bed. It'll only be ten minutes. Please?"

Ten minutes? You looked at him with a very straight face on. Walking when you could see where you were going took about an hour. There was no way he could help you get home in under ten minutes. Much less make the trip back by himself in that time.

"Just this once," Chichi warned. Her features melted to almost a good natured smile as she uncrossed her arms and shook her head.

Now you were really confused. Especially as Gohan hurried past you, grabbing you by the hand, and pulling you to the door. Funny - you never pegged him to be that strong before. But he'd pulled you off your feet with that. Clumsily you managed to get your footing back by the time you and he had gotten to the door.

"Okay hold on a moment Gohan," you called out to him. "I can't let you—"

"But I want to."

"You'll be walking back in the dark and there are things out there that would eat you!" You tried to get through his head.

Gohan looked back at you. He seemed surprised and then he laughed.

"I forgot!" He said as he let go of your hand. "Get your bag please. I want to show you something."

Just out of sheer curiosity you grabbed your bag and followed him outside. You wanted to know what he seemed so jovial about. But regardless of what his mom said or allowed there was no way you were letting your underage student walk you home. Especially since he needed to get to bed and there were animals out there that would love to gobble him whole.

Gohan stopped a few feet away from the house. Where the light no longer touched. Given that he was wearing a long sleeved white shirt, it wasn't impossible to see him. But it wasn't easy either.

"You're worried about it being dark. You don't need to," Gohan said.

He clenched his fists at his side and let out a deep breath. The ground rumbled at your feet, causing your heart to race. The idea of an earthquake was on your lips with a second. But it was lost when the thick air rushed past you, nearly knocking you over. And with that there was a burst of light so bright in the dark that it was nearly blinding. When the light faded to manageable levels you had a hard time understanding what you were seeing.

Gohan was in front of you but you barely recognized him. His hair, now golden, was standing up higher. And his normally wide dark eyes were green, narrowed and very focused. His thick eyebrows had even changed to match his hair which gave him a pretty severe look. His coloration wasn't the only thing that changed. He'd gotten larger, filled out. If you didn't know any better you would have thought he was an older teen who hit the gym. Like a lot. You could actually see the outline of certain muscles in certain places thanks to the glow he was somehow producing.

"...you're going to have to explain this to me tomorrow," you told him with a level tone. "You're a human flashlight."

Gohan smiled. Coupled with the look in his colorful eyes you'd have to say that it looked more self satisfied than anything.

"Ready to go?"

"Still not letting you walk back by yourself. So you might as well go back inside."

"I never said we were walking," he said in a smug tone. He barely sounded like the Gohan you knew. "I have another surprise for you. Grab my hand."

If his mother let him drive when he was this young...so help you...you and she were going to have issues. He was a couple years away from being allowed to do that.

Still you humored him. Gohan pulled you to him once you did. You almost protested when he wrapped his arms around you. But the protest died when he jumped and somehow pulled you up with him. You never thought he was that strong. Then again you never knew he had the muscle mass that he did. That last part was, embarrassingly, impossible to deny.

What else was embarrassing was the fact that when he jumped you off your feet, you'd helped and pushed yourself closer to the only solid thing - Gohan. The strangest thing happened after that though. Instead of falling like you feared, Gohan and out somehow just missed the ground.

You opened your eyes and looked. You and Gohan were in a sphere of golden and white light. Above the ground. He was not only producing light but he was flying. You were flying. Gohan was making you fly. Well currently levitate but still.

"Oh, oh wow," you breathed out with wonder.

"Are you okay?" Gohan asked.

You looked at him dead in the eye. Gohan was your height after all. And still growing unlike you.

"You will be explaining this to me," you told him as you tried not to look down.

Gohan smiles. This one seemed more innocent and less smug than the last time. "Sure! Next time you get to be the student and I will be the teacher!"

He enjoyed the idea a little more than he probably should have. And when you clung to him from fear of falling when he really brought you into the air, he enjoyed that too.


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