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Chapter Fourteen


"Mom?" Gohan called out nervously.


He had landed a bit away from the house, knowing that he'd been gone for a while again. He knew that his disappearance had been sudden - he hadn't been home in a month. No doubt his mother worried about him. He'd thought about visiting during the hunt for the dragonballs more times than he could count on both hands because of how worried he knew she would get. Yet he hadn't brought himself to do it. The best he'd been able to do was send a letter explaining what he was doing. At least that was better than the first time he went missing!


Chichi let the wet clothes fall back into the bucket. There was a sound of surprise as his mother looked up at him that made Gohan think that she was going to yell at him. He winced and took half a step back. After getting yelled at by you the last thing he wanted was to get yelled at by his mom. 


"Gohan?" Chichi breathed out in a stupor. 


"Please don't be angry mom...I promise, I'm back for real...just like I said I'd be when I was all done with the dragonballs."


And given that he looked a little older than his dad did when he and Chichi got married, it should have been obvious what he'd spent one of the two wishes on. For the first time in his life none of the wishes had been spent on bringing someone back to life. 


"Oh Gohan..." Chichi remorsefully. "I'm just happy you came home before you made a big mistake!"


Gohan winced. Apparently he had made a big mistake! But how did he tell his mom that you thought he had raped you?...Gohan decided in that moment he couldn't. The idea of talking to his mom about...well...sex...he couldn't conceive it. His face turned red in utter embarrassment as he tried to imagine that conversation. Thankfully Chichi thought she had been the one to embarrass him; she had no idea he'd done something far worse than the confession he had told her that he had planned in regards to you. 


"What are you just standing there for? You need to get Goten out of bed young man."


With his face still red, Gohan nodded and hurried inside to escape his mother's gaze. One of the last things he wanted was for her to see the truth in his eyes.




Gohan stopped as he looked at a door he hoped would become familiar. In one of his hands was a bunch of your favorite flowers and in the other an explanation and apology speech he planned to recite for you. He hoped that you weren't as angry as you had been a couple of days ago; he'd waited a week while trying to understand what had gone wrong. He still wasn't sure he understood...but he knew that you had been upset and that was enough.


 Standing at your door just didn't feel right though. It wasn't that he thought he should barge in again. It was more that something felt like it was missing. After anxiously waiting far too long for you to come to the door, Gohan walked around the house to try to see if he could see you through any window. Unfortunately all the ones at ground level all had opaque curtains. Which was why he found himself hovering at one of the tall windows that no one ever really put a curtain over, the kind that didn't even open up. 


Gohan peered around your house from that window. All of your furniture was gone. He lowered himself to the ground as he shook internally. 




You were gone.




The door to the house slammed open as Gohan hurried inside as gently as his addled state would allow. Chichi stopped cutting the large radish she was preparing for dinner at the noisy entrance. 


"You better have a good reason for slamming the door Gohan! You know I can't afford to buy a new one if you break it again!"


"She's gone!"


"Who?" Chichi asked as she wiped her hands on her apron. 


"My teacher! She's gone!"


Chichi walked to the main room where her distraught son was. 


"I know," Chichi said calmly. "She moved to a city."


"What?!" Gohan asked with wide eyes as he started to breathe too quickly. "When? How do you know that?!"


"She told me a few days ago. She explained everything that's been happening as if I didn't know already."




Chichi nodded and folded her arms. "All about how you had been failing your assignments and tests so that she would have to stay later. And how her personal life had been distracting you and causing you to behave erratically. After what you did, wishing to be older with the Dragonballs...I think it was very professional of her to relocate before you got any more crazy ideas! I mean really Gohan! I can't believe you thought it was okay to be alone with her in her house! What if someone had seen! God forbid if you tried to hug her...or worse! I raised you better!"


"I—" his throat felt far too dry. 


His mom was that upset about him being alone with you? There was no way you had really told her everything. If she thought hugging you was something bad...Gohan trembled one his spot. No one understood; not Bulma and not his mom. He needed you —he needed you in his life in everyway imaginable. But it seemed like every single adult wanted to stop that from happening. Why? Why didn't he deserve the one thing, the one person, he had ever wanted? He had sacrificed so much to protect everyone and he would do it again because he knew you were among the people he had saved numerous times. 


"I need her mom," Gohan admitted. "She's my..."


He couldn't bring himself to say what he really wanted in front of his mother. Somehow he had been able to yell it at Bulma but he couldn't get out the truth in front of his mom. 


"She's my teacher. I need her back. How else am I supposed to graduate from high school?"


"You'll be starting at Orange Star High School in Satan City in the fall. I've already enrolled you."


"No," Gohan shook his head quickly. "I can't. I need to find my teacher!"


"Excuse me?! After everything that's happened, it's up to you to look after this family! And the only way you'll be able to do that is if you grate from high school and university so you can get a good job!"


"But mom—!"


"As long as you keep up with your work, Gohan, you can look for her in your spare time. She can't be harder than finding all the dragonballs," Chichi said with her arms crossed. "But! You HAVE to promise that you'll focus during school! AND you have to get a perfect score on the entrance exam! Do you understand?!"


Gohan nodded with wide eyes 



...did his mom really  just give him permission to hunt you down?

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