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Chapter Seven

Gohan laid on his back, shaded by the movie theater sign. Idly he moved his legs as he rested his hands under his head. More than once he had almost fallen asleep on the roof with the sounds of birds filling his ears, but he snapped himself out of it every time. If he fell asleep then he wouldn't be able to hear you when you came out of the movies. And considering that your energy level was the same as everyone else around you, he wasn't confident that he could sense you at a distance. He could barely sense you while you were in the cinema. Which was why he needed to be able to see and hear you when you came out. It was why he searched every swath of people that moved out of the building to look for you. Not that anyone knew he was there of course. He was rather well hidden by the old fashioned movie sign.

Which he was thankful for when he finally found you. You had told him just a day prior that you hadn't wanted him to follow you around on your day off. The thought of you being by yourself ang getting hurt had moved him to break your expectations. He had never needed to consider how fragile you were before but after hearing that you'd been worried about walking home in the dark, that was practically all he could think about. There was no way he would lose you to something he could help prevent.

Gohan hummed to himself as he watched you adjust your eyes to the light of day. The way you wrinkled up your nose at the brightness of the day was cute. Of course he was too far away to see that and you were facing away from him but he could imagine it. What he didn't find cute at all was that when you turned back around, you smiled and waved at someone. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but the person you'd flagged down had been John. The same John who had apparently propositioned you for something; which you had turned down. He was supposed to have been a student of yours but Gohan got a bad feeling when he saw John her closer to you. You'd watched a movie with him, your student. You'd never invited him (Gohan) to see a movie.

The concrete crumbled under his grip.

Gohan brushed his hands off on his trousers when he moved to sit up. With his legs crossed he glared down at John's figure. He shouldn't have been there. You were spending time with him instead of teaching Gohan something he already knew but pretended he didn't so he could spend time with you. It didn't seem fair. Especially with the countdown you'd put on how long he had to show his mom he was improving academically. How was he supposed to do that in a week if you spent your extra time with other students instead of giving him tests?

Gohan stood up when you and John started walking to another building. He peaked around the movie sign as he watched you walk. If it wasn't for the fact that John was beside you, spoiling the image, Gohan would have enjoyed the sight. It wasn't everyday that he got to see you in well fitted jeans; they suited you. Unfortunately Gohan had a feeling that John thought so too and that was infuriating.


"Done," Gohan said casually as he sat his pencil down. "What's next?"

"Woah there, slow down," you said as you looked up from your spot on the floor where you were grading the other tests he'd done. You were so glad that none of them had been essay tests. "I haven't finished grading your last one."

"But I need the next subject," Gohan said a little anxiously.

"Gohan you're going through these tests so quickly...are you sure you double checked your answers?"

So far he'd been right on every question. It was just that he was doing them so quickly that you couldn't keep up with him, let alone get to the lessons that you prepared for Goten. Gohan was keeping you in your place by finishing page after page in rapid succession.

"Yes," he answered. "I just want to finish all the subjects today so that I can show mom I'm doing better."

"Yeah," you said under your breath. "But after what's happened..."

"What?" Gohan asked in a worried voice after you trailed off.

"Nothing, nevermind. The next test is in my bag. Go ahead and get it. They're all in there actually. You can get them all out. That way I can just grade them at home."

"Why can't you grade them here?" Gohan asked as he stood up.

He moved over to squat down beside your oversized purse. As he leaned down to grab out a couple of tests to do next, Gohan couldn't help but take in a deep breath. To him you smelled wonderful; today especially. There was something about today that really smelled nice. He had a feeling he knew what it was but the very thought of it made him blush. Gohan tried to tilt his head down so his blush wasn't as noticeable but with him practically right beside you it was hard not to notice that he was lingering and embarrassed. After what had happened a couple days ago, however, you stayed quiet and very still. You moved your eyes to the paper and didn't move them back to Gohan.

He stood up swiftly after a couple of seconds with all the tests in hand. Gohan went back to speeding through the tests as you put away the one he had just finished so that you could grade it later. You were determined to finish the one that you were currently on. That way you would have at least two to show Chichi for today's assessment. As you continued to grade, Gohan finished question after question. You'd finished grading his paper before he finished another one thankfully. And with quiet sounds of relief as you stretched, you stood up.

"Wait, I'm not done," Gohan said in an abrupt tone.

"I'm not leaving. I just wanted to show your mom these tests while you continued to work. The other ones I'll have to grade at home but at least this way she can see some of the progress."

"...why can't you grade them here?" Gohan asked in confusion as his brows drew together.

"Even with the answer key it'll take a couple minutes. Besides I have to scan them and submit them so you get school credit. Not to mention enter them in the grade book."

"But you can at least grade them here can't you?" Gohan asked.

"...why would you want me to grade them here? Are you afraid you'll have a lot of wrong answers or something?"

"No," Gohan replied as he shook his head. The blush on his face made you realize that you probably should have moved his lessons to the main room. "I just like spending time with you."

"Gohan, we talked about this," you said quietly.

"I know. I promise I won't do or say anything inappropriate. I just want to be around you."

You let out a deep breath. "After what happened I don't think that would be appropriate either Gohan."

Gohan frowned. More like pouted. You watched as he crossed his arms over his chest with a contemplative expression over his young face. You smiled a little awkwardly as you walked over to his door. Before you walked completely out of the door you reminded Gohan to keep working on his tests.

And he tried. Even though he was fighting the urge to follow you, Gohan did his best on his tests. Right up to the point when your phone started vibrating. Curiosity got the better of him when he realized that someone was trying to call you. He angled his chair so that he could lean back to look out his door. You were out of sight talking to his mom. The phone continued to buzz as someone tried to get in contact. Gohan's drive to learn more about you got the better of him.

He went over to your bag and undid the zipper where you'd left your phone. It was a small area on the inside of your purse. He pulled the phone out and something else came out with it. Small, metallic...

Gohan held the small package in his hand. There was another one in the zipper pocket too. Something inside of Gohan knotted up in fury as he opened up the package to find out that you had been carrying two condoms with you. Gohan's teeth mashed together tightly when he realized that on top of that John has sent you multiple texts. That's why your phone had been buzzing.

He put you phone back where it belonged and zipped your purse up. Gohan curled his hand around the damnable sign that you had a life outside of being his teacher. A life that he had thought about a lot in the last couple of months...just not that it would be with someone other than a future him. He walked over to his door with his fists clenched tight; he was trying to calm down but he needed you to affirm that  it wasn't what it looked like. He wasn't sure why you would have two condoms in your purse if it wasn't what it seemed like but he needed to try.

You were his teacher. He'd known you for five years already. And in another four years everything could have been perfect. You already said that nothing would happen even if he was older but he had been planning to out stubborn you. When he set his mind to something he could accomplish anything. Four years would have been hard to wait but to him it seemed only natural that you and he as a couple would be the outcome. But if you were in a relationship...a physical relationship...with another guy...Gohan's heart ached at the thought even as his rage climbed.

No. No. You were too reasonable to be in a relationship with a student who had dropped out of highschool. Much less one that made comments like John had. That was what Gohan tried to reassure himself with.

It didn't take more than a second until you were in front of him again. As was his mom. Chichi looked over to Gohan with surprise. She couldn't sense energy but even she felt his. The fact that he was flickering back and forth between super saiyan and regular was another clue.

"Gohan!" Chichi called out in shock. "What's wrong?!"

"I need to talk to my teacher. Now."

You watched in complete shock and awe as his "flashlight" mode turned on and off. He looked like he was trying to suppress it somehow but failing. His hair moved in an unseen wind up and down with every breath. It was awe inspiring and somehow frightening all at the same time.

"You can't just demand to—" Chichi was cut off when Gohan completely ignored her and reached out for your arm.

He grabbed it in a bruising grip. You helped in pain as he pulled you so hard you tripped. This was not a side of Gohan you liked. Not at all. It frightened you.

He pulled you out of the house and straight into the sky. You cling to him in fear as he held you bridal style. Your eyes squeezed shut to block out the dizzying speeds. Something about the way his energy formed a bullet around him (and by extension you) helped with the wind but normally entirely. Your hair whipped around your face in unseemly ways, blocking Gohan's vision until he landed far enough away from his house that his mother wouldn't be able to find him. And so that she wouldn't hear what he was about to say either.

The landing jarred your abused wrist even more. In fact with the way that it hurt you would even have to say that there might have been a hairline fracture. It didn't feel broken but...it could have been.

"Gohan," you said in a whimpering voice when he sat you down.

Your wrist really hurt. It was hard to express yourself linguistically.

"Why do you have these in your purse?"

As he asked his question, Gohan uncurled his hand to show something that was almost unrecognizable at this point. Just based on context clues though you had a bad feeling over what it was.

"You went through my purse?"

"Your phone was buzzing. I didn't want you to miss it if it was important. It wasn't important. Why? Why did you have two in your purse?"

You were shaking. Your wrist hurt and you had a bad feeling that you were way too far into the mountain to get any help. And with the intense way that Gohan was questioning you, he wasn't helping to quell your fear of the situation. You held onto your wrist as you sat on the ground, cradling it on your lap.

"That's personal," you tried to say in a strong voice but it didn't seem strong to you. "Gohan I think you broke my wrist."

Gohan actually visibly paused. He bent down with a serious expression on his face as the mangled condom fell from his hands. He was on his knees before you as he went to look at your wrist. And then he was silent. Gohan leaned back away from you as his energy crashed around him. His hair stayed black and his eyes dark as he looked at your frightened face. He looked down at your wrist and then at his hands.

In all of his day dreams and plans for the future involving you, he had never considered you getting hurt. He knew that he was strong; very strong. Yet the thought of you getting hurt had never once crossed his mind. He had never considered how fragile you were compared to him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know that I was holding too tightly."

You looked at Gohan as though he was insane. "How? How could you not know?!"

"...I'm really strong. Like really strong. Even for an energy user. My brother is strong as well. So was my dad," Gohan reminded you. "Sometimes I forget how much stronger I am than everything around me. I break things when I get excited. Not as bad as dad used to though but sometimes it still happens. I'm so sorry."

"I need to go to the doctors," you explained to him.

Gohan nodded as he stood up. He helped you to stand up even though you flinched back from him. Logically you knew that you were going to need him to take you to a hospital but...he had just hurt your wrist. You really didn't want to see what else he'd forget to be gentle with next. Broken or fractured ribs didn't seem very pleasant. Nor did a crushed pelvic bone. Still you let him pick you back up. But with the way you needed to hold your wrist it was hard to feel secure in his arms. You mentally pleaded that he didn't drop you as he jumped into the air. And you were so scared that you could barely breathe or think as he flew you farther and farther away.

"It was small," Gohan muttered as you prayed to god that you weren't going to fall to your death. 

"What?" You asked I fear and confusion through the pain.

"The...the condom was small."

Condom...your brain took a moment to fill in the details of what was happening. If your face wasn't already flushed from pain it would have colored again.

"That wasn't the small. It was the standard," was what slipped out of your mouth before your brain reminded you that this was an inappropriate conversation.

"Oh. It looked really small. It wouldn't have fit me," Gohan said as his face colored in embarrassment.

Not that you could see him blushing since your hair was in the way.

"...not okay Gohan," you said as you tried to put away that imagery. "How long until we get to the hospital?"

"Oh uh..." he nearly studdered nervously. "I'm taking you somewhere better. There's uh...a friend of mine...he can heal it right away."

"I want to go to the hospital," you replied stubbornly with tears clinging to your eyes.

You wanted pain meds and doctors. You did not want friends of Gohan.

"I promise; Dende can fix it so its as good as new. Better I bet."

"...doctors," you muttered sadly, almost pitifully as you realized how powerless you really were at the moment.

It was that sense of helplessness in the arms of a fourteen year old that really scared you more so than the fourteen year old himself.


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