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Chapter Eight


“Gohan, nice to see you.”


You were shivering from the flight. At the speed he had flown and the altitude that Gohan had climbed so quickly in order to reach wherever it was that he took you, it would have been near impossible for a normal human not to be cold. Especially since you were already in pain from your damaged wrist. Which was why you hadn’t uncurled yourself from the only source of heat. Gohan might have been the whole reason you were in that state, and he might have only been as big as you, but he’d been the only solid and warm thing to latch onto the whole way. 


“Nice to see you too Mr. Popo. Is Dende around? I kind of need his help.”


“I can see that. Follow me.”


The thought of putting you down had crossed Gohan’s mind momentarily before he pushed it away. You were shivering and trying to curl into him more. He enjoyed that quite a bit - it made him feel important, powerful even. Though he did suppress the smile that came with that it had taken all of his effort. So he kept you in his arms as he followed behind Mr. Popo. 


Unlike around the outside, the building of the lookout was well lit. And it was a little bit warmer considering that it had walls to block some of the cold. As the shock from everything started to fizzle out you realized that Gohan was still carrying you. More over you’d been letting him carry you, some would say even encouraging him to do so. 


You did your best attempt to turn around which caused Gohan to pause. “What’s the matter?”


“I want down.” 


You also wanted a doctor but that most likely wasn’t going to happen any time soon either. 


Reluctantly, Gohan helped you back to your own feet. As you were trying to keep your balance despite the heady feeling, another person walked out to the main area. A green person. With claws and fangs. 


You took a step back as you cradled your wrist. Fear shot up your spine and the more you saw of the new person, the less you felt your wrist. Yay fight of flight system!


“I thought he was dead,” you said in fear. 


You’d been a child, nearly still a baby, when Demon King Piccolo had been a thing. But your belated parents had used him like a horror story to get you to behave for years afterwards. Up until the were killed in the terrorist attack of East City. Thankfully you’d been away from that city with friends during the attack or you would be on the lookout meeting what had to be a clone of the demon king!


“Who? Dende? Why would he be dead?” Gohan asked in confusion. 


“Wasn’t he killed like a long time ago? Before you were even born?”


The young teenager called out your name (with the appropriate Miss attached) in confusion. 


“Demon King Piccolo—-he looks just like him. I don’t—“


Gohan was laughing. That made you stop and stare at him with confusion as your chest pounded in your heart. 


“It’s not funny Gohan! My parents used to show me pictures and videos! I swear he—“


“This isn’t Demon King Piccolo. This is Dende. My dad killed the guy you’re thinking of. But I mean technically he cloned himself but that Piccolo is a good guy now.”


Your head was swimming. Your heart was pounding. And you felt like you were going to be sick. 


“Do there are...a lot of...demons?”


“We’re not demons,” Dende said as he kept his respectable distance. “Piccolo and I are from Namek. We’re Namekians.”


“Namekians,” the tongue was foreign on your tongue and it really felt that way too. “So aliens. Like Saiyans?”


Gohan smiled. “Yeah. Exactly.”


So the boogie man you’d grown up with was just an alien. Great. That didn’t help the years of fear you had built up around the imagery that Dende presented. 


“Hey Dende, you think you can take a look at her wrist? I mean if you’re busy I could see if Korin has some senzu beans.”


“It’s alright, Gohan, I can heal her up real quick. No reason to wake him up.”


Gohan nodded before looking at you. “Okay so you’re going to need to show Dende your wrist so he can fix you.”


You knew it was irrational but you just couldn’t do it. After years of seeing someone who looked so similar to the being in front of you, granted this one looked much younger, you just couldn’t extend your arm. Especially when you saw one of his clawed hands come closer to you. You flinched away from him and his behind Gohan even more. Which again was silly; Gohan was basically your size and younger than you to boot. But everything in you said, “Gohan good, Green man Bad.”


For the most part, Gohan wasn’t sure what to do. You were practically shivering behind him in fear. His teacher, an adult, was afraid of Dende, his friend and guardian of the Earth. Not only that but you still had a hurt wrist. And...if you were reacting this badly to Dende how would he ever introduce you to Mister Piccolo? And yet the fact that you were using him as a shield was somehow perfect; he bet you never hid behind John when you were scared. 


“Hey, it’s alright,” Gohan said as he tried to turn around to talk to you. 


You didn’t make it easy with the way you cling to him and tried to pull him away at the same time. That feeling of pride only rose until he felt like there was a warm balloon in his chest as you cling to him and quietly pleaded for him to take you to a doctor’s instead. He knew better than to give you what you wanted at the moment regardless of how tempted he was. A doctor couldn’t do as good of a job as Dende would be able to. And it would be far more expensive for you as well as require a substantially greater time to heal. 


Gohan tried to comfort you but it came off more awkward than anything. He looked over to Dende then back to you. As he looked at you he realized something that made his eyes widened. 


“You’re crying?” 


“I know it’s stupid. I know you said he’s not him and they’re not demons. But I’m scared. Please, I just want to go to a doctor, please,” you pleaded with him in a whisper as sparse tears ran down your chilled cheeks. 


Dende looked almost crushed from seeing someone so afraid of him. Crushed and confused at the same time. Gohan on the other hand was just confused. He really wasn’t sure what to do. Or at least he wasn’t as convinced that what he was doing was the right thing. To see his teacher look so scared and vulnerable didn’t feel right. It felt too...unreal. To see someone cry because they were scared didn’t feel right to him. It felt strange. You shouldn’t cry. Grown ups didn’t cry. At least he’d never seen one cry until just now. 


He awkwardly wrapped his arms around you as he tried to figure out what to do. All the while whispering to you about how it was alright. You calmed down after you squeezed your eyes closed. Which means that you didn’t see as Gohan mouthed for Dende to “do it now”.


Dende didn’t get away with healing your wrist without you seeing though. You opened your eyes back up when the glow of his energy pulsed through your body. Out of instinct you started to jerk away from him but Gohan held you still. He even made sure to hold your arm. So that Dende could touch your wrist in order to heal it. No amount of tugging or struggling could get him to let you go. 


Dende backer off respectfully the moment your wrist was healed. And Gohan slowly let you go. You pushed away from him as quickly as you could. Which only made you realize that your wrist felt so much better. It didn’t hurt it to move at all. Which meant that either it was much worse than you realized and your autonomic nervous system was trying to help...or it wasn’t hurt anymore. The later was mind blowing but...aliens. Aliens existed. 


“Did you fix my wrist or did it just go numb?” You asked in a whisper of a voice; you were proud that you got it out without it breaking.


“I healed it.”


“You can do that?”


Dende nodded. You looked to Gohan and then back to the green alien. Namekian. He said he was a namekian. 


“I’m sorry,” you said as you tried to reign in how shaky you were. “I’m sorry I’m afraid. I can’t stop. You...uh...the other...Namekian? My parents made him the boogeyman of my childhood. I can’t...it’s like a Pavlovian thing I guess.”


Dende nodded despite the fact that he was confused. He had no idea what a “Pavlovian thing” was but it seemed that Gohan did based on the fact that the half saiyan didn’t seemed at all confused. If anything what you had just said made an “aha!” look of understanding appear on Gohan’s face. 


“Are you tired? I can ask Mr. Popo to prepare a couple of rooms for you. I’m sure he’d be happy to have some guests. I know I wouldn’t mind the company.”


“I —“


“That sounds great Dende,” Gohan accepted for you. 


“Gohan I have classes to teach tomorrow.”


Gohan shifted nervously as he looked at the ground by his feet. “But…”


“You hurt my wrist, then you bring me here explicitly against my consent. And you expect me to stay the night?”


“When you put it that way…”


“You will take me back to my house. Right now. Do you understand?” You asked him as you tried to gain back even a smidgen of the authority you should had had as his teacher. 





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