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Chapter 3

"Oh I wish you hadn't told me all that," you said with a mixed expression towards the young teenager.

He'd given you a lot of information at one time. Like the fact that he reminded you how years ago there had been two people whom had come from space called Nappa and Vegeta. They'd been saiyans, or still were in the later's case. The former had been the one to go on a spree of destruction...not that anyone seemed to remember that after the last attack and subsequent retconning that somehow happened. Something about a wish - your mind didn't hold on to that as nearly as strongly as it did the fact that Gohan and Goten were only half human.

It was that fascination that made you slow to realize that Gohan looked really anxious over what you had said. When you realized how negative your words probably sounded to him you tried your best to pull yourself out of all the thoughts dancing around in your head long enough to put a smile onto your face.

"Now all I can think about is how amazing you are," you told him with what you hoped was an easy going smile. "From what you've told me you get to be the best of both worlds. And in you and your brother's case that's literally."

Gohan's worried expression shifted into a strange mix of embarrassment and pride. You weren't sure how he did that since they were supposed to be opposite emotions but he had.

"All I want to do now is like do tests to see how you're different. I mean other than that flashlight mode you have. I don't think there's anyway I could test that on my own. I'd need a lab. Not to mention the flying! That has to be the neatest thing!"

"Oh. Uh...flying isn't a saiyan thing," Gohan edged in through his embarrassment. "Everyone can do it if they have enough energy and can control it."

"You mean I could fly?" You asked bewildered.

Gohan shifted nervously as he looked down. "No..."

"Oh." Well that sucked. You had gotten your hopes up a bit at that.

"Sorry. It's just that you don't have enough energy and it takes years of martial arts studies to get there," Gohan said with a guilty expression.

He left out the part that he had learned in under a year simply for the fact that he knew he was a special case. His training had been done under duress for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa. There was no way he wanted to subject you to the training methods mister Piccolo had done unto him. Imagining you all beat up and starving was bad enough. Trying to imagine doing that to you himself was practically impossible.

"But I will fly you wherever and whenever you want," Gohan offered as a way to try to cheer you up. "In fact I could start picking you up and dropping you off before our lessons!"

You smiled slightly at his enthusiasm. "That's nice of you but I don't want to tire you out before you need to study. I'm not the lightest thing in the world."

Gohan shifted slightly and then leaned forward as though he was going to let you in on a secret, "I'm stronger than I look. Energy users can pick up things a lot bigger and heavier than they should be able to. Plus since I'm half saiyan, so it's just a lot easier for me."

"See that right there makes me want to study you. So much," you told him honestly. "I mean why is that? Are your muscle fibers different? Are your bones? Ligaments? Are they configured differently? There's just so much that I want to know now but it's so unethical to experiment on humans. Or uh...sentient beings I guess now. And you're still a kid. So its like doubly dubious by law."

You were practically tugging out your hair as your thoughts about what you wanted to know ran wild. Gohan had introduced you to a subject that had just been science fiction up to this point. But he was a living breathing example of it being just science. The only problem with that was that there weren't any facts to support that it was honest to goodness science. Other than the fact that he and his brother existed of course.

"If I gave you my permission it wouldn't be so bad would it?" Gohan asked though you knew he already knew the answer to that. "Besides you couldn't really publish anything anyways so an ethics board doesn't have to know. The population size is too small for even a good sample size. There's just me, Goten, and Trunks. Oh and Vegeta who is a full saiyan but I don't think you'd ever convince him to let you study him. So there's no way you could get any of the information verified or published anyway."


"But! I think you should do it anyways. We can just keep it private. I think it would be cool to see what you find out. And I'm sure mom would be okay with it too. After all we'd still be studying. It would just be the applied sciences rather than theoretical science."

"I would really love that," you told him honestly. With how fired up he was as he leaned in towards you it was hard not to feel how ernest and excited he was over the prospect. The feeling was contagious. "But there's really no time to do any of it."

You were only with them for two more weeks most likely. Unless by some miracle, Gohan independently showed his mom that he was improving. You didn't say that part aloud though. From what you'd seen the fourteen year old had far too much on his shoulders as it was.

"You'd have at least six extra hours every week if you agreed to let me pick you up and drop you off at your house," the teenager said reasonably.

You smiled at him, "When did you get to be so smart huh?"

He was using your desire to learn more against your convictions of not letting him carry you around. You crumpled in acceptance. You might have only had two weeks (minus a day) left with Gohan and Goten most likely but you could make the most of it.

"I've had a great teacher!"

At which point Goten returned seemingly out of nowhere. His arms were full of leaves and flowers. And, if you weren't mistaken, more than a couple bugs. He tossed his load onto you and Gohan with a laugh. While Gohan chided his younger brother over being rude and inconsiderate, you made sure there weren't any bugs or leaves under your clothes. Once you finally picked all of the leaves off of you, you turned back to the older half-saiyan.

"What do you want to start with?"

Gohan looked at you with surprise. Compared to when he was verbally disapplining Goten he looked so young like that. Regret and curiosity warred inside of you over using him as your test subject. It was wrong to experiment on children for the most part. But you reasoned that it was probably just going to be observation. You wouldn't be inducing any negativity into his daily life so much as recording what was already there as objectively as you coul. Maybe take a few samples to see if you could borrow a lab and study. Or get an old friend to do it for you -they'd be more apt at it no doubt.

"You want me to pick?"

"Yes. I'm still unsure over all of this since you are still a kid—"

"I'm not a kid," Gohan insisted.

"Okay...teenager. Either Way you're still under age as far as human laws are concerned. So I'm still not sure how far it would be morally and ethically okay to study you. Simple observation is probably the best in that regard but it won't really give me more than I already know unless you direct what areas you've found are different from the expected human limits. Basically I might be recording this study but I'm putting you in charge of it Gohan. Your body, your rules."

"Well I'm that case how about diet?" Gohan asked as he finally leaned back. "If I blow off some energy before lunch, I'm sure lunch will be even better than normal."

"Okay. Let's start there," you agreed.

Gohan stood up and smiled. "Alright! I'll be back in an hour!"

You blinked as he rose into the air. "Where are you going?!"

"To blow off some energy! Take care of Goten for me!"

Not that he really gave you a lot of choices as he flew off. You looked to the half saiyan child that you'd been left with and smiled good naturedly.

"Time to count all the bugs you brought us. Are you ready kiddo?"

"Sure am!"


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