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Chapter Thirteen


“I told you I wasn’t a child,” Gohan said with a smile, his head still resting on your sternum. 


You said nothing to that. Fury and fear mixed together to such intensity that all you wanted to do was scream. The scream you held in as you stared up at your ceiling; you didn’t want your peaceful neighbors to hear you scream. You didn’t know what would happen if they called the cops. Obviously you were in no fit state to give your statement. 


A queasy feeling started to mingle with the fury and fear. You’d just enjoyed your own rape like some figure from a really Ancient Greek tragedy. A part of you wanted to roll over and expel the contents of your stomach at the thought that you’d been a culprit to your own violation. And then fury settled back in as you realized that you had started, in part, on the “blame the victim” mentality. 


You felt every movement of the man on top of you as he pushed himself up. The push-up seemed like such such an easy thing for him to do. As he started to remove himself from you, you hissed in pain. 


“Stop,” you said without thinking about it. 


He stopped moving immediately and stared down at you in concern. When you didn’t say anything, he started to remove himself again only for you to dig your fingernails into his arms hard enough to draw blood. It felt like he was trying to rip out an organ every time he went to unsheathe himself. 


“Stop!” You gasped out again, “Please...don’t move...it hurts.”


Concerned, the man above you completely stopped moving as he tried to understand what was happening. The subjects on human reproduction (the very ones his mother wasn’t quite aware he’d read at the library last year) had been a little vague on the matter of post coitus. He had just always assumed that he could uncouple himself afterwards as there had been no mention of humans knotting like some other mammals. 


As gently as he could, Gohan inched forward again until he was fully encased once more. Then something he hadn’t expected happened - he shot off again. Pleasure ripped out of his throat at the surprise mini orgasm. That, along with the feeling below, let you know exactly what happened. You squeezed your eyes closed and preyed that you were just in a hyper realistic dream. 


This couldn’t be happening…


Gohan lowered himself back down with a smile on his face. Not that you had really seen either this morning. Your hands, previously gouging out crescent moons on his arms, dropped to the side as you squeezed your eyes so tightly with so many emotions that moisture collected along your lashes. 


The half saiyan teenager rolled his hips, shooting unwanted pleasure up your spine, as he tried to understand the situation better. It was new for him after all. For the life of him though he couldn’t really remember much. Or at least he couldn’t focus on it once he realized that rolling his hips brought you more pleasure. Seeing your face like that...well it was no wonder he started circling his hips as best he could. He did every micromovement he could think of until you were arching off the bed, pushing your pelvis against him. And when you finally shuddered around him, squeezing him so hard from the inside that he felt like he was going to pop, Gohan groaned deep in his throat as he shot his load another time in a way that left him feeling spent. 


It also let him feel the fact that he was stuck with more certainty than before. Which he tried to relay over to you in the most educated way. Unfortunately it was like his brain had turned off so all that came out was:


“I’m stuck inside of you Teacher.”


He was just proud that it had come out in audible works. 


As you relaxed your spine from your first sex induced orgasm, you starred up at your violator in horror. 


Gohan. It was Gohan.




You grimaced as you did your best to clean out yourself out. Logically you knew that if you wanted to press charges, press a rape charge in particular, you shouldn’t be taking a shower. You were washing away evidence. But the idea that your smartest student, the fourteen year old (15 according to him) had just ejaculated into you about three times felt unreal. The fact that he had raped you felt...well you had about a million and 1 emotions about that. Primarily you focused on how disgusting it felt after he’d been able to remove himself. So the moment you could you’d gotten to the bathroom so you could use your shower head hose to clean yourself out. The fact that the water was hotter than normal was lost on you - you couldn’t really feel the temperature. What you did feel was that pressure of the water as you guided it to your recently abused opening, after you’d taken off the shower head of course. It wasn’t pleasant but you cleaned yourself out with the hot water as best you could. 


Once you were done you walked back into the bedroom with a shower robe on over the clothes you’d been violated in. You hadn’t taken the time to gather new clothes before you fled to the bathroom.


When you got back to your bedroom your stomach sank again. Gohan was staring at the blood on the bed with wide eyes. He looked to you and then back to the bright red soon to be stain. 


“I...I thought…”


“Leave,” you said in a tight voice. 


Gohan stood up. He was a lot taller now. When he wrapped his arms around you almost awkwardly while you stood stiff, he was a good head taller than you. The top of your head went to his jugular notch. His shoulders eclipsed yours by far. The boy you had known, the one you had seen just a month ago, had aged up by at least ten physical years if you had to guess. 


“I should have known better,” Gohan said in an apologetic voice. “I should have known you’d wait for someone good enough for you…”


“That wasn’t the plan. Now get out Gohan.”


He pulled back and held you at arms length. “What do you mean?”


“The get out part is self exclamatory.”


Gohan shook his head, the half curl on his forehead bouncing. “I meant that it wasn’t your plan to wait. If… if you weren’t waiting for someone good enough...someone like me...why were you still…?”


To his comment you did what had to be one of the stupidest things to do. You reared back and slapped him. 


You expected to break your hand. You expected that his head wouldn’t turn. Your expectations were proven wrong. Yes your hand stung but it wasn’t broken. And the red mark on his turned cheek was worth the pain. 


Gohan was completely shocked over your violent reaction. He turned to look back at you, releasing you, with one hand on his cheek. 


“You hit me.”


“You raped me.”


“I what?!” Gohan asked with his mouth open and eyes wide. “No I didn’t!”


Everything inside of you wanted to hit him again. So you did. Which only compounded the red mark on his cheek. 


“You raped me,” you repeated again as he gaped at you. 


“We had...had sex...I didn’t rape you! I would never hurt you!”


You tossed your hand in the direction of the blood on your bed. “That’s blood Gohan.”


“Yes but that was because it was the first time and your hymen was intact! I didn’t hurt you on purpose!”


“You don’t have to hurt someone physically for it to be rape you Neanderthal! You didn’t ask and I didn’t say yes - that’s rape! You fucking raped me!”


The fact that you just cursed at a former student went right over your head. Even if you caught it, it would have been justified given the situation. 


“So get the fuck out!”


Gohan stumbled back with shock and did exactly what you said.

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