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Chapter Eleven


Bulma looked up wide eyed as the door was practically thrown open. Her hands stilled over the project she had undertaken during this last year. After reading a bit more theories of time travel, she had a stroke of inspiration. Mostly though she had needed to get her mind off of what Vegeta predicted Gohan would do. Which was why she had turned to science. Sweet science. Unfortunately Gohan’s reappearance forced her to stop; if only out of surprise. 


“Bulma! I need the dragon radar!”


The bluenette’s mind flashed back to what Vegeta had said. How people should hope that Dende was good at fixing hips or you’d be broken for the rest of your short life. And how he’d “explained” that Gohan would do whatever he felt would keep you and he together while in that state of passion. With those two thoughts together a horrible idea formed. 


“Oh my god! You killed her!” 


After all, everyone except her really only used the dragonballs to bring people back from the dead. So it had seemed reasonable at the time that it came out of her mouth. 


“What? Killed who?” Gohan asked as he jittered with nerves. 


“Your teacher!”


“WHAT? NO! I didn’t...how could you think I’d ever…?!”


Bulma felt relieved and extremely guilty at the same time. It wasn’t a good feeling. 


“Sorry Gohan. I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. It’s just after how you left, Vegeta made a couple comments. I thought he was joking of course but with you coming in, in such a rush Kiddo they didn’t seem like a joke anymore.”


“I would never hurt her!...on purpose…”


Because the honest truth was that he had him yet you not too long ago. He wasn’t likely to forget your look of pain. At the same time he would never forget what it felt like to hold you and feel you surrender against him. But if he wanted to feel that rush again without hurting you, Gohan knew just what he needed to do. And in order to make you see him as something other than a child he needed to change too, he needed to grow up faster than his Saiyan genes were letting him. If you were concerned that he still looked like a kid he didn’t want to see how long it took for him to look like an adult with his saiyan genetics slowing down that process. He needed to look older - older than his dad had when he married his mom because even to Gohan both of his parents still looked young. Even Vegeta had looked more like a teenager when he’d gotten to Earth originally. It wasn’t until after Namek that he had started to lose some of that childish youthfulness in his face. Gohan didn’t have the time to see how long it would take for him to lose all his baby fat as it were. 


“...okay then what do you need the dragon balls for?”


“I’m fifteen but I still look like I’m a kid,” Gohan answered with his brows furrowed. “I’m getting taller but I still look like I should be in middle school, not high school. I don’t want to look like I’m a kid anymore. I need to look like an adult and I can’t wait to see how long that would take naturally. I don’t have ten years…”


“Gohan you have all the time in the world to grow up,” Bulma said in a supportive tone. “You should be happy you look so young. Do you know how many women around the world would kill to age like you and your dad? Saiyans are so lucky.”


Gohan frowned. “If I look like a kid...she won’t like me the way I like her. I want her to like me Bulma. I want her...No...I  need her to see me as an adult.”


Bulma stood up from her chair and walked over to Gohan. It was true that he had gotten taller. He was almost the same height as she was now. It was just as true that his face still looked pre-teen. There was a youthfulness to his face that even Goku had until well after he’d been wished back once. Bulma has always been jealous of his youthful appearance. It seemed that Gohan was struggling against the fact that puberty wasn’t working to make him look more masculine as quickly as he’d like. She might even wonder if he was in the middle of puberty if it wasn’t for the fact that he had a serious fixation on you. 


Bulma rested one hand on his shoulder as she tried to find the best words to say. “Gohan...I know you like your teacher. And I know that you’re afraid she’ll leave you. But using the dragonballs to make yourself older isn’t the answer. You should enjoy being a kid and not rush these things. There will be other girls. Maybe ones just like your teacher but your age. You just need to give it some time. “


“No,” Gohan said as he slowly moved her hand off of him. “I won’t. And I can’t believe you’re telling me this. Weren’t you the one that hunted the dragonballs so you could wish for the perfect boyfriend when you were my age?! I already found my perfect girlfriend! I just need to be older so she doesn’t leave me!”


“If she leaves you then she’s not perfect.”


It seemed that she’d hit the wrong nerve with that. Apparently today wasn’t a good day for her and Gohan. She suddenly missed when he was at hip level and had a bowl cut. At least then he wasn’t so hard to talk to. 


“First she’s bad if she stays and becomes my girlfriend after I turn 18,” Gohan said as he shook with anger. “And then she’s bad if she leaves me because I’m not 18.”


“That’s not what I—“


“You don’t get it. No one will ever get it! But I don’t care! As long as she doesn’t see me as a little kid anymore then I don’t care what you think! SO WHERE IS THE RADAR?!”



With wide eyes, Bulma pointed to one of the cabinets nearby. When Gohan found it and took off, Bulma was left in a state of shock. 

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