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Warning: I will give the "you" character a name. I will try not to use it often. It's awkward writing without a name. I also give a basic body description as I've already started to. But I won't focus on it.

Chapter 2

Gohan sat you down gently next to the road you turned on to get to your hour. It was amongst a patch of untouched trees so there was the perfect cover. That way no one really saw a flying, glowing teenage boy set you down. Unless they were paying far too much attention to an inconspicuous patch of land that is.

"Thank you Gohan," you said. "You're more amazing than I thought. And you're going to have to tell me all about this tomorrow."

You gestured around and to him when you said the word "this" so that there was very little room for error over what you meant. Especially if you were planning to make the trek back up to his house an extra day just to get that explanation. Normally you only saw him and his brother three times a week but tomorrow would be the fourth day. You wanted to at least try to retain him as your student. Although based on today that wasn't looking like it'd be possible.

Gohan looked sufficiently embarrassed as a blush ran along his nose. He ducked his head a little as he smiled. And like a flickering light the glow he'd put on so that you could see a little in the pitch Black Country air disappeared. He looked younger without it; the less severe look have him a more youthful appearance. Not to mention he was definitely smaller this way too. Though perhaps not as lithe as you'd once though. He probably had more definition of muscle on his body than your whole family put together. Not that you wanted to really find out - as his teacher and an adult that would be highly unethical.

When you thought you'd said goodbye with a wave, Gohan apparently hadn't. You'd turned around and started walking down the street where your house was. Gohan quickly caught up with you and kept pace, walking shoulder to shoulder. There was a smile on his face so you didn't bother asking him what he thought he was doing. You did, however, speak your thoughts in a different way.

"You don't need to walk me home you know. Flying me to my street was more than enough."

"I want to," Gohan said good naturedly. "How else will I know that you got home safely and weren't eaten?"

"Hmm well I haven't been eaten yet and I've made the trek from your house to mine all by myself plenty of times. I've been your teacher for eats you know," you teased him lightly.

Gohan smiled and laughed, rubbing at the back of his head. "Yeah, I suppose that's true. Still it will make me feel better knowing you got home safely. I'm the reason why you left so late after all."

You were close to your house. It was a simple place among a neighborhood of simple places. The house could definitely do with some fixing up. It needed a new coat of paint for sure. Both yards needed help. And the gutter system definitely needed to be cleaned before the rainy system. It was just that you never really had the time and energy to get everything you needed done. But it was yours, outright. And there was a certain comfort in owning your own house even if you weren't as close to the city as you would have liked.

Gohan stopped behind you when you went to open the door. When you finally managed to do that he was assaulted with everything that was you even though he was only at the threshold. Your scent and goodness wafted out of the dark interior of the house with such clarity that he found himself taking a step forward. Not that you noticed. When you turned around to thank your young pupil what you did notice was that he looked like a deer in the headlights.

"Well I'm home safe and sound now," you told him with a smile. "I'll call your mom to let her know you'll be on you way back. Should take you all of five minutes right?"

Gohan nodded as he tried to find the will to step back. It was easier said than done but he managed. The sound of your door finally closing and locking up for the night was both comforting and distressing. It meant that you were safe but it also meant that he wouldn't get to see you for some time. Though as he thought about what you'd said that night, Gohan remembered that you had told him that you'd be at his house an extra day.

The half saiyan teenager grinned to himself as he took to the sky. He needed to get to bed so that tomorrow would come that much faster.


True to your word, you were back the next day. Though this time you didn't have nearly the same amount of workbooks for him to go through. Just a few of the lighter subjects.

Chichi greeted you at the door with a bit of surprise. She hadn't been expecting you but she definitely wasn't against another day of guided studying for Gohan. Speaking of said teenager, he had been expecting you since he could feel your energy at the turn of the road that led to his house. Which in perspective wasn't very far but that was because you really didn't have any battle power. Your energy was like a small pinprick in a sea of stars. It was just that he'd actively been trying to sense you all morning. Even going so far as to pace near all the windows any chance he got.


Goten rushed passed Gohan. With the way he tackled your legs you nearly fell over. Gohan was at your side in an instant to help you under the affectionate assault of the four year old. Which was the only reason you hadn't actually fallen. You looked at him in complete surprise. One second he'd been across the room and the other he was holding you off the ground like you were a damsel in distress. It was almost enough to make you forget that a four year old's tackle nearly brought you to the ground.

"Goten!" Chichi snapped. "That was very rude. What have I told you about attacking your teacher? If it wasn't for Gohan you could have hurt her! Keep it up young man and you're not going to see Trunks later!"

Goten stepped back away from you, mollified. His hands went behind your back as his head hung low.

"I'm sorry Naomi—"

"Goten!" Chichi snapped as he continued to use your first name.

"I'm sorry teacher," Goten corrected himself.

"You're forgiven Goten," you said with a small smile.

You looked to Gohan for a moment, trying to nonverbally indicate that he could let go now. It took him a couple awkward seconds to understand and finally release you. Once he did you straightened up.

"If it's okay with you Ms. Son, I'd like to have lessons outside today. Seems a waste to be inside during such a beautiful day. Especially with winter coming."

"Alright. But I want Gohan and Goten back by two for lunch."

That was a fairly late lunch all things considering but you nodded and set an alarm on your phone. That gave you about an hour and a half for a short review lesson. The boys and you were outside in record time with Goten pulling at your skirt to lead you to his favorite spot.

You had planned a simple Earth science review just to make sure that Gohan had retained the basics. While he had to list characteristics like those from angiosperms and gymnosperms, all Goten had to do was collect as many different samples of plants that he could find. Which in turn his brother would categorize.

While waiting for the next armload of plant materials, you turned to Gohan. "Okay, enough botany. Let's work on anatomy."

Gohan looked at you with an interested expression. Though you noticed he was a little tense. You also noticed that he wasn't volunteering any information. So you prompted him further.

"How were you glowing like that? How did you change yourself? How were we flying?"

"The first two are more xenology..." Gohan said as he looked down at his hands self consciously.


Xenology - the study of aliens. That much you knew. You were just having a hard time believing that it applied in this case.

"Have you ever heard of the term saiyans?"


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