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Chapter Sixteen


You smiled, stilling your fork before it got to your mouth, when you felt arms wrap around you. The scent of cologne was cool and sharp, letting you know exactly who it was. John had apparently gotten up earlier than you expected; not that it was a bad thing. The spinach and seared piece of steak went into your mouth the moment you settled into the hug. 


“So get any crazy students this time?”


The hesitation in your next bite was practically palpable. If John noticed, you’d be surprised if he didn’t to be honest, he didn’t say anything. You continued chewing and swallowing as you made some sort of ‘musing’ sound. You weren’t sure if it was a good time to bring up Gohan. Not after nearly 4 years of avoiding his name all together. Your boyfriend was pretty amazing and understanding all things considered but you didn’t want to make him worry any more than you already had. 


“What do you say we go get some ice cream after?” You asked to break the silence after. 


“You still got room after all of that?” John asked with a pointed look down at your pasta bowl. 


“You don’t need room for ice cream, it’s ice cream,” you teased him. 


John smiled and backed up. He helped you clear up from the pre-dinner you’d just finished before heading out the door with you. 


He didn’t follow you silently, however. “Just remember you’re stuck with me after all the ice cream runs, abs or no abs.”


“As long as you keep your shoulders pretty,” You smiled cheekily at John before getting into the car. 




“You know, you seem distracted Gohan,” Videl pointed out. 


“Hmm?” Gohan asked as he put down a piece of toast he’d been eating. 


Videl groaned and rolled his eyes. “That’s exactly what I mean! What’s with you?”


“Nothing,” Gohan said quietly. 


“Uh-Huh, sure,” Videl said in a dry, humorless voice. “As if I’d believe that for one second. I know you better than that Gohan. What’s wrong?”




“I swear if you say it’s nothing one more time, I’m going to get your mom and get her to force it out of you.”


Though childish, Videl’s threat was effective. Gohan swallowed nervously. His eyes sheepishly met hers before he responded. 


“I just ran into someone I thought I’d lost,” Gohan admitted. 


“What? Did someone get wished back on the dragonballs?” 


Gohan shook his head ‘no’. His glasses nearly fell off from the force. He managed to catch them before they did. His palms were smooth as he went to rest his head on his elbow. A lot smoother than you would have remembered. 




“Should I be worried?” Videl raised a brown inquisitively. “From what I hear, a lot of the people you met before me wanted to kill you or take over the world. Usually both.”


“She’s not like that,” Gohan said quickly. Too quickly it seemed. Even Gohan noticed the look of suspicion on Videl’s face. He stood up and hurried out of the door. “Oh! I Gotta go! See you later Videl!”


As  quick as she was and as slow as Gohan had let himself get in the last three years, there was still no way that Videl had been able to keep up with that half Saiyan’s retreat.




It hadn’t taken long to get to the icecream shop. Nor had it taken you a long time to choose what to get. The only sad part was the fact that John had gotten a call about work and had to leave early. Which meant that you needed to walk back after picking a certain someone up from gymnastics class. You didn’t mind as it gave you a chance to stretch your legs. And it let you stop back by the ice cream shop for a junior cone. 


“Did you enjoy yourself?” You asked as you looked down at your daughter in her stretch blue gymnastics suit. 


“ Yes!” The sound of happiness was only highlighted by the wide grin on her face. 


“I’m glad.”

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