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Chapter Seventeen


You concentrated as best as you could all things considered. A few deep breaths and nervous gulps of your protein smoothie were the only signs of nerves as you lectured. The actual lecture itself went smoothly. Unfortunately the person making you so nervous was no doubt going to be a feature in your class for some time.


Thankfully Gohan hadn’t really done very much other than stare at you. A part of you expected deplorable behaviors but maybe...maybe he had realized the severity of his past transgressions. Maybe he regretted what happened. The only problem with that was the look in his eyes whenever you could bring yourself to meet them. There was longing, yes, but no guilt.


So you contended yourself with his silence and made yourself scarce in the crowd of students as the majority of them exited the classroom. Like the students, you had hurriedly grabbed your stuff as quickly as possible before leaving. The next teacher to use the hall could file a complaint about you leaving the smart screen on for all you cared.


“Teacher, we need to talk.”


Dread raced through your body like lightning. Your attempts at running away from him hadn’t worked. There was a small grace in the fact that at least he hadn’t ambushed you in the class; he’d found you at your office.


Gohan stood at the door to your office with a serious look over his somehow less severe looking face. From a few feet away you could see more baby fat in his face than the one from 4 years ago. The rest of his silhouette seemed less than before. It was to the point where you had started to question your own memory of him. It wasn’t the time to, of course, but your academic mind couldn’t stop dissecting the differences between memory and the modern reality.


“If you’d like to talk, come back during office hours.”


“I can’t. I have another class at that time.”


“Not my problem Mr. Son.”


“Please. I can’t go home until we talk.”


“Again, not my problem,” you said as you started to walk past him.


Screw organizing your stuff. You could do that tomorrow. Instead you started towards another exit of the building. The last time you had gotten involved in trying to help Gohan’s special circumstances, you’d been burned for it. Fool you once and all that Jazz.


Gohan caught your wrist. His grip was still like iron as you were pulled to a stop. The more you pulled, the more he gripped. Until he pulled you into your own office and closed the door. The motion was so quick that you doubted anyone saw the power struggle. Gohan stood at your door with an astounded face on while you unhappily took a seat at your desk. Even after all this time and everything that had happened, you didn’t want to smash Gohan’s dreams. He hadn’t pushed you to that point yet. Though if he thought he could reenact the events of four years ago, you would report him this time. Job be damned.


“You’re not hurt,” Gohan said as he looked down at your wrist pointedly. “The wish worked.”


The confirmation you never knew you’d been waiting for sank your mood like an interbilistic missile. So he had been responsible for the changes. Not as a sexually transmitted act like you’d been fearing but by making a wish on mystical stones that made just as much sense as your other theory.


His surprise seemed to stun him. “How...I mean I wished for you to be like my father and I so you’d be as durable as we are. That way I wouldn’t be able to hurt you...and it worked!”


“Yes, it did. Get to the point Gohan.”


“You don’t have a tail so—“


“I had it removed when it grew in.”


“Oh. Well are you a full saiyan like my father or half like me?” He asked with honest to goodness excitement and curiosity.


“How would I know?” You snapped at him as you shifted in your office chair. “My grasp on the saiyan genome is minimal at best. Especially given that human and saiyan base pairs are similar enough to produce viable offspring. And it wasn’t like I had my own DNA mapped out prior to you replacing my species without consent. So how am I supposed to know the difference?”


He blinked and looked a little meeker as you finished snapping at him.


“Is that all Mr. Son?”


Gohan’s eyes were closer to your feet rather than meeting your eyes. He shifted in his position as you waited for an answer. The one he gave you took you a back, figuratively speaking.


“I missed you…” he was quiet for a moment. “Goten missed you too. He waited at the window every day for weeks to see when you’d come back; he didn’t believe mom and I when we told him you were really gone.”


You kept your mouth closed. The idea of leaving Goten had been difficult. You’d been his teacher pretty much since birth. Obviously you hadn’t been around him as much as Chichi given that you’d only been there for a couple hours a week. But you’d been around enough that an attachment had formed. Damn Gohan for making you break away. And damn him for reminding you.


“I...what I...I’m sorry,” Gohan finally blurred out as he looked up at you. “For what I did. I’m sorry.”


You let out a deep breath through your nose. A good portion of you wanted to snap at him. Yell at him. After what he’d don’t to you, an apology almost seemed like a mockery. And a rather violent, vicious little part of you wanted to see him bloodied, bruises, and broken for the insult of the assault before ever accepting his apology. You held back those violent urges as you stared at him.


“Okay,” you said to at least acknowledge that you heard him. “Since you brought it up—- tell me Gohan, have you raped any other unsuspecting people in the last four years?”


If he lied you’d know. At least you thought you would. You knew the signs of his younger self when he was avoiding the truth.


“No!” Gohan said emphatically. “I swear! I haven’t even wanted to touch anyone else that much!”


“Not even The Great Saiyawoman?” You asked with a tone of mocking disbelief.


The look on his face was priceless. Shock, confusion, disbelief, fear...and it somehow turned hopeful.


“You know about her...you know about us? How?!”


You nodded and rolled your eyes at the same time. “How could I not?”


“I wore a disguise the whole time!”


“Saiya-man. Saiyan,” you enunciated for him. “Goten would have been too young to fill out that form. And from what you told me of Vegeta, he didn’t seem the type. And unless you lied to me there weren't any other Saiyans out there that needed to be a hero to make themselves feel good. I knew where to avoid because of all the media coverage you and your partner got.”


He was flabbergasted at how easily you’d known it was him. After looking for you for so long, the thought that you’d used the saiyaman publicity to avoid him had never crossed his mind. He finally looked into your eyes. They were so much darker and harder than he remembered. That was his fault too.


“Why didn’t you ever say anything? I looked for you for so long!”


“I didn’t want you or your superhero persona to find me. Why would I? I was dealing with getting over being raped by my favorite student of that time. And I had to get used to a whole new kind of body on top of that. By the way, I gotta say you filled out the costume a lot better when you were younger.”


Gohan’s mouth fell open in shock. And then he colored in embarrassment.


“Now are you done? I need to get back home so John doesn’t worry.”


He’d need to head to work soon. You didn’t want him to worry about needing to find a babysitter for your daughter on such short notice. Plus you needed to pick up dinner before you got home - it was your turn.


“...John?” Gohan asked quietly. “The same John?”




“But he’s—“


“A better man than you? Yes I know,” you interjected before Gohan could demean him. “At least I’m safe with him.”


The half saiyan flinched. “You’re safe with me. I swear, I won’t do that again! Like I said I haven’t even thought of anyone else like that since you left.”


“Okay,” you acknowledged and you stood up to stand in front of him.


Gohan almost looked like he was trembling as he continued to look at you. His expression was practically begging for you to forgive him. You could even see him clenching his own track pants in an effort not to do something foolish. Like pull you in for a hug and never let go - not that you knew that was the reason though you expected as much.


“No wonder your girlfriend seemed so frustrated.”


You could see the shock and embarrassment at war with one another again on his face and posture. Not that it had subsided since earlier. You’d just added fuel to that fire.


“Now, let me pass. I need to get home.”


Even in his state, Gohan hesitated. You actually started to shove him aside which seemed to surprise him into moving. At the same time he called out to stop you when your hand was on the door.




“What now?” You asked, well snapped.


Gohan was quiet as he stood behind you. You heard him taking deep breaths. The idea that he was scenting you after everything that had happened made you straighten your spine as though he had just threatened you.


“I’m going to make it up to you. Somehow. I’ll prove that I won’t hurt you like that again. You’ll see.”


“ Have fun trying.”


And with that you were off.

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