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Chapter Five

"Okay," you started as you moved back into the living room where Gohan was. "So next time maybe telling someone you're helping me with an experiment isn't the smartest thing to do. What if he had asked about the experiment? Would you have been willing to explain that your father was an alien? That you and your brother are half aliens that can fly? I can see the government now...jeeze. You're smarter than that Gohan."

Gohan's face had a stunned expression. There was an undertone of hurt as well. Like you'd crushed all his dreams but he was trying to put on a tough front.

You let out a deep breath before sitting on the arm of your sofa, hands folded together. "Just be more careful next time okay? I don't want anything to happen to you or your family."

Gohan nodded quietly, mollified.

"What'd you want to show me today?"

Gohan looked at you as though he'd just gotten some kind of whiplash. He's movements were hurried and clumsy as he started to pull his baggy white shirt off of his head. Your eyes widened as you stood up. You crossed the couple of feet it took to get to him, keeping a hold of his shirt and keeping it down. If Gohan had really tried he could have ripped the shirt out of your hands but he had stopped moving when you'd gotten so close.

"What are you doing?!" You asked in a staggered tone of disbelief.

Gohan blinked and pulled himself out of the slight daze he'd gotten as he looked into your eyes. You stood right in front of him with almost a frightened expression. He didn't want you to be afraid of him. It took him a minute to realize why you looked flushed as well. And when he did his face went red, ears burning hot.

"I — I wanted to show you my spine."

You moves a step back away from Gohan as you tried to calm down. John's words about Gohan had been ringing in your ears and you'd been afraid that he'd been right. Gohan was just fourteen; below even the legal age of consent. And you were a decade older than him ontop of that. That wasn't even counting the fact that you were his teacher. So when he'd started to pull off his shirt, you'd been afraid that John had been right and that you'd done something very wrong to make him think that was okay.

"Your spine?" You tossed back at him questioningly.

Gohan nodded rapidly as he tried not to imagine what you thought he must have been doing. It had taken him a couple of days to get up the courage to show you his spine considering that it meant he would have to take off his shirt and lower his pants. Now that he realized what you'd thought he'd been doing...well his clothes felt like they were burning him. And at the same time he just wanted to hide. What if there was something not right in your eyes about his body? You'd seemed fascinated that he was half alien but what if something was wrong by normal human standards? As far as Gohan knew there wasn't anything that would look deformed but he could have missed something. And there was only so much he could change.

"Why your spine?" You prompted him again as he remained silent.

"...I used to have a prehensile tail," he said nervously.  "Like a primate. It's been cut off a few times so I don't have it anymore."

"It's grown back before?" You asked with wide eyes.

Gohan nodded. "But it's all gone now. It hasn't come back in a long time. I just thought maybe my spine was different than yours. And I thought you could check for me."


That seemed pretty innocent actually. Given the miscommunication and misunderstanding that had just happened, however, you were still embarrassed. It was because of that, that checking his spine didn't seem appropriate now. Unfortunately now that you were out of arms reach, Gohan started acting on his own. His shirt was up and over his head before you realized what was happening.

What you saw was amazing. From what you could see from the belly button up, Gohan had an advanced muscular composition. He wasn't defined in the way a body builder was. But when he shifted nervously you could see the muscles right below the skin. Especially on his upper arms and pectorals. He stood there nervously as you looked at him; he tried to decipher if your expression was good or bad but you'd managed to keep an academically straight face.

"Teacher?" Gohan spoke out nervously.

"If you want me to check your spine, you'll need to turn around," you said after you took a breath, trying to not be so stiff because that was apparently scaring him.

Gohan nodded and spun around. You walked closure and tried to rectify the situation in your head, tried to justify what was happening.

"I'm not an expert on Orthopedics," you told him. "So what I find might not be that accurate. If I even find anything."

"It's okay," Gohan said.

"You could always go to an Orthopedist or even a licensed chiropractor for better results."

"No!" He said a little too passionately, about to turn around before he stopped himself and calmed down. "I mean...that's okay. I'm not worried or anything. I don't want to make my mom think anything was wrong. It's just that I thought this would be good for the study. Since there might be a difference."

"Hmm," you mused, still not touching his spine to see if he was right. "If you're right the muscles nearest your spine might also be different and that could be the key there too. It'd be better if I had a human male with a similar composition to compare it with. Maybe another saiyan too but that's probably out of the question huh?"

Gohan nodded slowly and made a sound of confirmation. He wasn't exactly keen on introducing you to Vegeta. He was the only other living saiyan that Gohan knew but he'd rather you not meet him. Vegeta wasn't exactly the most friendly of people and Gohan had a feeling that there might have been some resentment from the Cell games left. He, Gohan, had overshadowed Vegeta and while the prince had taken it well at the time he knew that it was a driving force behind all of the training that Vegeta had done in the last five years. He didn't want to expose you to any of that tension. Nor did he want to tell Vegeta that he was letting someone study him. Somehow that would get back to his mom and he wasn't sure what would happen then.

You reached out after warming up your fingers. Gently you touched Gohan's spine near the top of his shoulders. He shivered and you paused.

"Sorry, I tried to warm them up. Hold on I'll go get something to warm my hands."

"It's okay. It wasn't that cold."

"You sure?"

Gohan nodded. So you went back to touching his skin. He was very warm to the touch and his skin was very smooth. You felt around for the parts of the spine that you knew should be there, having to press in a little harder than you would have thought. It was easy to follow his spine with the way all of his muscles defined the area.

Gohan intermediately held his breath as you explored the top half of his back. He had to suppress a lot of shivers. It wasn't the fact that you were pressing too hard. If anything you were tickling him, or you had been at the start. It was simply the fact that your hands were exploring along his body and he enjoyed that more than was proper. So far it was his favorite part of the Study. And he knew he was going to have to find more things for you to study that had to revolve around touching. Even though he was completely embarrassed over what was happening at the front of his body, there was no way he wanted to stop your exploration on his back. He simply just clenched his fists and tried to will away his physical reaction to your touch. Not that it worked.

"Sorry, was I pressing too hard?" You asked him as you pulled your hands away from him when you noticed he was clenching his fists.

The loss of your touch was maddening. "N-No!"

"Gohan please don't lie to me. Remember you get to tell me what you want. If I'm doing something wrong, if something hurts or doesn't feel right, tell me. Your body, your rules."

"You're not. It's perfect. I promise. It just...tickles. I'm trying not to move. That's all."

You nodded slowly and went back to tracing his spine, trying to put it to memory. You were going to have to draw it from memory later. So you paid attention to the count of what you were sure were vertebrae. You paid attention to see if there was a width difference between them and if the ridges were any different.

When you got to his pants line, you stopped however. Gohan was practically shaking by that point. And there was so much tension in his arms that it had leaked over into his shoulder blades. You marveled at the way his muscles tightened. Even with your limited understanding the way that you saw his muscles moving didn't match up to humans. Not exactly. The created the same shape overall but there was something different about it that you couldn't put your finger on exactly. You didn't even try either. He'd given you permission to explore his spine, not his shoulder muscles. Nor any of the well built muscles in his back actually. They were far too developed for a fourteen year old in your opinion. Someone might have even been forgiven for thinking that he was a short adult if they didn't see his face.

"What's the matter?" Gohan asked as you started to withdraw.

"That was it for your upper spine," you told him honestly. "I think I can draw what I felt. And you're right I think your spine is a little different. It felt smoother I guess. But I need to compare—"

"But you're not done, my tail was at the base of my spine. You haven't felt where it was yet."

There was something almost desperate in his voice. You stepped back from him as you realized that he sounded a little different.

"Gohan that's below your belt l—"

And he'd pulled his pants down in record time. Your eyes widened at the action. Gohan held completely still in his boxers as you tried not to react. You needed to maintain your professionalism.

"I don't think this is appropriate."

"You said my body, my rules. I don't mind. You're just mapping my spine like I wanted you to."

"Gohan, really..."

"Please? I want to know and you're the only one I trust to learn from."

Not that he'd been doing much of that in the last three months. Or so you thought. His official tests had showed a decline so drastic it was like someone else his age had taken them for him. Maybe he'd just gotten burned out. The majority of his life that hadn't been a life threatening nightmare had been spent studying. It was what his mother had wanted and for the last five years it had been your job to help facilitate that.

"Is this something you really want to learn about?" You asked him quietly.

You had a week left with him. At the very least you could structure a couple lessons he was interested. There wouldn't be much time but you could at least do that much. It would be a more in-depth and personally structured lesson than the one you'd given on the same subject two years ago.

"Yes," Gohan breathes out as he shifted nervously.

"And you give me full permission to touch your spine?"


Letting out a deep breathe you moved back in close again. Gohan turned his head back to looking at the wall of books and teaching supplies in front of him. His eyes caught sight of an ironic classic. Moby Dick. There was nothing in common between the plot and his situation of course but the title kept circling his head. He was having trouble with part of that title in his own life currently. It had only gotten worse when you'd moved away from him. The urge to turn around and put himself closer to you instead had rested up like a beast in his head. But then you'd see what his real problem was and he didn't want to do that. It was already too embarrassing.

Gohan clenched his teeth and hung his head when you'd started back on his spine. You worked from the top to the bottom again. And your hands were able to go lower. Gohan couldn't stop the shiver but he did stop from moving in an inappropriate way. You'd paused at that, waiting for him to relax, before you continued. Feeling your hands on his back was torture. It was just the type of torture that Gohan never wanted to end.

You'd gently pushed down the waistband of his boxers to rest right below the base of his spine. There was something there - a scar. And what looked like tightly pulled muscles. As though they were a sunburst. They looked really tight, uncomfortably so. Like he had a Charlie horse or a crick in the area. Out of compassion you moved your hands to that area to see if it was the natural muscle formation or if it was just made from tension.

Your hands found that it was a mixture of both. The more you rubbed away the tension there, however, the more tension was placed on the other muscles of his back. When he groaned you realized what you were doing and stopped. Much to Gohan's chargrine.

"Please don't stop. It hurts. That makes it feel better."

"The area hurts?" You asked in concern.

Gohan nodded. He didn't trust his voice to carry his lie. It's why he couldn't look back at you either. You'd see the truth on his face.

"How Long has it been hurting?"

"A long time," Gohan said through clenched teeth. White lie - that's what he told himself it was. "What you were doing...that felt good. Relaxing."

It was better than him turning around so you could run something else that was tense. That's what he really wanted to do. But Gohan knew that was too much. He would never be able to look you in the eye again if you knew. Which was why he kept his eyes directed towards the ground and his front faced away from you.

"You said that your tail had been removed? Maybe it wasn't don't properly. These muscles could have been severed improperly which is why they hurt."

"Maybe. Will you help?"

He wasn't sure if he could take you saying no.

You crumbles at the sounds in his voice. It wasn't exactly proper for a teacher to touch a student much less give them a massage. But he seemed like he really wanted help. And you had felt the tense muscles moving as you massaged there. It must be giving him some form of relief. So knowing how much spinal pain sucked, you went right back to work.

After a couple of minutes of pressing into nerves you couldn't see and didn't know were there, everything on Gohan spawned and tightened up. Then as you pressed slightly more it was like you'd solved the Gordian knot. All of the muscles in his back relaxed and released with a great shudder.

Gohan panted as he realized that even though his frontal problem had lessened...he was still in a very sticky situation. But given the elation he felt he really didn't care. Not as much as he should have.


"Better. So much better," Gohan said as he panted. "I feel great."

"Okay. So yeah that area that was hurting you is definitely a new thing. It's different than anything I've seen."

"Hmhmm," Gohan remarked lazily.

"I'll try to sketch out your spine to show you tomorrow. Maybe —-hey are you okay?"

"Yeah," Gohan said as his heart thumped in his chest. "It just felt really good. No more pain."

"Gohan if you're in that much pain normally, you should really tell your mom," you told him, none the wiser.

"It's not all the time," he said. "Just...a lot more than...usual."

He didn't want to talk. He wanted to turn around and make you lay down with him. He wanted you to feel as relaxed as he felt right now. With him. Only with him.

"You should still tell your mom."

"No," Gohan said as he squeezed his eyes closed.

You were worried that he wasn't moving yet. He hadn't even tried to pull up his pants. Had you really gotten rid of that much pain that he was okay standing in his boxers with his pants around his ankles.

"She will be worried. I don't want her to worry. It's normal for me I promise. And you really did just help."

"But Gohan I'm not always going to be around to help," you told him quietly. "You're going to have a new teacher soon."

Gohan turned around to look at you without thinking about it. "What?!"

You looked at his worried and panicked face. "Your test scores have been dropping too much for too long. Your mom thinks that you should have a new teacher. So this next week will be our last week. I'll try to make it fun but yeah this is...—Gohan what is...that?"

There was a very prominent wet area on the front of his boxers that you'd just caught sight of. On the front...down the side...and if you weren't mistaken going down his leg.


You couldn't bring yourself to say it. Mortification set in as you looked at your hands. Had he just...? Had he just had you bring him to an orgasm? Oh. Oh you felt like your heart was going to explode. That was not okay. At all.

"I can explain!" 

He couldn't. He couldn't think of anything to say. Especially when you'd backed away from him and ran to your bedroom. Gohan followed after you and got to the door before you. You fell into him and he held you by the shoulders.

"Please don't be afraid!"

"Gohan! That's...that's not okay!"

"But I liked it," Gohan said with an extremely red face. "You didn't do anything wrong!"

"I'm your teacher! You're fourteen years old! And I just...you..."

Gohan didn't know what to say. Not when you looked so afraid and so panicked. What he did know was that he liked feeling the heat of your skin under his hands. He liked hearing your heart racing. That the sharp breaths you took sounded like heaven.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Gohan tried to apologize. "Please."

He didn't know what he was begging for really. Just that he felt like he needed to at that moment.

"Let go," you said as your eyes darted all around his face.

Gohan shook his head. "You'll run."

"Well duh! This isn't okay Gohan."

"But it's natural. Everything I've read says it's a natural feeling—"

"There's nothing natural about this!" You insisted. "I'm your teacher and you're 14 years old!"

"I'm more like fifteen! I'm not a kid anymore! And even if you're older than me it doesn't matter. It happens all the time in nature. The fittest male gets a fertile female, you taught me that. It doesn't matter about their age."

"Yeah but we're not in the wild. We're humans," you said in a rush.

"I'm not," Gohan reminded you swiftly as his hands moved from your shoulders to your elbows. "Not all the way."

"You're humanoid," you replied. "Same difference."

Gohan didn't respond. He just kept quiet and kept moving his hands from your elbows to your shoulders and back down again. You honestly didn't know what to do. He looked scared too, almost wild, but not in the same way you were. And he was not trying to run away like you had been.

"Let me go."

"No. I don't want you to go," Gohan said in a shaking voice. "You're staying. You're my teacher."

"For a week."

"No," He denied that as he shook his head. "My mom is wrong. You're not failing. I'm failing. On purpose. So I'll start testing well again and you'll get to stay."

"Why would you fail on purpose?" You probed and then you realized the answer to your question. "...you were failing so I'd stay longer and help you."

Gohan nodded. "The more help I needed, the longer you stayed and the closer you got. I really like when you're close."

"You like it too much," you snapped back without realizing what you we're doing.

Gohan deviated from rubbing your arms so he could intertwined his fingers with yours. He nodded his head as he moved in closer, stepping in slowly and practically pinning you to the wall.

"I didn't want to go this fast but your hands felt so good. I couldn't help it. And then you found the area where my tail used to be. That felt even better. I didn't want you to stop. But I didn't mean to show you either. You just surprised me when you said you'd only be with me for a week."

"Gohan that doesn't make any of this okay."

"Sorry. I tried waiting but waiting to grow up is hard."

"Even if you were older, Gohan, this still would be okay. I'm your teacher."

"If you weren't my teacher would you stay with me? Could I hug you and kiss you then?"

You stayed quiet. Long enough to calm down enough to not scream in his face. Not even the quiet scream that wanted to come out.


"Why?" He probed. "Is there something wrong with me? Do I look too different?"

He didn't think so. He was your height now. And almost everything on his body looked like what he'd seen of human guys. Maybe not as defined as fitness models but he knew he was healthy. And in a couple of years he knew he'd be taller. And if you wanted him to look better he would. It wouldn't take him that long to gain more definition - he'd done it before and he'd been a child then. You just needed to tell him.

"I'll be an adult in four years. If we're together it'll go by quickly. You'll be done with your PH.D when I start college; it'll be perfect."

"I've known you since you were nine."

"Ten, I was technically ten," he said as though that made it better.

"Fine, whatever, ten. I've known you since you were ten. Your just a kid to me."

Gohan pulled your hands to his chest. "Do I feel like a kid?"

"Not okay, Gohan," you said as you tried to move your hands away. Not that he let you.

"My dad was really tall. The uncle who kidnapped me was taller than him. And my grandpa the Ox King is practical a giant. I will get taller than I am right now, I promise. I'm hitting a growth spurt. I can feel it."

"Your height isn't the problem," you said in frustration. It really felt like you were going around in circles with him. "You're still just a kid."

"If I wanted I could challenge all the high school tests! And I've done more than practically any other adult. I've traveled to another planet. I've faced down so many people who want to kill me that I don't want to count. I've even saved this planet...saved your life. All before you met me."

"And you want me to what? Kiss you as a reward for saving my life?"

Gohan nodded without thinking about it. When he realized it he pulled his head back slightly and shook it in negation. 

"No. I want you. All of you. I want you to stay with me. Teach me, live with me, laugh and play; Whatever you want. Just stay with me."

"That's not going to happen."

"Yes it will," Gohan said firmly. "You'll be my teacher forever. Not just for one more week."

"I don't think it's a teacher you want me to be," you said moodily as you tried to yank your arms back again.

He still didn't let you. And this bashful blush on his face told you how right you were.


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