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Chapter Twelve


You opened your eyes groggily from a troubled sleep. There was the sound of someone knocking at your door in intervals. You reached over to your cell phone to check the time. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was only 5:30 in the morning, you might have thought those knocked sounded polite. Unfortunately after you looked at the time the raps on your door got more insistent. Mainly because you’d closed your eyes and started to go back to bed. 


The knocks disappeared. Which let you peacefully get back to sleep. Your mouth opened lightly in your sleep, not that you were aware of that. Neither were you aware that such an action had drawn your visitors attention. Or that you even had a visitor to begin with. 


Gohan stared down at you with such love in his eyes that it would have been moving to see. As you were asleep it was an expression that you missed. He squatted down in order to get a better look of you, head tilting as so many thoughts ran through his brain. There were so many things that came to his mind as he watched you sleep and surprisingly most of them were innocent.


The turned a little less so as you pushed off your covers and turned onto your back. This time it was Gohan’s turn for his mouth to part. Close as he was, he could see your exposed stomach, your extremely loose shirt had risen to show off more than it covered. The half saiyan watched as your middle gently rose and fell as you breathed. His eyes traveled towards the underside of one of your breasts. Perfect, even with the natural imperfections that everyone had...you were perfect in his eyes. 


He could feel his blood shift beneath his skin. Gohan went to his knees to make accommodating the erection watching you had caused. As he shifted to his knees upon your carpet you turned back over, practically moaning in the back of your throat. As you turned, your nightshirt rose once more. He was face to face with your exposed breasts, squished together as they were. Your nipples were stiff as you slept, begging him to touch them but he held himself back from that. Barely though. 


What else he noticed was that you weren’t wearing pants. You’d worn a loose skirt to bed. Dark eyes flickered towards your face as he checked to see how asleep you were. Something inside of him knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew it. But when he had to grab his own penis to stop the painful pulsing, he had other things on his mind than right or wrong. His hand went to your skirt and lifted it up, dropping the fabric to rest above your hip. Gohan shifted downwards so that he could see you better. Your thighs looked damp. The little curl down below looked drenched. Your labia seemed plump. All of that combined with the state of your breasts, Gohan came to the conclusion that you were aroused in your sleep. 


The dark haired teenager alternated between holding himself firmly and loosely, squeezing and releasing. He imagined that you were rubbing his back again to the point that he could practically feel your hands along his spine. Still you slept on. 


Ever so carefully, Gohan unbelted and undid his pants before he continued to bring the same type of pleasure to himself that you had. All the while you slept on. He clumsily grabbed himself as he stared at you, imaging your positive reaction when you saw him again. He could imagine your smile and even the pleased sound in your voice. For the life of him though, Gohan couldn’t imagine what your hug would feel like. You hadn’t hugged him in a couple of years. The closest he’d gotten to hugging you was after he’d hurt your wrist and he had to take you to the lookout. Suddenly, he wanted nothing more than for you to wake up and hug him. 


Gohan let out a shuddering breath. Slowly he released himself and stood up. His pants fell to the ground while Gohan also slipped off his shoes and socks. His shirt was the next one to go into the pile. With sudden nervous energy, Gohan stood before your sleeping form in nothing but his boxers. The early light of dawn masked the dips of muscle all around his body which made him feel self conscious. In his eyes you were a perfect example of physical beauty but he had started to compare himself to his father. He remembered his father with a lot more muscular definition than Gohan currently felt he had.


The image of your face when he had explained that the condoms you had were too small came to mind though. According to you those had been standard. So it meant that’s what you were from John...Gohan comforted himself with the fact that he was better in one area at least. And that had been before he made his wishes on the Dragonballs!


His energy renewed, Gohan pulled down his last piece of clothing and let it fall into the pile with his other clothes. His dick was inflamed with blood, large and pulsing. Every vein could be traced, which he started to do as he stared down at you with enough love and desire to drown a horse. Liquid had gathered at the head, making his actions even more pleasurable. He imagined that it was your wetness, your juices on his penis. 


Gohan moved to the end of your bed and got on. He crawled the small distance, gently opening your legs. You moaned in your sleep, egging him on. The hormonal and very horny half saiyan looked down at you underneath him. All the shifting on your bed started to rouse you from your sleep. And as you unwillingly started to wake up, Gohan rose to his knees between your well spread legs. He grabbed your hips and lifted you up a little as you started to blink yourself awake. 


When he slid into you...your eyes shot open. 


Gohan groaned so loudly in pleasure that there was no way you could have stayed asleep. You looked down your own body as pain and pleasure eared from within. You had to put your hands above your head to stop from being rammed through the headboard. As Gohan pounded into you, you twisted and turned from the sensation as though you were trying to fight them. Gohan bucked upwards as he went in, moaning and breathing in harsh measures. 


Flesh hit flesh and you could feel your own juices slide down your ass crack. The arousal and pleasure from your dreams intensified as he rocked in and out of you. Your bed was pushed all the way against the wall, cracking it as the frame to the abuse. You bit your lip and tossed your head, not quite realizing what was happening as this was what you’d woken up to. 


Gohan could feel you squeezing him. Your inner ripples rubbing at him as he massages your insides with his own. Your bed broke under his assault, wood splintering where the screws held them together. The sound of sloshing pushed him on and within minutes he gave into the toe numbing lightning in his belly. 



It wasn’t until he laid on your chest with that happy smile of his did you realize what had just happened.

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