Primal Urges

BY : Dharmaserenity
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SUBJECT LINE: [Fic] Primal Urges by DharmaSerenity based on story idea by Vickalinda, Part 1 of ?

Title: Primal Urges
AUTHOR: DHARMASERENITY, based on story idea by Vickalinda(!!)
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Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime, descriptions of visual art, porn, etc.

Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

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Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, a teensy bit of violence, descriptions of erotic forms of art, such as photos,
porn, stripping, etc.

Spoilers : End of Buu Saga. But before Gohan got married in Dbz. He never marries Videl in this story.

Notes : This story idea came from Vickalinda. Thank you Vicky!

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Vegeta looked at Bulma's pale face, hoping he'd be able to see it again -- and soon.

"So Woman, you sure this thing isn't going to chew me up and spit me out?" He snarled, his usual charming self.

Bulma, feeling weak, managed to laugh. "Vegeta, for the last time, it is safe. Gee, for a strong Saiyan warrior, you
sure are chicken!"

Vegeta made a face at her. "The day I'm chicken..."

"Vegeta!" Bulma cut him off. "Stop stalling. The coordinates are programmed. I've triple checked them. You should
arrive at Capsule Corp in the other timeline, no problem." Vegeta couldn't help but notice that she had to lean against
the wall for support.

"All right! All right! I'll go." He then gave her that look that only she ever saw -- the special look he gave only
her, showing her his love. "You be ok! Get some rest."

She smiled at him. "I will. Don't worry."

Vegeta powered up the time machine and before Bulma could straighten up again to go back inside to bed, he was gone.

* * *

Vegeta couldn't believe how fast it was. He stared at Capsule Corp, exactly in the same spot he had been a moment before,
but it was different, he could tell that immediately. The place had endured numerous repairs, probably from those days
when the Androids reeked havoc on this timeline's inhabitants.

He hopped down, feeling the stranger in front of his own home.

And then he saw her -- Bulma, just a little different. And she didn't look at him with a hint of love.

"Just what the hell are you doing here?" She folded her arms.

"I came to see Trunks. To ask him a favor, if you don't mind." He looked down at his feet, then up with determination.

She smirked. Well, he sure was much more polite than her version of the Saiyan Prince. He must have seen her appraising
him, because he suddenly put his nose up in the air haughtily, folding his arms in defiance.

"Oh, all right! Follow me."

Bulma lead him in to the home that he knew so well, except here it didn't seem as warm and inviting. They came to the
office that Bulma, his Bulma, usually worked in at home. The desk here also faced the window. He could see his son,
wearing his hair in a ponytail, his back to them, as he was busy writing something at the desk.

Vegeta felt a feeling come over him and he was a little shocked at how strong it was. He had to fight tears from flooding
his eyes.

He had missed the boy.

Bulma spoke. "Trunks, you have a visitor."

Trunks turned around, glasses on his handsome face. When he saw who it was, his face lit up. Trunks got up, and Vegeta
could see that he was a little taller than he had been last time they were together. Vegeta had to look up at him, his
neck craning a little.

Trunks came over and hugged an uncomfortable Vegeta who patted his son on the back in a manly sort of way. Bulma just
leaned on the desk, waiting for him to ask Trunks' that favor he had mentioned.

"Wow! This is fantastic. So you used the time machine to visit. I guess Bulma did use those blueprints I left her."
Trunks beamed at his own Mother.

"Well, it's not just a visit." Vegeta broke the news. "Bulma, my Bulma, is very ill. She has been for over 2 months now."

Trunks turned around to face Vegeta, great concern evident on his face.

"She's fine, but she needs to rest. It was a strong virus that nearly killed her, but she needs to recover. Her father
has long retired and isn't really up to running the company anymore. And, well, you, well, the other you is still just
a boy, and I have no head for business - what I'm getting to is, we need your help. Would you come back to our time
and run Capsule Corp for awhile, until your Mother gets her strength back?"

Bulma couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing, and a small part of her felt envy for the other version of herself.
This Vegeta obviously cared for his Bulma. He loved her!

Trunks turned around to see what she thought. She smiled at him. "Well, Son. What do you want to do?"

"You don't need me here?" He looked hopeful.

"Not at all." Then she thought she'd try some civility with Vegeta. She explained to the Saiyan Prince that with
everything that had gone on, what with being alone while Trunks was away traveling to the past and all that had happened
with the androids, Bulma had long ago set up a strong Board of Directors and staff for Capsule Corp so that the place
pretty much ran itself now. She could easily handle what Trunks had taken on in the last few years. But from what
Vegeta was saying, that was not the case in his timeline.

Trunks actually looked excited and eager to return to the past. He missed all the friends he had made there and couldn't
wait to see how everyone had turned out. It had been 8 years since he last made a trip to the past.

* * *

Trunks, his clothing unpacked, made his way to the sitting room to stay with Bulma for a while. He couldn't believe how
pale and frail looking she was. He had seen his father look at her in great concern, and now easily understood why a
very amicable and imploring Vegeta had made the trip to ask his help.

He sat next to her on the couch.

"Are you ok?"

She smiled at him. She reached up and tugged on his long hair. He winced and made a face at her.

"I guess I just got used to it this way." His face then took on a look of concern. "I don't have to cut it to act as
President of Capsule Corp here, do I?"

Bulma laughed, sounding weak. "No, of course not, silly."

She then looked around in annoyance.

"Trunks, can you take me out. I'm so sick of this room. It's a nice day. Let's go and sit in the sunshine somewhere
and grab a bite to eat. I feel like a salad."

"Are you sure?" Trunks looked at her pale skin doubtfully.

"Yes, I'm sure. I've been out before for lunch when I was much worse. My Doctor thinks it is good for me to get some
air once in awhile. Besides, we can catch up that way."

* * *

Trunks had put on a suit, their only being able to get a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants. On this beautiful
day, every outdoor café was filled.

Bulma couldn't believe how handsome he was, and was quite proud of the stares he got. She thought of her little nine
year-old at home and smiled. He would obviously turn out to be one hell of a stud.

Trunks wore a dark gray suit, well tailored, with a deep blue tie. The colors he chose made his eyes leap out a mile.
His hair, pulled back in a ponytail, sparkled in the sunshine. The waitress almost had trouble speaking in his
presence. He, however, seemed oblivious to the attention. When he did catch someone visually appraising him, he
blushed and looked down.

"So, tell me about everyone. What's happened since I've been gone?"

Bulma made a face.

"What? Is something wrong?" he asked, worry evident on his handsome face.

She sighed. "No, it doesn't matter. Well..."

She told him all about Krillen marrying 18 and having a daughter, Tien and Yamcha remaining bachelors, Vegeta's
continued training, and occasional gardening! Master Roshi was still the same old perv as he ever was and continued
to live with Oolong.

Trunks couldn't help but notice how she didn't mention the Son family at all.

"Umm, well, how's Gohan? And ChiChi?"

Bulma looked down, a frown twisting her mouth bitterly. She made an effort to look lighthearted, but Trunks could tell
she was forcing it. "Well, Goku came back. He was given his life back for saving the earth again." She stalled,
looking for something else to say, while Trunks tried to absorb the bizarre news. "Oh, I know! ChiChi had another son.
His name is Goten. Actually," and now she winked at him, "he's your best friend."

Trunks smiled. "Wow, Gohan has a little brother!" And then he gave Bulma a cautious glance. "How is Gohan?"

She sighed and looked at the traffic going by. He was alarmed to see her eyes glisten with tears she struggled to

"Well, I guess you're going to find out all about it anyway," she said in resignation.

Trunks felt the same fear grip his heart as it did so many years ago. NO! He thought. He can't be gone too!! He thought
in despair.

She saw the alarm and horror on his face, and grabbed his arm hurriedly. "NO! I'm sorry, no, he's fine." He sighed
in relief, still feeling his heart hammer away in his chest.

"Then what is it?" He still looked very fearful.

Bulma looked down, not really knowing where to begin. She thought she'd start with the most basic part of it all.
"He's come out."

Trunks looked at her in puzzlement. "I don't follow."

"He's OUT. He's gay."

Trunks blinked in surprise. He looked down at his plate, not saying much, a confused look on his face. Then he raised
his head to look up at Bulma. "Well, I guess I don't see why that's so bad." He looked at Bulma in concern. She
returned his look in caution. "I mean, I guess that would upset ChiChi, but I don't see how it is something so bad."

Bulma sighed again, looking down. This time she did have to wipe at a stray tear with her napkin. "It's not just that
he's gay. That's not the bad part. It's just..." She looked at him, and then said, "Oh to hell with it. Ok. This
all started about a year ago. He was the Gohan you knew, only he was this guy about to go into his second year of high
school. Straight A student. Sweet boy. Had a girlfriend, actually, she was his fiancée. A nice girl named Videl.
He was the sweet, innocent, shy boy that always wanted to help others and do good."

She looked down.

"Then Goku came home for good. They, the guys, had beat this creature called Buu and Goku was given his life back."
She looked up at him. "Long story, your Father died fighting him, Gohan died, YOU DIED, I DIED! All of Earth's
inhabitants were killed -- it was a mess. Anyway, after it was all over, Goku came back home. But, well, he seemed
to take every opportunity to get out, to leave, for days at a time. ChiChi was getting crazier and crazier with him,
I guess, not knowing how to handle it all after being alone for about seven years. Gohan continued to help with Goten,
and go to school, and then, one day, it's as if he just... snapped. He started to get into fights with Goku -- fistfights.
He talked back to his mother. And when I say talked back, I mean cursed her out a blue streak. He dropped out of
school. He broke it off with his fiancée. Then he told everyone he liked men. And he left home."

Trunks just looked concerned. "Poor guy. I mean, wasn't it just a little young for him to be engaged already?"
Bulma looked at him like he hadn't been listening. "No Bulma, I'm sorry, but, I saw what that kid did. He saved
us all. While maintaining an above A average! He had a lot of pressure on him. And you're telling me he was engaged
at what, 18?"

Bulma looked down, and nodded, smiling. She guessed he had a point.

"He'll be fine. Everyone just has to come to accept him, that's all."

Bulma looked up in alarm, realizing Trunks was missing the point. "That's just it, Trunks. He's not just gay." She
leaned in so that she could whisper. "He's bad, Trunks. Very bad. He's a complete whore. And he takes every
opportunity to flaunt it in our faces."

Trunks looked at her in confusion. She sighed again. She might as well spill it all.

"He sleeps with TONS of men. And there's rumor that sometimes he does it for money. Another rumor running around is that
he strips and that he was even in a porn movie." Trunks, stunned, stared at her, his eyes large. "He's into sick stuff.
And he's in your face about it. I was really sad at what had happened. It all seemed so unreal to me for him to be as
different as his family claimed he was. I could see how upset ChiChi was - she's lost so much weight and doesn't look
much better than I do right now, so I know it wasn't anger -- it was fear that made her say those things about him.
But, well, I guess I had to see for myself. I invited him to a barbecue, hoping that if he'd see everyone again, he'd
just stop all of this. Well, he came to the party wearing a studded dog collar, eyeliner and with a guy in tow. He
proceeded to use foul language every chance he got, he then started kissing the guy, and even fondled him at one point,
IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. It was obvious he was doing it just to provoke something, so I told him to get lost." She looked
down, looking really upset at that point. "I hated to do it, but I had to."

Trunks sat there in stunned disbelief. Gohan? He thought. How can that be the same person? He thought of both the brave
little boy that risked his life for everyone and the brave man that protected him from the danger of the androids. It
just didn't make sense.

"There's got to be an explanation!" He said, almost in despair.

Bulma gave him a sad smile. "I know. But no one can seem to get it out of him. Honestly, we've tried. He just won't
open up. Well, we hardly see him anymore now. Last time I saw him was at my barbecue. I think his Mom has seen him
once or twice since then, but it didn't go well. I really..."

Bulma went whiter than she had been all afternoon, except for a blush gathering on her cheeks.

"What is it?" Trunks asked in concern.

"Speak of the Devil." She said sounding almost frightened.

Trunks looked around, at the café, the sidewalk, and then finally in the street. He didn't notice anything at first,
until he heard a motorcycle rev up while waiting for the light to change. He looked at the motorcycle and felt the
hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

The motorcyclist was looking at him. Even though he had his helmet on and a tinted visor, Trunks could feel the rider
staring at him.

If this was Gohan, as Bulma claimed it was, he had grown into a huge man. He was tall and muscular, clad in black
leather from head to toe, and oozed danger, even from the third lane away from them.

Bulma started and Trunks put a reassuring hand on hers when it was obvious that the motorcyclist, upon turning midway
in the street, was going to come straight for them. He pulled his big Harley up onto the sidewalk, right up to them,
startling several other table occupants in the outdoor patio. He pulled the bike right up to the wrought iron fence
in front of Trunks' and Bulma's table. Then he just sat there, still staring at Trunks through his visor, his motorcycle
powering down loudly.

Trunks couldn't even make out features through the visor -- he felt creeped out as the motorcyclist continued to
stare at him. Trunks returned a hardened look at the man that must be Gohan, showing him he didn't like his
intimidating behavior.

He suddenly heard chuckling, and even though the voice was older, he knew. He knew it was Gohan's voice. It was
mirthless, but was the same laugh he had heard so many times come bubbling out of the older version of Gohan that
was his best friend and Master from his own time.

The strong hands, clad in leather riding gloves, came up and pulled the helmet up and off. The pale face was revealed,
still innocent looking, much of the Son genes evident, topped off with a shock of thick, black hair standing crazily
all about the handsome face, generously gelled. The eyes, though, they were different. They were the same black eyes
he remembered, but Trunks distinctly remembered them to be innocent, laughing, sweet eyes. Now they just looked hard.

Trunks realized he was holding his breath in, and tried to release it casually.

"Hello Trunks." Then Gohan smiled, and it was the same face he had always remembered. Trunks fought the tears that
threatened, knowing they would be a mistake. He was awash in overwhelming sadness, seeing that everything Bulma had
told him was true. The guy looked rough, like he was living life on the edge, and that danger was a clear part of
his every day existence.

"Hello Gohan. It's nice to see you."

"It's nice to see you, too." And then the handsome man, in fact, beyond handsome once he was smiling, gave Trunks an
obvious once over.

"You look real good." Gohan confirmed devilishly.

Trunks felt himself blush. "Thanks." And then almost resignedly, "So do you."

Gohan laughed, almost scoffed. He then turned to Bulma. "Hello Bulma." He was a little less friendly.

Bulma looked stiff as she answered, almost coldly, "Hello Gohan. How've you been?"

He looked at her for a moment before answering, making both Trunks and his mother uncomfortable, "Great. Fabulous,
actually. Want to hear?"

Almost too quickly, she replied, "No. No. I don't want to keep you. You obviously were going somewhere."

Suddenly the headwaiter appeared. "Sir, please, would you remove your bike. You are blocking pedestrians from getting by."
He looked at Gohan as if he were dirt. He started to eye both Bulma and Trunks in a less favorable way as a result of
their conversing with him.

Gohan gave him a deadly look and it was obvious the man was shaken as he added another, "Please, Sir?"

Gohan enjoyed seeing him squirm, but he actually was in a hurry. "Don't get your panties in a bunch, Hon. I'm out
of here in a minute."

After all that he just heard, and seeing it with his own eyes, Trunks still could not believe this was Gohan.

Gohan turned his black eyes on Trunks again, and added a flirtatious lilt to his voice. "I've got to go pay the club.
I'm having a birthday party tomorrow night."

Both Trunks and Bulma flinched, realizing it was true. His birthday was tomorrow. Trunks wanted Gohan to go away so
that he could deal with the sadness coming over him at the thought that his Mother, who would never have forgotten that
before, obviously did because Gohan was just no longer a part of their lives.

"Want to come?" Gohan eyed Trunks, waiting.

Trunks felt on the spot, but the thought occurred, maybe he should go.

Almost cautiously, "All right. Sure. What time?"

Gohan smiled, looking really handsome despite his roughness. Trunks saw how several women passing by eyed the both
of them as they talked. Trunks blushed.

"It starts at 10pm." Gohan fished a card out of his jacket pocket. As he moved, Trunks caught a glimpse of a black
leather thong hanging around his neck. It stood out against the paleness of Gohan's skin.

Gohan handed him a card with the club's name on it. From the logo, of several men dancing together, it was obviously
a gay club.

Trunks nodded at him. "I'll be there."

"Great." Gohan smiled as he started to put his helmet back on. "I'll put you on the guest list. You won't have to pay."
He turned coldly towards Bulma. "Bye Bulma." Then to Trunks he gave him a sideways smile, very flirtatious and knowing.
"I'll see you then." He then revved up his bike noisily, making Bulma jump, as he backed up into traffic. He pulled
out, making his motorcycle as loud as possible. He was gone in a flash.

Trunks could feel all the eyes in the restaurant on him and his Mother. He wanted to leave. He could feel his face
getting red.

Bulma looked pissed off beyond belief. Trunks looked at her in concern. She took the opportunity to vent.

"I can't believe him! He was hitting on you."

"He was just trying to get a rise out of us."

"But do you see what I mean?!"

"Yes, I do." Trunks couldn't help how sad he sounded.

Bulma returned the sad look. She looked down at the rest of her salad as if she would be sick.

"Want to go?" Trunks asked. She nodded, tears finally escaping her eyes.

Embarrassed, she reached for her napkin and wiped away at them. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Trunks replied sympathetically rubbing her hand.

"I just can't stand it. He's so different. It hurts."

"I know what you mean." He smiled wanly at her, letting her see how upset he was by the encounter. She looked at him
in sympathy, her tears drying.

"I forget how much the two of you have been through together, back here and in your own time. He was your close friend
in your own time, right?"

Trunks nodded sadly. Bulma looked down.

"I want to help him, Mother." She looked up at him sharply.

"He doesn't want help. Trunks, we've tried."

"I know. But... I'm not from here. I'm an older man. He and I went through that whole Cell business together. He might,
I don't know, open up to me. All I know is, I'm going to try."

She smiled at him, leaning on the table with one elbow. "I kind of guessed that was why you accepted his invitation."

Trunks looked down. He then looked up at her with determination. "He needs help. He's almost screaming for it. I don't
know if I'll be any more successful than any of you have been, but I'm going to try. At least for him to give up the
wildness -- I don't care if he's gay."

Bulma gave him a small smile. She was proud of him. She only hoped that her little Trunks turned out half as good and
honorable at this one was.

"Ok Trunks. I hope you are successful."

* * *

Trunks had spent his first day at Capsule Corp, familiarizing himself with all the particulars that he needed to know.
He had already devised a plan for several areas and was confident that he could get the corporation back on the right
track again.

He eyed the clock in his new office, having stayed late. It was only 7pm. He had several hours before the party.

He couldn't help but feel a little nervous. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, but knew that he had to try
for his old friendship with Gohan.

He decided to grab a small bite to eat and have a shower and change, having enough time between now and the party.

* * *

Trunks neared the club, willing himself to go through with this.

There were a few men standing outside, talking or kissing. Trunks walked quickly by them, deciding he had better just
get it over with. He could already feel himself blushing at some of the looks he was getting.

Trunks tried to dress as simply as possible for the party. He was wearing a white, button-down shirt, only the top button
undone. This was tucked into a pair of faded jeans. Unfortunately for Trunks, even in his simplicity, with his hair
loose about his head, he was stunning.

He made his way into the noisy club, hearing the music boom all around him. Trunks walked up to a young man sitting
at a turnstile. The man conversed with another man. Upon Trunks's approach, the young man turned around to face him,
and his eyes almost leaped out of his head.

"WHOA! FUCK! Hey, sweet thing!"

Trunks felt his face go a hot shade of red. Lucky for him, the young man's friend seemed to have a bit more tact.
The second man leaned over his practically drooling friend.

"You here for the party?"

Shyly, "Yes. For Gohan's?" Trunks replied.

The man taking over the situation, moving his drooling friend out of the way with a strategically placed hip, replied
in a fake French accent, "Why yes, you have the place." He smiled at Trunks for a moment, grabbing a clipboard.
"Let me guess," back to his normal accent, "you're on the guest list, right?"

"Where does he find them?" the first guy asked his friend incredulously, staring at Trunks, open-mouthed, in obvious awe.

The one taking care of Trunks smiled apologetically at Trunks.

Trunks answered his question. "Yes. I'm supposed to be. My name's Trunks."

The man checked down the list, and towards the bottom, checked off Trunks' name. He took a rubber stamp and pressing it
to an inkpad, stamped Trunks' wrist. He then stepped back so that Trunks could go through the turnstile.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. He's on the dance floor." He then smiled at Trunks. Trunks smiled back, seeing the man was trying to
make him feel comfortable.

Trunks walked deeper inside, but was not quite in the heart of the club yet. He stood off to the side, trying to get
his bearings. It was actually not that big a club, the dance floor starting maybe ten feet from where Trunks stood.
Along the sides were tables and booths. The dance floor was teaming with dancing men, and Trunks tried to pick out
Gohan in the crowd. Someone wanted to get by him so he moved a bit, turning sideways so the guy could get by, and then
his heart nearly stopped at what he saw opposite him on the wall.

On the wall he faced was a large poster - a black and white photo, artfully done in almost a film noir-ish, shadowy style.
It was a poster of a photo of Gohan, completely nude, looking down at his own body, or the floor - Trunks wasn't sure
-- his eyes partly closed, one strong arm bent showing off his arm pit, as his hand ran through his thick dark hair.
It was a beautiful photo of him, a professional job, completely erotic and tasteful showing off every ripple of muscle.
Someone had affixed a paper party hat over the photo so that it appeared to be on the Birthday Boy's head, at a comical

Trunks guessed that at least some of the rumors were true. Obviously, Gohan was not above posing in the nude for money.

Trunks felt himself staring at the photo, and feeling his face go red again, decided to look away, and try again to spot
Gohan on the dance floor. That was when he found himself confronted by a pair of angry, aquamarine eyes.

A man stood in front of him, hate evident on his face. He stared at Trunks, his lips almost sneering. He had long,
straight blue hair and was quite good looking, thin, and almost androgynous. Trunks looked at him puzzled, not
understanding where the malice directed at him was coming from. Trunks was about to look behind him to see if the
man was looking at someone else, when he felt someone grab him by the shoulders from behind, to lead him away.

He looked over his shoulder at the man that had grabbed him and saw the friendly man that had checked him in.

"You may want to get away from that one. He's not your greatest fan, right now."

"I don't understand! What's his problem?" Trunks had to shout to be heard above the music. The man leaned in, to
speak in Trunks' ear.

"He's Gohan's steady. His name is Jack. It's obvious that you are Gohan's knew one, so he's not too happy to see you."

Trunks wanted to protest, to explain that he was just a friend of Gohan's, but then the man leaned in and said, "He always
goes steady with your type. So, it's pretty obvious, since you're new here, and Jack has kept an eye on the invitee list,
having put this party together for Gohan - he's not stupid." The man laughed. Then he held out his hand, introducing
himself. "My name's Mike."

Trunks shook his hand. "Hi."

Trunks looked around at the club, deeper in the crowd now. He was almost glad that Mike was sticking by his side.
Trunks saw so many pairs of eyes on him and felt uncomfortable. If he didn't care as much as he did for Gohan,
he would have been already been half way down the block, the hell out of there.

Mike leaned in to speak, pointing to a spot on the dance floor. "He's over there."

Trunks looked to see Gohan, dancing, in the middle of the dance floor, about ten different men dancing all around him
and with him. Trunks stared at him in silence, the sight almost more than he could take.

Mike leaned in, in response to the look on Trunks' face, yelling over the music, "He's fucking gorgeous, isn't he?"

Trunks didn't say anything.

Gohan was wearing black again, this time a pair of black jeans, black doc martins, and a black tank top. The tank top
was pulled up partly over his muscular abdomen, revealing his washboard abs, and an enticing navel. Trunks could see
that Gohan, the former fighter, had just channeled some of his energy another way over the years - the boy knew how
to dance. And he looked fantastic doing it.

One man, as Gohan laughed, got down on his knees in front of Gohan, who danced so that he was moving his hips down to
meet the man. The man, craning his neck, flicked his tongue over Gohan's abdomen, Gohan, taking both hands up to run
through his thick hair. All the men around Gohan hooted and cheered. Gohan, spread his legs out and squatted down
further, still dancing, even though his legs were almost bent at right angles, and gyrated his hips, looking almost
into the man's face, he was so low. He made it look easy, he was that good. Most people wouldn't be able to hold
that position long.

"You're going to have to get out on the dance floor if you want to talk to him. He hardly ever leaves it."

Trunks looked at Mike and gave him a thankful glance. Trunks then turned around, knowing he'd have to enter the fray,
and hating it, decided to get it over with.

He made his way towards Gohan, many of the dancing men in his path stopping to stare at him in stunned silence. Trunks,
to his dismay, was almost making a scene by merely being there. He felt his face hot from the blush that hardly left
since he entered the club.

He was maybe five feet away from Gohan when Gohan spun around effortlessly in mid-dance. Gohan caught sight of Trunks
and beamed at him.

"You made it!"

Trunks smiled, feeling comfort in a friendly face. Also, the smile was that of the old Gohan, almost innocent, and he
felt his heart tug at the sight of it.

Trunks didn't know what to say, so he said, "Happy Birthday!"

Gohan beamed. "Dance!"

Gohan then started to move, towards Trunks, making him feel a little uncomfortable, but when it appeared that Gohan
wasn't going to put his hands on him, Trunks did his best.

Trunks was a bit shy, especially since every eye in a 10-foot radius, and possibly farther, was on the both of them.
Trunks danced, starting to lose himself in the movement, but then noticed some men coming closer than made him
comfortable. One man, a very good-looking blond, grabbed Gohan by the waist and moved behind him, almost appearing
to hump Gohan from behind. Gohan appeared to love it, and smiled at Trunks all dimples briefly, before he continued
to move against the man, who laughing, ran his hands all over Gohan's exposed flesh. He even ran his hands under the
tank top briefly. Trunks blushed and turned around so he wouldn't have to look, and found other men who were more than
eager to move closer to him. He didn't want to appear rude and turn away, so he danced, but backed up slightly whenever
someone got too close.

The whole time he danced, he couldn't get a familiar smell out of his nose. It was beginning to bother him, making him
feel almost overheated. He tried to remember where he had smelled the smell before, and to his horror remembered it
coming from his own body, when he had been with the two women he had ever had an intimate relationship with. The only
other time he had smelled the same smell, was once when he had visited the past, and Vegeta and Bulma were arguing.
But he remembered the look on Vegeta's face and knew that the argument was almost a form of foreplay. Vegeta had been
in heat. Those two times that Trunks had smelled the same smell on his body, he had been in heat. Trunks spun around,
the smell almost overwhelming him as it came off of Gohan's body.

Gohan was in heat.

And the look he gave Trunks, as he continued to gyrate in front of him, made Trunks' face go hot. Gohan started to move
towards Trunks. Trunks felt compelled to back away.

Trunks yelled at Gohan so he could be heard, "I'm going to go and get a drink!"

"Ok. I'll join you!" And Gohan followed Trunks as he stepped off the dance floor.

Trunks wanted to leave, feeling uncomfortable, his heart racing. He hoped he could get something non-alcoholic.

He sat in a booth, hoping that Gohan would sit opposite him. The music wasn't as loud here, although they would still
have to shout at each other to be heard.

A waiter came by, "Hey, honey!" He rubbed Gohan's shoulder seductively, dimple-smiling at him. "What can I get you?"

"I'll have a rum and coke. You?" Gohan looked at Trunks.

"I'll just have a coke."

The waiter left to get them their drinks. Gohan sat in the booth, thankfully opposite Trunks, one foot on the seat,
his arm resting on the top of his knee. He looked at Trunks and smiled.

"It's great to see you again, Trunks. I missed you."

Trunks answered truthfully, "I missed you too."

The blond that had danced behind Gohan on the dance floor plopped himself down on the seat next to Gohan. "Who's your
friend?" He looked at Trunks with obvious interest.

But before Gohan could answer, he leaned in and the two gave each other a hungry and lascivious kiss, causing Trunks to
want to flee. He endured the kiss, looking down at the table until it was done.

Once done with the kiss, the two men leaned towards each other, sex written all over their faces. Gohan answered,
"He's a friend."

The man threw his arms around Gohan's neck, moving his face in close to Gohan, Gohan giving him seductive kisses against
his ear, temple, and neck, as the blond beamed at Trunks. "Mmm, a nice friend. Want to come over here, Babe?"

Trunks felt his face go crimson. Gohan moved away from his friend, breaking the embrace. "No Hon, he's shy. Some
other time."

The blond looked a little disappointed, but got the hint. "Ok, I'll see you later." He gave Gohan a meaningful look.
Gohan arched his brows at the blond suggestively.

Trunks was relieved to see the waiter come over with the drinks.

As the waiter put the drink down in front of Gohan, he said, "for the special Birthday Boy." He then leaned in and gave
Gohan another tongue filled kiss. Gohan kissed him back eagerly, actually grabbing his head so that he could prolong
the kiss.

Trunks was ready to leave. This was ridiculous.

The smell of Gohan's heat was intensifying by the second and it was making Trunks quite uncomfortable.

The waiter broke the kiss, then tweaked Gohan's nose playfully as he took his leave. "Catch you later, Hon."

Gohan smiled at him, then grabbed his drink. As he sipped it, he regarded an uncomfortable Trunks.

Trunks, almost angry, not knowing what to say, "Well, seems like you are quite popular."

Gohan smirked around the twizzle stick he sipped his drink through.

"Yeah, I guess. It's probably because I've got a big cock and a talented mouth."

Trunks, feeling his face turn red for about the hundredth time now, had had it. He gave Gohan an angry look.
"I don't care if you want to shock me Gohan. So maybe you should just give it up!"

Gohan laughed. He took another sip of his drink. "Hey, I speak the truth. Want to find out?"

Trunks ignored Gohan's attempt to embarrass him. Unfortunately, he found the thing that he had been fondling
absently on the table happened to be a postcard of the same nude photo of the poster of Gohan on the wall near
the entrance.

Gohan smiled at his embarrassment. "Are you going to keep your party favor?"

Trunks tossed the photo on the table. "No."

"Too bad. That's one of the better ones. I've got hundreds. I'll have to show you sometime."

"No thanks." Trunks was on the verge of being openly hostile and wondered why the hell he was even there. Obviously,
he wasn't going to get anywhere with Gohan being this way.

"As I said, Gohan, I'm not going to let you shock me. It's stupid."

Gohan looked a little annoyed at that. He then smirked. "Ok, I'll send you something else. What's your address?"

"I'm staying at Capsule Corp with my parents right now. I've just got here." Trunks didn't know why he was
justifying himself, but did so anyway. "I haven't had time to find my own apartment."

Gohan shrugged. "But you have an office at Capsule Corp, right?"

Trunks nodded, looking down at his drink.

Trunks interrupted before Gohan could say anything further, "Hey, I'm going to get going. I've got an early day tomorrow."
Trunks tried not to look around the club in disdain as he said, "Enjoy the rest of your Birthday."

Gohan looked disappointed, then seemed to get an idea. "Hey, where's my Birthday present?"

Trunks shrugged, looking down at his drink again, ignoring the lascivious look Gohan was trying to give him.

"Oh come on! Don't I at least get a kiss?!" Gohan laughed.

"You look like you are managing fine on your own." Trunks said, feeling his face overheat again.

"Aawwlll right!" Gohan said, whining comically. "I'll walk you out."

Trunks looked up at him in surprise. Even though Gohan was making him uncomfortable, he thought it might be a good
opportunity to speak to Gohan, out in the cool air away from all the music, so he managed to smile.

They made their way almost all the way out, before an arm snaked out of the crowd, grabbing Gohan's forearm
possessively. An angry Jack stepped out of the crowd, giving Trunks a look of pure murder.

To Gohan, "Where are you going?!"

Gohan shrugged. "Walking Trunks out. Calm down."

Jack turned to Gohan. "Fuck you!"

Gohan smirked. "You won't tonight!" He then turned to leave, yanking his arm away from Jack, pulling Trunks away
through the crowd.

Once outside, Trunks almost panted, wanting to suck in all the fresh air. He could hardly hear the traffic going by,
his ears damaged from all the loud music. To his dismay, he saw Gohan light a cigarette, puffing on it hungrily.
Gohan saw the look Trunks gave him and looked annoyed. Trunks decided to look away. Several groups of people
walked by, on their way to various clubs in the area. To get out of their way, Trunks backed up against the club's
wall. He leaned on it, hoping that Gohan would want to talk.

Trunks started the conversation off lamely, "How have you been, Gohan?"

Gohan beamed at him. "Great! Can't complain at all."

Trunks answered, disbelievingly, "I'm glad to hear it."

"How about you?"

Trunks shrugged. "I'm doing Ok. I work a lot. Now that I'm helping Mom out here, I'll have a lot to do."

"Work is such a drag sometimes." Gohan took a puff. "Except for mine." He gave Trunks a lascivious wink. Trunks
ignored it, not wanting Gohan to explain further.

"Hmm, I guess you don't want to know about it."

Trunks, almost whispered, "I guess I do already." Trunks looked at Gohan sadly. Gohan looked angry in response.

"Fuck you know!" He took an angry puff from his cigarette, looking around at the traffic.

Trunks felt this was going nowhere, and just wanted to go home. But he knew he needed to keep in touch with his old
friend if he was ever going to get through to him.

"Gohan, I'd like to see you again."

Gohan turned around, beaming. "Yeah?"

Trunks didn't know what to say, the stare Gohan gave him making him want to squirm. "Can I have your number?"

Gohan grinned at him, looking beyond handsome. He dug his hand into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out several
items, which included at least five condoms, and found a card. He handed it over to Trunks.

Trunks took it and looked down to see Gohan's name (first name only) in a stylized script. Apparently Gohan was for
hire for lap dances and private massages. It gave his phone number, email and web addresses.

Trunks, feeling the spit in his mouth dry at seeing that business card, lamely said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Well, I think I'm going to go. I'll give you a call."

Trunks tried to move away, but suddenly, Gohan, quick as lighting, moved in close and cupping Trunks' face in a strong
hand, gave him a suggestive, open-mouthed kiss before Trunks knew what he was doing.

Trunks, in shock, felt his body respond briefly, weakly, to the kiss, but the smell of Gohan's heat threatened to almost
suffocate him and he pushed Gohan away violently. He wiped his mouth off with the back of his sleeve, glaring at the
younger man, who only smirked at him.

Trunks stormed away, but Gohan, called after him. "Hey, you kissed back!"

He heard Gohan laughing.

As Trunks pounded his feet in the pavement as fast as he could to get away, he heard Gohan yell out another, mirth-fillled,
"You kissed back!!"

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