Primal Urges

BY : Dharmaserenity
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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 18 of ? by DharmaSerenity
Title: Primal Urges, Part 18 of ?
Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

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Rating: NC-17 (NO ONE UNDER AGE 18!)

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Primal Urges - Chapter 18

Trunks eyes widened in shock and horror at the look in Gohan’s eyes. He tried to run forward to interrupt the match, but
Vegeta had him firmly held about his waist.

Vegeta whispered into his son’s ear, “It’s about time they ironed all this out, don’t you think?”

Trunks looked at his father for a moment, but when his eyes returned to Gohan floating above the arena floor, Gohan’s eyes
glaring down at his father, Trunks felt himself shiver in fear and despair.


Gohan sneered as Goku easily dodged his ki blasts. Muttering under his breath, he said, “Too easy for you, huh? Have to
turn it up a notch then.”

Gohan held his arms overhead and a ki blast gathered between his hands, glowing a menacing pink before he hurled it towards
his father, who again, easily dodged it, but Gohan then guided the ball, chasing down his father no matter which way he
went. Goku tried to force the blast to hit the arena floor by feinting left, then right, but Gohan read his moves easily,
the young man finally attaining calmness in the midst of all his pent up fury.

Frustrated and figuring no way out without sending a deadly attack his son’s way, Goku met the blast with the palm of his
hands, the blast pushing him back, Goku managing to stop just a foot from falling out of the fighting arena floor. With
his hands burning, he pushed out and upward at the ball, but Gohan was using his power to push the ball back at Goku harder.

Goku ascended into Super Saiyan, forced to from the sheer strength of the attack and pushed it up to the sky with little
effort. Panting, he regarded his son.

“Come on Gohan! Fight down here,” Goku’s anger was getting the better of him because his son still regarded him with that
hate-filled glare.

“No, big man. You come up here!”

Goku held his ground.

The crowd started to lose their patience with the standoff, shouting at both warriors now. The noise grew to a deafening

Gohan seemed to consider, then dropped to the ground quickly and faced his father. Without saying a word, he powered up to
Super Saiyan himself and smirked at his father while the crowd exclaimed in stunned fascination.

Goku glared at Gohan. “I will not have it, Gohan. Do you hear me? I will not have you endangering anyone’s life here.
If you want to fight me so bad and to such an extent, then let’s take this somewhere else!”

Gohan merely scoffed. “No, we will do this here. In front of all your adoring fans. Let them see you get beaten by your
own son. Let them watch as I beat the piss out of you.”

Goku screamed, “Gohan! I won’t have you being reckless. I will not see innocent people suff...”

Gohan, with disrespect, waved his father’s concerns away, “Yeah. Yeah. Look, I don’t plan to hurt anyone. Only you. If
you need a promise, then I promise not to be reckless about it.”

Goku sneered, “Like you promised not to use ki today?”

Gohan laughed. “Touché. But seriously, I have little interest in hurting anyone. I’ll even go one step further to let
you know that I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. To let you know that I’m not like that. Despite everything you did to
make me into a fighting machine.”

Goku merely looked at his son, his eyes flint. There just was no talking to him!

“Fine! Gohan, let’s get this fight over with then.”

Goku lurched to his feet and flew at Gohan, who braced himself for the attack. Then Gohan sidestepped Goku at the last
moment, trying to fool the older warrior into flying past the arena floor’s barrier. But Goku was much too smart to fall
for such a trick.

Goku stopped and spun a kick to Gohan’s head, but Gohan somersaulted backwards out of the way. He tried kicking Goku’s
feet out from under him, but Goku rose up in the air and merely laughed, angering Gohan.

“You’re the one that decided on these rules.” He gave Gohan a smug smirk since he knew that would anger the young man into
quick action. Gohan was about to give angry chase, but then he saw that calculating glint in his father’s eyes and he
halted his attack.

After all, Gohan had Piccolo for a master, so he was a pretty smart warrior himself.

After a beat, Gohan rose in the air to face Goku there. The crowd roared in awe and excitement in response.

As if they both silently agreed it was time, they flew at each other and the pummeling began. They moved so fast, so
brutally, that the crowd either roared or cringed as they watched blow after blow. First the sweat flowed, spinning
around them in their fury. But then here or there a drop of blood splattered onto the fighting floor below.


Trunks watched the fight with intensity. Part of him had to admit, ‘Maybe Gohan just had to get this out of his system.”
Hopeful, he thought, ‘Maybe after this, he’ll be able to forgive Goku and then move on with his life. Maybe he can be a
part of his family again.’

Trunks hoped that he was right. But Trunks feared that he was wrong.


The blows from his father hurt him like hell, Goku much stronger than Piccolo, or even Cell. There were times that Gohan
feared he would hear the snap of a broken bone, or that he would pass out from the sheer force of his father’s strength.

But Gohan was angry. Perhaps, he was beyond angry. And this anger fueled his body, making him meet blow after painful
blow. After awhile he started to deliver his own assaults, finding his way within his father’s defenses. Gohan had
waited to turn it on, hoping his father would be a little fatigued and he had calculated correctly.

But what Gohan didn’t consider, and what was his biggest asset in this fight, was that Goku didn’t want to hurt his son. No
matter what, Goku truly didn’t.

It was too bad that Gohan didn’t have that same barrier. Gohan’s assaults became more and more vicious and Goku was forced
to block them, despairing at the hate and anger for him he saw in his son’s eyes.

Finally, “Gohan! Calm down!! This is getting out of hand...!”

Gohan interrupted his father with an unhindered kick to his father’s mouth that sent him flying to the arena floor, carving
out a groove as he slid backward. As Gohan lowered, eying his father, Goku jumped up to his feet, his hand to his mouth,
holding it as it dripped with blood. Both warriors panted to try to regain their breath, considering each other warily.

“If you want this to be an all out battle, I’ll give it to you Gohan. But I mean to put an end to this and...”

Gohan shouted, “SO DO I!!!”


Trunks screamed at Gohan, “Gohan, stop it now!!!! Please!!!!”

But even as he screamed, Trunks knew that his cries fell on deaf ears. Gohan was hell bent on this and there was no turning
back now.


Gohan hurled himself at Goku and used such power and force that it nearly stunned his father. Goku met blow after blow,
feeling the desperation and anger in each. He tried what he could and yes, of course, he managed to catch Gohan off guard
here or there, but the young man’s fury fueled his assault, making it difficult for Goku to counter his attacks without
seriously hurting Gohan in the process.

Gohan spun around, the movement faster than the human eye could detect, but a Saiyan eye had little trouble spotting the
fury in the eyes of the young man making the attack.

Goku’s breath caught in his throat. The look on his son’s face... it said that Gohan was bent on murder. In horror, Goku
realized, ‘Gohan means to kill me...’

And all the fight left him at that horrible realization.

Gohan’s spin connected and a limp Goku flew thirty feet. He landed on the arena floor, but it was no matter. This fight
was over for Goku.

Goku climbed to his feet. He would take his beating like a man. Or a Saiyan. Whatever.

Gohan flew towards him and pounded him in the face. He kicked, and punched and threw Goku, who only let himself be kicked
and punched and thrown.

Gohan started to get angry. “Come on, damn it! Fight!!”

Goku only looked at him with sad eyes. Gohan renewed his attack, getting angrier and angrier with each connection because
his father just wasn’t fighting him.


The other Z Fighters were going nuts now, even Vegeta, expressing their wrath at Gohan for continuing and at Goku for
giving up the fight to his son.

Vegeta screamed, “Come on, he isn’t even fighting you!!” Vegeta spat in disgust.

Trunks felt everything end in that moment. When Gohan connected a punch to his father’s face, knowing full well that his
father wasn’t going to fight him, that was the end for him. Goku never gave up in a fight, so for him to do it now spoke
such volumes of despair on his part.

Trunks felt anger and betrayal. This wasn’t the young man he fell in love with -- not at all. This was some angry monster
that was a part of his Gohan. It was a part of himself that Gohan embraced and there was no way that Trunks could ever
overlook that in him.

Trunks knew their marriage was over.


Gohan, angry beyond reason now, kicked and punched his father with abandon, the warrior that could save the world and had
many times before just letting him.

Gohan screamed, “You can’t even give me this. You can’t even give me a fight. A real fight because you’re such a selfish...”

Gohan’s anger got the best of him and he flared a death blow over his head, his eyes going white in his fury. Gohan brought
the blast down, about to hurl it at his father.

To be continued...

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