Primal Urges

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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 19 of 20 by DharmaSerenity
Title: Primal Urges, Part 19 of 20
Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

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Rating: NC-17 (NO ONE UNDER AGE 18!)

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Primal Urges, Chapter 19

Trunks eyes widened in alarm.

“Gohan!!!! STOP IT NOW!!!!!”

Gohan’s blast faltered and the teal color of his eyes changed back to black as reason finally made it through to his
fevered brain. He hurled the blast away, but to his and everyone else’s shock, Goku rose up in the air to meet the blast.

But not to hurl it back at Gohan. Just to take it.

Goku flew from the force of the painful blast, his orange gi tattered with blood and scorch marks marring the skin of his
torso. Dark-haired once more, he fell in a heap outside the fighting arena floor and lay there, panting for breath, and

Piccolo didn’t waste any time and flew to his friend to check on him. His face was grave when Gohan neared. Piccolo glared
up at his former pupil and snarled, “Get away from him. You’ve done enough.”

But to Piccolo’s and Gohan’s surprise, Goku brought a weak hand up to touch Piccolo’s chin.

“Don’t yell at him, Piccolo. I deserved it. He only did what he needed to do for a long time.”

Gohan’s eyes widened in shock.

Goku’s eyes met his son’s and he gave him an unsure smile that still very much held love. “I’m sorry son. I was selfish
and wrong and I’ll never be able to make it up to you. I only hope that some day you can forgive me.”

With that, the older warrior passed out.

Piccolo screamed in alarm, “GOKU!!”

Gohan neared, his face white with fear and anguish. ‘What have I done?’ he thought in horror.

Piccolo calmed after feeling Goku’s chi. “He’ll be all right. He’s been knocked out but his heartbeat is strong.” Piccolo
glared up at Gohan, about to deliver a harsh, hurtful diatribe but a sharp poke to Gohan’s back interrupted them.

Gohan whirled around to blink stupidly at Trunks, almost having forgotten that his life partner was even there.

The look in Trunks eyes spoke volumes and Gohan felt instant panic. “Trunks, I...”

Trunks interrupted Gohan, “Don’t even try to explain anything to me. You can go to hell as far as I’m concerned!”

Gohan blinked in shock, “Trunks, please…” He placed a hand on Trunks’ arm only to have it flung away.

“You tried to kill him! I saw it in your eyes...”

Gohan tried in desperation, “Trunks, I...” Gohan grabbed once more onto Trunks’ arm.

Trunks screamed, “Don’t you EVER touch me again! Don’t even come near me.” To Gohan’s dismay, Trunks pulled off his
wedding ring and flung it in his face.

Trunks declared, in a snarling voice, “It’s over!”

Trunks turned and took to the air at full speed, becoming a speck in the sky within seconds.

Gohan leapt to the air after him, both of them leaving comet trails behind as they left the arena, the vicinity, perhaps
even the continent. The Z Fighters didn’t spare them a glance, as they tended to their fallen friend, all except for
Vegeta, who stared after them until they were no longer visible.


Trunks flew as fast as he could, sensing Gohan’s pursuit. He didn’t want to see that face that had filled him with such
love and longing; he didn’t want to think about Gohan any more. Trunks felt so betrayed by his love, Trunks feeling that
he married a complete stranger.

Gohan had almost killed his own father and it was just too much to take. Trunks’ came to the conclusion that Gohan’s anger
was now an impossible thing to surmount. It would always be there. It wasn’t just going to go away, as he had hoped.
It was a part of him Gohan and who Gohan was inside.

Trunks was so worked up over what had transpired that he had little chance to notice the concern, at the last, that Gohan
had had for Goku, or the immense feeling of shame and pain that the younger man was feeling over what he had almost done.
All Trunks knew was that Gohan was someone that Trunks had little desire to share his life. Trunks just could not stay
married to Gohan if Gohan was going to contain such uncontainable anger within him.

And Trunks just could not stay in this time. He had to go home. Trunks had to get away from Gohan once and for all.

Gohan gained in his pursuit, and was soon upon his life partner. “Trunks! Please stop! Please!!!”

Trunks was so angry that he whirled around, Gohan nearly barreling right into him. “WHAT?!”

Gohan panted, looking at Trunks in concern and fear. “Trunks, please, let me explain...”

Trunks glared at Gohan. “You can explain nothing to me!”

Gohan tried yet again, and again, he was cut short.

“Gohan, stay the fuck away from me. It doesn’t matter what you do, because I’m going anyway. I won’t stay here. I’m going
back to my own time and...”

Gohan tried to grab Trunks by his arms, “No! You can’t do that...”

Trunks spun and kicked Gohan hard in the gut, sending the young man hurtling towards the earth. It was then that Trunks
noticed they were out in the midst of a desert. He was fine with that, because right now he could use a fight. Trunks
quickly lowered to hurl himself at Gohan. Gohan, in shock, tried to hold Trunks back, but Trunks was beyond fury.

Trunks screamed at Gohan, angry, hurt, feeling betrayed because he had been so happy, so in love and now he knew that in
his heart of hearts, he could never overlook Gohan’s anger and constant drive for revenge. Trunks felt cheated. He needed
to get out his rage and punish the cause of it, not even realizing the irony of his need to get back at his love.

Trunks threw punches and kicks at Gohan, who only worked to block each blow. After awhile, Gohan, in despair, tried his
best to push Trunks away, but Trunks’ fury was just too great. Trunks pummeled Gohan’s arms and chest, even in his rage
unable to beat that face that he loved so dearly. Trunks, soon tired and panting, moved back from Gohan, who regarded him
in cautious misery.

Gohan tried one last time. “Please Trunks, listen to me...”

Quietly, tired and finished with all of this, “I’m done Gohan. I’m going. Don’t follow me.”

Trunks looked Gohan in the eyes one last time. “Take care of yourself.” Trunks lifted into the air and took off in the
direction of Capsule Corp, to get to the Time Machine and head home.

Gohan collapsed to his knees and stared after Trunks in utter despair. He knew there was no point in pursuing Trunks.
Trunks was through with him for good.


Six months later...

Trunks stood on the lawn at Capsule Corp. Trunks, along with all the other top executives of the corporation were there to
celebrate Capsule Corp’s completion of a major project to build a form of space travel incorporating elements used in the
time travel machine. Trunks had come back just for the occasion.

Trunks had been nervous making the trip back, but he figured he did have some unsettled business to see to. There was
still the divorce to finalize.

Just thinking of it made Trunks’ innards contort in nervous trepidation. He supposed there was time to think about it. In
the meantime he was here to celebrate.

The party went on for several more hours, so that Trunks was rather relieved to find a quiet moment to himself in the
garden. He chuckled, finding Vegeta escaping the same way, leaning against a tree, Vegeta’s face was hard, but the Prince
was actually quite relaxed.

Trunks went over to his father and smiled.

Vegeta, without even looking at him, said to Trunks, “You know, he’s not recovered since then.”

Trunks blanched, having thought that Vegeta was speaking about Gohan.

Vegeta smirked. “I mean Kakarot.”

Vegeta looked at his son and gave him a serious look. “Kakarot has given up. He feels that he deserves to suffer from the
wounds inflicted on him by his own son. So, he just sort of… exists.” Vegeta twisted his mouth. The Prince hadn’t seen
Goku in awhile for himself because he couldn’t bring himself to watch another Saiyan so totally give up on everything.

Trunks blinked, then his own eyes hardened again with that same old anger that had been keeping him up late at night these
past 6 months.

“I suppose his son has let him rot in this condition?” Trunks shook his head when Vegeta merely gave him a look. “It


Trunks smiled at his mother, Bulma now fully recovered from her illness. They had returned to the same outdoor café they
had sat in just 6 months before and were enjoying a glass of wine and easy conversation.

Bulma refrained from the obvious topic. She had seen Trunks face contort in pain and anger often enough to know that it
wasn’t wise to bring up the painful subject of his past with Gohan.

Bulma smiled at Trunks. “Well, here’s to the successful completion of your pet project.”

Trunks raised his glass and then blinked at a couple that just entered the outdoor patio to take a seat a couple of tables
away from their own. They were two men, one with long blue hair and dazzling teal-colored eyes, the other balding on top
but nicely built from hours of martial arts training.

Finally, after staring in silence for a few moments, his glass still raised, the blue haired man noticed Trunks and opened
his mouth in an “Oh!” Then his boyfriend turned around and noticed Trunks as well, a bright smile coming to his face.

Mike immediately stood and came over to greet Trunks. After smiling politely at Bulma, Mike turned to Trunks.

“Hey Trunks, how have you been?”

Trunks gave him a smile that let out more than maybe even he intended. “I’ve been all right. Can’t complain.”

Mike smiled at him, a little sympathy coming through, but not in an annoying way.

Mike said, “Well, Jack and I are engaged and doing fine.”

Mike turned to smile at Jack and to Trunks’ surprise Jack gave Trunks a brilliant smile when Trunks turned to look.

Trunks eyes lit up in partial incredulity and in happiness. “Well congratulations! I hope the two of you are very happy.”

Mike turned a happy gaze on Trunks. “Thank you.” Mike seemed to hesitate, then he ventured, “Gohan’s doing ok as well.”

Trunks was a little surprised, actually, that they were still in touch. Trunks had this idea of Gohan just retreating from
everyone after their breakup.

Trunks gave Mike a tight smile. “I’m glad to hear that.” And then, despite his resolve of strength, he asked, “So, is
he...?” Trunks wasn’t sure what to ask, really.

Mike smiled. “He’s gone back to school.”

Trunks blinked in shock. “Really?”

Mike smiled. “Yeah.” Mike chuckled. “He’s had to get some really thick glasses because he’d been walking around half
blind for so long.” Feeling a bit brave to continue, Mike said, “He’s not doing any of the stuff he had been doing before,
you know, like the stripping. He is working though, because he’s paying his own tuition. He works at a coffee shop.”
Mike grinned, but then his smile softened. “He’s changed Trunks. He said that he knew you weren’t coming back but that
he wanted to be the kind of person you could respect and love. So he’s trying really hard to be that person. The kicker
is, it’s really natural for him to be that way.” Mike looked down at the ground. “He still looks like Gohan, but he’s
much different.” Another grin, “For instance, he wears colors now.”

Trunks eyes sparkled like a child that was staring at a plate of cookies or at a brand new toy. He wanted to know more!

Mike smiled at Bulma who gave him a barely perceptible nod, urging him to go on. “I can tell you where he works, if you’re
interested. He should be there now.”


Trunks walked into the coffee shop, a trendy place full of college students chatting over chocolate or vanilla flavored
cups of java. Trunks took a seat near the window, but he didn’t look outside. Instead, his eyes panned the room,
desperate almost to catch sight of someone he’d only just realized he missed so much.

Trunks didn’t see Gohan and part of him ached in disappointment. He was almost ready to get up and leave when a young man
came out from a back room wearing a plaid patterned shirt in red and blue checks, hanging loose over a pair of blue jeans.
He was wearing thick rimmed glasses and his hair was a little longer. He looked very different but Trunks knew that
face anywhere.

Gohan was busy behind the counter, working on cups of espresso and steaming milk for cappuccino.

Trunks got in line and watched Gohan, the younger man still unaware of his presence. Trunks finally reached the counter
and it was time for him to place his order. He spoke to the young woman waiting for him to decide, “I’ll have a cup of
tea, orange pekoe.”

At the sound of Trunks’s voice, Gohan looked up, his eyes wide behind his thick frames. Gohan stared into a pair of blue
eyes he had no hope of ever seeing again.

“Hey, I’m waiting for my cappuccino!” Gohan looked down stupidly at his own hand still holding the cup.

“Oh, sorry about that. Here you go” Gohan handed the cup over to the other customer then worked on Trunks’ order next.
As he handed the cup to Trunks, their fingers brushed together and their eyes met again.

Trunks smiled. “You look good Gohan. Real good.”

Gohan, suddenly nervous, ran his hand through his thick, longish hair. He was still wearing his wedding ring.

As was Trunks.

Trunks thought he should get this over with and end the awkwardness. “Gohan, we have to talk. There is some unfinished
business between us that we should settle.”

Gohan looked at Trunks in dismay, assuming that Trunks was here to get a divorce so that he could move on with his life.
After 6 months of separation and blaming himself for it, Gohan had no confidence that Trunks was here for any other

Gohan nodded, with a glum expression on his face. “I’m due for my break so I’ll join you at your table.”

Gohan didn’t bother with a drink since he knew he wouldn’t be able to stomach anything after Trunks made his announcement.
Gohan sat across from Trunks, sadness in his eyes. It was quite a difference from the overconfident, even pushy young
man he had been just six months prior.

“I suppose that you...”

Trunks interrupted Gohan. “Gohan, I heard... I heard that you were doing well. I had to see for myself.”

Trunks smiled at Gohan, almost a proud glint in his eyes as he stared at his, well, at his husband. The look changed
though, and he seemed to swallow, trying to steady his nerves. “But I also came here to put an end to our marriage.”


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