Primal Urges

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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 15 of ? by DharmaSerenity
Title: Primal Urges, Part 15 of ?
Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

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Primal Urges, Chapter 15

Gohan whimpered, his body writhing through his orgasm as it spilled onto his abdomen. Trunks smiled down at him through
the final spasms of his own orgasm, long lavender locks catching in the sweat on his forehead and against his neck.

With completion, Trunks lowered himself until he was lying on top of Gohan’s slick body, panting as he tried to catch his
breath. Trunks listened to the pulse in Gohan’s neck as he pressed his face against Gohan’s neck.

They had continued to make love all night long, and both Trunks and Gohan were finally exhausted, but elated. There was a
light happiness in their eyes as they looked at each other, the weight of so much having been lifted. Trunks still had
his concerns, but he was content for now.

Because Gohan loved him, and now Trunks had hope.

They gave each other a series of kisses, almost being sickeningly sweet and gushing, calling each other silly pet names as
they stared into each other’s shining eyes. Trunks settled next to Gohan and they just looked at each other for awhile,
occasionally bringing up a hand to caress the other’s face or to move a stray lock of hair aside.

“I’m so happy, Gohan.”

“Me too.” Gohan suddenly looked nervous. “Hey, um, are you doing anything for lunch tomorrow?”

Trunks laughed. “What? You want a nooner?” Trunks eyes danced mischievously. Gohan laughed, then looked serious.

“No! Silly. I just... well, I want to take you somewhere. Somewhere special. Can I stop by the office to pick you up?”

Trunks smiled warmly as he slid the back of his forefinger against his lover’s cheek. “Yeah. I’d like that.”

They embraced and kissed for awhile, until their eyes began to droop. They slept in each other’s arms, small contended
smiles on their placid faces.

* * *

Trunks walked out of his meeting, still chatting with his Board Members as he walked them to the front door. As soon as he
was done, he turned around and his Assistant said, “Mr. Son is here to see you.”

Trunks eyes lit up, letting the woman know that her suspicions were confirmed. Her boss had been practically dancing
around all morning, obviously elated about something. She had suspected he might be in love, and the man that had his
heart was now squinting at a magazine in the lounge area off from the foyer.

Trunks walked over to Gohan, laughing at the sight of the young man trying his darndest to read from a magazine, actually
looking as if he were mimicking playing trombone.

“Someone needs glasses!”

“Shut up! I do not!” Gohan grinned as he tossed aside the magazine, and stood. He looked amazing. He was wearing a black
button down shirt, a black tie, faded jeans and his usual Doc Martins. He smelled nice too, having borrowed some of Trunks’
Grey Flannel.

Trunks came over to him and surprised Gohan by embracing him and kissing him even though they were both visible through the
glass walls of the waiting area. Gohan didn’t waste the opportunity though, and kissed him right back.

“You know, I can make an appointment for you with an eye doctor.”

Gohan rolled his eyes. “Stop it. I don’t need glasses.”

Trunks smirked, “Oh I think you do.” He laughed.

Gohan made a face, then smiled. “So, are you ready? We should go up to the roof because we need to fly to where we’re

Trunks smiled, looking forward to his surprise. “Ok. Yeah. Give me a few minutes.”

* * *

They had flown for nearly ten minutes, Trunks following behind Gohan, happy to be with him on this beautiful day. He
wondered where they were headed, Gohan not saying a word.

But as they continued to fly, Trunks felt his heart nearly stop.

No..., He thought.

Trunks followed Gohan, the feeling of dread and eerie fear building as they neared the hilltop that he knew all too well.
Trunks felt his throat constrict as it became obvious that Gohan was about to descend to that very hill...

The hill where Trunks buried Gohan in his own timeline The grave that he had dug with his own hands.

As Trunks was ready to touch down, he felt all the color leave his face when he saw Gohan settle down in the very spot
occupied by Gohan’s grave back in his own time. Trunks landed and Gohan turned with a smile on his face, which promptly
left him at the sight of Trunks.

“What’s the matter?!”

Trunks fought for control of his emotions. “It’s nothing. I think I just should have eaten something before we left.”

“Do you want to go and get something now?” Gohan was about to rise but Trunks came over and put a hand on his shoulder.

“No. I’ll be fine. Let me just sit down next to you.”

They sat quietly for a few minutes, Gohan just looking out at the scenery. Trunks stared at Gohan’s profile. After a time,
Trunks asked, “Why is this place special for you?”

Gohan turned to him with a small smile. “I guess you can tell that it is, huh?” The smile turned sheepish. “I come here
to think a lot. I just happened on it and well, it has been the place I would always come to think.” Gohan’s face became
sad. “I came here a lot over the last couple of weeks.”

Trunks looked down.

Gohan put a hand on his knee. “I’m not going to say this because I want to upset you. But I did come here so often
because... Trunks I felt like I was dying inside without you. Well... it was here that I came to a realization.”

Gohan looked at Trunks and Trunks met his gaze. “If I ever got you back, I wasn’t going to throw it away. I was going to
take that chance for everything it was.” Gohan suddenly looked nervous. He was about to say more, but then turned away
slightly, fishing for something in his jacket pocket.

“I wanted to ask you here.”

With the palm of his hand shaking slightly, Gohan held out a small jewelry box.

Trunks looked up quickly but only saw Gohan looking at him, his gaze steady. Trunks reached for the box and opened it.
His eyes opened wide.

Nestled inside the box, side by side, were two wedding rings.

Trunks looked up at Gohan, his blue eyes showing their shock.

Gohan looked earnestly at Trunks, trying to discern his reaction. “Trunks, I know this is sudden and after everything we
just went through I... Trunks, I love you. I want to be with you the rest of my life and I’ll do whatever I can to make
you happy. I’m going to even quit the club. No more stripping. Nothing. I just want to be with you, Trunks. So...
please. If you love me, why wait? I just want to put all the separation behind us. I have you now and I never want to
let you go. Please, say you’ll marry me.”

Trunks knew it was ridiculous. They’d only been together such a short time and their relationship had already been rife
with problems. But Gohan was willing to quit everything! No more stripping! Really, when he thought about it, Trunks,
in very short time got Gohan to give up his reckless life -- Trunks’ original goal in all of this.

Trunks looked into Gohan’s dark, beautiful eyes. And then he looked down at the grass that Gohan sat upon. Trunks had
lost him once before and it still tore at him, a burning ache that he lived with every day of his life.

Trunks loved Gohan, and Gohan made him happy when he was like this.

Trunks started nodding even before he knew he had made up his mind.

“Yeah... yes. I’ll marry you.” A tentative smile broadened as Trunks wrapped his arms around Gohan, the pair kissing
passionately. Both men smiled into their kiss, breaking to gaze at each other in elation.

Gohan couldn’t believe his happiness as he pulled back to look into Trunks beautiful blue eyes. “Trunks...,” Gohan grinned.
“Well,” looking serious, Gohan looked down. “I’ll understand if you want to wait and plan this out, but...,” Gohan
looked up with hope in his eyes. “I know of a chapel that marries couples like us. And, well,” looking a bit sheepish,
he continued, “Michael is waiting at it now, to be our witness. If you want...,” Gohan trailed off looking at Trunks,
waiting for his answer.

Trunks looked dumbfounded. “Now?”

Gohan nodded.

Trunks’ laughed, blinking in delight and shock, then he grinned at Gohan and said, “Why not!”

Gohan was up in a second, pulling Trunks to his feet. He happily embraced his fiancée and kissed him. Gohan took Trunks’
hand in his own. “Let’s go.”

* * *

Since he didn’t have any more appointments that day, Trunks phoned his secretary and said he wasn’t going to come back to
the office that day, or the next. He then spent the rest of the day making love to his husband.

At one point in the early evening, Trunks opened his eyes to look at the sleeping form of Gohan, his face placid and
innocent. Trunks smiled thinking about the phone conversation he overheard Gohan having just half an hour earlier in the
other room.

“Louis, it’s me.” Silence.

“Louis, I’m sorry. I can’t do that. Look, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. But you know how I feel
about Trunks. I’m quitting everything Louis.” More silence.

“I’m sorry you feel that way. I really liked working for you Louis. You were always up front with me. I’m just trying to
be up front with you.”

Not too long after that, Gohan had hung up the phone. Trunks had pretended to still be asleep, not wanting to see Gohan
upset, and not wanting Gohan angry on this of all days. To his surprise Gohan just climbed into bed and settled in beside
him. Gohan gave Trunks’ bare back a soft kiss, put his arm around Trunks and snuggled against him, falling asleep within

Trunks gave Gohan one last look before getting out of bed. After two bouts of lovemaking that afternoon, he knew that a
young Saiyan male was going to need lots of food and decided he’d cook something nice for his husband’s dinner.

* * *

Gohan kissed the back of Trunks head as they lay on the couch together, watching TV. Gohan held Trunks from behind,
spooning him.

It was Saturday and they hadn’t ventured out doors yet, content to just lay about. Trunks was still in his gray sweat
pants and shirt and Gohan was just in his black boxer briefs. Trunk was flipping around the stations with the clicker
when he happened upon a martial arts competition. Trunks groaned.

“What, Silly?”

Trunks laughed. “You wouldn’t say I was “silly” if you had to go and train with Vegeta today.”

“Call him and cancel.”

“The weekend before the competition? Are you nuts?!”

Gohan chuckled and brought his hand under Trunks shirt, sliding it up along Trunks’ bare chest suggestively. “Tell him you
have to fuck your husband all day.”

Trunks reached around and swatted Gohan on the ass. It was a joke between them now. Gohan would occasionally use his
smutty talk to get a rise out of Trunks. At first it upset Trunks, on the night of their wedding no less, but then Trunks
saw the mischievous glint in Gohan’s eyes and knew that Gohan was just playing. It was ok now, because Gohan was really
serious about giving up that life and had.

Gohan was only going to keep in touch with Michael and one or two of the dancers that had stuck around the club for almost
as long as he had. Otherwise, this was a done deal. Gohan actually destroyed the porno disc he had sent to Trunks, and
not even in Trunks’ presence -- Trunks had found the remnants of the disc at the bottom of the garbage bin.

So, a little teasing didn’t upset Trunks now as it would have a few weeks before.

“Yeah, I haven’t even told him yet, you know. Although he’s going to know as soon as I work up a sweat and sees the ring.”

Gohan arched his brow at Trunks, grabbing him by the chin and turning him around to look in his eyes. “You haven’t told
them yet.”

Trunks pressed his lips into a thin line.

“Well, no. I wanted to talk to you about it first.” Trunks turned around fully to face Gohan, their abdomen’s pressed
together. “Gohan, my family means a lot to me.”

Gohan smiled and nodded. “I know.”

“And well, I wasn’t sure how you would be, seeing them. And if I tell them, well, first Bulma will probably hit me over
the head for not telling her first, and then she’s going to want to have us over. I just wanted to be sure you’d be fine
with that. Plus I’m working up my courage to tell Vegeta.”

Gohan laughed and hugged Trunks. “Yeah, I can imagine.” Sobering, “Hey, don’t worry about me. I won’t be rude or anything.
In fact, I’ll apologize to Bulma for the way I’ve behaved.” Gohan shrugged. “I never really had much against Bulma
anyway.” Gohan shrugged, feeling uncomfortable.

Trunks fought the urge to just throw his arms around Gohan, not wanting to make too much out of this huge concession. “Ok.
Well, I guess that settles it then. I’ll tell Vegeta today, when I go over.”

Gohan smirked. “I could come along, you know.”

Trunks blanched, not really ready for that encounter yet. “I don’t know about that. Beside, Vegeta just trains when I’m
there. You’ll be bored.”

Gohan smirked, not letting up, enjoying his teasing. “Maybe I want to train, too.” Gohan placed light kisses all over
Trunks’ face.

“What?” Trunks pulled away to look at Gohan. “Stop being a dweeb.”

Gohan laughed, “I’m not being a dweeb! You know, I did enter competitions before. What’s so odd about me entering the

Trunks stared at Gohan. “Are you serious? I mean, you’ve not said anything about it before.”

Gohan shrugged. “It might be fun. I don’t know. I need to do something now that I’m not working. Hey, if I win, I can
pay my own way and not have to rely on you to be my sugar daddy.”

Trunks smirked, Gohan having been living off of his savings comfortably, especially since his needs were quite simple.
“Well, if you want to train, let me at least prepare Vegeta. The last thing I need is for him to throw a fit in front
of you.”

Gohan and Trunks smirked, then they kissed for awhile.

“Hey, when the tournament is over and I make it through the stockholder’s meeting, we’ll take a proper honeymoon. Ok?”

Gohan smirked. “As long as it is somewhere where I can see you get an all over tan, sure.”

Trunks laughed, kissing Gohan a bit more. They managed to find time to make love before Trunks went over to his family’s
house. Gohan stayed back at the apartment to give it a good clean.

* * *

Louis got up to answer the door, annoyed that someone was disturbing him. He had to find another dancer to fill Gohan’s
place for that night and hadn’t had much luck so far.

He went over to the door and opened it, and smiled derisively at the blue-haired, teal-eyed man standing there holding
poster tubes in his arms.

“Jack. Long time no see. What can I do for you?” Louis asked, knowing full well what Jack wanted. There was only one
thing that Jack ever wanted, and that was Gohan.

“I was wondering if I could find Gohan here. He never answers his phone anymore.”

“You mean, he never answers when he sees your number on his screen.” Louis smirked at the cold look that met his eyes.
“Well, no, Gohan isn’t here.”

“What time will he be here later? Isn’t this his usual night?”

“No, he doesn’t have usual night’s any more. He quit.”

Jack looked astonished. “He wouldn’t quit...”

“He did. Just two days ago.”

Jack looked visibly upset. Gohan had flatly refused to leave the business for him, let alone be monogamous. Jack had
heard enough rumors flying about their inner circle about him pining away for the lavender-haired man. And he had heard
how Trunks had reacted at the club the night he watched Gohan dance. Jack feared that Gohan may have quit just for Trunks.
The very thought hurt.

“Do you know how I can get in touch with him? I want to get rid of these things.

Louis looked bored, and in fact was bored, having had to deal with Gohan’s boyfriends, and other dancers’ boyfriends
before, on numerous occasions. “I’ve no idea, other than his phone.” To twist salt in the wound, he added, “But he’s
living with that Trunks guy now.”

Jack had suspected, but hoped otherwise. In a hollow voice, Jack said, “Thank you,” and left.

* * *

Michael wasn’t expecting any visitors and frowned as he went to answer his front door. He was little prepared for the
sight of Jack standing there, looking grim.

“Jack! What... what can I do for you?”

Michael looked at the beautiful man in concern, seeing the sadness in his teal-colored eyes. “I need to get in touch with

Michael was little surprised that Jack was looking for Gohan. In fact, he was surprised it took Jack this long to make
another attempt on his friend. Jack had been a possessive, jealous and volatile lover of Gohan’s. The thing was Michael
really felt sorry for Jack.

“Well, I can let him know you stopped by.”

“Is there a way that I can speak to him directly? He won’t take my calls and I want to make sure he gets these posters

Michael scratched his head, not sure of what to say. “Well, I mean, if he won’t take your calls...”

Jack surprised Michael by breaking down and crying, right there outside his front door. Michael didn’t hesitate and
grabbed the beautiful man by the arm and pulled him into the apartment and over to the couch. “Hey... Ssh, don’t cry,”
Michael didn’t really know what else to say to the despondent man.

“I’m sorry,” Jack held a hand to his face. “I just don’t know what to do. I love him. I want him back. Please, please
help me.”

Michael looked at Jack sadly. “I’m sorry Jack. But Gohan got married this week.”

Jack stared at Michael, stunned.

“I’m really sorry, Jack.”

Jack lost control again, and Michael actually had to hold him. After about half an hour, Jack composed himself and got up
to leave. When Michael asked him if he wanted to leave the posters there for Gohan, Jack almost held onto them
possessively. “No. I will give them to him myself.”

Michael did not want Jack to try and seek out Gohan in this state, especially when Gohan was supposed to be enjoying his
time with Trunks, celebrating their marriage. “Look, you can give him the posters next week. He’ll be taking part in a
martial arts tournament. You can see him there.”

Michael figured a public place might be the best bet, knowing Jack’s ability to throw a fit whenever he and Gohan were
alone. Maybe with Gohan’s friends around, Jack wouldn’t freak out this time.

Jack turned sorrowful eyes on Michael, while clutching at the posters.

“Will... the other one be there too?”

Michael said, “Yeah, his husband Trunks will be there. He’s competing as well.”

Jack’s face transformed from one of sorrow to one of hate, hearing the name of the man that he hated referred to as Gohan’s
husband and knowing that he shared something with Gohan that Jack never could. Jack was about to turn away, but Michael
was alarmed by the look on his face. Michael grabbed Jack’s arm before he could leave.

“He’s always loved him, Jack. He’s known him since he was a very little boy. They practically grew up together, and their
families are very close. Don’t hate them for that. Gohan loved Trunks even before he knew what sex was, or that he was
even gay.”

Jack wrenched his arm away from Michael and gave him a hard look, then left the apartment.

* * *

“Gohan? Do you want carrots in your salad?” Trunks called out to Gohan, who was in the bedroom still obsessing about
which black thing he would wear to dinner that evening at the Briefs house.

Trunks had told his parents the day before when he had gone over to train with his father. Vegeta had just stared at him
for a long time, making Trunks feel about an inch tall. Then Vegeta said, “Well, at least you can’t breed with that
Clown’s son.” Trunks had been hurt by the comment, but then his father treated him normally after that, so Trunks figured
that Vegeta, in his own way, was accepting this and would be fine.

Bulma, on the other hand, looked practically livid for missing their wedding. The only way she was ever going to forgive
Trunks was for Trunks and Gohan to have dinner with the family that night.

Gohan, for all the talk the day before, was nervous as hell. Trunks meant everything to him, and he knew how much Trunks
cared about his family. He intended on making amends for his past deeds and hopefully they would all get past his so
recent behavior.

Trunks was filled with hope over Gohan’s care over his clothing, his behavior, everything. If Gohan was willing to accept
this part of his past again -- Trunks’ family -- was it so impossible that Gohan would want to see his own family again?
And make amends? Trunks smiled as he chopped the salad, loving the domestic bliss they were already sharing.

The doorbell rang and Trunks went to answer it. Gohan peeked out from the bedroom. Gohan was shirtless and wearing a pair
of black sweatpants and Trunks had the brief thought that maybe lunch could wait so that he could trail kisses along that
sweet bare chest.

They smiled at each other as Trunks opened the door.

But upon Trunks seeing who it was at the door, Trunks went pale.

Goku stood in the doorway, looking at Trunks with sorrow in his eyes. He smiled at Trunks in a friendly manner, though and
said, “Hello Trunks. I’m sorry. I should have called to see if it was all right...”

Gohan heard the voice and felt a shiver run down his spine as he walked slowly into the room, staring at the door that hid
his father from view.

“... but... Vegeta phoned. He said he had good news.”

Trunks stared in shock at the man. Goku, who had been a happy, strong, beautiful person to behold... well, he was still
the same person, but there was pain in his eyes, dark circles rimming them and standing out on pale skin. He looked like
a man that got little sleep.

Trunks felt something inside him wrench at the mere sight of the man.

The separation from Gohan and Gohan’s actions were killing Goku.

Trunks realized he hadn’t said anything. “Hello Goku. It’s nice to see you again.”

By then Gohan was standing on just the other side of the door, Trunks feeling his eyes burn into him as Trunks spoke to his
father. Trunks saw Goku’s eyes widen as Goku sensed his son’s ki right there. Goku came quietly into the room and looked
around the door at Gohan.

“Hello Son.”

Gohan’s face, a cold visage, flinched briefly, but in a steady, hard voice he said, “Hello.”

Goku blinked, not thinking he would even get that much. He looked at Gohan and thought his son looked strong, and healthy.
“You look good, Son.”

Gohan didn’t say anything, just continued to stare at his father with dark eyes full of hate.

Trunks felt nervous, sad and disappointed. If he had wanted a reunion, a concession, the look on Gohan’s face spoke
volumes. Gohan’s face said it would never happen. Gohan hated Goku with a passion and Trunks wished he could comfort the
older man that had to stare in that face, seeing the pain that it obviously caused Goku.

“Son, we’ve missed you. Very much. We would love to see both you and Trunks, anytime really...,” Goku trailed off at the
relentless, hard look.

Trunks and Goku both felt it, the unmistakable rise in ki, Trunks nervous that Gohan was about to do something and Goku
just sadly looking on at his son. Then the lights, the two lit lamps in the room, started to flicker, until they went on
and off rapidly, the anger in Gohan becoming a physical thing, despite his remaining outward calm.

Gohan said nothing. He didn’t have to say anything.

Trunks, not wanting this to go on any further, and fearing the way that Gohan looked at his father, put a hand on Goku’s
arm to get his attention. Gohan’s eyes flicked over to look at Trunks’ hand possessively, and Trunks fought the urge to
pull his hand away.

Quietly, Trunks said, “Goku, maybe you had better leave.”

Goku just nodded silently and looked down, disappointed. He turned to go and as Trunks closed the door, Goku turned one
last time to look at him. It was clear that both men felt helpless over Gohan’s anger and wished that it all could be

Once the door was closed, Trunks looked at Gohan, not knowing what to say. Gohan looked at him, but it was clear he was
far, far away. At least the living room lights stopped flickering.

Gohan turned around and walked off down the hallway, his shoulders rigid.

Trunks felt like crying, but he wasn’t going to. He would do nothing to provoke Gohan now. He turned and returned to the
kitchen to mechanically resume preparing the salad for their lunch, not that he was sure either one of them could eat now.

After a few minutes, Trunks was startled to feel strong arms wrap around him from behind, Gohan holding him. Gohan pressed
his cheek to the side of Trunks’ face and from what Trunks could see, his eyes were closed. Trunks returned the embrace,
and they stood that way, silent, for a long time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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