Primal Urges

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Title: Primal Urges, Part 13 of ?
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Spoilers : End of Buu Saga. But before Gohan got married in Dbz. He never marries Videl in this story.

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Primal Urges, Chapter 13

Trunks watched Gohan as Gohan tried to compose himself. Gohan had been fine after he got his story under way, his tears
drying, and his face taking on a cold and distant look as the words tumbled from his lips, the words almost speeding as
the story progressed. It was as if Gohan wanted to wrench the words from him, tear them away, and the faster he could
say them, the better he seemed to feel.

It was when he told of his encounter with Piccolo that tears took him once more, Gohan becoming almost inconsolable,
shuddering with sobs as he felt the pain of his former master’s rejection once more. Trunks just let him cry as he sat on
the other end of the couch from him, looking down as he waited for Gohan to continue.

Gohan finally managed, “I want to stop now.”

Trunks nodded, and said gently, “Ok. You’ve told me a lot, Gohan. Thank you. It means a lot to me.”

Gohan looked at Trunks with red-rimmed eyes, fat tears studding his thick and curling lashes. Somehow they made him seem
all the more beautiful and Trunks had an overwhelming urge to kiss each pained eyelid free of tears.

Trunks tried a tentative smile. “Gohan, I’m sorry you went through all of that. I’m sorry that you were so alone when you
came to terms with your sexuality.” Trunks looked down, his face reddening, “I guess, I can understand right now. I...
never much thought…, well, you were much younger and it came at a bad time. But...”

Trunks looked up, and knew that what he was about to say was going to anger Gohan. But it had to be said.

“Gohan, why didn’t you just talk to Goku?”

Gohan’s face contorted in rage. “To hear how he didn’t want to be around us? Is that what I should have talked to him

“Yes. And what you were going through.”

Gohan wrenched his head away, a derisive sneer twisting his handsome face. “Fuck he’d care -- that selfish bastard.”

“Gohan, he stayed. That says something.”

“It says that at least he’s not a complete monster, but not much else.”

“Gohan...,” Trunks couldn’t help the frustration and anger in his voice as he continued, “Gohan, you just didn’t give him
a chance. Yeah, it sucked that he wanted to leave in the first place, but instead of just… well, just playing the wounded
martyr, you should have said something to him. He thought that you’d be happy stepping in his shoes. It’s not much
different than my own father was with me. Vegeta was surprised that I didn’t want to be this powerful warrior and just
wanted a calm, happy life instead. It took him getting used to it, but I had to say it to him in the first place.”

Angry tears poured from Gohan’s eyes as he turned to Trunks, “What the hell do you know! I had just heard my father didn’t
want to be around us anymore, when all I ever wanted was for him to...”

Gohan gritted his teeth, looking as if he would lose complete control. “What was I supposed to do? Say, ‘you should stay
because we want you to?!’”


“But he didn’t’ want to! Don’t you get it?! I’d always know that about him. What difference would it make if he stayed
after that?!!”

“He’d be staying, despite what he wanted to do, because you asked him. Because he loves you!”

Gohan turned his head away, not wanting to acknowledge the logic of the statement. “Yeah, well, he probably wouldn’t have

Trunks exasperated, said, “But he did, didn’t he?”

Gohan just gritted his teeth, not looking at Trunks. Trunks lost his temper, thinking all of it was such a bloody waste.
This young man’s life, his education, his happiness all sacrificed for petty revenge. And the scars that would probably
never go away and all for what?!

“Gohan! You just wanted to hurt him because he hurt you -- plain and simple. And you’ve gone on hurting him. Tell me
something -- ever send him a postcard? You know, one of those pretty ones you have a whole box of? Just to be an evil
prick and rub it in his face?!”

Gohan’s face turned red. “So what if I did?!” Gohan yelled impotently.

“Why am I not surprised!” Trunks fought the urge to slap Gohan across his face.

“FUCK YOU!!! Yeah, so what if I wanted to hurt him!!! He deserved it! He deserves everything he gets. He deserves every
fucking misery...”


They were both interrupted by Trunk’s next door neighbor banging on the wall from the other side of the dining area.

“Oh this bites!” yelled Gohan.

“Quiet! Let’s just calm down, ok?”

Gohan turned his angry face towards Trunks, “We can stop talking after you answer this simple question. Are you breaking
up with me?”

Trunks looked at the angry flash in Gohan’s eyes, and felt despair. He wanted to be with Gohan so badly it hurt. But
there was no way he could seriously hope to make this work when Gohan had so much anger in him. Staying with Gohan now
would only make it harder on him when he had to break up with Gohan in the not too distant future -- after all, they
couldn’t make it past a full weekend without coming to this point.


Gohan’s face took on incredulity and rage. “I spilled my guts so you would just...”

Trunks, feeling guilty, looked away. “I know. I’m sorry. But after hearing it all, I just can’t... all this revenge,
Gohan. It’s not healthy. I can’t be a part...”

Gohan, tears streaming down his face, turned away bitterly and nodded his head. Through gritted teeth Gohan said, “Fine.”

“I’m sorry Gohan. I just can’t be with you while you’ve got all this anger inside you.”

“I said ‘fine!’”

Trunks stared at Gohan’s profile and marveled at how beautiful he was. Trunks was frightened -- that angry, beautiful face
had recklessness written all over it. Trunks didn’t want to leave anything to chance, so he made an offer that he knew
was stupid to make, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do otherwise.

“Well, you can stay here as long as you like. Just… in the other room, ok?”

Gohan grunted derisively and said, “Yeah. Wouldn’t want to leave anything to temptation now, would we?”

Trunks looked down, his hair spilling around him. He felt so empty, and exhausted.

“Well, I’m going to bed.” Trunks looked at the clock and was dismayed to see that it was already 3am. He had to be up in
just three hours.

Trunks didn’t think saying “Goodnight,” would be appropriate, so he just went to his room and went to bed.

* * *

As soon as Trunks opened his eyes to the sound of his alarm, he felt the pain of his loss. He ignored it as he got up to
get ready for work.

As he dashed to the bathroom, Trunks glanced at the spare bedroom, its door ajar. Trunks was dismayed to see that it was
empty, but he didn’t have time to linger.

As Trunks prepared for work, he felt a hollow, empty pain at the thought of Gohan taking off, and was now Kami knew where.
Trunks tried not to think of the possibility that he may never see the young man again.

Trunks finished drying his hair and put on his suit jacket. He dashed to the hallway closet and grabbed his briefcase, then
made his way to the living room and the front door.

Trunks started, seeing Gohan asleep on the large couch. Gohan’s body was turned from him, his head buried between a throw
pillow and the back of the couch.

Trunks wanted to touch him, to tell him that he changed his mind and was sorry, but Trunks turned instead. Opening the
front door, he hurried out and off to work.


Trunks buried himself in his work and was blessedly able to tear his mind away from the pain of his breakup. He was
getting more done in one day than he had for the latter half of the past week, when his mind had been plagued by thoughts
of Gohan. Gohan still plagued Trunks’ mind, but now he was able to bury his thoughts because to linger on them was too

Trunks was in such a work groove, that when his father walked into his office, Trunks couldn’t help but feel disappointed,
even though it was nice to see Vegeta. Trunks tried to act casual, though, feeling somewhat guilty knowing what he had
been up to over the weekend.

Vegeta gave Trunks a look that seemed to look right through him, then walked to the picture window behind Trunks’ desk.

“A little, but I’m ok to chat for a bit.” Trunks smiled at his father, staring at the Saiyan and marveling at how much
stronger Vegeta had become since he was last in this timeline.

“How is everything?” Vegeta asked without looking at him.

“Good. I’ve managed to cut some spending and we may show a slight profit this quarter. I think next quarter will show a
major improvement. I’m hopeful...”

“How’s Gohan?”

Trunks stared at his father, a bit nervous. “He’s fine. I guess Mom told you he was staying with me.”

Sounding annoyed, Vegeta asked, “So your Mother knows then?”

Trunks looked at his father in confusion and trepidation. “Isn’t that how you knew?”

Vegeta grunted a derisive laugh, “I can smell him all over you.”

Trunks stared at Vegeta in shock, the color leaving his face. He was about to stammer something about how it must be
because Gohan was staying at his place, but Vegeta continued, taking all doubt away as to how much he knew.

“Saiyan male lovers have a distinctive odor they give off. This entire floor reeks of it. There is a hint of it in the
elevator too. You stink.”

Trunks wanted to crawl under his desk.

Vegeta looked at him and Trunks flinched. Vegeta smirked but his eyes remained hard. Despite Trunks’ own power, he was
afraid of what Vegeta would do.

Vegeta shrugged, reading Trunks’ thoughts. “I’m not happy about it, but you’re a grown man. And I suppose he is as well.”

Trunks looked away, feeling embarrassed knowing that the truth of the matter was that there wasn’t anything between Trunks
and Gohan anymore.

“Aww, is he being as nice to you as he is to his family now?”

Trunks looked up at Vegeta, surprised that Vegeta could sense as much as he did. Vegeta walked around the desk to sit in
the chair facing Trunks.

“You deserve better. Best rid of him. How about trying a female next time?”

Trunks just glared at his father in embarrassment, hating what Vegeta was saying.

“So I guess he’s gone then,” said Vegeta.

“No. At least not for now. He’s still at the apartment.”

Vegeta arched a brow. “Hnn...”

“Father, I’m guessing that you didn’t come here to talk about this. What did you want to talk about?”

Vegeta just regarded his son for a moment before answering, making Trunks even more uncomfortable.

“I came here to ask you to compete in the special Budokai taking place in three weeks.”

Trunks eyes popped wide open. “You’ve got to be kidding! I can’t possibly... I have way too much on here, Father. I can’t
possibly take the time to train or compete for that matter. Thanks for thinking of me...”

“I wonder what Kakarot and his woman would think of you taking advantage of their long lost baby boy.”

It took Trunks a moment to register what Vegeta had just said. “What!” Trunks’ face went red.

“It would be a real shame if they found out that instead of helping him as you had said you would, you’re helping YOURSELF
to him. Quite a difference! At least, I’m sure Kakarot would see it as such. And Chi Chi. You might lose all that
pretty hair if she got her hands on it.” Vegeta paused, playing with his pants leg. “Or I could keep it all to myself,
if you were to agree to train with me.”

“You... you’re blackmailing me?!”

Vegeta smirked. “You’re a Prince. It’s about time you got used to royal ways. Blackmail is just one of many means to get
the desired effect.”

Trunks laughed. “You’re funny Father.” He laughed further, but then sobered when he saw that Vegeta wasn’t even smiling.

“You’re serious?!”

Vegeta merely smirked at Trunks and rose from his seat. “I’ll see you in the Gravitation Room tomorrow at lunch time. A
good sweat will get that stink out of your pores anyway. I’ll sacrifice the comfort and smell of my Gravitation Room for
a few days just to make sure you get that Clown’s son out of your system.”

* * *

Trunks threw himself into his work the entire week, when he was not busy training with his father, working late hours and
loving it. He was beginning to remember what he had loved before when he worked at his own version of Capsule Corp.
Trunks loved the challenges of trying out new products and new markets. Now, just getting the corporation as a whole
back on track was his new challenge. He tried to suppress his desire to want to stay on and take the corporation further
-- once he had the corporation on its feet again, he promised himself he was going to go back home. There was no point
in staying anyway. Right now he had to concentrate on the task at hand, though. It was a daunting task, the further he
dug through records and reports, Trunks realized just how bad things had become.

Trunks was grateful that he had the distraction, even the training with his father, because life at home was pretty

At first he had been surprised that Gohan decided to stay at the apartment, because it was clear from the get go that
Gohan was not happy with Trunks’ rejection. If you rejected Gohan, you paid for it! Trunks was convinced that he was
at the top of Gohan’s enemy list, replacing Goku for the moment. Gohan went out of his way to be rude and just horrible
to Trunks whenever their paths crossed.

At first Gohan just slammed doors or raised the volume on the TV or radio when Trunks was trying to concentrate on something.
Then it progressed to where Gohan would toss around insights into his various professions, throwing the lascivious details
in Trunks’ face, just to push the older man into an argument. Trunks, for the most part, just ignored him, too busy and
tired to indulge in a fight even though Gohan’s comments usually sent his blood boiling.

But eventually even Trunks’ patience wore thin.

It was later in the week, a Thursday, and Trunks got home around 9pm to find Gohan sitting on the couch in the living room,
watching TV.

The same tug at seeing his handsome former lover bit at Trunks insides as he looked at Gohan. Trunks had to look away to
remain composed as he said, “Hi.”

Gohan didn’t reply as usual. He just continued to stare at the TV, slouching on the couch. His hands rested on his thighs.
He was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He looked young, and impetuous, like any older teen would. It was a good
thing that Trunks continued to remember that Gohan was just 19, because he would have thrown him out long ago if he didn’t
chalk up most of Gohan’s comments to being just a snarky brat. It was getting hard to keep it in mind, though, because a
lot of the things Gohan said to him truly hurt.

Trunks wanted some time online and since he hadn’t yet had a chance to put a connection in his bedroom, in order to log on
he had to connect his laptop and work from the dining room table. Trunks got dressed in his sweats and sat down in the
dining room, trying to ignore Gohan just a few feet away from him.

“Can I have a guy over tonight?” Gohan asked, still staring at the TV.

Trunks took a deep breath, feeling his stomach tie itself in a knot. It seemed like Gohan wasn’t wasting any time with the
shit tonight.

Without looking up from his laptop, Trunks replied, “I’d rather you not.”

Gohan just shrugged, still watching TV and looking bored.

“Work, work, work -- I’m glad we broke up, because I’d probably be fucking bored out of my mind by now. I would’ve had to
dump your ass by now anyway.”

Trunks gritted his teeth, ignoring the jerk.

Gohan turned to see Trunks looking at his laptop, Trunks’ face red with anger and his eyes glinting. Gohan laughed.

“Aww, you look tense Trunks. Tell you what. You slap a grand on that table and I’ll take all that tension away.”

“No thank you.” Trunks felt his anger beginning to get out of control.

“Aww come on! I know you’ve got money stashed all over this place. What’s a grand to you?”

“Money’s not the issue,” Trunks said through clenched teeth.

“Aww, you sure? You know, you can get anything you want for that amount. You can tie me up. You can whip me. You can
even pee on me, if you like.”

Trunks looked up, despair flickering in his eyes. Gohan smirked at him.

“I keep myself open to things and you wouldn’t believe how my reputation for accommodation has spread. I’ve sometimes got
more clients than I know what to do with. One week, Louis had to double book me each night. One pair of guys even
decided to share me in one session because I was too tired to do another separate session. Boy, did they make use of me
though. I thought I was going to pass out when they finally tied me upside down from the ceiling...”

“Shut up!”

“Aww, you’re getting real angry now. I can even take care of that too. One of my clients… well, he doesn’t want the sex.
All he does is beat me. He loves me because I can take it for hours...”

“I said “Shut up!”

Trunks rose from the table and glared at Gohan.

Gohan just grinned and turned back to the TV.

Trunks knew that he was not going to get anything done with Gohan around, so he grabbed a book from a bookshelf and went
back to his room. It took Trunks an hour before he realized he was too mad to even concentrate on his book.

* * *

One afternoon the following week, Trunks got home early from work. He had been to a lunch meeting and as one of the bankers
got up from the table it was just in time for the waiter’s tray to collide with his shoulder, sending a bowl full of
Italian salad all over Trunks’ suit. Trunks had tried his best to wipe up the mess, but he couldn’t stand the smell of
garlic clinging to him and the ugly oil stains all over his suit. He had put in so much work in the past week and a half
that he felt he could afford the luxury of an early day.

Trunks put the key into the apartment’s door and only hoped that Gohan wasn’t there. Trunks knew that Gohan was working at
the club that night but there was a good possibility that Gohan would still be home, getting ready work. Trunks hoped
otherwise because he didn’t want to wait to have a shower.

Trunks was relieved to find the apartment empty. He stepped in and was pleased to note, in Gohan’s snarky way of leaving
everything all over the apartment, that Gohan had grabbed all of his stuff and looked like he would be staying out until
he got back from his work at the club.

Trunks sighed, thanking the stars for the opportunity to relax in his own home in peace.

* * *

Trunks undressed in his room, putting his suit in a pile to ready it for the cleaners. He hoped the suit wasn’t ruined.
Trunks stepped into the bathroom and was just about to turn on the shower when he heard his cell phone ring.


Trunks looked around for a towel to drape around his waist, but all of the towels had been removed.

Trunks felt a wave of anger at Gohan for being so inconsiderate. Trunks could picture in his mind all the towels scattered
throughout Gohan’s room. Gohan had the habit of taking Trunks’ bath towel and throwing it on the floor of his bedroom so
that Gohan could drip over it after his shower -- he would leave the bathroom floor sopping wet for Trunks.

The phone rang a second time and Trunks cracked open the bathroom door. He had to get the phone, but it was on the kitchen
counter where he left it when he got a glass of water upon first arriving home. Trunks thought it through.

“He’s not going to come home,” Trunks tried to reassure himself, as he stepped out of the bathroom nude. He made it to the
kitchen before the phone stopped ringing. Trunks was right; it had been his secretary and it was an important call.
Trunks continued to take the call in the kitchen, jotting things down on the pad hanging over the phone.

In the middle of the phone call, Trunks felt his stomach knot, and all the color leave his face in response to the sound of
a key in the lock to the apartment’s front door.

Trunks continued with the call, not knowing what else to do as he heard Gohan walk in and turn on the TV in the living room.
As Trunks gave his secretary some instructions, he heard Gohan remove his jacket and the distinctive sound of him
settling on the couch. Gohan raised the volume on the TV just to annoy Trunks since he was on the phone.

Trunks completed the call, cursing inwardly at his misfortune. He stood in the kitchen for a moment, feeling trapped.
Trunks saw a small hand towel and a couple of pot holders, but holding them over himself would look even more silly
than walking through the living room as he already was.

Feeling nervous, Trunks crossed his arms over his chest as he tried to prepare himself for what he had to do. Trunks took
a deep breath, then walked into the living room, heading straight for the hallway.

Trunks heard Gohan scoff and laugh, as he yelled out, “Oh COME ON!”

Gohan was up in an instant and jumped over the love seat to stand in Trunks’ path. “Just where do you think you’re going,
Naked Man?”

Trunks felt his face go beet red. Trunks said, “Please let me by.”

“Are you kidding me? You parade around like that and...”

“Please let me by, Gohan!”

“Make me.”

“Gohan, why do you have to be so childish? Just let me by!”

Trunks looked at Gohan trying to reason with him.

Trunks watched as Gohan twisted his face comically as Gohan asked, “Did you rub yourself with garlic to try to attract me?”

Trunks felt a slight tug at his heart, recognizing Gohan’s playful look, which momentarily replaced the snarky look that
Gohan had been wearing since they broke up. Gohan caught the look and Trunks saw that he did.

Trunks went even redder and tried to sneak past, but Gohan recognized his opportunity in Trunks’ weakened moment. His arm
snaked around Trunks waist and Gohan pressed his face to Trunks’ temple.

“God Baby, you look so good.”

Trunks felt himself quiver inside at the use of the pet name that he sometimes hated, but most of the time loved.

“Aww Baby let me make you feel so good.” Gohan started kissing the side of Trunks face and ear, his hot breath making
Trunks ache for him. The feel of Gohan’s fully clothed body pressed against his bare skin, the strong embrace and the
feel of lips he had missed so much upon him was almost too much for Trunks to bear.

Trunks made a feeble attempt to break the embrace. Huskily, he whispered, “No.”

Gohan grabbed Trunks’ face and gave him a kiss that turned Trunks’ insides to liquid. Trunks felt Gohan’s left hand slide
down his body until it grasped him by his throbbing need, already fully aroused.

Trunks moaned into his kiss and felt his knees weaken. Gohan felt it too and lowered them both to the carpet. Gohan
rained kisses all along Trunks neck, kissing Trunks in all the special places that he liked, the way that he liked.
Trunks grabbed handfuls of Gohan’s t-shirt in his hands, but then let go, loving the feel of Gohan’s hard body through
the thin fabric. Gohan pressed his jeans-clad hard on against Trunks’ body, making Trunks’ breath come raggedly, little
whimpers wrenching from Trunks’ parted lips.

Gohan took another greedy kiss that Trunks returned in equal lust. Trunks had missed Gohan’s taste, wanting him so badly
for this past week and a half.

Gohan started to pump Trunks in his fist, looking down at him to gauge Trunks’ reaction. Trunks panted, looking up at
Gohan, as if he wanted to commit Gohan’s face to memory.

“Like that Baby?” Gohan asked, his voice husky with sex.

“Ummm... gnnn... yes!”

“Ooh, Baby, you sound like you’re going to cum soon.”

Trunks just hearing the words felt his body leap closer to fulfillment. “Mmmm, Kami yes...”

Gohan pumped Trunks in his fist, steadily increasing the speed, watching as Trunks’ body shook underneath him. Trunks let
out little growls that started deep in his throat and Gohan knew he was close.

Very close.

“Come on Baby, just a little bit more.”

Trunks started to move his entire body, arching himself so that he could thrust in time with Gohan’s moving fist. Trunks
body trembled and his moans grew louder.

Trunks would cum any second.

And Gohan knew it.

Trunks, in the moment just before he was about to release, suddenly felt Gohan yank his hand away. Trunks eyes widened in
confusion as Gohan lowered his face to just an inch above Trunks’ face.

“If you want me to finish, that’ll be 200 Zeni.”

Trunks blinked at Gohan in shock.

“After all, I am a prostitute, you know.” Gohan, not moving his face away, just gave Trunks an evil, vengeance-filled grin.

Trunks acted without thought, his anger flaring in him to an explosive level. Trunks struck Gohan hard across his face.

Trunks felt a lump of outrage in his throat and tears sting his eyes, blinding him in his fury as he just punched and kicked
at Gohan with all his might. Gohan fought back, turning Super Saiyan, punching Trunks hard in the gut.

The two half-Saiyans clawed at each other, punching and kicking, sending a nearby bookshelf falling on top of them, corners
of hardcover books painfully assaulting Trunks’ exposed flesh.

Trunks tried to throw Gohan off of him, but Gohan dragged him up into a standing position instead. Trunks flared to SSJ as
well to try and protect himself.

With almost madness evident in Gohan’s eyes, Gohan wrapped his hands around Trunks’ throat and pushed Trunks against the
wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. As Gohan pushed him near the corner of the wall that lead to the
dining room, Trunks felt it begin to crumble behind him. Trunks knew that if the wall came down, it could damage the
building. As Gohan continued to choke him, Trunks rasped in warning, “The Building!”

Gohan looked up to see the crumbling plaster and let go of Trunks. Trunks stumbled away from Gohan, clutching at his
throat, trying to catch his breath. Gohan watched him, panting as he could feel some sanity return to him after the
maddening anger that flooded his senses.

Trunks, when he was finally able to breathe fully, let a sob tear through him. Gohan heard the despondency in Trunks’
crying as Trunks hurriedly pushed by him. Trunks sounded like a wounded animal and Gohan felt immediate remorse for what
he had done. He tried to follow Trunks.

Trunks’s sobs grew in intensity as he ran into his bedroom and slammed and locked the door behind him. Trunks fell against
the door, bawling uncontrollably. He slid to the floor and held himself in a fetal position as he just lay there in
wailing misery.

Gohan sat on the floor on the other side of the door. Gohan repeatedly banged the back of his head against the door, as he
said with tears in his voice, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I’m sorry...”

* * * * * * *

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