Primal Urges

BY : Dharmaserenity
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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 8 of ? by DharmaSerenity based on story idea by Vickalinda (Tigereyes)

Title: Primal Urges, Part 8 of ?
AUTHOR: DHARMASERENITY, based on story idea and constant guidance by Vickalinda(!!)
Archive : yes
Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime, descriptions of visual art, porn, etc.

Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

Disclaimers : the characters of DBZ are copyrighted to someone else, used without permission and no money is being
made from the following fanfic.

Rating: NC-17 (NO ONE UNDER AGE 18!)

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, a teensy bit of violence, descriptions of erotic forms of art, such as photos,
porn, stripping, etc.

Spoilers : End of Buu Saga. But before Gohan got married in Dbz. He never marries Videl in this story.

Notes : This story idea came from Vickalinda. Thank you Vicky!

Feedback : Please let me know what you think. Be as detailed in your critique as possible, please. I look forward to
hearing from you.

(Rayne, thank you for the nice reviews! I know, I can't hear that song now without thinking the same ;) Oh, and Vickalinda came up with the original story idea in the first chapter, but I'm the sicko that thought up the a)stripping, b)lap dances, c)porn, d)prostitution and of course, e) angst! LOL Vickalinda has another idea that will be coming up, but you are seeing, for the most part, my corrupt mind at work in this. LOL!)

On shaking legs, Trunks made his way out of the main club room past the check-in until he reached the foyer. He fished in
his pocket for his car’s capsule as he headed for the front door. Trunks was glad that he was finally going to get the HFIL
out of there.

Trunks heard a door wrench open to his left and was dismayed to see Gohan come out of it. Gohan raced towards him, concern
on his face.

Gohan was shirtless, his skin showing signs of indentation from the numerous straps that had criss-crossed it just ten
minutes before. His torso still glistened from glitter dust. Gohan’s hair was disheveled and Trunks could now see that
he wore black eyeliner to highlight his dark eyes. There was glitter all over his face as well. Gohan was wearing a pair
of black sweat pants, the waist band rolled down, and showing off the tapering edges of his pelvis. From a quick glance
down Trunks could tell that Gohan wore nothing underneath. Gohan still wore his Doc Martins.

Trunks started to protest, but Gohan’s look of disappointment and sadness silenced him, making Trunks feel guilty
immediately despite Trunks’ anger and shock over Gohan’s performance. Gohan walked up to Trunks and put his arms around
him, pressing his face up close, close enough so that Trunks could smell his sweet breath. Gohan looked very young, the
youngest he seemed since the pair ran into each other for the first time earlier in the week.

“Where are you going?” Gohan asked, hurt evident in his eyes and sorrow in his voice.

Trunks tried to look away from the imploring dark eyes looking back at him. It was hard to stare into those eyes, black
liner making them more intense.

“I’ve got to go,” Trunks stammered.

“Please Trunks, don’t go. Stay here with me.” Gohan pressed a soft, sensuous kiss to the side of Trunks’ mouth, Trunks
trying feebly to move his face to the side and away, but still wanting the touch, the kiss, nonetheless.

Gohan’s musk was never as strong as it was now. But instead of overwhelming Trunks as it had in the past few days, it
intoxicated him, melting his resolve.

Still, Trunks clung to resistance. “Gohan, I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

Gohan looked at Trunks in alarm, and purred at him, “Please Baby, don’t. Don’t break up with me, please?” Gohan implored.

Gohan brought his face really close and pressed his strong body into Trunks’ body. Trunks felt his body respond to the
embrace and trembled.

“Please Gohan, let me go. I just need time to think. Please.”

“No, Baby. No, I don’t want you to go. Please.”

One of the check-in guys poked his head into the foyer and gave Gohan a warning glance as he whispered loudly to catch his
attention, “Gohan!!”

“Ok, Ok, I’ll be just a minute.”

Gohan turned back to Trunks, a hint of desperation in his eyes, “Trunks, I’ve got to go inside. If Louis catches me out
here I could get fired.”

Trunks’ look became hard. With a sneer, Trunks said bitterly, “I don’t think you have to worry about Louis firing you.”

Just for a second, a tiny hint of annoyance flitted across Gohan’s eyes, but then he made a visible effort to tamp it down,
and continued with his purring tone, “Baby, please. I don’t want to get fired. Please, come inside.” Gohan pulled at
Trunks arm, trying to pull him over to the side door he had used to enter the foyer.

Trunks, trying to hold onto his resolve and wanting to see just how manipulative Gohan was willing to be, tested him by
bringing out his wallet. “You left this at home.”

Gohan looked down at the wallet and a look of worry briefly lighted on his brow. He took the wallet and said, “Thank you.”

Trunks decided to take a risk to see what Gohan would do, so he said, “Nice pictures.”

Gohan’s face hardened for a moment, then the look disappeared, but Trunks clearly had seen it. Gohan went into his
simpering tone once more, not acknowledging Trunks’ obvious challenge to a fight, “Baby, come on. I can’t stay out here.

Gohan pulled on Trunks’ arm yet again, but Trunks resisted. Gohan moved his body against Trunks’ and put his open mouth
over Trunks’ mouth. Trunks tried to break the embrace, but the taste of Gohan’s lips on his only reminded Trunks of
everything Gohan meant to him. Trunks knew how much he wanted and yearned for Gohan and that kiss only served to remind
him, despite Trunks’ growing reservations on the relationship as a whole.

Trunks found himself kissing Gohan back and Gohan renewed his manipulation, “Please Baby.”

“Gohan!!” His friend whispered to Gohan again. Harshly, “You’re gonna get nailed!”

“All right!” Gohan whispered back fiercely, beginning to look really worried.

Gohan renewed his effort to pull Trunks over to the side door and succeeded in getting him to come forward a few steps. He
kissed Trunks again, pulling Trunks’ body against his own as he made his way closer to the door. Gohan broke the kiss and
purred into Trunks’ face, seeing that the desired affect was achieved. “Baby, come with me. Please. I don’t want to get
in trouble.”

Trunks flitted a hurt look at him, knowing he was defeated, the feel and smell of Gohan all around him too much for him to
resist. Trunks just managed to say, “Ok, just for a little bit.”

Gohan smiled, and quickly pulled Trunks over to the door and inside. Once inside, Gohan pulled Trunks after him, Trunks
following and feeling overwhelmed by the site of numerous men walking around nude from room to room. One man stopped,
smiling at Gohan, “So this is your Babe?”

The man smiled at Trunks and walked forward, extending his hand out for a handshake. Trunks blushed and took the man’s
hand, trying to ignore the man’s nudity.

“I’m Jamie. Gohan’s been gushing on and on about you since he got here today. I’m glad you could make it.”

Trunks stammered a “Thanks,” not knowing what else to say. The two young strippers shared a secret smile and then Gohan
pulled Trunks after him further down the hall. Trunks was lead into a dressing room already occupied by another stripper
fully made up in his gear, in the midst of applying liner to his eyes.

Gohan asked the stripper, “Chris, can I have the room?”

Chris turned around and saw Gohan with a beautiful lavender-haired man in tow. He smirked and said, “Sure,” as he started
to grab his stuff. Gohan turned around and motioned to Trunks to have a seat on the couch.

Trunks sat, feeling his legs still shake. Gohan stood beside Chris at the dressing table as Chris gathered up the last of
his gear. Chris said, “See ya!” and smirked at Trunks on his way out of the room. Gohan lit a cigarette, his back to
Trunks. Gohan stood at the dressing table, just looking at himself in the mirror as he smoked.

Trunks didn’t know what to say to Gohan, so he said nothing. He had no idea why Gohan wanted him there. What did he want
to prove?

Gohan turned around and smiled, smoke trailing out from his parted lips. Trunks could see that Gohan was slightly aroused
through his pants and looked away quickly.

Gohan came over and sat next to Trunks on the couch. The couch had various costumes draped across the back of it,
including Gohan’s leather break-away pants. Before Gohan could even say anything to Trunks, the waiter that had waited
on Trunks throughout the night poked his head in the door and threw Gohan’s g-string to him. “Louis said you’re not to do
that again.”

Gohan just made a face. The waiter smiled at Trunks then gave Gohan a cautioning glance.

Gohan had caught the g-string and gave Trunks a sheepish grin. “I’m not supposed to throw my g-string out to my boyfriend,
just other customers.” Gohan stuck his tongue out. “But I think Louis will make an allowance because you’re so hot.”

Gohan threw the g-string into a hamper labeled with his name. Trunks guessed that the g-strings came from the club.

Gohan took a greedy puff from his cigarette and put his arm along the back of the couch behind Trunks. Trunks hoped it
didn’t mean that he was planning to make some kind of sexual move on him in this place.

“I’ve got to go out in a little while and do lap dances.”

Trunks felt himself go pale, knowing exactly who would want one out in the main club room.

“You can stay in here and wait. I only have to do three. It takes maybe half an hour total.”

Trunks felt sick to his stomach and it must have showed. Gohan took a puff from his cigarette, blew out the smoke and then
leaned in to Trunks very close, his breath reeking of the freshly puffed cigarette. “Hey, it doesn’t mean anything to me.
You know that.”

“Do I?” Trunks looked at him, anger on his face. “I hated it Gohan. I hated the whole thing. You thought I’d get turned
on, but you were wrong.”

Gohan looked annoyed, but he was still determined to keep things good between them. He put his hand gently on Trunks’
crotch, Trunks turning away, angry tears glistening in his eyes.

“Feels like you’re aroused to me.”

Trunks pushed Gohan’s hand away roughly. “Gohan, I …”

Gohan leaned in and captured Trunks lips in his own, his hand right back where it had been, massaging Trunks’ groin, making
the lavender-haired man whimper in need.

Gohan broke the kiss, and barely moving away, he said, “I’ve got to get ready and get this over with. I want you to wait
here. Don’t go, ok?”

Trunks gave Gohan another hurt look.

“Trunks? Please?”

Trunks turned his head away and nodded. Gohan smiled, reassured.

“Ok.” Gohan got up and pulled down his sweats, reaching for a fresh g-string from a drawer in the dressing table that was
also labeled with his name. Trunks tried to not look at Gohan’s body parading around in front of him, but it was a losing

Gohan brushed his hair into place and removed some of the eyeliner, but otherwise, he was ready. Apparently the g-string
was as much covering as he would need to go out to do the lap dances. Trunks wondered if it stayed on at all. Gohan gave
Trunks a small smile before leaving the room.

Once left alone, Trunks just sat, thinking, his posture very defensive, legs tightly crossed and arms folded against his
chest. Trunks stared at Gohan’s wallet on the dressing table and cursed inwardly. He looked around at the room which
smelled of stale cigarette smoke. It was strewn about with various strippers’ costumes. Trunks looked down at the couch
hoping he wouldn’t see anything like a used condom, but to his relief he saw nothing, just an ashtray half filled with
Gohan’s stubbed-out cigarettes.

Trunks waited, thinking of the pros and cons of continuing with the relationship, and although he hated being in this room
and all it stood for, he couldn’t think of ending the relationship. To not wake up in the morning with that beautiful man
was too much for him to bear.

* * *

About 40 minutes later Gohan returned to the room, not wearing anything but his Doc Martins. Trunks blushed.

Trunks watched as Louis, talking to Gohan, followed him into room. Louis saw Trunks and cautiously nodded to him. Louis
continued speaking to Gohan, who stood at the dressing table lighting another cigarette, completely at home with his
nudity in front of the other man.

“Look, I know tonight was special,” Louis looked at Trunks and gave him a small smile, “but you have to realize that it
doesn’t look good for business. That guy’s a prick but he had a right to complain.”

Gohan took a puff from his cigarette. “He’s just mad because I turned him down.”

Trunks guessed that Gohan had an encounter with that creep Greg.

“I know. I know. But the fact is, Go, you can’t do that sort of thing again. Got it?” Louis looked at Gohan sternly, as
a father would a disobedient son.

Gohan nodded, “Ok Louis.” He smiled at his boss a winning smile and Louis ruffled his hair indulgently.

“Good boy.” Louis smiled at Gohan as he left.

Trunks thought he might just scream, the scene so jarring and not fitting the dialogue. It all seemed so absurd.

Gohan sat down, naked, next to Trunks and smiled. He acted as a person with a full body of clothing would. Trunks looked
away, Gohan wearing his Doc Martins somehow making the young man seem even nuder than he was.

Gohan took a puff from his cigarette and smiled at his shy lover. He moved in and gave Trunks a suggestive kiss. “Do
you know how difficult it was to stay flaccid with you watching me tonight?”

Trunks looked at Gohan, another hurt look in his eyes. Gohan leaned in to wipe that look away, his lips on Trunks, his
tongue sliding along Trunks’s soft lips. Gohan broke away and stubbed out his cigarette, putting the ashtray on the floor
and pushing it away with his boot. He leaned in again and gave Trunks another kiss, one hand massaging Trunks’s growing
erection through his pants.

Trunks broke away, and looked around the room nervously. “Not here, Gohan.”

“Shh, it’s ok. No one will bother us.”

“I just don’t want to here.” Trunks tried to pull away, but Gohan grabbed his face and stared into his eyes. Gohan still
had some eyeliner on and it felt to Trunks as if Gohan could stare right through him.

“Why not?” Gohan pressed light kisses to Trunks lips, making Trunks’ voice quiver as he answered.

“I just don’t feel comfortable here.”

“Why? Everyone knows you’re here with me. They won’t disturb us, and I don’t think I can wait until we get home.”

The sound of “home” in his voice was warm and sweet and Trunks felt himself melt.

Gohan saw his moment and gathered Trunks deeper into his embrace. His tongue slipped deep into Trunks mouth and explored
it thoroughly, Trunks groaning within seconds. Gohan broke away and rubbed his nose along Trunks’ cheek, letting Trunks
hear his panting breath, Gohan’s heartbeat reverberating against the both of them.

“Trunks?” Gohan’s voice was husky and warm against Trunks’ face.

“Yes?” Trunks couldn’t believe how quickly and easily Gohan could strip away his self restraint.

“I want you to do something for me.”

Trunks blinked at Gohan, surprised that he would dare ask him to do anything after Trunks already came to the club against
his own wishes. Yet, the sound of confidence in Gohan’s husky voice made Trunks’ hard-on twitch.

“What?” Trunks looked in his lover’s eyes, afraid of what Gohan would ask.

“I want you to go down on me.”

Trunks took a sharp intake of breath, audibly shaken.

“You didn’t think I noticed that you haven’t tried yet?”

Trunks looked at Gohan, forced himself to keep his eyes steady, despite the squirming desire to look anywhere else.

“No, I didn’t think that.”

“Then why haven’t you tried, if I may ask?” The entire time Gohan spoke, he fondled Trunks’ rock hard erection. Gohan
gently grabbed Trunks’ hand and placed it to his own hard-on.

Trunks shrugged, feeling on the spot.

“I’m not dirty. If anything, my having anal with you has been the riskiest sex we can have. I told you, I’m clean, no

“It’s not that.”

“So it is something, then?”

Trunks felt overwhelmed and knew that Gohan had him exactly where he wanted him, vulnerable and at his complete mercy.

“It’s just… I… I don’t know. I’m nervous, I guess.”

“Trunks,” and Gohan kissed him passionately, undoing his jeans and reaching in to stroke Trunks through his boxers. Gohan
broke the kiss and looked down as he pulled Trunks’ out of his jeans. Gohan stroked his thumb across the tip that
glistened with Trunks’ precum, Trunks’ breathing audible now. “I want you to go down on me so bad. I want to feel that
beautiful mouth of yours on me. Please?”

Trunks swallowed, knowing that he was cornered. He didn’t want to be there with Gohan, least of all having sex with him
there, but Trunks knew he was going to do exactly what Gohan asked him to do.

Trunks nodded, unable to bring himself to form the words. Gohan gave him a sweet smile as he moved one of his booted legs
and brought it on the inside between Trunk’s and the back of the couch. Gohan’s legs were wide open now and he looked so
aroused, that Trunks felt his whole body tremble in response. Gohan pulled on Trunks’ arm guiding him to kneel on the
carpeted floor before him on the couch. Trunks faced Gohan’s erection and looked up at him. Gohan practically shook in
anticipation, his hand fondling and caressing the side of Trunk’s face, fingers lazily trailing in his silken, lavender

“Come on, Baby. For me.”

Trunks looked down at the beading precum on the tip of Gohan’s cock and tentatively put his mouth over it, tasting it for
the first time. It was almost a hesitant, French kiss, and it elicited an excited gasp from Gohan.

Gohan’s legs were spread wide, all of him on display. The black Doc Martins would look silly on another person, but somehow
they made him look all the more erotic in this state.

Trunks steadied the shaft with his hand and brought his lips over the tip again, trailing his tongue over the tip, tasting
Gohan’s salty, special taste. He brought his mouth down lower and sucked on the way back up. Trunks felt Gohan strain
his pelvis towards him, edging himself closer to pleasure. Gohan buried his hand in Trunks’ silken hair, caressing him
as Trunks began to really suck and get into it. Trunks kept trying to take more and more of Gohan in his mouth with each
lowering of his head. Gohan panted openly, mouth open. Trunks snuck a look at Gohan and saw Gohan’s face in the throes
of ecstasy, beautiful and sweet with a small smile playing at his lips. Gohan opened his eyes slightly, their darkness
smoky, his lips parted, a blush forming on his pale cheeks.

Trunks took more and more of Gohan in his mouth, feeling strange yet very aroused and liking it despite his fears and
reservations about doing this here. Trunks moaned and Gohan did the same, louder in response. Trunks snuck another look
and Gohan smiled at him.

“Oh Baby, when you moan like that it vibrates, and feels so fucking good.”

Trunks groaned again, almost humming and Gohan arched his pelvis closer to Trunks, pushing himself deeper into Trunks’ mouth.
Trunks gagged a little and Gohan relented. Trunks tried again, another vibrating hum and Gohan arched again, trying not
to push too far this time. Gohan moved his head from side to side as the pleasure in his body grew. Trunks sucked away at
Gohan as he hummed and snuck a peek at Gohan’s body. It was covered in a light mist of sweat, taut, every muscle twitching,
especially in his legs which were practically spread out in a full a split.

Quick, Gohan barely getting the words out as he started to pant raggedly, “I’m gonna cum.”

Before Trunks could even prepare himself, a scream wrenched itself from Gohan’s throat, his hand buried in Trunks’ hair
holding Trunks’ head in place as Gohan arched into Trunks and Trunks was forced to control his throat muscles in order
not to choke as he felt creamy hot liquid drip down his throat, coating his entire mouth. Gohan held himself still, his
eyes tightly shut but in the last spasms of orgasm Gohan rocked his body against the back of the couch, crying out further.
Trunks, finally feeling Gohan’s hand release him pulled away, and controlled himself from choking, swallowing the liquid
in his mouth as he made clearing noises in his throat.

Gohan reached a hand out and caressed Trunks’ hair and face.

“Oh Baby, that was fucking wonderful.”

Trunks hated the way he kept using the word “fuck,” but didn’t say anything. He hoped they could leave now.

Gohan got up on trembling legs and walked around Trunks who sat back on the couch, doing up his jeans again. Gohan
rummaged around in his drawer in the dressing table and pulled out a tube.

Gohan walked back over to the couch and sat next to Trunks, holding out the tube of lubricant. Trunks looked up at Gohan,
a nervous look on his handsome face.

“There’s something else that you haven’t tried yet.” Gohan looked hopefully at Trunks, as he started to undo Trunks only
just recently re-clasped and re-zippered jeans.

“Gohan, not here. I don’t want to stay here any longer. Let’s go home.”

“No Baby, I can’t wait. I want this so badly. Please fuck me up the ass.”


Gohan was stunned at Trunks suddenly raised voice. “Wha...”

“Stop saying ‘fuck’! I don’t ‘fuck’ you. I make love to you.”

Again, there was a brief flicker of anger on Gohan’s face, but he controlled it, tucked it away -- for later.

“Ok, Baby. Ok. But please, please I want this so badly. I want to feel you inside of me.” Gohan was all over Trunks, his
face buried in Trunks’ hair, his lips brushing his ear as he spoke the words, his body pressed into Trunks and Trunks felt
like he was drowning.

Trunks clearly saw how manipulative Gohan was being, from the moment he encountered him in the foyer, he saw it all. But
try as he might to resist it, he just couldn’t. Trunks felt true despair realizing this.

Trunks knew he was going to get hurt. Eventually this was going to have to stop, for his sanity sake, and he didn’t look
forward to the empty ache he knew would envelope his heart at the loss of this beautiful creature wrapping his body
around Trunks even as Trunks thought this. Trunks felt lost to this pain, despair even as his fingers ran up and down
the creamy white skin of his lover’s body.

Gohan pulled away, “Come on, Baby. Please, make love to me.” Trunks nearly laughed out loud at the change in tune, but
Gohan’s hand was on his erection, driving out all thoughts as sensations flooded to the surface of his hot, taut skin.

“Gohan, can’t it wait?” Trunks cried in desperation, Gohan stroking him now, and biting him on the neck.

In a husky deep voice, Gohan breaking his bite on Trunks’ neck, said, “No, it can’t.”

Trunks felt his stomach do a flip flop at the sound of Gohan’s voice, Gohan breathing in his ear, his onslaught never
relenting. Trunks pulled away, shaking, and nodded his head, taking the tube of lubricant in his hand.

Gohan gave him another sweet smile then reached in and gave Trunks a soft kiss. Gohan threw his arms around Trunks’
shoulders, hugging him close.

And that sweet smile, over Trunks’ shoulder, turned to one of triumph.

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