Primal Urges

BY : Dharmaserenity
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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 10 of ? by DharmaSerenity based on story idea by Vickalinda (Tigereyes)

Title: Primal Urges, Part 10 of ?
AUTHOR: DHARMASERENITY, based on story idea by Vickalinda(!!)
Archive : yes
Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime, descriptions of visual art, porn, etc.

Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

Disclaimers : the characters of DBZ are copyrighted to someone else, used without permission and no money is being
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Rating: NC-17 (NO ONE UNDER AGE 18!)

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, a teensy bit of violence, descriptions of erotic forms of art, such as photos,
porn, stripping, etc.

Spoilers : End of Buu Saga. But before Gohan got married in Dbz. He never marries Videl in this story.

Notes : The initial story idea came from Vickalinda. Thank you Vicky!

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Gohan’s story continues...

Gohan ran into the house, everything a blur from his tears. He fought against the sobbing sounds bubbling out of him,
hearing his mother busy cooking dinner just one room away. Gohan tried to run up the stairs, but heard a cute little
voice call out his name as his little brother ran out from the living room.

“Gohan! Look at my picture!”

Gohan quickly dried his eyes and swallowed. Goten ran up to him and held out a picture he just drew with markers. Gohan
took the picture and looked at it. It was a drawing of the Son family, of all of them together and smiling.

Gohan felt like he would sob all the more just looking at it, but he fought the urge not wanting to upset Goten. Goten
would have enough sadness to deal with soon enough.

“It’s beautiful Goten! I love all the colors.” Gohan knelt down to look Goten in the eye and smiled at him.

“Do you think Daddy will like it?” Goten asked. Gohan remained strong as he nodded at his younger brother. “I made it for

“Well, I’m sure he’ll love it then.”

And for the first time in Gohan’s life, he felt hatred towards his father. It almost took the breath from him, a feeling
so different, so out of the ordinary and so unheard of before. Gohan hated his father for what he was about to do. Gohan
hated Goku because Goku would break Goten’s heart.

Gohan had been more than an older brother to the little boy. His bond with the child was almost paternal, and so, he felt
the defensive anger any parent would over another person hurting their child. Especially, when in his own heart, he felt
this pain was so unnecessary.

Gohan started to feel overwhelming anger flood his senses and fought against it, smiling at Goten and tweaking his nose as
Goku had done to him countless times before when he was a little boy himself. “Hey Squirt?”

“Yeah?” Goten, leaning on his brother, his sweet breath fanning Gohan’s face, looked at his brother questioningly. Goten
had a child’s knack for completely disregarding a person’s personal space, yet seeming all the more adorable for it.

“You love Daddy, don’t you? You’re happy he’s back, aren’t you.”

“Yes! I love Daddy so much!!” Goten beamed, laughing and looking beyond cute. Gohan felt his heart ache at Goten’s

Gohan nodded and got up, rubbing his hands through the little boy’s spiky hair, so much like his father’s. “I’m going up
to do some homework. Go and give Daddy your picture now. He’s out in the back yard talking to Krillen.”

“Krillen!” The boy squealed. “Is Marron with him?”

“No, Squirt. Just by himself. Go say ‘hi.’”

Goten smiled at his brother and ran to the living room so he could go out the back door.

Gohan ran upstairs.

* * *

Gohan paced in his room, openly sobbing now. Gohan’s hands were closed in tight fists, Gohan looking as if he wanted to
strike someone. Thoughts flooded his mind.

He thought about the countless number of times he had been without his father. He thought about how Chi Chi had cried out
Goku’s name when she first started to go into labor with Goten. He remembered how often he had missed his father, wanted
him nearby, wanted for them just to be a family. For all those years, he had believed Goku was away because his father
had to do a noble thing in order to save the earth. Gohan knew that was part of it, yes. But now he knew that it was
also exactly what Goku had wanted as well. And the realization hurt.

It hurt like nothing had ever hurt him before.


For the time when Cell had been crushing the life out of Gohan and Gohan had been so afraid to let that frightening power
within him free. Gohan remembered how scared he had been, knowing he was about to be killed. Knowing that he was
powerless to do something about it because to do so Gohan would have had to unleash that frightening feeling within him
that had always made him feel like an animal, a beast, that could easily and mercilessly rend anyone and anything to

Gohan had thought, pleaded, Daddy, help me!

But Goku had just watched -- watched as his son was being tortured.

The only soothing thoughts sent his way that he could sense came not from his father, but from Piccolo. Gohan also
remembered the alarm he sensed in Piccolo, and had even heard Piccolo screaming at his father to do something, anything,
to stop it from happening.

And allowing the memories to play freely in his mind for the first time since it actually happened, Gohan fell to his
knees, crying. Over the years since, Gohan had remembered that moment, remembered the thoughts that had played through
his mind, and always had quickly pushed the thoughts away -- until now. He sobbed, great gasping horrible sounds
wrenching from him.

Goku had wanted to see that indescribable beast in Gohan, was willing to watch from the hill as Gohan was being tortured,
waiting to see the torture do its work and bring out that monster in Gohan. Goku just let it all happen, because Goku
wanted to see his product, his work.

His son.

(His freak.)

Gohan knelt upright, afraid the sound of his crying would make its way through the wood floor down to his Mother. He
didn’t need that right now.

Gohan caught a glimpse of himself in the full length mirror. He stared at his Saiyaman gear and felt like a fool.

He yelled at his own reflection, “So you want to be a hero, huh? You fucking gullible fool!”

Gohan stood up and derisively regarded himself, a sneer on his face. “You fucking idiot. You fell for it all. Be a good
fucking little idiot and save the world so I can go and prance around the fucking universe.”

Gohan felt those first twinges of that uncontrollable anger within him that he usually tried to contain. He fought against
it now, knowing how dangerous it was to let go, especially since he had become a mystic on the planet of the Kais. Gohan
fought the anger, but gritted his teeth nonetheless. There was almost a physical urge to hit something, to destroy
something, Gohan feeling impotent with rage.

Gohan regarded himself, in the now hateful Saiyaman gear, and thought, if I have to hurt something, why not hurt myself?

Gohan grabbed the clothing in great big tearing handfuls, shredding the entire outfit in just a minute, long gashes and
scratches on his skin from where he had dug in his fingers and nails in anger. He ripped everything off, making sure to
rip every bit of fabric into tiny pieces and to break his sunglasses, belt and boots beyond repair, the need to rend and
destroy overpowering him.

Finally, he stood before his mirror, naked and panting.

Gohan stared at his body, a product of hard work, a product of his father’s hard work, and ran a hand through the bleeding
scratches and gashes. After a time, Gohan stared into the reflection of his own eyes, and through gritted teeth, angry
tears in his voice, Gohan said to himself, “I hate you.”

* * *

Gohan sat at the dinner table, quiet, chewing mechanically, his thoughts far away. Goten had asked him why he changed ou
t of his Saiyaman outfit, but he just rubbed the little boy’s head and shrugged. “Just felt like it.”

Goku put a proud, heavy hand on Gohan’s shoulder and asked, “You were going out later to fight crime?”

Gohan turned dead eyes on his father. Goku blinked in surprise.

“No. I wasn’t.” And Gohan turned back to his food, pushing it around on his plate uncharacteristically.

Chi Chi looked at her husband and admonished, “Goku! Gohan should work on his studies tonight. He spends too much time
out as it is, even if he is saving the world.”

“But Chi Chi...”

“No! Gohan needs to study, and I...”


Everyone stared at Gohan in shock. He didn’t seem to notice, only glaring at his mother.

“Why can’t you just talk? Why must you always yell? Yell. Yell. Yell. Yell. YELL!!!! Maybe, if you stopped yelling
all the fucking time, we’d ALL want to stay here, huh? Huh? Want to yell some more?”

Chi Chi just stared at Gohan, her face paler than usual.

Goku stared at Gohan too. Goten started to whimper, on the verge of tears. With the sound of distress coming from the
little boy, Goku lost his temper, something he rarely did with his family.

“You apologize to your mother right now.” Goku’s voice wasn’t raised, just hard and angry.

Gohan turned a hateful glare in Goku’s direction, surprising him. “Make me.”

Goku blinked, then got up from the table, angrily regarding his eldest. “Leave the table now Gohan!”

“What, you don’t want to spar?” Gohan asked sarcastically. Even Gohan couldn’t believe how far he was taking this, but he
was angry and wanted to lash out at Goku.

Goku, wordlessly, grabbed Gohan by his shirt and lifted him up from his chair, and brought Gohan up close to stare him in
the eyes. “Go upstairs and calm down. When you’re calm, we will talk. And then, you will apologize to your mother.”

“No, I won’t.”

Goku stared at his son in disbelief, feeling odd and overwhelmed. Gohan had never spoken to him like this, or looked at
him as he was doing now. The only time that he even came close to doing this was when he was just a phantom that he and
Vegeta had fought in Buu’s head, a creation of Buu in Gohan’s likeness.

“Gohan, go upstairs. Now!”

Goku roughly pushed Gohan away from him. Goten openly cried now. Gohan looked down at his little brother, an apology in
his eyes aimed at the little boy. Goten was gathered up in his mother’s arms, Chi Chi trying to calm him. Gohan, feeling
angry, useless and guilty for causing Goten to cry, turned and left the room.

Gohan stayed in his room all night, lying on his bed, eyes staring at the ceiling. He fought the anger inside him, trying
to remain calm.

Chi Chi had knocked on his door at one point, but he said nothing. She cracked the door open to look in on him. He didn’t
stir from his bed and didn’t acknowledge her. Unlike herself, Chi Chi just let him be.

* * *

Gohan rode his bike to school still feeling like his world was crashing in on itself. He had not spoken to anyone at
breakfast except for Goten, who got a “Morning, Squirt.”

Goku had regarded him silently and Chi Chi busied herself at the kitchen counter. Gohan grabbed a quick bit of breakfast
and walked out without saying a word to either one of them.

Gohan waited for the light to change, his mind flooded by thoughts. When he realized what he had been doing as he was deep
in thought, his face flushed hot in embarrassment. Gohan had been staring at a couple of men walking through the

One of the two men had long, straight blond hair and blue eyes. He wore a black tank top that showed off a trim and
muscular frame. Gohan noticed that he was good looking, for a man.

As the men passed Gohan, the blond smirked at him and flirtatiously said, “Hi.”

Gohan felt his face flush afresh and the two men laughed.

The other man, dark haired and not good looking at all, cooed, “Aww, leave him alone. He’s too young and innocent for the
likes of you.” The man winked devilishly at his companion. “And look at that baby face!” Both men chuckled, checking
Gohan out as they passed him.

When the light changed, Gohan pumped his legs and sped his bike all the way to school.

* * *

When Gohan arrived at school, he was dismayed to find Videl waiting for him at his locker. Gohan smiled at her sheepishly,
the smile never reaching his eyes.

Videl looked up at him, a mixture of surprise and mirth on her face. “So what did you do to get punished last night?”

“I guess you called then.”

“Yeah, and your Mom sounded pretty strange. She just coldly said you were punished and couldn’t go out. She sounded like
she was about to cry or something.”

Gohan shrugged, an angry look on his face. “Yeah, well, she better get used to crying.”

Videl blinked at him, surprised by his tone of voice and the way he spoke about Chi Chi, so unusual for him. Gohan noticed
her look and shrugged.

“I overheard my Dad. He’s leaving again, probably for good this time. I’m a great big fucking hero, don’t you know, and
so he feels it is safe to leave earth in my good and capable hands.” Gohan slammed some books around in his locker, a
look of bitterness on his face.

“Gohan! I’m so sorry. I...”

“Don’t be. Videl...” Gohan turned to look at her. “Look, we’ll talk later, Ok. I’m not in a real good mood right now.
I just need time to calm down, ok?”

She nodded at him. “Ok. I’ll talk to you tonight then.” They didn’t have any classes together that day.

Gohan nodded at her and walked down the hall. It was then that Videl realized that Gohan hadn’t even kissed her “hello.”

* * *

Gohan put his clothes back on, just back from his track practice. He sat on a bench in a corner of the locker-room,

Gohan hoped that Sharpener would leave soon.

Sharpener never let a track day go by that he didn’t say something stupid to Gohan as Gohan made his way out of the
locker-room. Gohan usually just laughed off the remarks or ignored them. But Gohan knew he was beyond angry today, and
if Sharpener said the wrong thing, Gohan wasn’t sure what he would do. Gohan was afraid that he might really hurt the guy
or destroy the entire locker-room, so he tried to wait out Sharpener.

But Sharpener appeared to notice the care with which Gohan took to lace up his shoes and suddenly found his blond hair
fascinating in his locker mirror.

It was just the two of them in the locker-room, everyone already leaving for their other classes. Gohan gave up, knowing
he was just going to have to face Sharpener.

Gohan walked by and Sharpener smirked. “It took you a real long time to lace up your shoes. You know, they have dolls
that you can practice that sort of thing on. Or do you use dolls to practice other things on? You know, the kind you
use when you can’t even fuck your own girlfriend?

That was it.

Gohan took Sharpener by the neck and slammed him against Sharpener’s own closed locker. He used enough strength to show
what he was capable of, but not enough to really hurt Sharpener or damage his locker. Gohan almost wished he could do
more, he was that angry, but the look of sudden fear on Sharpener’s face was almost worth it.

Sharpener trembled in fear as Gohan moved his face up real close, staring Sharpener in the eyes.

“I didn’t quite hear you, Sharpener. What was that again?”

Sharpener’s lips just quivered. He had felt the effortless use of strength in Gohan, and coupled with the strange things
he had witnessed at the last Budokai tournament not all that long ago, Sharpener felt true fear that Gohan really could
hurt him. He just never thought Gohan would ever actually try anything violent against him. Normally, Gohan was so

“Cat got your tongue, Sharpener? Maybe I’ll find it for you.”

And Gohan, before he could even really think it through, leaned in and kissed Sharpener, using his tongue to search out the
blond’s tongue. Gohan found it effortlessly, Sharpener dipping his tongue in and out of Gohan’s mouth from the moment
their lips connected. Sharpener’s body trembled against Gohan’s.

Gohan broke the kiss and smirked at Sharpener, who was growing paler by the second. Gohan’s eyes, though, were hard and
mirthless as he said, “Thought so.”

And with that, Gohan roughly let Sharpener go, ready to just leave him there. Sharpener, trembling, reached out and
grabbed Gohan’s arm, halting his departure. Gohan looked down at Sharpener’s hand, not sure what he would do, either
brush it off or break it. Gohan couldn’t believe the guy’s gall.

Sharpener came around in front of Gohan and stared at him. There was an expression of surprise on Sharpener’s face, and
something else. Gohan merely looked back at him, still angry, his jaw working.

It was Sharpener’s turn to surprise Gohan as he leaned in quickly and planted his lips on Gohan’s, who, startled, tried
to back away. But Sharpener, eager, put his arms around Gohan and opened Gohan’s mouth with his own.

At the touch of their tongues again, Gohan stopped moving and just let Sharpener kiss him.

And Gohan enjoyed it.

Gohan grabbed Sharpener around his waist and deepened the kiss. They stayed like that for a few minutes, just kissing
each other, until they both heard voices approaching. They broke the kiss, panting and looked around to make sure no
one had seen them.

Gohan looked at Sharpener, guilt evident on his burning red face. Gohan made an attempt to get past Sharpener again,
to leave, but Sharpener grabbed his arm once more.

“My parent’s are at work and I’ve only got one class left. I’ll ditch it,” Sharpener said hopefully.

Gohan knew exactly what Sharpener was suggesting. A reckless part of Gohan spoke up, and said, “Fine. Let’s go.”

* * *

Gohan came, grunting and falling against the sweaty back underneath him. Both men lay against each other in the small,
single bed, panting as they tried to catch their breath.

Gohan couldn’t believe how good it had felt. Or how right.

But he didn’t even really like Sharpener, certainly not as a person. Still, Gohan found his hand trailing through long,
silken tresses and he couldn’t help but notice that they reminded him of hair similar to this, only lavender in color.

Sharpener turned around underneath Gohan and smiled at him. He reached out and ran a hand down Gohan’s sweaty torso.

“Man, that was amazing. Gohan, you’re just... fantastic.”

Gohan smirked, but his eyes remained hard, empty.

Sharpener looked down at the mess on his own stomach and gently coaxed Gohan to move so that he could wipe it off with
something. Sharpener bounced off the bed and grabbed a towel that had been on the floor. He stared at Gohan’s body as
he did so.

“Gohan, you... you’ve got an incredible body.”

Gohan shrugged, really not wanting to hear about it. Right now, he hated this body and everything it meant to him. It
reminded him of all that his father had wanted him to become. It reminded him of all the needs and urges he realized now
that he had long been suppressing. This was the same body that had betrayed him the day before when he had been doing the
exact same thing with Videl, a person he actually loved.

“You don’t think so?” Sharpener grinned at him and Gohan shrugged again.

“I guess it’s ok.”

“Ok? Man Gohan! You’re gorgeous.”

Instead of responding to the compliment, Gohan just stared at Sharpener’s body, feeling arousal twinge again. Sharpener
noticed and thought he might be playful and tease Gohan, beginning to sense a little power over the strong man lying on
his bed. Sharpener grabbed his digital camera from off his dresser and smirked at Gohan. “I could show you.”

Gohan got nervous at first at the sight of the camera, thinking Sharpener would use any pictures against him and show them
to Videl. But then he knew how Sharpener acted around school and around Videl, and it seemed unlikely that Sharpener would
make anything that happened here today public.

“Come on, pose for me. Show off that bod.”

Gohan smirked as Sharpener crouched, playing fashion model photographer. As Sharpener squatted down, his slightly
hardening cock waved between his legs.

Gohan felt another twinge in his own manhood in response and stretched, almost as a cat would, and heard click after click
from the camera. Even though he was in the mock stance, Sharpener held the camera away from him to catch the images
on the screen before he clicked off each shot.

“Come on, Baby. Show me some stuff.”

Gohan laughed at that, feeling silly, but he saw how aroused Sharpener was becoming and thought, Why not?

Gohan brought one arm up and ran his fingers through his hair, one leg propped up. He flexed every muscle in his body and
stared at the camera’s lens.

Sharpener said, “Man, just look at you.” Sharpener clicked off a few more shots.

Gohan got up on his knees and ran his hands over his body, staring into the camera, intensity in his eyes. Sharpener’s
face grew hot as he clicked off a few more photos.

Gohan brought both arms up over his head and flexed, Sharpener just going insane in response at this point. “You look
just...” Sharpener stopped, looking at Gohan in lust and need.

Gohan got up off the bed and walked over to Sharpener. Gohan stared at Sharpener for a second before lowering himself
to his knees. He smirked up at Sharpener.

“I want to give something a try.”

Sharpener almost looked comical in stunned disbelief at his own luck.

Gohan teasing, asked, “You want to take a picture?”

Sharpener couldn’t believe this side of Gohan, a side he had never seen before. Nevertheless, he liked it. Sharpener
nodded dumbly as Gohan gently took him into his mouth.

The camera shook a little at first, but then it clicked relentlessly throughout, capturing the various looks of pleasure
on Gohan’s face as Gohan gave back every ounce of pleasure to Sharpener.

Gohan realized he enjoyed this more than anything he had done the day before. Gohan was pretty sure that he still didn’t
think much of Sharpener, but Sharpener had pretty hair, a nice body, and felt and tasted good.

Gohan thought of these things instead of his fiancé. All thoughts of Videl were blocked from his mind as he swallowed the
strong taste of Sharpener, the man screaming his orgasm above him. Sharpener reached back with a trembling hand to
place the camera back on the dresser, so that both hands would be free to bury themselves in Gohan’s dark, thick hair.

* * *

Gohan lay on his bed in his bedroom and stared at the pictures that Sharpener had printed for him. Gohan had a hard time
believing that he was looking at himself as he looked at the photos. He saw a young man with his face, but the man was
handsome, erotic, with a beautiful body that showed arousal. The close-ups of Gohan going down on Sharpener held the
most fascination for him. Gohan saw all the different plays of emotion on his own face in these pictures -- pleasure,
hungry need, and he looked so natural doing it.

Gohan thought back to the afternoon and felt himself grow hard in response. He looked at the pictures and knew that it was
no good; he would have to masturbate now or go mad, even though dinner would be ready any moment. Gohan unzipped his
trousers and pulled himself free of his boxers. He’d have to do it quickly before his mother started calling for him.

As Gohan masturbated he tried in vain to think of Videl, as he had done countless times before, always trying desperately
to see her pretty face in his mind as he pleasured himself. But try as he might, his thoughts kept returning to the look
on Sharpener’s face as Sharpener came, his long blond hair hanging loosely about his head. Gohan felt his body get closer
to release at the thought, but tried again to think of the girl he loved.

Gohan’s mind screamed. But I love her!

But no matter how loud that voice sounded in his head, he could only see Sharpener’s blond locks waving back and forth as
the man had cried out his pleasure.

Gohan, closer and closer to release, relented.

And again, as so many times before, he thought of hair much like Sharpener’s, long and straight, but a beautiful shade of
lavender. And the eyes were not a deep brown, but a clear blue.

But it wasn’t just the hair and eyes, or even just a nice body, things that Sharpener could also claim in his favor. It
was a beautiful face, beautiful in feature but also a face that reflected a beautiful soul within; a brave and noble soul,
kind and caring.

And Gohan came, saying the name that he had said so many times before at such moments as this. “Trunks. Trunks...”

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