Primal Urges

BY : Dharmaserenity
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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 12 of ? by DharmaSerenity
Title: Primal Urges, Part 12 of ?
Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

Disclaimers : the characters of DBZ are copyrighted to someone else, used without permission and no money is being made from
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Rating: NC-17 (NO ONE UNDER AGE 18!)

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, a teensy bit of violence, descriptions of erotic forms of art, such as photos, porn,
stripping, etc.

Spoilers : End of Buu Saga. But before Gohan got married in Dbz. He never marries Videl in this story.

Notes : The initial story idea in chapter 1 came from Vickalinda. Thank you Vicky!

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Primal Urges, Chapter 12

Gohan’s story continues...

Gohan had put his clothes back on while Louis got Gohan to sign a few things and made a photocopy of his ID. Rick, dressed
in his street clothes, joined them in Louis’ office. When Louis finished with Gohan, Rick turned eagerly to Gohan as they
left Louis’ office together.

“Hey, let’s go for a coffee and chat. You look like you could use both.” Rick gave Gohan his most winning smile. Gohan
felt his stomach flutter in response -- the man was drop-dead gorgeous. Gohan eyed Rick’s straight blond hair and large
beautiful eyes, beginning to realize he definitely had a favorite “type.”

* * *

Rick made Gohan feel comfortable as they chatted over coffee’s at a nearby chain coffee house. It was fun for Gohan to be
out among young people that all seemed to be doing something exciting with their lives. Gohan thought about how he had
spent most of his free time cooped up in his bedroom studying, his mother bringing him glasses of juice or a snack every
once in awhile.

Gohan had to swallow a lump in his throat thinking about his mother’s pretty face as she smiled at him. She was so proud
of him...

Then the image of Goku, as he pressed a strong hand to Gohan’s shoulder at dinner a few nights ago, flashed in Gohan’s
memory. The look of pride on Goku’s face for his son burned in Gohan’s memory, as he felt anger flood his senses.

“Whoa! What was that look?”

Rick stared at Gohan in concern. Gohan blushed. “Nothing.”

“Your Dad?”

Gohan looked up angrily at Rick. Rick held up both hands defensively, “Hey, its’ obvious your parents and you are not
getting along at the moment. My guess is it’s your father that’s the main problem. It usually is. Am I right?”

Gohan looked down. “Yes.”

“You want to talk about it at all?”

Gohan shook his head “no.”

Rick said, “Ok. No pressure. Do you want to get your things in a little bit?”

Gohan felt queasy just thinking about getting his stuff and having to face his parents while doing it. But realizing it
would be best to get it over with he said, “Yeah, I guess.”

“Gohan, look, I left home over problems with my Dad too. A long time ago. It will get better. Don’t worry. And the guys
at the club are great. Some of them are definitely there for a bit of sex, but most of them are there as friends, Ok?
Remember that. They will take to you and you’ll always be able to count on them. We’re all there for each other.”

Gohan looked at Rick and gave him a small smile. Gohan thought, Well, it could be worse.

* * *

Gohan put the last of what he was taking in the duffle bag, ignoring his parents standing in the doorway behind him.

“Goku, make him stop! Please!!” Chi Chi wailed despondently into a tissue.

Goku just stared at his son’s back. “I can’t stop him Chi Chi.”

Gohan threw the duffle bag over his shoulder and turned around, pointedly staring at them standing in his way. Reluctantly,
Goku moved over to the side, grabbing Chi Chi who threatened to grab onto her son as he passed.

As Gohan passed them, without looking their way, Goku halted him briefly by saying, “Son, please don’t cut us out
completely. Please call. Soon.”

“Don’t count on it.” Gohan bit out harshly through gritted teeth, never even glancing their way.

Goku angrily yelled, “Well don’t expect for us to give up on you! I’ll never do that, Gohan! Never!!”

Gohan walked out of the room, his eyes straight ahead, his body threatening to betray his fear and regret.

* * *

Gohan lay in Sharpener’s bed, having been over for awhile, with nothing else better to do that afternoon. He had been
living at Rick’s for nearly a week now, and tomorrow night would be his debut at the club. In a few hours Gohan would
have to go to the club and show Louis everything that he had learned this past week -- his routine.

Sharpener was lifting weights while staring at himself in a full length mirror. Gohan marveled that for someone that found
himself so fascinating, Sharpener truly was so boring. Then again, special powers aside, most people that Gohan knew up
until that week were bores, in comparison to his new crowd of friends.

Gohan yawned again, for about the hundredth time. He had been out until 6am, with Rick and Rick’s friends, several of them
strippers from the club as well.

Gohan had been out every night this week, well, except for Monday night when everyone came over to his and Rick’s place to
hang out, smoke pot, drink and watch movies until dawn.

Gohan hadn’t taken part in the pot smoking, but he had a bit to drink each night. He needed something to fog his mind, to
take away the emptiness he had been feeling inside.

Rick seemed to be quite good at doing the same. In fact, Gohan was beginning to realize that his roommate had a bit of a
substance abuse problem. But so long as it was just light drugs, nothing too heavy, Gohan really didn’t care. Plus Rick
was a lot of fun. Gohan owed him so much for all he had done for him this week.

Gohan was ready to dance tomorrow night, even though he was scared shitless at the prospect. He had practiced the moves
with Rick until they were both sick of listening to the song they picked out for him to dance to. They had practiced every
nuance including how he would hold his gaze, how he would move every muscle, control his features and most important, how
he would stay completely flaccid all throughout the routine.

When it had come time for Gohan to finally dance in the nude in front of Rick, staying flaccid hadn’t been a problem because
he was just so nervous and felt so foolish. But towards the end of the week, the sexual tension progressively building
between the two men throughout the week, Gohan found that he had to stop dancing, as he blushed in embarrassment, an
erection rather prominent on his body.

Rick regarded Gohan with a huge grin on his face, his hands on his hips, blond hair fanned out over his shoulders. “Well,
well, Gohan? Feeling rather randy?”

Rick only laughed as Gohan became an even darker shade of red in response.

“Gohan, come over here.”

Gohan gave Rick a shy look as he walked over to him.

Rick put out a hand and grasped Gohan’s erection. Gohan closed his eyes, Rick’s warm hand on him feeling good.

Rick leaned in and said, “This will be,” Rick looked down pointedly and smiled, “a very big problem on stage.” Then Rick
took the back of his hand and slapped Gohan’s abs.

“Come on Gohan. Concentrate!”

Gohan thought his skin would boil from the ever increasing heat of his embarrassment. Rick grinned at him in glee.

They had taken a break so that Gohan could take care of his momentary lapse of concentration -- without any help from Rick.

Just thinking about Rick’s hand on him gave Gohan another erection. Gohan saw Sharpener grinning at him through his
reflection in the mirror.

“Seems like someone’s ready for another round,” said Sharpener, smirking.

Gohan welcomed Sharpener’s advances. Afterwards, Gohan intended on sleeping for a while, Sharpener’s parents not scheduled
to come home for several hours.

But Sharpener nudged Gohan hard in the ribs waking him rudely. “Hey man, you can’t crash here.”

Gohan just muttered, “Just a quick nap. I’ve got to go in an hour or so anyway...”

“No Gohan! Look, I’ve got to go out for awhile. I’ll catch you sometime this weekend.”

Gohan opened his eyes in surprise, clearly sensing Sharpener trying to give him the brush off. “Who is it?” Gohan asked,


Gohan yawned, mouth wide open, and speaking through his yawn, asked, “Who are you going to meet?”

Sharpener hardened his eyes at Gohan for a moment, seeing how little interested or upset Gohan was by the prospect that
Sharpener was seeing someone else.

Almost challengingly, Sharpener in anger, spoke before he really had a chance to think it through.


Gohan laughed. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Sharpener got up, angry, embarrassed and looking defensive, said, “Hey, she’s free now. And I can do what I want. This is
just a bit of fun between you and me -- nothing serious.”

Gohan knew how much Sharpener liked him. Gohan had the detachment of not being emotionally involved where Sharpener was
concerned, so he could clearly see how much Sharpener wanted him. There was another reason, then, for his pursuit of

And Gohan suddenly realized what it was. What, in fact, it had been all along.

“You want her for her money!”

Sharpener’s face became beet red, taking any of Gohan’s doubt away.

“You fuck! You seriously don’t think I’m going to let you get away with it, do you?”

“Look Gohan, this is none of your business.”

Gohan looked thoughtful before he spoke, provoking Sharpener’s anger further on purpose.

“That may or may not be, but I do know it is Videl’s business to know that you don’t like girls.”

“I do like girls, you ass.” Sharpener looked angry, and hurt, knowing that he had revealed more to Gohan with his actions
about the depth of his feeling than he had ever intended. Lamely he added, “Now, just get out.”

Gohan crossed his arms and didn’t budge from the bed. “Make me.”

Sharpener looked nervous. “Gohan, come on! You can’t stay here. Please?” Sharpener’s pleading tone was pathetic and a
real turn-off. Gohan had had his fill.

“Look Sharpie,” Gohan said as he got off the bed, “It’s been fun. But I’ll tell you right now to give up the idea. I’m
going to tell Videl exactly what your weasely ass is up to and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Sharpener, bitter and frustrated, in desperation said, “I’ll tell!”

Gohan paused, his jeans halfway up his legs. “Tell what?” Gohan asked, derisive laughter bubbling up from him, as he
mocked Sharpener with a sneer.

“I’ll tell everyone that the reason you dropped out of school is so that you can be a stripper in a gay club.”

Gohan grinned at Sharpener. “Be my guest.”


As Gohan flew home, he stopped in mid-air to make a cell phone call to Videl to tell her all about Sharpener. The phone
call had been difficult, the pain in Videl’s voice almost too much to bear, but she was grateful to know exactly what
Sharpener had in mind where she was concerned. They ended the phone call in a stilted manner, but there was still peace
between them.


“Don’t worry, Go. You’ll do fine.” They stood in the wings, Rick massaging Gohan’s shoulders as the emcee out on stage
started building the response for Gohan’s performance. Gohan’s body trembled and his breathing became shallow.

Gohan was wearing black leather break-a-way pants that were left over from another stripper. The t-shirt and g-string
were provided by the club, both of which he would rip off during his act. The Doc Martins were a gift to him from his
housemate and tutor.

Rick leaned up and whispered in Gohan’s ear. “You’re fucking gorgeous, Baby. You do know that, don’t you?”

Gohan turned to Rick, finally not blushing after a week of training. But he did stare at Rick in surprise.

They had kept it all very business-like between them, despite their growing attraction for each other. Gohan assumed that
it would just stay that way. But now, he wondered if after Louis decided to keep him on, if things would progress to the
physical. Rick gave him a long and lingering look that confirmed his thoughts and Gohan had to tap into his training of
the past week to still the pulse that began to beat in his loins.

If anything, the hint of arousal in his system enhanced his performance as Gohan began his dance to Bjork’s “Human
Behavior.” At first, the intensity of the stage lights made it very easy for Gohan to pretend there wasn’t even an
audience there, making it easier for him to adjust and quell his nerves. But he knew there was a huge crowd by the
hooting and hollering that built up as soon as he came out on stage. Gohan also knew that Louis was watching him.

Gohan danced trying to lose himself in the music, but he knew that he had to start working the crowd as he had been
instructed. From the floor, he arched his body, and stared into one man’s eyes, the man having been quite vocal since he
stepped into view. Gohan propped his body up on his arms, and did a wide split at the foot of the stage, men going nuts
in response.

A large group of men that came in together, possibly in town for a convention, had been drinking heavily and acting
obnoxious all night long. Most of the group was gathered at the lip of the stage, and they included the loud man that
Gohan now worked. In response to Gohan’s flexibility, the loud man shouted, “You left home young, beautiful. Let me be
your Daddy.”

Then the man grabbed at Gohan’s leg, surprising Gohan with his strength. Gohan had been told what to do if someone grabbed
more than petted, so Gohan, making it seem part of his dance, yanked his leg away, but with his attention on that side of
the stage, Gohan was unprepared for another man flinging his full pint of beer at him. The man had intended to douse the
young dancer’s bare chest, but his throw skewed too high and caught Gohan square in the face.

Gohan was blinded by the stinging fluid and put his hand up to his eyes, unable to continue with the dance. Sensing that
this dance was over, or maybe perhaps just sensing Gohan’s vulnerability, several men in the convention group made a grab
for Gohan’s legs, one even going so far as to grab at his crotch. Gohan got doused with another beer as he tried to get
up, men trying to rip at his leather breakaways, undoing some of the clasps in the process. Gohan realized the DJ had cut
the music, just as he was able to see again.

The sight that greeted his eyes, when he finally managed to stand and yank his lower body out of the grasp of several very
inebriated men, was of the club’s bouncers, all five, very large men, rushing to the stage. There were several fist
fights breaking out as some men objected to what the convention group had done to Gohan. Gohan caught sight of Louis
gesturing for him to get off the stage, and Gohan quickly trotted off, shaking.


Gohan sat in the dressing room, reeking of beer, his eyes stinging red, his head down in defeat. His body shook

Rick came back into the room with a pint of beer. “Here, you might as well get to enjoy one of these yourself.” Gohan
took the beer and gulped it down. He still looked unsteady though. Rick handed him a cigarette.

“It might steady your nerves.” Gohan never smoked before but after what just happened he was willing to give it a try.

Gohan took a puff that threatened to choke him, but he controlled his reaction. When he exhaled the smoke, he felt a
pleasant light-headed feeling, and already could feel his trembling subside. Gohan started to feel sticky from the drying
beer on his skin.

“I guess that’s it then,” Gohan said, disappointed after all the hard work during the past week. Now what was he going to

As if on cue, Louis came into the room. He looked livid, his club not known for having such problems, Louis having
developed a loyal clientele through his use of top quality dancers.

Louis turned to Rick and said, “I need a moment alone with Gohan.”

Rick nodded and left, but not before giving Gohan a reassuring look.

Gohan looked at Louis, sadness evident of his face.

“Gohan, don’t look so worried. You handled yourself well, and obviously, the crowd likes you. I will have a meeting with
all the dancers next week to go over how to handle garbage like that in the future. Now, here, try this on.”

Louis held out a thin, black cloth to Gohan. Gohan took it, recognizing it to be a mask worn over the eyes. He stood up
before the mirror and put it on. With the black leather pants and the black eyeliner he was already wearing, the mask
made him look dangerous and sexy.

Louis patted Gohan on his back, “I think we’ll go with the mask from now on, Ok.” Louis headed out the door. “I want you
here tomorrow night to make up for tonight and to get you nude in front of an audience as soon as possible. You can go
home now.” Then Louis left the room.

Gohan stared at himself for a moment in the mirror. He picked up the cigarette he had been smoking and took a puff. Gohan
watched as the smoke escaped his lips, curling in the air about him.

* * *

Rick had already done his set that night so he drove Gohan home as soon as Louis left the dressing room. When they got
home, Gohan went straight to the shower to get the sticky beer off his body.

As Gohan stood under the hot stream of water, part of Gohan almost wanted to cry. He felt like a piece of meat. Gohan
wished he could just wash everything away. Gohan’s thoughts, flooded with despair, filled with questions he had not dared
to ask himself over the past week.

Maybe I could go back? Maybe I could ask for their forgiveness?

But would Dad stay? Maybe for a little while, until he saw Gohan was fine again. But then would his mind start to wander?
Would he want more excitement? A purpose...

Gohan let the tears come. He knew it was no use. Gohan couldn’t go home. He couldn’t because Goku would leave and Goten
would be hurt.

Through his tears, Gohan said out loud, “I hate him.”

Through gritted teeth, “I hate him.”

* * *

Gohan came out of the shower, wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a white t-shirt. He just wanted to stay home and
have a very low-key night. He smelled food cooking, and heard the busy sounds of Rick chopping and dicing vegetables
coming from the kitchen. Gohan sighed. He could really use something to eat.

Gohan stopped by the kitchen to say he was out of the shower and to make small talk with Rick.

Rick stopped chopping the tomatoes to stare at Gohan. Gohan looked fresh, clean and sweet, clad in the white t-shirt and
black, loose sweats, both of which showed off his physique. Rick marveled at how clearly Gohan didn’t realize the kind of
effect he had on people with his looks. His cheeks were pink from the hot shower and his thick, black hair was tousled
and wet.

Rick turned back to the burners to lower their flames. He came toward’s Gohan and stopped to stare at him, just one inch
away, close enough to show his interest. After a moment, Rick leaned in and kissed Gohan, his suggestion clear. Rick
broke the kiss, smiling at Gohan.

“I’ve wanted to do that all week.”

Gohan smiled down at Rick, need evident on his face.

“Let me finish so we can eat. Something tells me we’ll need the energy.” Rick smirked. “After we eat, Gohan, I plan to
explore every inch of this beautiful body of yours -- and I’ll take all night long to do it.”

Gohan smirked, “Sounds good to me.”

* * *

Gohan and Rick became boyfriends after a few weeks together. They had an open relationship, though. Rick was too fast to
truly settle down and Gohan was beginning to explore his sexuality, too eager to try new things with other people. They
were crazy about each other, but not enough to remain monogamous, and that was fine.

Now that Gohan was becoming one of the top dancers at the club, his athletic ability giving him an edge over everyone else,
Rick started talking to him about other possibilities.

“Go, it’s just like what’s between us, only on film. Look at it, it... like... it will be preserved.”

Gohan blushed, chopping away at an onion in their kitchen. “I don’t know, Rick.”

“Go, what’s the difference, really? You strip down to nothing as it is. So this is just the next step. And you’ll make
ten times the amount of money and only for a couple of hours of work.”

Gohan, already having been convinced to do lap dances at the club, could clearly see how Rick was used by Louis to get
Gohan to try new things. Rick could make the most shocking thing sound mundane. Although Rick never admitted to being
Louis’ messenger, and Louis always pretended indifference to whether Gohan would do more kinds of work for him or not,
Gohan knew otherwise.

“Look, I don’t know.”

Rick came up to Gohan and pulled him away from the counter to face him. “Go, it’s just sex. There’s only a few other
people in the room filming. That’s all. And you did a lot kinkier shit the other night than what they’ll want for this

Gohan turned away from Rick. He didn’t want to be reminded of how out of hand it got when they had a bunch of dancers over
from the club just two nights ago.

Gohan felt ashamed feeling his body stir in arousal just thinking about the threesome he had with Rick and another dancer
at the end of the night. It seemed that Rick could talk him in to almost anything.

Gohan, almost pouting, looked down as he resumed his chopping. “Yeah, but where does it end? I know what that Christoff
guy has been saying to Louis.”

“So he likes you. So what? You’ve slept with guys for a lot less than even good looks. And he’s not bad looking at all.
I’ll give you that he’s not great, perhaps a little too old for you, but he’s got loads of cash and he wants you. And
he’s as much as said that he’d make you his steady when he’s in town. Come on Go...”

Gohan gritted his teeth, and said, “No, Rick. I’m not going to do it for money.”

Rick sensing that he’d have to give him this for now, decided to go back to talking up the movie.

Rick came over and put his hand over Gohan’s hand holding the knife. “Ok, but the movie’s another thing. You’ll be with
me in it. Ok? Just a couple of hours and you can buy that motorcycle you wanted. Just one afternoon and that’s it.”

Gohan, sounding very young said, “I’ll think about it.”

* * *

Gohan was in over his head after nearly two months of his new life. He was top draw at the club and the clamor for him to
do “private” work, Christoff, one of Louis’ most loyal clients, being the loudest, was getting to be a problem.

Gohan was saving a ton of money, his expenses minimal. He put a good portion of the money into an education IRA for Goten,
along with bonds and cd’s, but Gohan was beginning to despair that at the current rate he was saving that it would still
not amount to very much unless Goten got a scholarship.

At the thought, Gohan had to push out of his mind the realization that he threw his own scholarship, which he had been
assured of getting, away.

The money for “private” work was tempting.

But Gohan stopped his train of thought as he sped home on his motorcycle. He wasn’t going to pin any of this on Goten.
If Gohan was going to sleep with a guy for money, it was going to be HIS choice, pure and simple.

As Gohan parked his bike, still sitting on it, he pulled out his cell phone and called Louis.

* * *

Gohan managed to contain his composure, telling himself this was like sleeping with any of the other guys he had slept with
over the last few weeks. Gohan knew that, by a woman’s standard in this male orientated society, he’d be considered a
slut. He couldn’t even remember the number of men he had slept with, only knowing the number to be very high, all done
in a futile attempt at forgetting, not thinking, not feeling anything other than what his body could give him.

Christoff was sitting in a leather arm chair, sipping from a glass of wine. He stared at Gohan in hunger and in triumph.
Christoff had wanted Gohan from the first moment he had seen him on stage.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, Gohan? Take off all that confining leather and sit on the floor in front of me.”

Christoff put the glass of wine down on a side table as he started to undo his pants, making it clear what he wanted Gohan
to do for him first.

Gohan, feigning cockiness, said, “Ok, it’s a little hot in here anyway,” and took off his T-Shirt, working his stare to
look masculine and sexy.

But Gohan didn’t say much else, his nerves getting the best of him. Gohan just didn’t know what to say to the man. Rick
had coached him to sound pleased at whatever Christoff did or said to him, but he was finding that all the saliva in his
mouth had dried away. Gohan feared that if he spoke again in the next few moments, he would choke.

They were in an expensive penthouse suite of the top hotel in West City -- City Towers. In fact, this was the suite that
Christoff usually took when he had business in town.

Gohan was about to unzip his pants, all the while staring in Christoff’s lust filled eyes, when suddenly the picture window
of the suite burst inward in a spray of glass, startling both men.

Piccolo appeared in the room, staring death at Christoff, who cowered and screamed.

“If you don’t get out of here now, I cannot be held responsible for my actions,” said the Namek to Christoff in a cold and
angry voice.

Christoff scurried out of the suite’s front door, screaming like a madman.

“PICCOLO!! What the hell do you think you’re doing!? I can’t...”

“Silence Gohan!”

Gohan stared daggers at his former mentor. “I will not be silent. I just lost a fat wad of cash because of you...”

Piccolo interrupted Gohan, silencing him with his cold tone of voice, “I’ve watched this garbage for months now, Gohan,
telling myself you’re a man and I’ve no right to interfere. But this? I can’t...” Piccolo, anger rising in his voice,
looked at Gohan as if he wanted to strike him. “What are you doing, Kid?”

Piccolo glared at Gohan, disappointment evident in his expression.

“Sucking men off.” Gohan smiled in delight at the disgusted look on Piccolo’s face. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got
to go find my hysterical John and see about getting this night underway. So forgive me if I don’t stand here and chat
with you. My time is money... Or, since you’re here and the suite’s free for now, do YOU want to pay me instead? I won’t
charge you the grand he was about to pay to fuck me... out of consideration for our friendship.”

Piccolo stared at the young man for several moments then deliberately walked to where Gohan stood. Piccolo stared down at
Gohan for a moment, then slapped him hard across his face.

Gohan’s eyes watered, but not from the force of the blow. He looked away bitterly, finally unable to meet Piccolo’s hard

“I’ll continue to watch over you, Kid. If you get into physical danger, I’ll step in, out of loyalty to the good person
you used to be. But I’m not going to contact you again. If you want to continue to destroy your life, then I have
nothing further to say to you.”

With that, the Namek walked back to the picture window and without looking back, flew out of it.

It was as if something inside of Gohan crumbled with Piccolo’s departure. The tears bubbled out of him as he was wracked
with the sobs he had contained for nearly two months now. Gohan fell on to the bed, curling up into a fetal position, as
he sobbed with abandon.

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