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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 16 of ? by DharmaSerenity
Title: Primal Urges, Part 16 of ?
Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

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Primal Urges, Chapter 16

Gohan stared at his black gi in the mirror as he tied the belt around it. It had been a very long time since he bought or worn one of these, and although it felt strange, it was also comforting.

Trunks walked into the bedroom wearing his own gi, in royal blue with a lavender belt. Gohan stopped what he was doing to ogle his husband. “Remind me to make you wear that some night.” Gohan had a potent urge to lick the line between Trunks’ pectoral muscles.

Trunks came over to and hugged Gohan. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” He’s not surprised that Gohan chose to wear black again, but thinks he looks fantastic in the gi.

Gohan looking slightly uncomfortable, “Well, I guess we’ll meet Vegeta there.”

Trunks shrugged. Dinner the other night had been a little stilted, Bulma trying to make conversation while the two male members of the household glared daggers at Gohan the whole time. Little Trunks actually pointed his chopsticks menacingly at Gohan and declared, “I’m not going to like boys!!”

Vegeta had just peppered Gohan about Goku’s earlier visit, not satisfied at all with the monosyllabic responses from the younger man, especially when they became more and more agitated in manner. Bulma had to finally scream at both Vegeta and little Trunks, and they finally relented in their attacks.

Gohan, despite all of it, actually took everything well, and hadn’t been opposed to staying afterwards to watch a video with the family, Trunks holding his hand the whole time. Still, little Trunks kept pinching his older self in the shin until Trunks finally bopped him on top of his head. The kid had complained that Trunks had hit him but Vegeta said he would do worse if little Trunks didn’t cut it out right then and there. Gohan and Trunks had smirked at each other then. They supposed this was normal behavior for the Saiyan Prince/Brief’s household, Trunks never really having had enough time with the family to know what Vegeta was truly like as a Dad.

Gohan smiled at Trunks. In reference to the day’s match, “Hey, whoever wins, wins, right?” They didn’t have to verbally acknowledge that they would very likely end up among the final four contestants

Trunks laughed and held Gohan by the waist. “Yeah, whoever wins, wins.”

Trunks suddenly looked serious. “Gohan, there’s a very good chance that Goku is competing today. And I believe Goten is as well. I’m sure your mother will be there. Are you sure you’re going to be all right?” The concern in Trunks’ eyes was for Gohan more than anything else, and it showed. Gohan was touched – this wasn’t some kind of reprimand to behave himself. This was Trunks making sure that he would be fine, no matter what he faced.

Gohan smiled at Trunks. “I’ll be fine, Babe. Don’t worry, Ok?”

Trunks, reassured, smiled and kissed his husband. Soon after, they headed out to the tournament.

* * *

Trunks, happy, held his husband’s hand as they made their way through the throngs of contestants and fans alike. Gohan beamed a smile at him. They had been exploring the Tournament grounds for several hours now, enjoying the beautiful day and each other’s company.

The bliss they shared had its first challenge when Trunks looked up to see a booth that sold posters, a booth in a line of other vendor’s booths that sold souvenirs. The posters that this booth sold were the cause of unease to both men as they looked over at it.

The booth sold posters of Gohan.

Gohan blanched and it was apparent that he was just as surprised by this that Trunks felt some immediate reassurance that this was not planned as another malicious game on his part. Trunks took a good look at one of the men behind the booth and it all became clear.

Jack stood behind the booth and glared at Trunks. In contrast, whenever his teal-colored eyes moved towards Gohan, they would soften and almost look imploringly at his former lover.

But Gohan only snarled at the man and dragged Trunks with him as he stalked off. They walked like that until there was a space where Gohan could pull Trunks aside and talk to him in earnest.

With worry in his voice, Gohan pleaded, “I didn’t know anything about that crap! Please believe me!!” There was clear worry in his eyes and Trunks knew that he really had nothing to do with any of it.

Trunks instantly put his arms around his husband to reassure him. “Hey, I know. Don’t worry. He’s just being desperate, hoping that I’ll get angry and give him a chance at you. Kind of pathetic really.” Trunks smirked at Gohan and Gohan instantly looked relieved.

They continued to walk, perhaps a bit more subdued, but just as happy to be there with each other, holding each other’s hands as they made their way through the crowd.

This Budokai would follow much of the rules from past tournaments. Qualifiers would have to go through a strenuous competition which took place earlier in the day. But those that had made it to the main rounds of former competitions were automatically entered into the competition. Both Trunks and Gohan fit in that category.

And so did Vegeta and little Trunks.

And so did Goku and Goten.

Plus a few other Z-Fighters including Piccolo, 18 and Krillen.

* * *

Michael walked through the crowds of fans and stopped in his tracks when he came across the booth that sold posters of Gohan, thankfully all tasteful and none of his nude shots.

He thought, ‘So that’s what Jack had in mind when he refused to give him the posters.’

It was then he noticed a rather large man that looked just like Gohan staring at the booth at the same time that he was.

And the man was angry!

Michael turned back to the booth and was little surprised to see Jack working in it, Jack staring in equal fascination at the man that was very obviously Gohan’s father, Goku.

That was when Michael noticed the pretty and sedately dressed woman that pulled a young boy with crazy hair to another couple of booths further away, one that had loads of toys on display, in an obvious attempt to prevent the child from seeing his older brother’s pictures. Michael guessed he was looking at Gohan’s mother and younger brother.

Michael was about to approach Goku to tell him that he was pretty sure that Gohan had NOTHING to do with any of this, but the man stalked away before Michael could, over to the booth where his wife was buying their small boy a toy. Michael decided it might be best to just leave them alone. Instead he glared at Jack, who at least managed to look embarrassed.

Michael strode up to the booth.

“Jack! What the hell is this all about?!”

Jack’s face heated with Michael’s approach, but he did manage to show his usual defiance when Michael finally confronted him. But before Jack could even speak, another man Michael recognized as one of the recent regulars at the club, stepped forward and asked Michael with a sneer if he wanted to buy one of the posters.

“No. I don’t. I’m here to speak to Jack.” And Michael looked venom at Jack, who at least had the decency to squirm under the scrutiny.

“Well, you can’t talk to him. He’s busy.”

“What the fuck is this, Jack?” Michael said, completely ignoring the other guy’s rudeness.

Jack seemed to consider his words before speaking, then lamely settled on, “Michael, just leave it alone.”

Jarrod, the other man, stared angrily at Michael. “I’m only going to warn you once. Get lost.”

Michael stared at him as if he had lost his mind. “What? Are you going to beat me up?” Michael asked with incredulous contempt.

“Yeah I’…”

“Enough!” Jack yelled at Jarrod. “Leave him alone. He’s a friend.” Jarrod didn’t seem so convinced, only sneering even more at Michael and it became obvious that he was a little intimidated by Michael’s presence.

“I want to speak to him alone!” Jack yelled at the immovable Jarrod. Jarrod continued to glare at Michael, but before he left, as he passed Jack, he grabbed Jack roughly by the arm.

“Just don’t forget your promise to me for watching this fucking booth for you.” He then let go of Jack in an equally rough manner, making the thin man nearly lose his balance.

Michael lost it. Gohan had taught him a thing or two about martial arts, so he leaped over the table fronting the booth and kicked Jarrod right in the face.

Jack stared aghast as Jarrod and Michael fought, Michael clearly winning. Michael, knowing he had the advantage, pushed Jarrod away. Jarrod screamed curses at Michael, Jack finally yelling at him to silence him.

Jarrod whirled on Jack, “Fine! But don’t you forget what you promised me for watching this fucking booth for you.” He then leaned forward and suggestively rubbed the palm of his hand under Jack’s chin, indicating clearly what Jack had promised him in desperation. Jack cringed from the touch. Michael watched this take place, angry and disappointed in Jack and it showed. Jack, seeing the look in Michael’s eyes, looked upset for some reason.

Michael didn’t know why he did it, but he whirled around and delivered a harsh kick to Jarrod’s head, this one really hurting the man. Michael picked him up by the front of his shirt, and said, “Get the fuck out of here before they have to get you an ambulance. And you can forget that little promise Jack made!”

Jack stared at Michael in awe as Jarrod scurried away in fear. When Michael whirled around, still looking angry, Jack winced. Michael shook his head and made to leave, but Jack grabbed him by the forearm.

Michael turned around and came face to face with the beautiful man, Jack’s teal eyes staring at Michael in a whole new light.

* * *

Trunks and Gohan walked through the crowd, nearing the food tent, Gohan’s stomach coiling, thinking that of all places at the tournament he would be bound to bump into his father, it would be at this tent.

But instead of seeing Goku, Gohan was dumbstruck by the sight of his former fiancé staring at him from the back of the tent, a sad look on her face. Videl and Gohan stared at each other, both obviously uncomfortable. It was Videl that made the first attempt to speak. She walked up to Gohan and gave him a small smile.

“Hello Gohan. You look well.”

Gohan gave her an uncomfortable smile. “Hello Videl.”

His hand was still firmly clasped in Trunks’ hand. Trunks tried to keep his face neutral as he regarded this woman that Gohan admitted to him he had once loved. Perhaps still loved…

She was pretty, that was for certain. She had large blue eyes and long, wavy, practically black hair. She was feminine and petite, yet she had a tough look in her eye and stance.

Videl finally turned and looked at Trunks and it was clear that looking at him was just as difficult for her as it was for Trunks to return the look. She took in his beautiful golden skin, his large blue, piercing eyes, and his long, straight lavender hair. She knew, in her heart, that it was Trunks all along that had filled Gohan’s heart.

She had seen enough of the men that had gone with Gohan over the past year and a half. Gohan hung out downtown in the nightlife hub and it was almost impossible for one to go there with friends and not spot Gohan whipping by on his motorcycle, a different beautiful man clinging to him each time.

All the men she had ever seen had something that reminded her of the man she looked at now.

But none of them could hold a candle to him. That she picked up on immediately upon looking at Trunks. This was the very definition of what Gohan desired, what Gohan was attracted to in a man.

And he married him.

Videl almost found him breathtaking.

But then, Trunks, wanting to keep this positive, and even wanting, hoping that Gohan could remain friends with the woman he once loved, smiled at her. His entire face lit up, showing the beautiful light within him.

And in that moment, she saw everything Gohan ever saw in Trunks, and so much more. And yes, it hurt. But at least now, she could understand it all a bit better.

Sure, she had seen little Trunks and even babysat for him and Goten a few times, but this version of Trunks… there was just something about him. Perhaps it was the hardship he had had to face for so many years on his own, but there was a light in his eyes that spoke of the pure love he had for the beauty of life in and of itself. He was positive energy. And Videl had to admit, he was probably the best thing Gohan ever had in his life. She could already see the change in Gohan’s eyes from just the little time he and Trunks had been together.

No longer did Gohan have that reckless, angry look that she would catch glimpses of on busy, night streets.

No… he almost seemed at peace now.


Just to prove that things were not quite settled where Gohan was concerned, Gohan’s face transformed into that of rage as a certain warrior approached them, nodding at both Trunks, and Gohan. Goku then turned and smiled down at Videl.

“Hello Videl. It is good to see you again.”

“Hello Goku. It is nice to see you again as well.” Videl smiled at the man that she had always found to be so kind and carefree.

Goku looked past her to stare back at the hate-filled glare coming from his own son. “Gohan,” Goku nodded.

Trunks decided to try and break the ice. “Hello Goku.” He gave the older warrior a small smile.

“I’m glad to see you’re competing.” Goku gave Trunks a faint grin. “It’s sort of like old times.”

Gohan interrupted the light banter. Delivered in a sneer, “I’m not surprised to see you here. You? Miss a competition?? You’d have to be dead before you’d let that happen!”

Trunks flinched at the cold voice Gohan used to verbally assault his father.

Gohan continued, “I bet it would really get you good if someone beat you in this tournament, huh? That’d probably piss you off? Ruin your day, at least.” Gohan was suddenly dying for a cigarette, but he had left his pack home since he was competing.

Goku gave his son an unflinching, angry gaze. “I guess you don’t remember much about me, then, Gohan. I always liked a challenge. Remember?”

Gohan sneered at his father. “Yeah? Well, maybe you’ll have one today. Perhaps more than you bargained for.”

The threat implied in the statement silenced all four, Gohan and Goku glaring at each other and Trunks and Videl staring at the pair of them in concern.

“Maybe I will. At least I know, by that little poster booth’s display that you’re here to continue playing your little games. I feel sorry for you, Gohan.” Goku then nodded to Trunks and Videl and took his leave, seeing that trying to have a civil conversation with his son was next to impossible at the moment.

Gohan stood there, his face livid. Trunks looked at his husband and felt his stomach clench in unease.

* * *

Gohan seethed inwardly, having lost any enjoyment in the event since his encounter with Goku. He stood in the competitor’s tent with all the rest of the participants, awaiting his turn. He had already won one match, not even bothering to pose long enough to give the fighter, someone actually skilled, the respect he was due. Gohan took him down in seconds and walked off in a huff.

When he returned to the tent, he saw an unmistakable look of disappointment on Trunks’ face. Trunks stood with his father, who had a little smirk on his face, his dark eyes glittering as they regarded Gohan.

To Trunks Vegeta said, “You could show some of that same fighting spirit, you know.” Trunks ignored Vegeta. Vegeta just continued to smirk.

Goku stood off to the side with Krillen, watching his son. 18 was off in another corner all on her own, ignoring everyone all together.

Piccolo stood against a wall to Gohan’s left, his eyes piercing the young man. Gohan had once dared to look at him, almost in defiance, but the unflinching gaze of his former master was too much for him and he finally had to look away.

The preliminary round was soon over and there would be a break for the children to take a turn, giving the main fighters more time to have a decent lunch and do some further stretching.

Gohan’s stomach knotted when he saw a little boy that he missed more than anything take the fighting floor. He watched as Goten bowed along with all the other junior contestants, before the cheering crowd. Then all the children ran off, Goten and Trunks sticking together, to stand on the sidelines as the Junior Tournament got under way.

Gohan heard an unmistakable pair of voices begin to cheer and glanced up at the crowd to see his mother and Bulma cheering on their little competitors, along with Roshi, Yamcha, Puar, Marron and Oolong. Gohan stared at his mother, thinking that despite the same clothes she always seemed to wear, and the tight bun at the nape of her neck, that she was quite pretty, her big dark eyes framed by long lashes and her long, bare arms tapered and slender.

The group was just a little off to the side from the competitors’ waiting area so they were easily visible.

But Chi Chi would not glance at Gohan. She refused to.

The posters had been too much for her. Chi Chi had no reason not to believe that Gohan was behind them and she was so angry she could get in the arena with him herself! She thought it was beyond selfish and cruel of him to nearly expose Goten to that part of his life and she was just livid. So, Chi Chi cheered for one of her sons, and completely ignored the other.

And despite everything Gohan had done and said and claimed, it tore at his heart, only helping his anger and recklessness on this day to flourish further.

* * *

Trunks was little surprised that his father won the fight, but when Vegeta beat Krillen, it dawned on the lavender-haired man that he would be facing him in the next round. As Vegeta came off the arena floor, he walked past Trunks and gave him a menacing stare. All along in the competition, he had looked at Trunks with pride and expectation, but now it was clear. Trunks was his next opponent and there was nothing in Vegeta that would go light on him. If anything, Trunks expected Vegeta to go harder on him than he even would against Goku.

Before the fighting had begun that day, all the Z-fighters had stood in a circle and promised to keep their special powers down. There would be no use of ki. There would be no flying!

They had to use their strength and skill alone to beat each other.

Trunks had managed, after several tries, to get Gohan to attend the circle to make this promise. And he had to physically take Gohan’s hand and place it over the others, ironically, right over Goku’s hand, when they all made the pledge.

As soon as it was done, Gohan whipped his hand away as if it had been burned. He glared at his father, then stalked off to stand alone, arms crossed.

Vegeta had watched all of this with a detached air. Vegeta calculated…

Vegeta thought, ‘If they are as distracted as they appear to be, then they should be easy to beat...’

But he had little idea of what was to come.

None of the Z-Warriors could prepare themselves for the events that unfolded later that day…

* * *

Trunks faced his father, panting, trying to catch his breath. Vegeta stared at him in calculation, bleeding from several facial wounds himself, but seeming to bear them a bit better than Trunks was.

‘This is madness!’ Trunks thought. ‘I’m never going to beat him. Frankly, he’s going to kick my ass bloody.’

Trunks almost considered throwing himself at the compact warrior, but realized that his father had wanted this fight all along. Vegeta wanted a good fight with Trunks, something that would make him shine with pride, so Trunks was going to give him that fight. And that meant that Trunks had to think before he made any impulsive attacks that would give his father an opening.

Trunks charged his father and hammered blows into him, flipping suddenly, his feet smacking hard into Vegeta’s chin, the older warrior only sensing the sudden movement a moment before it happened. Instead of being thrown back as Trunks had hoped, Vegeta staggered a bit and smirked as he wiped blood from his mouth, regarding Trunks evenly.

Then Vegeta surprised Trunks by holding up a gloved hand for Trunks to lock fingers with him.

* * *

Gohan watched the fight from afar, thinking of Goten’s win of the Junior Tournament, and amazed at how good Trunks was after all this time. Gohan was also damned impressed with Vegeta’s performance, the older warrior having more than likely surpassed Gohan and perhaps even Goku.

Gohan winced when he felt a heavy hand settle on his shoulder. He didn’t even turn; he knew who the hand belonged to.

Gohan and Goku were up next after this fight.

“Son, I just want a good fight. Please. Can’t we just put the past behind us, and start over?”

The imploring sound to Goku’s voice nearly tugged at Gohan’s heart. But Gohan hardened himself against the urge to turn around and throw himself into the older man’s arms.

“Don’t worry, Dad. You’ll get a good fight. Fucking believe it.”

Gohan felt the air next to him shift… in anger.

Gohan turned slightly to see his former Master’s intense gaze, piercing into him once again. Gohan met Piccolo’s gaze, and this time, he didn’t flinch away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A/N: I HUMBLY APOLOGIZE. Life really got hectic and then sitting at a computer to write just got to be such a bear. Well, the first production of the season at my theatre was a major success and is Broadway bound so now that that is all over, I’m hoping things lighten up, but I got the writing bug again, hence the chappie! I’m so sorry I made you all wait and I promise not to do it again. And that goes for my other fics as well – The next Odd Couple Chappie will be my next project and will be up soon. ^^

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And this is her site:

So, just a few more chapters to go. I’d say 2 tops and this baby is done. ^^

-- Jana (Dharmaserenity)

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