Primal Urges

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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 14 of ? by DharmaSerenity
Title: Primal Urges, Part 14 of ?
Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

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Primal Urges, Chapter 14

Trunks left his room, a maroon, terry-cloth robe wrapped tightly around his body. His eyes were red-rimmed, and his face
bitter and withdrawn. Trunks walked out to his living room and saw Gohan sitting on the couch.

Gohan stood upon seeing Trunks, Gohan’s face grim.

Trunks looked at Gohan for a moment, something akin to hatred burning in his eyes.

“Get out.”

Trunks turned, having said all that he was going to say, and was on his way to the kitchen when he heard Gohan say, “No.”

Trunks stopped, his mouth twisting in rage, perhaps more at himself for letting everything get this far. He turned to
regard Gohan as if Gohan were something beneath him.

Gohan, nearly wincing at the look that Trunks gave him, squared his shoulders, and said, “I’m not going.”

“Yes. You are,” Trunks corrected.

“Make me,” Gohan challenged.

Trunks’ face became livid for a moment as the air around him crackled. He would have ascended to Super Saiyan if he had
any fight left in him. But he didn’t. Instead, Trunks merely turned and continued on his way to the kitchen. Gohan

Trunks mechanically grabbed salad makings and started chopping food at the counter. He wasn’t hungry, not after everything
that happened, but after hardly having any lunch he knew he should make himself something to eat. Besides, he would be
damned if he was going to let Gohan get the better of him. Trunks was through with all of this shit.

Gohan just watched him from the doorway for awhile. When Trunks reached for a radish, Gohan said, “I don’t like those in
my salad.”

Trunks just mechanically chopped it and threw it into the salad. “Too fucking bad.”

“I’m not leaving, Trunks.”

“You already said.” Trunks didn’t look at him, just continued to chop vegetables.

“You want to know why?” Gohan persisted.

“No. But I’m sure you’ll tell me.”

“Because you only proved to me what I knew all along. You still want me. Despite everything you pretend.”

Gohan neared Trunks to say more, but Trunks flared into Super Saiyan form, his eyes ablaze and his face spitting mad.
“Don’t you dare touch me!”

Gohan backed off immediately, his hands up. “Ok. Ok. I won’t touch you.”

Trunks glared at him. Gohan backed up a bit further and Trunks’ spiky blond locks went back to their normal state.

“Look, I don’t blame you for being angry. I was a prick and I apologize. I shouldn’t have done that.” Gohan actually did
sound genuine, so Trunks had trouble facing him, still wanting instead to hold onto his anger.

“I felt... like... it was abusive, Gohan,” Trunks said, in a small voice.

Gohan’s voice, soft, said, “I know. I’m sorry. Nothing like that will ever happen again.” Trunks glanced quickly at
Gohan, disbelieving. “I’m serious Trunks. You’ve nothing to fear from me.”

Trunks, overwhelmed by anger and now beginning to feel himself soften towards Gohan once more and hating himself for it,
lost his patience and grabbed the counter, “Just leave! Just get out! Why are you persisting in all of this? You’ve
ruined it all, Gohan! Don’t you even know that?!”

“Don’t you dare say that! I’ve ruined nothing.”

Trunks laughed bitterly and shook his head, continuing with the salad.

Gohan continued, “I only proved that you still want me. That you’re turned on by me and want me despite this high and
mighty attitude you have. You try to act like you’re better than me because I strip. Like it is all somehow beneath you.
But you were on that floor, writhing in...”

“Enough!” Trunks’ eyes pierced Gohan once more. “I’m not going to repeat myself. Fine. You want to stay and be a complete
prick? Then stay. Just stay the fucking hell away from me, because I’m not playing Gohan. You pull anything like that
ever again and I’ll fucking give as good as I get. Got it!”

Gohan nodded. “Yeah. I got it.”

* * *

The week continued, Trunks working long hours and training with his father in his spare time. In fact, Trunks spent the
entire weekend at the Briefs’ home, away from Gohan. He threw himself into his training and Vegeta was quite pleased.

When Trunks did go back to the apartment, he was astonished to see Gohan act neutral towards him, if not quite polite.
Gohan didn’t try to say “hello” to Trunks or anything like that, because Trunks made it clear that they weren’t on
speaking terms, but Gohan wasn’t rude either. Gohan picked up after himself now. He didn’t turn up the volume on the TV
and even gave Trunks his space when Trunks wanted to use the living room, often retiring to his own bedroom on those

The only thing that did bother Trunks, a lot, were the phone calls.

There were quite a few coming to the house phone lately, and Gohan would often be on long phone calls on his cell out on
the balcony, smoking several cigarettes per phone call.

Trunks suspected that Gohan’s whoring days were back in full swing, hence the phone calls and Gohan often returning late on
nights that Trunks knew he wasn’t stripping.

It ate away at Trunks. He tried to tell himself that it didn’t matter, and that he didn’t care, but Trunks knew that was a
lie. It hurt, and that was the plain truth of it.

Every now and then, as Trunks endeavored to go through the motions in all of this, he would stop what ever he was doing to
just feel his pain. Trunks wanted Gohan back and he wanted him all to himself. And that, was that.

* * *

Monday night after work, Trunks returned home around 8pm to find Gohan talking in the kitchen with a guy.

Trunks, twisting his face in barely contained contempt, said, “Excuse me. I didn’t know you had company.”

Trunks stomped off to his room and slammed the door. He was fuming.

So Gohan’s back to his fucking games! Trunks thought.

Trunks changed into a pair of faded jeans and a crisp white button-down shirt, open at the collar, and realized that he was
putting on clothing that would make him stand out, just to put that other man to shame. The guy, from the brief look Trunks
had of him, had thinning hair and wasn’t all that much to look at, really. Trunks smirked, his eyes glinting, as he
decided it was time for him to get a glass of wine. After running a brush through his hair, making it sparkle, he walked
out into the living room and straight to the kitchen where the pair lingered. Trunks almost turned back afraid he might
see them kiss, not knowing what that would do to him, but then Gohan’s guest poked his head around the corner to look at

When the man caught Trunks’ look, he blinked at Trunks in surprise, a wounded look in his eyes in response to Trunks’ open

“Hi. How are you?” the man asked Trunks, sounding self-conscious.

Trunks just managed not to glare at the man as he pushed past him to enter the kitchen and deliver Gohan a dirty look, as he
reached for an unopened bottle of wine.

Gohan gave his friend a look, shrugged and said, “I gotta go pee. Be right back.”

Trunks busied himself with uncorking the bottle, a pissed off expression on his face, his movements jerky. He felt Gohan’s
friend staring at him and was about to yell at the man, but the man spoke first.

“I guess you don’t remember me, huh?”

Trunks whipped his head around, narrowing his eyes at the man. Trunks knew he was making the man uncomfortable. He told
himself that he didn’t care, but then Trunks realized there was something familiar about the man.

“I’m Michael. Remember? From the club the night of his birthday.”

Trunks blinked. “Oh. Oh, yeah. Oh...”

Michael grinned sheepishly. “Yeah, I know. I make a real impression.” Mike, in his discomfort, tucked his hands into his
blue jeans.

Trunks felt like a heel. “I’m... I... I’m sorry. I thought...”

Trunks turned back to the counter, trying to pour himself a glass of wine, his hand shaking as he tried to not think of what
a fool he just made out of himself.

“I guess.” There was humor in Mike’s voice as he said this. “So, how’ve you been?”

Trunks shrugged, sipping from his glass of wine and not looking at Mike. “I’ve been better. Want some wine?”

“Um, sure. Thanks. It looks good.”

“So, you and Gohan are not together?” Trunks wanted to immediately kick himself for asking.

Mike laughed. “Kami no. No, we’re just friends. Always have been. So... you’ve been better?”

Trunks shrugged then turned to look at Mike. “Maybe you can tell me why Gohan won’t get the fuck out.”

Mike gave him a weird, small smile, as if he almost pitied Trunks. Trunks felt anger flare again as he looked at the man,
Mike flinching in response. Then Mike, a true friend of Gohan’s, decided to just ask what was on his mind, “Don’t you

Trunks turned away again, but then looked over his shoulder at Mike, feeling his face go hot in embarrassment, but needing
Mike to continue.

“Gohan’s crazy about you. In all the time I’ve known him, he’s never been like this about anyone.”

Mike walked up to Trunks and looked him in the eye. “He’s not seeing anyone else and all he’s doing is stripping, in case
you were wondering.”

Trunks narrowed his eyes at Mike. “Oh yeah! Then why is he on the phone all the time and staying out every night?”

Mike just smiled. “He’s been on the phone with me and out with me. He needs a friend right now because... well, he
doesn’t know what to do.”

Trunks hardened his piercing blue eyes at Mike. “Did he get you to talk to me?”

Mike laughed. “No. And he’d probably knock my head off my shoulders if he knew I was.” To prove what he said was true,
Mike immediately looked nervous as they both heard Gohan approach.

Gohan snuck his head in the kitchen, completely ignoring Trunks. He turned to Mike, “You ready?”

“Yeah.” Mike turned to Trunks. “Well, I guess I’ll get that glass of wine some other time.” Trunks looked at the bottle
in embarrassment, realizing he had never poured him the glass. “See you soon. Bye.”

Trunks absently said, “Bye.”

* * *

On Wednesday Trunks came home early, around 6pm. He was tired and just wanted to sit after a nightmarish commute. Trunks
should have just capsuled the car and flew home, but then he figured someone would have noticed the President of Capsule
Corp taking to the air from the crowded streets.

Trunks threw himself into a wing chair and closed his eyes, not even bothering to change out of his suit and tie. He could
still smell Gohan’s hair gel in the air. Trunks figured Gohan must have left not too long ago. Usually Gohan’s hair was
the last step he took in getting ready before he stepped out of the apartment.

Hating the unbidden thought, Trunks wished that things could be different between them.

Trunks’ relaxation was interrupted when he heard a noise and looked up to see a practically nude, leathered and eye-lined
Gohan staring at him in surprise.

“You’re home?!”

Trunks turned his hot face away in embarrassment. “I live here, remember!”

Gohan laughed, sounding pleased. “I know that.” His voice had an intimate quality to it that stirred something within
Trunks immediately.

Trunks couldn’t keep his eyes away, though, and turned once more to look at Gohan, masking his stare in hardness. Gohan
was dressed in a red-leather thong, a vest with attached straps that criss-crossed his abdomen, a dog collar, and straps
around each bicep. Gohan wore cherry-cola red Doc Martins and had on black-eyeliner, which set off his dark eyes. His
hair was jelled and looked wild.

“What are you prancing around in that getup for?” Trunks tried to make his voice sound harsh as he asked the question, but
there was a hint of arousal in his voice despite his efforts.

“I just got it today and wanted to try it on, to make sure it looked ok. They sent me the wrong color, so before I returned
it, I decided to try it with my red Docs. What do you think?”

Gohan gave a little dancer twirl.

“You look like a stripper.”

Trunks tore his eyes away, feeling his heart hammer in his chest.

Gohan laughed, scratching the side of his face. “I suppose I do. I was going to test it out, to see how comfortable it
would be to dance in, but I suppose I could...

Gohan’s voice was amiable and it caused Trunks to yearn for the return of light banter between them. Trunks was so caught
up in his feelings, that he didn’t see Gohan take the remote to the stereo and choose a cd already in the carousel.

Trunks looked up in alarm at Gohan as he stood before him, a teasing look on his face. Before Trunks could voice a warning
for Gohan to back off, Gohan gripped the arms of Trunks’ chair and started to dance, with the obvious intention of giving
Trunks a lap dance!

“Stop it Gohan. Now!”

Gohan ran a gloved hand through his hair as his other arm held his body over Trunks, Gohan arching within an inch from
Trunks’ face with his abdomen.

“What? Does this bother you? I’m not touching you.” The voice wasn’t antagonistic. Actually, it was husky and full of
arousal, in addition to being playful.

Gohan squatted, almost sitting on Trunks’ legs as he grabbed each arm of the chair and arched his upper body back, moving
his entire body fluidly to the music.

Trunks could hear his own breathing become heavy, just the smell of Gohan turning him on, never mind the sound of Gohan’s
voice, the look in Gohan’s eye, or the mist of sweat that covered Gohan’s skin. Gohan changed position suddenly and
breaking a rule of lap dancing by making contact with the customer, he placed his knee against Trunks’ chest, pushing
Trunks against the back of the chair. Gohan moved his torso back up to look at Trunks and reached out a gloved hand to
unbutton a few buttons on Trunks’ shirt.

“I said stop it Gohan!” Trunks face was flushed. He was trying to look outraged, but his eyes sparkled in excitement and
his lips were parted to emit panting breaths.

“I smell you, Trunks. You want this.”

“Fuck you!” Trunks said, with little conviction.

“That’s exactly what I had in mind.” For emphasis, Gohan whipped off his g-string, freeing his erection. He put a knee on
each armrest and grabbing the wings of the chair, arched all the way back again, his head hovering just above the floor as
his erection stood up in front of Trunks’ face. Gohan remained like that, swaying his hips slightly to the music, almost
comically taunting Trunks who felt part absurd, part excruciatingly aroused.

Trunks, surprising even himself, brought his face forward and put his lips over the glistening tip of Gohan’s arousal,
feeling as Gohan shuddered at the contact. Gohan remained in the arched position, letting Trunks run the underside of the
tip of his tongue against the slick surface running along the slit of Gohan’s head.

Trunks figured, Fine, he wants to be a tease, well so can I!

Trunks drizzled his tongue over the tip of Gohan’s cock, not touching him in any other way. Gohan just continued to sway,
acting as if nothing had changed, but Trunks could hear Gohan’s shuddering breath, and occasionally felt the entire chair
vibrate with a trembling of Gohan’s taut body.

After awhile, holding back was getting to Trunks, so Trunks lowered his face over the shaft, taking in as much of Gohan as
he could, coming back up slowly, sucking on the way. Trunks was satisfied to hear Gohan moan.

Trunks broke contact and surprised Gohan by saying, “You do that to me again, you fuck and I’ll kill you.” Trunks didn’t
have to clarify -- Gohan knew Trunks was referring to what he had done to Trunks the week before and knew that Trunks meant
what he said now.

Gohan lifted himself back up, his face red from the blood that had rushed to his head, so that he could look Trunks in the
eye. “Don’t worry. You get to fuck me any way you want. Because I need it, Baby.” He cupped Trunks’s face in a gloved
hand. His look and voice softened then, “I’m sorry for what I did last week, Baby. I’ll never be so stupid again.”

Gohan grabbed Trunks by his tie and pulled Trunks’ face close to his own. “I want you.” And then he crushed Trunks’ lips
in a passionate, erotic, open-mouthed kiss.

Trunks, after weeks of being taunted by the close proximity, and desiring this creature despite everything he tried to tell
himself, wanting Gohan so badly, so much he thought he could literally fuck Gohan’s brains out, decided that that was
exactly what he was going to do. He pushed Gohan, nearly threw him off the chair onto the carpet, the young man becoming
worried, thinking Trunks was flinging him away. But then, he saw the look in Trunks’ eye, Trunks’ face telling him
otherwise. Trunks’ grabbed Gohan’s wrists and held them over his head as he bit and sucked at Gohan’s throat, moans
tearing from the younger man’s parted lips in response. Trunks’ ground his erection into Gohan, letting him know exactly
what kind of love making this would be. Gohan smiled through his moans, loving this feisty version of his lover.

Trunks invaded Gohan’s mouth then, his kiss almost feral. Gohan whimpered, bucking up against Trunks, leaving pre-cum
stains all over Trunks’ dark blue suit. Trunks grabbed a thick shock of black hair and fisted it, forcing Gohan to arch
his head back, so that Trunks could attack his throat once more, delighted to hear a loud groan of pleasure from the

“Wrap your legs around my waist.”

Gohan opened his eyes and stared at Trunks in surprise, but did as he was told. Trunks released his hold on Gohan’s hair
and undid his belt and trousers, then yanked down his boxers. Trunks sucked on two fingers, the whole time looking in
Gohan’s eyes, licking his fingers erotically, loving the look of fascination on Gohan’s face. Trunks reached down to slip
his fingers inside Gohan and moved them slowly in and out of him.

Gohan’s regarded Trunks in open lust as Trunks felt Gohan move his body against his hand. “You like that, huh?”

Gohan nodded. “Yes. Fuck me, Trunks. Fuck me senseless,” he said, practically begged.

“Shut up. I’ll fuck you and I’ll do it however I want.” Gohan moaned, Trunks picking up the pace with his fingers.
Trunks sucked Gohan’s lower lip into his mouth, bruising it.

Beads of sweat broke out all over Gohan’s body, intensifying the smell of the leather strapped to him. Gohan shuddered at
the increased pace of Trunks fingers inside him, as well at the feel of Trunks naked erection pressed against and sliding
up and down his own. Trunks finally removed his fingers and slipped into Gohan slowly, not wanting to hurt him with so
little lubrication.

Gohan sighed as well as groaned, instantly moving his lower body in time with Trunks. Trunks wanted that to stop, even as
good as it felt. He still held Gohan’s wrists above his head, but now he grabbed Gohan’s leg and brought Gohan’s ankle to
the floor, pressed there next to his face. By the sound of Gohan’s reaction to this, Trunks thought Gohan would cum any

Trunks said, “You better not cum yet!”

Trunks saw the look of pleasure on Gohan’s face, Gohan loving the way Trunks was taking command. With desire in his voice,
Gohan said, “No, I’ll hold on. Don’t you worry.”

Trunks started to move faster in and out of Gohan, making sure that every entry used his full shaft. Shuddering moans of
pleasure escaped Gohan’s mouth, bubbling up from his throat, nearly pushing Trunks over the edge several times.

It felt amazing to be with Gohan again.

Trunks’ tie trailed and tickled Gohan’s chest, partially exposed by the leather vest. Trunks still, for the most part,
wore his suit. Trunks flipped his hair back as he started to pick up the pace, all the while staring at the reactions on
Gohan’s face, loving the pleasure evident in his expression.

“Mmm, Kami you feel so good, Trunks.”

“You like it like this, huh? I should tie you up next.”

Gohan looked delighted at the promise of “next,” finding a way to still move to meet Trunks’s thrusts even though Trunks
had him practically pinned down.

Part of Trunks knew that he couldn’t go back after this. This was it. Trunks belonged to Gohan and Gohan belonged to
Trunks. And fighting it wouldn’t work. It hadn’t worked.

Sweat began to drip off of Trunks’ chin, hitting Gohan in the face, Gohan flicking at it with his tongue. Gohan’s whole
body was slick with sweat, his abdomen knotting at the sensation of Trunks beginning to pound into him with abandon,
Gohan’s body crawling inch by inch along the carpet. Gohan could feel rug-burn on his exposed lower back and ass, not to
mention the bruise that Trunks left of his lip, and knew Louis was going to have a fit when he saw him, but Gohan didn’t

This was heaven.

Trunks’ released all of Gohan’s limbs abruptly and commanded, not pulling out of Gohan, “Turn over.”

Gohan surprised Trunks with how adeptly he moved, lightning quick, flipping over by swinging his leg in front of Trunk’s
upright position, then jumping up on all fours. Gohan pounded backwards against Trunks never-relenting thrusts, meeting
each one, looking to the side and back at Trunk’s pelvis moving in and out of him, a look of determined lust on his face.
The look alone almost sent Trunks over the edge, so Trunks closed his eyes briefly, grabbed Gohan firmly by the hips and
lifted his hips to him, arching backward, forcing Gohan to just take it as he pumped into him with complete abandon.
Trunks closed his eyes, feral sounds escaping from gritted teeth.

Trunks was finally fucking Gohan senseless, Gohan’s forehead hitting the floor, Gohan’s ragged breath, moans and grunts
released through an open mouth as his forehead repeatedly banged into the carpet. It was too much for Gohan and he came,
screaming into the carpet, disturbing Trunks’ downstairs’ neighbor who was trying to watch the evening news.

Finally, Trunks screamed for all he was worth, his final thrusts shaking Gohan’s entire body. It would have amazed Trunks
to know that he sounded like Vegeta just then. With his final shuddering thrusts complete, Trunks dropped Gohan’s lower
body, which slid off him and down to the floor, the young man’s face still panting into the carpet.

Trunks looked down at Gohan’s back, Gohan’s beautiful body encased in the “sex wear” and felt hopeless once more, feeling
the last traces of his own self-respect fade away. Trunks threw himself to the carpet next to Gohan and tried to catch
his breath. Eventually Gohan turned his face to regard Trunks, the both of them panting, merely looking at each other.

Trunks was surprised to see a partially bleeding rug-burn on Gohan’s forehead and his lower lip swollen and purple. In fact,
several parts of Gohan’s body were now covered in rug-burns and bruises at the hip, ankle (even through his boot) and
wrists from where Trunks had gripped him. It had been rough, but fucking awesome sex for Gohan and he smiled finally,
looking beautiful despite his disheveled state.

But Trunks could only manage a small smile. He sat up and yanked his trousers closed. Trunks got up and headed to the
kitchen, needing a glass of water. Gohan, when he was finally able to breathe normally, followed Trunks into the kitchen.
He found Trunks, eyes closed, drinking from a glass of water as sweat ran down his neck and Adams Apple to soak his shirt

“Hey, you all right?” Gohan couldn’t help but sound worried, fearing that things would go back to the way they were just
before the sex.

Trunks put his glass down on the counter and shrugged, not meeting Gohan’s eyes. “What does it matter, huh?”

Trunks turned to regard Gohan, standing there in his stripper’s garb, minus the g-string, and laughed at himself in
derision, shaking his head.

“I mean, I just proved it, huh?” Trunks gave Gohan a frank, bitter look. “Yeah, all of this,” Trunks gestured at Gohan’s
outfit, “turns me on. I’m hopeless when it comes to you, and I’m no fucking better than any of those perverted freaks
that pay money to watch you take your clothes off. I’m just a dirty old fuck that wants to grope a beautiful young man.”

Gohan stared at Trunks for a moment and then his face took on an angry look. He walked up to Trunks, his face a mere inch
away, staring into Trunks’ blue eyes. Gohan grabbed Trunks by the shoulders and actually shook him, startling Trunks.

“Don’t you dare say that!” Then Gohan’s look softened, becoming tender as he brought up a finger to stroke Trunks’ cheek
lovingly, Trunks responding immediately by bringing his hands up to hold Gohan by the waist.

“Don’t you know that I love you Trunks? Don’t you ever compare yourself to those fucks. I love you Trunks.”

Gohan grabbed Trunks to him and held him tight, speaking into his hair.

“I love you,” Gohan whispered.

Trunks, still shocked by the words, took a moment to react, but then he smiled over Gohan’s shoulder as he grabbed Gohan in
an even tighter embrace.

They held each other like that for awhile, just reacquainting themselves with the close contact, and happy that they were
in love.


A/N: I owe an acknowledgement here to artist Rena Sama. Her interpretation of Gohan’s strippers garb in the pic I
commissioned for this chapter, inspired me to alter the outfit for this chapter, hence why the outfit is not red and not
black -- I just liked the look so much. So here is the pic:


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