Primal Urges

BY : Dharmaserenity
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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 5 of ? by DharmaSerenity based on story idea by Vickalinda (Tigereyes)

Title: Primal Urges, Part 5 of ?
AUTHOR: DHARMASERENITY, based on story idea and constant guidance by Vickalinda(!!)
Archive : yes
Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime, descriptions of visual art, porn, etc.

Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

Disclaimers : the characters of DBZ are copyrighted to
someone else, used without permission and no money is being made from the following fanfic

Rating: NC-17

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, a teensy bit of violence, descriptions of erotic forms of art, such as photos,
porn, stripping, etc.

Spoilers : End of Buu Saga. But before Gohan got married in Dbz. He never marries Videl in this story.

Notes : This story idea came from Vickalinda. Thank you Vicky!

Feedback : Please let me know what you think. Be as detailed in your critique as possible, please. I look forward to
hearing from you. :)

Trunks stepped into the shower, and turned the water on. He stood there, feeling nervous even though now he knew what
to expect. Yet it still was so new.

After breakfast, Gohan said he would tidy up and load the dishwasher, and said, winking, that he would join Trunks in
the shower once he heard the water running.

Trunks heard the bathroom door open and turned as Gohan pulled back the shower curtain. Gohan didn't smile. He just
looked in need. Gohan stepped into the shower, and Trunks, feeling the hot water cascade over his body, looked up at
Gohan's face, marveling at the strong attraction he felt for him.

And Trunks recognized the ache inside him. He had felt it before, so many years ago, when he was with the older version
of Gohan from his own timeline. At the time, Trunks didn't know what that ache inside him meant. But he knew now.

Gohan reached out to Trunks and cupped his face in a strong hand. Gohan pulled Trunks to him, and wrapped his arms
around him.

Their hard-on's pressed together as they kissed.

Trunks couldn't believe how he was moaning already, a simple touch from Gohan igniting in him the most naked feelings.

Gohan pulled away, liking the way Trunks' hair and body looked in the shower. He pushed Trunks against the tiled wall
and smiled at him, the intensity never leaving his eyes, as he lighted fondled one of Trunks' pink nipples.

Trunks' breathing grew audible. When Gohan bent his head to take the nipple between his teeth, Trunks moaned loudly.

The water was falling over Gohan now, and with his hair pressed to his head by the cascade, he looked even more like Trunks'
timeline's version of Gohan. Gohan stood straighter and hungrily took Trunks' mouth in an urgent kiss. Trunks, blindly,
reached down and grabbed Gohan's cock. Gohan moaned into his kiss in response, quickening Trunks' blood.

Gohan broke the kiss, his mouth still lightly touching Trunks' mouth, breathing heavily, loving the way it felt to be
touched by Trunks.

"Baby, would you turn around for me?"

Trunks nodded and complied, Gohan gently guiding him in place with his strong hands. One hand coaxed him to raise his
leg, propping his foot up on the edge of the tub. A foot gently pushed against Trunks' other foot to move it over a
bit. The other hand gently pressed against Trunks' abdomen, prodding Trunks to push his opening towards Gohan.

Gohan wanted to pound away at Trunks, his need, his desire, so great for this man, but Gohan knew this was all still
pretty new for his lover, and didn't want to hurt or scare him. Gohan would be gentle now, and when Trunks showed
signs of wanting things to be a little more fun and playful, then he would show Trunks what abandon truly meant. But
Gohan had all the time in the world for that. Right now, to make love to Trunks was enough for him.

Trunks was his new boyfriend, and would remain his boyfriend forever if Gohan had anything to say about it. Gohan knew
in his heart that he could never want anyone else the way he wanted Trunks now.

Gohan, although changing his life as drastically as he had these past two years, was no fool. Reckless with himself, yes.
But Gohan knew what this feeling meant to him and he would do nothing to ever endanger this relationship.

Trunks could feel the gentle application of lotion to his opening and he waited, in need, a little nervous, but eager for
those same sensations from the night before. Trunks knew that Gohan was being very gentle with him, and his heart opened
to Gohan even more for it.

Gohan pressed himself into Trunks and entered him in one fluid movement, Trunks arching his head back in response, his
moans growing in volume, echoing off the tiles. Gohan gently held Trunks by the hip with one hand, the other lightly
touching Trunks' chest.

He moved in and out of Trunks, again, letting Trunks get used to the feel of it. Gohan wanted to just thrust with all
his might, but the steady thrusting in and out felt very good too. Listening to Trunks repeatedly saying his name in
ecstasy, moaning all throughout was doing so much for his tingling senses.

Trunks could hear Gohan's moans increase with each thrust as Gohan slowly started to speed up his movements. Trunks
loved how gentle Gohan was being with him, but could feel Gohan's urgent need just playing under the surface of his
light touches.

"Gohan, fuck me! Please! I want you to." Trunks pushed against Gohan and turned his hungry look towards Gohan. Gohan,
breathing heavily into Trunks' face, smiled.

"You're very tight, Trunks. You need to get used to this first." For emphasis, he moved a little quicker and they both
felt as Trunks' body seized up slightly in response. "See?"


"I know how you feel, and it won't take long. I'll get you there, Baby. Just a few more times. This position needs a
bit more patience for now."

The sound of Gohan's need in his voice as he spoke stirred Trunks further. Trunks thought he would lose his mind, so he
pleaded. "Please, Gohan! Please!"

Trunks' begging for it melted Gohan's resolve. Gohan gripped Trunks by the hips and thrust into him fast and hard, taking
Trunk's breath away in a gasping instant, Gohan grunting behind him until his grunts became releasing screams...


Trunks lay in his bed, spent. Gohan had just gone down on him for the third time in a row, taking him to the heights of
pleasure and then each time licking and sucking the spent shaft to life again.

Trunks couldn't remember a day in his life, even the day he first discovered the pleasure of masturbation, that he ever
had so many orgasms.

Gohan stood over Trunks and jerked himself off over Trunks. Trunks could see he was very close and before long hot
liquid dripped onto Trunks' belly, Gohan grunting in satisfaction, loving the look in Trunks' eyes as Trunks watched
him masturbate.

When Gohan was spent, he jumped over Trunks so he could lie next to him on the bed. Gohan laid there trying to catch
his breath, but knew he couldn't get too comfortable, because Trunks needed a tissue.

However, Trunks surprised him by reaching under his bed to pull out a box of tissues, using one to wipe the semen off his

Gohan chuckled. "That bad, huh?"

Trunks looked at him puzzled.

"Been using them a lot the last couple of days?" Gohan smirked.

Trunks blushed and it was more than Gohan could take. He gathered Trunks in his arms, kissing him lovingly, smiling and
showing his immense happiness. The look was so open and full of emotion that Trunks opened his look too, showing Gohan
how much his presence affected him.

Gohan, looked down at Trunks chin, fondling it playfully. "I love this."

Trunks looked at him in question, a light look in his eyes.

"I love being here with you, all day. Making love," He smirked, "Making you scream."

Trunks smiled at Gohan, lazily playing with the thick shock of black hair.

"Trunks, you take my breath away." Gohan reached a hand up to caress Trunks' cheek. "You are so fucking beautiful."

Trunks blushed. Gohan laughed. "And you don't even seem to know it!"

Trunks looked at him shyly. "You're not so bad yourself." Trunks smirked, a dimple lighting at the corner of his mouth.
Gohan laughed.

Gohan looked a little disappointed suddenly, though, and looked up at Trunks, an apology in his eyes. "I'm going to have
to go out for awhile."

Trunks couldn't help looking disappointed. "Oh." It wasn't a question, Trunks not feeling he had that right with Gohan

Gohan looked down again at Trunks' chin. "I should go get my stuff into storage before Jack destroys everything. If he
hasn't done it already. I thought I'd save it until tomorrow, but then there's some stuff I really don't want to lose,
so, I think I should just get it over with tonight."

Gohan looked up hopefully. "But I'll come back as soon as I'm done, if you want me to?"

Trunks smiled. "Yes. I want you to come back." Trunks kissed Gohan, wrapping his arms around Gohan's neck.

Trunks broke the kiss and looked at Gohan shyly. Gohan looked back at him, a question in his eyes.

Trunks spoke, "You don't have to store your stuff in storage, if you don't want to. You could bring it all here."

Gohan looked down again. "You sure?" He looked up, arching a thick brow. Trunks felt his stomach do a flip-flop in
reaction to the handsome look.

Trunks smiled at him. "Yeah, I'm sure. I want you here, with me. Is that ok? I'm not taking it too far too soon, am I?"
Trunks looked at him, worry wrinkling his lavender brows.

Gohan reached his thumb over to smooth Trunks' brows. "I'm happy to take this far, even now. Trunks, this feels so right."
He looked at Trunks openly again.

"Gohan, I lov..."

Gohan brought his hand over Trunks' mouth. He smiled at Trunks apologetically. "You need to be sure about that before you
say it. Right now, well, there's a lot about me you may not love. A lot has changed, Trunks. I can't go back to being
that little boy that you used to know."

He looked down, then up again quickly. "Look, I meant what I said last night. I don't plan to fuck this up. I'll never
do anything to ever endanger you. I won't sleep with other people. I want to be monogamous. That means I can't make
money the way I have been for awhile." He saw the uncomfortable look on Trunks' face. "Look Trunks, I did prostitute
myself. Quite often. You need to realize that. I also did about seven films. People will continue to call me. People
will recognize me on the street. And, well, I plan to continue to strip." Trunks looked hurt in response. "Trunks, I
make really good money doing it. That means lap dances too. For a couple of hours work I make hundreds of dollars. And
I'll have to keep in good graces with the people that I used to work for in the movies because they own the club I work at.
I can't burn bridges. They'll understand why I won't take clients or do the movies, but I have to keep a relationship
with them if I want to still make money. And," Gohan looked down, "I have some good friends, like Mike. A few others.
They will continue to call me and I'll continue to hang out with them. I just want you to be aware of this. I want to
be honest with you. And, well, I want to... need to tell you that you can't change these things about me. I'm who I am.
And if you want to end it because of this, I'll be very hurt and disappointed, but that's not going to make me change."

Gohan looked down, afraid to see the look in Trunks eyes. What little he did manage to see was of those large blue eyes
filling with disappointment.

Trunks knew he would have been stupid to expect Gohan to give it all up, even though a little part of Trunks hoped for all
he was worth. But Trunks had to admit it was better than he should have expected. Gohan, admitting all that he had done
in the past two years gave Trunks every reason to believe that Gohan just as easily could have continued with it all.
But Gohan was telling him how much Trunks meant to him by his willingness to give up what he was. Trunks decided that
he would cling to that.


Gohan looked up, and gave Trunks a small smile. He then leaned down and kissed Trunks.


Trunks willed himself not to pace. It was already close to five hours that Gohan had been away. Trunks sat on the couch,
blindly staring at the game show he was watching on TV. He wrapped his arms around his knees, his bare feet cold, causing
him to tremble.

Where was he?

Trunks nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the buzzer. He ran to the intercom but managed to compose himself
before asking who it was.

"It's me."

Trunks sighed in relief as he buzzed Gohan in.

Trunks did allow himself to pace as he waited for Gohan to come up in the elevator.

Gohan walked in, looking large in his boots, and jacket, dressed all in black, with a large black duffle bag strewn over
his shoulder. He carried a cardboard box in his arms.

Trunks looked at Gohan's face as he walked in and felt his heart sink.

Gohan's face was tight, his lips pressed together. He had an angry hardness to his eyes and one large gash ran down the
side of his face.

"What did he do to you?!"

Gohan looked at Trunks in annoyance. "Can I just put this down somewhere first?"

Trunks started at the harsh tone, unexpected as it was. "Sure," he said, crossing his arms defensively, looking down as
Gohan stomped off in the direction of the bedroom.

Trunks heard the duffle bag hit the floor, the box following. Trunks, feeling useless, sat back down on the couch, waiting
for Gohan to return to the living room. Instead he heard Gohan go into the bathroom, the door closing loudly behind him.
Trunks could hear the water running.

It was a good half hour before Gohan returned. When he did, he walked straight to the couch, sitting in the middle of it,
a good two feet away from Trunks. Gohan merely stared at the TV, not once on his entry from the bathroom did he look at
Trunks. The angry red gash on his face looked clean, but it still bled down the side of Gohan's face.

Trunks got up and went to the linen closet to get a small hand towel. He came back to the couch, and wordlessly sat next
to Gohan, pressing the towel to Gohan's face. Trunks saw Gohan's lips tighten in anger, but Gohan said nothing, just
stared at the TV. After a time, Gohan's face relaxed a little.

In another half hour, Gohan raised his arm and put it around Trunks' shoulders. He still said nothing, merely stared at
the TV. Trunks, feeling reassured, leaned his head against Gohan's shoulder. Gohan caressed Trunks' shoulder, neck and
face, but still said nothing, and didn't look away from the TV.

After about another half hour, Gohan sighed heavily and turned to look at Trunks, who smiled at him apprehensively.

"I'm sorry. I... when I'm angry, you just need to let me be. Ok?"

Trunks nodded.

Gohan looked down at his own lap sheepishly. "I shouldn't have snapped at you. You were just concerned."

Trunks wrapped his arms around Gohan's waist. Gohan closed his eyes, then got up quickly, breaking the embrace.

Gohan's posture was stiff and again showed signs of anger. Trunks didn't know what to do, so decided to wait Gohan out,
merely staring at his back.

Gohan finally turned around. "Look, this isn't easy for me. I'm not used to this. Ok?"

Trunks didn't respond because he didn't know what to say.

Gohan continued, "I'm not used to having someone care about me, without any ulterior motives. And I'm not thrilled to care
about someone, period. I'm going to get like this for a while. I don't want to turn you off, so just know that. Part
of me just wants to get the fuck out of here now and never look back. I rode around on my bike until I needed gas because
part of me really didn't want to come back here."

The words stung Trunks even though he knew that Gohan was just trying to be honest with him because Gohan wanted Trunks
to understand. He wanted Trunks to understand because Trunks was important to him.

"But I know that I'd only come back. I just have to face it, and while I do that, you may have to deal with me when I'm
like this. I'll be honest with you Trunks, I don't deal with anger very well anymore. And I've got a lot of it. I don't
want to hurt you, and don't, WOULD YOU STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!"

Trunks was startled at Gohan's suddenly raised voice, Gohan's eyes flaring at him in his anger. "When I say I don't want
to hurt you, I mean you're feelings. Nothing physical," Gohan clarified. Gohan huffed, visibly trying to calm himself

Trunks didn't know what to do or say. He knew that Gohan was just trying to express what he was feeling, but Trunks still
felt his heart racing inside him.

Gohan sat down heavily next to Trunks, his head buried in his hands.

Muffled, not raising his head from his hands, Gohan said, "Don't ever ask me, Trunks. You know what I'm talking about."

Trunks felt the warning in those words. It wasn't a threat, yet he felt uneasy, disappointed, and sad.

"I don't want to talk about it and I never will." Gohan raised his head. "And I know that's why you came to my party --
to save me." Trunks heard the sound in Gohan's voice as Gohan fought the urge to use sarcasm. But then bitterly, Gohan's
urge relented, "Fuck, you practically rode up to the club on a white charger in shining armor!"

Trunks looked down. Gohan looked at him, and gently lifted his chin.

"You can't change anything. Just know that I want to be with you and will be. I'll be faithful. And I'll do everything
I can to make you happy."

Trunks knew that if he didn't agree, Trunks would lose him. Gohan would just grab up his stuff and leave.

"Ok." Trunks said this in a small voice.

Gohan caressed the side of Trunks' face.

"I'm sorry, Trunks. I don't mean to be harsh. But I don't want to ruin this and I can't pretend that I'll live with
questions or..." Gohan's face hardened. "Or, you asking me to go back to my family. Because I won't."

Trunks looked at Gohan cautiously.

Gohan ended, "That's the last time I will ever talk about this. Understand?"

Trunks nodded, looking down.

Trunks knew that if Gohan was with him, then ultimately, his plans to get Gohan out of danger have worked. It may not
be the rosy ending he had hoped for, but it was better than Trunks could have expected in such a short time.

Trunks looked up at Gohan in determination. "Fine, Gohan. I don't want to fuck this up either. I'll do what you ask."
He smiled at Gohan, looking at him hopefully.

Gohan showed him a small smile, but it was clear Gohan was still agitated.

"I'm going to go have a smoke."

He smelled as if he already had a whole pack before he got back, but Trunks only nodded. Gohan stood up and walked out
to the balcony.

Trunks lay in bed, staring at the ceiling as he listed to Gohan's steady breathing.

They did not make love that night, and honestly, after earlier in the day, Trunks wasn't sure he would have been able to

Trunks turned to look at Gohan's sleeping face, and was glad to see his stress frown had finally disappeared.

Trunks had felt so much anger in Gohan earlier, so he had left him alone. While Gohan broodingly watched TV, Trunks opened
up his laptop and got a little work done. Gohan didn't complain about it, either.

It was not the way Trunks had envisioned the night ending, but he had Gohan safe in his bed, and that made him happy.

Trunks thought about Bulma and what he would say to her. She'd learn before too long that Gohan was living there, and when
it was obvious that Trunks was not getting anywhere in terms of Gohan's family reunion, she would want to know why.

And then Trunks wondered how much he would tell her about his decision to have Gohan live there. Would he tell her that
Gohan was his lover?

Trunks saw a fleeting image of his father's angry face in his mind.

Trunks willed himself to stop thinking of Vegeta immediately, knowing that if he continued to, Trunks would never get any
sleep that night.


Vegeta walked on bare feet to the front door to retrieve the mail that had slid through the slot. He grabbed the pile up
off the floor and flipped through the envelopes.

He was surprised to see one envelope addressed to him. Well, it was for him, but obviously the person that addressed it
was an idiot.

In annoyance, Vegeta ignored the misspelling of his name, "Mr. Vegeta Saiyanprance," and just opened the envelope.

He saw the letterhead and grimaced at the bloated caricature of Hercule Satan at the top as part of the new logo for the
next Tencaichi Budokai, which according to the letter was to take place in just two months - actually, it was a special
tournament, celebrating Hercule Satan's 10th Anniversary as Martial Arts Champion.

Vegeta grimaced at the thought of that anniversary, but he still could not contain the smile he felt at the chance to
compete, once again.

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