Primal Urges

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Title: Primal Urges, Part 4 of ?
AUTHOR: DHARMASERENITY, based on story idea and constant guidance by Vickalinda(!!)
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Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime, descriptions of visual art, porn, etc.

Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

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Rating: NC-17, especially this chapter *blushing*

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, a teensy bit of violence, descriptions of erotic forms of art, such as photos,
porn, stripping, etc.

Spoilers : End of Buu Saga. But before Gohan got married in Dbz. He never marries Videl in this story.

Notes : This story idea came from Vickalinda. Thank you Vicky!

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hearing from you. :)

Gohan weaved in and out of traffic and it was obvious to Trunks that it was all for his benefit. The ride was thrilling,
and holding onto the strong torso in front of him excited Trunks further. Trunks couldn't help the laughter that bubbled
out of him in pure giddiness, the sound of it trailing after the pair on the night wind.

Gohan brought the bike to a stop at a red light and putting his feet down on the road, he turned around to face his
passenger with a grin.

Gohan couldn't get over how cute Trunks looked wearing his helmet, Trunks' lavender hair spilling from out of it. Trunks
smiled at him, his eyes shining in excitement.

Gohan smirked. "So, where are we going?"

Again that shy look returned to Trunks face, but then, his eyes met Gohan's in intensity.

Gohan clarified, "Where's home?"

Trunks told him that they were actually quite close, just a couple of blocks away.

When the light finally changed, Gohan tore down the streets, getting to Trunks' apartment building in just a couple of

* * *

Gohan and Trunks had rode the elevator up with a large group of people obviously on their way to a party in the building
- as it turned out, on his floor -- so Trunks and Gohan had to remain discreet. Well, at least Trunks felt he had to
remain discreet; Gohan would have loved to shock the group by grabbing up Trunks in a passionate kiss that would last the
entire ride, but he knew how embarrassed Trunks would be and didn't want to do that to him.

Trunks opened the apartment door, willing his fingers to remain steady as he used his key.

Trunks let Gohan into the apartment and followed him in, watching as Gohan took a look around. Gohan walked to the main
sitting area in the living room and looked out the window at the view. He then sized up the room and grinned at Trunks,
but his face became a little sober, almost sympathetic as he said, "Everything's so new. It smells new. It's kind of
weird." Trunks felt his heart flutter in disappointment, so wanting to impress this impetuous young man. But Gohan
continued, "It must be hard for you, living in a new time. Working at a new job. A new apartment."

He hesitated for emphasis, "A new boyfriend."

Trunks regarded Gohan silently, letting his words sink in. Gohan wasn't smirking or laughing. He looked at Trunks openly.

"Come here."

Trunks, nervous, made his way quietly towards Gohan. As the space between them closed with each step, Trunks' pulse rate
increased considerably.

Gohan reached out and pulled Trunks to him the final few steps.

He grabbed Trunks mouth in a greedy kiss that almost hurt, but again, Trunks could feel himself melt into the power of
that kiss, the taste of Gohan's mouth, the smell of Gohan's body and leather jacket overpowering him. Trunks put his
hands inside Gohan's jacket, enjoying the feel of Gohan's strong chest under his fingertips.

Gohan broke the kiss, looking down at Trunks, a serious look on his face as he panted, "Where's the bedroom?"

Trunks, feeling his insides coil, indicated where it was with a look.

Gohan smiled as he walked in that direction, grabbing Trunks by the hand and pulling him after.

After setting the dimmer to a warm glow, Gohan pulled Trunks over to the bed and turned around to grab Trunks in a strong
embrace again, kissing him for a long time, until a little moan escaped from Trunks lips.

Gohan broke the kiss, and looking at Trunks in almost wonder, he started to undo Trunks' tie.

Trunks started to push Gohan's jacket off his shoulders. Gohan stopped what he was doing to let the jacket drop to the

Gohan, Trunks' tie undone, pulled it from Trunks' collar, the silk sliding against the cotton of Trunks shirt making a
cool, sharp sound in the quiet room, quiet except for the men's heaving breathing. Gohan leaned in and gave Trunks a
biting kiss, but pulled away again so he could unbutton and push off Trunks's shoulders the deep blue suit jacket.
Gohan, making sure not to drop the beautiful jacket that did so much for Trunks' eyes, tossed it onto a chair nearby.
He then started to undo the buttons of Trunks' shirt.

Trunks grabbed and yanked up the tank top so that he could see Gohan's white skin underneath. He got a teasing glimpse
of rippled abs and a sweet looking navel. He reached up so that he could push the opened button-down shirt off of Gohan's
shoulders. Again, Gohan let the garment fall to the floor.

Trunks' shirt undone, Gohan already enjoying the look of Trunks' strong chest clad in just a gray T-Shirt, pushed the
garment off of Trunks' shoulders and again tossed the garment on the chair nearby.

Trunks grabbed Gohan's tank top once more and this time succeeded in yanking it all the way up, Gohan complying by raising
his arms. They pulled the shirt off together and Gohan grabbed it and threw it to the floor. Trunks had to take a break
from the removal of clothing so that he could feel the warm, creamy white skin of Gohan's chest under his fingertips and

Gohan still managed to undo Trunks' belt as Trunks snuggled up close, trailing worshipful kisses on Gohan's strong shoulder
and neck, Trunks' hands traveling up and down Gohan's chest.

Gohan wanting more of Trunks pushed him away gently and then got down on his knees. Trunks buried his hands in Gohan's
thick black hair.

Gohan pulled Trunks' shoes and socks off, thinking that even the man's feet were cute. He then reached up, a grin playing
on his handsome face and unclasped Trunks' trousers, sliding them off of Trunks' strong legs.

Trunks now stood in his gray T-shirt and boxers and Gohan, trailing his hands along Trunks' legs, lightly rubbed his cheek
and mouth against the burgeoning bulge in Trunks' boxers, eliciting a loud moan from the handsome, longhaired man.

Gohan stood, kicking his shoes off at the same time as he unclasped his jeans, yanking them down. The move was quick as
lighting and well practiced. Underneath, he was wearing a pair of black silk boxers that also strained against his need.

Gohan grabbed Trunks into a strong embrace, their tongues entwining yet again. Every little parting of their lips was met
with a soft moan from Trunks, who was beginning to shake, his need so great. Gohan didn't want him to cum before he even
touched him in bed, so Gohan pushed him gently away again so that he could yank up and off the gray T-shirt and yank down
and off the gray boxers. He then slipped out of his own boxers and pushed Trunks onto the bed with his full body.

They clutched at each other, hungrily kissing and rubbing their bodies together, delighting in the feel, the taste and
touch of each other. Trunks moaned loudly, tossing his head from side to side, his lavender hair fanning out on the
midnight-blue quilt as Gohan bit at his nipples, tasting Trunks' flesh for the first time. Gohan didn't want to tease
him with his hands, feeling how close Trunks was getting - he wanted more satisfaction from Trunks' first orgasm of the
night. He knew he had to move fast, so he trailed one long wet kiss, down Trunks' torso, tongue tip licking past the
delicious navel, until he bit his way past the dark, purple pubic hair. He grabbed Trunks in a strong hand and brought
his mouth over Trunks' great need, Trunks shuddering at the delicious sensation.

Gohan watched Trunks' reaction as he went down on him, Gohan's tongue and mouth expert in every way over his lover's body.
Within a minute, Trunks, moaning loudly and continuously, grabbed the quilt in each strong fist. Then a breath later,
his whole body shuddered and Trunks rose up, contracting his torso, head thrown back as he screamed with the release of
his orgasm into Gohan's mouth.

Trunks, body trembling as he continued to moan and scream, fell back onto the bed, head thrown from side to side in abandon,
lavender hair tangling in front of his pleasure filled face. Trunks' legs moved on either side of Gohan's torso, feet and
legs rubbing against Gohan's sides as Trunks enjoyed the rest of his orgasm.

Gohan loved seeing the pleasure his actions brought Trunks, felt pride in what he was able to accomplish even before their
clothing came off.

Sweat broke out on Trunks' body, adding to its already golden sheen. Gohan couldn't believe how perfect and beautiful
Trunks was and felt all the gratitude in his being for having the opportunity to be with him.

Gohan had waited so long, most of those years without any hope of ever being here, now, with Trunks.

Trunks' orgasm over, Gohan gave Trunks' cock one last pull with his mouth, then straddled Trunks, letting Trunks see how
aroused he was. Trunks reached his hand out and touched Gohan gently, Gohan closing his eyes briefly at the sweet

Trunks' hair was all over his face and Gohan couldn't help but think he looked all the more lovely for it, Trunks' body
having given over to abandon. Gohan lightly danced his fingertips over Trunks' hard nipples as he spoke.

"You've never been with a man, have you?"

Trunks blushed afresh, looking shy again. "No."

"What I'm going to do will feel very good, but you need to be very relaxed for it to feel that way... for it not to hurt.

Trunks nodded, no hesitation at all.

Gohan, pleasantly surprising Trunks, went into a deep backbend from his position on the bed, his head and shoulders
disappearing from Trunks' view as Gohan reached to the floor to grab at his jacket. Gohan's erection pointed towards
the ceiling. The move wasn't necessarily impressive to another Saiyan (a human would be floored seeing it, and many
have been) but Trunks still enjoyed Gohan's flexibility nonetheless.

Gohan straightened again, and smiled at Trunks, looking handsome and young once more. In his hand he had a tube of
lubricant. He moved his legs so that they were in between Trunk's legs.

"Now, I want you to know something. I'm clean. I've tested continuously these past two years and I continue to do so
every month. I've always done it with condoms. I just don't want to now." He gave Trunks a look of pure yearning.
"I promise you, you have nothing to worry about."

Looking in Gohan's eyes, Trunks knew he spoke the truth.

"And I don't plan on fucking that up either, ok? So don't worry."

Trunks nodded. "Ok." He tried a smile, but he was nervous. Gohan saw the look and gave Trunks a reprimanding look.

"You need to relax Trunks, ok? Think about it. You and I -- Saiyans. Just fucking think of the possibility. We can do
things with each other that no one would ever, could ever dream of." And for emphasis, Gohan went Super Saiyan. "Such

Trunks stared at him, having not seen him as an adult in this state. He was reminded of that brave little eleven year old
that already showed signs of adulthood, but Gohan, now, as an adult with blond hair and teal colored eyes -- Trunks felt
his pulse quicken in response. He didn't know what he liked or wanted more -- the jet-black locks or the fiery blond.
And without surprise since he too was a Saiyan, Trunks looked down at Gohan's pubic hair and found it fiery blond too.

Trunks made a decision, knowing the power of that state and how easy it was to forget one's own strength, and while Gohan
squeezed a dollop of lubricant on his finger tips, he heard Trunks grunt, and suddenly the lavender tangled locks burst
into golden flame around Trunks' handsome face.

Gohan stopped to admire Trunks' ethereal beauty. Then Gohan lifted Trunks' legs up into the air, and immediately, the way
' his legs were almost thrown upward, Trunks knew he had made the right decision.

"Now, just relax." And in a circular motion, causing Trunks to moan afresh, Gohan massaged the lubricant onto Trunks' anus.

Gohan did it for some time, until he could feel Trunks' body respond to his fingers slowly invading him, moving deliciously
in and out. Gohan continued the movement as he lowered Trunks' body just enough. Then Gohan pushed into Trunks steadily,
not too fast or too hard.

Trunks seized up, though, so Gohan stopped. "Come on Baby, just feel it, feel me. Doesn't it feel good?"

Trunks nodded, a little too quickly.

"No Baby, you are not letting go." Gohan massaged his thumbs on either side of Trunks' opening. "Come on Baby, for me."

Trunks could feel himself relax as Gohan pushed in just a little bit more, and a spot inside Trunks felt a delicious

Gohan felt Trunks' body open to him so he pushed in all the way, Gohan's head falling back as he enjoyed the sensation.
Gohan's hands gripped the strong thighs, Trunks' silky skin slick with sweet smelling sweat.

Gohan sensed before Trunks began to move, the need in Trunks for fulfillment. He looked down at his Super Saiyan lover
and saw another erection on his beautiful body. And Trunks, strength of a Super Saiyan behind him, even though he was
gripped by even stronger hands, started to move against the body he so wanted to feel move within him.

Gohan let a handsome grin play on his face, meeting his lover's eyes, as he started to thrust, slowly at first so that
Trunks could get used to the movement and sensations within. Trunks threatened to seize up again, but Gohan, practice
behind him, moved the thrusts in such a way so as not to miss even once the spot within Trunks that would make all of
this come alive for him.

Trunks started to moan loudly, and thrash, building to a frenzy as Gohan moved faster, pounding his body against Trunks
body, the body he yearned for in every possible way.

Gohan grunted too, as he threw in sweet endearments, which only added to the pleasure and special feeling pouring over
Trunks. "Oh Baby, you are so beautiful," "Baby, God, you feel so good!" and "Baby, you going to cum for me?"

Trunks moaned differently, the pleasure building and intensifying with each thrust of Gohan's pelvis. Gohan could see
Trunks abdomen begin to twitch as Trunks started to yell "God!" "Oh God!" "Oh God Gohan, God, God, GOD!!"

Gohan, satisfaction enveloping him as he felt the first spasms of Trunks orgasm around his cock deep inside, threw his head
back and screamed for all he was worth, ascending to Super Saiyan Two in the process, as his body was racked with one of
the best orgasms of his life. In fact, he had every reason to believe it WAS the best orgasm of his life. And Gohan
knew in that instant, his vision clouded and his hearing muffled in the intensity of thrilling electricity tricking up
and down his spine and pouring over his loins, that he had made the right decision to pursue this as he had.

Gohan's first instinct had been to just drive through that red light, those few days ago when he had bumped into Trunks
at the outdoor cafe.

But when he had seen Trunks look around for him, he got a good look at the face he had remembered so well, and had felt his
innards twitch in a way that they had never done for another person.

And unlike Gohan, never too intimate after his body's needs were satisfied, he collapsed against the sweaty and panting
spent body of his lover and wrapped his arms around him, thrilling in the feel of Trunks arms wrapping tightly around
him in return. Gohan buried his face in a tangle of hair that had returned to its lavender hue and he let himself go
back to black. Gohan nuzzled deeper into the sweating neck and knew, as frightened and vulnerable as it made him feel,
that there was no other place on earth that he wanted to be and to leave would be painful.

This was different.

Gohan had been with so many men in the past year and half, and even though he enjoyed the thrill of the chase, to the
point of nymphomania, Gohan knew that nothing on earth or in the universe could ever compare to Trunks' embrace.

Gohan was in love.

He loved Trunks.

Gohan brought his strong hand up and buried it in the soft silky hair of his lover, knowing that he would have to change
many things in his life.

But that angry part of Gohan already wanted to rebel, to run.

But for the first time in nearly two years, Gohan told that angry voice in his head to just can it. If he ran, Gohan
knew he would be right back again. But Gohan would have hurt Trunks in the process. And for some reason, the mere
thought of hurting Trunks was almost sickening to him. Gohan had only to look at the sweet dimple at eye level playing
on Trunks' cheek as Trunks smiled in his bliss and Gohan knew that he only wanted to see that face smile - to see that
face happy.

Gohan brought his thumb up and lightly caressed that dimple in fascination.

Trunks felt the tenderness of that touch and his smile deepened. Trunks stroked the small of Gohan's back, his fingers
trailing in the pooling sweat gathering there, lightly grazing the circular scar where Gohan had once had a tail.

Gohan, usually not liking anyone to touch that spot on him, feeling most vulnerable there, delighted in the lazy trailing
of Trunks' fingers.

* * *

Trunks large blue eyes opened slowly, not immediately recognizing his surroundings.

Trunks awoke at the foot of his own bed, his thick quilt tucked around him with care.

Trunks sat up, the quilt falling away, revealing his nudity.

"Gohan?" He turned but no one lay next to him.

Trunks head hurt and he was very thirsty. "Why did I drink so much?"

But he knew exactly why he had.

Trunks felt staggering disappointment that Gohan wasn't there. He tried to stand, but his feet couldn't find steady floor
for the pile of clothing lying at the side of the bed. He looked down and was relieved to see all of Gohan's clothes
still there.

That was when he recognized the smell of frying bacon.

Trunks smiled.

Trunks got up searching for his boxers. He put them on with wobbling legs. His hair was tangled all around him so he
smoothed it back as best as he could with his hands.

Trunks walked out to the living room and could hear busy sounds coming from his kitchen, along with the great smells of
breakfast being cooked.

Trunks stood in the doorway of his kitchen and watched as Gohan broke four eggs in one hand and emptied them on to a hot
pan. Gohan was only wearing his silk boxers. His skin stood out so white, but creamy, not that ugly pale white that
some people have. His jet-black hair stood up crazily and tangled. The sight of Gohan took Trunks' breath away.

Gohan sensed Trunks behind him finally and turned with a smile. He turned back to his cooking and making sure everything
was ok, he walked over to his still sleepy looking lover.

"Good morning." Gohan grabbed Trunks' warm torso into a sweet embrace and attempted to kiss him. Trunks pulled away
slightly. "What's wrong?" Gohan looked annoyed.

"I haven't brushed yet." Trunks tried to say in such a way as to guard his sleep breath.

"I don't care!" Gohan pulled Trunks close and gave him a long, sweet kiss, which made Trunks incredibly aroused. Trunks
could taste that Gohan also hadn't brushed, but he had to agree - he didn't care either.

Gohan broke the kiss and smiled at Trunks, still holding him close. Then Gohan pushed Trunks away. Trunks could see that
he wasn't the only one aroused by their embrace.

"Now go into the living room so I don't end up burning everything."

Trunks smiled at Gohan and did as he was told.

Gohan finished cooking a few minutes later and Trunks helped him carry everything to the dining table. Again, Gohan
outdid himself.

The breakfast was just what Trunks needed, with plenty of coffee and juice. Gohan smiled at how Trunks finally showed
true Saiyan characteristics and inhaled his breakfast.

"So, what shall we do today?" Gohan asked around munching a piece of buttered toast.

Trunks looked slightly disappointed. "I have to go into the office..."

"Are you kidding? It's Saturday!"

Trunks tried to smile apologetically at Gohan, but Gohan shook his head.

"Trunks, you've busted your ass all week. You can't tell me otherwise, I saw it in you last night. Take a break."

"I know. You're right, but I still have to..."

Gohan got up and came over to Trunks, standing there, letting Trunks see his arousal against his boxers. Trunks looked up,
his lips slightly parted.

"Stay here, with me."

Trunks hesitated. Then he thought about it. He guessed he was a bit of a workaholic - the things he had to do today
really could wait until Monday.

He smiled at Gohan. "Ok."

Gohan smiled down at him and took his face in a strong hand as he bent down and gave him a light kiss.

Gohan returned to his seat to finish the rest of his breakfast, a look of happiness evident on his handsome face. Trunks
wanted to stare at him all day.

Trunks thought, Yes, I would rather stay here with him, making love all day.

And at the thought, he continued to devour all of his food as fast as he could so that they could get started right away.

* * *

Bulma sat with ChiChi in ChiChi's kitchen, having one of the pastries that she brought over. Goku and Goten had devoured
a whole box of them between them and now they were outside sparring playfully.

ChiChi looked at Bulma over her cup of tea, her eyes full of hope.

"So, Gohan isn't pushing Trunks away? Really?"

"That's what Trunks says."

Bulma didn't know if she were making a mistake, but the need to tell someone about this finally got to her. She had told
Vegeta last night, who had been pleased. He then suggested that maybe she might want to tell the Sons about it too.

"Look, I've seen him a lot more than you have and, well, he's not the same since Gohan's left. It's like he's given up."
Vegeta looked angry. "It would almost be better if he were still dead for all the use he is." Bulma wanted to tease
him, saying something like, Why? Because you don't have a good sparring partner any more? But she saw the look on his
face, and even though Vegeta would be the last to admit it, he did seem worried about Goku.

Vegeta continued, "Yeah, it may not work out, but give him something to hope for."

Bulma realized she was far away mentally and looked at ChiChi apologetically.

"Look ChiChi, I don't know where this is going to go, but Trunks, well, he's got the best chance out of all of us of
getting Gohan home again. Mind you, Trunks has a lot on his plate, so he doesn't need calls asking him how things are
going or anything."

ChiChi nodded, staring down at her cup.

"Bulma, I'm not going to do anything to mess this up, believe me." She looked up at Bulma, a look of hope lighting on
her pale face again.

ChiChi continued, "The worst thing of all of this is Goten. He keeps asking why Gohan doesn't love him anymore." ChiChi
looked down, a tear spilling down her cheek, then chin. "I tell him that Gohan is just mad at Mommy and Daddy. But it
still doesn't take his pain away." She looked up at Bulma again. "I don't know exactly what we did, but I'll do anything
to fix it. So will Goku. We just want him home again. The way he used to be or, I don't care, even if he has boyfriends,
just so that he doesn't hurt himself anymore."

Bulma patted her hand. "I know ChiChi. Trunks will do everything he can, I assure you. We just have to be patient."
Bulma caught sight of a giggling Goten flying by the window. She could clearly hear Goku laughing too. "So, are you
going to tell him?"

ChiChi shrugged. "I have to. He needs something. If it weren't for Goten, Bulma, he wouldn't even be here."

ChiChi gave Bulma an open look. Bulma felt embarrassed.

ChiChi continued. "I'm not kidding myself, Bulma. I know. He doesn't even have to say anything. Sure, after all of this
happened, he's been great, sticking around, being there for Goten, but if he didn't have Goten to worry about, he'd be
saving some other planet if he didn't have the Earth to save."

Bulma looked down at her cup of tea, which was getting cold.

Please Kami, let Trunks bring Gohan back, Bulma thought.

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