Primal Urges

BY : Dharmaserenity
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Title: Primal Urges, Part 3 of ?
AUTHOR: DHARMASERENITY, based on story idea by Vickalinda(!!)
Archive : yes
Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime, descriptions of visual art, porn, etc.

Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

Disclaimers : the characters of DBZ are copyrighted to
someone else, used without permission and no money is being made from the following fanfic

Rating: NC-17

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, a teensy bit of violence, descriptions of erotic forms of art, such as photos,
porn, stripping, etc.

Spoilers : End of Buu Saga. But before Gohan got married in Dbz. He never marries Videl in this story.

Notes : This story idea came from Vickalinda. Thank you Vicky!

Feedback : Please let me know what you think. Be as detailed in your critique as possible, please. I look forward to
hearing from you. :)

Trunks rang the bell to the apartment, cooking smells filtering out to him in the hallway.

He was nervous -- very nervous.

Trunks kept trying to tell himself this wasn't a "date." But he felt it was anyway.

The door opened and Gohan stood there smiling at him. He was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a black button-down
shirt, undone, over a black tank top.


"Hi." Trunks said, blushing already from the way Gohan was looking at him. Trunks couldn't help but notice the subdued
lighting in the living room behind Gohan, with numerous candles lit all throughout.

And he noticed Gohan's scent too, much like the night at the club. It stirred something within him immediately, and he
could feel his blush deepen.

Gohan leaned towards him to hug him - Trunks seized up at first, but the hug was only friendly.

Gohan wasn't about to risk Trunks running. No, he wanted Trunks to have a couple of glasses of wine, and a good meal.
Then he would make his move.

Trunks walked in to the apartment and Gohan offered to take his briefcase. He put it in the hall closet as Trunks looked

The apartment was beautiful, with black leather couches and expensive touches.

Then Trunks noticed the painting on the wall above the mantelpiece. It was a nude painting of Jack, the angry blue-haired
man from the other night, laying in sand on a golden beach, golden sunlight glistening off of his skin. It was beautiful,
but it made Trunks nervous.

Gohan came in and saw Trunks looking at the painting. He smiled sheepishly. "Actually, this is Jack's place. I'm just
staying here for now."

Trunks looked at him in surprise. But then decided to take this as a good sign that Gohan wasn't planning on seducing him.

"Have a seat and relax. I'll pour you a nice glass of wine."

Trunks sat down on the leather couch, feeling relaxation start to take over. If Gohan invited him to his boyfriend's place,
maybe he was just genuinely interested in talking with Trunks. Still, Trunks wasn't too thrilled with the idea of Jack
walking in after the way he had glared at Trunks the other night.

Trunks heard Gohan busy in the kitchen and smiled. It at least sounded like Gohan knew what he was doing.

Gohan came out with a towel on his forearm and a heaping, large wine glass full of red wine.

"Whoa, I have to drive home, you know."

Gohan shrugged. "Fly home."

Trunks laughed. "Oh, yeah, that would be good. I'll probably crash into a plane."

Gohan cracked up at that as he returned to the kitchen.

The food smelled delicious and the wine was wonderful. Trunks sipped his wine and relaxed. One of the candles was
scented and added to his relaxed state. Trunks was happy to just let his mind wander, letting all the information
he had filled it with throughout the day just slowly seep out.

To his shock, he realized that he had already downed half the large glass in just a few minutes. He sat up straighter
and placed the glass on the glass topped coffee table so that he would have at least some control.

Gohan came out with the bottle of wine and a glass of his own. As he sipped from his glass, he topped off Trunks' glass.
Gohan smirked a little at the steady blush lighting on Trunks' cheeks from the wine. He was happy when he saw Trunks
reach for the glass after he was done pouring. Gohan went over to the dining table and put the bottle down. He then
grabbed another bottle as he returned to the kitchen so that he could open it there and have it ready to do another refill.

Trunks relaxed further, just staring at the candlelight. He didn't realize that not only was he inhaling all of the
cooking scents wafting around him, and the wonderful wine under his nose, but Gohan's steady scent of arousal too. It
was as if he was trying to drink it in, even if unconsciously.

Gohan came out shortly, with two large plates full of what looked like a delicious meal.

"Dinner's served."

He brought the plates over to the candle lit table and placed them down. He had already put a breadbasket, butter and
grated cheese on the table. He grabbed some salt and a pepper grinder and put those on the table as well. He then
filled the empty wine glasses at the table with the rest of the opened bottle.

Trunks brought his glass over to the table, and saw the new glass filled and giggled. Gohan laughed at his silliness as
he grabbed the glass from him. "Well, have a seat, can I get you anything else while I'm up?"

Trunks sat down, looking up with flushed cheeks and shining blue eyes. "No, this is great!"

"Ok." Gohan smiled at him, feeling the hard-on since he had hugged Trunks stiffen painfully. He wasn't going to fuck
this up by moving too fast. He reminded himself to not do so while he put Trunks' now empty wine glass in the kitchen.
He grabbed the extra opened bottle of wine.

He came back out of the kitchen looking composed, if only slightly flushed.

Trunks was waiting for him politely, even if he eyed the food hungrily.

Gohan sat down. "Well, dig in."

Trunks smiled at him and grabbed his fork.

The food was delicious, Gohan outdoing himself. He really took his time with the meal, making it as flavorful as he could.
He wanted this evening to be a feast of the senses.

He stared at Trunks as he ate, wanting to just devour him with his eyes. He hoped, prayed that he could do so later with
his mouth and hands.

Trunks looked wonderful, slightly flushed from the wine. His thick, lavender hair fell around his shoulders, some of it
falling in his eyes. He was wearing a dark blue suit with a wine colored shirt underneath. His tie was a deeper wine
color. The clothes just added so much to his natural coloring.

Gohan wanted to make love to him slowly, steadily for hours. And with Jack away for the weekend, tonight was the perfect
night to do it.

Trunks looked up at Gohan and Gohan smiled, allowing only a hint of his interest to show.

Trunks responded to the look, even though he was unaware of it. Trunks grabbed his wine glass and was dismayed to see that
the glass was almost empty. He took another sip and put the glass down. Gohan, smiling, filled the glass up again.

"Do you like it?"

"This is amazing Gohan. You are a wonderful cook."

Gohan smiled at him warmly. "Thank you." He added just a hint of huskiness to his voice that time.

"So, Trunks. Are you happy to be back? All the work worth it?"

Trunks made a face. "I'm a little tired, I'll admit. This is really a mess. I mean, I don't know how Bulma let it get
this bad, unless she wasn't feeling well for a lot longer than just two months. I've got my work cut out for me, there's
no doubt."

"Do you think you can fix the problem?"

"Problems, you mean? I think so. But it will be a challenge."

Casually, "Are you planning on staying with the folks? Or getting your own place?"

"I've already got my apartment." Trunks looked enthusiastic. "I moved in yesterday. It's great."

Gohan tried to contain his elation. "What's it like?"

Trunks described it, all the new furniture, the space, and it's amazing view of the City.

Gohan smiling, said, "It sounds wonderful. I'd love to see it sometime."

Trunks smiled shyly and looked down at his penne. He continued to eat, and Gohan felt his hard-on twitch. Trunks didn't
make a face. Trunks wasn't pushing the advances away any longer.

Gohan could feel the wine working on him as well, feeling his gaze linger over Trunks a bit more. As he sipped his wine,
"What do you think of the wine? Isn't it fabulous?"

"It's wonderful. I haven't had good wine in a long time." Trunks, to emphasize the point, had another sip. Gohan was
having a hard time wrenching his eyes from the loveliness before him. Trunks, in his innocence of the moment, eating
the food and enjoying the wine, looking as if he was having the first relaxing moment of his week -- he was just
breathtaking, a sweet blush playing on his delicate cheeks. Gohan couldn't wait for after the meal, when he planned
on setting the dimmer, and sitting very close to Trunks on the couch.

Trunks, losing himself in the good food and wine, feeling relaxed and aroused, had to muster self restraint to steer the
conversation. "So Gohan..."

"Yes?" Gohan smiled at him over his glass of wine.

"How... I mean... well, why?" Trunks blushed, feeling like an idiot.

"Why what?" Gohan continued to eye Trunks over his wine glass.

"Why the porn?" Trunks looked serious and a little sad.

Gohan smiled, his lips lightly touching the edge of the glass. He looked so handsome, his lips looking very inviting.
Trunks didn't know he was staring at them in fascination - but Gohan clearly saw the look on Trunks face. Gohan was
getting close. Soon Trunks would start looking at him openly in need.

"I like people watching me."

Trunks looked down at his meal, picking at the chicken. Gohan noted the difference in Trunks immediately, and didn't want
him to remain upset since that wouldn't do very well for his plans. He decided to steer the conversation to something

"What did you think of your little Trunks?"

Trunks looked up, almost relieved that the conversation changed. "He's a handful!" Trunks and Gohan laughed together.

"He's a brat, you mean," Gohan corrected.

"Yeah, I guess." Trunks looked down, chuckling.

"Do you remember being that way?"

Trunks looked blankly off into space. Gohan thought Trunks looked adorable.

Trunks laughing, "Not really."

Gohan laughed. "Yeah, I always remember you being very polite, then after you left, this little terror starts talking
and walking. And what a smart ass too!"

Trunks cracked up remembering how little Trunks kept trying to get Vegeta annoyed at breakfast, just for the hell of it.

Gohan topped off Trunks' glass again, and was happy to see him reach for another sip.

Gohan started to intensify his stare just ever so slightly. He got the desired effect immediately, seeing the blush
deepen on Trunks' cheeks as his eyes danced away shyly.

Trunks continued to eat, looking down at his plate.

Gohan took a couple of bites, all the time staring at his guest.

"I'm really happy you are staying Trunks. It's nice to have you back in my life again." He meant every word of it. He
had nothing but good memories of his friend. He wanted to add to those memories.

Trunks blushed a little.

"Thank you, Gohan." There was a hint of huskiness to Trunks' voice in return, and Gohan felt his blood quicken.

And with emotion in Trunks' voice, "I hope... I hope that we can remain close." Trunks looked up at Gohan and Gohan
felt his heart ache at the piercing blue eyes looking at him.

Gohan held his glass up. Trunks smiled, and grabbed his glass.

They clinked their glasses together.

* * *

Soft jazz was playing as a tipsy Trunks sat on the leather couch, sipping away at another glass of wine. Gohan had
opened just a couple of windows so that a nice breeze blew in. As he passed by the dimmer on his way to the kitchen
with the dirty dishes, he darkened the room just a hint.

He came out of the kitchen, trying to look casual, with his glass of wine. He sat down next to Trunks on the couch and
smiled at him.

Trunks was already drunk. Gohan wondered why it had been so easy to achieve. And part of him started to guess that it
just made it easier for Trunks - because something was going to happen this night, and Trunks would have to be deaf,
dumb and blind not to know it. Maybe Trunks didn't want to have self-restraint get in the way of this.

Gohan brought his arm up along the back of the couch behind Trunks. He could hear Trunks' breath quicken, as Trunks
sipped again at his glass, suddenly looking nervous.

Gohan knew it was time. He leaned towards the coffee table and put his glass down after having another sip. When he sat
back, he moved closer to Trunks and brought a strong hand up to grab Trunks by the chin.

His mouth opened over Trunks mouth in a slow, deliberate kiss. Trunks stayed still for just a moment, but then opened
his mouth. Gohan grabbed the glass out of Trunks hand, not breaking the kiss and leaned away to put it down on the
coffee table too. He broke the kiss for just a second to reach the glass over the last bit of space to the table. The
look on Trunks face confirmed for him what he already knew.

They would make love that night.

He leaned in and deepened the kiss, grabbing Trunks closer into his strong embrace. Trunks, shy at first, held his hands
against Gohan's chest, but then he moved them up to his shoulders, under his button down shirt so he could feel Gohan's
smooth skin underneath.

Gohan grabbed him even closer so that their chests could press together.

Trunks felt himself melt in Gohan's embrace, Gohan's tongue, hands, embrace, all expert in every way. Trunks heard a moan
and then realized it was his own, as the kiss intensified, Gohan doing things with his tongue inside Trunks' mouth.
Trunks felt a strong hand come up and run through his hair, holding his head in place as Gohan took biting, sex-tinged
kisses of Trunks lips, causing Trunks to gasp each time Gohan broke away slightly.

Gohan watched Trunks face as he did this, seeing the beautiful blue eyes roll back into his head in delirium.

Gohan planned to just kiss him until Trunks made a move for his body. He would not ruin this. All he had to do was kiss

And kiss him he did, for over half an hour he just kissed Trunks endlessly entwining his tongue around the older man's
tongue. Trunks was openly moaning now, shuddering every now and then, pressing his body to Gohan's in urgency. Gohan
knew he was driving Trunks mad, but he would not make the move.

Trunks would have to.

He felt Trunks hands moving all over his chest, his shirt pushed of his shoulders. Trunks really seemed to like Gohan's
arms. At one point, Gohan smiling into his kiss, felt fingers fondle his nipples through his tank top.

Still, he just continued to kiss Trunks, one strong arm around Trunks waist pulling him close. The other hand was raised
to pet his hair and touch his face.

Their mouths and chins were covered in each other's saliva, now nearly kissing for an hour. Gohan thought he would explode
if this continued much longer. He knew that when Trunks made the move, he would come very quickly. But then, he knew
he'd be ready for more immediately afterwards.

Trunks moaned as if he were in pain the urgency of his arousal at its peak. Gohan, in delight, felt Trunks hand descend
down Gohan's taut abdomen and reach for his crotch.

Gohan pressed himself into Trunks hand, and then to Gohan's dismay he heard the front door opening.

"FUCK!" Gohan broke the kiss immediately and stood up in front of Trunks, his back to Trunks so that he could face Jack
as he entered the apartment.

Jack entered, calling out "Honey..." but then saw the look on Gohan's face. Jack then noticed a pair of legs sitting
on the couch behind Gohan.

Jack's face contorted in outrage. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!"

"Let me explain!" Gohan came forward and as he did so, Jack caught a glimpse of who it was on the couch.

"YOU FUCK!!" Jack charged at Trunks, trying to get past Gohan, who held him away from Trunks easily. Trunks got up off
the couch, but had difficulty moving from his erection. Jack noticed.

Jack tried frantically to break free from Gohan's grasp so that he could get at Trunks to claw his beautiful eyes out.
Gohan, holding him effortlessly said, "Enough! Jack! Stop it!!"

Jack looked at Gohan and then spit squarely in his face. "You fuck!" Then Jack started to cry.

Trunks went past them and got his briefcase from the hallway, the whole time Jack stared at him with tearful, hate filled

Trunks looked at Jack apologetically. Jack kicked at him as he tried going past. Gohan shook Jack like a rag doll.
"Stop it now!"

"Get OFF OF ME!!" Jack screeched, crying and angry. His fingers were clawing into Gohan's hands where Gohan held him,
breaking skin.

Trunks looked at Gohan once, who shot him a look of apology, and then Trunks left the apartment. He panted as he made
his way to the elevator, feeling his whole body shake as he waited for it.

He could hear them fighting the whole time. Wine glasses and other sounds of breaking glass punctuated the curses that
Jack screamed out. Trunks could hear people in the other apartments around them stir in response.

Trunks clearly heard a woman in one apartment say to someone else, "Oh, they're at it again! I wish they'd just move!"

The elevator door opened and Trunks stepped in, wanting to get the hell out of there. As the door closed, he heard a loud
crashing sound, guessing that the glass coffee table was now history.

* * *

Trunks tried to get the key in his car, but was barely able to fit the key in the lock he was that intoxicated.

"What the fuck am I doing?!" He put his head down on the hood of his car, trying to inhale as much cool night air as his
lungs could take. He felt his head swim slightly and stopped gulping in the air, fearing he'd be sick.

He pulled out his capsule and activated it. The car disappeared into the capsule with a loud popping sound and then he
pocketed the capsule.

There was no way he could drive in his condition.

He started to walk, not ready to fly just yet. He feared that if he flew now, some poor unfortunate minding their own
business might find them self covered in his puke.

He walked a couple of blocks, finally feeling his erection subside. He felt exhausted, his face stinging from Gohan's
facial stubble.

What the hell just happened? He asked himself. How did I lose control so easily?

He fought at the feelings of guilt, feeling like he was only adding to Gohan's downward spiral. He stood at a stop light,
feeling his eyes sting.

But he wanted Gohan. Now there was no doubt.

The voice in Trunks head wouldn't relent. Why did I go? I should have known this would happen. What a fool I am to think
that this wasn't in the back of my mind the whole time.

He heard a motorcycle sounding suddenly very close, almost on top of him and he spun around in alarm to see Gohan on his
bike, smiling at him.

"Hop on!"

Gohan was holding out his helmet for Trunks to take.

Trunks took one look at Gohan's handsome face and felt the desire come flooding back into his system.

Gohan smiled at him, clearly covered in cuts and bruises from Jack's wrath. He looked amazing nonetheless.

Trunks smiled at him, not even bothering to hide his desire any longer and grabbed the helmet. He jumped on the bike
behind Gohan, several people staring at the beautiful male couple. Trunks put the helmet on, then wrapped his arms
around Gohan's strong waist.

Gohan took off, thrilling Trunks with the speed at which he traveled, the assurance he used in maneuvering his bike through
traffic. Trunks' senses were filled with the strength of the body he held, the scent of leather and Gohan's sex filled
musk, the elation and the excitement of being with him.

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