Primal Urges

BY : Dharmaserenity
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[Fic] Primal Urges, Part 17 of ? by DharmaSerenity
Title: Primal Urges, Part 17 of ?
Pairing(s): Gh x MTr, Gohan dominant!!!

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Primal Urges – Chapter 17

Trunks blinked blood from his eyes. He glared at Vegeta, angry at his father for no other reason than because it was good
to feel anger at this moment.

The crowd was going insane. This fight was better than anything it had ever witnessed before, including Goku vs Piccolo
all those years before. The only difference was that these warriors weren’t destroying the arena. They were making a
point to use the pact that they made with the other Z Fighters, using the rules they agreed upon to actually try to trip
each other up. They were using fighting skill against each other, instead of sheer strength and ki. When one warrior
would hurtle the other towards the arena floor, the falling warrior did everything he could not to bust through it,
exerting more energy to stay afloat above the arena just enough so that the impact would seem the same as for any other
contestant fighting that day. This exertion alone was taking its toll on their bodies, making them use more strength and
control than it would fighting as Saiyans normally did.

Vegeta was covered in sweat from head to toe, his spandex bleeding through completely so that he appeared to be wearing a
darker shade of blue. Trunks realized he had been fixated on that thought when the sweat on his father’s body suddenly
seemed to whirl around the older warrior. What was in fact happening was that Vegeta was spinning fast to land a kick to
the side of Trunks’ head, the younger warrior nearly flying all the way out of the fighting arena from the sheer force of
the attack.

Trunks pushed off the very edge of the arena floor and sprang back, landing behind Vegeta who had rushed forward to deliver
the finishing blow. Trunks quickly slid his legs under Vegeta, who, as he was falling, spun and punched at Trunks’ face.
Trunks grabbed his fist and grunting, held it back, at the same time kneeing Vegeta in the gut. The older warrior
grunted his fury and threw himself off Trunks and backward.

They faced each other once more, the crowd going completely insane.

* * * *

All the Z fighters were riveted by the match, screaming and voicing either their elation or awe at every single blow.

Most of them were rooting for Trunks.

But oddly enough, Goku was rooting for Vegeta, not that that would please the Saiyan Prince. If anything, it would
probably piss Vegeta off, more than likely injuring his pride.

Gohan, despite his stoic façade was just as taken by the events on the arena floor as everyone else. All throughout, he
kept silently urging Trunks on to victory.

‘Trunks, you can do this!’ He thought.

Still, Gohan couldn’t help but feel an outsider among all of his old friends. It was almost like old times again, among
his fellow Z Fighters, getting excited by a match taking place, yet he wasn’t a part of this anymore.

* * *

Trunks, sweat and blood dripping in his eyes, squinted against the sunlight filtering down to the stadium floor.

Trunks held up his hand for Vegeta to take.

His father chuckled in his husky voice, a sneering look in his dark eyes, yet he took the offered hand, then the other.
They used their strength as they glared at each other.

As he did in business, Trunks didn’t reveal everything that was up his sleeve. He was holding something back. But the
time had come and Trunks let go with his full strength to throw Vegeta off balance. As Vegeta stumbled, Trunks aimed his
palm to Vegeta’s chin with such force that the older warrior went flying, and then Trunks ran, with all his might and
pushed the older warrior, who had tried to meet his quick movement, only to find that his son was just a moment faster
than he was.

Trunks pushed Vegeta and Vegeta, who honor bound had agreed to the terms, did not use a rise in ki to hold himself aloft
above the ground outside the ring.

Vegeta landed with a thud and silence echoed throughout the stadium.

The sound that broke the silence was the husky laughter from the older Saiyan warrior, flat on his back and clutching his

In spite of his laughter, Vegeta had never been so proud.

* * * *

Gohan stepped out onto the fighting arena floor, the sound of the crowd deafening around him. Another match between a
father and son was announced, this time between Gohan and the fan favorite, Goku.

Gohan stared at Goku, but showed no sign of emotion as his dark eyes settled over the all too familiar frame of his father’s
powerful body.

This wasn’t going to be easy. If anyone knew that, it was Gohan.

But he was going to give it his best shot, and with any luck, he was going to send Goku home with a few bruises and some
knowledge of all the pain that Gohan had felt at Goku’s rejection. The pain of that rejection boiled inside him. He hated
Goku for wanting to leave them all behind, when all Gohan had ever wanted was for them all to be a family. So much had
Gohan sacrificed to achieve that very end, only for his father to want to throw it all away for his own ambition. Worse,
to Gohan it seemed that Goku wanted to throw it all away out of mere boredom!

Gohan sneered at his father, showing him the extent of his animosity and Goku could only shake his head in answer.

Goku looked at his handsome young son, studying him. He had always been so proud of Gohan.

But now?

Gohan had thrown away his family, his training, his peaceful nature all to focus on one thing – hatred. Gohan lived and
breathed to revel in anger. Sure, he was with Trunks now, and yes, that gave Goku hope. But what it all boiled down to
was that Gohan had dearly cost his own happiness by throwing away his future in reckless abandonment, all to just get back
at him. Gohan’s education was gone. And so was Gohan’s reputation as an honorable young man.

All of this had saddened Goku for the past year.

But, on this day, so soon after witnessing a fight between Vegeta and Trunks, Goku was struck with the similarity in his
son to the Vegeta of old.

Vegeta had long ago given up his reckless life, a life lived for vengeance sake and a quest for power. After years of
mental torment and anger, Vegeta finally had become an honorable warrior and was highly esteemed for it.

Now Goku’s own son had taken up stupid behavior that even Vegeta finally had the sense to cast aside.

It made Goku angry -- the futility of it all -- the uselessness of it!

Goku hardened his eyes and both warriors crouched down in a fighting stance, waiting for the signal that the match had begun.
As soon as it was given, they ran at each other with such speed and reckless anger, that it almost appeared as if they
were flying.

* * *

Trunks watched from the sidelines, dismayed at the look on Gohan’s face. Trunks was hurting badly from his match against
Vegeta, but he didn’t care. He continued to stand there, watching his husband’s match and would do so until the end.

Unexpectedly, he felt his father’s strong hand on his shoulder and couldn’t help but smile at the older Saiyan before he
turned to watch the match.

* * * *

Their blows were powerful, the sound deafening as the warriors made contact again and again. The fire in each warrior’s
eyes was frightening to behold and Chi Chi was the first to scream in fear that day.

Gohan had a year or more of sloth to compensate for, so his battle against Goku was going to be a tough one. After the
first volley of blows, he knew that in Goku’s anger, frustration and sadness, as Goku did with everything else, Goku
turned to his training in the time that he had been separated from his son.

And man had Goku improved!

Goku connected the flat of his palm to Gohan’s chin, sending him flying. Gohan managed, just barely, to push off from the
floor and somersault until he staggered back onto his feet, wiping at blood at the corner of his mouth and panting to
regain his breath.

“Shit,” he couldn’t help but exclaim.

Goku, the warrior that he was, knew that half the battle was with the mind, so he started in with his taunts to get Gohan
to make a stupid move.

“Too much for you, Son? Maybe we should take a break.”

Gohan set his features and growled at his father his hatred and anger.

Goku thought, ‘Good. Now he’s sure to make a dumb move and I can end this quickly.’

Gohan recognized the look, though, so he quickly calmed himself, steadying his breathing and eyeing the older warrior with
suspicion. He began to circle his father.

* * * *

Chichi turned to Yamcha, “Yamcha, please take Goten to the food tent and get him a snack.” Her look added, ‘and stay there.’

Goten looked at his mother as if she had lost her mind. “Mom!!!! You can’t do this now...”

Chichi put an end to the discussion, “Go now. I will not hear another argument from you!”

Bulma nodded. “You go too, Trunks.” Of course Trunks put up an immediate fight but Bulma was determined.

Yamcha saw the fear in the women’s eyes and he knew that they were afraid this fight was going to get really ugly. He had
to admit to himself that he thought the same thing, so he was glad to usher out the kids.

* * * *

After circling his father for a time, Goku watching him warily, Gohan suddenly leaped at Goku and aimed a punch that Goku
easily grabbed. But Gohan surprised him by flipping backwards pulling Goku purposely off balance. The older warrior
righting himself too late, felt the forceful pressure of Gohan’s palm slam into his side, but what really surprised him
was the small use of fiery ki that Gohan let loose, undetectable to the average spectator.

Goku stumbled to the arena floor, his hand held to his side and glared at Goku. “So that’s how you intend on winning? By
cheating? By going back on your word?!”

Gohan, his face livid, shouted back, “What the fuck do you know about keeping your word?! What do you know about honor?
About obligation?”

Gohan didn’t give Goku a chance to answer, but instead rose up in the air quickly, and showered a volley of ki blasts from
his palms, using a move that Vegeta had used many times before on Gohan’s father. Goku barely got out of the way in his
surprise as Gohan threw away every promise made to the other Z Fighters that day, the younger demi-Saiyan seemingly intent
on making this a fight for keeps.

The look on Gohan’s face did not escape Goku as he somersaulted his way away from the blasts.

Gohan looked just like he did on the day he had fought Cell, when the boy had finally snapped and delivered righteous
punishment to that monster.

But now Gohan’s fight was meant for Goku.

Goku gathered himself and flew up to meet his son for battle.

To be continued...

* * *

Author’s note: I’m writing shorter chapters to get this out and done. So, there will be a few more chapters as I want to
give this fight its due. So, enjoy and again, sorry for taking so long in getting this out to you.

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