Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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With his hands still resting on the desk, Vegeta stared at the computer monitor displaying the image of Earth's moon. His mind was racing through his own panic, dissecting the new possibilities of the future. ~ Is it already too late? ~ A layer of sweat began to form along his widow's peak. ~ God damn it! ~ Vegeta balled his fists, lifting them from the desk only to bring them both back down hard. Under the pressure of Vegeta's blow, the desk collapsed, it's legs snapping and sending a rain of splinters throughout the lab. The crashing echoed with shattering beakers and dropping pens.

The monitor, still displaying the moon, fizzed and crackled from the other side of its cracked screen. Vegeta felt as if it was mocking his anger by staying alive. The prince scoffed and turned in the other direction. ~ How long has it been since Kakarot's ki dropped?. . . I should have realized sooner. It was obvious. ~ His knees were becoming week as the fear took over him. Vegeta found himself melting to the cool floor of the laboratory. ~ How long do we have? ~ He slumped, running the palms of his hands down his face.

// The air in Frieza's ship was coated with invisible ice sickles, each taking a turn stabbing and prodding the young Saiyan warrior crouched behind one of the large healing tanks located in the main rear chamber. Vegeta closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his knees, locking his shivers in place. He focused on his breathing, trying not to make a sound. ~ They can't find me. . . I have to get off of this ship. ~

He felt week. His power was gone. It had abandoned him only three short days ago, leaving him confused and vulnerable. ~ What have they done to me? ~ He lowered his head onto his knees, long black spikes reaching outward against the blue of his uniform. ~ If they find me like this. . . ~ He trembled. ~ Frieza won't have a use for me on the battlefield anymore. They will kill me.~

Vegeta squeezed his legs tighter, his mind becoming overrun with the fear of death. ~ No. . . ~ His head rose, and his eyes opened wide to meet the white glare of the wall in front of him. ~ He won't kill me. . . But it will be worse now. . . ~ Panicked, Vegeta scrambled to his feet. His breathing quickened, and his head snapped from side to side searching for the best rout to the escape pods. ~ I can't! I won't! Not when I'm weak like this! ~ Tears streamed down his cheeks. ~ If I run. . .Will they catch me? . . . ~

From behind Vegeta heard the familiar sound of the air release to the main chamber door. Quickly, he flattened his back to the healing tank and slid back down to his previous hiding spot. The prince laced his fingers over his mouth to muffle his breath and listened closely. It was Frieza. Vegeta knew the sound of his stride. Frieza's feet lightly slapped the smooth floor of the ship while the pompous lizard strode into the room. He was accompanied by another set of steps.

~ No! I've put myself in the back of the room. . . If they come this way. . . ~

The pair continued walking forward toward the tanks, and Vegeta could feel the malice of his captor leaking out from him. He shrunk down further, curling himself into a sitting ball. He prepared for the inevitable. Any moment, they would walk around to the other side.

Frieza's footsteps stopped, and his partner's followed suit. They were so close now. Vegeta could see their shadows warped by the glass of the healing tank. Sweat dripped down from the tip of his nose, and a voice rang out in the cold.

“Lord Frieza, tell me again why it's so important that we find Vegeta now. What's the hurry? If he dropped off our scouters he should be dead.”

It was Zarbon, Frieza's current right hand. The tall green haired moron had been jealous of the prince's natural fighting ability ever since Vegeta was small, and Frieza's obvious favoritism for the Saiyan didn't help much.

Zarbon tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear, sighing. “The little smart mouth probably pissed off the wrong soldier, and whoever killed him dumped the body. We all know you were fond of him so whoever it was must have been too afraid to sa...”

He cut short after seeing the deepening frown on Frieza's face.

“. . . Lord?”

Frieza stood straight, hands behind his back, with his tail lazily swaying behind him. “You know nothing of Saiyans, dear Zarbon. They are never to be taken lightly.” The lizard's eyes narrowed. “Our little monkey isn't dead. . . even if we have not been able to locate him on our scouters. His power level has dropped down to almost nothing. . . But no, he has not perished.” He took two more steps forward before turning to face his larger lackey.

“The growth cycle of a Saiyan is a strange one. Ruling over the beasts forced me to learn all of their primitive instincts. If we do not locate Vegeta soon, our entire ship will be destroyed. It's possible that Vegeta could kill almost everyone on board.” He scanned the healing tank chamber. His eyes were sharp, analyzing each glare and shadow. “Priorities, Zarbon.”

Vegeta listened carefully. ~ What is he saying? ~ His fingers loosened over his lips while his shoulders fell. ~ Does he know what's happening? ~ Fear began to give way to curiosity. The prince's ears perked when Zarbon spoke again.

“Kill us all? But, my Lord!” He held his hands out forward, palms facing the air, holding an invisible basket. The look on his face was skeptical. “Vegeta's power comes nowhere near mine! And of course, there is no one in the universe who's level matches your own. How is a baby Saiyan with an undetectable power a threat to us?”

Vegeta turned his head to aim his ear towards the direction of Frieza. ~ Yes. . . Tell me how. ~ He grit his teeth, sweat still flowing down his face. ~ Tell me how to kill you. You bastard! ~

Frieza chuckled, his voice as cold and sharp as the air around them. “We entered this solar system three days ago. It just so happens that each planet in this system possesses several large moons. The Saiyans rely on the blutz waves* from a moon for more than their brutish transformation.” His face turned dark, and he lowered his horned head. “They also use it to mature after the age of 13. The process is instinctive. It starts with an extreme drop in power level, rendering them helpless, and ends in a upsurge of that compressed energy resulting in a lust filled bloodbath. . .”

He watched with twisted enjoyment as Zarbon's eyes grew wide then waved his hand through the air dismissively. “My father studied it intently. I think I remember him mentioning that it was to ensure only the strongest of the race survived. As long as the moon is large enough, it doesn't have to be full. The monkeys don't even have to look at it.” Frieza stretched his neck from side to side. “They are tiresome creatures, but I knew of this when I retrieved him. The preparations have already been made.”

Behind the swirling egg of liquid and glass, Vegeta's entire body trembled with anticipation. Lighting questions ran through him. ~ Why wasn't I told? Is it a bluff? . . .Did he know I was here? If. . . .if they don't find me then? . . .then I will get stronger? I don't understand. ~

His gloved hands wrestled with each other, fingers grappling. ~ Do they intend to kill me before that happens? . . . How long will it take?.~ His eyes began to water with tears until he violently began blinking them away. His mothers face flashed behind his eyes. ~ No! I won't let them find me! ~ Vegeta's fists tightly balled in his lap. He remembered his mother's memento tucked away in its hiding place and sighed, making up his mind.

~ I will make it to the pods. . . ~ Within his chest, he could feel his pride return and his determination to survive rise. . . if only for the survival of his lost race. ~ I will get my strength back. . .~

The airlock to the door rang out again, and Vegeta scrambled to his feet, turned, and skidded around the pod toward the opposite exit leading to the port side locker rooms. There was an elevator there that could lead him up to the living quarters.

Vegeta pressed his vision against the small round window of the door, then released the seal. It sang and lifted open reviling an empty space filled with round roll out locker compartments. The elevator was just through there.

Vegeta looked up at the ceiling. He could hear the running feet of Frieza's men, trampling down the upper corridor in what he could only imagine was in pursuit of him. The ship was almost at full capacity. He had to be careful, making sure his way was clear before he continued. It was a game of hide and seek. ~ What happens when the elevator opens? . . .The pods are down the corridor from the quarters. . .do I have time to go get it?. . ~

He breathed in and walked into the room, the door hissing shut behind him. He no longer felt shame towards his current state. The burden of lost pride left his shoulders as he walked forward silently contemplating Frieza's discussion with Zarbon. There was a normal reason for his loss of power. ~ And if that snake was telling the truth. . .I will only get stronger. ~ He followed the wall of lockers carefully around the sharp corner separating the area from the showers. It was empty.

From behind he could hear the rumble of moving bodies pouring into the lower restoration chamber. He was being hunted.

Vegeta quickened his pace, moving past the showers and through the door into the walkway beyond. To the left of him was one of the three port side elevators. ~ One floor up. . . ~ He clacked his teeth, eyebrows knitting together, and pressed firmly against the button carved flush with the wall. The elevator door slid open, and Vegeta flung himself inside.

He held his breath. As soon as the lift began to move, Vegeta felt it suddenly stop, and he was tossed to the floor. He landed on his rear as the white light inside of the elevator turned red. It was an emergency stop. ~ No. . .this was a bad idea. ~ They were trying to trap him. Panicked, he looked around.

Nothing. There was nothing. No emergency hatch, not even a panel that he could try to remove. ~ I'm too weak to break out. . . Damn it! ~ He brought his fists in close to his sides, any idea of a plan escaping him. Outside he could hear the scrambling of soldiers along with the long slow horn of the ship's emergency system. ~ If I pound around in here they will only find me sooner. ~

Vegeta's heart sank deep, compelling him to curl up again. THUMP! A hard knock came from the other side of the doors. THUMP! It rang out again, this time shaking the entire elevator on it's pulleys. Vegeta was tossed backward hitting his head against the wall. He landed with a groan grabbing at where his skull had made impact with the metal. From outside voices began to chatter.

“There is someone in this one!” One of the soldiers yelled out.

~ No. . .No! Not yet! ~ Vegeta wobbled to his feet. ~ I can't die like a cornered dog! ~ The back of his head was bleeding. A trickle of red ran past his neck, under his armor, and down his spine. The prince held his fingertips to the sides of his face. His eyes seemed to sink back and shrink. ~ What do I do? . . . ~

Another soldier called out, “MAKE WAY FOR LORD FREIZA!” He could hear the men outside shuffling to the side, creating a path between them for their master.

It was rare for Frieza to roam the ship. Most of the lower level recruits had never even seen their reptile-like commander. Vegeta could imagine the looks on their faces, eyes wide with wonder and ignorant admiration for the tyrant. He knew all too well of the cruelty that could exist inside such a monster. ~ It's over. . . ~ The prince bent his knees and threw his arms up into a fighting stance. He faced the door, grinding his teeth together. ~ I won't stop fighting. . . ~ His legs shook. Determined, Vegeta held his ground. THUMP! Another bash to the door. ~ I won't stop fighting until he kills me! ~

He was there. Vegeta's muscled tightened in his arms. Out in the open hallway, Frieza stepped forward. “Well. . . Get on with it. You had better be right this time. I can't have all this damage done to my ship on account of one monkey!” It was sharp and shrill. His shout drifted into Vegeta like a cold whisper. The thought of Frieza's mouth close to his ear made his stomach clench. ~ Come on. . . ~ Red light reflected from the prince's eyes.

THUMP! This time the metal of the doors screeched behind the pounding, gradually being pried open by white gloved fingers. Vegeta's fists balled tighter. The door gave one last groan and gave way, each side bending and sliding apart until the face of one of Vegeta's shipmates appeared. Instantly, he flew forward colliding his right knee into the soldier's face. The blow busted his nose and caused him to shuffle backward. “There he is!” Separate groups were all shouting at the same time. Vegeta leaned in, throwing a punch into the alien's ribs knocking him off his feet.

Frieza paraded forward, swishing his tail with Zarbon still at his side, “Get out of my way!” Vegeta turned to face him and froze. The look on his captor's face was frightening. As calm and collected as he was, Vegeta had felt the malice that lay underneath. “Well, well, my little monkey, you play a tough game of hide and seek.” Frieza smiled down at Vegeta as he drew closer.

There was no way out. Both sides of the corridor were blocked off with at least 20 men. ~ I can't make it through. . . ~

“But it looks like I win.” Frieza flashed his tail forward, cutting through the space between them, and wrapped it roughly around the small Saiyan's neck. The movement was too fast for Vegeta to dodge, and he found himself being lifted from the ground and struggling for air. He was gasping, mouth opening and closing as he scratched and pawed at his master's tail. ~ It's over. . . I'm going to die. . . ~ Vegeta let his eyes droop shut until he heard another voice.

“Lord Frieza! Please! Let me speak to him! This is a Saiyan matter!” It was Nappa. His large body was muscling its way through the crowd. “Vegeta!” He cupped his hand to his mouth. “It's going to be okay!”

Frieza spun around to glare at Nappa. “Shut your mouth! I can deal with this just fine!” Nappa stopped his progression, a rare look of sympathy on his face. “Take one more step and it will be your last, Nappa. Return to your station!”

~ Nappa. . .~ He gave Vegeta one last look and turned away. The rest of the men laughed, making light of Nappa's concern for his prince. ~ No! Help me. . .~

“This party is over! Get out of my sight!” The laughter stopped at Frieza's command, and the way cleared, soldiers all shrugging off the excitement and returning to their duties. The only one to stay behind was Zarbon.

Vegeta still struggled lightly in the grip of Frieza's tail. “Now, little prince, back to business . . .” The last thing that Vegeta saw before blacking out was the back of Nappa's bald head as he walked away.

When he woke he was tossed over Zarbon's shoulder like a sack. He watched the floor pass by and wondered where he was being taken. ~ Why didn't he kill me? ~ Vegeta groaned.

“My Lord, I do believe he is awake.” There was an annoyance in Zarbon's tone.

Vegeta's head was pounding. His hands and feet were bound by what seemed to be normal pieces of rope. ~ Why do I have to be so weak!? ~

“Not to worry. We will have him in the katchin* chamber soon. I had it installed not long ago. Once the brat is in there we won't have to worry about him.”

~ My neck. . . I can't move. . . ~ Vegeta's head bounced with Zarbon's steps sending sharp pains up either side of his neck and down his shoulders. “Fri. . . Frieza,” Vegeta's voice was husk and dry.

“Aha, he IS awake.” Frieza slowed his pace to walk behind Zarbon. He reached out and grabbed a fist full of Vegeta's blood coated hair, causing him to cry out in pain. Frieza lifted his head to look at his face. The prince's neck screamed with a searing burn. “Hahaha, my apologies, Vegeta. I'm afraid I'm not used to you being so. . .tender...”

Vegeta locked his lips together in refusal. Crying out again would only please the maniac even more. ~ What did he mean. . .? It will be okay? WHAT THE FUCK, NAPPA! ~

Frieza glanced up briefly, “ Here, Zarbon.” He gestured to his left. With his head being held up, Vegeta recognized their position. ~ No! These are Frieza's quarters. . . I can't go in there! Please, not now! ~

It was dark compared to the rest of the ship, and the air was even colder. Vegeta had been summoned there countless times and was never eager to return. He silently whimpered as his stomach churned, threatening to expel its contents.

“I've had this for a while now. You can never be too prepared, Zarbon.” Frieza let Vegeta's head drop, his forehead knocking into the back of Zarbon's armor. The prince hung limp, unable to move and too lost to try. The rope around his wrists and ankles rubbed his reddening skin. From the darkness, he heard a faint grinding sound like stone wheels on rock, and they stopped their advance.

“The Saiyans used these themselves. . . once they grew tired of killing one another.” Vegeta tried to turn his head to look with no luck. The light was still too dim, and his neck could barely move no matter how hard he willed it. “I don't know how long the process takes.” Vegeta watched Frieza's tail trace circles along the floor around his four toed feet. The lizard sighed overdramatically, “Just toss him in, and we will wait,” He chuckled.

“Yes, My Lord.” Zarbon's free hand gripped the back of Vegeta's armor and lifted him from his shoulder. Wind blew past his ear as he was hurled backward. Whatever light there was narrowed into a single point, and Vegeta landed hard on his side, the rope sliding and pulling around him. He rolled and tumbled before hitting a wall. Frieza and Zarbon both stood within the point of light, and Vegeta realized that it was a doorway.

He was surrounded by a hard stillness, a thick and hollow katchin cube. The grinding sounded out again. The door seemed to shrink. Vegeta watched as Frieza and Zarbon disappeared, smirks still lingering on their faces. Frieza cut his eyes at the wounded prince. “My little monkey is growing up so fast.”

With that they were gone. Vegeta was left alone in the darkness. He could not remember how long he spent struggling against his bonds before the heat began to take over his body. Hours seemed like days, and days turned into weeks. The heat was taking over his senses more and more. There was nothing but unseen walls and a solid floor. Soon the prince lost himself, withdrawing into his own mind and forgetting the prison around him.

When Vegeta woke from his heated state he was covered in self-inflicted wounds and bruises. His left arm was also broken in several places. Despite the damage his body had taken, his power was back and had increased significantly. He stood alone in the center of the cube waiting for the light of the doorway to appear, now even more determined to gain the strength to defeat Frieza. . . //

Vegeta stood up straight and turned his head, taking one last look at the monitor atop the broken and crumbled desk. ~ “I don't know how long the process takes.” . . . That's what he said. . . Nappa wouldn't even talk to me for a while after that. . .~ He let out his breath and snorted, turning back to walk to the elevator. He pushed the button and watched the doors open, sending him back into his memory. ~ Good thing I killed him. ~

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