Come Together

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Waking up from a dream can be pleasant or it can be shocking. Sometimes, it's a relief. For Goku, it was a headache.

He groaned and rolled over to one side, curling up his legs. Once he was in the fetal position, he opened his eyes. The faint light still lingering in the room hurt, and he squinted.

- What happened? . . . I'm home? -

His head felt foggy, but being back in his bed seemed to do him the most damage.

- I don't want to be here-

Goku could only manage to bring sharp flashes of the bar into the forefront of his mind.

- Did I leave? -

Everything else was still jumbled.

- I was watching people. . . People dance? -

Goku placed his hand under himself to prop up on one arm. He rolled his feet off the side of the bed. There was a thumping in his temple that felt like a hammer and nail. He was weak. That was one thing that he couldn't forget. So weak that he couldn't even take care of his own family. His son.

The smell of Goten's room in the apartment building shot into his memory. It was the sensation of slowly peeling off a fabric band-aid. Lasting. Painful. His free hand reached up to grip his bare chest. He felt it in his heart.

- Do I deserve this? -

Son's eyes began to water.

- I do deserve this. . . -

His stomach churned.

- I wasn't there. . . -

Bile bubbled up into his chest and threatened his throat.

- I was never. . . there. -

Stumbling, Goku shuffled to his feet and made his way into the master bathroom as fast as he could. His socks slid on the tile floor causing him to fumble into the side of the bathtub. Catching the shower curtain with one hand and the wall with the other, he steadied himself. His insides turned over. Vomit started to make its way into the back of his mouth.

Quickly, he clambered around the tub and shoved himself face-first into the toilet. He wretched, his back curling. The pain in his gut faded into relief. He sighed and closed his eyes.

- I remember now. . .-

Leaning back, he pulled his face out of the toilet bowel and stood in the view of the mirror.

- I don't know. . .why I don't care. . .As long as I can see Goten. . . That's all that matters. -

He frowned.

Goku's stomach was empty, and his face was pale. The Saiyan looked himself over in the mirror and tried to remember how many times he had thrown up recently. His ribs slightly poked out from under his muscle.

- Like it matters anyway. . . -

Images of the bar came slowly back. Fighting to think, Son placed his hands on either side of the sink.

- I left with someone. . .The man behind the bar... .-

Liume's tall figure and bright hair flooded his memory.

- But how did I get home? -

Goku gripped the sink tighter. His reflection looked back at him ashamed. Then, Vegeta's face appeared in the foggy sadness.

- Vegeta? . . .he came?-

He remembered clinging to Liume's couch while Vegeta spoke.

- He came looking for me?... But why? And where is he now? -

Goku stared down into the sink and reached out to turn the water on. He cupped the water in his hand and rinsed his mouth. The taste of vomit washed out and down the drain.

- He was. . . above me? . . .wait? -

The fanciful image of Vegeta's flushed face and voiceless panting was before him.

The water moved in a vortex while trying to drown the darkness of the drain. Goku's eyes widened, and the dream played out.

Nervously, he turned his back to the sink and leaned against it. He chewed the skin around his thumbnail and glanced through to the bedroom door. It was cracked open.

- I always leave it closed. . . -

He remembered sliding his fingertips over Vegeta's stomach and chest. He remembered watching him arch his back.

- Was Vegeta here? . . .Oh, man! Was it just a dream? -

Goku stomped back into the bedroom grabbing at his scalp with both hands.

- It was! It's already getting fuzzy again! It has to just be a dream!... It was. -

He slumped back down onto the bed. His face was hot, and his cheeks flamed.

- It was. . . Vegeta would never. . . -

Goku's eyes started to sting, and he sniffed. He was ashamed. When he should be focusing on his family, he was having messed up dreams about Vegeta.

- What is wrong with me?! -

He pulled at his hair again.

- Why would I even be thinking about stuff like that in the first place. . . Vegeta would be so angry. . . -

He ran his fingers through his hair, massaging out the pain, a vibration cascaded over, and quiet warmth filled the air. Someone had turned on the heater.

- Is someone still here? -

Goku looked up and leaned his body back to peer through the crack of the door. From downstairs he heard the metallic click of the front doorknob being turned and the squeak of hinges. Boots stepped onto the carpet.

- Shit!-

He jumped back up from the bed to return to the sink and wash his face clean of stray tears. Gathering his composure, the Saiyan left the room to stand at the top of the stairs.

"Hello?" He peeked around the sidewall of the landing down into the living room. There was nothing. Then, Goku heard the refrigerator door slap shut. From inside the kitchen, Vegeta cleared his throat.



Vegeta rounded the corner to look up at Goku. He frowned, Goku had not replaced his shirt. He blinked, realizing that he was staring, and walked forward over the carpet and up to the stairway.

Goku retreated slightly back into the upstairs hall, his dream retaining its potency. He knew that it was Vegeta from the moment he saw his bedroom door cracked. The scent of the other Saiyan was everywhere.

Vegeta's body language emitted aggravation. His perpetual scowl became even more apparent as he climbed up the stairs towards Goku.

"Kakarot, we have a lot to discuss, and I need you to shut up and listen to me!" He pointed his finger out, jabbing it into Goku's chest once he was close enough.

Sweat formed on Goku's forehead, and he put his hands up in defense.

- What did I do!? What did I do!? -

“Vegeta! Wait a minute!”

Vegeta continued his advance, pushing Goku back through the door and into the bedroom. “I know it's been you touching me! I can sense it!” Vegeta's face was red with anger. “I don't know how you're doing it, but you are going to tell me. This was the last time!” Vegeta's stance was ready, a reflex of frustration towards the other Saiyan.

Goku looked confused, "Vegeta, I don't know what you are talking about. I don't." He looked down at the floor. "Just calm down." There was a spark of fear in his eyes when Goku realized how upset Vegeta was. His heart, besprent with weakness, thumped rapidly.

- Why is he always like this? I have no idea what he is talking about. - Goku pondered as quickly as he could over Vegeta's out of place accusation. The only thing that he could think of was his very recent dream.

- I wasn't talking in my sleep was I? -


- No. . . He said touches. . . -

Vegeta huffed and straightened his posture to cross his arms. His face softened a bit after seeing Goku's expression. Something wasn't right, but Kakarot didn't know what it was. He looked away and then back at Goku again.

~ We can just deal with that later. . . we will have the damn time. ~ His eye twitched.

“There are more important things right now anyway. Get dressed, and get packed.” Vegeta uncrossed his arms to gesture over his shoulder. “We are leaving earth for a little while. Hurry up because you don't have a choice.”

Goku's face seemed to elongate.

~ Maybe I should have said something else first? ~

“Leaving Earth? Vegeta, I can't leave earth. I . . .,” Son paused. Options and scenarios played out in his head. - Why can't I leave Earth? What's left here to hold onto? . . . Alone. . . In space? With Vegeta? -

“But why? Why do we need to leave?”

“Kakarot, you have no choice.”

~ I don't have time for this. . . I don't want to have time for this. ~

“I know why your power is so low. I know what's causing it. I was stupid to not see it right away. . .” Vegeta paused before he started stammering and balled his fists. “I should have known when I was out there in space. . . something. . . something felt different.”

A nervous look came into the prince's eyes, and Goku saw the Vegeta from his dreams. He could feel trembling skin under his fingers. Shivers, and touches. Son picked at his thumbnails and looked up into the corner of the room.

- What does he mean he knows? . . . What? - Hope filtered in through the holes in Goku's net. - Does this mean it can be fixed. . . ? -

He sighed and closed his eyes.

He tried to envision the feeling of being able to fly again, to be able to meet his obstacles head-on, to be able to fight. The longing had always been there. Every day it knocked, but he was always to slow to answer its call. With the longing there came hope. It wasn't long before hope stopped knocking too.

"You know what's wrong with me, Vegeta?.... Please." It was a desperate shaky sound. "Please tell me." Mutely, tears gathered on Goku's face. He sniffed. "I don't care what I have to do. . ."

Goku sat on the edge of the bed, curled his legs up, and hugged them tightly.

Vegeta shuffled his feet. “Quit moping. You are fine. Completely normal. . . so to speak. Your power will return. . . So you don't need to worry about that.” Vegeta rolled his eyes.

Goku's eyebrows locked together. “What?”

~ Nothing wrong with me? . . . normal? . . . ~

Without moving, his sight landed back on Vegeta. “How do you know, Vegeta?”

The lower-class's tone had changed. He was serious. Happiness had been slowly being stripped away from him. Although he felt he had nothing to lose, Goku couldn't bear the sting of disappointment. Hope almost sounded cruel.

He shook his head. “ How do you know that my power will come back? . . . Tell me!” Goku was shouting now, his hands balled into fists, fingers still clinging to the fabric of his pants. The tears flowed evenly.

Vegeta blushed. The vibrations that the other man was giving off felt so familiar. The same vibrations as when his invisible adversary attacked him...the same as the phantom touches. Full of passion. To see Goku this way put him on edge. The vibrations made him almost feel as if he cared.

Vegeta snarled listening to him continue.

"Don't make me promises that you can't keep, Vegeta! Why would any of this be normal? Why can't I ride nimbus then if this is normal?" Goku sobbed, burying his face in his knees. "Why leave the earth, Vegeta? If I'm getting my power back then when?!"

The confusion and terror were so familiar to Vegeta that it hurt. Being weak was one thing. Everyone had been weak at some point in their lives. Vegeta had come to peace with that. But being weak and being alone was a whole new thing. When you're alone is when the fear sets in.

The prince couldn't take it anymore.


Goku stopped talking; he stopped crying. All he could do was look over at Vegeta, this time in awe rather than uncertainty.

"It happens to all of us. . ." Vegeta's voice was still rough but much calmer. He searched the floor for something else to say. "Your strength. . . it will come back once the ordeal is over. . . so you don't have anything to worry about. So stop crying!" He swiped his hand through the air as if to slap Goku.

Goku blinked way what was left of his tears. “All of us? . . .Do you mean Saiyans?”

- Vegeta is older than me. . . he knows stuff that I don't. . . stuff I never cared to even ask. -

//Vegeta could feel the sensation of Frieza's tail wrapped coldly around his neck.//

~Yes, Kakarot. . . all of us ~

His lips formed a thin line as he thought of what to say next. The prince sighed and walked the few steps to sit next to Goku on the edge of the bed.

The closeness made Goku uneasy. He felt goosebumps rise all over his arms and the back of his neck. The Vegeta from his dream arched his back and fluttered his lashes. Goku shuffled a bit and returned his feet to the ground and placed his hands firmly in his lap. The smaller man's scent slowly floated up to his nose giving him an unbalanced feeling.

They didn't look at each other, but Vegeta finally opened his mouth to speak again, “Yes. . . it happens to all of us. . . But it usually happens when we are much younger. Before planet Vegeta was destroyed, we were able to contain the aftermath of a Saiyan coming into their primal adulthood.”

Goku looked over at Vegeta's hands; they were tensed into fists of nerves. He listened closely.

"Your power. . . it's still there. It's compressed deep within you right now... .readying itself to . . . emerge. Stronger. . ."

Vegeta's jaw was tense. Goku could see the muscles tightening under the skin of his face as it twisted into a grimace.

- He is. . . having a hard time telling me this? . . . Stronger? -

"Vegeta?" Goku whispered. "It's okay, right? You can just tell me. . . I will calm down, I promise."

Vegeta finally turned his head, and their eyes met. Goku looked concerned. Then. . .

~Nervous. . . of course he's nervous. ~

Goku's breathing quickened. Dream Vegeta kissed him tenderly in his mind.

“You can. . . tell me.”

“I am telling you,” Vegeta grumbled behind closed teeth. Goku quickly closed his mouth.

"Something is going on with this planet's moon. It would be considered puny compared to many others outside of this galaxy. Normally, it lacks the blutz waves required for a Saiyan to. . . go through this. . . But something is happening. Bulma called it the rarest event in the solar system. Its blutz waves are growing stronger. I have seen the image of the result, and I'm sure that the process has already started."

Goku shifted on the mattress, edging himself closer to Vegeta. He sniffed the air lightly hoping Vegeta wouldn't take notice. “The process? . . .”

Vegeta could feel the presence of Frieza's men lurking around every corner of the lizard's ship. The memory was as clear as if it was the night before. They were coming for him, and there was nothing that he could do other than hide like a coward. Shame. Did Kakarot feel that same kind of shame? Deep inside of Vegeta, there was a part of him that hoped he didn't.

He blushed. "Yes, it's almost like a coming of age to put it lightly. It was intended to supply our race with the strongest offspring. Whoever reproduces with its aid bear the more powerful children. . ." Vegeta paused. "A way to breed strength into our people. . . But not pride." His face was blank.

Goku's breathing slowed back down as he listened.

“ You will become violent when your power emerges. . .”

//Frieza lifted Vegeta from the ground. //

"You will become enraged with internal heat."

//Vegeta felt the air leak from his lungs as he struggled to breathe; his body felt limp, and the urge to struggle began to leave him. //

"You will lose all sense of yourself. Nothing you are doing will be real to you."

//Frieza Flung Vegeta forward into the chamber he had built. His head slammed against the wall. //

“A haunting fire will burn inside you. . .”

//Vegeta listened to Frieza's laugh as the door closed on the light allowing darkness to engulf him as he briefly lost his mind.//

“You will take any mate that you see. . .” Vegeta closed his eyes, “And most likely kill them in doing so. . . That is why we must leave.”

Goku looked even more puzzled now.

- Is this. . . real? Killing everyone? . . . I wouldn't . . . -

"Vegeta. . . are you saying that I'm going to go crazy and. . . do that to people? Until they die?" He gave Vegeta a pleading look. There was something in him that clung to the idea that this was all some kind of sick joke. Any minute Vegeta would laugh and punch the shit out of him telling him that he was just going to be powerless forever so he better learn to deal with it.

“Yes, Kakarot. Your power will explode. . . and there will be nothing that you can do about it. You will not discriminate. You will target anyone. . . absolutely anyone who is in your way. It can't be helped. . . so get over it.” Vegeta stood up crossing his arms. “Pack your shit, and hurry up. I've told you all that is necessary. Now just do what I say. We are leaving tonight. . . No time for goodbyes.” There was a hint of 'fuck you' in the way he always spoke. Son didn't think that there was any situation that could change that.

"Vegeta?" Goku's voice was airy. "Did this happen? All the time? To you? Did we all just. . . kill each other?"

The prince snarled. “Now you want to know about being a Saiyan? Now that you feel like it's necessary? Like it's going to save you?” He looked as if he could spit venom. “You never cared before? So wrapped up in your pathetic earthling life. . . But you miss it now don't you, Kakarot? The feeling of battle?” Vegeta was seething.

~ What a child! How pathetic! He is not worthy of being called a Saiyan! ~

"The only reason I'm doing this is to save what is left of our race from being wiped out by YOU! A man child who has no idea what to do with his power!"

Goku coward back on the bed. He was forced back onto his elbows against Vegeta's advance.

"If you have to know so badly to get through this, the answer is no! We contained each other during the change! I was contained! But you! Your power was so great, to begin with, that it was thought impossible! There is nothing! No material is known to contain your strength! No Saiyan has gone through this when fully grown! It's unheard of! This planet is a doomed shitty anomaly! "

By this time Vegeta was leaned over Goku's bear chest. Goku let his mind wander to the feeling of kissing dream Vegeta up and down his stomach.

- What the hell is wrong with me! He is already so angry, and I keep going there! I'm so stupid. . . -

“Vegeta, please calm down! I'll do what you say! I'll pack! I'll leave with you!”

- Wait. . .He wants to protect what's left of our race? Does he mean the boys? . . . Could something like that happen? . . . -

It was a dark thought. One that Goku was not entirely prepared for. The reality of what Vegeta was saying felt like a storm brewing slowly. The clouds got thicker and thicker until they were swollen with fat droplets of dread. Images flashed into him that made a painful jolt through his upper abdomen. Goku started to feel sick.

- That's. . . that's disgusting. . . I could. . . I could never. -

In one moment Son was blushing pink and in the next, there were dark purple circles under his eyes. His mouth was completely dry.

- What the hell is wrong with me? -

Rape was not something Goku thought about. At most, it was pretty much never. None the less, he knew what it was. What Vegeta was saying was horrifying.

- I remember. . . the beginning of my dream. I was running away from something. . . -

“I will! I will go with you, Vegeta!”

- I will just keep running. . . What choice do I have? -

The smaller man was shaking. Vegeta knew that he was angry with himself more than he was at Goku. He didn't know enough about his people to be satisfied and was outwardly projecting his frustrations. Even Nappa had left him in the dark. His mother was his only teacher. . . and she was gone. Once again, he backed off.

Goku cautiously stood up from the cluster of sheets. He knelt at the foot of the bed to retrieve a duffel bag stashed beneath it. He peered over at Vegeta who was watching.

“I won't need to be taking much so this will be enough. . . Vegeta? How long are we gonna be gone?” The question was innocent. Goku began grabbing socks from out of his top drawer and tucking them in a side pocket of the bag.

Vegeta did not know what to say. Destruction was close. The chaos of what Kakarot could become was like a shadow threatening to spread. Unless a light was turned on. It made his eyes tremble in their sockets. The fear of a fate worse than the wars of planets and star systems. A bloody nightmare of what was sure to be unheard of power.

~ Does this fool not get it!? ~

His body's temperature rose, and the pulse in his forehead signaled his rising blood pressure.

~ All of this and he wants to know how long we will be gone? ~

“I . . . honestly don't know.” It was easier to just tell the truth.

~ At least he is packing. . . I don't know how long it will take. . . but I also don't know how long I will be able to deal with this moron on a ship. . . ~

“It was a very long time ago. . . I don't remember.”

~ He won't remember either. ~

Goku listened with one ear while shoving a bundle of white t-shirts into the bag. A sadness came over him at the thought of leaving his sons again. He wouldn't get to say goodbye? If everything that Vegeta said was true, then staying on earth would be the worst thing that he could imagine. A small part of him still believed that such a thing couldn't be possible. What race of people could be built this way? To do such things to each other?

He was grateful that Vegeta was there. Some sort of comfort had come along with the other man's presence. It started at Bulma's birthday party, but Goku could still feel it. Some kind of nervous calm. It put butterflies in his stomach.

Vegeta's nose flared, but he still spoke evenly, "How long has it been since you lost your power?"

The tension was electric inside the room. Both Saiyans knew that they would be occupying the same space for a while. The last time this had happened was inside of the hyperbolic time chamber. At least in the chamber, they had room to move around. But a ship was a different story. Vegeta wanted to know the answer too.

Goku shrugged. "It's been a couple of months. . . it started a few weeks after ChiChi first left. . ." He pulled a shirt over his head.

Vegeta watched his spikes bounce forth from the collar. The picture seemed to entrance him for a moment until he shook his eyes free.

~ A couple of months?. . . I ran for . . . I ran for longer than that. ~

The prince scanned his mind for a suitable destination away from the solar system.

~ Given that. . . we may have a few more weeks. . . ~

“We still have time.” Vegeta spoke again, “I will be dropping you off on a deserted planet. You're lucky that I'm even going to come back for you.” He started walking towards the door.

Goku scooped up his bag now full of clothes and followed him down the stairs into the living room. He frowned at the back of Vegeta's head.

- He is such a jerk. -

"You said I was going to lose my mind, Vegeta, but you didn't say I would lose it forever." Son wasn't going to let Vegeta's ass hole attitude ruin the spark that was beginning to burn in him.

- I'm . . . okay. If it's true then. . . I'm normal. And Vegeta is. . . Vegeta is helping me. . .-

He let a small smile glance over his lips. “I'll just use instant transmission once it's over. We can't be going that far.”

They stepped out of from the shelter of the house into a low slow drizzle of rain.

Vegeta stood still. “I forgot that you could still utilize that technique.” He thought for a moment. “We should use it now. It is better than me having to carry you. . .”

Goku briefly remembered being carried home. He scratched at the back of his head and looked down at the ground, rain dropping down onto the back of his neck.

“Yea. . . of course.” He tried to smile a little and looked up while holding out his hand. “Who are we going to?”

Vegeta looked at Goku's turned-up palm and reached out, grabbing his shoulder instead.

Son dropped his arm in defeat.

“Go to Bulma's father. He will have a ship waiting for us.”

The smell of Vegeta's musk rose to Goku's nose as he stuck two fingers to his forehead and focused on finding Dr. Brief's.

The two of them disappeared, leaving the front door of the Son house wide open.

Rain splashed inside.

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